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                                               It’s about
                                                   Writer: Pammy Singh

             Day makeup, night
             makeup, office makeup,
             evening out makeup... We
             give you the chic-est and
             classiest ways of making
             your monsoon makeup as
             lively and fresh as the
             rains. Atta girl! Go paint
             the town red!

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                                            he onset of monsoon brings
                                            with it a refreshing change to
                                            ways of life. We all gear up to
                                     face the rain, sweat and humidity, making
                                     the necessary changes to suit the changing
                                     weather conditions. Your wardrobe undergoes
                                     changes; you go for lighter, cotton clothes. What
                                     happens to the make-up sitting on your dressing
                                     table? Isn't it time to change your cosmetics as well?
                                     To me, perfect skin care is about changing your make-
                                     up with the changing seasons and knowing what it
                                     exactly needs. Changes in weather mean a change in
                                     your skin’s needs as well, it’s time to make many spiffy
                                     changes in your cosmetic routine. Ever stopped to think
                                     your skin needs to breathe under that make up. Be kind and
                                     gentle to your skin in monsoons, choose gentle cosmetics
                                     and skin care products that do not contain alcohol.
                                         The only thing standing in the way of a done-up face is
                                     humidity and sweat and they wreck havoc on the skin. What
                                     kind of cosmetics are skin friendly at this time of the year? Your
                                     best bet would be mineral make-up. Mineral cosmetics are
                                     water resistant and great for your skin. They stay on your skin
                                     under wet conditions, whether your face is exposed to little
                                     sweat or pouring rain. It is great for all skin types, more for
                                     problematic skin, and has intrinsic oil-absorbing properties.
                                     Minerals used in make up are finely milled until they are
                                     too fine to clog pores as opposed to talc-based cosmetics
                                     that are not milled and are not fine, can clog pores
                                     worsening or causing skin problems in this hot, humid
                                         In monsoon there is a trend for ‘barely there’
                                     make-up. This monsoon, change the trend, ‘put on
                                     a perfect face’ and learn to handle the
                                     challenges of monsoon by learning to apply
                                     the right make up for the right weather.
                                     There are no set rules to applying
                                     make up but I like to start on a
                                     clean base. I am a firm believer
                                     of the fact that all great faces

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             start with a ‘perfect canvas’ and that make up is all about skin.
             With new treatment benefits, sheer textures and believable
             colours, foundation is your skin’s new best friend. Choose a
             foundation that suits your skin type and condition, not just your
             colour. Apply it with short, stroking movements so that it stays
             on. The magic word here is ‘blend’, so make sure the
             foundation is flawlessly applied. Finding the right foundation is
             the cornerstone of any good make-up application. Try using tint
             foundations that come with a sunscreen and are best suited for
             monsoon as the sun cuts through the humidity screen,
             damaging your skin. Look for foundations that are formulated
             with UV protectants. To get the best protection for your skin
             check the level of sun screen provided in them.
                  Follow the tips to be fresh faced, natural for that office look
             and jazzed up by evening for that happening party!

             Day Make-Up
                  You need to start with a good matte moisturiser and keep the
             shine at bay. If you suffer from acne, use a concealer sparingly
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             to cover up those pesky pimples. Try using a tinted moisturiser;
             it's nice and light and will help your spots too. No make up will
             ever last all day and especially under monsoon conditions. It is
             important to balance it with powder for the whole day effect.
             Substitute expensive blotting papers with the end
             papers hairstylists use for perms. They're
             available at most beauty stores; they will                  SHEER
             help to beat the shine on your face.                MAKEUP IS MORE
                  Sheer make up is more advisable for
                                                             APT FOR MONSOON.
             the monsoons. Wearing too much
             makeup in the day will bring you              WEARING TOO MUCH add years to your eyes. You have a choice
             unwanted          attention.      Subtly     MAKEUP IN THE DAY WILL of mixing powder and cream eye
             shimmering eye shadow or matte               BRING YOU UNWANTED shadows for that staying power in
             finish is best. Matte offers more natural
             look but beware of frosted textures as
                                                           ATTENTION. START WITH with a light Always primefoundation area
                                                                                                                   concealer or
                                                                                                                                  the eye
             they will accentuate the skin texture and       A MATTE MOISTURISER translucent powder to help set the colour.
                                                                 TO KEEP SHINE AT                    Define your eyes with a light shadow
                                                                                               covering the entire lid, blend softly up to the
                                                                                           brow bone, choose mid tones like taupe and
                                                                                   terracotta, pale green, violet, soft lavender all work great.
                                                                               Remember for a monsoon face nothing beats neutral shades. It
                                                                               is appealing on most individuals to line the top eye with a thin
                                                                               line along the length of the eye/eyelashes and not to line
                                                                               underneath. If you must use eyeliner make sure it is water proof
                                                                               and not too bold lines, please.
                                                                                   Humidity can make a mess of your eye-make up avoid
                                                                               overdoing it. Coloured mascara is a big NO-NO for the day
                                                                               time wear, stick to browns and blacks only. For a flirty look,
                                                                               apply mascara to the ends of your lashes only. Always start at
                                                                               the roots that will give the illusion of fullness.
                                                                                    Dramatise your eyes or lips, but not both. Balance more
                                                                               prominent eye makeup with a nude or more neutral lipstick and

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         defined lips with a delicate eye makeup. Apply foundation to        brighten your eyes for that instant lift. Apply over black mascara
         lips so that the lips have some texture to adhere to. Use a matte   to be part of a happening party and also on your hair to give
         lip colour for staying power and then gloss over for that shine     yourself a sparkling frame. If you want to define lower lashes
         because matte is colour rich but moisture poor! Lip stains also     don't forget to use a concealer and water resistant mascara to
         work great as a base and you can colour over it with a hint of      avoid smudging.
         shimmer or subtly sparkling nude.                                       Now Glamour is just a brush away, bring that glamour to
             Sweep blush from the apple of your cheek to hairline lightly,   your lips by using rich and velvety tones. Lipstick colour, I
         this will accentuate them without overdoing it. A bronzer can       believe is very subjective and depends on your skin tone. Lip
         be used in place of blush for a more natural look on fair skin.     colour with a metallic finish is most universally suited. The most
         Soft pinks or rose colours are the shades for monsoon days. Just    flattering shades for evening would be sherry berry, chocolate
         a wash off colour over the apples can bring a dull complexion       tones, reds, maroons, a gold or toffee. Glossy lips are a going
         to life and create the appearance of a made up face. Liquid,        out essential especially if you want a pouty look. Always apply
         cream and gel versions give sheerer and softer results.             lipstick with a brush as it allows the waxes to melt making the
             Tread lightly when touching midday make up as overdoing         result luminous, shining and long lasting.
         it could give a caked or patchy look.                                   Set your self no limits for the evening glam, use a darker
                                                                             blusher under the cheekbones to lift them and make them
         Night Make-Up                                                       appear higher and deeper. Go dark on the apple of your cheek
            The best foundation I believe has a flawless finish but          towards your hair line so that the contour of your cheek stands
         doesn't look heavy or caked and is also water resistant and         out. For blusher you need to layer your products and set the
         happens to be ideal for monsoon as it is perspiration proof.        complete look with powder. For example, first apply a cream
         Remember translucent powder is the magic wand of make up            blusher, powder then on top apply a powder blusher of the
         in monsoon times as it helps keep secretions at bay and absorb      same tone, you can use the same method for your eyes and for
         unwanted moisture. So don't step out without it!                    lips but if you use too many oily or creamy products then your
            Let your eyes gleam dramatically – Sparkling eye shadow in                           face in monsoon won't last too long.
         any season is the hottest shade and a key aspect of your
         glamour look and will never fail to add a twinkle in your eyes.                           For executives on the move
         In humidity eye shadow applied with a damp brush lasts longer                                  While evening make up is all about
         and colour effect is stronger, and helps for precise application.                           high voltage gloss and deep colours, the
         You can play with deep and dark lovely tones, colours like                                  office trend dips towards less gloss and
         mochas, deep burgundies, deep blue coupled with some                                        slightly more shimmer. If you know you
         shimmery shades will add glam and glitz to your eyes.                                        are going out after work in advance,
            For a sexy, smoky look wear a dark eye shadow all around                                  start your day with half the make up. A
         the eye making sure that it is well blended and finish off with                              hint of blusher, one coat
         eyeliner and lashings off mascara. For those lively
         night parties, experiment with coloured high
         impact mascaras for defining bolder
         and longer lashes. A hint of glitter
         on your lashes is a quick way
         to update your look and

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                                      YOU CAN EASILY    of mascara, and one              of shimmery powder or glitter to the
                                  TURN YOUR DAY LOOK       eye shadow is                 outside corner of your eyes.
                                                            enough to take                   You don't want to use too much, just
                                    INTO A NIGHT ONE.        you through the             enough to put the colour back in your
                                TOWARDS THE END OF THE monsoon day.                      cheeks. Use a gel stain as a blush but an
                                DAY, TOUCH UP YOUR MAKE Nude,           pale             inside tip is to apply the gel stain under
                                 UP WITH ADDITIONAL EYE      shimmery pink               foundation so that you get a healthy glow
                                                            look cool with               without screaming colour excess which
                                  SHADOW, LIPSTICK AND pastel make up or a               you can touch up in the evening.
                                     EYELINER TO ADD     subtle peachy nude                  Apply a brighter lipstick to make your
                                          DRAMA       look fresh on monsoon              evening look more dramatic, red is always
                                                            days for office.             a good choice. Give your daytime lipstick
                                                         You can easily turn your day    a lighter, juicier look by blending it well
                                              look into a night one. Towards the end     with a darker lip liner. You could add a
                                              of the day you can touch up again and      deeper tone to the same shade for that
                                              your make up will look fresher. Add        evening look.
                                              drama to the end of the day with
                                              additional eye shadow, lipstick and        Finish with a gloss for
                                              eyeliner. Or line your eyes with a dark    additional glamour
                                              line that traces the upper lid, and           Make yourself shine by adding
                                              smudge it for a smoky effect. To achieve   sparkling highlights to the forehead, neck,
                                              the look of a dramatic change, try loose   décolleté, and cheekbones. Remember
                                              shimmer powders in gold, silver, bronze    the party ensemble is not complete
                                              and pewter, use your index finger to       without a few final touches of body glitter
                                              spread lightly. The beauty of these        and you are ready to make your own
                                              shades can be as soft and loud as you      fashion statement!
                                              want. Add a touch of mascara to the tips   Pammy can be contacted at:
                                              of your lashes, consider adding a touch

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