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					                                  Westin Whirlwinds
                                   Blizzard of Paws
                                 January 29 & 30, 2005

On a cold, cold Saturday we joined Westin Whirlwinds as they hosted their first Flyball
Tournament at American K9 Country in Amherst NH. The below zero temps at the start
of the day gave way to sunshine and highs in the 30’s which made it feel summer like
after the freezing temperature of the previous week.

What a great weekend for WMM! Congratulations are due to the entire team we really
showed what a great group we are. Almost everyone was able to be there for at least
part of the weekend; Sandi, Kathy, Cheryl, Aaron, Kevin, Barb, Trish, Chris, Kim, Jess,
and Andrea. (Marie we missed you!) We ran dogs for other teams, line/box judged
when necessary, and even helped Cocker Spaniel Rescue out in the kitchen (thanks
Aaron)! And for the first time we won the DOGS award...clap, clap, clap!

High Speed Quad consisted of Blu, Keeper, Chilly and Loki. This team raced in
Regular Division 2 with a seed time of 21 seconds against teams from Ruff Enuff, CM
Jumpmasters, Maine Coast Runners, All Dogs Gym and Granite State Racers. These
guys were great (and yes, they're all guys!). They came in 4th in their division, they got
beat, but they didn't beat themselves. They ran clean for the majority of the weekend,
and that's all we could ever ask. The team had some super races against some really
good teams...and to quote Cheryl on some of the passes once they really got going –
“Whoa” (eyes closed, thumbs up!). It seems they lost 3rd place (the only really
contested spot) in a head to head tiebreaker with GSR, which came down to time! Blu &
Keeper were steady and solid all weekend, Chilly had his absolutely best weekend ever,
even with some bobbles when he was tired he got back in the lane, and Loki stunned the
competition (well, at least Sadie from GSR) with his flyball prowess for some great times.
HSQ’s best time - 21.310 in the third heat of the last race on day two.

Appalachian Tails consisted of Katie, Kira, Aspen, Kayce and Psyche with Steele as a
back up. This team raced in Regular Division 5 with a seedtime of 23 seconds against
teams from Mass Bay Mavericks, CT Frequent Flyers, CM Jumpmasters and Weston
Whirlwinds. The team raced well all-day and posted a best time for the tournament of
22.300 seconds and earned 2nd place in this tough division.

Aspen and Katie were a super one - two punch, with a solid supporting cast. Kira ran
solid all weekend (with a little coaxing from Kevin who was box loading really, she did
great! And Kayce, while just a little confused, about which way to turn, did outstanding!

Kudo’s to Psyche and Kayce !!!!!

The big story of the day and a long time coming is Congratulations go out to
Psyche (and Kathy for her patience)!!!! Psyche got his FD! And all signs
point to him getting his next title in a much more efficient manner than his

Kayce earned her FD and FDX Titles, way to go Kayce!

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