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                      USE OF SALT-SUBSTITUTES

Policy for the use of Salt-substitutes during the conduct of the PREMIER Intervention:

Participants attempting to lower their sodium intake to 2400 mg. of sodium or less per
day during participation in either PREMIER B or PREMIER C of the trial should not use
salt-substitutes. These substitutes usually contain either Potassium Chloride or
Magnesium Chloride. Brand names include: “Nu-Salt”™, “No Salt”™, Adolph’s
Unseasoned Salt Substitute™, and McCormick Salt-Substitute™.

Rationale: The philosophy of the PREMIER Study is to guide participants in making
lifestyle changes.
       A. The use of salt-substitutes tends to perpetuate the desire for a “salty” taste
           instead of encouraging participants to develop a preference for less salty
           foods. It has been shown that preference for salty foods can decrease;
           however, it may take as long as two to three months on a low-sodium diet
           before low-sodium foods are preferred. Promoting salt-free seasonings allows
           participants to experience this change by adding flavor but not salt to foods.
           Such seasonings may include: herbs, herb and spice blends that are salt-free
           such as Mrs. Dash™, McCormick Lemon-Pepper™ or All Purpose
           Seasoning™, pepper, lemon juice, vinegar, etc.

       B. “Lite” salts containing smaller amounts of sodium chloride should also not be
           used since these also would tend to perpetuate a participant’s desire for a
           “salty” taste. The amount of these products (and thus the sodium) used by the
           participants is difficult to monitor and quantify. These products include:
           Morton “lite” salt (290 mg Na per ¼ tsp.), PaPa Dash™, Salt Sense™, and
           Nature’s Seasons™(390 mg Na per ¼ tsp.). Salt contributes 590 mg Na per
           1/4 teaspoon.

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      C. In addition to hindering lifestyle changes, use of salt-substitutes by
          participants in PREMIER B may introduce added potassium and/or
          magnesium into their intake. This would not be desirable since these are two
          of the nutrients present in the foods recommended for the DASH eating
          pattern. The use of salt-substitutes may therefore confound the results.

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