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									Smaller Waistlines With Corsets
A small tiny waist, flat stomach, reduced back-pain, and perfectly upright posture"these are just some of the benefits of wearing a corset. A corset is a
piece of garment worn by both men and women, and is used to sculpt and shape the torso for aesthetic and medical purposes.

For women, corsets are worn to create or emphasize a curvy figure by reducing the waist, which exaggerates the bust and hip areas. In the past,
corsets were worn to achieve a tubular, straight torso shape, which also involves minimizing the bust and hips. Corsets are also worn by men to slim
down the figure. During the 1900s, there was a period when corsets were worn by men to achieve the hourglass figure"a small, cinched-in looking

Some corsets can extend over the hips, and in some very rare cases, can reach the knees. But a normal corset works by enclosing the torso, usually
from the under the arms down to the top of the hips. A waist cincher on the other hand is a shorter type of corset that covers only the waist area, which
is from below the ribs to just above the hip area. Other types of corset may also include garters that can hold up stockings

Corsets are usually made from flexible materials like cloth and leather. By a process called boning, ribs or stays are put into channels inside the fabric
to stiffen it up. The most common materials for this are ivory, wood and cane. Whalebone and steel were the favored material during the Victorian era.
Nowadays, the high quality corsets are made from plastic and steel.

Almost all corsets are tied together by at the back using laces. Tightening or loosening the lacing will adjust the stiffness of the corset. Tying a
back-laced corset is difficult, although not impossible.

Reduced back-pain and improved muscular system; comfort for big bosomed women who do not want to wear brassieres; improved figure even
without dieting, slimming drugs, or undergoing any cosmetic surgery; and increased body temperature that is useful for cooler climates are just a few
of the benefits of wearing. So get one now and feel the difference!

Most tops marketed nowadays as corsets are technically not corsets if you know what a traditional corset should be. Real corsets should be made by
corset-makers so that they would fit properly. Modern corset tops have very little effect on the shape torso even though they have lacing or boning,
mimicking traditional corsets.

About the Author
Wearing corsets not only made me feel sexy but improved my posture too. Be desirable while helping you spin by wearing corsets.


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