Purse Holder by Scottrenkes


                                                          Superior Quality Emblematic Jewelry - asi 77340

                              Classic American Purse Holder
                         While prominently displaying your logo, this elegant 1 1/8 inch purse holder balances on the edge
                         of a table holding the owner’s purse, keeping it off the floor, easy to reach and clearly visible. This
                         product can also be delivered as lasered cloisonné, regular cloisonné or soft-enamel.

                                     The classic purse holder is a time tested product.
                                     We pulled advertisements from early 20th century popular mechanics style magazines
                                     and recast into a new clean and modern design. It has a soft non-scratch foam cushion
                                     under the emblem to keep it from sliding off the table and a carefully balanced hook
                                     arm. The entire product is hand polished with a superior surface finish.

 A soft ring of foam
 keeps the purseholder
 firmly on the table.

                 Purse Holders
    Photo Etched            Style               300         500
    1” emblem x 3” stem     PHPE                $ 4.72      $ 4.38
    1-1/2” emblem x 4” stem PHPE2               $ 5.12      $ 4.88
    Tooling Charge $ 160 (R)                                  2(P)
    3 Week delivery
    Optional Drawstring bag $ 1.64 each (P)
    Minimum quantity 300 units

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