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      PBS KIDS
                                                         PBS KIDS SPROUT
           PBS KIDS Sprout is the first and only 24-hour preschool destination available on TV, on demand and
           online for kids ages 2-5 and their parents and caregivers. Sprout creates opportunities for preschoolers
           to invite their families into their world to share meaningful and playful moments together. Sprout also
           celebrates the moments and milestones of childhood and supports everyday learning that encourages
           the growth and development of young children. The programming on Sprout follows a preschooler’s
           day from breakfast to bedtime offering shows kids love and parents trust such as Sesame Street,
           Barney & Friends, Thomas & Friends, Say It With Noddy and Caillou, combined with short-form original
           programs such as The Good Night Show, The Birthday Show, The Many Adventures of Mr. Mailman,
           Sprout Diner and more.

           PBS KIDS Sprout. Let’s Grow!

                                            NETWORK PROGRAM FORMAT
           Local Avails:          Only national avails

           Times:                 2-3 minutes national avails per hour

           Insertion Hours:       24 hours a day, 7 days a week

                                                  NETWORK INFORMATION

           Subscribers:           20 million

           Service Type:          Linear, VOD, Online

           Satellite Feed:        Single

           Launch Date:           September 2005

           Ownership:             Children’s Network, LLC is a joint venture of Comcast Corporation,
                                  HIT Entertainment, PBS and Sesame Workshop

                                               BENEFITS TO ADVERTISERS
           1.   Association with quality, preschool programming and industry leaders, e.g. PBS, Sesame Workshop,
                HIT Entertainment and Comcast Corporation.

           2.   Consumer convenience of a 24/7 linear network, combined with a highly successful VOD offering.

           3.   Uncluttered advertising environment, with limited commercial load, accepting parent-directed ads

           4.   Focused audience: parents/caregivers with children ages 2-5.

           5.   Original, interactive programming blocks designed to encourage co-viewing, active participation and
                enhancement of the parent/caregiver and child multi-platform media experience.

           6.   Category exclusivity available.

           7.   10 hours of Spanish-language VOD programming (Sprout En Español).

           8.   Unique VOD model available with longer blocks, by category for more targeted reach.

                                        PBS KIDS SPROUT
                                 RESEARCH INFORMATION

                                    VIEWER TARGETED
Kids: 2-5                            Persons: 18-24, 25-34         Women: 18-34, 25-34, 35-49

                                     VIEWER PROFILE
                        PBS KIDS Sprout viewers are:
                                 • Parents & Caregivers:
                                       P 18-24, W 18-24, W 35-49
                                       P 25-34, W 25-34
                                       K 2-5

                                    VIEWER LIFESTYLE
                  PBS KIDS Sprout targets the following categories:
            Automotive                               Healthy Foods
            Baby Care                                Entertainment/Movie Studios

                                                                                                  PBS KIDS
            Beverages                                Pet Products
            Educational Toys/Games                   Pharmaceuticals
            Financial                                Retail
            Household Products                       Travel

                                    DAYPART VIEWING
The Sprout multiplatform model meets the needs of preschoolers and their parents or care-
givers by providing a distinct benefit through each service. VOD enables parents to choose the
programming they want for their preschoolers, when they want it, whereas the 24-hour linear
channel provides a variety of material and short-form original programs uniquely designed to
follow a preschooler’s day from breakfast to bedtime. The Web site, www.sproutonline.com, is
available 24/7 and features program-themed activities and special content for parents and
children to enjoy together.
Since debuting its video on demand (VOD) service in April 2005, Sprout has become the #1 Kids
On Demand service, generating over 125 million orders since launch. Sprout provides 60 hours of
VOD programming each month, including 10 hours of Spanish-language programming (Plaza
Sésamo®, Angelina Ballerina™, Barney & Friends™, Bob the Builder™, George Pequeno™, Jay Jay
el Avion™ and Osos Berenstains™.).
Daytime programs feature stimulating and upbeat shows designed to get children moving and
active, while evening programming includes soothing, relaxing shows to help them gently wind
down after a busy day. Most of Sprout’s shows are presented in 5-10 minute segments to match
the attention span of preschoolers (with the exception of Boohbah, Barney, Sesame Street,
Teletubbies and Caillou), however, if families wish to view the longer versions of any program,
they can opt for the conventional half-hour or hour programs on VOD.

                                                    PBS KIDS SPROUT
                                         PROGRAMMING INFORMATION
           PROGRAMMING GENRES: Animation, Family, Food/Cooking, Health, Kids, Movies, Music,
           Quiz/Audience Participation, Wildlife/Animal

                                      VIEWER TARGETED PROGRAMMING
           All program offerings on both the linear network and the companion VOD service are targeted
           specifically for the preschool audience, ages 2-5, and their parents. Some titles include:
           Angelina Ballerina™, Barney & Friends™, The Berenstain Bears™, Bob the Builder™, Caillou™,
           Dragon Tales™, Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks™, Jay Jay the Jet Plane™, Make Way
           For Noddy™, Pingu™, Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat™, Sesame Street®, Teletubbies™,
           Thomas & Friends™, and only on Sprout in the U.S., Jim Henson’s The Hoobs™

           Original programming on PBS KIDS Sprout includes The Good Night Show, Sprout Diner, The
           Many Adventures of Mr. Mailman and The Birthday Show. Each program is created to inspire
           parent/child interaction, which allows for a rich co-viewing experience. In addition, Sprout

           offers a variety of Spanish-language programming (Sprout En Español) through the VOD plat-
           form, including Plaza Sésamo®, Angelina Ballerina™, Barney & Friends™, Bob the Builder™,
           George Pequeno™, Jay Jay el Avion™ and Osos Berenstains™.

           PBS KIDS Sprout highlights events throughout the year that are extremely special to preschool
           children including:
           Holiday specials and activities for a variety of special days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day,
           Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and December holiday celebrations.

           Original programs:
                • The Good Night Show, a hosted block of programming created as a tool to help
                   parents wind down their children after a busy day (airs each night from 6-9 p.m. ET
                   and repeats from 9-midnight and midnight-3 a.m. ET).

               • The Birthday Show, hosted by Kevin, which features fun-filled birthday party ideas
                 for parents and kids, including games, crafts and party tips, in addition to daily
                 readings of homemade birthday cards submitted by viewers from all over the country.

               • The animated Sprout Diner, which encourages preschool children to eat healthy
                 foods and inspires parents with healthy eating ideas.

               • The Many Adventures of Mr. Mailman, which introduces preschoolers to the concept
                 of travel, new places and geography in an entertaining way that is also development-
                 ally appropriate.

                                         PBS KIDS SPROUT
                         LEADING NATIONAL ADVERTISERS

For a list of national advertisers, please contact Frank Ciancio, SVP, Ad Sales, PBS KIDS Sprout.

                                  NETWORK CONTACTS
                                Headquarters-PBS KIDS Sprout
                                     2000 Market Street
                                         20th Floor
                                   Philadelphia, PA 19103
                                      P:(215) 667-2700
                                      F:(215) 667-2701
       Sandy Wax                                            Frank Ciancio
       President, General Manager                           Senior Vice President, Ad Sales
       P:(215) 667-2750                                     P:(215) 852-5103
       sandy_wax@comcast.com                                fciancio@comcastnet.com
                        Comcast Networks National Advertising Sales
       David T. Cassaro                                Neil Baker
       President, Comcast Networks                     Executive Vice President,

                                                                                                    PBS KIDS
       Advertising Sales                               Comcast Networks Sales

       P:(212) 852-5134                                P:(212) 852-5110
                       Comcast Networks Affiliate Sales & Marketing
       Philadelphia Office                               Los Angeles Office
       2000 Market Street                                12100 West Olympic Blvd.
       20th Floor                                        Suite 200
       Philadelphia, PA 19103                            Los Angeles, CA 90064
       P:(215) 667-2500                                  P:(310) 979-2275
       F:(215) 667-2501                                  F:(310) 979-2261
       Brad Fox                                             Garrett Smith
       Executive Vice President                             Division Vice President
       P:(215) 667-2508                                     P:(215) 667-2506
       brad_fox@comcast.com                                 garrett_smith@comcast.com
       Todd Brown                                           Rosanna Falzone
       Division Vice President                              Director, Marketing & LAS
       P:(310) 979-2272                                     P:(215) 667-2502
       todd_brown@comcast.com                               rosanna_falzone@comcast.com

                                WEBSITE INFORMATION
                   Consumer Website:       www.sproutonline.com
                    Affiliate Website:     www.sproutonline.com (click on affiliates link)
                     (Please contact Ashley Zesinger at (215) 667-2733 or
               ashley_zesinger@sproutletsgrow.com for username and password)