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                      Coral Reef Sr. High School

Which books are                                    Get Ho ked                    Hispanic heritage
BANNED? p.2                                                                      month p.11
 October 2008 Volume 12 Issue 3                                 10101 SW 152 Street Miami, FL 33157

                  Happy Halloween!

                  See the “Submerge Yourself” section
                  on pages 8 and 9 to discover the
                  origins of Halloween and some of
                     its ancient traditions and games.
Revised student
                   Coral Reef Sr. High
                   October 2008                                                                                                    News
code of conduct
Staff Writer

   At the start of the
2008-2009 school
year the newly
revised        student
code of conduct
was stressed at
    Many students,
however,        didn’t
exactly understand
what it meant and
its consequences,
except that girls                                                                     Harry Potter has been censored from schools because it allegedly promotes
now must wear                                                                         witchcraft.
shirts with sleeves         To the dismay of I.B. senior Sasha
opposed to spaghetti        Dunn, Mr. Mejia lays down the law.
  “I don’t understand
why it necessary for
                                                                                   Banned book
such a change, bare shoulders never hurt anyone,” said IB senior Ana Perez.
   Assistant Principal Mr. Evans says it all a matter of equality that Miami
Dade County Public Schools is trying to stress. It is only fair to have the same
regulations for all students no matter what gender they are.
                                                                                   ALEXIA FRITH
                                                                                   Staff Writer
                                                                                     For twenty seven years the American Library       make it inaccessible,” said IB sophomore
  “Such a strong focus on the importance of equality in schools has been put
                                                                                   Association has been “celebrating the freedom       Britney James.
in place in order to get rid of stereotypes and much smaller problems,” said
                                                                                   to read.”                                               Some of the books inaccessible in some
                                                                                       Banned Book Week, usually on the last           schools are the Harry Potter novels, which
   It is important to understand, however, that the newly revised student code
                                                                                   week of September, informs Americans of             were censored due to allegedly promoting
of conduct applies to all Miami Dade County Public Schools and that Coral
                                                                                   the privilege that they have to be able to read     witchcraft.
Reef is not the only school forced to make such changes.
                                                                                   whatever book they choose.                             “The reason we celebrate Banned Books
  “Laws have to change as situations in schools change,” said Mr. Evans.
                                                                                       This celebration is something that many         Week is because it doesn’t matter what the
   Amongst the changes in dress codes are changes in violations such as a
                                                                                   book lovers take great pride in. Libraries and      book is, people will have biases because of
“procession of items or materials that are inappropriate for an educational
                                                                                   bookstores alike come together and display          a lack of knowledge or prejudices and they
setting” (Level I Violation).
                                                                                   different books that have been “challenged.”        are going to try to force their opinions on
  Other changes to the code of conduct include the addition of the “distribution
                                                                                   These books have been censored for explicit         everyone. Harry Potter was just caught up
of items or materials that are inappropriate for an educational setting” (Level
                                                                                   material.                                           in that net,” said the school librarian, Mrs.
II Violation) and bullying (Level III Violation).
                                                                                      “I feel that [book banning] is unfair, because   Fradera.
    Evans claims that most of these changes to the student code of conduct
                                                                                   it withholds knowledge,” said Engineering               Banned Book Week reminds Americans
don’t exactly apply to Coral Reef seeing as there has rarely ever been any
                                                                                   sophomore Jordon Thomas.                            of the importance in having freedom of the
kind of high offenses taken place at the school and the majority of the student
                                                                                       Books such as Killing Mr. Griffin, Captain      press. Unlike in other parts of the world,
body are well-mannered.
                                                                                   Underpants, To Kill a Mockingbird and The           like China or Cuba, citizens in the United
  He also believes that the student code of conduct has a higher purpose.
                                                                                   Giver have been banned for reasons including        States may read any book they wish.
   “College is a lot stricter than high school. Many believe that in college
                                                                                   depictions of violence and destruction, or             With sponsors like The American
because you have more independence you are allowed to do anything you
                                                                                   negative messages.                                  Booksellers Association and The American
want. The opposite is true. The student code of conduct is getting students
                                                                                      “I don’t see why books would be ‘banned.’        Library Association, Banned Book Week
ready to be successful in college,” said Evans.
                                                                                   People should be able to read whatever they         is something that is well endorsed and on
  In the end, the aim for the school is to have a functional school setting, one
                                                                                   choose to. Just because someone doesn’t             going. It is something students should take
where students are allowed to learn and develop without distraction.
                                                                                   approve of what someone else is reading             pride in and use to their advantage.
                                                                                   doesn’t mean they have the right to want to
    News                                                                                                                                    Coral Reef Sr. High
                                                                                                                                                 October 2008              3
Waiting on the world to change: genocide in Darfur
                                                                                                         “I think it’s          “Dance for Darfur basically collects donations
Staff Writer                                                                                          horrible the way        going towards helping displaced victims of
                                                                                                      they’re trying to       the genocide in Sudan with food etc. and is a
     As Americans complain about such
                                                                                                      get rid of a whole      6 hour dance marathon at the same time,” said
things as sky rocketing gas prices and the
                                                                                                      population,             “Do Something” club president, I.B. senior
recent dive the economy took, a youth in
                                                                                                      because of              Mar Echevarria.
Sudan is witnessing his home being burnt
                                                                                                      their ethnicity            Though the UN has taken little action
to the ground, his sister being raped and
                                                                                                      and we’re not           towards ending or slowing the Darfur genocide,
maimed and his peers being murdered.
                                                                                                      doing anything          students themselves can make themselves
   For civilians in the Darfur region, in the
                                                                                                      about it. I don’t       heard and can take action through making
war torn eastern African nation of Sudan,
                                                                                                      think it’s ethical      donations, or participating in events such as
this has become a harsh reality.
                                                                                                      at all,” said IB        “Dance for Darfur.”
    As the United States has overstayed
                                                                                                      Senior Karishma            “I think if the world is so concerned about
its welcome in the Middle East for the
                                                                                                      Gieowar-Singh           dictatorships and human rights then the UN
past 7 years, a similar Holocaust genocide
                                                                                                         C u r r e n t l y,   needs to pay more attention to what’s going
upon non-Arabs in Sudan has been taking
                                                                                                      peace-keepers           on in Darfur, if nothing else provide medicine,
place for the last 5 years.                   Many students wear Darfur stickers, like the sent into Sudan                    food and clean water for the victims,” said
    The conflict began in February of         one shown here, to voice their opinions on              by the UN               History teacher Mr. Bullard.
2003 when two rebel groups accused
                                              the ongoing genocide.                                   attempt to help            Most importantly, the genocide is going on,
the Sudanese government of oppressing
                                                                                                      civilians as the        and being aware is the first step in solving the
non-Arab Sudanese citizens in Darfur.
                                                                                                      death rate grows        problem. Now is the time when students can
In response, President Omar al-Bashir
                                                           exponentially. However, these peace-keepers are ill-               show their humanistic sides, to show their
sent an Arab militant group known as the Janjaweed from
                                                           equipped and poorly funded.                                        potential to care and to effect a difference.
the capital of Khartoum into the Darfur region, where they
                                                            As students, we can help by donating to the cause through          “I think students should be actively involved
killed unarmed citizens, systematically raped women and
                                                           web sites such as or simply sign a petition         in humanitarian efforts. As far as Darfur goes,
burned whole villages to the ground.
                                                           demanding international action against the brutal killing          they should join the “Save Darfur” coalition’s
    Since then, nearly 400,000 have been murdered and
                                                           through the same site.                                             million strong list so they can get information
2.5 displaced, now living in refugee camps in the nearby
                                                              In addition with events such as Amnesty International’s         periodically on how they can help,” said I.B.
nation of Chad. An estimated nearly 15,000 people die
                                                           “Dance for Darfur,” students can both show support and             Senior Daniella Carucci.
each month.
                                                           have a good time.

Gone and Back Again                                                                              Diversity in the Reef
                                                                                                 Students from different ethnicities share their
 DROP forces teachers to retire and return                                                       experiences at school
                                                                                                 JORDAN FELDMAN
                                               gain that extra year. Instead, this year he       Staff Writer
                                               has come back as a part-time teacher. He
                                               said that the original proposition made was           The diversity of the student
                                               to allow teachers to come back on a yearly        body at Coral Reef is apparent
                                               contract after the eight years but it was not     just by walking down the
                                               approved.                                         halls any given day and being
                                                 “I loved the insurance and salary of being      surrounded by an abundance
                                               a full time teacher and now I’m being             of ethnicities and cultures.
                                               paid only one-third of the salary with no           Reef’s diversity is reflected by
                                               benefits. We were lucky though that Mrs.          the range of foreign language
                                               Leal could bring us back part time. She has       classes offered, number of
                                               been very good to us,” said Mr. Hunt.             afterschool activities, and
  Mr. Hunt, a part time AP European                                                                                                   Melissa Cruz, Patrick Volum, Maya Carter,
                                                  The disadvantages of teachers not being        number and variety of
  teacher, was forced to exit the                                                                                                     and Kent White all share a common
                                               able to come back the three extra years           extracurricular clubs.
  DROP program.                                                                                                                       friendship despite their ethnic diversities.
                                               came down to the money factor. Working               The Coral Reef High School
                                               three extra years allowed the returning           census, according to www.
                                               teacher to earn a lot more money; Mr. Hunt confirmed                      “Although I’m Hispanic, I have friends
NICOLE BRANDFON                                estimated around $50,000 more each year.          the ethnic diversity of its student body in  of many different backgrounds which is
                                                    As teachers, each year worked gains          it demographics.                             one of the unique features of Coral Reef
Staff Writer
                                               more seniority which causes salary to go             Of Coral Reef’s 2,995 students, 50.2% High School,” said IB sophomore Alejandra
                                               up, even if by little, giving teachers who        are Latino, 23.7% are White, 21.2% Garcia.
                                               work longer more money. For example,              are African American, 4.7% are Asian,           There is a visual display as well as an
   Going into the 2008-2009 school year,                                                                                                      auditory display of the cultural individuality
                                               a teacher who has been working in the             and 0.2% is Native American. This
many students took notice of the amount of
teachers who came back with fewer classes
                                               school system for 30 years will make              is consistent with the demographics of the student body of the many languages
and fewer students. Mr. Hunt, an AP
                                               $68,225 versus a beginning teacher who            of Miami-Dade County and its large being spoken.
                                               would make $40,804 .                              Hispanic population.                           It is not uncommon to hear conversations
European History Teacher, and Mr. Ford                                                                                                        spoken in Spanish, German, French, English
                                                  “I understand why they made us exit the            The diversity of clubs represents the
both came back as part-time teachers due
to the change in the retirement program of
                                               program, however, it is ridiculous that Mr.       different ethnicities and cultures here at and many others. Many students learn a
                                               Ford and I could not come back as first year      Coral Reef High School.                      second or even third language outside the
all state employees, DROP.
    DROP stands for “deferred retirement
                                               teachers with beginning salary and benefits          They include the Afro-Heritage Club, classroom as well as in.
                                               because with 38 years of experience we            the Hispanic Heritage Society, the              The variety in cultures and ethnicities
option plan,” which is a combination                                                                                                          enables Coral Reef to have such an
                                               would be a bargain,” said Mr. Hunt.               German Heritage Society, and the
of many retirement systems that allow
employees to retire but continue working
                                                 This retirement program, DROP, has had a        French Club Society. All of these clubs exceptional environment for its student
for several more years. Mr. Zucker
                                               great effect on many schools everywhere.          acknowledge a preference for diversity. body to prosper.
                                               Now some teachers that were promised up              “The many different ethnicities at Coral     Although the students at Coral Reef
explained that after 5 years in the DROP                                                                                                      come from different backgrounds, their
                                               to three extra years of teaching full time        Reef have taught me about my fellow
program you are supposed to automatically
retire and up until this year, teachers and
                                               with a growing salary and benefits were           classmates and their backgrounds as experiences and interactions with each
counselors could stay up to an extra three
                                               cut off.                                          well,” said Leisure Medicine sophomore other leaves them with knowledge and
                                                  Some of these teacher or counselors are        Christine Webber.                            appreciation of each other.
years.                                                                                                                                          “Being at Coral reef is like being back at
                                               now back to school working part-time like             Despite the many ethnic and cultural
 This forced many teachers to retire who are                                                                                                  Jamaica. Everyone is of different cultures
                                               Mr. Hunt and Mr. Ford, but some schools           groups, the students at Coral Reef High
now working part time in order to continue
to earn some extra money. Mr. Hunt had
                                               were not as lucky and could not rehire            School do not solely group themselves and it puts a perspective for us as an
completed seven years and was hoping to
                                               teachers leaving them without their jobs          according from where they came from international community,” said I.B. senior
                                               and fully retired.                                or their race.                               Rashielle Teape.
Student employees
                    Coral Reef Sr. High
                         October 2008

                                                                                                        Students in the “real
Balancing school with work is a responsibility                                                          Seniors discuss the benefits of taking internships
many students have to deal with                                                                                                                                                      “It’s a good experience
                                                                                                                                                                                   because I get to write
                                                                                                                                                                                   articles and not just do
SHATONE GRAY                                                        A direct deposit
                                                                 is another tool that                                                                                              clerical work, which a
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                                                       lot of internships consist
                                                                 can aid an employee
                                                                 in achieving their                                                                                                of,” said Uchdorff.
   As students get older
                                                                 personal financial                                                                                                  A chance to go practice
there is a growing desire
                                                                 goals. Money goes                                                                                                 a special interest is
for independence.
                                                                 directly to your                                                                                                  always exciting, but
  This sparks the search
                                                                 account at the end                                                                                                what really makes the
for employment, the
                                                                 of the pay period.                                                                                                internship elective so
installation into the work
                                                                          “It’s rough                                                                                              sought after?
                                                                 out here on these                                                                                                     It could be the fact
   Few things excite a
                                                                 streets!      I gotta                                                                                             that it is offered only
young adult more than
                                                                 pay for the things                                                                                                to seniors which makes
the anticipation of their
                                                                 my parents think                                                                                                  it more exclusive and
very first paycheck. Plans
                                                                 are     unnecessary.                                                                                              ultimately a privilege.
are made obligating
                                                                 Sometimes I want                                                                                                        “Personally I like
the funds that are well
                                                                 another        haircut,                                                                                           having an internship
on their way to a bank                                                                                  I.B. senior Barbara Uchdorff interns at The Miami
                                                                 another pair of jeans                                                                                            because I have waited
account.                                                                                                Herald
                              Shaqueena Davis shows off her      or shoes, my mom                                                                                                 four years to become
    Aside from all the
                              Burger King uniform.               doesn’t want to                                ALEXANDER MELENDEZ                                                a senior to have the
obvious perks that come
                                                                 buy that. So I have                            Staff Writer                                    opportunity to have an internship,” said
from having a job, there
                                                                 to,” said Business                                                                             Legal senior Stacey Perrera.
are also difficulties that                                                                                  Many seniors at the Reef are taking
                                            sophomore James Brown.                                                                                                 Other seniors like their internships for
some student employees face.                                                                            a d v a n t a g e o f a n u n i q u e e l e c t i v e : another reason, like the chance to leave
   Things are compromised, such as using     Being employed allows for the freedoms
                                                                                                        internships.                                            school a few hours early.
available time effectively to complete that most kids want, but can’t afford.                               It is no surprise that Coral Reef offers               “I love my internship. I get real hands
schoolwork, the time spent with a But there is one thing that the employed                              an abundance of electives to enhance a on experience outside of school. Also
boyfriend/girlfriend, and resting.          students should think about, saving their
                                                                                                        student’s learning experience, like “office getting out every other day a little bit
   Students assume the responsibility of money. Money saved now will be a lot                           aid” or music theory. These electives provide earlier excites me,” said Legal senior
working with hopes of being able to help more useful in the future.                                     a multidimensional element students’ Sabine Salnave.
pay their senior obligations, buy a car, or      Also, with the upcoming senior
                                                                                                        curriculums, often allowing them to branch                  The answer is ultimately based on
even some new clothes for partying on the expenses, money should be put to use in                       off into other areas of study.
                                            the wisest of ways. With Homecoming                                                                                 personal preference.
weekends.                                                                                                  Yet among all the courses and activities               The popularity of internships might be
     “I go out on the weekends without tickets being $70; Grad Bash, $120;                              offered at our school, the one students because of the chance to leave campus a
worrying about my mom pestering me Prom another $75; Senior Breakfast,                                  look forward to the most is internship. It few hours early, or that the experience one
about how much money she’s given me,” $35; Senior pictures ranging from $100                            is a chance for them to get real hands on receives at an internship cannot be found
said VPA senior Jennifer Brewer when to, in some cases, $600; surely parents                            experience in a field of their interest.                in a school classroom.
asked about the advantages of being would be more than grateful to have                                   For I.B. senior Barbara Uchdorff, interning
                                            some financial help.                                                                                                  Whatever the reason, it seems that senior
employed.                                                                                               at The Miami Herald offers her the chance to internships will remain a part of school
                                                                                                        have her writing read by the public.                    tradition in the years to come.

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Opinions                                                                                                                       Coral Reef Sr. High
                                                                                                                                    October 2008
                                     Teenage Love Affair
                                Teenage relationships from a guy and girl perspective
  CHIEDOZIE OKAFOR                                                                                                          CHAMERE LITTLEJOHN
  Staff Writer                                                                                                              Staff Writer

      Teenage years are some of the best in a young man’s life. Male                            The term “relationship” is a word that is vaguely used without
teens are in their prime, and feel that they have the ability to achieve                    knowing the exact meaning of it. It is taken and played with like a
anything. It just seems that young males, as most girls may say,                            baby learning to walk; stumbling to grasp on to the concept. The
can’t achieve everything needed to make the relationship work.                                 bigger debate is asking “What exactly does it mean to be in a
     There is no excuse for guys who are truly nonchalant and                                    teen relationship from the girl’s perspective?”
choose not to put effort into his relationships; however there                                        It is a concept that is most often misinterpreted in the eyes
are some guys that actually try, but just somehow fall short.                                    of adults. Often parents figure that teens are too young to date,
    Teen relationships are always a hassle. Both the guy                                            or they aren’t yet ready.
and girl are young and just want to enjoy being a teen.                                                   It gets even worse, when the controversy of dating
After asking students, majority of the girls feel that                                                       between boys and girls are mentioned; is it fair that
being in a relationship can be a wonderful thing,                                                               girls always seem to be targeted when it comes to
but nearly every male student felt that at times                                                                 the mere mention of dating, yet guys never seem
relationships can be extremely stressful.                                                                         to have that problem?
     Females are a little too serious when                                                                        Ironically, it always seems to be the girls who
it comes to “teenage love,” it seems as if                                                                        go through the most problems throughout the
they’re thinking about marriage as soon as                                                                        relationship.
the guy consents to go out with them.                                                                             These include disputes with parents, cheating,
    “Girls are so complicated and it’s hard                                                                       lies, break-ups: the list can go on forever. This
to have fun when you’re tied down,” said                                                                          is not to say that guys make all the mistakes, but
Business senior Gerald Grant.                                                                                     most of the time they are the cause.
   Ladies can be difficult! Guys are expected                                                                    Stereotypes have always seemed to come into play
to walk their girlfriends to and from class,                                                                     Young men are blind when it comes to painting
hold books, text her every second until                                                                        the image of how a young lady is supposed to be
the bell rings, then do it all over again the                                                                treated. They have not yet gained the knowledge
following period. Has it ever dawned on                                                                    of the right and wrong doings that tie into being in
these females that maybe their boyfriend                                                               a relationship. Are these really stereotypes or is it just
wants to be walked to their classes?                                                                     reality that girls face while being in a relationship?
Do they not realize that the guys books                                                                      “No, guys should not be taught the ‘correct way’ of
gets equally as heavy?                                                                                    being in a relationship. We just want to do it our way,”
   “A boyfriend is supposed to do things                                                                 said Legal senior Jean Andre.
for his girlfriend, not the other way around,”                                                              In reality, there is no ‘correct way’ of being in a
said Business senior Alexandria Marsh.                                                                relationship. Guys just need to understand that not all girls
   True enough that part of being the man in                                                           are the same and they all deserve to be treated with a fresh
the relationship means being the rock, the                                                             heart. Some girls tend to enjoy the silliness guys portray
source of strength and stability, able to take                                                        and love their joking manner, but sometimes a boyfriend
care and keep his “girl” happy.                                                                      can go overboard. Don’t forget, girls still love the sensitive
    “Some of these girls be tripping! It’s like,                                                     and sweet side, too.
you take them out to eat, and when the meal is                                                     “If he can’t make me laugh, I’ll lose interest. His personality
done and the check has come, girls would just                                                   should compliment mine,” said I.B. senior Daniella Carucci.
fold their arms and look at you. It would be                                                       Girls usually stress out more that guys do when it comes to
nice if a girl would at least offer to help pay for                                           relationships, mainly because they are struggling with the “L”
the tab!” said Legal Senior Joseph Jefferson.                                                word. Typically girls seem to fall in love quicker than guys do;
     Joseph makes a good point. To take on the                                               they tend to get the fuzzy feelings in their hearts at a faster pace.
title of a boyfriend now-a-days is like signing                                                    “Most girls do like to think that they’re in love, because they
up to be 24 hour assistant/ bodyguard. There are                                                want to feel wanted. For guys, not so much. They want to feel
some relationships where the female demands and                                                   needed, but not needy,” said I.B. senior Hannah Dowd.
or expects certain things. The guy has to deal with                                                   Guys aren’t off the hook though. A study shows that it is
random anniversaries, attitudes and mood swings,                                                  the guy’s fault for the love trap. So, exactly what trap do they
and trying to be considerate of feelings.                                                        set up to let those caterpillars out of their cocoons? It is the
    That is a lot to juggle; it seems that as soon as                                           goofiness and wittiness that girls oh so love.
the boyfriend messes up, he has committed the                                                       “People are just in love with the idea of being in love. There
ultimate crime. Some girls expect too much from                                                  have been times where I use to believe that myself, but I’m
their boyfriends, claiming that it’s all a part of being          Lovebirds Victor Garcia        not going to let it discourage me. It brings in the idea that
a “gentleman,” but what does being a gentleman                    and Sarah Gonzalez             many people have married their high school sweethearts, so
really mean?                                                                                     why can’t I?” said senior Anquanette Anderson. “I believe if
     “Well, Webster defines being a gentleman as a                                               two people are deeply in love and both want that relationship
civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man,” said Business                        to work out, then they would do whatever they have to in order to
senior Stephanie Nicholas.                                                                  make it last.”
  Whatever the case may be, both the guy and girl in teenage relationships                     In actuality, girls tend to have a hate/love relationship when it
should try a little harder to enforce the 50/50 rule. Many girls have the                   comes to adoring the guys. They seem to love the things they hate.
misconception that the guy is there to do things for them, and not the                      It’s where they find their comfort that is lacking elsewhere. So do
other way around. Teen relationships are broken off by the male because                     not fret guys, although slackness may occur, you’re still loved just
the girl in the relationship had the mind-frame of receiving and never                      that much more.
giving. So no offense girls, but you’re not perfect either!
    6             Coral Reef Sr. High
                       October 2008                                                                      Editorial
          The Modern prometheus
Will today’s science become tomorrow’s Frankenstein monster?
                   As science speeds towards new innovations with each                  increased. If humans could live up to a hundred and fifty or two hundred
coming year, scientists must be evaluative and self-reflective, with                      years, they might not pursue a career or begin a family until fifty years or
a cautious eye on ethics. Otherwise, today’s science itself                                        so. Then humans in their first fifty years life would just be resource
may become tomorrow’s Frankenstein monster.                                                              depletion with no contributions to society.
            Mary Shelley saw the future when                                                                 On the positive side, an extra fifty years in adolescence
she wrote Frankenstein in 1818, originally                                                                        could mean fifty years dedicated to education; with
conceived as an idea to present at a                                                                                  such time given for schooling humans could
ghost story telling event.                                                                                                become even more skilled in their areas
          What I mean when I                                                                                                 of study. Society could then become
refer to science as today’s                                                                                                     exponentially more efficient if such an
Frankenstein is not in the                                                                                                         education plan was possible.
literal sense. Rather, I                                                                                                                   An increasing life span would
mean that science has                                                                                                                   also mean that the age gap
as much potential for                                                                                                                     between children and their
destruction as it does                                                                                                                     parents would increase. With
for helping people.                                                                                                                          reproduction        occurring
    Should we not                                                                                                                             so late in life, there is
be careful in                                                                                                                                   greater risk of humans
our judgments                                                                                                                                   dying before they have
and        ethical                                                                                                                               children.
considerations,                                                                                                                                     The world could then
we may just                                                                                                                                       experience a drop in
suffer the same                                                                                                                                   population       growth,
fate as Dr.                                                                                                                                       which may either open
Frankenstein:                                                                                                                                     up job opportunities
destruction                                                                                                                                       to people, or disrupt
from our own                                                                                                                                      the economy because
miscalculated                                                                                                                                     of a lack of inflowing
creations.                                                                                                                                        skilled labor.
       A prime                                                                                                                                       But will world-wide
example of this is                                                                                                                               economies be able to
the controversial                                                                                                                              support such a prolonged
topic of stem-cell                                                                                                                            program of education
research, which is                                                                                                                           of fifty years for every
usually supported                                                                                                                           human?
by liberals a pathway                                                                                                                         And who would be granted
to curing disease, while                                                                                                                this treatment for prolonged
conservatives denounce                                                                                                                life? Will it be like the treatment
it as humans attempting to                                                                                                          of AIDS, so expensive that only
play God.                                                                                                                       the rich can afford it? And would it
   Undoubtedly it would be seen                                                                                              be ethical if some humans could live
as a good thing if life-prolonging                                                                                        significantly longer than others?
treatment became available to the                                                                                         These questions are the kinds of questions
public. Yet there are critical questions                                                                            we as a society must ask ourselves as technology
that society must ask itself and important                                                                      becomes ever so advanced. By no means is science
consequences that it must consider.                                                                        “evil;” it helps millions of people every day (a little
       With an increase in life-span, Americans would                                                  something called “modern plumbing). All the same, a cautious
find it more desirable to pursue a career later in life. After                                 approach is the best approach because it is better to be safe than
all, the amount of time that can be afforded to waste in adolescence has                 dead.

                                                                                                 Baitline strives to provide quality student-led publications to
                                                                                                 the student body providing the school community with an
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   Jillian Roberts                                                                               Past issues can be viewed at
                                                         Chiedozie Okafor
                                                                                                                                             Coral Reef Sr. High
                                                                                                                                                  October 2008              7
To wear or not to wear?
                                                                                 College Applications
                                                                                           My tips to help ease the process
Staff Writer

    Five years ago, all public high schools had one thing in
common. When you walked on campus, all the students               JASMINE CALIN
were wearing their clothing of choice. Now, fewer high            Staff Writer                               4. Gather all the information          7. If possible, make visits to the
schools in Miami are allowing their students to dress                                                      you will need to fill out                schools you are really interested
freely. Among these high schools are Felix Varela, Miami            College application time can be
                                                                                                           applications:       Get      your        in: Being on the campus will aid
Palmetto, and our very own Coral Reef.                           both exciting and confusing.
                                                                                                           unweighted and weighted GPA,             you in your decision on forming
    “We are privileged, unlike other schools, because we           To help ease the stress, here are my
                                                                                                           class percentile, school CEEB            an opinion of the university. Ask
get to express ourselves and portray how we feel,” said          10 tips to help you survive through
                                                                                                           code (101199), and ACT/ SAT              yourself: could I be here for 4
Medical senior Diana Perez.                                      the college application process:
                                                                                                           scores and the dates taken all           years?
     From patched jeans to multicolored tops, Coral Reef                                                   together so you can get the
students express themselves through the clothes they                  1. Don’t rush: Give yourself
                                                                                                           application done quicker without          8. Apply to a couple state schools:
choose to wear.                                                  time to write your essays and more
                                                                                                           having to wait on this information       with a 1270 or higher on the SAT or
  “Everyone has their freedom,” said Engineering freshmen        importantly give your teachers
                                                                                                           from your counselor later.               a 28 on the ACT while maintaining
Tyler Kushma. Coming from a school wear he was forced            and counselors time to write your
                                                                                                                                                    a 3.5 GPA or an IB diploma will
to wear uniforms, Kushma is happy to be able to shed the         recommendations. If they have
                                                                                                             5. Narrow your colleges down           award you 100% paid tuition to a
conformity of uniforms and wear what he wants.                   to write in a rush or last minute it
                                                                                                           to a manageable list: Having a           Public Florida University through
    However, there are people at Coral Reef who do not           either won’t get done or they’ll be
                                                                                                           list of 31 colleges to apply to is       Bright Futures Scholarships.
shun the idea of uniforms. Some believe they advocate for        too angry with you to write anything
                                                                                                           ridiculous! But only applying to
school spirit and make the lives of students a bit easier.       worth reading! No one wants to
                                                                                                           one is no more sensible. Pick a           9. The Early Bird gets the worm:
    “If we had uniforms we wouldn’t have to worry about          have a recommendation from a mad
                                                                                                           number that is good for you but          Apply in Both college applications
what to wear,” said Agriscience senior Alina Sabatini.           teacher.
                                                                                                           not vast. Remember that you              and in financial aid,” adds Ms.
   Imagine how much time could be saved in the mornings                                                    are only going to one school in          Harper. Most colleges have a
                                                                    2. Make your essays about you:
                                                                                                           the end. Applying to dozens of           rolling application acceptance
                                                                 This is your one chance to have them
                                                                                                           schools in hopes of getting into         process so students can send in their
                                                                 get to know you as a person and not
                                                                                                           one may not be too smart… you            applications from the start of their
U n ifo rm s : W h a t S tu d e n ts T h in k                    just a student. Don’t write a report
                                                                                                           may end up getting into a college        senior year.
                                                                 or research paper that will bore the
                                                                                                           you aren’t particularly fond of.
                                                                 college acceptance committee in the
                                                                                                                                                     10. MOST IMPORTANTLY- Keep
                                                                 first paragraph. “Follow the prompt”
                                                                                                            6. Be sensible with your choices        track of all your deadlines. It is
                                                                 suggests Mrs. Harper, Coral Reef’s
                                                                                                           but don’t undersell yourself:            very easy to miss a deadline here and
                                                                 CAP advisor.
                                                                                                           Know what colleges you are               there but it could be the difference
                                               27%                                                         capable of getting into and focus        between getting into to college of
                                                                      3. Figure out which colleges
                                                                                                           on those. However, it is okay to         your dreams or your safety school.
                                                                 you’re applying to take the
                                                                                                           apply to your dream college,                As a last note, it is important to
                                                                 Common Application: Make life
                                                                                                           but it is recommended to have a          stay focused during senior year
                                                                 easy for yourself; if the college takes
                                                                                                           safety school.                           because colleges can choose to
                                                                 the Common Application that’s one
                                                                                                             “UF is no longer a safety school.      revoke your acceptance.
                                                                 less application you have to fill out.
                                                                                                           It is getting even harder to get in,”       Refer to these tips anytime you
                                                                 Just make sure you also fill out each
                                                                                                           said Mrs. Harper.                        get stressed and remember, there is
                                                                 schools respective supplement. Go to
                                                                                                                                                    a perfect college for every student.

         A poll taken out of 500 students
                                                                                       Drilling the seas
                                                                                               Brazil has tapped into an       money to look for oil and       have got it wrong when it
                                                                LUKAS MOON
                                                                                               oil reserve off of its shore    these offshore drill sites      comes to offshore drilling.
                                                                Staff Writer
if students didn’t have to spend ten minutes staring sleepily                                  that is the second largest      are susceptible to natural      The Republicans are pushing
into their closets for an outfit that matches their mood for      One of the greatest politicalknown oil source in the         disasters.                      for offshore drilling with few
the day. Instead they would just grab the required uniform      and economic problems          world. Imagine what large           Due to these concerns       limits and little regard for the
and maybe use those extra ten minutes for much needed           facing the United States       oil reserves could be found     government should set           environment; they also treat
rest.                                                           today is its dependence        hidden beneath the ocean        limits and safety regulations   it like the final solution to our
   Uniforms would rule out any prejudices or assumptions        on foreign oil. Yet it is                                                                             dependence on foreign
people make based on appearances alone. By wearing              well known that                                                                                       oil.
the same thing, no one could mock one another for their         vast reserves of                                                                                          The Democrats are
choices in clothing.                                            oil lie underneath                                                                                    fighting     against     it
    “Having uniforms would unify us as a school. We’d be        the ocean floor and                                                                                   and want the United
one student body and our lives would be easier. No one          can be tapped into                                                                                    States to change to
would judge us because of what we wore,” said Legal and         if Americans allow                                                                                    renewable fuel sources
Public Affairs senior Frederick Montgomery.                     offshore drilling.                                                                                    overnight, something
   Uniforms would significantly decrease the chances of         The use of limited                                                                                    that will take many
outsiders coming into the school and causing any trouble        offshore      drilling                                                                                years to do. We need a
or harm to the students or staff.                               would be a great                                                                                      plan that will support
   “I would love to see students wear uniforms because          value to our nation                                                                                   offshore drilling for oil
it would be easier to identify who belongs to the school        as it transitions                                                                                     while simultaneously
instead of looking for the ID badges,” said AP Biology          into a new phase of                                                                                   increasing       research
teacher Laura Vogl.                                             renewable energy.           Americans are one of the largest consumers of oil                         and development of
   Coral Reef does not have uniforms and the majority of            “[If we drill] we                                                                                 alternate fuel sources.
the students rejoice at the freedom to express themselves       won’t have to buy               floor around the North on such sites to avoid                     “I think it will help us until
through the clothing they choose to wear.                       oil from other countries. It American coast.                accidents and to prepare for       we can get a better alternative
     The people that do support uniforms make strong            is something that we have          There are many concerns the worst case scenarios.           fuel source,” said VPA senior
arguments in their favor, but are they strong enough?           to do until we get alternate with such drilling. There is They should limit the areas          Christina Persaud.
  Will Coral Reef one day adopt the same uniform policies       fuel sources,” said Legal the environmental concern: that can be drilled, set strict                The United States must
that high schools across Miami-Dade County have? Only           junior Charquavis Bell.         it would be a nightmare safety regulations, and                begin limited offshore drilling
                                                                    Indeed, it seems that a if one of the drilling sites hold the drilling companies           as a means to move on to
time will tell.
                                                                temporary solution to our resulted in potentially the accountable            for    any        renewable fuel sources to buy
                                                                oil crisis is right on our largest oil spill in world shortcomings in drilling                 time for the development and
                                                                shores. Russia and Cuba history, bringing destruction safety.                                  employment of renewable
                                                                have successfully found oil to both human and ocean            Unfortunately, it seems         energy. Offshore drilling
                                                                reserves on the ocean floor. life. It also costs a lot of that both political parties          does just that.
Coral Reef Sr. High
     October 2008
                      8   Don’t turn off the
                          VANESSA RUEDA
                          Staff Writer

                                                                      It’s that time of was the best theme the park has had since he has been
                          year again where the air becomes just a bit more frightening, attending, this year promises to be the best one yet. With
                          the dark holds more surprises than ever, and there is more several haunted houses such as “Reflections of Fear,”
                          to a mirror than meets the eye. At least, that’s how it is at “Once Upon a Nightmare,” “Creatures!,” “Interstellar
                          this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Terror,” “Dead Exposure,” and others along with “scare
                          in Orlando, Florida. The theme is “Reflections of Fear” zones,” areas of the park that are themed specifically to
                          featuring urban legends such as “Bloody Mary”                 scare you, such as “Asylum in Wonderland,” “Streets of
                          among others.                                                       Blood,” and “The Path of The Wicked,” to name a
                               While there have been                                                  few. This year has more haunted houses and
                          rumors that seniors would                                                       “scare zones” than years before. For
                          be attending this event                                                            those who have never attended, yes,
                          as a class trip, Mrs.                                                                    the rides remain open when
                          Martinez       was                                                                         you attend.
                          quick to end                                                                                    This year’s Halloween
                          them.                                                                                    Horror Nights is sure to send a
                                “The rumors                                                                       scare down the spines of students
                          aren’t true. It’s                                                                    at Reef that will last a lifetime.
                          not appropriate for           high
                          school students. If they choose to
                          go on their own then that’s fine.
                          There’s alcohol served and it’s just
                          not something that Coral Reef will
                              While it may not be a class trip,
                          several seniors still plan on attending.
                          Among them is Business senior Joel
                          Perez who will be attending
                          for the 4th time. Joel says:
                          “I’ve been going for 4 years.
                                                            The Halloween Horror Nights shirt from last year.
                          It’s a thrill, I enjoy being
                          scared and I usually go with
                          a group of 25 people. This
                          year’s gonna be sick!”
                              While Joel’s personal view is that “Tales of Terror”

                      How old is too old to trick-or-treat?
                                                                                                                                       After candy and
                          CHIEDOZIE OKAFOR                                                                                             trick or treating are
                          Staff Writer                                                                                                 usually associated
                                                                                                                                       with little kids.
                            “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give                                                                               “I don’t see
                          me something good to eat”—a song                                                                             anything wrong
                          I will be chanting door-to-door on                                                                           with being over
                          Halloween.                                                                                                   17 and trick-or-
                              Yes, at the age of 17, I will be                                                                         treating. I know
                          dressing in a costume along with                                                                             I’ll be doing it!”
                          friends to not only play tricks, but to                                                                      said Legal senior
                          get some treats.                                                                                             Jean       Sebastian
                          Many people have come to me and                                                                              Andre.
                          asked whether I feel that I’m too old                                                                                 Apparently
                          to participate in the tradition of trick                                                                     everything
                          or treating. My response is always                                                                           concludes          to
                          the same: “NO!” There are no age                                                                             “different strokes,
                          limits on traditions and holidays.                                                                           for         different
                          That’s like someone saying you’re                                                                            folks.” Everyone
                          too old to have a Christmas, it’s just                                                                       feels differently
                          unheard of!                                                                                                  about the so called
                            Although I feel a certain way about                                                                        “age limit” for
                          participation in such a “childish”                                                                           trick or treating
                          holiday, I wanted to ask someone                                                                             on Halloween.
                          else their opinion.                                                                                            Personally, I feel
                             “If you’re going with a group of                                                                          that it’s okay. Why
                          people then its okay, but if you’re                                                                          should       anyone
                                                                      17 years old, Thomas Martinez wonders why he shouldn’t           be hindered from
                          alone then yes, you will look foolish,”     Trick-or-Treat
                          said VPA senior Tiffany Shultz.                                                                              doing something
                               I somewhat agree with Tiffany.                                                                          fun all because
                          Yes, it’ll seem better with a group          to see older kids come to my house                              people         claim
                          of people around my age group, but           begging for candy,” said Legal Senior “you’re too old”? My advice is for
                          if I was alone, is it that bad to want       Nichel White.                               everyone to enjoy everything life has to
                          candy?                                              Now I know never to trespass offer. We are all here for a short while,
                                “Thirteen is the last age anyone       Nichel’s House on Halloween! Maybe so why not do something that brings
                          should be trick or treating. It’s so lame    there is an age limit to trick or treating. nothing but harmless fun.
YOURSELF                                                                                                                                               9   Coral Reef Sr. High
                                                                                                                                                                October 2008

It’s all about the tricksters
Harmless (and not so harmless) pranks liven up Halloween night
Staff Writer
  Halloween has always been one to have
the best pranks and tricks up its sleeve.
Ironically over the years, things have
changed. It isn’t all about giving candy
anymore, now-a-days it’s about playing a
prank on society.
  The old classics are Ding dong ditching
and going to a house to TeePee (toilet
paper) it. However as a new generation is
running the town, new pranks are in order.
To what extreme have people gone to turn
this holiday into what is called fun?
  The invention of shaving cream has been
brought from under the sinks and is used
to leave a nice clean shave on someone’s
car. Pumpkin smashing has won an Emmy
and now is the star role in our society.
There’s nothing like seeing the extravagant
pumpkin you took the time to create
decapitated the next morning.                      Seniors Damien Rigol and Michel Tabbal “Teepee” the barracuda statue as their
  Toilet paper still stands strong in spite of     Halloween prank.
the competition it faces. The idea of having
to clean up wet toilet paper that has been       get the enjoyment of going around trick-or-       garages can sometimes have tricks parked
stuck to your tree doesn’t tend to be the        treating. There still is a fashion show in the    in them.
best feeling you anticipate.                     streets with hideous costumes, and creative         All in all, Halloween is a much anticipated
  Stephanie Nicholas, a senior in Criminal       ones.                                             holiday that most can’t wait for. There is no
Justice, spoke out against Halloween               Advocates for the thrill of Halloween also      crime for having fun, just make sure it’s the
pranks, “I think doing pranks are a waste        go to the extent of setting up their garages      right kind of fun. Tricks are always okay if
of time. I feel the people that do pranks are    or homes into a haunted house. This can           they are safe and harmless. Is there advice
juvenile.”                                       too be a practical prank because people           of any sort? Sure, beware of those talking
   Yet Halloween hasn’t completely lost its      go to the extreme to get the screams of           garages and don’t worry too much, your
whole demeanor. Children (teens too) still       the night. Be careful though, those talking       candy bags will surely do all the thinking
                                                                                                   for you.

Samhain: the night of the dead
Discover the Celtic origin of Halloween and some its traditions and
                                                                                                     Samhain, which occurs the next day.
                                                                                                         Another Samhain tradition held that
                                                                                                     Halloween was a time to eliminate
                                                                                                     weaknesses—to do this, a person’s
                                                                                                     weaknesses were written on a piece of paper
                                                                                                     and then burned away.
                                                                                                        Halloween was a also time for fortune-
                                                                                                     telling and divination. Children and adults
                                                                                                     alike played games on All Hallows Eve to
                                                                                                     know their futures.
                                                                                                       To test a relationship, two hazelnuts were
                                                                                                     burned over a fire side by side. If they stayed
                                                                                                     together as they burned, the relationship
                                                                                                     would last. If they burst away from each
                                                                                                     other, the relationship would break up.
                                                                                                        Another small ritual on Halloween night
                                                                                                     was to place a perfect ivy leaf into a cup
                                                                                                     of water. It was left over night and if in the
                                                                                                     morning the leaf remained perfect, without
  All Hallows Eve was a time of fortune-telling. Tarot cards were popular means of                   any spotting, the person who placed the
  divining the future.                                                                               leaf would remain healthy until next
                                                                                                        Yet another game was played blindfolded,
STEVEN LI                                           The ancient Celts believed on this night,
                                                                                                   with several saucers containing different
Editor-in-Chief                                  the barrier between the living and the dead
                                                 was thinnest and their lost friends and           things. After the saucers were shuffled
  On the 31st of October, the veil between       family members could cross over. Usually          around, the blindfolded person would reach
the spirit world and ours is thin. That night,   in preparation for this visit, an apple is laid   out and touch a saucer. If the saucer contained
children and teens alike take to the streets,    out: a feast for the dead.                        water, the person would travel next year; salt
piling their bags with candies. Yet, this            These ancestor spirits are believed to        meant future wealth; dirt meant illness; a bean
holiday was not always as light-hearted:         bring guidance to their families for the          foretold poverty; and a ring predicted love.
Halloween originated from the Celtic             year to come. In remembrance, candles are            Samhain symbolized the dying of autumn
holiday of Samhain, also known as “All           placed at the graves of loved ones. At the        and the transition into winter. It was a time
Hallows Eve.”                                    stroke of midnight, the spirits cross over        for change, to let go negative things from the
   Traditionally the festival of Samhain is      and all remain in respectful silence.             past and start new. So this Halloween, get out
celebrated on the first of November and             A Halloween tradition, trick-or-treating       those dusty Tarot cards sitting in the drawers,
is considered the Celtic New Year. On the        originated from the tradition of going from       burn a few hazelnuts, or burn a few candles
night before, the final harvest takes place      door-to-door collecting bread, cheese,            for the dead, and take part in this ancient
and the dead are honored.                        and apples in preparation for the Feast of        Celtic holiday.
  10                           Coral Reef Sr. High

      The Dark Knight hits the stage
                                    October 2008                                                                                     A&E
      Drama students competed for victory in “Battle of the Classes,” parodying movie hits

                                                                       This summer’s blockbuster             for the parents. Once the            reputation, the actors weren’t
                                                                    hits battled it out Monday,              parents have seen all the            intimidated.
                                                                    September 15: theater style.             skits, they donated money                  “You feel some sort of
                                                                    The “Battle of the Classes”              to the class based on which          power when you represent on
                                                                    is a play put on by all the              performance they thought             of the most famous villains
                                                                    drama classes: freshman,                 was the best. At the end, the        in Batman,” said VPA junior
                                                                    sophomore, junior and senior,            class that ended up with the         Oscar Muñoz, who played
                                                                    where they create a 6 minute             most money won the battle,           the “Joker.”
                                                                    skit based on that year’s                which happened to be the                   After the “Battle of the
                                                                    theme.                                   sophomores this year.                Classes” was over, the
                                                                          The 2008-2009 school                     “Battle of the Classes”        drama academy moved on
                                                                    year’s theme was movies,                 was put together solely by           to other productions. The
                                                                    giving each class a different            the students, with the juniors       next play performed by the
                                                                    hit movie. The freshman were             directed by Henry Morillo.           drama students was called
                                                                    given Wall-E, the sophomores                “The juniors did amazing,         “The Brain Wave Plays” on
                                                                    had to base their skit on I              in my opinion they were the          October 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
                                                                    am Legend a movie starring               best. We had people rapelling        This was their last play for
                                                                    Will Smith, the juniors skit             from the second floor and            the 2008 year.
                                                                    was based on the movie The               dead bodies hanging from                 Starting off 2009, the I.B.
                                                                    Dark Knight and the seniors              the catwalk,” said Morillo.          senior drama class will be
                                                                    reenacted Mama Mia.                            As for whether it was          performing their show in late
                                                                          Once all the skits were            daunting for the juniors to          February.
                                                                    finished they were performed             live up to The Dark Knight’s
   Jamie Wheeler as Poison Ivy and Oscar Muñoz
   as the “Joker”

College isn’t exactly Ivy                                                                                         Tri-M United Way
League                                                                                                            benefit concert
MEGAN ZUCKER                                                                                                      ALEXANDRA CASTILLA
Staff Writer                                                                                                      Staff Writer

  While buying my ticket at the box office                                                                          The Tri-M Benefit Concert is a tradition here at the Reef,
for the movie, College, I knew I would                                                                            taking place every year since the events of September
not be seeing an Oscar award winning                                                                              11th. Each year since 2001, the concert is put on in order
performance. I went in with semi-hopeful                                                                          to support a different cause. This year the Tri-M Benefit
expectations of the movie, which were                                                                             Concert supported United Way through donations of five
crushed. What I really got was a waste                                                                            dollars or more. The officers of the Tri-M Honor Society
of 94 minutes. The plot of the movie                                                                              and Coral Reef Music organized the event with the teacher
wasn’t the least bit unique and had many                                                                          sponsorship of Mr. Rose and Mr. Caves.
similarities to the film Superbad.                                                                                   This year, the concert incorporated students from all
   “The movie was alright, but sometimes                                                                          branches of the Visual and Performing Arts Academy,
it got really boring. I would give it 3                                                                           including band, chorus, drama, orchestra, and piano
stars,” said Business sophomore, Sheldon                                                                          students. These students had been auditioning and
Oxendine.                                                                                                         rehearsing since September 2nd, and their hard work
    When the main character, played by                                                                            proved to be a success at the benefit. Performances ranged
Drake Bell, gets dumped by his girlfriend                                                                         from classical, musical theatre, pop, R&B, jazz, Latin
for being too boring, he and his two friends     Paul Warren, VPA senior, debates                                 music, and monologues.
decide to visit a local college campus as        which college to attend, like the                                  “The show went incredibly well. All the performers did
prospective freshman. The                        characters in the movie College.                                 an incredible job, and I can honestly say that the officers
three friends, with large resemblances                                                                            of both Tri-M and Music Club were extremely impressed
to the three characters in Superbad, get                                                                          with how smoothly everything ran. There really weren’t
recruited to one of the rowdiest fraternities        high-schoolers to fight back, becoming the “heroes”
                                                                                                                  any complications, and it was obvious that the audience
on campus for the weekend and are granted access     of the movie.
                                                                                                                  really enjoyed the show as well,” said Nicole Iduate, Tri-
to the college party scene.                              “This movie was like American Pie, but 10
                                                                                                                  M Honor Society President.
      Throughout the movie, typical fraternity       times better. It was definitely the best movie of the
                                                                                                                    This year, the concert raised a total of $1,400, the most
brothers put the three high school seniors through   summer!” said VPA junior Josh Burstein.
                                                                                                                  out of all seven years of the concert.
humiliating and disgusting acts of hazing. The            During the entire movie, the audience was
movie becomes uninteresting and painfully boring     repeatedly disgusted with the many vomit and fecal
within 45 minutes. Although I did let out a few      centered humor. Whether or not it was the intention
laughs during the movie, it was mostly at the        of the director to continually sicken the audience is
pathetic performances and screenwriting.             up to the viewer to decide.
   Somehow, the three boys manage to attract the       In the end, College was very predictable and was
attention of a few college girls, who not only seem  a downright horribly made imitation of Superbad.
to believe that the boys are in college, but the     Unless you enjoy watching repetitive vomiting
girls actually really like them. When the fraternity scenes and typical fraternity hazing, I would not
brothers find this out, they turn their antics of    recommend anybody to waste their money and
embarrassment up to a greater level, forcing the     time on this film.
        Spanish Heritage Show spices up October
                                                                                                            Coral Reef Sr. High
                                                                                                                 October 2008
Staff Writer

                                                                                              Heritage Month
   “I’m going crazy!” said Mrs. Merly, the
Hispanic Heritage and National Spanish
                                              senior and Salsa Club president, Karissa
Honor Society sponsor, in response to her             The club has been rehearsing on
feelings about the upcoming activities for    Mondays and Wednesdays in room 263             Oct. 8- Hispanic Country Fair
the month of October.                         until 4:15 pm. The “big flowy skirts”
      In celebration of “Dìa de la Raza,”     Karissa referred to hold a lot of symbolism.
                                                                                                  (Central courtyard- Lunch)
the day of the discovery of America, on       While dancing, the men typically have a        Oct. 6 to 17- Hispanic Legacy
October 12th, the Hispanic Heritage club      scarf that represents passion. They snap            Exhibition
is bringing several events to the student     the scarf at the women in a seductive
body in order to appreciate the Hispanic      manner while the women use their skirts             (Media Center)
culture. The kickoff activity is a Hispanic   as a shield and back away from the men.        Oct. 16- Hispanic Musical Show
Country fair that will take place in the      The skirts are opened and closed as the
courtyard during lunch.                       ends are flicked out in a frantic manner,           (Auditorium- 1:00 PM)
   There will be arts and crafts, ceramics,   symbolizing the acceptance of the man.         Oct. 17- Salsa Competition
newspapers, posters, folk clothes, and           In the show, students can expect to see
more, all unique to an individual country.    several singing numbers from students               (Central courtyard- Lunch)
There will also be a film festival during     including Layla Martin, Karol Ramirez,         Oct. 28- Spanish Film Festival
school, where three different Hispanic        and several others, along with several
films will be shown to foreign language       traditional dances such as salsa from Cuba,
                                                                                                  (Auditorium- FL Teachers)
students. A salsa competition sponsored       tango from Argentina, Plena from Puerto        Oct. 31- Faculty & Staff Hispanic
by the Salsa Club will also take place in     Rico, and meringue from Dominican
the main courtyard.                           Republic.
    Of course, the main event will be the         The Magnet dancers are expected to              (Media Center)
annual Hispanic Heritage show. Since          perform along with the Chamber orchestra,
September, performers have been               a select ensemble of 27 students of the
rehearsing for the auditions of the music     most advanced orchestra instrumentalists       Other activities:
portion of the show. Contrary to previous     in VPA. They will be performing a piece        • Lectures TBA/ pending
years, there will only be one showing at      titled “Margarita” by Manuel Tavarez.
school during 5th period for students and        “I enjoy performing in the show because       confirmation
teachers, and one showing after school at 7   it allows me to show my Latino heritage,”      • Documentaries for School
pm for parents and community members.         said Legal senior Eduardo Herrera.
     “We’re going to be doing an Afro-           The month of October is certain to bring      viewing/ TBA
Cuban piece called Aguanile by Marc           many surprises and much entertainment,         • Presentation of Hispanic
Anthony. It’s a very African very jungle      courtesy of Mrs. Merly and the Hispanic
piece. We don’t have costumes yet, but        Heritage club.
                                                                                               Personalities/ CRTV Live
we’ll be wearing big flowy skirts,” said IB
Balancing it all
                               Coral Reef Sr. High
                               October 2008

                                                                                              Leading the masses
                                                                                              Students show remarkable signs of leadership
Kathryn Hemsing talks about balancing                                                         ALEXANDER MELENDEZ                                     Whether being President of a club or
academics and sports.                                                                         Staff Writer                                        volunteering for community service,
                                                                                                                                                  students find creative ways to help the
                                                                                                                                                  community and make a difference.
LEIDY PEREZ                                                                                   In a school known for its prestigious
                                                                              the uniforms
Staff Writer                                                                  and for the
                                                                                              academics, tailored classes, and outstanding
                                                                                              alumni, how is it possible for one student to
                                                                              season     in
  Kathryn Hemsing,                                                                            stand out among the rest? The only answer
                                                                              general. The
Business       senior,                                                                        is to become a leader of leaders.
                                                                              team      has
is the ideal well                                                                               It is already hard for one to find the time to
                                                                              only been
rounded       student.                                                                        stick out with hectic teenage schedules and
She has successfully                                                                          the added stress of being a Reef student.
                                                                              to use one
balanced       herself                                                                        Yet students such as Louisa Santos, Sonul
                                                                              bus, due to
between sports and                                                                            Rao, and Mar Echevaria find a way.
                                                                              the severe
school throughout                                                                                 “It’s called no sleep. I sleep about two
                                                                              budget cuts
her entire high                                                                               hours a night and even then it is a constant
                                                                              of MDCPS.
school          years.                                                                        effort,” said Business senior and class
She has played                                                                                president Louisa Santos.
                                                                              with being a
volleyball, softball,                                                                            With the busy daily schedule she has, it
                                                                              star player,
badminton,         and                                                                        is no surprise that she only gets about one
                                                                              she    holds
basketball and has                                                                            fourth of the recommended sleeping time.                  Sonul Rao, President of Na-
                                                                              the national
also been involved                                                                                 Why anyone would put themselves                      tional Honors Society.
in the nationally                                                                             through the added stress seems absurd.
                                                                              service chair
recognized        club                                                                        Is it to look better on a college resume or
                                                                              in    FBLA.
FBLA.                                                                                         simply to make a difference?
       “My favorite                                                                                 “For me, it is not so much about
                                                                              has     done
has always been                                                                               competition as it is about getting involved.
volleyball,         it’s                                                                      I want to get people aware,” said VPA
                                                                              such as the
exhilarating because Kathryn Hemsing wears her volleyball jersey                              senior Mar Echevarria.
                                                                              March      of
you are always on before a game.                                                                Mar is the President of “Do Something,”a
                                                                              Dimes and
the move whether                                                                              club designed to get students involved in
                                                                              a walk at
you are touching the                                                                          the community.
                                                                              Coral Reef
ball, covering, delivering, or just getting                                                      Other students find unique ways to stick
                                              to collect funds for those in need. Kathryn
ready for a hit; but more than anything I                                                     out in a highly demanding school like
                                              has placed in nationals with the FBLA and
love it because it’s all about teamwork,”                                                     Sonul Rao, President of National Honors
                                              is also a member of the Business Honor
said Kathryn.                                                                                 Society who reached her position in a very
                                              Society and the Spanish Honor Society.
  Teamwork is what she mostly refers back                                                     creative way.
                                                 Kathryn serves as an inspiration to all
to, stating that “the volleyball team is like                                                    “I rapped my speech,” said Sonul.
                                              those students at Coral Reef who fear the
a family.” The team is now going through                                                         In a school filled with students who are
                                              struggle of balancing the academic part of                                                               Mar Echevarria, President of
tough times because of the budget cuts but                                                    set to be the future of America, one needs
                                              their student’s life with the extracurricular                                                            the “Do Something” club.
they are fundraisings to raise money for                                                      to find their own way of sticking out.

A poet in our midst                                                                                                                                       In Retrospect
Kim Berkley talks about her writing career and how to face criticism                                                                                     by Kim Berkley

EMMA SINGER                                                                                              little harder to take their               Sitting on the wall by the beach
Staff Writer                                                                                             criticism,” said Berkley.                             frontier
                                                                                                             Kim is cautious about
    Coral Reef is home to a variety                                                                      sharing her work with                     Waiting for the warriors of the
of talents, ranging from art to break-                                                                   others. “I usually tend                           waves to join me
dancing. VPA senior, Kim Berkley,                                                                        to keep my writing to
is a talented poet, as well as an up-                                                                                                            It’s a good day for a battle, and I’m
                                                                                                         myself until I really feel I
and-coming author.                                                                                       like a piece but even then                         ready to fight
      Kim’s inspiration comes from                                                                       I hesitate about sharing                         I’m ready to fight
some of her favorite authors, such                                                                       it. It’s actually much
as J.R.R. Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe,                                                                                                              Standing on the scaffolding hanging
                                                                                                         easier for me to accept
as well as her 11th grade English                                                                        extremely harsh criticism                           way up high
teacher, Mr. Menasche.                                                                                   from, say, someone online                Waiting to grow wings so I can fly
   “He taught me more about writing                                                                      who knows what they’re
in one year than I had learned in                                                                                                                            far, far away
                                                                                                         talking about but doesn’t
five,” said Kim.                                                                                         know me personally than                 My feet are tired of walking, but I’m
    Apart from poetry, Kim is also                                                                       to hear it from someone                             ready to go
working on a fantasy titled Three                                                                        I really care about,” said
of Swords, which deals with                                                                                                                                I’m ready to go
contemporary issues in a fantasy                                                                           Still, Kim acknowledges               Someone once asked me for a hand-
setting.                                                                                                 that criticism is a                                ful of change
  She also writes short stories, which                                                                   necessary part of writing.
she posts online, at www.deviantart.                                                                                                             And in retrospect, I didn’t give him
                                                                                                         “At the same time it
com.                                                                                                     means a lot more to me                                enough
   Writing is Kim’s emotional outlet;                                                                    when someone I love                     I gave him everything I had at the
she unconsciously incorporates                                                                           praises my work,” said
issues she is going through into her                                                                                                                       time, everything
                                           Kim Berkley demonstrates her creativity with artistic         Kim.
character’s lives. She uses her poetry                                                                       As to what advice she                       I gave him nothing
as a vent for her emotions; some of                                                                      has for young writers,                   Watching me walking my warping
it is rather private.                                                                                    poets and novelists alike,
    “I’m hoping to make writing my career.
                                                 Many teenage writers face harsh criticism                                                                       path
                                               from friends and family. Kim’s advice is to  Kim urges them to listen to their
Getting a real novel of mine on the shelves                                                                                                      You never knew who I was, but you
                                               listen to everything, but to not necessarily English teachers and never stop writing
is one of my dreams (and it wouldn’t hurt                                                   or reading.                                                        guessed
                                               follow their advice.
to have a hit like Harry Potter, either!). So                                                “And above all, never stop dreaming.
hopefully I’ll finish Three of Swords soon.
                                                  “If it’s someone close to me or, worse,                                                         Flick of my hair and a single step
                                               someone I really look up to (like a famous   The best comes in the form of
Who knows, maybe some crazy publisher                                                                                                                     more and I’m gone
                                               author I like or a good friend who also daydreams and nightmares.”
will decide its good enough to sell!”
                                               happens to be a great writer), then it’s a
“So little time, so much Jammies for Kids
                                                                                                                                      Coral Reef Sr. High
                                                                                                                                           October 2008
                         Michelle Fuentes,
to do”                   IB Senior, opens up
Alexandra Blake speaks about applying to                                                          KARLA ANDERSON
colleges                                                                                          Staff Writer
                                                                                                        Michelle Fuentes, an IB senior,
LEIDY PER-                                                                                        was watching Oprah when she saw
EZ                                                                                                that one of the guests from Chicago
                                                                                                  started a pajama and duffle bag drive
    “Between print-                                                                               for infants and children up to the age
ing the applica-                                                                                  of eight.
tions online, turn-                                                                                Realizing that she could change the
ing them in on                                                                                    lives of orphans after that Oprah
time, SAT, ACT,                                                                                   show, Fuentes started a project of
essays, and good                                                                                  her own.
grades this college                                                                                  “I thought this was a cool idea, so
stuff is rather nerve                                                                             I decided to talk to Mrs. Martinez, as
wrecking,” said IB                                                                                well as the Children Home Society
senior Alexandra                                                                                  to see what I can do to help,” said
Blake.                                                                                            Fuentes.
       Seniors have                                                                                 This task was not as easy as it may
many responsibili-                                                                                seem. First, she had to contact both
ties and expecta-           Seniors, Karla and Claudia Cabreiro and Alexandra Blake               the Children Home Society and His            Michelle Fuentes, IB Senior, posing with
tions. The college          look over college applications.                                       House Children Home to see if they           received donations.
deadlines are com-                                                                                agreed with her idea.
ing near and the                                 on time.                                             “It took over a week for them to
                                                                                                                                                     Do Something is a club that recognizes
seniors suffer through managing their time          “It is a very hectic time of the year. But    call me back, I thought they didn’t like the
                                                                                                                                                  amazing young people who see a problem
just right to be able to handle everything.      it gives me a lot of pleasure because this       idea,” said Fuentes. “I thought they had
                                                                                                                                                  in the world and want to tackle it.
    “Not only do we have to deal with col- is what it is all about, getting the kids into         enough projects helping them already.”
                                                                                                                                                     There are boxes located throughout the
lege stuff, but as IB students we have to college,” said IB counselor Ms. Vidaña.                   But as a matter in fact, both home societies
                                                                                                                                                  school: rooms (Ford) 248, (Kirchner) 223,
deal with IB things as well,” said Alexan-          Not only are the students in a rush to fin-   accepted the idea.
                                                                                                                                                  (Scott) 310, (Paz) 307, and (Vargas) 105 for
dra. The essays are one of the section of the ish all the applications, but the teachers and        So Fuentes quickly started making flyers
                                                                                                                                                  those who would like to make donations.
application that students have the hardest counselors are also pressured to finish their          and collected boxes to put in different
                                                                                                                                                     “I think its great of her to do something
time with.                                       part of the process.                             rooms of the school that the students could
                                                                                                                                                  like this and show how much she cares
   “It isn’t hard, it’s stressful because of the   “It is kind of fun, seniors have done their    donate.
                                                                                                                                                  for those less fortunate than her,” said IB
uncertainty of what to write, your not sup- jobs and this is just what is going to reflect          In addition to collecting pajamas, Fuentes
                                                                                                                                                  senior Barbara Uchdorff.
posed to be writing to your best friend but all their hard work,” said CAP Advisor Ms.            is also collecting hygiene products, like
                                                                                                                                                      For those students who donate, some
it isn’t an English paper either.”               Harper.                                          toothpaste, toothbrushes, pampers, etc.
                                                                                                                                                  teachers are even considering giving extra
   Alexandra is applying to eight different         The college application and acceptance        which would go to the His House Children
universities and is struggling to keep up process is a very chaotic and time consum-              Home.
                                                                                                                                                     Fuentes will finish her drive on October
with all the demands that are expected of ing one, but time management is the key                    “This is a very important project to me,
her.                                             to successfully finishing it in time. And for    and I’m trying to spread the word out to
                                                                                                                                                    “Please donate, because these are children
    She is one of the many seniors that are most seniors this is what it comes down               everyone. I’m hoping to incorporate this
                                                                                                                                                  that barely have anything and just the fact
struggling between trying to keep up their to, the acceptance into the college of their           project into the new club at school, Do
                                                                                                                                                  that they have pajamas will make a big
high school grade point averages and still dreams, even if that means having to go                Something.”
                                                                                                                                                  difference in their life.”
being able to finish the college applications through such tedious processes.

Our own soldier
Mr. Mahoney after being sent to Germany speaks about his experience in the Air Force
KARLA ANDERSON                                                                                                          The military             the side of a mountain about halfway up
                                                                                                                     places a lot of             the side and then you go to the top where a
Staff Writer                                                                                                         emphasis on                 castle is. They are both over 400 years old
                                                                                                                     not accepting               and are kept up nicely. It was quite a climb
   History teacher, Mr. Mahoney,
                                                                                                                     delays       in             up the steps for a total of around 500 feet.
returned from his 15-day trip to
                                                                                                                     departures and              Beautiful!”
                                                                                                                     so things would                  But of course, not everything was
  His trip wasn’t a vacation but in
                                                                                                                     more       than             supposed to be fun. The part that he least
fact a job. Last year Mr. Mahoney
                                                                                                                     likely become               enjoyed was actually doing his job. The
was in Kuwait for two months of
                                                                                                                     tense prior to              worst parts are when he had to inspect the
the school year and returned to
                                                                                                                     takeoff.                    planes that carried the remains of soldiers
teach in October.
                                                                                                                        When asked               who died in Iraq.
   This year, he was sent to the
                                                                                                                     what         he                “All movement stops in respect for the
Ramstein Air Base, Germany to
                                                                                                                     enjoyed     the             dead as they come through the Port. We are
fulfill his annual tour requirement
                                                                                                                     most about his              constantly reminded that there is a war going
for the Air Force Reserves, which
                                                                                                                     experience,                 on and there are very real consequences,”
is done once a year for 15 days.
                                                                                                                     Mahoney said,               said Mahoney, as he reflected back.
     “My job was to coordinate
                                                                                                                     “Visiting the                  Mr. Mahoney’s annual tour ended two
the movement of passengers
                                                                                                                     nearby     area             days earlier than planned due to the several
and cargo on the cargo aircraft
                                                                                                                     around      the             hurricanes in the Caribbean.
that the United States Air Force
                                                                                                                     base as well as                “We flew on an Air Force C-17 plane
uses. The specific section that I     Mr. Mahoney is happy to be back in school and grading papers after his trip    a weekend tour              into Dover, Delaware where we spent the
work in is called the Air Terminal    to Germany.                                                                    in     Belgium              night and we were bused into Philadelphia
Operations Center also known by
                                                                                                                     with about 11               to catch a commercial flight into Miami the
its acronym of ATOC. We are                  would call other sections of the Aerial Port                            others from my              next day. We made it into Miami and down
part of several sections in the Aerial Port to service the aircraft.
                                                                                          squadron. We went by tour bus, which was               to Homestead Air Reserve Base where we
Squadron,” said Mahoney.                        Mahoney and his squad would also go full to its 45-passenger capacity. We visited                spent the night until we were released on
  On a daily basis, Mahoney and his squad out to the planes before they would depart
                                                                                          Brussels and Bruges the next day before                Saturday September 6th to go home. This
would go out to the airplanes and check the and ensured that all proper paperwork,
                                                                                          going back to our base. We also visited                ended our annual tour for this year.”
cargo and passengers. They would gather cargo, and passengers were on the plane
                                                                                          a town called Idar-Oberstein to sightsee.                 We are all glad to have Mr. Mahoney
the necessary paperwork and if needed, ready to go.
                                                                                          There is an old church that was built into             back in school and proud that he is serving
                                                                                                                                                 our country.
  14                     Coral Reef Sr. High
                         October 2008

Saving the world, one car at a time
An emission-free, fuel-efficient “Air Car” is in production
Staff Writer
                                                    Air Car is a great idea, and a big money saver,”
                                                    said IB junior Alex Hernandez.
                                                      The Air Car, currently being produced in India,             EMMA SINGER
   With gas prices skyrocketing and the recent      will be released in late 2009 or early 2010. Even             Staff Writer
obsession with the environment, the cost of         though the cars won’t burn any gas, and there are
driving a vehicle has an enormous effect on the     no emissions, they still leave carbon footprints.              Google Phone
average car owner, and more importantly, on            It will take small amount of energy to com-                 Estimated to cost $179 with a two
our world.                                          press the air, but much less than getting                      year contract, the Google Phone has a
  It is becoming a burden to own a car due to the   oil from the ground and burning it in a car.                   tentative release date of Oct. 22.
outrageous price of gas and a vast amount of air      People are now more focused on “going green”
pollution.                                          and saving the environment and Air Cars are the                Apple MacBook Touch
   Gas prices are constantly increasing. It costs   perfect way to “go green.”                                     Using the technology developed for
more per gallon to fill up one’s car than it does      Not only will CO2 emissions be greatly re-                  the iTouch, Apple is making a laptop
to buy a meal at a fast food restaurant.            duced, but people will save hundreds, even thou-               with a built-in touch screen keyboard.
  People are constantly finding themselves leav-    sands of dollars on gas.
ing gas stations with full tanks, but empty pock-     Only time will tell if Air Cars will become the              160 GIG PS3
ets. In addition, the carbon monoxide emissions     key to ending global warming. But for now, they                Scheduled for release in Europe in
let out by cars is believed                         are certainly the best that we have.                           October, the 160 GIG PS3 is rumored
to be a major contributor to                                                                                       to cost $499.
global warming.
  What is America going to
do? The answer lies with the
Air Car.
   Instead of being powered
by gas, the Air Car uses a
motor that is driven by com-
pressed air. It gets an equiva-
lent of 100 miles to the gal-
lon, can reach speeds of over
90 miles per hour, and costs
less than $18,000.
   It is also environmentally
friendly, because it is emis-
sion free.
   “This is the most amazing
thing I have ever heard of!
The last time I filled up my                        Miles per Gallon in popular cars
tank, it cost me $115. The

A new kind of
Staff Writer

  Facebook is seen by its 100 million users as a    enabled the government to legally be                    “I think that this is a great idea, and not invading
harmless, fun way to gossip, keep in touch, and     able to listen in on telephone calls, read e-         our privacy because if we put our
share pictures. But all that is about to change.    mail communications, and gave them access to          information out there, whether its Facebook, or
The CIA and FBI are teaming up to develop a         medical, financial, and legal records. A-Space        Myspace, people can see it. That’s why it’s
new kind of Facebook, called A-Space, better        will be a combination of all of this information,     called the world-wide-web,” said IB freshman
known as Facebook for spies.                        an immense database with all of our lives on          Benjamin Pham.
  This new website will enable Secret Service       file.                                                     A main concern of many spies involved in
personnel to access information without barriers.         A-Space has cost America just under five        this project is a potential leak, from the inside
Any information written online, filed in a          million dollars. This program was put into effect     or outside. A spy with conflicting interests could
computer, or discovered by other agents will        without the consent of Americans, and without         easily transfer this information. Though this has
be posted on A-Space. This website is a place       their knowledge. Do taxpayers approve of how          been a possibility since the establishment of the
where spies can meet, share information, and        their money is being spent? Does it matter?           Secret Service, previously, a spy would only
brainstorm about current issues.                       “I think that it’s okay and worth it, but should   have been able to leak information from their
  Does A-Space violate our privacy?                 be really restricted because it has the potential     own case/branch. But now, all of the information
  “I’m really big on privacy, so this makes me      to be used dangerously. But it’s good that our        is accessible to any spy.
uncomfortable. I think it really depends on your    government can keep us safe,” said IB sophomore          Whether or not this new program is morally
perspective,” said VPA sophomore Giovanna           Patricia Dranoff.                                     right, it is too late. The program will launch
Barreto.                                              Where will the Secret Service be obtaining this     sometime from early October to December.
  Technically, A-Space is completely legal. The     information? Mainly from other branches of our        So remember, when on Facebook, be careful.
Patriot Act, passed by President Bush in 2001,      government, but also from internet sources.           Someday the FBI may poke you.
A new beat hits the Reef 07-08 Lacrosse District
                                                                                                                             Coral Reef Sr. High
                                                                                                                                  October 2008
Cuda stomp makes its debut as the new step team
                                                                                            Can they do it again?
                                                                                            JORDAN FELDMAN
                                                                                            Staff Writer

                                                                                              The Coral Reef Lacrosse team is looking
                                                                                            forward another exceptional year after
                                                                                            going undefeated in the regular season last
                                                                                            school year. The team came out victorious
                                                                                            as District Champions, but was later
                                                                                            defeated at Regionals.
                                                                                              “This year is going to be a big challenge.
                                                                                            We lost all but a few returning varsity
                                                                                            players so were going to have to reinvent
        Gerald Grant (president), Michael Davis (vice president),
                                                                                            our style of play,” said IB sophomore, Jake
        Tavares Andrews (member) of the Sigma Beta team.
                                                                                                Due to a tough schedule for the 08-09
TRUDY CLARKE                   15 girls or guys and five       Dufreshe.                    season, the Coral Reef Lacrosse team has        Boy’s lacrosse district championship
Staff Writer                   alternates.                       Sigma Beta will perform    a long road of hard work and dedication         trophy for the year 2008
                                   Although Cuda Stomp         at their annual step show    ahead of them. Their District opponents
                               is not guaranteed at all pep    hosted at Robert Morgan,     include Palmetto, Killian, Western and           “I expect to repeat our District Champion
    Cuda Stomp is Coral
                               rallies, we will see Cuda       which will be held on        Columbus high schools.                         like last year, even though we lost 9 out
Reef’s brand new step /
                               Stomp at other shows,           December 19th, 2008.             With the graduation of many seniors        of our 10 starters, we are still the team to
hip- hop dance team.
                               including the annual            Tickets sales start some     last year, including Scott Levitt, Michael     beat,” said IB senior Michael Franklin.
   The clinics for Cuda
                               Sigma Beta Step Show.           time in November for         Matthiesen, and Paul Thompson, the                 Ranked in the top ten in the State of
Stomp were held on
                                   Students will also see      $10.                         team will have to work even harder to          Florida for Lacrosse Club teams last
Thursday, September 4th
                               them at the Dade County             The goal of the show     defend their status as defending District      season, the Barracudas must over-achieve
and Friday September 5th.
                               Fair and Expo dance             is to raise money for the    Champions. It will not be easy to replace      to match last years success.
Finally, try outs were on
                               competition                     groups’ main event which     1st team All-League Joseph Bellando, 2nd
Friday September 12th.
                                  On the other end, Sigma      is the college tour.         Team All-League Andrew Bekkevold, and
       Anyone who was
                               Beta is a youth group               Students interested in   3rd Team All-League Logan Gomez on the
interested in auditioning
                               sponsored by the Phi Beta       performing in the Sigma      Coral Reef Lacrosse Team.
was told to come in a
                               Sigma fraternity. It consists   Beta step show can             Practicing every week, the team is looking
white t-shirt, black shorts,
                               of 25 male members and          contact Gerald Grant, who    to improve their game plans, conditioning,
sneakers, and have their
                               is dedicated to mentoring       is currently the president   and most of all, playing as a united team.
hair pulled back out of
                               youth and keeping men           of Sigma Beta.                  “This is my first year on the Coral Reef
their face. But what were
                               off the streets. They can           “We are a family not     Lacrosse team so I have much to learn and
they preparing for?
                               be seen doing road blocks       a team… a group of           improve on, but if I work hard I’m sure
     The four captains of
                               in order to raise money.        brothers. Expect greatness   I’ll see some progress in my game,” said
Cuda Stomp are medical
                                   “Our main focus is to       when you hear from Sigma     Business and Finance Freshman, Justin
juniors Sarah Girma,
                               get out to the community,       Beta,” said Grant.           Garcia.
Estefani Aguiluz, and
                               last year we performed             “Expect greatness” is a      Head Coach Alan Bellando, starting his
legal juniors Francesca
                               at      Miami         heights   quote that both teams hold   third year as head Varsity Coach at Coral
Polanco, and
                               elementary,” said Business      deeply in there heart. For   Reef High School, will lead the Barracudas.
Stephanie Dufreshe.
                               senior Gerald Grant.            the 2008 – 2009 school       Coach Bellando was the recipient of the
   On the first day of the
                                      “We are currently        year, Reef will hear a lot   2008 Coach of the Year out of Coral Reef’s
clinics, 94 girls and guys
                               looking for sponsors for        from both Sigma Beta and     District.
showed up for a team
                               our team uniforms,” said        Cuda Stomp.
that will consist of only
                               Legal junior Stephanie

                                   Upcoming varsity football games
16   Coral Reef Sr. High
     October 2008                                                                         High Tide
                                     The Game of Life
         Our biology age vs. chronological age: how old are we really?

                     Alina Sabatini, Agriscience senior, taking the Biological Age quiz online.

                    MEGAN MIRANDA
                    Staff Writer
                  Scientists have theorized that humans have        22 years old. This means that the bodies of
              two ages. There is the chronological age, which       these students are aging much too quickly.
              is the number of years a person has been alive,           “It made me realize that I need to take
              and the biological age, the body’s true age.          more precautions in my life,” said Frederick
              Biological age tells how fast the body ages           Montgomery, senior in the Legal and Public
              based on what is done to it. The more stress,         Affairs academy.
              health problems, and abuse one puts on their             In order to slow down this aging process,
              body, the faster they will age.                       changes must be made in the students’ lives.
                    David Niven Miller, author of “Grow             These changes are made in their eating
              Youthful,” has written his book to try and            habits, stress levels, sleep habits, and many
              help people slow their aging so that they can         other factors that contribute to the aging
              appreciate the time they have.                        process.
                 But how accurate is this theory of Biological          For example, someone who chooses to
              Age vs. Chronological Age? On his website             eat fast food everyday would have an age
    , Miller has a Biological         significantly higher than someone who eats
              Age Test for any person interested in knowing         fast food once in a while and instead eats a
              their biological age. It calculates the body’s true   balanced meal made from home.
              age based on answers given to 140 questions               The number of hours a person sleeps a
              ranging from stress to health to dietary habits.      night affects many body functions such as
                   Several Coral Reef students have taken           immunity production.
              Miller’s Biological Age Test and they all               Other major factors the test considers when
              seemed to have different reactions to the ages        calculating biological age are how much
              the test gave them. Some took the test lightly,       alcohol, recreational drugs, nicotine, and
              such as Engineering senior Matts Michel.              prescription medicine a person consumes.
                 “[I] didn’t know I’d still be in school,” said         The intake of the aforementioned items
              Michel, in response to finding out that while         significantly affects the body in different
              chronologically he is 17 years old, his body has      ways. Alcohol, nicotine, and recreational
              aged to 24 years old.                                 drugs damage the body’s nerves, organs, and
                  Others seemed a bit stunned by the results        reflexes which adds several months if not
              expressing surprise and even a hint of                years to the body’s biological age.
              apprehension. Jeffery Mondesir, Legal and                However, there is no way of telling how
              Public Affairs senior, is also 17 years old and       much a specific factor will age the body
              from the test he found out his body is 21 years       because of the numerous other factors that
              old.                                                  need to be calculated as well.
                 “I think the test is accurate and it’s scary. It      The test and theory are just that, a theory,
              feels like its taking years from your life,” said     but the point made by both is that people
              Mondesir.                                             need to take care of themselves.
                 This test was taken by seventeen Coral Reef           The body is fragile and easily affected by
              students, varying from freshmen to seniors. The       everything that is done to it, and ultimately,
              average biological age for these students was         it will affect the life of the person.

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