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					Procedure for Laying Linoleum Flooring
Linoleum flooring is the preferred choice of flooring for those who want to renovate their house and do that in a limited and affordable budget. This
flooring is relatively less expensive and people can actually do their flooring on their own. You will need to remove the furniture and appliances before
laying down linoleum flooring. Before laying down the flowing you need to use a vacuum cleaner on the floor so as to ensure that no dirt remains on
the floor.

The floor should also be dried before laying the linoleum flooring. After this you can choose between sheet and linoleum tile. Laying linoleum tiles may
be easier but for this exact measurements of the room should be taken. While using linoleum flooring sheet the amount of sheet to be cut should be
slightly more than the measurement. Around one inch extra space can be kept and then the sheet can be cut.

Linoleum flooring can be laid by rolling half the sheet on the floor and then following it with the second half. Once the glue is applied the sheet can be
rolled carefully on the floor. After applying part of the flooring the other half of the linoleum sheet can also be rolled. After the sheet is attached it
should be ensured that air bubbles are not observed and this should be left for drying.

While laying the tiles you can begin by dividing the room in half. While detecting the room?s center you can start by finding the center point from two
opposite walls and putting a mark at the center. This will allow the room to be divided in two equal parts.

Next the same should be done with the other two walls so that you get a room divided in four equal parts. Now you can start laying the floor tiles
starting from the center. Do not use glue initially and if you find the tiles are neatly laid out when you arrange them then you can start using the glue.
You should use protective gear while laying the linoleum flooring. Linoleum flooring besides being inexpensive is also entirely durable and can resist
heavy wear and moisture. This kind of flooring is commonly used in regions like bathrooms, kitchen and also entry rooms. The tile form of linoleum
flooring is more popular as it is rather easy to install. You can also use different tiles to create a unique look.

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