Gunther Toody's by coltonvelencia


									“Patrick Silvia and Rob Hunziker support was instrumental in Gunther Toddy's
LLC acquisition of the Gunther Toody's concept, keeping all parties on track
despite a lengthy process and complex transaction. Patrick Silvia and Rob
Hunziker provided exceptional client service every step of the way and I highly
recommend them and will definatly work with them in the future.”
Mark Osborn - President, GT Management Inc.


Patrick Silvia and Rob Hunziker is pleased to announce the acquisition of seven Gunther Toody’s
Restaurants from Gunther Toody’s Incorporated of Colorado by Gunther Toody’s LLC an
Arkansas Limited Liability Corporation.

Atlanta (July 26, 2002) – Gunther Toody’s Incorporated of Colorado, located in
Colorado, sold their concept Gunther Toody’s consisting of seven Restaurants to Gunther
Toody’s LLC a new Arkansas Limited Liability Corporation.. The Stores are all located
in the state of Colorado. The president Mark Osborne plans to open several stores in the
near future and in fact have stores under construction as of the date of this press release.
The sellers Kim and Ronda Hopfenspirger had retained Patrick Silvia and Rob
Hunzikerto sell the concept. The couple started the concept circa 1986.

Mark Osborne also is a franchisee of Fazzolis and a former KFC franchisee.

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