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									Meat the GT Xpress
Grilled steak, chicken or an array of vegetables are all foods that are usually enjoyed during the summer months on the outdoor grill. Unfortunately,
outdoor grilling has limitations; especially if you are looking to grill during the cooler months. Between the time involved, the weather and concerns
about getting side dishes going, using the grill becomes more of a chore than a joy. This is not the case for those who have discovered the wonders of
grilling indoors. The GT Xpress can help bring back the joy of grilling an excellent meal in the courtesy of your own kitchen.

What Is The GT Xpress?

The GT Xpress is a revolutionary indoor grill that brings the wonders of outdoor cooking inside. This grill operates electrically, which means there are
no harsh fumes or smoke to worry about while cooking your foods.

The design of the GT Xpress is what really makes it stand out as superior for indoor grilling. This grill has a double cooking surface, which means that
foods are cooked on the top and the bottom at the same time. It also has split cooking surfaces, which means two distinct meals can be cooked at the
same time. In addition, it has a nonstick surface, which means that oils and fats are not necessary to prevent sticking. Yet, it also has a surface design
that is not pitched. This helps keep natural juices in so food comes out moist rather than grill dried.

Benefits of the GT Xpress over your Outdoor Grill

Indoor grilling has many differences when compared to outdoor grilling. Grilling indoors provides several advantages that outdoor grills do not have.
The benefits of taking the grilling indoors include:

No weather concerns - Outdoor-grilling can quickly become hampered by wind, rain and even snow. This may cause you to postpone grilling your
meal until the weather becomes better. This can cause much disappointment, but when a GT Xpress is used, there is no reason to fear the elements
since you can be grilling a healthy meal indoors
Faster cooking time - Many meals can be fully cooked and ready to go using the GT Xpress in less than 10 minutes. In fact, most of the recommended
meals for this grill take about seven minutes to cook. Grilling a high quality meal has never been easier and the GT Xpress allows you to cook a meal
even if you are in a hurry due to the fast cooking time.
Less interference - When an outdoor grill is cooked, it generally requires two people to tackle dinner. One person works on the inside watching side
dishes while the other pays attention to the grill. This is also somewhat true when cooking indoors as the GT Xpress allows for quick meals while you
prepare the rest of the side dishes. More than one person can still participate in preparing a meal but it is not entirely necessary.
More environmentally friendly - The GT Xpress uses very little energy to complete a meal. A gas grill consumes propane in order to function and this
gas can become expensive over time.

Benefits of Indoor Grilling Over Traditional Cooking

Using an oven or stove top to prepare a meal is the tried and tested way to go. Unfortunately, most people just do not have time to create a whole
meal in this manner. When an indoor grill is used for meal preparation, the benefits include:
Faster cooking time - Since the GT Xpress cooks foods on the top and bottom at the same time, the speed factor is a huge benefit over using an oven
or stovetop.
Less cleaning - Many meals can be completely prepared inside the GT Xpress. This means there is fewer cleanups to tackle after the job of cooking is
Fresher flavors - Since indoor grilling helps lock in natural juices and flavors, foods tend to taste better as a result. This is an important aspect of
grilling because flavor is very important especially if you are cooking a steak.
Healthier meals - Frying foods is just not the best way to go. When a nonstick indoor grill is used instead, added oils can be removed from the cooking
equation. This is healthier and a whole lot better for the waistline.
Easier personalization - The GT Xpress has a design that makes it easy to personalize individual servings to meet a person’s particular tastes. This is
great for families that enjoy different types of meals or they like a meal cooked differently. Grilling is an excellent way to enjoy tasty, healthier meals.
Sadly, the outdoor grill is just not easy to use or convenient especially during bad weather. When the GT Xpress is used indoors, you can create a
high quality, healthy meal in a matter of minutes.Jeremy Foster is a freelance writer who writes about cooking tips and tips for the home, often
discussing specific products such as the GT Xpress.

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