Graduation Poem by coltonvelencia


									                           A GRADUATION IDEA/POEM

This is an idea for the end of graduation. You can do it with candles, or without. Some
people feel that candles are too "church-like". Depending on how many dancers you
have, you form a circle either with them and the graduated dancers/ cuers/teachers, or
have the teachers and the "to be graduated" dancers in the middle, and the already
graduated dancers on the outside. In any case, as the dancer gets his/her diploma, they
go to form a circle with the graduated dancers on the outside. If you do this with only
your "new" dancers, just give them their diploma, and have them start to form a circle as
each new dancer gets their diploma.

"We have formed a circle of fellowship, only to be broken when inviting others to enter.
The circle is a symbol of things everlasting; friendship, enjoyment, understanding,
helpfulness. No one is ever the last person in a circle. It only takes a peek over your
shoulder to discover that you are just as much first as you are last, and always in the

"At this graduation, you are invited to join us as we advance down line of dance toward
happiness, to reverse line of dance toward fun, to the center of the hall towards
friendship, and to the wall in an ever growing atmosphere of fellowship."

(If you use candles, you can use this next part, otherwise leave it out. - "The candles we
hold extend the light of this fellowship, reaching out to round dancers everywhere,
inviting them to grasp hands in this circle of dance.")

(If you don't use candles, use this - "We invite all of you into this circle of dance and
extend out best wishes for many years of happy dancing.")

Now read the names of the dancers and give them their diplomas. Have them form a
circle, with the already graduated dancers. When all the diplomas are handed out, read
this poem next.. We play "Music Box Dancer" softly in the background as I read it.

       May you dance as long as you want to,
       and want to as long as you can.
       May your feet never stop moving
       to the swing of a good dance band.

       May this circle of fellowship draw you inside,
       and the friendship here make you heart sing.
       May your shoes make tracks of happiness
       as you circle the round dance ring.

       May you never forget the struggle
       when your lessons are finally through.
       May you always reach back with a helping hand,
       that someone extended to you.
       May you never become a dancer
       who knows all and can learn no more.
       As long as you're dancing, enjoy it,
       and always be up on the floor.

       To the one who stays close there beside you,
       give a smile as each dance is done.
       May there be joy in your heart, as you both step apart
       And always find round dancing fun.

This concludes our graduation ceremony. Congratulations - and let's dance!!
(Have a tip of easy, class level round dances ready.)

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