Franklin Covery by coltonvelencia


									                                    Franklin Covey
Unclutter Your Life
                                    Advertising Campaign
                                       The challenge with the Franklin Covey project was adapting

                                    the product to a younger generation. Franklin Covey Day

                                    Planners are generally known as a corporate tool, and the

                                    youth market don’t see it as something that would be relevant

                                    to their lives.

                                       The solution to this problem was to create an advertising

                                    campaign that is clean and uncluttered, yet is something that

                                    college students can relate to. So I choose images that

                                    showed young people having a good time but also contain a

                                    lot of negative space. I used Century Gothic as the type face

                                    for the headlines because it is open and simple. The toughest

                                    part of this project was to include the day planner into the

                                    design without ruining the sense of peace and freedom that

                                    the design was meant to convey. However using these images

                                    was essential, otherwise the point of the whole advertisement

                                    was lost.

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