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                                      STEERING GROUP

                                       14 JANUARY 2010

Present:      Michael Kay            In The Chair
              Bryon Hanna            Resident Representative
              Bob Farrow             “              “
              Mary Diver             “              “
              Evelyn Leck            “              “
              Maurice Brazell        “              “
              Edith Eglintine        “              “
              Jean Kennedy           “              “
              Thomas Laing           “              “
              Julie Rudge            “              “
              Marjorie James         Private Sector Representative
              Colin Wilson           Housing Sector Representative
              Jonathan Brash         Hartlepool Borough Council Representative
              Stuart Green           “              “      “       “
              Chris Simmons          “              “      “       “
              John Robinson          Youth Theme Co-Chair
              Fiona el Zaghdani      GONE
              Martin Booth           Staff/Support
              Brian Dixon            “       “
              Malcolm Walker         “       “
              Ian Worthy             “       “
              Andrew McCulloch       Observer

Apologies:    Rosa Leto              Faith Groups Representative
              Andy Summerbell        Crime/Community Safety Sector Representative
              Pamela Hargreaves      Hartlepool Borough Council Representative

1 Welcome & Introductory Remarks
  Michael Kay, from the Chair, wished a Happy New Year to all Steering Group

   He informed Steering Group of the recent sad death of Dorothy Kennedy.
   Dorothy had served this Steering Group and the communities of the NDC area,
   mostly in a voluntary capacity, for many years.

   The meeting stood as a mark of respect.

   Members were keen to recognise their gratitude for Dorothy’s fine work,
   particularly with the area’s ethnic minority communities, from the base of
   Grange Road Methodist Church Hall, and it was agreed that a letter of Malcolm
   appreciation be sent to Dorothy’s family, signed by the Partnership Chair.

   It was also agreed to place a brief obituary in the next NDC newsletter.                             Brian

   It was agreed to re-organise the agenda for this meeting

2 Finance Items
  i) Strategic Land Purchase and NDC Development Trust
    Brian Dixon summarised the written report, explaining that, following the
    confirmation that Young Street site owner was unwilling to negotiate a sale of
    the land to the NDC Trust, everything was in place to implement the previous
    (conditional) Steering Group decisions.

    Julie Rudge indicated that her intention to abstain was based on her
    commitment to the Dent Derwent Residents Association’s resolve to continue
    to seek a solution to the problem of the land.

    Malcolm Walker explained why a suggestion that the Council should purchase
    compulsorily could not be implemented.

    It was AGREED (12 FOR, 0 AGAINST, 1 ABSTENTION) to discharge the
    ‘six month’ clause in the July 2009 approval and to discharge Condition One of Martin
    the September 2009 approval, so that the sum of £116,515 can be transferred
    for use on the ‘NDC Trust Phase Three’ Project, as approved.

3 Business Items
  i) Finance Report
     Martin Booth summarised the Finance Report, expressing confidence that
     targets for spend in 2009-10 would be met and suggesting that the March 2010
     meeting could be used to look at spending plans for 2010-11.

     The report was NOTED without question or comment or a vote being taken.                             Martin

   ii) Communications Strategy Update 2010-11
       Julie Rudge declared a non-pecuniary interest in this matter (due to the
       Residents Association, of which she is an office-bearer, carrying out delivery

      Brian highlighted some of the key points in the report, which had been written
      to reflect the latest thinking in, and decisions of, the Communications
      Working Group.

      The recommendations, (a) to (f) were noted and AGREED (13 FOR, 0 Brian

   iii) Housing Progress
       Malcolm covered the initial point in the written report, explaining the logic of
       ceasing to provide Hartlepool Revival Board minutes to Steering Group, after
       their approval, instead replacing them with Quarterly Housing Progress

      Brian spoke on the report and gave some updates, that the report to Cabinet
      (11.01.10) had been approved and that the Neighbourhood Action Plan is now
      out to consultation (including the relevant housing section).

     Jonathan Brash reported that HBC had approved the planning application for
     the Belle Vue re-development. He also described the progress being made on
     Landlord Licensing and Tenant Referencing and praised the NDC Partnership
     for starting a ‘cascade’ on housing renewal and regeneration.

     Colin Wilson reported on a meeting with the Homes and Communities
     Agency and the possibility that sufficient funding would be forthcoming for
     Belle Vue to be re-developed in a single phase. He commended the successful
     examples of partnership working in Hartlepool, which had enabled the town to
     acquire a strong reputation for its housing regeneration performance.

     1) To note the report, as a summary of current housing programme progress.
     2) To note that the approved minutes of the Board of Hartlepool Revival will
         no longer be brought to Steering Group for information.                  Brian

   iv) NDC Trust Progress Report
      Malcolm highlighted key aspects of the Trust’s progress, that the Business
      Plan had been accepted and that the Opening Doors work was making Malcolm/
      significant progress.                                                      Martin/Sian

     There were no comments on the report, which was accepted.

4 Further Finance Items
  i) Evaluation Progress Report
     Ian Worthy described the work which was currently being undertaken and
     explained that the ‘Scoping Meeting’ with our partners, SRC, had now been Ian
     re-arranged for 21.01.10.

   ii) Evaluation on Support for Businesses in the NDC Area
       Maurice Brazell declared an interest, due to his employment, in the subject
       matter of this Evaluation.

     Ian presented the key issues and evidence from the Evaluation into Support for
     Businesses. He described the background and history, the situation NDC had
     inherited in 2000/2001. He described the context of the current economic
     downturn and the difficulty in disentangling local from wider economic

     The presentation showed examples, including ‘before and after’ photographs,
     of the main areas of business support NDC had engaged in. Ian highlighted
     some of the evidence, included in the report, showing the success of the NDC
     Strategy in the Employment Theme.

     Steering Group members were quick to praise Ian for an excellent report and
     presentation. There were concerns that NDC may not get as much ‘credit’
     from the public as it deserves for the interventions and successes. It was
     suggested that a future Hartbeat article for town wide publication, should be Brian/
     prepared, based on a set of ‘before and after’ photographs.                   Avanticom

      Members concerns were focused on possible loss of momentum, if the
      Business Liaison Managers’ work could not be continued and on the negative
      impact of some of the waste industry businesses on Longhill.

      Stuart Green responded that the posts had been extended to March 2012, with
      a slightly expanded remit and took the point about waste disposal, describing
      ways that greater multi-agency work and the new Core Strategy (Local Plan)
      could help alleviate some of the problems. He also spoke of other Ian/Martin
      ‘mainstreaming’ that had proved possible and praised the work that had led up
      to the successful establishment of a Business Association on Longhill.

      The following recommendations were AGREED (14 FOR, 0 AGAINST, 0

      1) The NDC Partnership welcome the findings recorded in this report.

      2) Key partners seek to identify funding sources to continue the successful
         NDC Business Liaison activities. In particular, the potential impact of not
         continuing with dedicated business liaison on the survival and further
         development of the Longhill Business Improvement District should be
         carefully considered.

      3) Key partners further monitor and respond as required to the ongoing issues
         raised in this report relating specifically to inadequate parking and to the
         number and concentration of waste management type businesses on the
         Longhill estate.

5 Further Business Items
  i) Minutes of Steering Group held 12.11.09
     The minutes of the previous meeting were AGREED correct and no matters
     arose. (NB. There had been no December 2009 meeting.)

6 Any Other Notified Business
  i) Julie Rudge
     Members congratulated Julie Rudge on her receipt of the MBE.
  ii) Stuart Green
     Stuart announced that the Council had agreed his request for early retirement,
     but he hoped to be at one further Steering Group.

      Members congratulated Stuart and thanked him for his work on NDC’s behalf
      since becoming the ‘Accountable Body Representative’ in 2002.

7 Date of Next Meeting
  February’s meeting is scheduled for Thursday 11.02.10.

   Meeting closed at 18.35.


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