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					                                             COLD LAKE MINOR HOCKEY
                                            EXECUTIVE MEETING MINUTES
                                               January 19, 2011 7:00pm
                                                Held at the CLMH Office
Present:                                                             Absent:
President – Ray Carter(vote incase of a tie)                         Female Director – Trent Threadkell
VP Business Ops – Deb Thomas                                         Bingo Director – VACANT
PR Director – Valerie Kossey-Fraser                                  Midget Director – Doug Cheyne
VP Hockey Operations – Brian Wareham                                 Atom Director – Jason Bath
Registrar – Kim Green                                                Executive Assist - Cari Desjarlais(no vote-pd employee)
Dev. Coordinator – Keith Murphy
Equipment Manager- Larry Karenko
Novice Director – Rob Cadieux
Fundraising/Tournament – Crystal Frey
Peewee Director – Jacki Cook
Initiation Director – Teresa Dole
Director at Large – Stephen Cook
Bantam Director – Corey Lapointe
Ice Scheduler- Michelle Dellamere
Referee in Chief – Lloyd Belcourt
Regional Director – Dean Holben

    1.1 Call to Order – Ray Carter called the meeting to order at 7:07pm

             1.2 Rules of Engagement – as per Nov.17th minutes

    2. Adoption of Agenda – Teresa Dole Motioned to accept the Jan.19/2011 agenda, seconded Jason Bath, all in favor,

    3. Approval of Previous Minutes – Larry Karenko Motioned to accept the Nov.17/2010 minutes, seconded Larry
            Karenko, all in favor, CARRIED.

    4. Unfinished Business –
             4.1 – Bingo Director Needed – Deb - None available, scout for AGM. OPEN
             4.2 – NHS rink Update - Keith – Stalled in Mid December, Volunteer (fire department) to flood,
                  Zambonie down a few times. Over Christmas we had up to 30 kids at a time. CLOSED
             4.3 – Update on development funds received - Keith – Cenovus $6000. City of Cold Lake
                  Development Grant FCSS (12-17years) $15,000, have until February of 2012 to use funds, if not
                  used it has to go back to FCSS. CLOSED
             4.4 – New Year Fundraiser Report - Crystal – Thanks to Kim, Jacki, Val and Deb for helping with the Studio 54
                  event. It was a great success and is being branded ‘The Party of the Year’ by many attendee’s and K-Rock is spreading the
                  word about the results. Our total numbers for profit will be delayed due to ticketing issues. Five teams from minor hockey
                  benefited from working the event and will receive their cheques shortly. The next fundraising adventure
                  was discussed, details coming soon. OPEN
             4.4 – Coaches Meeting – any feedback? – Coaches trying to reschedule ice times policy clearly stated
                 that all ice changes go through the ice scheduler only. Coaches that follow the guidelines thought it
                 was a waste of time. CLOSED
             4.5 - Deb Awards - will look into getting some certificates to print as thank you’s from CLMH for any
                 team that needs them. CLOSED

    5.   New Business -
             5.1 – Minor Hockey Week – Updates Deb/Val/Rob – Deb – managed to recruit mentor hockey players
                 to come out with the younger age groups. Three Cold Lake girls that play on the Lloydminster
                 Bantam AAA IceCats skated with the Novices. Four Cold Lake Jr. B Ice that were skating with the
                 Atoms. Val put a three page spread of the hockey team pictures in the Cold Lake Sun, compliments
                 of Dodge Dealership. Thank-you ad going in next. Initiation skated at the Cold Lake Ice game.
        5.2 – Hockey Day in Canada February 12 – update, fundraising possibilities, and volunteers – Ray
            – looking at 3 on 3 games, who ever is done for the year. Any money accumulated through
            fundraising will not be put into the association. Money will be donated to Guy Clarke to offset costs
            for travel. Jason Bath will approach Hamels about hot dogs and hamburgers for fundraising BBQ for
            Guy Clarke. Will need volunteers. Cupcakes. Ray will ask about a military tent for the food. Rob will
            get Executive Team together. Might have it earlier in the day. Val to buy cupcakes for the day to give
            away. . Ray will get a trophy made. Everything weather permitting. OPEN
        5.3 – Initiation Tournament - Teresa – 1st tournament for 6 year olds and 2nd for house teams. Money
            issues – Teresa motions to borrow $1400.00 of CLMH money to fund her tournament, what can be
            paid back will be, seconded by Corey Lapointe, ALL in favour, CARRIED. OPEN
        5.4 – CLMH appreciation – certificates, social? Ideas? When? – Coaches and Manager Appreciation
            social – end of March. Too many complaints were had in the past. Maybe a certificate of
            appreciation. OPEN
        5.5 – Motion for new vacuum $100 – Kim Green motioned to buy a new office vacuum up to $100,
            seconded by Brian Wareham, ALL in favor, CARRIED. Cari will purchase and be reimbursed.
        5.6 – Regulation Review Committee – Who? When? Must be posted before AGM – Ray, Brian and
            Deb met after Christmas we need to work over the regulations. Needs to be done and posted before
            AGM. Not touching the by-laws. If interested in being on the committee please email Deb or Ray.
            Cari has kept files on issues that need to be changed from this year. OPEN
        5.7 – New Office Hours – Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-2:00, Cari will be working from home as well.
        5.8 – AGM Date? Location? Incentive? – February meeting. Location is the same. Incentive – draw for
            a free registration for all who attend. OPEN
        5.9 – Guy Clarke – Was hurt on the way to Pierceland. In Edmonton. Email went out for fundraising for
            son to visit back and forth to Edmonton. Bingo’s are wiped out for him.

6. Reports – Business:
              6.1 – Registrar – registration packages – evaluate what we need, add coach page if volunteering,
when should we send out? OPEN
              6.2 – Bingo – VACANT
              6.3 – Equipment – Got Cenovus first Aid kits.
              6.4 – Public Relations – Thank you ad, need to add info about Bantam AA and Panthers
              6.5 – Tourn./Fundraising – ABSENT
              6.6 – VP Business – nothing
              *PR opportunities for Development $ - Can we arrange photo op for cheques to CLMH to get in
the paper. Val will look into this.
              6.7 – Ice – canceling is still an issue. We are eating too much ice cost from this.
              6.8 – Referee in Chief – Regulations are in for play-offs. Rough games.
              6.9 – Female – ABSENT New regulations will include that combined teams can affiliate between
the female combined teams. Girls are dropping out in St. Paul and Elk Point because they have no place to play.
Permission to play and constitutions are changing. More to come.
              6.10 – Regional – both teams are going to Provincials, Bantam’s have a bye.
              6.11 – Initiation – nothing
              6.12 – Novice – one team was asked to leave Tournament in Marwayne. Coach handled the issue.
Home tournament will be January 29th and 30th.
              6.13 – Atom – discussions – Tier 1 if 0-12 no wins. T2 – 2nd place. T3 – 2nd, 8th and 5th place
              6.14 – Pee Wee – nothing
              6.15 – Bantam – issue with out of town ref’s, line brawl in one game. What can we do? Get names
of ref’s after the game and request different ref’s for the next game.
              6.16 – Midget – ABSENT - March 12 and 13 for tournament in Cold Lake, and five teams are
interested in coming.
           6.17 – Director at Large – nothing
           6.18 – Development Co –
           6.19 – VP Operations – playoffs are coming. Special requests for Ref’s go directly to Lloyd.
          6.20 – President – Coaches evaluation will be done January 20th and ready for pick up. Due
back February 15th, 2011. Initiation does there own.

7. Next Meeting – February 23, 2011, 6:00pm at the CLMH office. Potluck snacks and meeting to

8. Adjournment – Ray Carter motioned to adjourn meeting at 9:20pm, seconded by Deb Thomas. All in favor,

       _________________________                   _____________________________
         Ray Carter (President)                    Cari Desjarlais (Exec Assistant)

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