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                           Toggler Anchor Systems

                         HOLLOW-WALL / LIGHT - TO MEDIUM – DUTY
                         SnapSkru™ DRYWALL ANCHORS

The TOGGLER® SnapSkru™ SP™ anchor is the industry's first self-drilling drywall
anchor that does NOT destroy the drywall when using the anchor. It is a true anchor,
not just a small screw in a big screw like our competition!
The SnapSkru SP anchor significantly outholds all other self-drilling drywall anchors by
more than 60% in 1/2" drywall, and by more than 80% in 5/8" drywall.
It has a built-in positive stop that prevents overdriving the anchor when using a screw
gun. The SP anchor is even vibration and shock resistant.

                                   HOLDING POWER
                             ½” Drywall          80 pounds
                            5/8” Drywall         135 pounds

                         HOLLOW-WALL / MEDIUM – DUTY
                         TOGGLER® HOLLOW WALL ANCHORS

The key-activated positive locking action causes the anchor to become a rigid, weight-
distributing truss in hollow walls.
Our new, improved TOGGLER hollow-wall anchor, with its patented enhancements,
provides secure holding power for light and medium loads.
You get maximum holding security in the smallest possible hole.

                                   HOLDING POWER
                      ½” Drywall with TB® anchor        167 pounds
                     5/8" Drywall with TC® anchor       234 pounds

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                         HOLLOW-WALL / HEAVY – DUTY
                         SNAPTOGGLE® TOGGLE BOLTS

Ideal for Heavy Loads in Hollow Walls, Ceilings & Floors
TOGGLER brand toggle bolts always result in the lowest possible installation cost!
TOGGLER toggle bolts pre-install without a bolt and can be installed with a screw gun.
This allows one-person installations (instead of two), saving time and money. It's like
having an extra pair of hands..

                                  HOLDING POWER
                      ½” Drywall with BB® anchor           265 pounds
                       Concrete with BB® anchor         1080 pounds

                         SOLID-WALL ANCHORS
                         ALLIGATOR® SOLID-WALL ANCHORS

The ALLIGATOR solid-wall anchor is the only anchor that extrudes the entire length of
the screw.
The screw extrudes and compresses the anchor polymer into the wall of the hole under
tremendous pressure. The anchor molds and conforms exactly to the surface of the
hole—without chemicals.
All forces supported by the screw are transmitted outwardly 360° to the wall surface of
the hole. This provides greater holding power by distributing the force over the
maximum area possible.

                          HOLDING POWER=4262 POUNDS

When your customers are shopping for fasteners direct them to the Toggler Anchor
System. This is the perfect fastener for home improvement, hanging paintings, hanging
other pictures or mirrors, creating art galleries, a home picture gallery or a photo

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