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             Dallas Healthy Start

          Recipes and tricks
          to healthier living
DHS MISSION                                                          REFERRAL SERVICES
                                                                     •	Transportation	
The	Dallas	Healthy	Start	project	is	a	program	of	Parkland	           •	Health	and	social	services	
Health	&	Hospital	System.	Dallas	Healthy	Start	seeks	to	             •	Medicaid	access	
reduce	infant	mortality,	pre-term	and	low	birth	weight	births.       •	Community	outreach	
                                                                     •	Dental	care	
Dallas	Healthy	Start	works	toward	this	mission	by	providing	         •	Teen	pregnancy	prevention	
programs	and	services	in	six	targeted	zip	codes	that	have	the	       •	Well	baby	care	
highest	rates	of	infant	mortality	in	Dallas	County.                  •	Parenting	education	
                                                                     •	Prenatal	education	
                                                                     •	Behavioral	health	care	
PROGRAM COMPONENTS                                                   •	Family	planning	
                                                                     •	Food	and	housing	assistance	
OUTREACH                                                             •	Case	management	home	visits	
Outreach	services	are	provided	in	targeted	areas	to	reach	out	       •	Nutrition	counseling	
to	prospective	community	and	program	participants.	Outreach	         •	Substance	abuse	prevention	and	screening	
is	used	to	educate	the	community	about	the	Dallas	Healthy	           •	Safety	education	
Start	program	and	is	a	valuable	resource	for	information	and	        •	Father	and	male	involvement	
service	referrals.                                                   •	Breastfeeding	
                                                                     •	Folic	acid	education	
CASE MANAGEMENT                                                      •	Car	seat	education	and	distribution	program	
Case	management	staff	works	with	families	to	help	ensure	
that	there	is	a	care	plan	for	both	mother	and	child,	and	that	       Dallas	Healthy	Start	offers	free	prenatal,	parenting	and	car	
it	is	as	easy	as	possible	for	the	family	to	access	the	health	and	   seat	distribution	classes	at	our	office	at	community	locations	
social	services	they	need.                                           to	those	who	qualify.	To	get	more	information	about	attending	
                                                                     our	classes,	call	214.590.1792	or	214.590.1673.
The	Consortium	is	an	advisory	board	of	service	providers,	
community	groups	and	organizations	with	a	working	interest	
in	addressing	maternal	and	child	health	issues.	Membership	is	
voluntary	and	meetings	are	held	throughout	the	year.

Health	education	is	designed	to	address	the	diverse	needs	of	
the	community	and	families	that	Dallas	Healthy	Start	serves.	
Activities	and	events	are	planned	throughout	the	year	at	
various	community	locations.
DALLAS HEALTHY START STAFF                        Mom
Eulalia	Gillum-Roberson	–	Program	Manager
Martha	Maldondo	–	Public	Health	Educator
Deborah	Lane	–	Consortium	Coordinator
Kathy	Chapman	–	Case	Management	Manager
Lisa	Padilla	–	Health	Education	Coordinator
Judith	Phillips	–	Administrative	Assistant
Ana	Castro	–	General	Clerk
Linda	Clemente	–	Caseworker
Mary	Nucamendi	–	Caseworker
Jonnel	Ford	–	Caseworker
Linda	Ketchum	–	Case	Manager
Robyn	Smith	Bull	–	Case	Manager
A HEALTHY PREGNANCY AND BABY                                         Where Does the Extra Weight Go During Pregnancy?
A Healthy Start means giving your baby and yourself                  Baby	 	       	        8	pounds
a healthy beginning.                                                 Placenta	     	        2	-	3	pounds
                                                                     Amniotic	fluid	        2	-	3	pounds
Some	foods,	habits	and	medicines	can	harm	your	baby	even	            Breast	tissue		        2	-	3	pounds
before	the	baby	is	conceived.	Some	health	problems,	such	            Blood	supply	 	        4	pounds
as	diabetes,	obesity	and	high	blood	pressure,	also	can	affect	       Body								 										5	-	9	pounds
pregnancy.	See	your	medical	provider	if	you	plan	on	becoming	        Uterus	increase	       2	-	5	pounds
pregnant	or	as	soon	as	you	find	out	you	are	pregnant.	               Total	 	      	        25	-	35	pounds

DON’T FORGET ABOUT FOLIC ACID…                             
Having	a	healthy	baby	means	making	sure	you’re	healthy,	too.	        expect_1466.bc
One	of	the	most	important	things	you	can	do	to	help	prevent	
serious	birth	defects	in	your	baby	is	to	get	enough	folic	acid	      BOTTLE FEEDING
every	day	especially	before	you	become	pregnant	and	during	          How often should I bottle feed my baby?
early	pregnancy.	Folic	acid	can	help	prevent	some	birth	defects.	    As	with	breastfeeding,	you	shouldn’t	follow	a	rigid	schedule	
                                                                     in	the	early	weeks,	though	you	may	be	able	to	work	out	a	
Folic	acid	is	found	in	foods,	such	as	fortified	cereals	and	other	   pattern	for	feeding	your	baby	within	a	month	or	two.	Offer	
grain	products,	as	well	as	in	vitamin	supplements.	                  the	bottle	every	two	to	three	hours	at	first,	or	when	your	baby	
                                                                     seems	hungry.	Until	your	baby	reaches	about	10	pounds,	she’ll	
PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN…                                               probably	take	1	to	3	ounces	per	feeding.	Learn	your	baby’s	
Gaining	the	right	amount	of	weight	during	pregnancy	by	              hunger	cues.	Babies	will	wake	up	at	night	to	be	fed.	A	baby	
eating	a	healthy,	balanced	diet	is	a	good	sign	that	your	baby	       will	not	sleep	all	night	long	until	ready	to	do	so.	Do	not	add	
is	getting	all	the	nutrients	he	or	she	needs	and	is	growing	at	a	    cereal	to	a	baby’s	bottle	to	try	and	get	them	to	sleep	all	night.
healthy	rate.
                                                                     Bottle safety tips:
A	woman	of	average	weight	before	pregnancy	should	gain	25	            •	Always	wash	and	sterilize	your	baby	bottles.
to	35	pounds	during	pregnancy.	Underweight	women	should	                N
                                                                      •		 ever	prop	a	bottle	to	feed	your	baby.
gain	28	to	40	pounds	during	pregnancy.	Overweight	women	                O
                                                                      •		 nly	put	breast	milk,	formula	and	water	in	a	baby	bottle.
may	need	to	gain	only	15	to	25	pounds	during	pregnancy.	                A
                                                                      •		 lways	follow	the	instructions	to	mix	liquid	or	powder	
You	may	need	to	gain	more	or	less	weight,	depending	on	what	            formula.	Mixing	the	formula	wrong	or	adding	extra	powder	
your	health	care	provider	recommends.                                   formula	or	water	can	make	your	baby	sick.
BREASTFEEDING                                                       BREASTFEEDING KNOW-HOW
The experience of breastfeeding is special for:                     1.		Take	a	breastfeeding	class	while	you	are	pregnant.		This	is	the				
 •		 onding	                                                        					time	to	find	out	as	much	as	you	can	about	breastfeeding.		You		 	
 •	 	 he	perfect	nutrition	only	you	can	provide	with	breast	milk
    T                                                               					can	get	plenty	of	breastfeeding	information	from	Healthy		
 •		 he	cost	savings
    T                                                               					Start	caseworkers,	health	educators,	WIC,	and	the	hospital
 •		 he	health	benefits	for	both	mother	and	baby                    					you	are	delivering	at.	Breastfeeding	classes	are	offered	at				  	
                                                                    					Dallas	Healthy	Start.	Contact	your	caseworker	or	a	health				 	
Tips for getting off to a good start after you have the baby:       					educator	for	more	information.
 •		 reastfeed	as	soon	as	possible	after	birth.
 •		 sk	for	an	on-site	lactation	consultant	to	help	you.	
   A                                                                2.		Take	prenatal	classes.		Healthy	Start	offers	March	of	Dimes		 	
 •		 llow	your	baby	to	stay	in	your	hospital	room	all	day	and	
   A                                                                					Comenzando	Bien	–	Great	Start	Prenatal	Classes	at	no	charge.		
   night	so	that	you	can	breastfeed	often.                          					Contact	Healthy	Start	for	more	information.
 •		 ry	to	avoid	giving	your	baby	any	pacifiers	or	bottles	for	
   three	weeks	so	that	he	or	she	gets	used	to	latching	onto	just	   3.		Know	about	labor	and	delivery.		Knowing	about	these	things		 	
   your	breast.                                                     				can	give	you	a	good	start	about	breastfeeding	right	after	birth.	
 •		 reastfeed	as	often	as	your	baby	wants.	It	is	normal	for	a	
   newborn	to	breastfeed	quite	often.	If	your	baby	sleeps	a	lot	    4.		Plan	on	breastfeeding,	no	“trying.”		You	should	only		 	
   wake	him	or	her	every	three	hours	to	breastfeed.                 					breastfeed	and	not	give	any	bottles	for	at	least	3	weeks.		The					
 •	Dad	does	not	have	to	be	left	out	when	mom	breastfeeds.	          					baby	can	learn	a	lot	in	3	weeks.
   Dad	can	burp,	bath	and	change	the	baby’s	diaper	after	each	      	
   feeding.	A	perfect	way	for	dad	to	bond	with	baby	is	by	          5.		If	you	have	questions,	get	answers	immediately.		Dallas		
   holding	the	baby	with	skin-to-skin	contact.	                     					Healthy	Start,	WIC	and	Parkland	Hospital	can	help	with			         	


                                                                    Dallas Healthy Start
                                                                    Prenatal,	Breastfeeding	Classes	and	Questions
                                                                    214-590-1673	or	214-590-1792

                                                                    WIC Breastfeeding Helpline

                                                                    Parkland Hospital
                                                                    Breastfeeding	Classes

FIVE FREE WAYS TO WORK OFF BABY WEIGHT                                             INFANT MORTALITY
It	is	often	hard	for	new	moms	to	find	time	to	exercise	and	gym	                    Infant	mortality	is	the	death	of	a	baby	before	his/her	first	
memberships	can	be	expensive.	Here	are	some	ideas	for	activities	                  birthday.
that	you	can	work	into	your	busy	day	to	burn	calories,	get	some	
things	done	and	spend	fun	time	with	your	baby.                                     The	three	leading	causes	of	baby’s	dying	during	their	first	year	
                                                                                   of	life	are:
1.	 Get	out	and	walk.	Put	the	baby	in	a	stroller	or	other	easy	carrier	and	go	     •	 Prematurity
    for	a	walk.	If	it’s	summertime	and	very	hot,	try	starting	your	day	with	a	     •	 Birth	Defects
    walk	and	enjoy	the	cooler	morning	air.	If	the	weather	is	bad,	head	to	the	     •	 SIDS
    mall,	wander	around	Wal-Mart	or	do	your	grocery	shopping.	Take	some	
    water	with	you	if	you’re	going	to	be	outdoors	to	make	sure	you	stay	           How	can	we	reduce	of	the	incidence	of	death	of	a	baby	before	
    hydrated.	If	you	can,	find	some	other	new	mothers	and	form	a	group.            their	first	birthday?
2.	 Put	on	your	favorite	music	and	dance	around	as	you	clean.	It	will	make	
    cleaning	the	house	or	other	chores	a	lot	more	fun	and	you’ll	burn	extra	       1.	Keep	a	healthy	lifestyle	before	you	get	pregnant.		Take											
    calories.	Just	make	sure	the	music	isn’t	so	loud	it	hurts	your	baby’s	ears.	   				folic	acid	before	you	get	pregnant	and	during	your	
3.	 Babies	make	great	workout	partners.	Lifting	your	baby	up	and	down,	or	         				pregnancy.		Folic	acid	helps	reduce	the	chance	your	baby	
    lying	on	your	back	and	letting	your	baby	ride	up	and	down	on	your	legs	        				will	have	a	birth	defect	of	the	brain	and	spine.	
    is	fun	for	baby	and	it	helps	you	to	build	muscle	and	burn	some	calories.	      2.	Always	place	your	baby	on	their	back	to	sleep,	never	on		  	
    Any	physical	activity	with	your	baby	will	help.	When	your	baby	                				their	side	or	stomach.		Having	a	baby	sleep	on	their	back			
    becomes	a	toddler	spend	time	playing	active	games	together	so	you	both	        				reduces	the	chance	of	SIDS	
    get	exercise	(hint:	they	go	to	bed	better	if	you	tire	them	out).               				(Sudden	Infant	Death	Syndrome.)
4.	 Go	to	the	library	and	browse	the	fitness	magazines	for	exercise	tips	and	      3.	Know	the	sign	of	pre-term	birth.		A	baby	born	before	37			
    healthy	recipes	that	fit	your	life	and	budget.	Libraries	are	great	because	    				weeks	is	premature.		This	can	be	too	early	for	your	baby	to			 	
    they’re	free.	They	often	have	many	women’s	magazines	that	include	             				be	born.	Make	sure	your	family	and	friends	know	the	
    articles	on	fitness	and	health.                                                				signs	also.
5.	 Work	out	using	whatever	you	have	around	the	house	while	you	watch	             4.	Give	your	baby	the	best	start	by	breastfeeding.					 	
    your	favorite	TV	shows.	Use	canned	foods	as	weights	for	bicep	curls	           				Breastfeeding	is	associated	with	lowering	the	risk	of				 	
    and	to	tone	your	triceps.	Back	up	against	a	wall	and	do	some	squats	to	        				childhood	obesity,	SIDS,	and	respiratory	infections.		
    firm	up	your	thighs.	Lie	on	the	floor	and	do	some	crunches	to	tone	your	
    abdominal	muscles.	Do	a	few	push-ups	to	tone	your	arms.	Remember	
    jumping	jacks?

Move	around	whenever	you	get	a	chance.	You	don’t	have	to	
dress	in	fancy	workout	clothes	or	know	how	to	do	all	of	those	
exercise	moves	perfectly	to	move	around	and	enjoy	an	
active	life.	
          LITTLE TEXAN

   Baby   Ingredients:
          Breast	milk	
          Loving	support	
            •	Place	mom	and	baby	together	with	skin-to-skin	immediately	
              after	birth.
            •	Stir	in	loving	support	and	breast	milk	until	well	bonded.	
            •	For	best	results	add	no	other	foods	or	liquids	(other	than	
              breast	milk)	for	the	first	six	months.
            •	Next,	slowly	mix	in	iron-rich	complementary	foods	in	
              addition	to	breast	milk.
            •	Continue	for	a	minimum	of	1	to	2	years.
            •	When	recipe	is	followed,	a	leaner,	brighter,	healthier	little	
              Texan	will	result.

          Texas Breastfeeding Coalition
You	can	introduce	solids	any	time	between	4	to	6	months	              Salt	(baby’s	kidneys	are	not	strong	enough),	low-fat	foods	
if	your	baby	is	ready.	Until	then,	breast	milk	or	formula	            (not	recommended	for	kids	under	2	years),	undiluted	citrus	
provides	all	the	calories	and	nourishment	your	baby	needs.	A	         and	fruit	juices,	raw	eggs,	artificial	sweeteners,	hot	dogs	and	
baby’s	digestive	system	simply	isn’t	ready	for	solids	until	he	       sausages	that	are	high	in	fat,	foods	with	added	spices	
nears	4	to	6	months.	                                                 and	seasonings.

                                                                      CHOKING HAZARDS
                                                                      Pea-sized	foods	are	the	safest	to	feed	your	child	because	there	
NEVER FEED BABIES THE FOLLOWING FOODS…                                is	less	choking	hazard.	So,	it	is	best	to	cut	or	dice	everything	
A	common	question	asked	by	new	mothers	is	what	types	of	              you	serve	your	baby,	from	fruits	and	vegetables	to	cheese	and	
foods	to	offer	and	what	types	of	foods	to	avoid	when	introducing	     meats.	Small,	hard	foods	like	nuts,	popcorn,	hard	candies	or	
their	babies	to	solids.	At	about	4	to	6	months	of	age,	you	should	    raisins	should	be	avoided	as	your	baby	could	choke	on	them.	
gradually	introduce	new	foods	to	a	baby’s	system.	                    Even	soft	foods	like	marshmallows	and	jelly	candies	can	get	
                                                                      stuck	in	your	baby’s	throat.
Here are some tips about what foods to avoid until your
baby’s first birthday:                                                ALLERGIES
                                                                      It’s	best	to	introduce	new	foods	gradually,	waiting	several	days	
HONEY                                                                 to	make	sure	your	baby	does	not	have	a	bad	reaction	to	the	
Honey	can	harbor	poisonous	botulism	spores.	While	an	                 food	you	introduced.	If	allergies	run	in	your	family,	check	with	
adult’s	intestinal	tract	is	strong	enough	to	prevent	the	growth	      your	doctor	to	come	up	with	the	best	plan	for	introducing	
of	these	spores,	a	baby’s	system	is	not.	This	can	produce	life-       foods	like	cow’s	milk,	nuts,	wheat,	soy,	fish	and	eggs.
threatening,	poisoning	toxins.
                                                                      SO, WHAT CAN I FEED MY BABY?
PEANUT BUTTER                                                         Within	the	first	few	weeks	of	weaning,	it’s	safest	to	feed	
The	sticky	and	thick	consistency	of	peanut	butter	can	make	it	        babies	pureed	foods	like	pureed	carrots,	potatoes,	sweet	
hard	for	an	infant	to	swallow.	Hold	off	on	introducing	peanut	        potatoes,	cooked	apples,	bananas	and	pears.	Packaged	baby	
butter	and	other	thick	buttery	spreads	to	your	child.                 foods	often	contain	a	lot	of	sugar,	so	it’s	actually	healthiest	to	
                                                                      puree	your	own	baby’s	food	so	that	you	know	exactly	what’s	
COW’S MILK                                                            in	his	or	her	meals.
It’s	best	to	stick	with	breast	milk	until	your	child	is	a	year	old	
because	babies	cannot	properly	digest	the	protein	in	cow’s	 
milk.	Additionally,	cow’s	milk	does	not	contain	as	many	
necessary	nutrients	as	breast	milk	and	it	contains	minerals	
that	could	damage	developing	kidneys.
BEEF AND CARROT PUREE                                                COOKED FRUIT PUREE
½	pound	boneless	beef	chuck	roast,	cut	in	1	-	½	inch	chunks	         Fresh,	frozen	or	canned	fruit	(apples,	apricots,	peaches,	pears,	
1	large	(4	ounces)	carrot,	cut	in	1-inch	chunks	                     plums,	prunes,	pineapple	or	dried	fruits)	
  •	Place	beef	in	a	medium	saucepan.	Add	enough	water	to	                •	Wash	and	peel	fruit	if	necessary.	Steam	over	low	heat	with	a	
    cover	beef.	Bring	water	to	a	boil.	Reduce	heat;	simmer,	               small	amount	of	water	until	tender.	Do	not	overcook.	
    covered,	2	hours	or	until	meat	is	fork	tender,	adding	carrot	        •	Cool	and	press	through	the	baby	food	grinder,	blender	or	
    the	last	15	to	20	minutes	of	cooking.	Remove	meat	and	                 food	processor.	Serve.
    carrots.	Reserve	½	cup	cooking	liquid.	                          	
  •	Puree	half	the	beef	with	2	tablespoons	broth.	Repeat	with	
    remaining	beef	and	more	broth.	Puree	carrot	through	a	           BABY BANANAS
    baby	food	grinder	or	miniature	food	processor.	                  Peel	a	ripe	banana	and	thoroughly	fork-mash	until	there	are	
  •	Stir	beef	and	carrots	together.	Add	more	reserved	cooking	       no	lumps	and	the	banana	is	so	mushy	it’s	almost	liquid.	That’s	
    broth	if	desired.	Let	cool.	Use	within	1	day,	or	freeze	up	to	   all	there	is	to	it.	If	your	child	is	still	learning	to	eat	solids,	you	
    1	month.                                                         can	take	a	bit	of	formula	or	breast	milk	and	mix	it	in	with	the	
                                                                     bananas	to	make	it	softer.
Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator                                         Lisa Padilla
Dallas Healthy Start                                                 Health Education Coordinator
                                                                     Dallas Healthy Start

6-ounce	skinless,	boneless	chicken	breast	half	
Large	(12	ounces)	sweet	potato,	peeled	and	cubed	
                                                                     MINI JELLY ROLLS FOR TODDLERS
                                                                     Take	a	slice	of	untoasted	whole	grain	bread.	Remove	crusts.	
                                                                     Spread	with	all	fruit	no-sugar-added	jelly	or	jam.	Roll	bread	
•	In	a	medium	saucepan,	cook	the	sweet	potato,	covered,	in	a	
                                                                     up	in	a	roll.	Insert	a	skinny	carrot	or	celery	stick	or	toothpick	
  small	amount	of	boiling	water	for	20	to	25	minutes	or	until	
                                                                     to	keep	from	unrolling.	Instead	of,	or	in	addition	to,	the	
  very	tender.	Drain	sweet	potatoes,	reserving	cooking	liquid
                                                                     jelly,	use	peanut	butter,	cream	cheese,	tahini,	hummus	or	any	
•	You	can	use	left	over	chicken	or	boil	half	a	chicken	breast.
                                                                     sandwich	spread.	One	of	the	sandwich	spreads	should	be	a	
•	Use	a	fork	or	potato	masher	to	thoroughly	mash	potatoes.	
                                                                     colorful	jelly	so	your	child	can	see	the	swirl.
•	Grind	chicken	in	food	processor.	Mix	ground	chicken	and	
  sweet	potatoes	together.	Add	½	cup	of	the	reserved	cooking	
                                                                     Lisa Padilla
  liquid	or	more	for	the	consistency	your	child	likes.	Use	
                                                                     Health Education Coordinator
  within	1	day	or	freeze	up	to	1	month.	                             Dallas Healthy Start

Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start
Cut	2	or	3	potatoes	into	French	fry	shapes.	You	can	peel	
them	if	you	wish,	but	remember	that	the	peels	have	a	lot	of	
nutrients.	Put	the	cut-up	potatoes	in	a	bowl	and	toss	them	
with	melted	butter.	Use	only	about	1	teaspoon	of	melted	
butter.	Spread	potatoes	on	a	cookie	sheet	sprayed	with	non-
stick	cooking	spray.	Bake	in	pre-heated	400	degree	oven	for	
20	minutes	or	until	browned.                                      Having a
Variations:	Sprinkle	some	Parmesan	cheese	and/or	parsley	on	
those	fries	before	they	go	into	the	oven	or	use	sweet	potatoes	
instead	of	white	potatoes	for	an	extra	boost	of	vitamin	A.        Healthy Family
Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start

2	tablespoons	shortening	
1	egg	
½	cup	sugar	 	        	
¼	teaspoon	salt
1	teaspoon	baking	powder		          	
1	teaspoon	water
½	teaspoon	vanilla										
1½	cup	baby	cereal	
  •	Heat	oven	to	300	degrees.	Mix	shortening	and	sugar.	Add	
    eggs,	baking	soda,	salt,	vanilla	and	water.	Mix	until	well	
  •	Gradually	stir	in	cereal.	Knead	until	smooth.	Pat	into	
    rectangle.	Cut	into	12	1-inch	bars.	Smooth	edges	so	they	
    will	not	be	sharp.	Place	on	ungreased	sheet.	
  •	Bake	20-30	minutes	or	until	dry.	Store	in	uncovered	
    container	overnight.

Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start
                                                       BAKED APPLE-CINNAMON FRENCH TOAST
4	cups	love		 	
                                                       3	cups	nonfat	milk
1	large	bunch	smiles	
                                                       2	cups	pasteurized	liquid	egg	whites	(such	as	Egg	Beaters®)
1	barrel	laughter
                                                       3	tablespoons	honey
2	cups	loyalty
                                                       1½	teaspoons	vanilla	extract
5	spoons	hope	      	      	
                                                       ¼	teaspoon	salt
1	cup	friendship
                                                       1	(1	pound)	loaf	sliced	whole-wheat	bread
3	cups	forgiveness	
                                                       1	cup	chopped	dried	apples	(3	ounces)
2	spoons	tenderness
                                                       ½	cup	raisins
4	quarts	faith
                                                       1½	teaspoons	ground	cinnamon
3	pints	consideration	for	others
                                                       ½	teaspoon	ground	nutmeg
                                                       1	tablespoon	confectioners’	sugar
Take	love	and	loyalty,	mix	thoroughly	with	faith.	
Blend	with	tenderness,	kindness	and	understanding.
                                                         •	 Whisk	milk,	egg	whites,	honey,	vanilla	and	salt	in	a	large	bowl.
Add	hope,	friendship	and	abundant	laughter.
                                                         •	Trim	crusts	off	8	bread	slices	and	set	aside.	Cut	the	crusts	
Top	freely	with	smiles	and	consideration	for	others.
                                                            and	the	remaining	bread	into	1-inch	pieces.	
Bake	with	bright	sunshine.
                                                         •	Toss	with	dried	apples,	raisins,	cinnamon	and	nutmeg	in	
                                                            another	large	bowl.
Serve	daily	in	generous	helpings.	
                                                         •	Coat	a	9-by-13-inch	baking	pan	with	cooking	spray.	
                                                         •	Transfer	the	bread	mixture	to	the	pan.	Lay	the	reserved	
                                                            crustless	slices	evenly	on	top,	trimming	to	fit.	
                                                         •	Whisk	the	milk	mixture	one	more	time,	then	pour	evenly	
                                                            over	the	bread.	Press	the	bread	down	with	the	back	of	a	
                                                            wooden	spoon,	making	sure	it’s	evenly	moist.	
                                                         •	Cover	with	parchment	paper,	then	foil	and	refrigerate	for	at	
                                                            least	8	hours	and	up	to	24	hours.
                                                         •	Preheat	oven	to	350	degrees.
                                                         •		 ake	the	casserole,	covered,	for	40	minutes.	
                                                         •	Uncover	and	continue	baking	until	puffed,	set	and	lightly	
                                                            browned,	about	20	minutes	more.	
                                                         •	Let	stand	for	10	minutes;	dust	with	confectioners’	sugar	
                                                            and	serve.

                                                       Jonnel Ford
                                                       Dallas Healthy Start
  BREAKFAST PIZZA                                                                    SILVER DOLLAR PANCAKES WITH RASPBERRIES
  1	tube	reduced-fat	refrigerated	crescent	rolls	                                    1	cup	all-purpose	flour	
  1	cup	crumbled	cooked	breakfast	sausage	                                           ½	cup	whole-grain	wheat	flour	
  1	cup	frozen	hash	browns,	thawed	                                                  2	tablespoons	sugar	
  1	cup	(4	ounces)	shredded	cheddar	cheese	                                          1¾	teaspoons	baking	powder	
  Chopped	onions	and/or	bell	peppers	(optional)	                                     ¼	teaspoon	salt	
  Hot	sauce	(optional)	                                                              1	cup	fat-free	skim	milk	
  5	eggs	                                                                            2	large	egg	whites	
  ¼	cup	milk	                                                                        Cooking	spray	
  Salt	and	pepper	to	taste	                                                          1	cup	fresh	raspberries	
    •	 Preheat	the	oven	to	375	degrees.	Open	the	tube	of	crescent	                   •	Combine	the	all-purpose	flour,	wheat	flour,	sugar,	baking	
       roll	dough	and	arrange	it	on	a	work	surface.	Separate	the	                      powder	and	salt	in	a	large	bowl.
       dough	into	triangles	along	the	perforated	lines.	Arrange	the	                   M
                                                                                     •		 ix	well	with	a	large	spoon.	Set	aside.
       triangles	on	a	round	pizza	pan	with	the	points	toward	the	                      I
                                                                                     •		 n	a	medium	bowl,	mix	the	milk	and	the	egg	whites	with	a	
       center.	Press	the	edges	together	lightly	to	form	the	pizza	crust.	              fork.
    •	Add	the	toppings.	Sprinkle	the	sausage,	hash	browns	and	                         A
                                                                                     •		 dd	the	milk	mixture	to	the	flour	mixture	and	mix	until	
       cheese	evenly	over	the	crust.	Top	with	onions,	bell	peppers	                    almost	smooth.
       and	hot	sauce.	                                                                 S
                                                                                     •		 pray	a	griddle	or	large	nonstick	skillet	with	cooking	spray.
    •	Place	the	eggs	and	milk	in	a	mixing	bowl	and	beat	with	a	                        P
                                                                                     •		 reheat	the	griddle	or	skillet	over	medium-high	heat.
       whisk	until	smooth.	Pour	the	mixture	evenly	over	the	pizza.	                    S
                                                                                     •		 poon	1	heaping	tablespoon	of	batter	onto	the	hot	griddle	
       Sprinkle	with	salt	and	pepper.	                                                 for	each	pancake.
    •	Use	an	oven	mitt	to	place	the	pizza	in	the	oven.	Bake	for	                       C
                                                                                     •		 ook	pancakes	about	2	minutes	or	until	bubbles	appear	
       30	minutes	or	until	the	eggs	are	set	and	the	crust	is	golden	                   around	the	edges.
       brown.	Check	the	pizza	occasionally	to	be	sure	it	doesn’t	                      F
                                                                                     •		 lip	and	cook	1	minute	on	the	other	side.
       get	too	brown.	Remove	the	pizza	from	the	oven	with	an	                          S
                                                                                     •		 erve	the	pancakes	with	fresh	raspberries.	
       oven	mitt	and	cut	it	into	wedges	with	a	pizza	cutter.
                                                                                     Lisa Padilla
  Lisa Padilla                                                                       Health Education Coordinator
  Health Education Coordinator                                                       Dallas Healthy Start
  Dallas Healthy Start
                                                                                     PUMPKIN SPICE OATMEAL
                                                                                     Prepare	your	oatmeal	with	milk	or	soymilk	instead	of	water	to	
                                                                                     add	protein,	minerals	and	vitamins.	Regular	oats	are	well	worth	
                                                                                     the	5	minutes	of	cooking	time,	but	you	can	use	plain	instant	
                                                                                     oatmeal.	Just	try	one	of	these	variations	for	a	tasty	treat.	
“I went to a restaurant that serves ‘breakfast at any time’. So I ordered French     Stir	in	a	dollop	of	canned	pumpkin	puree,	plus	a	sprinkle	of	
Toast during the Renaissance.”                                                       ginger,	nutmeg,	cinnamon	and	brown	sugar.
                                                                   - Steven Wright
                                                                                    SOUPS AND SALADS
 Add	sliced	fresh	berries	or	thawed	frozen	strawberries	with	
 their	juice	to	the	cooked	oatmeal.	Then	swirl	in	a	little	                         AVOCADO, ORANGE AND RED ONION SALAD
 strawberry	jam	for	sweetness.	                                                     1	large	ripe	Hass	avocado,	pitted,	peeled	and	sliced
                                                                                    3	navel	oranges,	peel	and	white	pith	removed,	sliced
 Lisa Padilla                                                                       1	small	red	onion,	thinly	sliced
 Health Education Coordinator                                                       ¼	cup	cilantro	leaves
 Dallas Healthy Start                                                               Juice	of	1	lime
                                                                                    1	tablespoon	extra-virgin	olive	oil
 WAKE-UP SMOOTHIE                                                                   ¼	teaspoon	each	kosher	salt	and	freshly	ground	pepper	
 1¼	cups	orange	juice,	preferably	calcium-fortified
 1	banana                                                                           •	Arrange	avocado,	orange	and	onion	slices	on	a	serving	plate	
 1¼	cups	frozen	berries,	such	as	raspberries,	blackberries,	                          and	scatter	cilantro	on	top.	
 blueberries	and/or	strawberries                                                    •	Drizzle	with	lime	juice	and	olive	oil,	then	season	with	salt	
 ½	cup	low-fat	silken	tofu	or	low-fat	plain	yogurt                                    and	pepper.	
 1	tablespoon	sugar	or	Splenda	Granular	(optional)
                                                                                    Samantha Moya
 Combine	orange	juice,	banana,	berries,	tofu	(or	yogurt)	and	                       Bilingual Specialist
 sugar	(or	Splenda)	in	a	blender.	Cover	and	blend	until	creamy.	                    Educational First Step
 Serve	immediately.
                                                                                    COWBOY STEW
 Lisa Padilla                                                                       1	pound	ground	beef	
 Health Education Coordinator                                                       ½	cup	chopped	onion	
 Dallas Healthy Start                                                               1	(10	ounce)	can	tomatoes	with	green	chilies	
                                                                                    1	(14	ounce)	can	stewed	tomatoes	
                                                                                    1	(15	ounce)	can	cream-style	corn	
                                                                                    1	(16	ounce)	can	mixed	vegetables,	drained	
                                                                                    1	(13	ounce)	can	Spanish	rice	
                                                                                      •	Brown	the	ground	beef	with	the	onion	in	a	skillet,	stirring	
                                                                                        until	the	ground	beef	is	crumbly,	then	drain.	
                                                                                      •	Add	tomatoes	with	green	chilies,	stewed	tomatoes,	corn,	
                                                                                        mixed	vegetables	and	Spanish	rice	and	mix	well.	
                                                                                      •	Simmer	for	1	hour.

                                                                                    Lisa Padilla
                                                                                    Health Educator Coordinator
“I’ve been on a diet for two weeks and all I’ve lost is two weeks.”                 Dallas Healthy Start
                                                                   - Totie Fields
SIMPLE SALAD WITH FRESH BAKED CHICKEN                                                             MINESTRONE
4	fresh	boneless	skinless	chicken	breasts                                                         1	package	ramen	noodles,	any	flavor
2	teaspoons	garlic	powder                                                                         1	can	(10.75	ounces)	condensed	tomato	soup
Black	pepper	                                                                                     8	ounces	spicy	smoked	sausage,	thinly	sliced
2	tablespoons	olive	oil                                                                           ¼	cup	cooked	sliced	celery
Basic	Vinaigrette	(see	recipe)                                                                    ¼	cup	cooked	sliced	carrots
Salad	greens	of	choice                                                                            ¼	cup	canned	peas
Grapefruit	sections	(fresh	or	jarred)                                                             ½	cup	canned	green	beans
Sliced	avocado                                                                                    ½	cup	canned	kidney	beans,	rinsed	and	drained
Poppy	seed	salad	dressing                                                                         Salt	and	pepper,	to	taste
 •	Preheat	oven	to	375	degrees.	Rinse	chicken,	pat	dry	and	                                         •	Cook	noodles	in	water	according	to	package	direction.	Do	
    place	in	a	baking	dish.	Sprinkle	with	garlic	and	black	                                           not	drain.	Add	tomato	soup,	sausage	and	vegetables.	
    pepper	to	taste.	Rub	with	olive	oil.	                                                           •	Simmer	5-10	minutes.	Add	more	water	by	tablespoon	if	
 •	Cook	approximately	35-45	minutes	depending	on	size	of	                                             soup	is	too	thick.	
    chicken	pieces.	To	check	for	doneness,	slice	the	center	of	the	                                 •	Season	with	salt	and	pepper.	Makes	2	servings.	
    chicken.	Juices	should	be	clear	and	there	should	
				be	no	redness.                                                                                Martha Maldonado
 •	Chop	one	chicken	breast	into	chunks.	Top	with	salad	                                           Health Educator
    greens,	fruit,	avocado	and	2	tablespoons	of	poppy	seed	                                       Dallas Healthy Start
 •	You	may	double	or	triple	the	number	of	breasts	so	that	
    you	have	ready-to-eat	meals	throughout	the	week	in	a	
    snap.	Vary	the	vegetables	to	include	olives,	feta	cheese	and	
    artichokes	then	top	with	vinaigrette	to	have	Mediterranean	
    salad.	Or,	use	strawberries	and	pecans	on	spinach;	top	with	
    raspberry	vinaigrette.	Orange	sections	and	almonds	are	
				also	good.	
 •	Basic vinaigrette: ¼	teaspoon	of	vinegar,	1	teaspoon	of	
    honey,	sprinkle	of	garlic	powder,	pinch	of	salt	and	pepper	
    to	taste.	Shake	in	a	small	jar	to	dissolve,	then	add	½	cup	
    olive	oil.	Shake	well	and	spoon	approx	2	tablespoon	on	top	
    of	salad.	Refrigerate	unused	portion.

Chrysanne Randal, BSN, RN 																																																																			
Quality Assurance,
Community Health Services                                                                       My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four; unless there are
Texas Department of State Health Services, Region 2/3                                           three other people.”
                                                                                                                                                              - Orson Wellesg
CHUNKY MINESTRONE SOUP                                                SPRING SALAD
2	tablespoons	of	olive	oil										                                  2	package	chicken	ramen	noodles,	with	seasoning	packets
2	large	carrots                                                       2	teaspoons	sesame	oil
1	garlic	clove,	crushed							                                        3	tablespoons	lemon	juice	
Savoy	cabbage                                                         1
                                                                        / 3 	 cup	vegetable	oil
2	sticks	celery														                                         2	teaspoons	sugar
1	large	onion                                                         1	cup	halved	red	and/or	green	seedless	grapes
1	bunch	baby	spinach                                                  ½	diced	red	and/or	green	apple
1	can	of	tomatoes                                                     ½	diced	pineapple	chunks
2	cans	of	vegetable	stock                                             3	tablespoons	chopped	green	onion
Spaghetti	(broken)	or	elbow	macaroni                                  8	ounces	smoked	turkey	breast,	cut	in	strips
1	can	of	great	Northern	beans                                         ¼	cup	walnut	pieces
  •	Heat	olive	oil	in	large	stock	pot.	                                 •	Cook	noodles	in	water	according	to	package	direction	and	
  •	Finely	chop	carrots,	celery	and	onion.	Saute	in	oil	for	5	             drain.	Rinse	with	cold	water.	Add	sesame	oil	and	refrigerate.
    minutes	or	until	softened.	                                         •	For	dressing,	combine	lemon	juice,	vegetable	oil,	seasoning	
  •	When	vegetables	soften	add	vegetable	stock,	garlic	and	                packets	and	sugar.	Pour	over	noodles	then	add	remaining	
    tomatoes.	Bring	to	a	boil.	Turn	down	heat	and	simmer	for	              ingredients.	Toss	to	coat.	Makes	2-4	servings.	
    30	to	40	minutes.	Add	beans	and	spaghetti,	and	bring	to	the	
    boil,	then	simmer	again	until	the	spaghetti	or	pasta	is	soft.	    Martha Maldonado
  •	Two	minutes	before	cooking	time	is	finished,	add	pieces	of	       Health Educator
    shredded	Savoy	cabbage	and	spinach.	Serve	with	sprinkled	         Dallas Healthy Start
    parmesan	and	crusty	bread.

Sherrie Godfrey
Administrative Assistant
Garland Health Center

                                                                     Watermelon -- it’s a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face.
                                                                                                                                  - Enrico Caruso
MAIN DISHES                                                       TURKEY VEGETABLE WRAPS
                                                                  2	cups	chopped	smoked	turkey	breast	(about	8	ounces)	
                                                                  2	cups	salad	greens	
LOW-CAL MEAT LOAF                                                 ½	cup	fresh	canned	corn,	drained	
1	pound	lean	ground	beef																																				      ½	cup	chopped	red	bell	pepper	
2	cups	shredded	cabbage	                                          ¼	cup	thinly	sliced	green	onions	(optional)
1	medium	green	pepper,	shredded                                   3	tablespoons	light	ranch	dressing	
1	teaspoon	salt                                                   4	(8-inch)	flour	tortillas	
1	tablespoon	dried	onion	flakes                                   	
                                                                    •	Combine	first	6	ingredients	in	a	large	bowl,	tossing	well	to	
•	 Thoroughly	combine	all	ingredients.	Shape	into	loaf	pan.           coat.	Warm	tortillas	according	to	package	directions.	
•	 Cook	at	350	degrees	for	20-30	minutes.	                          •	Top	each	tortilla	with	1	cup	turkey	mixture	and	roll	up.	
                                                                    •	Cut	each	wrap	in	half	diagonally.	
Deborah Lane
Consortium Coordinator                                            Lisa Padilla
Dallas Healthy Start                                              Health Education Coordinator
                                                                  Dallas Healthy Start

STELL’S TACO SAUCE                                                FIVE-INGREDIENT ONE-DISH MEAL
1	bell	pepper                                                     1	pound	lean	ground	beef
1	yellow	or	red	onion                                             1	can	cut	green	beans,	drained
1	jalepeno	(fresh)                                                1	can	whole-kernel	corn,	drained
1	(14	ounce)	can	whole	tomatoes	(fresh	tomatoes	can	be	used)      1	can	condensed	cream	of	mushroom	soup
1	clove	garlic                                                    4	cups	mashed	potatoes,	prepared
1	tablespoon	white	wine	vinegar                                   	
Salt	and	pepper	to	taste                                            •	Brown	ground	beef;	drain.	In	a	2-quart	casserole	dish,	
	                                                                     combine	beef,	beans,	corn	and	soup.	Cover	with	mashed	
  •	Add	first	5	ingredients	to	a	food	processor.	Chop	until	          potatoes.	
    desired	consistency.                                            •	Bake	at	375	degrees	for	25	to	30	minutes	or	until	browned	
  •	Add	vinegar	and	salt	and	pepper.                                  and	heated	through.	

Makes a great hot sauce dip or great on tacos.                    Angela Flowers
                                                                  Case Manager
Sue Pickens                                                       Dallas Healthy Start
Director Of Population Medicine
Parkland Health & Hospital System
                                                               “In my experience, clever food is not appreciated at Christmas. It makes the little
                                                               ones cry and the old ones nervous.”
                                                                                                                    -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
CHICKEN SPAGHETTI                                                MEAT LOAF
4	chicken	breasts,	cooked	and	chopped                            2	pounds	ground	beef
1	can	Ro-Tel®	tomatoes,	diced                                    5	to	6	crackers,	crumbled	into	meat
16	ounces	Velveeta®	cheese,	diced	into	cubes                     Diced	onion	(small)
16	ounces	of	spaghetti	noodles,	cooked                           ¼	bell	pepper	
1	can	cream	of	mushroom	soup                                     1	tablespoon	mustard
                                                                 2	eggs
•	In	large	boiler	on	medium-low	heat,	combine	tomatoes,	         Dash	of	salt	and	pepper
  cheese	and	soup	until	melted.	                                 1	tablespoon	ketchup
•	Stir	in	chicken	and	mix	well,	then	add	spaghetti.	             	
•	Pour	into	a	greased	casserole	and	bake	at	350	degrees	for	       •	Mash	ingredients	with	hands.	Make	2	to	3	big	rolls.	Place	
  20	minutes	or	until	bubbly.                                        in	oblong	pan.
                                                                   •	Cook	at	350	degrees	for	60	minutes.	
Angela Flowers
Case Manager                                                     Angela Flowers
Dallas Healthy Start                                             Case Manager
                                                                 Dallas Healthy Start
1	tablespoon	vegetable	oil	                                      BROCCOLI, CHEESE AND RICE CASSEROLE
½	medium	onion,	chopped	                                         1	cup	uncooked	instant	rice	
2	cloves	garlic,	minced	                                         ½	cup	chopped	onion	
2	cups	long-grain	white	rice	                                    ¼	cup	fat-free	milk	
4	cups	hot	water	                                                4	ounces	light	processed	cheese,	cubed	
½	teaspoon	salt	                                                 2	tablespoons	butter	or	stick	margarine,	softened	
½	cup	fresh	or	frozen	corn,	peas,	carrots	or	peppers	            2	(10	ounce)	packages	frozen	chopped	broccoli,	thawed	and	
•	In	medium	pan,	heat	oil	and	sauté	onion,	garlic,	and	rice.	    1	(10	¾	ounce)	can	condensed	reduced-fat,	reduced-sodium	
    Add	hot	water	and	salt.	Bring	to	a	full	boil.	               cream	of	mushroom	soup,	undiluted	
 •	Cover	and	simmer	for	15	minutes	without	stirring.	If	
    desired,	add	vegetables,	cover	and	cook	for	an	additional	   •	Preheat	oven	to	350	degrees.	
    5	minutes.	                                                  •	Combine	all	ingredients	in	a	large	bowl	and	spoon	into	a	
 •	Uncover,	stir	rice	one	full	turn	and	cover	again.	              2-quart	casserole.	
				Turn	heat	off.	                                              •	Bake	at	350	degrees	for	45	minutes.	
 •	Let	stand	15	minutes	before	serving.
                                                                 Lisa Padilla
Lisa Padilla                                                     Health Education Coordinator
Health Education Coordinator                                     Dallas Healthy Start
Dallas Healthy Start
BEEF AND BROCCOLI STIR-FRY                                             BEEF ‘N’ POTATO NOODLES
1	pound	beef	steak	strips                                              1	pound	lean	ground	beef
1	tablespoon	oil                                                       2	cups	cubed	potatoes
2	cups	broccoli	pieces                                                 2	cups	diced	tomatoes
1	cup	green	onions,	cut	in	strips                                      2	packages	beef	ramen	noodles,	with	seasoning	packets
2	tablespoons	soy	sauce
¼	teaspoon	crushed	red	pepper                                          •	In	a	frying	pan,	brown	beef	with	seasoning	packets	until	
2	packages	beef	ramen	noodles,	with	seasoning	packets                    done.	Add	potatoes	and	cook	until	tender.	
	                                                                      •	Cook	noodles	in	water	according	to	package	directions	and	
•	 In	a	frying	pan,	brown	and	drain	beef.	Add	oil,	both	                 drain.	Stir	in	tomatoes,	add	noodles	to	beef	mixture	and	
   seasoning	packets,	broccoli	and	onions.	Stir	fry	5	minutes            simmer	5	minutes.	Makes	2	to	4	servings.
•	 Add	soy	sauce	and	red	pepper.	Simmer	5	minutes	more
•	 Cook	noodles	in	water	according	to	package	direction	and	           Martha Maldonado
   drain.	Serve	beef	mixture	over	warm	noodles.	Makes	2	to	4	          Public Health Educator
   servings.                                                           Dallas Healthy Start

Martha Maldonado                                                       CHICKEN DELICIOUS
Public Health Educator                                                 1	to	1.5	pounds	boneless	skinless	chicken	breasts
Dallas Healthy Start                                                   4	to	6	slices	of	swiss	cheese
                                                                       1	can	cream	of	chicken	soup
EASY FETTUCCINE ALFREDO                                                ¼	cup	white	cooking	wine
1	(8	ounce)	package	cream	cheese,	cubed                                Pepperidge	Farm®	herbed	stuffing	mix	(shredded	kind)
1	cup	grated	Parmesan	cheese                                           Margarine
½	cup	butter	or	margarine                                              	
½	cup	milk                                                               •	Preheat	oven	to	350	degrees.	Layer	chicken	breasts	in	a	
8	ounces	fettuccine,	cooked,	drained                                       single	layer	on	the	bottom	of	a	glass	casserole	dish.	Top	
                                                                           with	a	layer	of	swiss	cheese	slices.	
•	Stir	cream	cheese,	Parmesan	cheese,	butter	and	milk	in	large	          •	Combine	soup	with	wine	and	stir	until	smooth.	Spread	on	
  saucepan	on	low	heat	until	smooth.	                                      top	of	chicken	and	cheese.	Sprinkle	heavily	with	stuffing	
•	Add	fettuccine;	toss	lightly.	Serve	with	additional	Parmesan	            mix.	Dot	with	5	to	6	dots	of	margarine.	
  cheese,	if	desired.	                                                   •	Bake	for	45	to	60	minutes	or	until	chicken	is	fork	tender.

Try serving with Italian bread and a salad tossed with your favorite   Margaret O’Brien Caughy, ScD
dressing, such as balsamic vinaigrette.                                Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences and
                                                                       Director, Maternal and Child Health Training Program
Samantha Moya                                                          University of Texas School of Public Health
Bilingual Specialist
Educational First Step
CRANBERRY TURKEY                                                        PUFFY TACOS STUFFED WITH GROUND BEEF
2	to	4	pounds	boneless	turkey	breast                                    2	pounds	ground	beef
1	can	cranberry	sauce                                                   ½	onion,	chopped
1	package	onion	soup	mix                                                3	cloves	garlic,	minced
                                                                        3	jalapeno	peppers,	chopped
•	Place	turkey	breast	in	slow	cooker.		                                 1	tablespoon	chili	powder
•	Combine	cranberry	sauce	and	onion	soup	mix	and	stir	until	            1	tablespoon	cumin
  smooth.	                                                              1	tablespoon	Mexican	oregano
•	Spread	sauce	mixture	on	top	of	turkey.	                               2	tablespoons	fresh	cilantro
•	Cover	and	cook	on	high	for	2-3	hours	or	low	for	6-7	hours	            ½	teaspoon	powdered	cayenne	pepper
  or	until	internal	temperature	is	160	degree.	                         ½	cup	salsa
•	Remove	turkey	from	slow	cooker	and	slice	on	platter.	                 Salt	and	pepper	to	taste
                                                                        ¼	cup	oil
If you haven’t discovered them yet, I highly recommend Reynold’s®       1	tablespoon	lime	juice
Slow Cooker Liners. It’s like a bag you put into the slow cooker. You   Puffy	taco	shells	(see	recipe	on	next	page)
just pull it out and throw it away. Makes clean up a snap.
                                                                        •	Heat	oil	in	skillet	on	medium	heat.
Margaret O’Brien Caughy, ScD                                            •	 Throw	in	onions	and	peppers	and	cook	for	about	10	minutes.
Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences and                          •	Add	garlic	and	cook	for	2	minutes.
Director, Maternal and Child Health Training Program                    •	Add	all	the	other	ingredients	except	the	lime	juice,	stirring	
University of Texas School of Public Health                               occasionally	until	meat	is	brown.
                                                                        •	Cover	skillet,	turn	heat	down	to	low	and	simmer	for	about	
BLACK BEAN & ZUCCHINI QUESADILLA                                          20	minutes,	stirring	occasionally.
1	cup	chopped	zucchini	                                                 •	Stir	in	lime	juice.
½	cup	canned	black	beans,	rinsed	and	drained	
2	teaspoons	olive	oil	                                                  Joanne Tenery
1	teaspoon	cumin	                                                       Patient Relations Manager
2	whole	wheat	tortillas	                                                Parkland Community Health Plan
¼	cup	shredded	cheddar	cheese	
2	tablespoons	salsa	
  •	Saute	first	4	ingredients	for	5	minutes.	Place	mixture	on	
    tortillas;	sprinkle	with	cheese.	
  •	Fold	in	half	and	cook	in	pan	until	cheese	melts	and	tortilla	
    is	toasted.	Top	with	salsa.

Linda Clemente
Dallas Healthy Start
   PUFFY TACO SHELLS                                                                CHICKEN ENCHILADA CASSEROLE
   2	cups	masa	harina                                                               3	cups	shredded,	cooked	chicken	
   1¼	cups	water                                                                    ½	cup	water
   ¼	teaspoon	salt                                                                  1	packet	(1.25	ounce)	taco	seasoning	
   1	quart	peanut	or	canola	oil                                                     1	cup	salsa	verde	
                                                                                    9	fajita-size	flour	tortillas	
    •	Mix	masa	harina,	water	and	salt	together	until	it	forms	a	                    1	can	(15.5	ounces)	refried	beans,	warmed	in	microwave	
      soft	ball.	If	it’s	too	dry,	add	a	bit	more	water,	a	tablespoon	               8	ounces	sour	cream	
      at	a	time.                                                                    3	cups	shredded	cheddar	cheese	
    •	Divide	dough	into	16	equal	balls,	and	press	out	with	a	
      tortilla	press	or	roll	out	with	a	rolling	pin.                                •	Heat	oven	to	350	degrees.	Mix	chicken,	taco	seasoning,	
    •	Keep	pressed	discs	covered	with	a	damp	cloth.                                 				½	cup	water	and	salsa	verde	in	a	skillet.	Simmer	on									
    •	Heat	up	two	inches	of	oil	in	a	pot	or	skillet	to	350	degrees.                 				medium	heat	for	10	minutes.	
    •	Gently	place	a	disc	in	the	hot	oil	and	it	should	immediately	                  •	Coat	13-by-9-by-2-inch	pan	with	nonstick	cooking	spray.	
      start	to	puff.	After	five	seconds,	make	an	indention	in	the	                      Cover	bottom	of	pan	with	3	flour	tortillas,	overlapping.	
      center	so	it	forms	a	V	shape	with	a	spatula.                                      Pour	half	of	the	chicken	mixture	on	the	tortillas.	Cover	
    •	Gently	cook	the	shell	on	each	side	until	light	brown	and	                         with	3	more	tortillas.	Spread	with	warmed	beans	and	the	
      crispy	(about	20	seconds	for	each	side).                                          sour	cream.	
    •	Remove	from	oil	and	drain	on	a	paper	towel.                                    •	Sprinkle	half	the	cheese	over	the	beans	and	sour	cream,	and	
    •	Stuff	with	spicy	ground	beef,	shredded	iceberg	lettuce,	diced	                    cover	with	the	remaining	3	tortillas.	Top	with	remaining	
      tomatoes,	grated	cheddar	and	salsa	and	serve	immediately.                         chicken	mixture,	followed	by	remaining	cheese.	Bake	at	350	
    •	Makes	16	tacos.	                                                                  degrees	for	25	to	28	minutes,	until	bubbly.	

   Joanne Tenery                                                                    Linda Clemente
   Patient Relations Manager                                                        Caseworker
   Parkland Community Health Plan                                                   Dallas Healthy Start

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served
the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.”
                                                                 - Calvin Trillin
MEXICAN CASSEROLE                                                         CARROT COINS
2	package	chicken	mushroom	ramen	noodles	(with	seasoning	                 1	pound	carrots	
packets)                                                                  1	tablespoon	butter	
1	cup	cubed	Monterey	Jack	cheese                                          2	tablespoons	brown	sugar	
½	cup	diced	green	chiles                                                  1	teaspoon	water	
¼	sliced	black	olives                                                     	
1	cup	sour	cream                                                            •	Peel	the	carrots,	then	slice	each	one	into	rounds.	Place	the	
1	cup	grated	cheddar	cheese                                                   carrot	coins	in	a	microwave-safe	bowl,	cover	with	water,	
¼	cup	grated	Parmesan	cheese                                                  then	cover	the	bowl	with	plastic	wrap.	
½	cup	crushed	corn	chips                                                    •	Microwave	for	6	to	7	minutes	or	until	the	carrots	are	tender	
                                                                              but	not	mushy.	Drain	the	water	and	set	the	carrots	aside.
•	Preheat	oven	to	400	degrees.                                              •	In	a	small	frying	pan,	melt	the	butter,	stir	in	the	brown	
•	Cook	noodles	in	water	according	to	package	direction;	                      sugar	and	water,	and	cook	for	1	minute.	Add	the	carrot	
  rinse	with	cold	water.	Combine	noodles,	seasoning	packets,	                 coins	and	toss	to	coat	with	the	brown	sugar	mixture.	
  Monterey	Jack	cheese,	chiles	and	olives.	Stir	in	sour	cream.	             •	Cook	on	low	for	3	to	4	minutes	or	until	the	carrots	are	
•	Spoon	noodle	mixture	into	a	greased	casserole	dish.	                        thoroughly	glazed.	Serves	4.
  Sprinkle	with	remaining	cheese	and	chips.	
•	Bake	20	minutes	or	until	brown	and	bubbly.	Makes	2-4	                   Lisa Padilla
  serving.	                                                               Health Education Coordinator
                                                                          Dallas Healthy Start
Martha Maldonado
Health Educator
Dallas Healthy Start

2	packages	ramen	noodles,	any	flavor
1	pound	ground	beef	or	sausage,	browned	and	drained
Grated	Parmesan	cheese
1	to	2	cups	spaghetti	sauce	

•	 Cook	noodles	in	water	according	to	package	direction	and	drain.	
•	 In	a	saucepan,	heat	sauce	and	cooked	beef	over	medium	heat	
  3-5	minutes,	or	until	heated	through.	Spoon	sauce	over	warm	
  noodles	and	then	sprinkle	with	cheese.	Makes	2-4	servings.	

Martha Maldonado
                                                                      “I don’t like food that’s too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the chef
Health Educator
                                                                      is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. If I wanted
Dallas Healthy Start                                                  a picture I’d buy a painting.”
                                                                                                                                        - Andy Rooney
ELLIE KRIEGER’S PITA PIZZAS                                                 DESSERTS
4	whole-wheat	pita	breads	
1	cup	pasta	sauce	from	a	jar	or	can	                                  MUDDER’S PUMPKIN PIE
1½	cups	shredded	part-skim	mozzarella	cheese	                         1	cup	pumpkin	pie	filling	(1	can	of	pumpkin	makes	two	pies)
1	teaspoon	dried	oregano	                                             1	unbaked	pie	shell
2	cups	sliced	mushrooms	                                              1	cup	sugar
	                                                                     1	tablespoon	cornstarch
  •	Preheat	the	oven	to	400	degrees.	                                 1	teaspoon	vanilla
  •		 lice	each	pita	bread	in	half	horizontally	to	make	two	          1	teaspoon	cinnamon
    rounds.	                                                          ¼	teaspoon	ground	ginger
  •		 lace	the	pita	rounds,	cut	side	up,	onto	two	baking	sheets.	     2	large	eggs,	separated
  •		 pread	2	tablespoons	pasta	sauce	on	each	round.	                 1½	cup	milk
  •		 prinkle	with	the	cheese	and	oregano,	and	top	with	the	          Pinch	of	salt
    mushroom	slices.	                                                 nutmeg
  •		 lace	the	baking	sheets	in	the	oven.	Bake	for	10	to	12	
    minutes.	                                                          •	Add	pumpkin	and	dry	ingredients	to	yolk	of	eggs,	stir	until	
  •		 emove	the	baking	sheets	from	the	oven	using	potholders.	           smooth.	Add	milk	and	mix	well.
    Use	a	spatula	to	move	the	pizza	to	four	plates.	                   •	Beat	whites	of	two	eggs	to	a	good	froth.	Pour	into	pumpkin	
                                                                         mixture,	stirring	only	slightly.
Lisa Padilla                                                           •	Pour	mixture	into	unbaked	pie	shell,	sprinkle	top	with	
Health Education Coordinator                                             nutmeg	and	place	in	450	degree	oven	for	10	minutes.
Dallas Healthy Start                                                   •	Turn	heat	down	to	425	degree	for	another	10	minutes.	Turn	
                                                                         heat	down	to	325	degrees	until	done,	about	20	minutes.
                                                                       •	Allow	to	cool	before	cutting.	Refrigerate	leftovers.	

                                                                      Mildred Morita Cruz, RN (retired)

                                                                    “I had a dream last night, I was eating a ten pound marshmallow. I woke up this
                                                                    morning and the pillow was gone.”
                                                                                                                                  - Tommy Cooper
CAPIROTADA (MEXICAN BREAD PUDDING)                                     FRUIT SALAD
This recipe was passed down to me from my Abuela Maria by way          1	handful	coconut	
of my Tia Tillie. This dish is traditional for Lent. There are many    2	tablespoons	orange	juice	concentrate	
variations to this recipe, this just happens to be the one I grew up   3	orange	sections	
with and still eat with my family.                                     4	apple	slices	
                                                                       5	small	mild	cheese	cubes	
1	loaf	white	bread                                                     6	banana	slices	
11/2	cups	shredded	cheddar	cheese                                      7	small	melon	cubes	
4	cups	water                                                           8	seedless	grape	
1	cup	raisins
8	ounces	of	Piloncillo	(found	in	the	Latin	food	section	in		 	         •	Mix	all	ingredients	in	one	large	bowl.	
	 stores)	or	1½	cup	packed	brown	sugar                                 •	Stir	until	fully	mixed.	
2	cinnamon	sticks
                                                                       Lisa Padilla
•	Preheat	oven	to	350	degrees.	                                        Health Education Coordinator
•	Add	water,	raisins	and	Piloncillo	or	brown	sugar	and	                Dallas Healthy Start
  cinnamon	sticks	and	let	mixture	come	to	a	boil	while	
  stirring	occasionally.	Toast	entire	loaf	of	bread.	
                                                                       BANANA PUDDING
•	When	the	mixture	comes	to	boil	take	it	off	the	burner	and	
                                                                       1	(8	ounce)	package	cream	cheese
  let	set	for	10	minutes.	
                                                                       1	(14	ounce)	can	sweetened	condensed	milk
•	Then	proceed	to	layer	in	a	9-by-13	inch	pan	in	the	
                                                                       1	(5	ounce)	package	instant	vanilla	pudding	mix
  following	order:	toasted	bread	on	bottom	of	baking	pan,	a	
                                                                       3	cups	cold	milk
  ladle	of	liquid	mixture,	then	cover	than	with	cheese.	
                                                                       1	teaspoon	vanilla	extract
•	Layer	the	remainder	of	the	ingredients	and	you	should	end	
                                                                       1	(8	ounce)	container	frozen	whipped	topping,	thawed
  with	a	topping	of	cheese.	You	can	add	a	few	more	raisins	
                                                                       4	bananas,	sliced
  to	the	top	if	you	wish.	Bake	in	oven	for	10-15	minutes	until	
                                                                       ½	(12	ounce)	package	vanilla	wafers
  cheese	is	melted.	
                                                                       •	In	a	large	bowl,	beat	cream	cheese	until	fluffy.	Beat	in	
Lisa Padilla
                                                                         condensed	milk,	pudding	mix,	cold	milk	and	vanilla	until	
Health Education Coordinator
                                                                         smooth.	Fold	in	half	of	the	whipped	topping.
Dallas Healthy Start
                                                                       •		 ine	the	bottom	of	a	9-by-13	inch	dish	with	vanilla	wafers.	
                                                                         Arrange	sliced	bananas	evenly	over	wafers.	Spread	with	
                                                                         pudding	mixture.	Top	with	remaining	whipped	topping.	

                                                                       Samantha Moya
                                                                       Bilingual Specialist
                                                                       Educational First Steps
  YUM YUM BROWNIE MUFFINS                                                       TRES LECHES CAKE
  From Hungry Girl Website                                                      1½	cups	cake	flour																										
  1	box	Devil’s	food	cake	mix                                                   1	pinch	salt																																			
  1	(15	ounce)	can	solid	pack	pumpkin	                                          1	teaspoon	baking	powder																					
                                                                                  / 3 	cup	oil																																				
   •	 Mix	the	two	ingredients	together.	Don’t	add	anything	else	                1	cup	sugar																																				
     that	may	be	mentioned	on	the	box,	such	as	eggs,	oil	or	water.	             5	large	eggs																											
   •	The	mixture	will	be	very	thick	and	you	will	be	tempted	to	                 ½	cup	whole	milk	
     add	in	other	things	to	make	the	batter	smoother.	Do	not	do	                Cream	syrup	for	soaking	(see	recipe	on	next	page)																	
     this	as	it	will	ruin	everything.                                           1	teaspoon	vanilla	extract
   •	Place	batter	into	muffin	tins	(or	mini	muffin	tins)	lined	with	            													
     paper	or	sprayed	with	non-stick	spray.	                                      •	Combine	flour,	baking	powder	and	salt.	
   •	Bake	at	400	degrees	for	20	minutes.	                                         •	In	a	separate	bowl,	combine	the	oil,	sugar	and	1	teaspoon	
                                                                                     vanilla	extract.	
  Samantha Moya                                                                   •	Add	the	eggs	to	the	sugar	mixture	one	at	a	time	until	well	
  Bilingual Specialist                                                               combined.	Stir	in	the	milk,	then	gently	fold	in	the	flour	
  Educational First Steps                                                            mixture	a	little	at	a	time.	
                                                                                  •	Pour	batter	into	a	lightly	greased	cake	pan	or	baking	dish	
  BROWN SUGAR SMOKIES                                                                and	bake	at	325	degrees	for	30-40	minutes	or	until	it	feels	
  1	(16	ounce)	package	little	smoked	sausages                                        firm	and	an	inserted	toothpick	comes	out	clean.	
  1	pound	bacon                                                                   •	Let	the	cake	cool	until	room	temperature.	Turn	it	over	onto	
  1	cup	brown	sugar,	or	to	taste	                                                    a	platter	with	raised	edges.	
                                                                                  •	Pierce	cake	with	a	fork	20-30	times.	Let	it	cool	in	the	
   •	Preheat	oven	to	350	degrees.	                                                   refrigerator	for	an	additional	30	minutes.	
   •	Cut	bacon	into	thirds	and	wrap	each	strip	around	a	little	                   •	Top	with	cream	syrup	(recipe/directions	found	on	
     sausage.	Place	the	wrapped	sausages	on	wooden	skewers,	                    				next	page).
     several	to	a	skewer.	Arrange	the	skewers	on	a	baking	sheet	
     and	sprinkle	them	liberally	with	brown	sugar.	
   •	Bake	until	bacon	is	crisp	and	the	brown	sugar	melted.	

  Samantha Moya
  Bilingual Specialist
  Educational First Steps

“Self delusion is pulling in your stomach when you step on the scales.”
                                                               - Paul Sweeney
12	ounces	evaporated	milk																										
14	ounces	sweetened	condensed	milk	
½	cup	heavy	cream																														
1	tablespoon	rum	or	brandy	(optional)	
  •	Whisk	together	the	three	milks	and	the	rum	or	brandy	if	you	
                                                                        Basics & Tips
    are	using	it.	Slowly	pour	the	liquid	over	the	cooled	cake.	
  •	Refrigerate	for	1	hour.	Occasionally,	spoon	the	milk	runoff	
    back	onto	the	cake.	

Samantha Moya
Bilingual Specialist
Educational First Steps

1	cup	chunky	or	regular	applesauce	
1	(10	ounce)	package	frozen	strawberries,	thawed	
1	(11	ounce)	can	mandarin	orange	segments,	drained	
1	cup	grapes,	if	desired	
2	tablespoons	orange	juice	concentrate	
  •	Combine	all	the	ingredients	in	a	medium	bowl.
  •	 Spoon	the	fruit	mixture	into	paper	cups	and	freeze	until	firm.
  •	Remove	the	frozen	cups	from	freezer	about	30	minutes	
     before	serving.

Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start
                                                                              As	you	touch	people,	surfaces	and	objects	throughout	the	
You	can	help	prevent	food	poisoning	from	bacteria	and	
                                                                              day,	you	get	germs	on	your	hands.	You	can	infect	yourself	
viruses	by	following	four	simple	steps	when	you	prepare	food:
                                                                              with	these	germs	by	touching	your	eyes,	nose	or	mouth.	
                                                                              Although	it’s	impossible	to	keep	your	hands	germ	free,	
Clean: wash	hands	and	surfaces	often                                          washing	your	hands	frequently	can	help	limit	the	transfer	
Separate:	don’t	cross-contaminate	food	                                       of	bacteria,	viruses	and	other	microbes.	
Cook:	cook	to	proper	temperature
Chill: refrigerate	promptly                                                   Also	teach	these	hand	washing	habits	to	your	kids.                                                     ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE:
                                                                              •		 reparing	food
                                                                              •		 ating
BASIC FOOD SAFETY                                                               T
                                                                              •		 reating	wounds	or	giving	medicine
 •		 o	prevent	the	spread	of	illness	always	have	your	family	
   T                                                                            T
                                                                              •		 ouching	a	sick	or	injured	person
   wash	their	hands	before	they	eat.	                                           I
                                                                              •		 nserting	or	removing	contact	lenses
 •		 lways	wash	fruits	and	vegetables.	
 •		 ake	sure	you	take	skins	and	peels	off	of	foods	before	
   M                                                                          ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER:
   feeding	them	to	kids.                                                        P
                                                                              •		 reparing	food,	especially	raw	meat	or	poultry
 •		 lways	cook	meats	thoroughly.
   A                                                                            U
                                                                              •		 sing	the	toilet
 •		 f	you	are	pregnant	try	to	avoid	the	following	foods:
   I                                                                            C
                                                                              •		 hanging	a	diaper
   Ŋ	 Fish	like	swordfish,	shark	and	mackerel.                                  T
                                                                              •		 ouching	an	animal	or	animal	toys,	leashes	or	waste
   Ŋ	 Unpasterized	cheese	like,	brie,	feta,	blue	cheese	and	                    B
                                                                              •		 lowing	your	nose,	coughing	or	sneezing	into	
      Mexican-style	cheeses,	such	as	queso	blanco,	queso	fresco	              				your	hands
      and	panela.                                                                 T
                                                                               •		 reating	wounds
                                                                               •		 ouching	a	sick	or	injured	person
                                                                               •		 andling	garbage	or	something	that	could	be	
                                                                                  contaminated,	such	as	a	cleaning	cloth	or	soiled	shoes

There are five elements: earth, air, fire, water and garlic.
                                                               - Louis Diat
HOW TO BE A SMART SHOPPER                                       INSTANT COOKING REMEDIES
1.	   Budget	-	Decide	how	much	to	spend	on	groceries	and	
      toiletries	for	the	week	and	stay	within	your	budget.      Strong onion or cabbage smell.
                                                                Boil a small pan of vinegar separately while vegetables cook.
2.	   Plan	-	Choose	weekly	meals	ahead	of	time	and	create	a	
      shopping	list.	This	will	save	you	time	and	money.	        Hands smell from working with onions
                                                                Rub wet hands with salt or baking powder, then wash with soap
3.	   Clip coupons	-	Use	coupons	and	take	advantage	of	         and water.
      store	specials.	Before	you	go	shopping	find	out	which	
      stores	meet	or	beat	other	stores’	prices.                 Dried out leftover cheese.
                                                                Wrap cheese in Saran Wrap® or put in a Ziploc® and freeze. Slice
                                                                thin or crumble without thawing to use in recipes that require
4.	   Shop	-	The	perimeter	of	the	store	where	you	find	
                                                                grated cheese.
      the	fruits,	vegetables,	meats	and	diary	products.	Try	
      not	to	shop	in	the	middle	aisles	where	the	expensive,	    One egg short for a recipe.
      processed	food	is	located.	                               Substitute 1 teaspoon cornstarch for the missing egg.

5.	   Eat first	-	Never	shop	for	groceries	while	you	are	       Sticky cooked rice or pasta.
      hungry.	Impulse	buying	will	increase	if	every	item	       After cooking, rinse thoroughly with warm water to wash out
      looks	delicious.                                          excess starch. Drain.

6.	   No convenience stores	-	Avoid	shopping	in	                Unripe fruit.
      convenience	stores.	Convenience	stores	mark	up	the	       Place fruit in a brown paper bag to speed up ripening.
      price	by	almost	60	percent	compared	to	local	grocery	
      stores.	                                                  Added too much salt
                                                                Add a little vinegar and sugar. A raw potato absorbs excess salt in
7.	   Shopping is educational for kids	–	While	grocery	         soups and stews.
      shopping,	share	lessons	in	math,	reading	labels	and	
      saving	money.                                             Added too much sugar
                                                                Add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar.
8.	   No name brand -	Try	to	buy	generic	items,	no	name	
                                                                Hardened, lumpy white or brown sugar.
      brands	when	possible,	especially	for	staples	such	as	
                                                                To keep sugar moist and lump free, place a slice of bread or salt
      flour,	salt,	etc.                                         crackers in the sugar canister, cover tightly. Replace bread or
                                                                crackers periodically.
9.	   Buy toiletries at discount grocers	–	Toiletries	are	
      cheaper	at	stores	like	Wal-Mart,	Sam’s,	and	Family	       Judith Phillips
      Dollar.	Use	your	freezer;	make	bigger	soups,	stews	and	   Administrative Assistant
      casseroles	and	freeze	half	for	a	later	meal.	             Dallas Healthy Start
                                                                  DON’T JUST TOSS IT
BE WISE ABOUT PORTION SIZE                                        REDUCE, REUSE, AND RECYCLE!
PORTION DISTORTION                                                 •	The	average	American	uses	650	pounds	of	paper	each	
Bigger	food	portions	are	changing	what	we	think	of	as	               year.		If	all	that	paper	was	recycled,	100	million	tons	of	
“normal”	portions.	                                                  wood	could	be	saved	each	year.	
                                                                   •		 mericans	use	2.5	million	plastic	bottles	every	hour.	
Anyone eating on the run or at restaurants has noticed that          A
                                                                   •		 	typical	family	consumes	182	gallons	of	soda,	29	
food portions have gotten much larger over the years.                gallons	of	juice,	104	gallons	of	milk	and	26	gallons	of	
It	seems	like	everywhere	we	eat	out	we	have	the	option	to	           bottled	water	a	year.	That’s	a	lot	of	containers	that	can	
“super	size,”	sometimes	for	as	little	as	$0.25,	while	other          all	be	recycled.	
	restaurants	have	simply	increased	their	portion	sizes	so	that	      A
                                                                   •		 bout	80	percent	of	what	Americans	throw	away	is	
they	provide	enough	food	for	at	least	two	people.	                   recyclable,	yet	our	recycling	rate	is	only	28	percent.	
                                                                   •		 very	month	Americans	throw	out	enough	glass	bottles	
Supersizing is contributing to the obesity rate in America.          and	jars	to	fill	up	a	giant	skyscraper,	but	all	of	these	jars	
Think carefully about the portion sizes for yourself and             are	recyclable.
your children. The	more	you	eat	the	more	your	stomach	size	        •	Recycling	one	aluminum	can	saves	enough	energy	to	
increases	and	then	the	more	you	have	to	eat	to	be	satisfied.	        run	a	TV	for	three	hours.	In	spite	of	this,	Americans	
                                                                     throw	away	enough	aluminum	to	rebuild	our	entire	
When eating out try to split your food with someone else or                                                               	
                                                                     commercial	fleet	of	airplanes	every	three	months.																														
eat half and take the other half home.
At	fast	food	restaurants	just	say	“NO”	to	super	sizing.	Keep
in	mind	you	will	have	a	little	more	on	your	plate	but	you	will	
also	have	a	lot	more	around	your	mid-section.	                    Dallas	County	residents	can	also	visit	the	City	of	Dallas	recycling	
                                                                  website	to	get	information	on	recycling	in	your	area.	

                                                                  THINGS TO RECYCLE:
                                                                   •	Glass	bottles
                                                                   •	Aluminum	cans
                                                                   •	Tin	cans
                                                                   •	Newspapers
                                                                   •	Magazines
                                                                   •	Telephone	books/paperback	books
                                                                   •	Paper	grocery	bags
                                                                   •	Plastic	bags
                                                                   •	Cardboard	
                                                                   •	Plastic	water	bottles
                                                                   •	Milk	cartons	and	juice	boxes


     Food   It	is	never	too	early	to	pass	down	the	art	of	food	to	your	kids.		
            Remember	that	kids	will	love	what	they	learn	from	you,	their	
            parents.	Involve	your	children	in	grocery	shopping,	menu	
            planning,	cleaning	the	kitchen,	preparing	food,	setting	the	
            table,	and	telling	the	story	of	where	your	favorite	foods	come	

            WITH KIDS:
            •		 ever	let	little	ones	use	a	knife	to	cut	or	peel	food	that	
               should	be	an	adult’s	job.
            •		 se	plastic	knives	or	butter	knives	for	cutting.
            •		 ash	your	hands	and	the	child’s	hands	before	and	after.
            •		 ait	until	the	food	is	cooked	before	sampling	it.	Do	not	
               sample	uncooked	foods.
            •		 se	cooking	supplies	that	will	not	break.	Use	plastic	
               measuring	cups	and	stainless	steel	bowls.
            •		 ave	children	stand	at	the	level	of	the	activity.	Use	a	stool	
               if	necessary.	
            •	Provide	constant	supervision.	
            •		 lways	watch	children	when	they	use	knives,	mixers	or	the	stove.	
            •	 Supervise	the	use	of	ovens,	stoves	and	other	kitchen	appliances.

            Two-year-olds	are	learning	to	use	the	large	muscles	in	
            their	arms.	

            Try	activities	such	as:	
             •	Scrubbing	vegetables	
             •	Dipping	food
             •	Washing	and	tearing	lettuce	and	salad	greens	
             •	Breaking	bread	into	pieces
             •	Carrying	unbreakable	items	to	the	table
Three-year-olds	are	learning	to	use	their	hands.	                KID’S FOOD JOKES
Try	activities	such	as:			
                                                                 What did the mother ghost tell the baby ghost when he ate too fast?
 •		 ouring	liquids	into	batter	(you	measure	first)	
                                                                 Stop goblin your food.
 •		 ixing	batter	or	other	dry	and	wet	ingredients	together	
 •		 haking	a	drink	in	a	closed	container	                       Why did the student eat his homework?
 •		 preading	butter	or	spreads	                                 The teacher told him it was a piece of cake.
 •		 neading	dough	
 •		 ashing	vegetables	and	fruit	                                What did the hungry computer eat?
 •		 erving	foods	                                               Chips, one byte at a time.
 •	Putting	things	in	the	trash	after	cooking	or	after	a	meal	
                                                                 I trained my dog not to beg at the table.
Four	and	5-year-olds	are	learning	to	control	small	muscles	in	   How did you do that?
their	fingers.	                                                  I let him taste my cooking.

Try	activities	such	as:	                                         What did the mayonnaise say to the refrigerator?
 •		 uicing	oranges,	lemons	and	limes	
   J                                                             Close the door, I’m dressing!
 •		 eeling	some	fruits	and	vegetables	(bananas	and	onions)	
 •		 ashing	soft	fruits	and	vegetables	
   M                                                             What did the left eye say to the right eye?
 •		 crubbing	vegetables	(potatoes,	mushrooms)	
   S                                                             Between us, something smells.
 •		 utting	soft	foods	with	a	plastic	knife	(mushrooms,	hard-
   boiled	eggs)	                                                 Jack: Would you like some Egyptian pie?
 •		 ressing	cookie	cutters	
   P                                                             Jill: What’s Egyptian pie?
                                                                 Jack: You know, the kind mummy used to make.
 •		 easuring	dry	ingredients	
 •		 racking	open/breaking	eggs	
                                                                 The customer asked: “Do you serve crabs here?”
 •		 eating	eggs	with	an	egg	beater	
                                                                 “Yessir,” repplied the waiter. “We’ll serve just about anybody.”
 •		 etting	the	table	
 •		 iping	up	after	cooking	                                     What does the richest person in the world make for dinner
 •		 learing	the	table	after	a	meal	                             every night?
cook_class_CA.doc                                                What’s the worst thing about being an octopus?
                                                                 Washing your hands before dinner.

                                                                 Why did the man stare at the can of orange juice?
                                                                 Because it said concentrate.

                                                                 What did one knife say to the other?
                                                                 Look sharp!
FUN FOODS                                                          PINT-SIZED PIZZAS
                                                                   This	is	a	great	recipe	for	kids	to	help	with	preparation.	
These will be welcome ants in your kitchen. This was a favorite
                                                                   6	English	muffins
snack for all four of my kids.
                                                                   1	jar	pizza	sauce	or	spaghetti	sauce	
                                                                   1	cup	shredded	mozzarella	cheese	(Colby	cheese	if	you	prefer)
½	cup	creamy	peanut	butter
                                                                   1	package	pepperoni	(optional)
Celery	stalk	cut	into	2-inch	pieces
                                                                    •	Cut	the	muffins	in	half;	spread	pizza	sauce,	add	pepperoni,	
                                                                      and	cheese	(the	kids	can	help	with	this)	on	each	half.	
•	Fill	celery	pieces	with	heaping	spoonfuls	of	peanut	butter	
                                                                    •	Bake	at	350	until	the	cheese	melts.
  and	spread	across	the	celery.	
•	Arrange	the	raisin	“ants”	on	each	“log.”	Can	be	refrigerated	
                                                                   Lisa Padilla
  in	a	container	or	eaten	on	the	spot.	You	can	also	use	cream	
                                                                   Health Education Coordinator
  cheese	instead	of	peanut	butter.
                                                                   Dallas Healthy Start
Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start

                                                                   PIGS IN A BLANKET
                                                                   Canned	biscuits	or	crescent	rolls
                                                                   Weiners	or	little	smoked	sausages
2	cups	crushed	corn	flakes                                          •	Flatten	each	biscuit	or	unroll	crescent	rolls.	Wrap	each	
1	cup	peanut	butter	or	cream	cheese                                   around	a	weiner	or	sausage,	letting	the	ends	peep	out.	Bake	
4	apples	or	pears                                                     for	15	minutes	at	450	degrees.		
                                                                    •	You	may	also	slit	the	wieners	or	sausages	and	place	a	small	
•	Slice	fruit	into	8	wedges	and	remove	core.	Spread	each	             amount	of	cheese	inside	each	before	wrapping	in	biscuits.	
  wedge	with	½	tablespoon	peanut	butter	or	cream	cheese.	
•	Coat	with	crushed	cereal.	This	will	make	32	wedges.	             Lisa Padilla
                                                                   Health Education Coordinator
Lisa Padilla                                                       Dallas Healthy Start
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start

                                                                  You can tell alot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans.
                                                                                                                                 - Ronald Reagan
PURPLE COW SHAKES                                                  HOMEMADE ICE CREAM
1	(6	ounce)	can	frozen	grape	juice	concentrate                     1	tablespoon	sugar	
1	cup	milk                                                         ½	cup	milk	or	half	&	half	
2	cups	vanilla	ice	cream                                           ¼	teaspoon	vanilla	
                                                                   6	tablespoons	rock	salt	
•	Pour	the	juice	concentrate	and	1	cup	milk	into	blender	          1	pint-sized	plastic	food	storage	bag	
  container.	Scoop	in	2	cups	ice	cream.	                           1	gallon-sized	plastic	food	storage	bag	
•	Cover	and	blend	on	high	speed	for	30	seconds.	Serve	right	       Ice	cubes	
  away.	Make	3	to	4	shakes.	                                       	
                                                                     •	Fill	the	large	bag	half	full	of	ice	and	add	the	rock	salt.	Seal	
Lisa Padilla                                                            the	bag.	
Health Education Coordinator                                         •	Put	milk,	vanilla	and	sugar	into	the	small	bag	and	seal	it.	
Dallas Healthy Start                                                 •	Place	the	small	bag	inside	the	large	one	and	seal	the	large	
                                                                        bag	carefully.	
                                                                     •	 Shake	until	the	mixture	is	ice	cream,	for	about	5	minutes.	
                                                                     •	Wipe	off	the	top	of	the	small	bag,	then	open	it	carefully.	

YOGURT POPS                                                        A	½	cup	milk	will	make	about	1	scoop	of	ice	cream,	so	
6	ounce	frozen	orance	juice                                        double	the	recipe	if	you	want	more.	But	don’t	increase	the	
32	ounces	vanilla	yogurt	(or	add	several	small	ones	to	equal	32	   proportions	more	than	that.	A	large	amount	might	be	too	big	
ounces)                                                            for	kids	to	pick	up	because	the	ice	itself	is	heavy.
Paper	cups	(measuring	3	to	5	ounces)
Popsicle	sticks                                          
•	 Mix	yogurt	and	juice	in	a	bowl	until	the	mixture	is	
   smooth.	Pour	the	mixture	about	halfway	into	the	cups.	          Lisa Padilla
   Place	in	freezer	and	chill	slightly.	                           Health Education Coordinator
•	 Take	them	out	and	insert	the	wooden	popsicle	sticks.	Chill	     Dallas Healthy Start
   until	frozen.
•	 To	eat	your	yogurt	pops,	let	them	thaw	a	few	minutes,	peel	
   off	paper	cup	and	eat.	

Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start
SNOW CONES                                                        ORANGE JULIUS®
5	cups	ice                                                        6	ounce	can	frozen	orange	juice
6	ounces	frozen	grape	juice	or	frozen	juice                       1	cup	water
                                                                  1	cup	milk
 •	 Crush	ice	in	a	blender.                                       1	cup	water
 •	 Using	an	ice	cream	scoop,	put	2	scoops	of	ice	into	plastic	   ¼	cup	sugar
    cones,	or	you	can	use	a	small	glass	or	bowl.	                 10	ice	cubes
 •	 Spoon	2	tablespoons	slightly	defrosted	grape	juice	over	      1	teaspoon	vanilla
    each	mound	of	ice.	
 •	 Serve	with	straws	or	spoons.                                  •	Blend	all	ingredients	in	blender	for	30	seconds	and	serve.	
                                                                  •	Makes	3-4	glasses.
Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator                                      Lisa Padilla
Dallas Healthy Start                                              Health Education Coordinator
                                                                  Dallas Healthy Startt

1	cup	flour                                                       CHERRY DUMP CAKE
¾	cup	milk                                                        1	large	can	crushed	pineapple,	undrained
1	teaspoon	baking	powder                                          1	large	can	cherry	pie	filling
  / 8 	teaspoon	salt                                              Yellow	cake	mix	with	pudding
1	egg                                                             2	sticks	butter,	sliced	in	small	pieces
                                                                  1	cup	chopped	pecans
•	Mix	together.	Heat	2	inches	of	hot	oil.	
•	Gently	squiggle	batter	into	oil.	Turn	once	when	light	brown.	   •	Layer	in	a	9-by-13	inch	baking	dish	in	order.	(Use	the	cake	
•	Drain	on	paper	towel.	                                            mix	dry	–	do	not	make	according	to	box	directions)
•	Sprinkle	with	powdered	sugar.	                                  •	Bake	at	350	degrees	for	1	hour.	

Lisa Padilla                                                      Great served with vanilla ice cream.
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start                                              Lisa Padilla
                                                                  Health Education Coordinator
                                                                  Dallas Healthy Start
FRUIT JUICE POPS                                                  FOOD CRAFTS
2	cups	water	
1½	cups	sugar	                                                    PLAY DOUGH
4	cups	unsweetened	apple	juice	                                   1	cup	flour
1	cup	unsweetened	pineapple	or	orange	juice	                      ½	cup	salt	
½	cup	lemon	juice	                                                1	tablespoon	cream	of	tartar
12	Popsicle®	molds	or	paper	cups	(3	ounces	each)	and	             1	cup	water
Popsicle®	sticks	                                                 1	tablespoon	oil
                                                                  8	or	9	drops	food	coloring
•	In	a	large	saucepan,	combine	water	and	sugar;	bring	to	a	
  boil.	Reduce	heat;	simmer,	uncovered,	for	3-4	minutes	or	       •	Sift	together	flour,	salt	and	cream	of	tartar.	
  until	sugar	is	dissolved,	stirring	occasionally.	Remove	from	   •	Boil	water,	oil	and	food	coloring.	
  the	heat;	stir	in	juices.	                                      •	Pour	over	flour	mixture	and	mix	together.	Knead
•	Fill	molds	or	cups	with	¼	cup	juice	mixture;	top	with	          				a	few	times.	
  holders	or	insert	sticks	into	cups.	Freeze.	Yield:	1	dozen.	     •	Store	in	plastic	bag.	

Jonnel Ford                                                       Lisa Padilla
Caseworker                                                        Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start                                              Dallas Healthy Start

                                                                  DRIED APPLE ORNAMENTS
                                                                  1	apple
                                                                  2	cups	lemon	juice	
                                                                  1	tablespoon	salt	
                                                                  Shellac®	and	paintbrush

                                                                  •	Begin	by	polishing	your	apple	with	a	soft	cloth.	Slice	the	
                                                                    apple	from	top	to	bottom.	You’ll	probably	get	4	good	slices	
                                                                    from	the	apple,	as	the	end	slices	are	to	be	discarded	(or	
                                                                  •	Soak	the	apple	slices	for	3	minutes	in	a	solution	of	2	cups	
                                                                    lemon	juice	and	1	tablespoon	salt.
                                                                  •	Drain.	Poke	a	hole	near	the	top	of	each	slice,	and	bake	the	
                                                                    slices	for	6	hours	at	150	degrees.

                                                                  Lisa Padilla
                                                                  Health Education Coordinator
                                                                  Dallas Healthy Start
HOMEMADE WRAPPING PAPER                                          CREPE PAPER MODELING
Tissue	paper                                                     2	cups	crepe	paper
Cookie	cutters                                                   1	tablespoon	salt
Paint                                                            1	cup	flour
Dip	cookie	cutter	into	paint	and	stamp	onto	tissue	paper.	       Plastic	bowl
                                                                 Shellac®	(optional)
Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator                                     •	Cover	table	with	plastic;	tear	crepe	paper	into	confetti-size	
Dallas Healthy Start                                               pieces.	Place	in	bowl;	add	enough	water	to	cover	paper.	
                                                                   Soak	15	minutes,	until	soft.	Mix	salt	and	flour.	Add	to	
PAPIER MACHE                                                       crepe	paper	to	make	a	stiff	dough.	
Strips	of	newspaper	(¼	to	½	inch	wide	by	5	to	6	inches	long)     •	Mold	in	a	thick	layer,	smoothing	the	edges.	Let	dry	2	days.
Liquid	starch	(somewhat	diluted)                                 •	Remove	from	mold	and	paint	if	desired.	Use	Shellac®	to	
Shallow	container	for	starch	                                      preserve.	The	mold	can	be	anything.	
Forms	(such	as	blown	up	balloon,	paper	rolled	and	wrapped	
with	string,	a	dried	gourd,	any	form	coated	with	Vaseline®	–	    Lisa Padilla
so	papier	mache	form	can	be	removed	easily)                      Health Education Coordinator
                                                                 Dallas Healthy Start
•	Dip	each	strip	of	newspaper	in	starch.	(Have	child	pull	it	
  through	shallow	container)	                                    NECKLACES
•	Smooth	it	in	an	overlapping	manner.	Add	several	layers.	       Buttons
  Allow	to	harden	at	least	a	day.	                               Macaroni
•	If	a	balloon	is	used,	the	balloon	may	be	popped.	If	using	     String
  a	bowl	or	form	to	be	removed,	remove	now	when	papier	          A	large-eyed,	dull	pointed	needle	(needlepoint	needle)
  mache	form	is	dry.	                                            Thread
•	Once	dry,	sand	the	form	with	very	fine	sandpaper.	
•	Paint.	If	paint	is	not	waterproof,	spray	with	clear	plastic	   •	Thread	needle	with	any	color	of	heavy	thread.	
  spray	paint.	                                                  •	Push	threaded	needle	through	holes	of	buttons	and	pieces	
                                                                   of	macaroni	to	make	a	necklace.	
Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator                                     Lisa Padilla
Dallas Healthy Start                                             Health Education Coordinator
                                                                 Dallas Healthy Start
FINGERPRINT BUSY BEES                                              BOOK TREE
Great activity for kids 3 years and older.                         Your kids will grow to love reading with this book tree. Crafting
1	sheet	white	construction	paper	                                  and reading are a good combination of activities.
Yellow	paint                                                       Construction	paper	(brown	and	assorted	leaf	colors)
Paper	plate	or	dish	                                               Tape
Black	fine	point	marker                                            Glue
  •	Put	a	small	amount	of	yellow	paint	onto	a	paper	plate	or	      Fine-point	permanent	markers	in	assorted	colors	
  •		 o	make	the	honeycomb,	press	finger	into	paint	and	dot	off	       •	Tape	sheets	of	brown	construction	paper	together.	Draw	
    excess	on	plate,	then	press	onto	white	construction	paper.	        and	cut	out	a	tree	shape.
    The	pattern	to	follow	for	the	honeycomb	is	basically	two	       •	Glue	twigs	to	tree	trunk.
    pyramids	with	their	bottoms	next	to	one	another.	Dot	on	        •	Cut	leaf	shapes	from	assorted	colors	of	construction	paper.	
    one	fingerprint,	then	two	below	that,	centering	the	one	           Write	title	of	book	and	author	on	a	leaf	for	each	one	your	
    above,	then	three	below	that,	and	four	and	five	below	that.	       child	has	read.
    Then	simply	reverse	the	pattern	you	just	did	to	make	the	       •	Glue	leaves	onto	the	tree,	adding	a	new	leaf	after	each	
    bottom	end	of	the	honeycomb.	                                  				book	read.
  •	Wash	off	finger(s)	and	put	some	yellow	paint	onto	the	
    paper	plate	or	dish.	                                          This craft reprinted courtesy of
  •		 ip	finger	in	yellow	paint	and	dot	bee	bodies	all	
				over	the	paper.	                                               Lisa Padilla
  •	Wash	hands	and	allow	the	painting	to	dry	completely	           Health Education Coordinator
    before	moving	to	the	next	step.	                               Dallas Healthy Start
  •		 se	a	black	marker	to	draw	in	stripes,	wings	and	eyes.	
    Dot	on	the	flight	trails	with	black	marker.	“Bee	creative”	
    and	take	them	wherever	you	want!
Lisa Padilla
Health Education Coordinator
Dallas Healthy Start
THANKS                                                             ADDITIONAL RESOURCES AND WEBSITES
	      I	would	like	to	thank	everyone	who	contributed	recipes	
and	information	to	this	guide.		It	was	my	love	of	food,	not
necessarily	cooking,	that	lead	me	to	want	to	compile	this
guide	to	healthy	living.		I	hope	that	the	information	can	be	
useful	to	everyone.		                                              Dallas	Area	Coalition	to	Prevent	Childhood	Obesity	
	      Some	of	the	happiest	times	usually	involve	food	and	
the	kitchen	table.		Let’s	allow	our	kids	to	experience	the	same	   Dallas	Area	Breastfeeding	Alliance
thing	and	pass	down	the	tradition	of	food.
                                                                   Texas	Breastfeeding	Coalition
Lisa Padilla                                             

                                                                   March	of	Dimes	
Ana	Castro                                                         Urban	League	of	Greater	Dallas	and	North	Central	Texas
Lisa	Padilla
                                                                   Region	VI	Office	on	Women’s	Health	
All	food	quotes	were	submitted	by	Judith	Phillips.	
                                                                   City	of	Dallas	
                                                                   The	Martin	Luther	King,	Jr.	Family	Clinic	
                                                                   Los	Barrios	Unidos	Community	Clinic	
                                                                   Dallas	County	Health	&	Human	Services	

                                                                   Advocates	for	Youth

                                                                   Child	Development	Institute

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