Sustainable Economic Development that Strengthens &
               Preserves our Communities

               2010 Annual Report

       LC-LG RPB * PO Box 765 * Lake George, NY * 12845
 Ph: 518.668.5773 * Fax: 518.668.5774 * lclgrpb@verizon.net * www.lclgrpb.org
                                                2010 MEMBERSHIP
 OFFICERS                                         LCLGRPB STAFF                                              A/GFTC STAFF
 Cathy Moses…….…………….Chair                        Walter Young…………………..Director                              Aaron Frankenfeld.……...……...….Director
 John LaPointe..………Vice-Chair                     Beth Gilles…….Enviro. Planning Ast.                        Sarah Gebbie-Measeck……...Transp. Plnr.
 Louis Tessier…...….….Treasurer                   Kathie Walaska……………...Secretary                            Monika Bulman……….. .Admin. Assistant
 Willy Grimmke…….….Secretary                      Judy Breselor….....L.G. Circuit Rider

                                           REGIONAL PLANNING BOARD MEMBERS
    Clinton County                   Essex County                    Hamilton County                     Warren County                    Washington County
     James Langley                    Daniel Connell                  William Farber                     Ronald Conover                      John Rymph
     Albert Rascoe                     Cathy Moses                    William Osborne                     Fred Monroe                       Willy Grimmke
     Joseph Giroux                   Debra Malaney                    Robert Edwards                        Dan Stec                        Phyllis Cooper
   Samuel Trombley                  Anthony LaVigne                    Tracy Eldridge                    Francis O’Keefe                    John LaPointe
     Rodney Brown                    Michael Diskin                      Beth Hunt                          Bill Lamy                         Tori Riley
      Sara Rowden                    Randall Douglas                  Barry Hutchins                      Louis Tessier
                                    Bethany Kosmider                                                      Frank McCoy

                                        REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT CORP. MEMBERS
Nancy Rhodes………....Director-Vice-President                    Samuel Trombley………..………...Director                          Harry Booth……….………...….....Director
Louis Tessier…………………..Director-Treasurer                      Joseph Kelly..………………………..Director                           Walter Young…………..…..……...Director
Willy Grimmke…………...…..Director-Secretary                     Roseanne Murphy…………..……..Director

                                              REVOLVING LOAN FUND COMMITTEE
    Clinton County                    Essex County                    Hamilton County                     Warren County                    Washington County
    Samuel Trombley                    Joseph Kelly                     Brian Towers                       Louis Tessier                      Harry Booth
                                                                        Nancy Rhodes                                                           Tori Riley

Lake Champlain - Lake George
  Regional Planning Board
        PO Box 765
   Lake George, NY 12845

                                              Annual Report Design and Layout by Beth Gilles
                      Cover photo of Schroon Lake provided by the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District
         The Lake Champlain—Lake George Regional Development Corp. is an Equal Opportunity Program. Discrimination is prohibited by Federal Law. Complaints of
                    discrimination may be filed with USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Washington DC 20205 or call 202-720-5964 (voice and TDD)
                                           WATER QUALITY
                                       Throughout the year the Regional Planning Board aided the five
                                       Washington County MS4s in completing two NYSDEC Water Quality
                                       Improvement grants. Work performed under the grant will decrease
                                       sediment loading into the Hudson River and Feeder Canal. The RPB also
                                       hosted an Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination training for local
                                       Code Enforcement Officers (CEOs) and municipal employees.
                                       In March 2010 the Regional Planning Board, in partnership with the
                                       Champlain Watershed Improvement Coalition of New York (CWICNY)
                                       and the Lake George Association (LGA), organized and held an Onsite
                                       Wastewater Treatment Training Network training entitled Small Scale
                                       Onsite Wastewater System Design II - Alternative Systems. Over 80
                                       CEOs and engineers attended the training to learn about wastewater
                                       treatment system design elements, enhanced treatment units and new
                                       dispersal technologies.

In December the Regional Planning Board was awarded at $21,525 grant from the Lake Champlain
Basin Program for a Lake George Onsite Septic Improvement Program. This program will be run in the
summer of 2011 in partnership with the Warren County SWCD and LGA and includes a cost-shared
septic pump-out program, homeowner education and water conservation kits.

                                      In early 2010, the Regional Planning Board received a $3750 grant from
                                      the Lake Champlain Basin Program to develop and run a Storm Drain
                                      Marking Program throughout the Champlain Basin. During the summer
                                      over 200 storm drain markers have been placed in numerous
                                      municipalities within the watershed.
                                      As a member of the Greater Adirondack RC&D Council, the Regional
                                      Planning Board received a $2000 grant from the South Lake Champlain
                                      Fund to provide Granville High School and Crown Point Middle School
                                      with supplies to run the Salmon in the Classroom Program. The SIC
                                      program teaches students about life, ecology and the environment
                                      through raising salmon eggs to fingerlings in their classroom.

This year the Adirondack Waterfest was held at Haviland’s Cove in
Glens Falls in partnership with the Feeder Canal Alliance. Activities
included CWICNY’s EM River model demonstration, Warren County
SWCD’s hydroseeder “water gun,” t-shirt printing and the dedication
of the Haviland’s Cove Rain Garden. The rain garden was placed near
the Feeder Canal to help catch and infiltrate stormwater runoff from
the Canal bridge. The native plants for the garden were provided by
Fiddlehead Creek Native Plant Nursery of Hartford. Grant funds for
the event were provided by the IP Foundation.

           For more information please contact the Environmental Planning Assistant at (518) 668-5773 or bgilles_rpb@verizon.net
                                     Background photo provided by the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District
                        ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

The Greater Glens Falls Local Development Corporation received a $765,336 Public Works grant from the
US Commerce Department to install water and sewer lines to serve lots 3 through 8 of the Tech Meadows
Business Park. Additional funding of approximately $421,000 from the Empire State Development
Corporation and National Grid will enable the entire 46 acre site to be shovel ready for business
development by 2012.

 Located less than two miles from I-87 Exit 18, city
 officials are targeting medical device manufactur-
 ers and more importantly, companies that will
 relocate to the area to do business with Global
 Foundries. The nation’s largest economic
 development project is only a half hour drive
 south in Malta. The Center for Economic Growth
 in Albany estimates that 50 to 60 Global Foundries
 suppliers and customers will move from around
 the world to be near the plant. Real estate and
 economic development professionals believe the
 region’s housing market will also benefit from an                                                2010 OPERATING FUND
 influx of workers as Global Foundries continues to
 build its staff and spinoff businesses relocate to be                             REVENUES                                        TOTALS
 near the chip company.                                                            Grants                                          521,703
                                                                                   Overhead Reimbursement                           66,729
                                                                                   In-kind Rent                                     21,000
                                                                                   Interest Income                                   1,844
                                                                                   Administrative Income                            23,463
                                                                                   TOTAL REVENUES                              $634,739*
                                                                                     *Does not include receivable grant revenue reimbursement
                                                                                             for the 4th quarter of Calendar year 2010

                                                                                   EXPENDITURES                                    TOTALS
                                                                                   Payroll Expenditures:
                                                                                   Salaries and Wages                              293,751
                                                                                   Payroll Taxes and Fringe Benefits               105,477
                                                                                   Total Payroll Expenditures                    $399,228
                                                                                   Operating Expenditures:
                                                                                   Advertising                                       4,478
                                                                                   Insurance                                         7,177
                                                                                   Maintenance Agreements                              277
                                                                                   Equipment                                         4,317
In addition to the Tech Meadows Business Park,                                     Postage                                           4,406
Warren County has a number of other industrial                                     Printing and Supplies                            14,195
                                                                                   Professional Fees                               152,878
sites spread throughout the county at various stages
                                                                                   Rent                                             31,000
of readiness including the Queensbury Industrial                                   Telephone and Internet                            3,747
Park, Carey Park, Quaker Ridge Park, Chester                                       Travel                                           10,459
Industrial Park and a future Aviation Tech Park.                                   Total Operating Expenditures                  $232,934
                                                                                   TOTAL EXPENDITURES                           $632,162

                                       Background photo provided by the Lake George Association
                          ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
                                             2010 Loan Recipients
 Every year the Revolving Loan Fund Committee reviews dozens of applications for loans. Each applicant is eager
to create or improve an existing business that will not only generate new employment opportunities, but will also
   give back to their community. This year over $400,000 in capital financing was provided to local businesses,
                                           including those listed below.

                                       The Best Western of Lake George, located in Warren County, is owned
                                       and operated by the Fort William Henry Corporation. The Revolving
                                       Loan Fund assisted the company by providing a short term loan used to
                                       complete renovations and upgrades to the hotel, including the
                                       purchase of new equipment. This will be the final phase of a
                                       $1,000,000 renovation to the hotel, and allow the company to keep the
                                       hotel open more throughout the year.

                                       The Smith House Health Care Center in Willsboro, Essex County is a
                                       not-for-profit health care facility that provides primary medical care
                                       services to the residents of Essex and Clinton Counties. The Revolving
                                       Loan Fund provided capital to help finance the expansion of the Health
                                       Care Center to a new location in Plattsburgh, Clinton County. The
                                       organization will also expand their physical and wellness program in
                                       their Essex County location.

                                       The Wind Chill Factory has been a landmark drive-in restaurant in the
                                       Ticonderoga, Essex County, area since 1996, serving soft ice cream,
                                       grilled menu items and home-made ice cream cakes. Unfortunately,
                                       the business was destroyed by fire in early 2010 and the owners have
                                       spent much time rebuilding their facility. The Revolving Loan Fund
                                       helped the owners acquire new equipment for the restaurant, retain
                                       eight jobs and create four new jobs.

                                       Located in Warrensburg, Warren County, Premier Travel and
                                       Marketing was provided a loan to expand their marketing operations
                                       and travel industry business. The owners will soon begin working with
                                       the Hudson Valley Fireman’s Association as the head of the regional
                                       funding campaign, as well as maintaining their independent travel
                                       agency. It is their hope to expand their business throughout the north

                                      The Hampton Inn and Suites of Lake George, located in Warren
                                      County, is a year-round hotel that employs 35 people throughout the
                                      winter. As is the case with many hotels in the area, room reservations
                                      decrease in the off-peak season. The Revolving Loan Fund has
                                      provided the owner with a working capital loan for operating revenue
                                      during the off-peak season.

A/GFTC started 2010 with a redesigned website that now also
hosts the Greater Glens Falls Transit (GGFT). You can visit
www.agftc.org to check out the changes.

A new “Projects” page was added that includes a newly
developed Project View Finder highlighting each project listed on
our Transportation Improvement Program and a Traffic Count
Viewer to search for and view traffic count data for
non-State roads in the A/GFTC area. Both viewers are Google
Maps based and user friendly.

A/GFTC staff and Warner Transportation Consulting created a new travel demand model using
TransCAD software. It is capable of generating emissions analyses that would satisfy anticipated
reporting requirements from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Utilizing A/GFTC’s Local Transportation Planning and Engineering Assistance Program, The Town of Lake
George worked with The Chazen Companies to develop a plan to enhance the Route 9 entrance corridor
into the Lake George Village. Pedestrian improvements, street-scaping, access management
recommendations and green street elements were included.

The 2010-2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) took effect with the new federal fiscal year
on October 1, 2010. This five-year capital improvement program is a listing of planned federally-
funded investments in the regional surface transportation system, including highways, bridges, public
transportation, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The TIP is updated every two years in order to
maintain a current list of projects and to reflect the Long Range Plan (LRP) for the area.

In October A/GFTC announced the third round of funding for the Make the Connection Program to
correct small-scale gaps or weak links in the existing bicycle and pedestrian network. Eight local
municipalities applied for just under $500,000 and a total of $160,000 was available from the Surface
Transportation Program.

                                             A/GFTC staff recently completed a draft bicycle and pedestrian
                                             assessment for the Village of Greenwich. This was done to assist
                                             the Village of Greenwich fulfill a previously identified need for
                                             an inventory of walking conditions. If your community is
                                             interested in participating in a similar assessment, please contact
                                             A/GFTC staff.

                          For more information please call us at (518) 223-0086 or visit www.agftc.org
                                          Background photo provided by the Lake George Association

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