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Best Vodka


     CHOICE        Best Vodka

                   Grey Goose                          Vodka seems to be the beverage of choice for
                                                       college students and wealthy thirty-something’s
                                                       alike and this popular vodka “has great fla-
                                                       vors and a clean taste.” Most will agree that
                                                       they’re “not a vodka connoisseur but I can tell
                                                       you I don’t like vodka with a bite. Grey Goose
                                                       is about as smooth as they come and it makes
                                                       the perfect Vodka Gimlet.” In the end, rappers
                                                       and common constituents agreed “the Goose is
                                                       king. It just tastes better than other vodkas.” It’s
                                                       “well suited for every drink from screwdrivers
                                                       to martinis.”

                    effen                                                Belvedere

   One reader said it best when they said, “This       Readers consent that “Belvedere is very un-
   is Effen Chicago.” The “homespun vodka has          derrated. There is no hype around the brand,
   flavors that can’t be beaten. If you’re feeling     just quality vodka.” Others said “it’s not com-
   adventurous – try Effen’s black cherry and          parable to any other vodka. It is hands down
   soda.” After “purchasing a bottle of Effen          the best.” But … why? “It is by far the best sip-
   black cherry, I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t   ping vodka I’ve ever had,” reader Ben Sher-
   usually love flavored liquors but this was very     man said. “I love the design and look of the
   smooth with a lovely finish. I highly recom-        bottle. Especially when it’s sitting in front our
   mend it!” Effen is “the best when you want to       table at Manor!”
   drink vodka straight or take a shot.”

78 KETEl OnE, STOlI, ABSOluT, SnOw QuEEn

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