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									Anshe Emet Synagogue A Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Learning                                       WintER CLASS SChEduLE

                                    Class dates vary; please check individual class listings for dates and times.
                                                       Payment is due prior to the first class.
                                        there is a minimum registration required for most classes to be held.
                                              Registered students will be notified if a class is cancelled.
                             Pre-registration is required for some classes and is strongly recommended for all classes.

 Night Classes
 Monday night Classes                               Monday night Classes                              tuesday night Classes
       title: Jewish Heritage                             title: Towards an Understanding of                title: Haftarah Trope
      dates: January 12, 19, 26,                                 the Least Understood Jewish               dates: January 13, 20, 27,
              February 2 and 23                                  Book: The Siddur                                  February 3, 10, 17, and 24
       time: 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                       dates: January 12, 19, 26,                         time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  instructor: Rabbi Matthew Futterman                            February 2 and 23                     instructor: Debby Lewis
                                                          time: 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
 the Jewish heritage class is a survey of the        instructor: Rabbi Michael Siegel                 Come learn to chant the beautiful melodies
 great richness of the Jewish tradition. it tells                                                     for haftarah. the ability to read hebrew
 the story of the partnership between God           Of all of the books in the Jewish library the     is required and the ability to stay on key
 and human beings, about the way Jewish             one most commonly used is the Siddur. it is       is a real plus! there will be plenty of
 time is structured to help us see holiness         also the book that Jews understand the least.     opportunities to use your new-found skills. A
 in the mundane, and about the history,             there is good reason for that. in essence, the
 rituals, holidays and life cycle events which      Siddur is a repository of all classic Jewish
 give Jewish lives a sacred context. Students       books: Bible, talmud, Poetry, etc… the
 should purchase the texts prior to class.          aim of this class is to begin unlocking the       tuesday night Classes
                                                    secrets of the Siddur by making use of a
 texts:                                             revolutionary new method of study. through              title: Hebrew Ulpan (Language
 1. The Tanakh (The Jewish Bible)—Jewish            the methodology developed by Rabbi                             Immersion Course), Chicago’s
    Publication Society translation                 Reuven Kimmelman, a renowned scholar                           most popular, fastest growing
 2. Jewish Literacy—Rabbi Joseph telushkin,         of the Siddur, we will come to a deeper                        Hebrew Ulpan Center
    William Morrow, 2001 A                          understanding of this remarkable book. A          instructors: CFJE Staff

                                                                                                      hebrew has been an indispensable
 tuesday night Classes                              tuesday night Classes                             component of Judaism enduring over 3000
                                                                                                      years and the undeniable key to Jewish
       title: Encountering Evil and Good                  title: Gesher—Adult Bar/
                                                                                                      culture and social literacy. the Community
              in the Babylonian Talmud                           Bat Mitzvah Program
                                                                                                      Foundation for Jewish Education of
      dates: January 20, 27,                                     Continuation of first semester
                                                                                                      Metropolitan Chicago is offering the
              February 3, 10, 17 and 24                   time: 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                 chance to learn hebrew in its dynamic
       time: 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                                                                    hebrew language ulpan program entitled
                                                    Advanced registration and prior meeting with      “Merkaz ivrit.” Classes will take place in
  instructor: Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin
                                                    debby Lewis is required. We are never too old     the north Shore, Skokie and Lakeview
 it is time to reinterpret the image of the         to learn new skills and rise to new challenges,   areas. instructors are highly qualified and
 angel and devil that sit on your shoulder.         so the opportunity is here for all who would      experienced in hebrew pedagogy and will
 in this class, we will delve into the rabbinic     like to experience a Bar or Bat Mitzvah           be utilizing the most up to date texts and
 understanding of the Evil urge, intertwined        as an adult. torah and haftarah trope,            materials on the market.
 with ancient Sukkot rituals. this class is a       synagogue skills, and how to write a d’var
 continuation of the first semester, however        torah will all be covered. Jointly sponsored       For information and registration, please
 all are welcome to join at this point.             by the Bridge Sisterhood of Anshe Emet.           contact Yaffa Berman at 847-410-3900 x 30
                                                    You must contact debby Lewis to register          or by e-mail at A
 text: BT Sukkah, pages 51b–53b A                   for this program at 773-868-5113. A

 Wednesday night Classes                                                                              Wednesday night Classes
       title:   Hava NaBABY: A Jewish Childbirth Education Experience                                       title:   Sweet Treats with Janet Siegel
      dates:    January 14, 21, and 28                                                                      date:    January 21 (one session only)
       time:    6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                                                                       time:    7:00 p.m.
  instructor:   Rabbi Miriam Burg                                                                      instructor:   Janet Siegel

 Empower yourself with the wisdom of our ancestors. Prepare for the experience of labor and           Please join Janet Siegel in the Anshe
 childbirth. Join with other Jewish couples to explore these sacred moments through the eyes of       Emet kitchen as she shares some of her
 our tradition. Please note that this course includes a session on comfort measures for labor and     delicious parve desserts and recipes with
 childbirth—breathing techniques, aromatherapy and massage, combined with Jewish words                you. Advanced cooking knowledge is not
 and images for comfort and inspiration. in Partnership with: Mother Me, inc. Questions?              required, ability to have fun is! Space is
 Send an e-mail to A                                                            limited, register early! A
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Anshe Emet Synagogue A Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Learning                                 WintER CLASS SChEduLE

 Day Classes                                                                                    Hebrew Classes
 Monday day Classes                             tuesday day Classes                             Monday night Classes
      title: HaZaK Program for                        title: Tuesday Text Study                       title: Learn to Read Hebrew
             Mature Adults                                   with Rabbi Burg                         dates: January 19, 26,
      dates: Ongoing—Every Monday                    dates: Ongoing—Every Tuesday                            February 2, 9, 16, and 23
      time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.                            Morning                                  time: 6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.
                                                      time: 7:45 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.                instructor: Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin
 haZaK is an Anshe Emet daytime program          instructor: Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg
 for mature adults with active minds. We                                                        this class is a continuation of the first
 offer discussions on a variety of Jewish-      Come for our weekly tuesday discussion          semester, where we learned the alef bet
 related topics with Rabbi Siegel, hazzan       group following morning minyan. Each week       and to read hebrew. in this continuation
 Mizrahi, Rabbi Burg, Rabbi Futterman,          we read an essay which has shaped Jewish        course, starting in the winter, we will work
 Rabbi Vaisrub, and Elie Berkman. A             practice, philosophy and theology. Essays for   on actually understanding what it is you are
                                                the following week are distributed at the end   reading! text may be purchased in class at
                                                of each class session.                          the first session. A

                                                text: Mishnah A

                                                                                                Lunch & Learn
 Wednesday day/evening                          Friday day Classes                              Friday day Classes
       title: The Lakeview Consortium                 title: The Torah Portion                  the new winter Lunch and Learn schedule
              of the Florence Melton Adult                   of the Week                        is in the works. For more information,
              Mini-School                            dates: Ongoing                             please contact Leah Conley at 773-868-5131
       time: 9:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. or                time: 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.              or email A
              7:15 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.              instructor: Rabbi Michael Siegel
 Each course focuses on at least one thread     “torah for dummies!”
 in a carefully woven fabric integrating                                                        shabbat/saturday day
 Jewish history, religion, ritual, language,    Please join us for a rollickingly relevant
 ethics, philosophy, literature, theology and   approach to the weekly torah portion. We              title: Sifrei Shmuel
 contemporary Jewish life. topics include:      will draw from traditional and modern                        Memorial Book Club
 Purposes of Jewish Living                      sources in pursuit of the meaning of the              date: January 24
 Rhythms of Jewish Living                       text for our times. We guarantee that “the
 dramas of Jewish Living                                                                              time: After Mincha
                                                torah is the tree of Life to those who hold                  (approximately 1:30 p.m.)
 Ethics of Jewish Living                        fast to it.” A
                                                                                                 instructor: Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin
 For information and registration, please
 contact Keith Kanter at the CFJE at                                                            this program is cosponsored by the or call 847-410-3900 x 25 A                                                   JBC Community. text: The Sabbath—
                                                                                                AJ heschel. ONE SESSION ONLY. A

 shabbat/saturday day                           shabbat/saturday day                            12 step torah
       title:   Parshat HaShavuah                     title:   Talmud Discussion Group                date: Second Tuesday of the month
      dates:    Ongoing                              dates:    Ongoing                                      (Ongoing)
       time:    9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.                time:    1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.                  time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  instructor:   Moish Lenow                      instructor:   Rabbi Daniel Vaisrub
                                                                                                For those in recovery from addictions, this
 Every Shabbat you are invited to join this     Join us after Kiddush for a lively discussion   meeting complements your program with
 ongoing study group that meets prior to        as we delve into the world of talmud and        Jewish support and spirit. Rabbi heather
 services. discussion is lively and the ideas   see how it speaks to our world. Aramaic         Altman leads each meeting with torah insights
 fly fast and furious! A                        skills not required, though a sharp sense of    into the 12 Steps, and then meetings open for
                                                humor will definitely come in handy. A          reflections, experience, strength and hope. to
                                                                                                register or for more information, please contact
                                                                                                Rabbi heather Altman at 773-983-9617 or
                                                                                      , Alan at
                                                                                                773-512-7037, or david at 312-437-1580.
                                                                                                no fee. A

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Anshe Emet Synagogue A Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Learning                                     WintER CLASS SChEduLE

 Special Offerings                                                         Ongoing Programs
 na’aseh shabbaton: a JeWish                                               Jews By Choice
 response to hunger                                                        Anshe Emet’s program for people choosing to be Jewish is open to
                                                                           the entire community. Classes meet weekly and are complemented
                                                                           by our Jewish heritage class, hebrew learning, Shabbat experiences,
      date: Shabbat, January 16–18                                         and a mentoring program with JBC graduates. For information on
    Speaker: H. Eric Schockman, Ph.D., President of MAZON                  joining the program, please contact Rabbi Michael Siegel’s office at
                                                                           773-868-5120 to discuss the process and the JBC program.
 Please join us as we welcome h. Eric Schockman, Ph.d.,
 President of MAZOn, to our congregation for our annual na’aseh
 Shabbaton. dr. Schockman will first join our congregation on              The Lakeview Consortium of the
 thursday, January 15 for a special evening of awareness on                Florence Melton Adult Mini-School
 hunger in Africa (see details below). dr. Schockman will remain           the Community Foundation for Jewish Education of Metropolitan
 throughout Shabbat speaking, teaching, and presenting programs            Chicago is proud to bring the highly acclaimed Melton School
 to our congregation. Established in 1985, MAZOn is a national             to Lakeview. the Melton School was created at the hebrew
 nonprofit organization that allocates donations from the Jewish           university of Jerusalem to address the need for an adult curriculum
 community to prevent and alleviate hunger among people of all             that integrates Jewish practices, history, and ethics and ideas based
 faiths and backgrounds. A formal invitation, including complete           on classical Jewish texts. Classes are for those who are interested
 events scheduled to follow. For more information, please visit our        in serious study and who desire to achieve a strong foundation in
 website at or contact Arielle dachman at                Jewish literacy. the courses are appropriate for all levels of Jewish or at 773-868-5152 A                               knowledge. there is direct contact with primary sources, critical and
                                                                           reflective analysis, and group interaction with experienced, highly
                                                                           qualified educators.
 the aFro seMitiC experienCe                                               the two year Melton program consists of 30 classes each year,
 in ConCert                                                                conducted for two hours each week for 30 weeks. there is a day
                                                                           track and an evening track. Participation is limited to members of
      Event: 8th Annual Arnold H. Kaplan, M.D. Memorial                    the Lakeview Consortium agencies (Anshe Emet, BZAEdS, Anshe
              Concert                                                      Sholom, and temple Sholom). Space is limited and is determined by
       date: Thursday, January 15                                          application. For information about the Melton program for next year,
       time: 7:30 p.m.                                                     please e-mail Keith Kanter at or call 847-410-3900
   Featuring: Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi                                       x 25. A

 Anshe Emet is proud to partner with MAZOn: A Jewish                       The Molly Dubin English for Russians Program
 Response to hunger, for a special evening of awareness on hunger
 in Africa featuring the 8th Annual Arnold h. Kaplan Concert and           this program meets most Sunday mornings throughout the year and
 preceded by an African Art and Kosher Food Fair. Fair begins at           is designed to teach functional English literacy to our community of
 5:00 p.m. with the concert beginning at 7:30 p.m. tickets are on          Jews from the former Soviet union. two levels are offered. Laurel
 sale nOW through or by contacting Arielle               Crandus teaches advanced learners and neil Schwartz teaches
 dachman at or at 773-868-5152. A                   beginners. there is no charge for these classes. Sundays from 10:00
                                                                           a.m. to 11:30 a.m. For more information, please contact Laurel
                                                                           Crandus at 773-296-6965. A
 Mitzvah initiative
     dates/time: TBA

 during the course of this coming year we will have the opportunity
                                                                               Guest Educator
 to engage in a powerful and wide ranging discussion about a                   h. eriC sChoCkMan, ph.d. is the president of MAZOn: A
 definition of Mitzvah that will speak to us in a meaningful and               Jewish Response to hunger, a position he has held since January
 contemporary way. the Jewish theological Seminary has supplied                2001. A public policy expert and an authority on hunger and
 us with an engaging curriculum to pilot and we have engaged a                 poverty issues, dr. Schockman previously served as Associate
 number of wonderful facilitators from our congregation including              dean/Associate Professor of Political Science for the university
 the Rabbis to carry the program forward. For more information,                of Southern California. he was also a top consultant to the
 please contact Rabbi Siegel’s office at 773-868-5120. A                       California State Assembly and the Los Angeles City Council.
                                                                               dr. Schockman presently serves as Chair of the national Anti-
                                                                               hunger Organizations (nAhO), an alliance of all major national
                                                                               anti-hunger organizations in the united States. he was recently
                                                                               elected to the founding board of directors for the newly launched
                                                                               Global FoodBanking network. he served in the Peace Corps in
                                                                               Sierra Leone, West Africa, teaching agricultural and sustainable
                                                                               development. dr. Schockman holds a Ph.d. in Political Science
                                                                               and international Relations from the university of California. dr.
                                                                               Schockman lives in Sherman Oaks, California.

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               Anshe emet synAgogue
  RAymond ARbetmAn CenteR foR Adult Jewish leARning
                                            Winter 2009 Registration Form

name ______________________________________________________Email Address _________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________

City __________________________________________ State ____________Zip Code _________________________________

daytime Phone ____________________________________ Evening Phone ___________________________________________

Mark your choices with an X.                                             • Class dates vary; please check individual class listings for
                                                                           dates and times.
   Member                                       non-Member
   (Anshe Emet Synagogue or JBC)                                         • Payment is due prior to the first class.

       Class fees are indicated as Member / Non-Member                   • there is a minimum registration required for most classes to
                                                                           be held.
   $170/234      Encountering Evil and Good in the Babylonian
                 Talmud—Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin                         • Registered students will be notified if a class is cancelled.
   $150/couple Hava NaBABY: A Jewish Childbirth                          • Pre-registration is required for some classes and strongly
               Education Experience—Rabbi Miriam Burg                      recommended for all classes.
   $15/20        Sweet Treats with Janet Siegel—Janet Siegel
                                                                         • Because of the popularity of our program, demand for
   $60/108       Haftarah Trope—Debby Lewis                                parking usually exceeds our supply. therefore, we suggest
   $60/108       Towards an Understanding of the Least                     that you arrive early or take public transportation. Anshe
                 Understood Book: The Siddur—Rabbi                         Emet is located within walking distance of the CtA Red
                 Michael Siegel                                            Line, as well as numerous bus routes.
   $60/108       Learn to Read Hebrew—Rabbi Robyn
                 Fryer Bodzin                                            You can fax this form to 773-281–2183, or mail form and
   NO FEE        Na’aseh Shabbaton                                       payment to:
   NO FEE        Sifrei Shmuel Book Club—Rabbi Robyn                                         Anshe Emet Synagogue
                 Fryer Bodzin                                                                 3751 north Broadway
   NO FEE        HaZaK                                                                       Chicago, iL 60613-4104
                                                                                             Attention: Leah Conley
   NO FEE        Jewish Heritage—Rabbi Matthew Futterman
   NO FEE        Mitzvah Initative                                             Make checks payable to: Anshe Emet Synagogue
   NO FEE        Parshat HaShavuah—Moish Lenow
   NO FEE        Tuesday Text with Rabbi Burg—Rabbi                      Charge card:         Visa        MasterCard
                 Daniel Cotzin Burg
   NO FEE        Talmud Discussion Group—Rabbi                           Account # _________________________________________
                 Daniel Vaisrub
   NO FEE        The Torah Portion of the Week—Rabbi                     Exp. date ____________ 3 digits on back of card _______
                 Michael Siegel
Hebrew Ulpan (Language Immersion Courses)—For                            name on card ______________________________________
registration and tuition information, please email Yaffa
Berman at the CFJE at                                  Signature __________________________________________
Florence Melton Adult Mini-School—For registration and
information, please email Keith Kanter at               total $ ____________________________________________
or call 847-410-3900 x 25.
Netivot: 12 Step Torah—For registration and information,                 if you need financial assistance, please contact Leah Conley at
please contact Rabbi heather Altman at                                   773-868-5131. need-based tuition scholarships are available or call 773-983-9617.                     for Anshe Emet classes.
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  Anshe Emet Synagogue A Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Learning

rabbi MiChael siegel—Senior Rabbi at Anshe              r abbi h eather a ltMan —Rabbi heather
Emet, Rabbi Siegel was ordained by the Jewish           Altman recently completed three years as Associate
theological Seminary of America, where he received      Rabbi of Anshe Emet Synagogue and is currently
his Masters degree in hebrew Letters. Rabbi Siegel      immersed in the work of “creating sanctuary for
has acquired a large following of devoted students in   your soul.” Engaged in leading others through
his 26 years at Anshe Emet.                             the process of spiritual discernment, heather is
                                                        completing the Morei derekh Jewish Spiritual
hazzan alberto Mizrahi—hazzan Mizrahi is                direction training Program through the Yedidya
a graduate of the hebrew Academy of Cleveland,          Center and is a student of the institute for Jewish
the hebrew theological College and the Cantors          Spirituality Rabbinic Leadership Program. heather
institute of the Jewish theological Seminary.           is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga teacher and a
Firmly established as one of the leading cantors in     graduate of the Forrest Yoga teacher training
the world, he has performed worldwide in recitals,
cantorial concerts, symphony concerts and opera.
                                                        Certification Program and Shiva Rae Vinyasa
                                                        Flow Yoga teacher training. heather consults and
                                                                                                                 Raymond Arbetman
his repertoire spans nine languages.                    teaches with community organizations, performs
                                                        life cycle rituals, serves as a Spiritual director and      1918–1987
r abbi d aniel C otzin b urg —daniel Burg               teaches Rav Yoga in a variety of settings.
is a Rabbi at Anshe Emet. Rabbi Burg received
his rabbinical ordination from the university of        elie berkMan—Elie Berkman was born in israel             On Shavuot 5760, Anshe Emet Synagogue
Judaism in Los Angeles, California in May 2005.         on a religious kibbutz and graduated from Yeshivat       established the Raymond Arbetman Center
he holds Master of Arts degrees in Rabbinic             B’nai Akiva. he was director of education for 21         for Adult Jewish Learning. having found a
Studies and Jewish Education from the university        years in various Chicago area congregations and has      warm and inspiring spiritual home at Anshe
of Judaism and a Bachelor of Arts degree in hebrew      been teaching for the past 44 years.                     Emet, Sylvia Arbetman determined that an
Studies and Anthropology from the university of                                                                  endowment of adult Jewish learning was the
Wisconsin, Madison. Rabbi Burg brings his love of       rabbi robyn Fryer bodzin—Originally from                 most appropriate way to honor and perpetuate
Jewish education in all its forms to the Raymond        Canada, Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin recently                her husband’s name.
Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Learning.              concluded a three-year tenure as Rabbi-in-Residence
                                                        at a Jewish high school in the northern suburbs where    Raymond was well known in the women’s
rabbi MattheW FutterMan—Rabbi Futterman                 she taught, developed curriculum, organized holiday      garment industry as an astute and honorable
recently joined the Anshe Emet clergy team as our       programming and advised student clubs. Rabbi Fryer       businessman. While meeting the heavy
first Rabbi / Educator. Rabbi Futterman received        Bodzin received her rabbinic ordination from the         demands of his business, he made time to
his BA from Columbia College in religion and            Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American       participate in, and contribute to, all aspects
psychology in 1976. he was subsequently awarded         Jewish university in Los Angeles and she obtained an     of Jewish life in every community in which
a BA by the Seminary College of Jewish Studies of       MSW and a certificate in Jewish Communal Service         he lived. he spent much of his leisure time
the Jewish theological Seminary in Jewish history       from Yeshiva university in Manhattan as well as a BA     studying world history, and became especially
and Jewish education. he was ordained by JtS            in Religion from York university in toronto. Rabbi       knowledgeable in Jewish history. he was a
in 1982 which also granted him his first Master’s       Fryer Bodzin is a graduate of the Keshet training        loving husband and loyal friend to Sylvia for 38
degree in Jewish Studies and Rabbinics. he earned       institute/ hineini Education Project, which supports     years, and a devoted father to four children. he
an additional MA and Ed.M. degrees in counseling        and trains Jewish educators and lay leaders to ensure    exemplified the values our tradition associates
psychology from teachers’ College of Columbia           that GLBt youth, families, and staff are same and        with one who has a keter shem tov—the crown
university. Rabbi Futterman comes to us from the        affirmed in all Jewish educational and community
israel Center of Conservative Judaism in Flushing,
                                                                                                                 of a good name.
                                                        settings. Rabbi Fryer Bodzin met her husband at
new York which he served as its first rabbi from        Anshe Emet, in the Rose Crown Minyan, where they
2004–2008. Prior to that he lived in Ashkelon,          both continue to be active participants.                 the Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult
israel with his wife, Chana, and their three children                                                            Jewish Learning supports Anshe Emet’s vision
for nearly 20 years. during that time he was the        rabbi MiriaM burg—Rabbi Miriam Burg was                  as a house of Worship, a house of Gathering,
rabbi of Kehillat netzach israel, a Conservative        ordained from the hebrew union College-Jewish            and a house of Learning, where torah and all
congregation and sister synagogue to Anshe Emet.        institute of Religion in Los Angeles in 2002,            dimensions of Jewish life may be explored. We
                                                        after having previously earned a Masters of Jewish       are pleased to honor the memory of Raymond
debby leWis—debby Lewis is the Ritual director          Education and a Masters of hebrew Letters in 2000        Arbetman through the study and celebration
at Anshe Emet. She holds a degree in Psychology         and 2001 respectively. She is currently working          of Jewish life.
and has worked extensively with adolescents and         on creating a Jewish family camp and is enjoying
their families in community mental health settings      spending a lot of time with her two young children,      Anshe Emet Synagogue is a Conservative,
doing individual and group counseling, educational      Eliyah and Shamir. She is married to Rabbi daniel        egalitarian synagogue. We invite everyone to
programs, outreach, and crisis intervention. She was    Burg whose classes she always recommends taking!         participate in our many programs. in addition
co-founder of nWAAR (northwest Action Against                                                                    to the Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult
Rape), which still exists to serve rape victims in nW   Martin (Moish) lenoW—Moish Lenow has                     Jewish Learning, we take pride in our na’aseh
suburban Chicago.                                       been involved with adult Jewish learning for many        Program, the Joseph and Belle Braun Religious
                                                        years and has taught various adult education courses     School, our award-winning united Synagogue
                                                        at Anshe Emet. he has been our Ba’al tefillah and        Youth Program, the Jews By Choice Program,
    Many thanks to the Raymond Arbetman                 currently facilitates the Shabbat morning Parshat        the Rose Crown Minyan, the Young Adult
       Center for Adult Jewish Learning                 haShavuah class.                                         division (YAd) with its ties to the Sidney n.
    Committee. if you would like to join the                                                                     Shure Kehilla Program and the Florence G.
                                                        rabbi daniel vaisrub—daniel runs the north               heller Jewish Community Center, Zuggot,
    committee, please contact Leah Conley
                                                        American wing of a technology strategy company. he       the Bridge Sisterhood, the Young Families
     at 773-868-5131. We are grateful to
                                                        is the Lakeview representative to the Chicago Yoreh
      Curt Frankenstein for permitting us                                                                        Group, Boomreem, and haZaK.
                                                        deah Shiur. he holds a BA from the university of
      to use his etching for our brochure.              Michigan and an MBA from McGill university.

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    rayMond                                                                                                         i
arbetMan Center
  For adult JeWish
      learning                                                                                                      t
The Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult
Jewish Learning, two-time winner of the
Solomon Schechter Gold Award for Synagogue
Excellence in Adult Education, encourages
adults to experience the love of Jewish study.
We are dedicated to meeting the educational, cultural, religious, and social needs of our membership
and community at large, with significant programs to enhance their Jewish learning experience.
We are ever mindful of changing needs, and continue to add new and innovative programs to                           0
respond to our membership and our community.

                                                                                 Chicago, Illinois 60613-4104
                                                                                    3751 North Broadway
                                                                                   Anshe Emet Synagogue

                                                                                     Visit our web site at

                                                                                       call 773-868-5131.
                                                                                 For membership information,
                                                                                registration, call 773-868-5119.
                                                                              For adult education information and

                                                 3751 north broadWay, ChiCago, illinois 60613-4104

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