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TALK-SHOW HOST Regis Philbin is back home                        SINGER Elton John, right, says he will make his back                                                             SINGER Luther Ingram, best known for the hit song
after spending five days in the hospital fol-                    catalogue of more than 30 albums available for digi-                                                             If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don’t Want To Be Right),
lowing heart bypass surgery.                                     tal download later this month.                                                                                   has died of a heart attack, his family said yesterday.
                                  SOURCE: E! News Online                                            Metro Vancouver News Services                                                 He was 69.                           SOURCE: E! News Online

 ’70s-style dresses are a good fit for ’07
                                                                                                                        SPRING BAGS
                                                                                                                        We all have bags and we
 kim.elbo@metronews.ca                                                                                                  all have bags for different                                       $   45
                                                                                                                        occasions. Try these four
 ’70S DRESSES                                                                                                           bags this spring/summer
 Last week it was the                                                                                                   season. Since bold co-
 ’60s — this week it is the                                      $   70                            $   149              loured graphics are in for                                                                                  $   53
 ’70s. Just think psyche-                                                                                               dresses and shirts, shop
 delic patterns and prints                                                                                              for the opposite in a bag
 splashed with bold bright                                                                                              and look for a neutral base
 colours. These beautifully                                                                                             colour to avoid clashing
 designed dresses can also                       LINEAR WRAP                           SIMPLE ’70S                      with your outfits. Over-                         SHOULDER BAG                             STRAW BAG
 carry over to the summer                                                                                               sized bags are plenty in
                                             Bring the ’70s into the office         Wear with feathered hair                                                           For a night out on the town              Perfect for the beach
 season. Pair with the right                                                        Bionic Women (L.A.)                 stores this season but I                          Melie Bianco (L.A.)                  Billabong (Australia)
                                                   Bedo (Montreal)
 bag and shoes and you can                        Available at Bedo                Available at Edith & Bob             don’t recommend them,                          Available at Edith & Bob             Available at Pacific Boarder
 make the dresses go from                         Various locations                   2003 W. 4th Ave.                                                                     2003 W. 4th Ave.                      1793 W. 4th Ave.
                                                                                                                        instead look for a smaller                         meliebianco.com                     pacificboarder.com
 day to night. Think the                               bedo.ca
                                                                                                                        and lighter design. And re-
 look might be too much?                                                                                                member the rule of match-
 Try easing the ’70s into                                                                                               ing your handbag with
 your wardrobe with a                                                                                                   your shoes is so passé.
 colourful silk head wrap
 scarf, find originals at
 your local vintage store.                                                                                                 pssst…
                                                                                                                            Recent Read: Nigo of Bathing
                                                                                                                            Ape has proposed a ‘street cred’      $   55                                                                $   79
   accessorize                                                                                                              line to the artistic director of
   Fact: Every week                                                                                                         Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs. The
   in Canada,
                                                                $   269                            $   289                  line consists of puffy jackets and
   55 million                                                                                                               turntable cases. – W Magazine
   shopping bags
   are taken home                                                                                                          tip
   (livinggreen.info).                        KIMONO INSPIRED                       FLOWER POWER                           Just opened:                                     WRISTLET                               ARM BAG
   Make a statement,                           Stand out in the crowd             Show off your feminine style             Urban Outfitters 830 Granville St.            Great for a lunch date                   For work or play
   a fashionable one of course,                     Voom (L.A.)                           Voom (L.A.)                      Edith & Bob 2003 W. 4th Ave.                 Matt & Nat (Montreal)                  Melie Bianco (L.A.)
   and sport one of these.                    Available at Edith & Bob              Available at Edith & Bob                                                           Available at Edith & Bob              Available at Edith & Bob
                                                  2003 W. 4th Ave.                     2003 W. 4th Ave.                    (formerly Spank,) and                          2003 W. 4th Ave.                      2003 W. 4th Ave.
   $25 bringyourownbag.ca                                                                                                  Parasuco 610 Granville St.
                                                voombyjoyhan.com                      voombyjoyhan.com                                                                    mattandnat.com                        meliebianco.com

                                                                               Art, fashion take over market
                                                                               Shades of   the U.K.                      INFO: For details and a list            you find — sew on some                   the buy-one-get-the-second-
                                                                                                                         of vendors, visit www.porto-            flowers or beads, or create              for-half sale continues on
                                                                               THIS SUNDAY, make sure                    bellowest.com.                          a sash with a wide satin                 select items. Hoof it to
                                                                               to pop by the Portobello                                                          ribbon.                                  your nearest location ASAP
                                                                               West Fashion And Art Mar-    Prom                    perfect                         Formal dresses are also               — with so many working
                                                                               ket, a United Kingdom-in-                                                         available at Sears, where                gals hoping to update
                                                                               spired indie shopping ex-    MANY YOUNG readers                                   all the lines in the prom                their closets on the cheap,
                                                                               perience boasting more       have e-mailed FF for tips                            section have been reduced                this stellar sale may trig-
                                                                               than 80 local craftista-de-  on where to hunt down af-                            by 30 per cent.                          ger a bit of a retail riot.
                                                                               signers and artisans.        fordable prom gear.                                     If you can sew reason-
                                                                                                                                  Defi-                          ably well or know someone                Spring   separates
                                                                               the many                                         nitely pe-                       who can, then consider
                                                                               thy local
                                                                                             fashionista                        ruse the
                                                                                                                                racks at
                                                                                                                                                                 making your own dress.
                                                                                                                                                                 Currently, all Simplicity
                                                                                                                                                                                                          THIS WEEK WATCH FOR
                                                                                                                                                                                                          some discounts on current
                                                                               faves are      NATHALIE-ROZE                     Fair-                            patterns are on sale at Fab-             pieces from the in-house
                                                                               Adhesif        FISCHER                           weather,                         ricland — buy any two for                Zellers label Très You.
                                                                               Clothing, nrfrugalista@rogers.com                where                            $5; www.fabricland.ca.                      All the pieces from the
                                                                               Cherry                                           numer-                                                                    well-cut, flattering spring
                                                                               Blossom,                                         ous                              Sweet     suit sale                      collection have been
                                                                               Sassy Vintage and Damsel     gowns from debutante                                                                          marked down by 25 per
                                                                               Funk. Look for bold jewel-   sweet to downright vampy                             DON’T MISS Smart Set’s                   cent. On-trend separates
                                                                               ry from By Amber Designs     have arrived. Most are in                            $89 suit sale, which just                include a belted shirt-
                                                                               plus stylish accessories,    the $99-$150 range. Many                             launched yesterday.                      dress, now $22, subtly
                                                                               baby gear and tons more      of the styles look like they                            Choose from a wide                    flared capris for $20 and
                                                                               fun. This is also where you  jumped right out of the                              range of styles and colours              some pretty tie-back tops
                                                                               can buy an eco-chic “Bring   pages of Seventeen maga-                             just in time for the season-             in spring-weight cotton jer-
                                                                               Your Own Bag” cotton tote. zine, while others are                                 al shift. This is a fantastic            sey are just $16 each. This
                                                                               WHEN: 11 a.m-5 p.m.          more Teen Vogue — i.e., so-                          buy, and, if you find a cut              mix-and-match line is of-
                                                                               WHERE: Portobello West is    phisticated and fashion-                             that celebrates your best                fice appropriate and can
                                                                               open rain or shine at a      forward with raw-edged                               assets, it’s definitely worth            also transition easily into
                                                                               new location: the Rocky      details and asymmetrical                             splurging on two sets. Pair              fun weekend wear that’s
                                                                               Mountaineer Station, 1755    hemlines and beading.                                one of several jackets with              both stylish and afford-
                                                                               Cottrell St., South of Ter-    And don’t forget you can                           the bottom of your choice                able. Available in regular,
Clothing by Cherry Blossom, one of the vendors coming to                       minal Avenue behind          always add your own                                  (such as a skirt, trousers or            petites and plus-size
this weekend’s Portobello West Fashion And Art Market.                         Home Depot.                  touch to whichever dress                             cropped pants). Moreover,                ranges.

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