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									Finding the Ideal US Office Space for Rent

Office space rental is about good decision making and balancing. Obviously you want office space that many people visit or go by on a daily basis, but
there are downturns to that as well. With a commercial property that is used as space to rent quite often the building itself may not be in peak
condition. So when looking at commercial property for lease you have to look at how busy a street is and how much commerce you get next to how
dependable the building is. You certainly don't want to end up spending a majority of your capital and profits on office repair.

Office space should be roomy. If you have to move in a copier, scanner and larger printer for example to do your work you may not have enough
room depending upon how many other people you are working with. If you are a person that has trouble working in tight quarters make sure the office
space you are being leased has plenty of room to move and walk around in.

Ball State University ranked the state of Missouri as the best state to own a commercial property in. This is due to the fact that the property tax rate in
Missouri is comparatively low in the Show Me State. Missouri does level quite a luxury tax on the items that would be sold out of your office space for
rent, but the buildings having caring owners. The owners care about their commercial properties in Missouri because the low tax rate reassures them
that their investment very well could be successful. The city of St. Louis where you have passionate Cardinals baseball fans looking for things to do
and companies like Scottrade who deal with a lot of wealthy investors would be an ideal place for a commercial property for rent given all that

It really does depend upon where your commercial property for lease is located and what the purpose of the office space for rent is as to whether it
will be a successful venture or not. You've got a lot of building being rented out for office space during the political campaign season. The state of
Minnesota has always had a high voter turnaround and a devout population of political junkies in the larger portions of the state in particular. So if you
were to launch a statewide political campaign in Minnesota I would purpose finding several commercial properties for rent in the cities of Minneapolis
and St. Paul for example.

If you are looking to involved in government and want to set up a lobbying for example, finding office space to rent in Washington D.C. is fairly easy
for this purpose. Office space to rent in the District of Columbia is very expensive, but if you have enough clients to lobby for, you will welcome such an
idea. Using your commercial property for office space purposes to a charity or other non-profit organization brings a lot of goodwill to whatever your
cause is. Such moves would help with networking in large cities like Washington D.C. Also just because you are using your office space rental for a
brief time now to set up a lobbying firm for example doesn't mean the business won't become more lucrative later and you might be able to buy the
commercial property yourself.

About the Author
Dave Walker - Operations Manager of Office Space Local. He has over 20 years experience in the US office space and commercial property
marketplace. Office Space Local US is a search service for office space for rent. Major cities covered including office space in New York, Los Angeles,
Houston and Chicago.


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