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                            Guidelines In Choosing Free Web Site Design Templates

       By Christy Clemens
       Dated: Jun 29, 2009

       There are hundreds of free business templates for your web site design available and downloadable in
       many sites online.

       There are hundreds of free business templates for your web site design available and downloadable in many
       sites online. Although their contents are not as comprehensive as paid website design templates are, the fact
       that you can get them without paying a cent makes them all worth it. However, to make sure that the
       templates are worth your while, it is important that you choose your downloads wisely. What are some
       things you have to watch out for in free website templates?

        Web site design templates should be editable. Website templates are supposed to be editable and
       customizable such that all you need to do is fill in the contents needed for your business. Make sure you
       choose a professional-looking design that is easy to edit.

        Free business templates should be compatible with user-friendly, popular html editors. Your web site
       design template should be easy to edit using the most popular and user-friendly editors such as
       DreamWeaver, Photoshop, GoLive and FrontPage. These html editors are based on graphics and click and
       drag mechanism, making them easy to navigate through. One does not have to be knowledgeable with html
       programming or be a computer software pro to edit the template and customize it for your business.

        The free template should be easy to upload. After editing the website design you chose and modifying the
       template to the exact specifications needed for your business, the template should be easy to upload. Once
       you upload the site, it should open easily in your browser. This is especially true for those who do not have
       as much experience in website design. The easier the upload process will be, the faster your site will be up
       and running for the rest of the world to visit.

        The web page generated by the website design template should be downloaded with ease using any
       browser. It is equally important for your website to be downloaded easily by your target users using any
       browser. Online users have short attention span and patience for slow-loading websites. The faster your
       website loads, the faster you get the sales message across, the better chances you have for sales.

        The coding in the template should be in such a way that there is no alteration in the template structure upon
       insertion of content or graphic. Many free templates have one common problem: when one inserts content
       or graphic, the template gets altered and the rest is history. This is a web site design template that should be
       avoided. Not only does it cause complications when editing the template, but you run the risk of publishing
       a website with elements in the wrong places.

        Free business templates are the best alternative for those you would like to have a website with as little cost
       and time expense as possible. However, to ensure success you must choose the right free web site design
       template that will provide you with a presentable, user-friendly website. Remember that a good website can
       do wonders to your business, whether online or offline.

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