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					                                      HND to DEGREE - Course information
Accounting and Finance – single                                        Banking / Financial Services / Insurance / Investment
Accounting - joint                                                     - joints
Provides a sound conceptual foundation for a professional,             These degree programs prepare students for a career in the
managerial or business career to help students understand              financial services industry; provide them with life-long learning
current thinking, analyse current problems in accounting and           skills and focuses on the study of financial institutions, their
finance and help them deal with the rapidly changing business          management and the environment in which they operate.
environment. It enables students to enhance their employability
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and/or gain admission to a masters programme or study for a
                                                                       Banking -
professional qualification. The core modules of the course
                                                                       Financial Services -
satisfy some of the requirements of the Chartered Association of
Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of
                                                                       Insurance -
Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of England and Wales. Students can use the
designate modules on the course to gain further exemptions
from ACCA and CIMA.
                                                                       Business Management – single (day or evening only)
Web links:                                                             The BA (Hons) Business Management course is a single
Accounting & Finance -                                                 honours course that provides students with a thorough         knowledge and understanding of the key subjects relevant to a
Accounting joints -                                                    career in business management in the widest possible context.                     This course has been newly developed as part of London
                                                                       Metropolitan Business School’s re-design of its degrees in
Banking and Finance - single                                           business and management in 2008. As such, your Business
The programme encompasses at its core the four pillars of              Management degree course will enable you to study a number
financial services: banking, investment, insurance and law.            of leading-edge business subjects as well as allowing you to
The integration and globalisation of these areas is embedded           explore innovative and contemporary themes relevant to the
in the course as is the behaviour of financial services                modern-day business environment.
providers, customers, regulators and governments. A strong
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emphasis is placed upon the application of the students’
knowledge and self-reflection.
                                                                       Business Economics – single/joint
The degree programme provides students with work
experience in the financial sector in order to enhance future          Your studies will focus mainly on economic and business
employability.                                                         analysis, but they will also involve quantitative work, economic
                                                                       history, IT-related tasks, philosophical and political thought
Web link                                                               and other fields too numerous to mention.         City - BSc

                                       HND to DEGREE - Course information
North - BA                                                                    vi)     an awareness of the international dimension
Web link                                                               Web link                    Business Information Technology Management –
                                                                       single/joint (North only)
Business Enterprise (Top Up) - single                                  This degree allows you to develop an understanding of
This exciting degree was developed to respond to the needs of          computer applications within the context of contemporary
business for graduates with the skills to generate creative            business issues. At level 3, the modules you study are key
ideas for products, processes and services either within               advanced topics in business computing.
existing organisations or by starting up their own business.
Business in the 21st century requires people with the                  Web Link
creativity, imagination and the skills of innovation to identify
rapidly changing customer needs, as well as the people skills
to successfully manage teams around them to innovate                   Business Law – joint (North only)
effectively. The degree examines the various technical                 The course covers topical areas of law and places law in a
disciplines of business from the focused perspective of                business context. An innovative law team teaches the subject
applying the disciplines to realise the power of new ideas.            whose research interests include employment law, company
                                                                       law, international trade law, equal opportunities, intellectual
Students who have completed an HND/C, Foundation degree                property and e-commerce. There is a wide range of combined
or levels one and two of other degree courses, are eligible to         programmes available including, Business Law &
join the Business Enterprise Accelerated One Year Top-Up               Management, Business Law & International Business and
programme. See handbook for further information.                       Business Law & Music & Media Management.

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                                                                       Economic Studies – single
Business - joint                                                       Economics / International Economics – single/joint
Specifically the degree will address the following issues;             Your studies will focus mainly on economic analysis, but they
                                                                       will also involve quantitative work, economic history, IT-related
       i)      an appreciation of the business environment in          tasks, philosophical and political thought and other fields too
               a global context                                        numerous to mention.
       ii)     a knowledge of theory and practice relating to
               major functional areas of business                      Web links
       iii)    applications of decision-making techniques              Economic Studies -
       iv)     understanding strategic                       
       v)      project

                                       HND to DEGREE - Course information
Economics                                                          -       resources. It has been designed to show how the application                         of the discipline can enrich our understanding of different
International Economics -                                                  management strategies, provide practical insights into their                         operation and enable you to evaluate alternative approaches
                                                                           and policies. Within this framework it focuses particularly on
Finance – single / Financial Economics – single/joint                      developing your appreciation of the key issues confronted in
International Economics and Finance - single                               managing people, the challenges posed by an increasingly
Your studies will focus mainly on economic and financial                   globalised and ever-changing economy and the range of
analysis, but they will also involve quantitative work, economic           interventions open to HRM practitioners. In the process the
history, IT-related tasks, philosophical and political thought             course aims to enable you to acquire the skills you will need
and other fields too numerous to mention.                                  as a prospective manager whether you wish to work in the
                                                                           commercial, public or voluntary sectors.
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Finance                                                       -            Web link       
Financial Economics -                                                      Insurance - single                         This degree is specialised in that it contains a substantial
Intl Economics & Finance -                                                 insurance element including Chartered Insurance Institute             subjects. However, the structure of the course recognises that
                                                                           insurance is part of the broader financial services sector and
Financial Services - single                                                the course attempts to present an academically rigorous
The focus is on the behaviour of financial markets and                     insurance course in a financial services context.
institutions including that of consumers, regulators and
governments. The integration of the different areas and the                The course focus of the degree is on the areas of insurance,
globalisation of financial services are themes which are                   banking, investment and law. Additionally there is coverage of
embedded in the course. A strong emphasis is placed upon                   important dimensions of the activity of insurance through
the application of the students’ knowledge and self-reflection.            modules on Risk Analysis and Control, Risk Financing,
                                                                           Commercial Insurance and International Insurance Law. The
Web link
                                                                           integration and globalisation of these areas is embedded in the
                                                                           course as is the behaviour of financial services providers,
                                                                           customers, regulators and governments. A strong emphasis is
Human Resource Management - single (North only)
                                                                           placed upon the application of the students’ knowledge and
and joint                                                                  self reflection.
The course aims to provide you with a thorough understanding
of what is increasingly seen as the key to organisational and              Web link
business success, namely the management of its human             

                                         HND to DEGREE - Course information
International Business – single (North only) and joint                    and Transport — the industry's leading international
This multidisciplinary degree will provide you with a sound               professional body.
grounding in business education that focuses on international             Web Links
business activity. The course will help you to acquire an in-   
depth understanding of specific features in organisations, from           tvm2.cfm
management processes to the external environments of
international businesses. It will explain how international               Management – single (North only) /joint
businesses have contributed to the process of globalisation               The course aims to enable you to develop an in-depth
and how they respond to the challenges posed by the global                understanding of the nature and processes of management.
economy.                                                                  From the practice of project management and organisational
                                                                          studies to the analysis of critical stances on managerial work,
There is a wide range of optional modules which provide                   this course covers key topics that are of direct relevance to
scope for studying a foreign language. The Department has a               anyone seeking a career in management. We will also help
strong research base and a thriving alumni community that                 you to develop your practical management skills and show you
helps maintain links with employers and City institutions. The            how to apply business theories and strategies.
course also develops your employability skills in business.               Web link
Web Link                        Marketing – single/joint
                                                                          The philosophy of the BA Marketing honours programme is to
International Tourism Management and                       Travel         provide students with a rigorous undergraduate education in
Management – joint course (North only)                                    Marketing whilst providing a suitable foundation from which
This course provides you with an excellent foundation in UK               students can build a range of Marketing careers both in the
and international tourism policy making, tourism planning and             private and the public sectors. Whilst marketing has
the socio-cultural issues arising from tourist activities. You will       traditionally been restricted to the domain of the private sector
also acquire sound management skills that will help prepare               there are now many opportunities in the public sector and
you for a career in this changing sector. With the vocational             'quasi private sector' (e.g. trust organisations) for marketing
element of the course, which focuses on current issues for                careers. In pursuit of this objective the Course has been
users as well as providers of passenger transport by air, sea,            designed to provide an academically coherent programme of
road and rail at the local, national and international level              undergraduate studies, which will also gain exemptions from
provides an in-depth look into both industries.                           the examinations of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
                                                                          Additionally, the new Course permits students to choose a
The University is one of the leading centres for global tourism           wider range of specialist aspects of Marketing and acts as a
research and the course draws upon the knowledge and                      vehicle for supporting their academic and career development
resources generated by this research endeavour. The course                in the field of Marketing.
also enjoys a close association with the Institute of Logistics           Web link


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