Anzac Day Quiz by xiaoyounan


									                        Gallipoli Evacuation and ANZAC Quiz
1. Anzac Day is held on

A)   April 19th
B)   April 27th
C)   April 25th
D)   March 7th

2. ANZAC stands for:

A)   Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
B)   Australian and New Zealand Artillery company
C)   American and New Zealand Army corps
D)   Australian and New Zealand Army Club

3. ANZAC relates to New Zealand soldiers participating in a battle at:

A)   Pearl Harbor
B)   Passchendaele
C)   Gallipoli
D)   Ypres

4) The First ANZAC commemoration occurred in:

A)   1916
B)   1915
C)   1939
D)   1990

5) A symbol commonly associated with Anzac Day is?

A)   A red poppy
B)   A silver fern
C)   A kiwi
D)   A yellow rose

6) The Allied forces were at Gallipoli as part of a strategy to control which strategic waterway?

A)   The Dardannelles
B)   Suvla Bay
C)   The Mediterranean Sea
D)   The English channel

7) Lieutenant-Colonel William George Malone commanded which unit at Gallipoli?

A)   A Coy Auckland regiment
B)   16th Waikato Coy
C)   Canterbury Regiment
D)   The Wellington Battalion
8)   Who led the Turkish counterattack at Chunuk Bair?
8) Who led the Turkish Counterattack at Chunuk Bair

A)   Sari Bair
B)   Ari Burnu
C)   Mustafa Kemel Bay
D)   Recep Tayyip Erdogen

9) The main Allied landing on the Gallipoli peninsula on 25 April was at?

A)   Cape Helles
B)   Suvla Bay
C)   Anzac cove
D)   The Narrows

10) What tricks did the soldiers play when evacuating Gallipoli?

A)   Leaving rifles on the edge of trenches
B)   Walked along trenches and shot from different spots
C)   Kept fires burning to ensure there was lots of smoke
D)   All of the above

11) How long did the soldiers maintain silence for as a practise for the evacuation?

A)   24 hours
B)   36 hours
C)   48 hours
D)   72 hours

12) How many soldiers were left by the night of December 18th?

A)   40000
B)   60000
C)   80000
D)   20000

13) Which of these reasons is not one of those put forward as to why Gallipoli was a failure?

A)   The Terrain
B)   British army and Royal Navy didn’t work well together
C)   The landing was confused
D)   The weather

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