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Fellow Comrades, beginning in Feb we enter into the
final months leading up to the election of our new
Post officers for the 2008-2009 leadership year. New
officers will be sworn in the end of April or month of
May and begin their new duties on 1 Jul 08. For our
regular members we will discuss during our regular
Feb meeting the “process” for elections, i.e.
nominations, votes cast by hand or paper ballot, etc.
This is “process only”, so come prepared to

On Jan 14, our Post Honor Guard supported the
Riverside City Council, and new Mayor, in honoring
Marine Cpl Derek C. Dixon during the City of
Riverside’s first Cpl Derek C. Dixon day. Cpl. Dixon,
20, of Riverside, Ohio, died June 26 while conducting
combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq. He was
assigned to 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion, 2nd
Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp
Lejeune, N.C.      Mayor Doan relayed to me his
personal thanks for the superb support of our Honor
Guard. As you may remember our Post also had a special tribute to Cpl Dixon during our
Veterans Day ceremony. ”Honor the Dead…..”

Our Post Entertainment Committee now has a Chair and Co-chair of Mary Critell and Bruce
Davis, respectfully. Our Entertainment Committee meeting dates are listed in the Post monthly
schedule and open to all Post members. If the committee isn’t aware of the ideas you may
have for entertainment, then it probably won’t happen!

Congratulations to our Post “Loyalty Day” contest nominees: Alexandria Black (18), Laura
Conrad (17), Sarah Conrad (12) and Amy Conrad (8). According to our Montgomery County
Council (MCC) Commander, Jeff Carroll, there is no age limit or number or entries a Post can
submit. Our new nominees, all of whom do well in school and support the community, will now
set out to raise funds in support of the MCC Loyalty Day Queen contest.

Finally, let me offer a personal “editorial” regarding the Ohio Smoking Law. This is a law that I
did not ask for, or voted for, yet I’m bound by Sec 218, para (a) (1) b., of the VFW National By-
Laws, to “fairly” enforce it, and all other laws. As I have said many times as your commander,
“I’m not here to be popular; I’m here to be fair.” Since November 06 when the law was
passed, nothing has caused more consternation, confusion, debate, controversy and ill will within
our Post and the VFW Department of Ohio! It has pitted smoker against non-smoker, veteran
against veteran, and Post against Post as not everyone interprets enforcement the same. That
being said, we in Post 657 have, in my view, formulated the most “common sense” approach for
dealing with this law given its changing nature and complexity. Following the way we have
always made policy within our Post, the issue was addressed in our House Committee, options
developed, and brought before membership for debate/approval. As a result of this process, we
are a “non-smoking” Post with the exception of the area so designated outside, which is in
compliance with the non-smoking law. I’m keenly aware that other VFW Posts do not enforce this
law as we do, that is the decision of their Post and leadership. I would offer, however, that
“playing games” with the current law in the long run only serves to create discontent amongst
posts, adds to an already confusing and sometimes volatile situation, and does nothing to further
the “spirit” of what our organization stands for! I would also offer that those who feel the most
passionate about the law should focus their efforts and opinions towards repealing or modifying
the law through the legislative or legal process! In closing, it is my expectation that issues,
concerns, or clarification regarding policy within our Post be addressed in the same
manner as they were created, through our Post leadership chain, House Committee,
Executive Committee when required, and at membership meetings!

Respectfully, Commander Dan


We now accept VISA and MASTERCARD for dues payment, but ensure your receipt is marked

- Chuck Dobney, Post Quartermaster


The House Committee will convene on Wednesday, 5 February, 2008 (for this month only due to
the holiday) at 6:30PM. Got anything you would like to see implemented? Your House
Committee is eager to serve!

- Mike Null, House Committee Chairman

The next VA Bingo trip to Ward 7 South will be on February 28 ; we’ll plan on leaving the Post at
6:30PM - come out and join us!

    -   Ron “Padre” Groves

If you know of any Comrades who are in ill health or hospitalized (or you yourself are), please let
me know so I can help you with assistance you might need. I can be reached at 258-8303.

    -   Jess B. Cancino


In conversation with another veteran, I learned that he had recently taken on the task of caring for
his two 8 month old twin granddaughters when their mother was deployed to Iraq. With her
possessions in storage, he had no crib or playpen for these two active babies – we provided him
with gift cards to purchase those items – if you know of a Post Comrade, or a family member who
might need help, please feel free to call me at 603-3494. We are always ready to help another
veteran or his/her family – they don’t need to be a member of this Post, or the VFW for that
matter. If you know of a person or group doing good work for the community that could use a
helping hand, let me know that as well!

    -   Mark Conrad, Service Officer


In January, your Post Honor Guard was called upon to perform at several services. We provided
a flag detail and bugler at the memorial services for a Life Member of another Post, and at the
Riverside City Hall at the first annual Corporal Derek C. Dixon Day. Mayor Doan extended his
thanks to Commander Faulkner for another outstanding job by Post 657. We also had the honor
to participate in the funeral services for a Vietnam veteran.

    -   Mark Conrad, Honor Guard Commander


Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed. Ladies, our fathers, husbands,
brothers, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, and uncles have fought great wars so we can enjoy
the freedoms we enjoy today; come out and support your auxiliary - we have some projects that
need to be completed.

We serve our veterans and the community everyday of the year not just for the holiday season.
Our next meeting is February 12, 2008 at 7pm.
I would like to thank our faithful members who continue to go above & beyond for our Post –

For God & Country,

    -   Teresa Bates, President

(Caption) The Post was packed with people who came out to enjoy the Ladies Auxiliary fish

(Caption) Sisters Cindy Thaxton, Sandy Breeding, and Brenda Critell were kept busy by
everyone embracing the “all you can eat” part of the dinner.

         Well, it definitely feels like the middle of winter - at the writing of this article the
temperature outside is a balmy 2 degrees. Hang in there - it won’t be long before the weather
starts to get warm again.

         I would like to invite everyone to join us for the pork chop dinner being held on February
15 , followed with great music from the band “Just In Tyme”. It should be a lot of fun for everyone
- come and spend an evening with us and I bet you’ll come back again and again.
                                            nd       th
         We continue to host bingo on the 2 and 4 Thursday of each month. We’ve been
having great turnouts and great payouts. Nicks subs continue to be a hit with everyone. So come
in and join us for dinner and bingo - it’s a great way to help beat the winter blues.

       Our next VA hospital visit will be February 6th; at 7:00pm; the van will leave at about
6:30pm and return at around 8:30pm. Our next Men’s Auxiliary meeting will be on February 7th at

- Steve Wuellner, President


The winner of the January trivia contest and $25 U.S. is Cindy Thaxton, who correctly answered
that the acronym “LANTIRN” stands for “Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for
Night”. Congrats Cindy!

A winner will be randomly drawn from a pool of correct answers submitted, and will receive $25
(there won’t be any trick questions, but they won’t always be easy either). Write your answer
down and place it in the mess kit in the Memorial Room or send an email to
by the 20 of each month. Good Luck!

February’s question is:

What city hosted the Peace Accords that were initially enforced by IFOR?

This month in military history:

February 3, 1917: US severs diplomatic ties with Germany.
February 6, 2007: Operation Enduring Freedom - Trans Sahara begins.
February 9, 1861: Jefferson Davis elected President of Confederate States of America.
February 11, 1951: Chinese counteroffensive begins north of Hoengsong.
February 12, 1955: President Eisenhower's administration sends the first U.S. advisers to South
Vietnam to train the South Vietnamese Army.
February 15, 1898: Submarine mine sinks U.S. battleship Maine in Havana Harbor, 260 killed.
February 19, 1944: US Marines land on Iwo Jima.
February 24, 1991: Allied ground assault against Iraq begins.
February 27, 1776: North Carolina militia defeat Loyalist Scots inflicting heavy casualties at
Moore’s Creek bridge.
Did you or one of your relatives serve in World War II? Have you (or they) had your name
registered in the Book of Remembrances at the National WWII Memorial? If not, contact me and
I’ll do it for you. I need to know:

    -   The person’s full name
    -   Rank
    -   Branch of Service (this includes civilians who worked on the Home Front!)
    -   Hometown
    -   Anything special you want people to know, such as where they served, awards and
        decorations etc.

Speaking of awards and decorations, if you never received yours, or they’ve been lost over the
years, I can help you get them replaced FREE OF CHARGE! The process can take up to six
months, but it’s absolutely free and gives you a chance to leave a tangible reminder of your
service to our great Nation to your children and grandchildren.

On a serious note, I’ve discovered that within the past few weeks, someone has stolen an artifact
from our Heritage Room. There is nothing more despicable than someone who steals from a
veteran, especially when the item they’ve taken is a reward for valor on the field of battle. I’m
going to give the culprit 30 days in which they can return the item with no questions asked; simply
leave it in the mess kit, or mail it anonymously to the Post. If it is not returned, I intend to use the
video footage we have and prosecute that individual to the fullest extent of the law, in addition to
making it my personal mission to have them banned from the Post for life. There is absolutely NO
place in our Post for someone who steals from the very people who risked their lives to defend
this great Nation.

    -   Mark Conrad, Post Historian


Again, special THANKS are in order for those members of the Post who continue to contribute
their time, effort and special talents in providing for member comfort and entertainment by
providing notable goodies during a cooler and sluggish month of January; to George Fannon and
Barb O'Neill for the sauerkraut and pork New Years dinner; to Rich Coney and Bryan
Henry for Post Christmas Decoration take down; and to the Ladies Auxiliary for an excellent fish
dinner. Also, “Attaboys” are in order for Scott Mundey, Rich Coney, and others who provided
tasty culinary entrees - Sloppy Joe's, hotdogs, beans and weenies, etc. My special
commendation is to the Men's Auxiliary for their unwavering support of our Thursday Night
Bingos with special Sub Sandwiches and increased participation.

    -   Al Link, Canteen Manager


Here’s the rundown on things going on in February. Just to point out, the band, Just N Tyme will
be in the house on the 15 Back by request, Dallas Denver and the Rhythm Kings will be
returning to our set on the 23 . Until we can come up with a pretty suggestion box, if you have
any requests or compliments, please see me or Bruce Davis. We’ll consider all suggestions, but
please keep in mind that we’re trying to balance good entertainment with an appropriate level of
cost to the Post. Thanks!

        Mary Critell, Entertainment Committee Chair

The Friday evening steak dinners are on again! As previously mentioned, we will serve from 6PM
to 8PM – BUT!!!!! You must place your food order NOT LATER THAN 7:30PM. Prices will
remain at $8.00 - a deal you can’t get anywhere else for a made-to-order dinner. We would
appreciate it if some more people would volunteer to cook this year – don’t be a fair-weather
patriot – support your Post! And thanks to Joe Denton and Chuck Patterson for their help with
the dinners – thanks, guys!!

At the July meeting we were briefed by Mr. Bill Flaute of the Honor Flight program. The Honor
Flight’s mission is “To fly America’s veterans to Washington D.C. to visit those memorial
dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of themselves and their friends”. Any WWII veteran
who would like to visit THEIR memorial in the nation’s capital is invited to call the Honor Flight at
937-521-2400, or call Bill at 271-4180. Bill’s email is . Trips are scheduled
from April through November 11 , Veterans Day. There are no trips during the winter due to the
weather. Veterans travel for free. Unfortunately, NO spouses or other family members are
allowed to go – this is simply a matter of logistics and cost. Each veteran must be accompanied
by an escort, whose job is to make sure his or her Vet is looked after and assisted with anything
they might need. Anyone can volunteer to be an escort, but must pay the $250 cost of the trip
themselves. The Honor Guard is investigating the possibility of being the sponsor for escorts from
Post 657. If we can pay for the trip, we will sponsor one (1) person from the Post each month to
serve as an escort. This will be NOT be limited to Honor Guard members, but will be open to
anyone with the appropriate travel documents (military ID, valid Drivers License, valid passport,

The Honor Flight website is at:

Newsletter reminder: Please provide your inputs to Comrade Mark Conrad not later than the 20
of each month. You can send input via email to:, or contact me at 603-
3494. To speed the editing process, please do not use fancy fonts or all capitals; “Arial 10pt” is
the preferred font. We can also add digital pictures to the newsletter, they need to be in jpeg
format, and of a reasonable size; I’ll convert them to black and white and make enhancements
where needed and when possible. Also, make sure you identify what the photo is of and who is in
it – thanks!

I would like to re-start the practice of listing birthdays and anniversaries in the
newsletters. If you’d like your special day listed, write down your name, the date, and the
occasion (please put the event as well, NOT just a name), and leave it in the mess kit with
the trivia answers by the 20 of each month. If you’re listing your anniversary, don’t forget
to list both you AND your spouses’ names! Inputs can also be emailed to

 If there are errors in this newsletter, I accept full responsibility for them. However, I’m not perfect,
so mistakes are going to happen. If you have an “issue”, a complaint (or whatever you want to
call it), come see ME.

Friday - February 1 – Post steak dinner 6PM – 8PM, order before 7:30PM
                     Karaoke “Hot Kats”

Saturday – February 2 – Juke Box Night

Sunday – February 3 – Super Bowl XLII Kickoff is at approx 6:20PM

Monday- February 4 - Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Tuesday – February 5 – House Committee Meeting at 6:30PM

Wednesday – February 6– Auxiliaries VA Hospital Visit @ 7PM

Thursday - February 7 – Men’s Auxiliary meeting @ 7PM
                        Post VA visit to Building 410 @6:30PM

Friday - February 8 – Karaoke “Spotlight”
                      Post steak dinner 6PM – 8PM, order before 7:30PM

Saturday – February 9 – Juke Box Night

Monday- February 11- Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Tuesday – February 12 - Ladies Auxiliary meeting @ 7PM

Wednesday – February 13 – Regular Member’s meeting at 7PM

Thursday – February 14 – Valentines Day
                        Bingo at the Post 7 – 9PM
                        Nick’s Famous Subs 6PM to 8PM, Cost $4.00

Friday – February 15 – Band “Just In Tyme”
                      Men’s Auxiliary pork chop dinner 6PM - 8PM, cost: $6.00

Saturday – February 16 – Juke Box Night
Sunday – February 17 – 50 running of the Daytona 500, coverage starts at 3:30PM

Monday - February 18 – Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Wednesday – February 20 - Entertainment + scheduling meeting at 6:30PM

Thursday – February 21 - Bingo at the Post 7 – 9PM (Tentative)

Friday – February 22 – Post steak dinner 6PM – 8PM, order before 7:30PM
                       Entertainment TBD

Saturday – February 23 – Band “Dallas Denver and the Rhythm Kings”

Monday – February 25 – Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Thursday – February 28 - Post VA visit to Ward 7 South @6:30PM
                        Bingo at the Post 7 – 9PM
                        Nick’s Famous Subs 6PM to 8PM, Cost $4.00

Friday – February 29 – Post steak dinner 6PM – 8PM, order before 7:30PM
                       Karaoke “Spotlight”

NOTE: Bar Maids now have discretion when to implement "Juke Box" night!

                                                                     March 2008:

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