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									                                                                                                                        June 2011
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                             From the President’s Desk                             I can not begin to men-
                           FOOD DRIVE 2011:                                  tion the names or see the faces
                              I’d like to start off by thanking every-       of all the people I have worked with
                           one who worked so diligently to make              over the years and I would never try and mention them all be-
                           the 19th annual food drive a success              cause the list would go on and on. But for those people who
                           once again. Through your hard work                have supported me, I want to thank you from the bottom of my
                           and dedication we collected nearly                heart. Without your support, I could never have done it.
                           175,000 pounds of food for 2011. Al-                    I also must thank the Board of Officers for all their hard
  President Jerry Giesting though our coverage through the vari-             work and dedication to making Branch 43 one of the best
                           ous news outlets was the best ever,               NALC Branch’s in the nation. When it comes to hard work and
the overall poundage for the entire area that encompasses                    commitment, you will never find a better group of people.
Branch 43 was down from last year.                                           THANK YOU, you made me very proud as the leader of Branch
      The members of the food drive committee were trying to                 43.
be very optimistic we would be able to meet or beat last years                     Finally, I want to personally thank David Kennedy for the
total, but with the everyday cost of food and gasoline at all time           excellent job he has done as my Vice President. You stood tall
highs, it was obvious those people who gave food last year                   when the times were tough and I know you will continue to
may find themselves the recipients of the food this year. Once               lead this Branch through the difficult challenges facing this
again, great job letter carriers!! Because of your hard work,                Union. I know you have all the makings of a great leader and
many less fortunate people will be able to obtain some food for              this Branch is lucky to have you.
themselves and their families through the free store.                              When I told David I was retiring he had a very difficult task
      We are very fortunate to have good paying jobs whereby                 at hand, because he had to choose a Vice President. I told
we can support our families but unfortunately many people                    David I was glad I didn’t have to make that call because this
need help and this is one simple way we can all help. I’d also               Branch is fortunate to have several officers who have the knowl-
like to thank all the different agencies involved including the              edge and capabilities to meet the challenges of the job. David
Postal Service for their committed efforts throughout the drive.             finally made his choice and has selected Doug Lape as the
Without everyone’s involvement, we could never accomplish                    new Vice President of Branch 43. I think Doug is an excellent
such a great feat.                                                           choice as he has shown excellent leadership skills and con-
                                                                             tract knowledge. I know David and Doug will lead this Branch,
ITS TIME TO SAY FAREWELL:                                                    and I know we are in good hands for the challenges facing this
      It’s hard to believe but its time to turn the page in that big         Union.
book titled “life” and move to the next chapter. The decision to                   My last request of the members of this great Branch is for
retire has been on my mind for over 2 years since I was eligible             YOU to give David and Doug the same support you have given
to retire but I kept putting it off because another challenge was            me throughout the years. They cannot do this job and be
always just around the corner. I’ve always been told you will                successful on their own. They need your help!!! I have com-
know when its time to move on in your life and I’ve come to                  mitted to remain active in the Branch and help out in whatever
realize that time for me is now.                                             role I am needed. Please commit yourself to do the same.
      This job takes away a lot of your family life and I want to            Remember this Union is only as strong as its members.
thank my wife and children for understanding and being there                       Thanks again for everything and may God keep you and
for me. I’ve called on them many times for help with various                 your loved ones safe.
types of Union events that the Branch was hosting and they
have always been there to help. I’ve also been blessed with
four grandchildren and I now have another granddaughter due                                                Sincerely,
in July. Now the time has come to enjoy life with all of them.                                   Jerry Giesting, Past President
Page 2                                                                                                                         June News & Views

                                                                                   From the VEEP, Dave Kennedy

                                                                                               By now you      retired union members who believe that
                                                                                   may have heard the          SB 5 is good for Ohio. I’ve encountered
                                                                                   APWU membership             voters who’ve exclaimed …Don’t get me
                                                                                   has ratified a new          started! When asked to join in this citi-
                                                                                   five-year agreement         zens veto of SB 5. The biggest surprise
                                                                                   with the Postal Ser-        is when our own membership cannot
            NEWS & VIEWS
          Volume 122, Number 6
                                                             vice by a margin of 3-1. Although clerks          see the correlation between this state
          Published Monthly by:                              and other members of the APWU have                issue and us as federal workers. The
         Queen City Letter Carriers                          issues unique to their crafts we do have          mentality currently ravaging many state
            NALC Branch 43,                                  a common employer. APWU President                 legislatures, including Ohio, is also very
          4100 Colerain Avenue                               Cliff Guffey recently highlighted a few
          Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
                                                                                                               prevalent for us a federal workers as evi-
                                                             details of the agreement stating …we              denced by the fact Congress is dissect-
                 Board of Officers                           were able to retain protection against lay-       ing the APWU agreement.
                                                             offs, bring back thousands of jobs in each                    Moving across the Capitol to the
          President: Jerry Giesting                          craft, and limit excessing. Monetary de-          Senate side, the Fiscal Year 2012 Bud-
     Vice President: David Kennedy
       Secretary: Fred Kirchgessner
                                                             tails of the APWU agreement include a             get which has already been approved by
     Recording Secretary: Jim Meale                          wage increase of 3.5% as well as seven            the House includes anti-federal worker
       Asst. Secretary: Burt Hughes                          uncapped Cost-of-Living Adjustments               recommendations awaiting Senate ap-
         Treasurer: Connie Griffieth                         with the first increase delayed until No-         proval. The House Budget Resolution’s
          H.B.R./M.B.A.: Jim Metz
                                                             vember 2012. The new agreement also               plan is to freeze federal employee pay
         Sgt.-At-Arms: Mike Mize
        Comp. Officer: Barb Martin                           provides for the creation of a new non-           for five years, cut the workforce by ten
    Dir. Retirees: John "Corky" Corcoran                     career ‘Postal Support Employee’ and              percent, and require employees to sig-
    President Emeritus: Gary Gabbard                         anticipates conversion of current eligible        nificantly increase their health benefit
                                                             TE and casual clerk employees.                    and retirement contributions. The Plan
         Denny Doud, Dave Durbin,
                                                                        While the USPS and the APWU            also recommends changing the high-3
     Skip Grant, Don Mueller, Randy Utz                      hammered out details of their agree-              formula to a high-5 approach for com-
                                                             ment, Congress was busy holding a                 puting federal pensions, given the fact
          A.F.L. ~ C.I.O. Delegates:                         hearing and scrutinizing their efforts.           that 60 percent of the federal workforce
       Executive Council -Ted Thompson
                                                             Chairman of the House Oversight and               will be eligible to retire in the next ten
          Tiffany Back, Brian Bailey,
         Kevin Hensley, Doug Lape,                           Government Reform Committee, Darrell              years. The budget further proposes a
              Lamont Seaborough                              Issa       (R-CA),        thought          the    pilot project that would turn the Federal
                                                             agreement…may in fact be the wrong                Employees Health Benefit Plan (FEHB)
                Editor/Webmaster:                            direction, to less flexibility, less ability to   into a defined contribution premium sup-
                 Fred Kirchgessner
                                                             trim the workforce and less ability to, in        port arrangement, in which federal em-
                     EDITOR’S NOTES                          the future, make the kinds of investments         ployees and retirees would be given a
              Branch 43 members are encouraged to
  send articles to the News & Views. Items of interest       we need to make. Why is Congress so               voucher to secure health insurance.
  about your station, current events, etc. are welcome.
  The following guidelines apply:
                                                             concerned by an agreement reached in              These proposals would affect both ac-
             (1) We may edit your article for grammar,       good faith by collective bargaining?              tive and retired members!
  punctuation, spelling, etc.
             (2) If it should prove necessary to edit an     There is no doubt the current wave in                         Addressing the real issues fac-
  article for space or coherence, every effort will be       many state legislatures to do away with           ing our employer is the main focus of the
  made to preserve the substance and intent of the
  article.                                                   collective bargaining, has now spilled            NALC legislative department. COLCPE
             (3) Unsigned articles will not be printed.      into the halls of Congress in Washing-            contributions are being used to help per-
  Letters, criticism and suggestions for improving the
  News & Views are also welcome. If your letter is not       ton.                                              suade the Office of Personnel Manage-
  intended for publication, please state so. Letters
  held to 150 words are less likely to be edited.
                                                                        Here in Ohio, there are still a        ment (OPM) to fairly calculate the CSRS
             (4) Articles must arrive at the Branch office   few weeks remaining to solicit signatures         and FERS overpayments and then al-
  by the 15th in order to make the next month’s issue.
  Send items to:                                             on a petition for a citizen’s veto of Ohio        low the USPS to use the recovered funds
                                                             Senate Bill 5 (SB 5) on the November              to fulfill future pre-funding requirements.
                Editor, News & Views
                4100 Colerain Avenue                         ballot. Since the petitions began circu-          The NALC is also seeking greater free-
                Cincinnati, Ohio 45223                       lating early last month, I have been both         dom for the USPS’s networks to offer new
                                                             appreciative and shocked by the re-               products and services in order to gener-
                                                             sponses I’ve received. There have been
                                                                                                                          Continued next page
June News & Views                                                                                                                 Page 3

                     Editor, Fred Kirchgessner                          S    t e w a r d ' s          C o r n e r
                     Passing the Torch!                                 t
                                                                                   I would like to start out by introducing myself to those
                              Jerry Giesting has retired and Dave       e    of you I don’t already know. My name is Doug Lape and
                     Kennedy is the new president. Dave has             w    as you are reading this, I am your new Vice President,
                     chosen Doug Lape for his vice president.           a    having been selected by your new President Dave
                              Now how does this effect YOU, the         r    Kennedy to fill this position. I would like to thank Dave for
                     member? Very little. You may not even
                                                                        d    the confidence and trust that he has shown in me and I
                     notice a difference, except Jerry won’t be
                                                                        's   promise that I will do everything that I can to live up to his
answering the phone.
                                                                             and the membership’s expectations. I would also like to
           For the last 4 and a half years Jerry Giesting has
been preparing Dave to “fill his shoes”. Jerry has been                 C thank newly retired former President Jerry Giesting for
mentoring Dave with his experience and Dave has been                    o his years of service to this branch and our members and
attending every training session that he has been able to.              r also for what I have learned from him over the years. He
                                                                             will definitely be missed. I will be getting out to the stations
           Dave Kennedy is a respected union representative.            n
                                                                             and the associate offices over the next few months and I
Dave is respected by the NALC National Headquarters, the                e look forward to meeting all of the members that I don’t
Postal Service management and the letter carriers.                      r know and also seeing the old friends that I have worked
           If you’ve called down here to speak with Dave, he
                                                                        with over the years.
was probably on the phone. Dave slights no one when it
                                                                             In closing I would just like to say that no one person or
comes to spending time with them on the phone to explain
                                                                        group of people can run this or any union without the help of
“their situation” to them. Dave will make a fine president, but
                                                                        everyone. When you see management doing something
that’s just my opinion right now. If it isn’t your opinion, time will
                                                                        wrong, let your steward know or call the Union office and let
either change your mind or you haven’t had a chance to deal
                                                                        one of us know. If you are a veteran carrier and you see a
with him.
                                                                        younger carrier being told to do something wrong, speak up,
                                                                        don’t let management get away with bullying someone who
                                                                        may not know the rules as well as you. If you witness
          As announced at the spring steward training, as per
                                                                        something; write up a statement for your steward, you never
the law, the branch must collect taxes on money paid out to
                                                                        know when you are going to need a fellow union member to
stewards. W-2’s were passed out at the training and a portion
                                                                        do the same for you. We all need to look out for each other
of them were turned in. We cannot issue any money to any
                                                                        and stick up for each other.
steward without a W-2. If you need one, please call the office
and I’ll mail you one. If you have one, please get it to us ASAP.
          The only thing that has changed is that we are                In solidarity,
collecting payroll taxes. You were always required to pay               Doug Lape
taxes on the money. The Department of Labor considers
stewards and officers as employees. The IRS requires an
employer to collect taxes.

                  Veep Continued from Page 2

ate new revenue, as Priority Mail is the only class of mail cur-
rently showing an increase.
         As much as federal, state and local government em-
ployees realize the need for balanced budgets, there are ways
to accomplish this without eliminating the middle class. Many
of the proposals currently before Congress would make fed-
eral jobs less attractive, at a time when we have maintained
the USPS as the most trusted federal agency. Although we’re
cautious, the reality is the benefits we enjoy today can be taken
away tomorrow by the stroke of a pen.

          In Solidarity,
          Dave Kennedy
Page 4                                                                                                                   June News & Views

                                                                                                          SPLIT THE POT

                                                                             Tickets Printed in House

                                                                                                                                             [DON A TION $5.00]
                                                    N ame:

                                                                                                          RAFFLE TICKET
                                                                                                             All p roceeds to benefit the

                                                                                                        Branch 43 Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                               Winners need not be present
                                                                                                              December Br anch Meeti ng

                                                                      Split the Pot Scholarship Raffle
                                                                     Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.
                                                                             Make checks payable to:
                                                                  Branch 43 Scholarship Raffle,
                                                                  4100 Colerain Ave.
        Every Month is                                            Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
   Dog Awareness Month                                  For a chance to win $1,000.00. Prize money is dependant on entries. Just
      for Letter Carriers                     as it says, Split the Pot. 1/2 goes to the Scholarship Fund, 1/2 goes to the winner.
                                              Enter often to increase your chances. Since ALL money is returned to the mem-
  Be Careful and Be Aware                     bers, everybody wins.
                                                        The drawing will be at the December Branch Meeting.

     SHE DID IT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Letter carriers are, by nature, opti-   these two very important issues, but                      congresswoman’s’ reasons for not sign-
mistic people. Working for the USPS,          when she could get something for her-                     ing on were weak . We thought we had a
you have to be! When Jerry, Dave, Ed          self at our expense, we were all of a sud-                representative who could think for her-
Wesseling and I exited Jean Schmidt’s         den on the front burner.                                  self and act on her own convictions.
office a few months ago, we were feel-               But that night, I made up my mind                  Where are we, on the grade school play-
ing pretty good that finally, it seemed we    to give it one more try. So I called the                  ground? We have to wait and see who
were going to be able to count on Jean        local office and spoke to the staffer I had               else is doing whatever?
Schmidt. She spoke passionately about         been working with. I told her about our                         Since January, working families,
six-day delivery and she believed it was      disappointment that Congresswoman                         teachers, policemen, firefighters and
outrageous how we had to pre-fund re-         Schmidt was not on our list of co-spon-                   unions have been under attack by this
tiree health care benefits. The congress-     sors and also how we felt about her po-                   new breed of Republicans who will not
woman was going to digest the legisla-        litical motives by wanting to be a part of                stop until we all have our faces in the
tion and we were going to get back with       the food drive. The staffer appreciated                   mud begging for crusts. These newly -
her.                                          my honesty and said she was going to                      elected governors and their cronies will
      Three phone calls later, Jean           call Washington, D.C and see what she                     RUE THE DAY they started down this
Schmidt had yet to co-sponsor anything.       could do.                                                 path. PAYDAY for them is coming. The
Then came the Food Drive. Her office                 The staffer phoned me a few hours                  American people have had enough. And
called our office twice wanting all the       later saying the staff in Washington was                  we’ve had enough of Jean Schmidt. She
information and details, so the congress-     STILL looking at the legislation and that                 is either with us or “agin” us.
woman could get her photo-op. This did        Schmidt wanted to see who else was
not go over too well at last months’ offic-   going to co-sponsor!!!!! This is AFTER                    TO BE CONTINUED......
ers meeting. The feeling was, she can’t       she displayed a grasp of our concerns
                          get back with us    and AFTER she learned of the biparti-                     KEEPIN’ THE FAITH
                                     about    san support we had. I don’t know who
                                                                      else she wanted to                Jim Meale, Recording Secretary
                                                                      see on that list, and
                                                                    said so when I
                                                                   emailed the staffer
                                                                    telling her the
June News & Views                                                                                                        Page 5

                          Letter Carrier makes a difference              Proposed By-law Change by Fred Kirchgessner
                               in more ways than one!
                                                                                        ARTICLE XIII
                             Corryville carrier Jared Kriger had
                                                                               SALARIES AND REIMBURSEMENTS
                        no idea one morning that his decision
                        to switch routes would save the lives of   Section 9         In addition to the specified salaries in this
                        two children. Jared was getting ready                        by-law article, each officer shall receive a
to start his route when he looked up at a busy intersection and                      reimbursement equal to yearly dues, payable
observed a tiny girl on the corner.                                                  quarterly (this excludes full time officers).
      Thinking that the adult nearby was her mother, he
                                                                   Change to read:
watched as the woman passed by, and the child started to
wander towards
him. As she got                                                                      In addition to the specified salaries in this
closer, he became                                                                    by-law article, each officer shall receive a
                                                                                     salary equal to yearly dues of an active
even more con-
                                                                                     carrier, payable quarterly (this excludes full
cerned, as she was                                                                   time officers).
too little to even tell
him her name or
where her parents                                                                          ARTICLE VII
were when he                                                                               STEWARDS
asked. He secured                                                  Section 6      The steward’s dues will be reimbursed for each
his vehicle and                                                                    month that he/she serves in that capacity.
turned in just                                                                     The reimbursement will be paid to the steward
enough time to pre-                                                                annually. Alternate stewards will not receive
vent her from stepping out into traffic.                                           any reimbursement of dues. Any steward on
      After asking passersby and knocking on doors and hav-                        extended sick leave or LWOP due to illness
ing no luck, Jared called the police for assistance. While he                      or injury must notify the Branch office
waited, a neighbor went to the corner store and brought back                       immediately, in order to be temporarily
diapers and wipes, because the child needed a diaper                               replaced by the alternate. When a steward is
                                                                                   on extended leave, that steward is entitled to
change. There weren’t any volunteers for that job, so Jared,
                                                                                   their dues reimbursement, if the leave is over
who has a 2-year old and a 4-year old himself, figured he was                      3 months the alternate or replacement will
best qualified! After an hour had passed, emergency crews                          receive the dues reimbursement until the
found the child’s mother unresponsive, and another infant                          steward returns to duty. Upon return to work
child unattended. Jared hasn’t heard how the family is doing,                      (full or light duty) the steward must notify
but says, “I’m glad I traded routes that morning. I was in the                     the Branch office and resume the duties, or
right place at the right time.”                                                    be permanently replaced by the Branch
                                                                   Change to read:

               Angela Rheude Milford, OH                                             A salary equal to the steward’s dues will be
    Customer wrote in to express their pleasure with their                           paid for each month that he/she serves in
new letter carrier. “She is the greatest thing ever to hit the                       that capacity. The salary will be paid to the
USPS. Warm, friendly, efficient and appears to love her job                          steward annually. Alternate stewards will not
                                                                                     receive a salary. Any steward on extended
even in the rain when she is soaking wet.” Thanks so much
                                                                                     sick leave or LWOP due to illness or injury
From the Cincinnati Digest.
                                                                                     must notify the Branch office immediately, in
                                                                                     order to be temporarily replaced by the
                                                                                     alternate. When a steward is on extended
                                                                                     leave, that steward is entitled to the steward
                                                                                     salary, if the leave is over 3 months the
                                                                                     alternate or replacement will receive the
                                                                                     salary until the steward returns to duty.
                                                                                     Upon return to work (full or light duty) the
                                                                                     steward must notify the Branch office and
                                                                                     resume the duties, or be permanently replaced
                                                                                     by the Branch President
Page 6                                                                                             June News & Views

         Shoot for a Cure II Raised $700.00 for MDA

                                                                                         Ryan Giesting won the .50 Cal
                                                                                           closest to the bull contest

 Tony diFrancessca shows off his   Organizer Mike Mize has 700
          winning target.             reasons to be happy.

 Almost 30 shooters braved mild but rainy
 weather to make the Shoot for a Cure II a
  major success raising $700.00 for MDA.
 One of the reasons for the success was the
   .22 rifle donated by FFL Barry Kuntz
               (see ad on page 10).                              Mike Kamp takes aim with the .50 caliber “hand cannon”.
June News & Views                                                                                                            Page 7

                                                                                   Last Punch Bunch

   Raymond Adkins
   John Zwick
   Robert Burlage
   Richard Doughman
   David Duncan, Jr.

                            June Retiree Birthdays
   Andrew Filusch
   Thomas Horn
   Cecil Howard Jr
   Charles Kaeser
                                                          William “Sonny” Feck of Taft is        Ken Shepherd of Loveland holds his
   Edward Lang
                                                              groomed for retirement.               retirement jacket and retires!
   Alan McCarthy
   Jesse Nester
                                                        RETIRED CARRIERS MEET FOR                         Parkdale Retirees
   Richard Newman                                                                                     We will be meeting, as usual, on
                                                      LUNCH - 1st MON OF THE MONTH.
   Edward Richardson                                        All are welcome! We have been       the second Wednesday of the even
   Wm. Rohe                                          averaging about 15 to 20 carriers each     numbered months. Our next breakfast
   Henry Sandlin                                     month. For more information call Greg      will be at Cracker Barrel on June 8th
   Anthony Schneider                                 Stulz 859-380-9512 or Ed Wesseling         between 8:00-8:30. If it’s your NSD,
   Robert Shepherd                                   513-300-6119.                              come on over and see your retired
   Milton Smith                                             June 06 will be at Ludlow Bromley   friends.
   Ronald Stieby                                     Boat Harbor
   John Wilkens                                      860 Elm St, Ludlow, KY 41016 PH 859-
   John Wuellner                                     291-8132
   Louis McClanahan                                         July 11 2nd Monday, because of
                                                     the holiday, will be at
                                                     The Cabana on The River
                                                     7445 Forbes Rd, 45233 Sayler Park PH
       Gold Carriers                                 513-941-7442
                                                     West on US 50 look for sign for Fernbank
   David Bickett                                     Park turn left across the RR tracks,
   Harold Burns                                      Fernbank Park to the left, Cabana to the
   Robert Clayton                                    right.
   Robert Creutzinger
   Harry Crofton III                                 See you there, Ed Wesseling
   Michael Crusham
   Edwin Klosterman                                         May YOPC Attendees
   Howard Mills
   Wm. Price                                            John “Corky” Corcoran
                                                        Jim Frentzel
   Robert Puthoff
                                                        Dick “Stick” Keller
   Harry Rechtin                                        Judy Kirchgessner
   Eugene Walsh                                         Jerry Mees
   Lester Weber                                         Mike Nagel
                                                        Ed Wesseling
                                                        Paul Wilbers
Always do right. This will gratify
                                                            Please join the above next month
some people and astonish the rest.
                                                        for sharing old times, playing some
                    Mark Twain                          cards and a little food.
Page 8                                                                                    June News & Views


                                                                    September 5th at Coney
                                                                    Mark Your Calenders,

                                                                 Injury Compensation Questions?
                                                          You can call the Union Office on most Wednesdays
                                                          between Noon - 4PM. Former Compensation Officer,
                                                          Tom Roos will be available to answer your questions.

                                                                         1905 Dalton Avenue
                                                                        Cincinnati, Ohio 45214
                                                                           (513) 621-4787
              4th Generation Family Owned
                    Union Business                                 Serving YOU Since 1958
                                                                Just two blocks from the Main Post Office
                                                                     Package Plans ~ Fast Delivery
                                                                         Union Made with Pride
                                                                   "Service is the Key to Our Success"

                                                                 Our Hamilton County Respresentative is
                                                                      Retired Member of Branch 43
                                                                            Pat Mulvaney
                                                                        Call Pat at 513-284-1504
    Proudly serving Greater Cincinnati and                                Richard Gargana
     surrounding area Unions for over 125                          Retired Human Resource Specialist
                    years!                                                 Cincinnati District
                                                                   Northern Kentucky Representative
       1850 DALTON AVENUE • CINCINNATI, OHIO 45214                            Terry Metz
       COMMERCIAL • DIGITAL • PUBLICATIONS • QUICK                            Call 289-9372
            CALL: 513 721-0781 • FAX 513 721-0783                             Store Hours:
                          M-F 8:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM, Sat 8:30 AM ~ Noon
                                                           Closed on Saturday from July 4th through Labor Day
June News & Views                                                                                                           Page 9
                Have you seen this photo?                             IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR JARAP 2011
                                                                                There are two important changes in the current
                                                                      JARAP agreement that all carriers must pay close attention
                                                                      to. The first is that any 3999 conducted after March 22, 2010,
                                                                      requires management to sit down with the regular carrier
                                                                      within three days and discuss the data complied during the
                                                                      one day walk. In the past, during the JARAP carrier
                                                                      consultation, the 3999 would be discussed but it may have
                                                                      been performed months earlier. Now if the carrier can see
                                                                      what was recorded within three days, they will have a much
                                                                      better understanding and challenge any possible claims of
                                                                      management improperly taking time deductions.
                                                                                The second requires local management to post the
                                                                      Workhour/Workload for each route in a convenient location
                                                                      each day. Carriers need to review this data, verify their volumes,
       One of our city carriers was delivering his route when he      and make sure overtime or pivots are properly recorded. If
stumbled upon a parcel sitting atop a mailbox. To protect             these requirements are not being done at your station, please
himself, he took this photo because he did not deliver it.            inform a steward or call the branch.
       On that day there were supervisors from other offices                    While the JARAP 2011 is the parties’ fourth
“visiting” carriers on their routes to “make sure all safety rules    agreement in a continuing series to jointly evaluate routes, all
were observed”.                                                       indications are these agreements will continue. These two
       The carrier forwarded this photo to the Union Office.          changes are meant to control possible data integrity issues
When Jerry Giesting got the photo, he called the Post Office to       since routes are being adjusted using documented carriers’
get an explanation of who delivered it, no one knew.                  times.
       Sue Egbers, a steward at Anderson, asked to see the
scans to see who delivered it and the Post Office refuses to                  Tentative City Carrier Bid Schedules
supply the information. All they say is that a scanner from a                Open            Close           Award
route that has been abolished was used.                                    06/01/2011      06/15/2011      06/24/2011
       The only thing that has been determined is that NO CAR-             07/14/2011      07/29/2011      08/07/2011
RIER delivered the parcel, contrary to what the Mt. Healthy                09/01/2011      09/15/2011      09/24/2011
carriers were told. The way we know that no carrier delivered              10/13/2011      10/28/2011       11/06/2011
                                                                           12/01/2011      12/15/2011      12/24/2011
the parcel is because no carrier has been disciplined for it.
       If you don’t believe that there are double standards in the
Post Office, here is an example. Someone from manage-
ment probably delivered the parcel because they refuse to
prove differently. Had a carrier delivered it, they would have
received the “next step” discipline, even if it was removal.
       If the Post Office did the right thing, they would have told
us who delivered the parcel and that corrective action was
taken, but as usual they operate under their double standard.
       This is a strong example if why professional, trained
people should be delivering the mail, not part time people like
the Post Office wants. The clerks just ratified a contract that
gives them a large percentage of part time employees.
       Custodians, clerks and idiot bosses should not be deliv-
ering parcels. Yes, the person who delivered this is an idiot. If
it was a supervisor and one of their carriers did the same thing,
what do you think they would have done?
       Do you think the reason the Post Office won’t tell us who
it was is because how can that boss write up a carrier for
doing the same thing that they did. Is this an example of
plausible deniability?
                                                          Freddy K
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