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					                             Listen Up!
     The Wessex Basketball Association Newsletter

Volume 8, Issue 2 – December 2008

1.    Confirmation of Referees

Please note that should you not receive a reply to an email from a referee,
when you contact them to confirm a game, then a phone call is encouraged.
E-mails may not always be received/read, so a quick call should resolve the

2.    Results of Disciplinary meetings

      a.     Steve Darke - Woodley. Disqualification. Automatic one game
             ban, additional one game ban with a further two games
             suspended dependant upon future behaviour. Violent conduct.

      b.     Francis Long - Woking. Disqualification. Automatic one game
             ban, additional two game ban with a further two games
             (minimum) suspended dependant upon future behaviour. Violent

      c.     Damian Knode - Woking. Disqualification. Automatic one game
             ban. Unsportsmanlike conduct.

      d.     Ben Baggerman - Aztecs. Disqualification. Automatic one game
             ban, additional one game ban. Violent Conduct.

      e.     Andrew Crombie - Aztecs. One game ban with a further two
             games suspended dependant upon future behaviour. Post game
             improper conduct

2.    Women’s post Christmas fixtures

Every effort is being made to put together the Women’s Division’s and post
Christmas fixtures as soon as possible but the last fixtures are not until the
weekend 20/21 Dec. It is expected that they will be completed and published
by no later than the first week in January if not before.

3.    Table official’s course
            The Table officials course scheduled for the 14 Dec at Aldworth school had to
            be cancelled due to lack of numbers. This is being rescheduled for the New
            Year, details to follow.

            4.       Referee’s course

            The next course is scheduled for the 11th Jan at Wellington College with 20
            candidates already registered. Point of contact is Mark Ennis.

            5.       On line banking

            The Chairman explained that the Wessex Treasurer Chris Bunnett had
            arranged for on – line banking to assist clubs with speedy payments. It was
            agreed at the meeting that entry fees, registrations etc could be paid on-line to
            Chris but that the club name must be included in the reference. Wessex Bank
            Account details would be given to clubs on request only and not published on
            the Website.

            6.       Junior Competition

            The Wessex Development Officer Cliff Chen is organising a junior competition
            that will culminate with the semi finals and finals being played on the morning
            of Wessex Finals day. Any club or individual that would like to contribute to
            this competition should contact Cliff Chen direct.

            7.       Oustanding Open Division score-sheets and fines update
            Wessex Division 1:

   South Bucks Comets                  Camberley Eagles               20A        28-Oct   postponed/cancelled? See rule 4b
  Basingstoke Blizzards                Camberley Eagles               29A        18-Nov   postponed/cancelled? See rule 4b
        Reading Arrows                 Basingstoke Blizzards          31A        24-Nov
Woking Blackhawk Flyers                Windsor Warriors 1             34A        28-Nov
          Aztec Jaguars                Reading Arrows                 37A        02-Dec
  Basingstoke Blizzards                South Bucks Comets             38A        02-Dec
      Camberley Eagles                 Aztec Jaguars                  40A        07-Dec

            Wessex Division 2:

                          Basingstoke Bobcats              Windsor Warriors 2       3B       02-Oct-08           To be arranged?
                          Woodley Green Flash              Basingstoke Bobcats      5B        05-Oct             To be arranged?
                          Basingstoke Bobcats              REME                    12B       23-Oct-08           To be arranged?
                          Camberley Blue Jays              REME                    26B        30-Nov
                                       REME                Aztec Cobras            22B        24 Nov
                                       REME                Windsor Warriors 2      31B        08-Dec
                              Aztec Lemmings               Camberley Blue Jays     32B        09-Dec

            Wessex Division 3:

                     Winchester Weasels                 Woodley Harriers         28C      16-Nov     Postponed
                      Chiltern Fastbreak                Aztec Experience         34C      07-Dec
                    Whitley Wizards U-18                Woodley Harriers         37C      08-Dec

            Late Score-sheets:

            This does not include score sheets which have not yet been received
                                                              Match No



                                                                                     Date        to
            Home                        Away                                       Received    Rec'd    Team Fined             Amount
   Woodley Harriers     72      50      Aztec Experience     4C          28-Sep   10/10/2008     12     Woodley Harriers         £2
     Aztec Jaguars      67      71      Woodley Warriors     1A          30-Sep   10/10/2008     10     Aztec Jaguars            £2
                                        Woodley Green
   Aztec Lemmings       57      38      Flash                2B          30-Sep   10/10/2008    10      Aztec lemming            £2
                                        Woking Blackhawk
 Windsor Warriors 2     52      83      Chasers              8B          07-Oct   29/10/2008    22      Windsor Warriors 2       £2
Farnborough Phantoms    61      78      Camberley Eagles     3A          08-Oct   22/10/2008    14      Farnborough Phantoms     £2
 Windsor Warriors 1     77      62      Reading Arrows       4A          09-Oct   29/10/2008    20      Windsor Warrior 1        £2
                                        Woking Blackhawk
    Reading Arrows      51      80      Flyers               16A         27-Oct   11/11/2008    15      Reading Arrows           £2
                                        Woking Blackhawk
            REME        89      72      Chasers              14B         27-Oct   05/12/2008    39      REME                     £2
 Windsor Warriors 1     74      90      Aztec Jaguars        24A         06-Nov   04/12/2008    28      Windsor Warriors 1       £4
                                        Whitley Wizards U-
  Chiltern Fastbreak   106      36      18                   27C         16-Nov   04/12/2008    18      Chiltern Fastbreak       £2

            Missing Registration Numbers

                      Games 32A South Bucks Vs Woodley Warriors – Woodley Warriors 6 Reg Numbers missing
                       - £10 fine
                      Game 24B Windsor Vs Slough – Windsor missing 1 Reg No £2 fine
                      Game 9c Whitely Wizzards Seniors Vs Whiteley Wizzards U18- Whiteley Wizzards U18
                       missing 1 Reg No £2 fine
                      Game 17c Chiltern Fastbreak Vs Slough Scorpions – Slough Scorpions Missing 1 reg No £2
                      Possible missing no’s from Aztec Cobras match 22B – original scoresheet awaited
            Outstanding Disciplinaries

            Match 16C played 6/12/08 - disqualifying foul on M Church of Lightwater Vipers

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