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Germany la co

 Climate -there is only one season which is spring because they
have a problem with their season. There spring in Germany la co
is between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit they usually wear shorts
and short sleeved shirts and shoes. The country is mostly hot each
day once each year it may snow but when it snows the people get
their coats and do the national song.

Food- their countries food is a basic diet chicken breast and
peapods with a fruit cocktail or oranges. And what they drink is
milk soda and juice alcohol is not allowed in this county because of
there actions they make after words. Desert is many choices are
pie and fried ice cream.

Money- Their money is American dollars and American coins gold is
only found in southern Germany la co. Many men and women have
thousands of dollars.

Traditions- there song they sing when it snows is jingle bells. The
country has Independence Day called la co. They do not celebrate
Christmas, but they also kiwi fest
 Military- their military is very strong with force millions’ of tanks
and men main weapon of choice is an Aug or ar15. They have won
millions of wars.

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