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					                        7th Grade Math Course Three Requirements
                                Mrs. Hudson – Team 7-1

This year we will be using the McDougal Littell Course Three book. While using your
textbook we will investigate Number Operations, Algebra, Geometry and Measurement,
Data Analysis and Probability. You will also learn to model and solve real-world situations
using these mathematical functions.

Students will be required to bring all materials to class every day. Failure to do so will result
in loss of class work points.
        Pencils with erasers (NO PENS!)                   Composition notebook
        Calculator       • Colored Pencil

  The grading for this course is divided into the following two categories:

Assessments- (90%)
Tests/Projects: 35 %
Quizzes: 30%
Homework: 25%

Class work (10%)- participation in class, class preparation, & group work, etc

                       Course Expectations/Requirements

Composition Notebook- It is your responsibility to keep a math notebook. It will
contain your notes, practice problems, and homework. Folder is needed to keep
handouts, quizzes, and tests. It is your responsibility to keep your notebook
organized and bring it to class everyday.
Assignment Board- At the beginning of each week, the assignments will be posted on
the board. Every Monday it is your responsibility to come to class and write down
the weekly assignments in your planner. This will keep you posted on upcoming tests
and quizzes. **NOTE- Assignments may be subject to change throughout the week.

Homework- Homework is a very important component of this course. It is meant to
give you practice on the key concepts discussed in class. Please make sure that you
always turn your homework in on time COMPLETED and please SHOW YOUR
WORK! You should have your homework ready to go at the beginning of class.

Absent Binder- The absent binder will contain daily assignments. If you are absent,
please check the absent binder for any missing work. It is your responsibility to get
the make-up work and see me for help as needed.

To Be Successful in Mrs. Hudson’s Math Class…
     1. Always put forth your best effort!

     2. Come to class prepared. Bring your pencils, binder; math book and any
        other needed materials to class EVERYDAY.

     3. Follow all classroom rules. Be responsible, respectful, and reliable.

     4. When working in groups, make sure that everyone in your group is on-task
        and working cooperatively.

     5. Always ask questions!! If you are unsure of something, please don’t hesitate
        to ask me. I am available in class, during study center, and before school.

     6. Take advantage of in-class work time. This is the perfect opportunity to get
        an early start on homework and ask questions.

     7. Always fill out your planner with detailed assignments and make sure they
        are complete.

     8. If you are absent it is your responsibility to check the absent binder for
        make-up work and see me for help.
      9.    Be positive and have fun!!

   Email: hudson_cassandra@dublinschools.net
   School Website: www.dublinschools.net/karrer/

I am looking forward to an excellent year! I can’t wait to get to know each of you. Please
do not hesitate to come see me with any questions, concerns or frustrations you may have
during the year. Just remember to work hard and stay positive this year and you will have a
successful year!!!!!!

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                 McDougal Littell Course Three Online Resources
Directions:     Go to www.classzone.com
              Classzone Book Finder
      1.)     Select Your Subject – Choose Math, Middle School
      2.)     Select Your State – Click on Ohio
      3.)     Find Your Book – Click “GO”
      4.)     Click “Algebra I, 2007” book icon

Help with the Math
      @Home Tutor
          Provides access to each chapter with an electronic tutor to help you
      PowerPoint Presentations
          Provides presentations based on lesson examples from the book

Practice, Practice, Practice
          Several math problems are provided for each lesson. Students can enter and check their answers
      Problem of the Week
          Updated weekly, the POW challenges students to think creatively and critically. Solutions are

Games and Activities
      Puzzles and Games
          Crossword puzzles and fun, interactive games for each chapter to help reinforce math concepts
      Math Vocabulary Flipcards
          Interactive approach allows students to review math vocabulary terms in an animated format

Animated Math
         Engaging problem-solving animations that support lessons and exercises

Quick Reference
     Formulas, Tables, and Conversions
         Tables of symbols, geometric formulas, other formulas, properties, squares and square roots, &
            table of measures
     Parents as Partners
         A chart of lesson goals, applications, and exercises with solutions to help parents assist students
            Scientific Calculator
     Electronic Function Library
         Easy-to-use graphing tool that incorporates everything from function families to number lines

     Section Quizzes/ Chapter Tests
         Interactive quizzes that allow students to view immediate feedback and improve student test-taking
Online Book
         Allows you to access entire book online, including highlighting and note-taking features

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