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									                          THE ULTIMATE WORDPRESS MAGE GUIDE
                                    by Mage Tracker

                                 Google Adsense

   Advertising sounds like you may need to go to other websites and find people
that want to advertise on your site. It’s much easier than that! Google Adsense is
the most popular advertising method. Once you have set up a Google Adsense
account, you can get codes to place on your site that will be related to the content
on your website. When a web visitor visits your site, if they see your ads and then
click one of the links, you get paid by Google. We’ll cover important tips on how
you can be more likely to have your visitors click on your ads later, but for now,
let’s start by setting up your Google Adsense account.

   1. Go to
   2. In the upper right hand corner of the page, click on the “Sign in” link.

                                  3. On the right side of the screen, you will see a
                                     box like the one at left.    If you do not
                                     already have a Google Account, click on the
                                     link circled in the picture. If you do already
                                     have an account, sign in with your email and
                                     password and skip to step 5.

                                  4. To set up your Google account, you will need
                                     to enter a current email address, choose a
       password, and complete any other pertinent information that Google asks
       for. You’ll need to type in the letters that you see for verification. Please
       note that even though you type this in correctly, sometimes it takes 2 or 3
       times for it to accept the verification. At the bottom of the screen, click “I
       accept. Create my account.” You may have to put in a mobile number for
       verification as well on the next screen. If that is asked for, you can enter
       your mobile phone number and Google will send you a text message
       immediately with a 6-digit numerical code. Enter that numerical code into
                                by Mage Tracker

   the blank on the next page and click “Verify”. Congratulations! You have
   now created a Google account.

5. Now, back on the Google screen, look in the upper right corner and click
   on iGoogle.

6. Then click on “My Account” in about the same place.

7. What you are looking for on this next page is the “Blogger” link. (The
   reason that you are looking for this is because many people agree that
   creating a Blogger blog is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get
   your Adsense account set up.) On your Account page, if you do not see the
   link you are looking for, you should see a “More” link. Once you click on
   that, you’ll see a page full of applications by Google.

8. Go ahead and click on that link and on the next page, click on the big
   orange CREATE A BLOG. Now, for this blog, just make it about anything
   you may be interested in. You want to have some original content here, so
   don’t just copy someone else’s articles. If one of your hobbies is ice skiing,
   then write about that. To get started, enter a Display Name. This will be
   the name of your ‘blog’. Read and agree to the Terms of Service, and then
                                by Mage Tracker


9. Fill in the appropriate blanks on the next page. Remember, Google will be
   viewing this page, so make it at least a bit interesting.

10. On the next page, pick a template you like and click CONTINUE.
11. Then click on START BLOGGING.
12. The next page will be an area for you to write a post. Write a title for you
   post in the top box. Then write a short blurb about what your blog will be
   about, and then click Publish Post. After you have saved that one, on the
                                by Mage Tracker

   next page, go ahead and click on “Create a new post”.

13. Create your second post. This one should be some basic information about
   whatever you are writing about. For example, if you are writing about
   Puppy Care, you might write up a short post about brushing your new
   puppy. Go ahead and Publish Post when you are finished.
14. Look at the top of the screen and click on the tab called Monetize.

15. On the next screen, you can pick any of the layouts shown and click NEXT.
16. Click on Create a new AdSense account and then NEXT.

17. On the next page, you’ll need to fill out your address information and
   agree to Google’s terms. These terms are pretty self-explanatory, but be
   sure to read and understand them, as Google is not lenient and will ban
   your account if you are found to be violating these terms.
18. The next page will let you confirm that all of your information is correct.
   Double check everything and then click Create Account. You’ll need to
   read over the Terms of Service again before finally clicking I Accept.
                               by Mage Tracker

19. The final screen will show your publisher ID. Write this down in a safe
   place, or you can store it here if you are working through this book step-
   My Google Adsense Publisher Code:______________________
20. You’ll see that Google will review your account within about 48 hours.
   You may want to return and post once more to your blog tomorrow. After
   your account is approved, you won’t need to continue posting to this blog.
   You will be able to use this Adsense code anywhere on any of your sites (as
   long as they don’t violate terms).

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