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Nh Business Sales by Jordanpugh


									                                                                                                  NH Business Sales
What Business Sellers Say About Us:               What Business Buyers Say About Us:

“They are very straight forward, honest and       “What they did for us was excellent! I
good to work with. They determined what           recommend them to anyone who is selling a               INCORPORATED
the business was worth, what it would sell        business...” (Jim & Carol Tuerk, Maple
for and were more interested in doing a good      Lodges and Cabins, North Woodstock, N.H.)
job than just getting the sale. I wouldn’t
hesitate to work with them again.” (Bruce
K., Seller of a candy shop)
                                                  “Stan facilitated the deal and helped make it
                                                  all happen. Anytime we needed anything, it
                                                                                                      Thinking of
“Leon did a really good job for me. He
                                                  was done quickly, with one phone call. We
                                                  would definitely recommend New                        Selling
brought in potential Buyers from as far away      Hampshire Business Sales!” (Lisa & Tim
as New Jersey! He dug into specifics and
understood the spreadsheets. In the end, the
                                                  Savard, Lopstick Lodge and Cabins,
                                                  Flyshop and Guide Service)
buyer came from only 20 miles away, but
without Leon, the Buyer may not have              About NH Business Sales, Inc.                       Business??
bought.” (Irving S., Seller of machine shop)      Stewart Lamprey, a 65 year veteran of New
                                                  Hampshire business brokering, formed
“I just can’t imagine trying to sell a business   NHBSI in 1978. In 2000, he sold it to two
on your own. It’s one thing trying to sell a      of his associates, Leon Parker and Ivor
house, but selling a business is a whole          Thomas, both longstanding business brokers       We will help you
different thing! We gave NHBSI an                 in their own right. Today, Stewart still
overview of the business and they put             serves as a director and along with our         turn years of hard
together information packets, took care of        growing experienced group of statewide
the showings, negotiations, and presented         associates, our current combined expertise         work into the
the offers. It was a smooth process and we        totals over 100 years in the business.
were happy with it overall.” (Gail & Jeff R.,
Sellers of a school photography business)         Ask About Our Other Services:
“The sale went well. NHBSI did all the
                                                  Comprehensive Business Valuation Reports
                                                  Business Consulting
                                                                                                     you’ve been
marketing and negotiations and brought us
the offers. They were very pleasant to work                    CALL TODAY!
                                                                                                      hoping for!
with. Although we sold the business, it’s in    
our blood and we now work for the new                    1 High Street, P.O. Box 985
owners!” (Linda & Jim G., Sellers of a                                                                We facilitate the sale and
                                                            Meredith, N.H. 03253
power equipment and repair business)                            603-279-5561                      purchase of businesses every day!
We are NH’s Most Experienced                    We Specialize in the                           Our Track Record Shows that
Business Brokerage Team:                                                                      We Understand the Needs of Both
Professional Intermediaries with a
                                               Selling of Businesses,                               Buyers and Sellers:
Over a Century of Experience.                Including Businesses With
                                                    Real Estate.                             “I know they were working for the Sellers,
Whether you are looking to move on to a                                                      but it felt like they were working for us.
new venture or ready to retire from a                                                        Now, years later, we are selling the business
longstanding one, we can assist you in                                                       and are just as comfortable as Sellers as we
selling your business.                                                                       were as Buyers. NHBSI deals with all of the
                                                                                             details, so we don’t have to. I spend my
Most people will sell only one or two                                                        time running the business, knowing that the
                                            Our Win-Win Philosophy:
businesses in their entire lifetime, we                                                      selling of it is well taken care of! They do a
                                              • Honestly represent Sellers
market and sell businesses every day.                                                        great job representing a business in its best
                                              • Move forward in a timely manner
                                                                                             light. They don’t pull any punches either.”
                                              • No “pie-in-the-sky” prices
Throughout the entire process, Our Team                                                      (Jim & Lynn H., Buyers and Sellers of a
                                              • Fair Pricing = Success
will:                                                                                        New Hampshire inn)
                                              • Help arrange a fair deal for Buyers &
    • Maintain Confidentiality                   Sellers
    • Serve as Your Intermediary                                                             “We bought the motel with Stewart and sold
    • Save You Time, Energy and                                                              it with Leon. There were some very
      Aggravation                                                                            difficult personal times during both
                                                                                             transactions, but Stewart and Leon were
We provide you with a smooth and                                                             always willing to help and went out of their
successful sale and your business will be                                                    way for us. Even during the most difficult
sold at a fair price.                                                                        negotiations when we were selling, Leon
                                                                                             took care of everything. I wouldn’t hesitate
                                            We represent Sellers only and operate on a
No Headaches! No Hassles!                                                                    to recommend them!!” (Marie R., Buyer
                                            “success fee” basis. Our fee for assisting in
                                                                                             and Seller of a New Hampshire motel)
We do all the “tough stuff”                 the sale of a business and/or property is
   •   Valuation                            based on a percentage of the sale price. It is
                                                                                             “Jim and Ivor had lots of patience, paid
   •   Marketing                            negotiated when we contract with you to sell
                                                                                             attention to detail and were good support
   •   Fielding Calls                       your business and paid at closing, when your
                                                                                             through difficulties and aggravation. They
   •   Negotiating                          business is sold.
                                                                                             did what they said they would do and came
   •   Closing
                                                                                             through for me.” (Tony S., Buyer and Seller
                                                                                             of a family entertainment center)
When we’re all done, you’re all done --
you have your money and the freedom to
move on.

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