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					Nail Price List                        Pedicure Price List                              Massage Therapies

Acrylic Full Set          $24.00      Regular Spa Pedicure – $20.00/30 Mins.            Swedish Massage – $45.00 an hour.
Acrylic Fill In           $15.00      Your basic pedicure which includes: Cu-
Acrylic Coating           $22.00      ticles nipping, removal of rough calluses,        Softening and energizing tissue for a feel-
Solar Full Set            $30.00      massage and polish.                               ing of relaxation.
Solar Fill In             $18.00
Pink and White Full Set   $35.00      Day at the Beach Pedicure – $40.00/60 Mins.       Hot Stone Massage – $55.00 an hour.
P and W Single Fill In    $18.00      A relaxing pedicure with natural elements
P and W Double Fill In    $25.00      from the sea. Ingredients include quartz,         Swedish massage with the introduction of
UV Gel Full Set           $40.00      crystal, natural beach sand, sea kelp, min-       hot smooth stones. Deeply relaxing.
UV Gel Fill In            $25.00      eral salts and pure serenity.
Jewel Acrylic Full Set    $30.00                                                        Deep Tissue Massage – $50.00 an hour.
(Gold or Silver)                      Regular Spa Pedicure and Manicure
Silk Full Set             $40.00      – $30.00/60 Mins.                                 Swedish with the addition of trigger point.
Silk Fill In              $25.00      You never need to leave your massage chair        Myofascial and connective techniques on
Manicure                  $12.00      again while you enjoy a relaxing service in       areas of pain, tightness and discomfort.
French Manicure           $15.00      one of our European Touch Chairs.
Nail Art Design           $6 and up
Air Brush Design          $6 and up   The Royal Treatment – $48.00/90 Mins.
                                      Just sit back and relax, and we’ll do the rest.
                                                                                        UV Free Magic Tan
Polish change on Nails    $5.00
Polish change on Toes     $8.00
Polish French on Nails    $8.00                                                         The tanning takes less than 60 seconds
Polish French on Toes     $10.00                                                        $15.00 a session

Children Under 12
Manicure and Pedicure                                                                   Gift Certificates
Pedicure                  $15.00
                                                                                        Gift Certificates valid for one year, each
Manicure                  $8.00
                                                                                        month after value decreases by $15.00.
      About Us                                        Our Goal                                       Nails by Sally
Nails By Sally is a nail salon that provides    Together we began the journey six years              A Salon where you can do it all!
expert nail care for men and women. We offer    ago. We are like family. Because of you
many services, including hand polishing,        we still remain the best salon in the
nail art, buffs and polishes, repairs and       area. We take our work very seriously
removals, fill-ins, paraffin dips, pedicures,   and your needs are our first priority.
massages, tanning and of course, general        We   hope   to     continue   to      serve   you.
           manicures and pedicures.

* Voted the best Nail Salon in 2000
                                                  Serving Cranberry Township
and 2001                                                  Since 1998!
* The cleanest salon in town

* We offer FREE French Manicure to all

* We don’t charge for cut down, long nail
or one nail repair

* We accept all competitor’s coupons
(Cranberry Area Only)

                                                     For comments/ suggestions please
                                                                   email us at:
                                                                    Monday thru Friday 9am - 7pm
                                                                 Or write to us at:
                                                            20325 Rt. 19, Unit 14
                                                                                                         Saturday 9am - 5pm
                                                       Cranberry Township, PA 16066                        Closed Sundays

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