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									Introduction and Purpose of The Torah Declaration on Homosexuality.
The current situation:
Over the past few years homosexual activists have infiltrated every aspect of the secular
world and have achieved acceptance in the media and most of the general culture. They have
been fighting fiercely on issues pertaining to the legitimacy of the homosexual lifestyle in all
aspects of society, including homosexual marriage, in order to gain full acceptance. The last
line of resistance against acceptance of the homosexual agenda has been mostly from the
religious communities.
Homosexual activists have now made it a top priority to convince the Orthodox community
that being a self-identified “Gay Orthodox Jew” is an acceptable lifestyle. They are trying to
perpetuate the false notion that a person can not control his “nature” and therefore should
accept his prohibited inclinations as something natural and normal that does not need to be
worked on and healed. Unfortunately, many Orthodox individuals have become confused on
this issue and have begun accepting some of these false notions.
The Torah community’s response:
A committee has been set up with the support of gedolim, rabbonim and mental health
professionals to counter this blatant attack on Torah values. A two page document titled:
Declaration on The Torah Approach to Homosexuality has been created. Gedolim and
rabbonim, including Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, are urging all rabbonim to sign this Torah
Declaration. Once the document has received a significant amount of signatures it will be
released to the public. Until its release, please keep this document confidential. The goal is
that this document should be a public statement from hundreds of rabbonim representing a
unified front on behalf of Klal Yisrael setting the record straight on this issue.
            The Signed Torah Declaration can be faxed to – Fax # 888-762-7636
                   Questions can be emailed to
For those rabbonim who would like additional information we are happy to put you in touch
with 3 different resources that can answer any questions you may have on this issue:
#1 - Torah Approach: We are happy to put you in touch with gedolim such as Rav Shmuel
Kamentsky and other rabbonim to discuss the Torah perspective.
#2 - Healing and Psychological Approach: We are happy to put you in touch with Jewish and
Frum psychologists, therapists and counselors who have been working with the Orthodox
population for years and have successfully helped many individuals overcome their same sex
attractions and are now able to live happy and kosher lives.
#3 - Individuals With Personal Experience: We are happy to put you in touch with frum
individuals who have struggled with same-sex attraction and have gone through reparative or gender
affirming therapy and have successfully completed the healing work necessary to overcome their
same-sex attractions. They are willing to share their personal struggles, the healing and therapeutic
techniques and the joy and success this has brought to their lives. Many of these brave individuals are
now married with their wives full knowledge and support and are upstanding members of Klal Yisrael
living lives filled with kedusha and consistent with the Torah. Due to the sensitive nature of this issue
these individuals have agreed to meet in person or talk on the phone privately with known rabbinic
leaders who will protect these individuals’ identities and confidentiality while sharing their

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