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Car Wash Virginia


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									                                                                                                                    3rd Quarter 2008

A New Generation of Shine...
       Current News and Views from AUTEC Car Wash Systems

AUTEC’s Shine Express Polishing System

        AUTEC’s totally automated Shine Express Polishing System applies

        a lustrous finish to any vehicle in 10 minutes or less!

                                                                                                                   This Issue:
     AUTEC’s Shine Express Polishing System takes       “hard-to-reach” areas.
customer care to another level. Whether your               The double front and rear side arms ensure
business is new or used car sales, lube services or     that every area of a vehicle’s surface is gently
                                                                                                                   •AUTEC’s Shine Express
auto detailing, the AUTEC polishing system will         massaged to a beautiful shine. The horizontal top           Polishing System
create a sparkle in your customers’ eyes and a          buffer details all flat surfaces as it lifts easily over   •Another Satisfied
boost to your bottom line.                              the tops of cars, vans and trucks. It gently follows        AUTEC Customer:
    Totally automated, the AUTEC soft touch polisher    the contours of all vehicles without troublesome            AutoWash Xpress &
                                                                                                                    Hendrick Team Dealers
applies a lustrous finish to any vehicle in 10 min-     electric sensors. Thousands of polishing strips
                                                                                                                   •AUTEC Congratulates
utes or less. Using over 25,000 soft touch fingers      provide safe polishing without scratching, streak-          MCC’s Top 50 Car
and the latest technology in polymer chemistry,         ing or swirling. The lower section is wide to con-          Washes In The USA
the AUTEC polisher provides a vehicle with a            tour to curved vehicle undersides. The top is slim         •AUTEC Blower Upgrade
long-lasting beautiful shine. You’ll get a durable,     to accommodate tops of vans and trucks with                •AUTEC’s New Product:
consistent, glossy finish – no streaks, no swirls, no   large mirrors.                                              10HP On-Board High
buffer marks. Just a perfect shine...time after time.      Experience for yourself how AUTEC’s soft touch           Pressure Tire & Wheel
    Unlike hand applications of wax and hand            polisher will bring labor costs down, and with a 10
                                                                                                                   •Inbay Express Ribbon
buffers, the soft touch polishing fingers provide       minute application costing just 50 cents per vehicle,       Cutting-Grand Opening

full, consistent coverage to all surfaces, even those   operators can enjoy almost limitless potential.

           2500 West Front Street • Statesville, NC 28677
website - • email -
 3rd Quarter 2008 AUTEC FACTS & FRICTION                                                                                         PAGE 2

                                                   AutoWash Xpress
                                                   Another Satisfied AUTEC Customer...
AUTEC’s                                            “We’re Washing 4-to-1 With New AUTEC”
    IT’S OFFICIAL! You can now breathe a
big sigh of relief. Business is coming back
and we are very happy and I know that all
of you are happy also. We are confident
tthat the slow period is rapidly fading away.
     As you’ll see in this issue, our INBAY
EXPRESS continues to impress both retail
customers and prospective investors alike.
For our grand opening celebration, we had
a huge crowd from the Chamber of Com-
merce and our Mayor here in Statesville as-
sisted me in cutting the ribbon. It was a very
successful event and drew a lot of attention
and press coverage to our facility.
    You’ll also see two very important up-
grades in this issue—the new rocker panel
and wheel blaster (the one you’ve all been
asking for on the friction machines) and our
all new blower fans. It is now a much bet-          Frank Whitaker,
ter blower at the same low price. Those                    Owner of
two upgrades are both a win-win situation          AutoWash Xpress
for you and your customers!                        in Princeton, WV
     AUTEC also welcomes J-8 Equipment
Company as our new Distributor in Col-
orado. Based in Denver with many years
experience, we look forward to working
with them and wish them spectacular suc-
cess in the market. I am truly excited about
the growth potential of that market.
     Recognized in this issue also are 6 of
                                                      AutoWash Xpress in Princeton, WV           Touch unit to replace one of his Vectors
our customers who were selected by                 was a dual Touch Free car wash lo-            and the results have been dramatic.
Modern Car Care as members of the Top              cation sporting two Belanger Vectors             “We are washing about 4-to-1 with
50 Carwashes in America! You guys                  until recently when owner Frank               the new AUTEC. It seems most of my
make us all proud!
    My personal thanks also to Frank               Whitaker noticed a significant drop           regular customers have migrated to
Whitaker who purchased a double wash               in business.                                  the AUTEC Soft Touch unit to the point
package from us in December 2006. One                 He did some homework and de-               that we are trying to lure them back
soft touch and one touchfree were installed
at a site in Pigeon Forge, TN, a new loca-
                                                   cided a change in equipment was               to the available touch free bay and
tion for Frank. It was a stretch for Frank, an     needed. Frank chose an AUTEC Soft             they just shake their heads ‘NO!’”
experienced operator in the car wash busi-
ness whose other locations were either sin-
gle or double touchfree systems. After a
year of operation in Pigeon Forge, Frank,
                                                     AUTEC Congratulates MCC’s Top 50
like most touchfree operators, was amazed                 Car Washes In the USA
to discover that people actually prefer the
soft touch car wash. Therefore in May of                Congratulations to the car wash facilities listed below for being recognized as
this year, Frank actually removed a working         one of Modern Car Care Magazine’s ‘Top 50 Car Washes in the USA’. This recog-
Belanger from one of his double sites in            nition is a tribute to your foresight, professionalism and operating expertise. Thanks
Princeton, WV, installed an AUTEC soft              also for being an AUTEC customer. We are proud to have played a small part in
touch and he tells the “rest of the story” here.
                                                    your success and look forward to being of service to you in the future.
     What a success story with Frank
Whitaker! When will you make your next              • Rennie’s Auto Spa, Berlin, NJ • Terrible Herbst, Las Vegas, NV
success story and share it with us so that          • Jack Flash, Charleston, SC     • Freedom Car Wash, Virginia Beach, VA
we can share it with all of our distributors?
                                                    • Little Duke’s (Coborn’s Inc.), • Rob’s Car Wash & Detailing Team,
     Good luck and good selling!
     Tom Hobby, AUTEC President
                                                        St. Cloud, MN                    Fredericksburg, VA
Page 3                                                              AUTEC FACTS & FRICTION 3rd Quarter 2008

Hendrick Team Dealers
Another Satisfied AUTEC Customer...                                                         AUTEC’s Newest
AUTEC...The Only Logical Choice!                                                            J8 Equipment
                                                                                               J8 Equipment Company, lo-
                                                                                            cated in Denver, Colorado, is a whole-
                                                                                            sale distributor of quality petroleum
                                                                                            and car wash equipment.
                                                                                               Since 1957, J8 Equipment Com-
                                                                                            pany has provided equipment and
                                                                                            service for all facets of both retail and
                                                                                            commercial fuel systems throughout
                                                                                            the Rocky Mountain region. They also
                                                                                            supply and service everything from
                                                                                            fuel equipment, canopies, re-imag-
                                                                                            ing packages to our top of the line
                                                                                            car wash systems.
                                        Hendrick Team Dealers                                  J8 Equipment Company represents
                                        Using AUTEC Include...                              the leading petroleum equipment
                                        Gwinnett Place Honda      Toyota of Concord         manufacturers in the industry with
                                        Duluth, GA                Concord, NC
                                                                                            equipment sales, parts and factory
                                        Rick Hendrick Chevrolet   Rick Hendrick Toyota of
                                        Duluth, GA                   Fayetteville           certified service. All of their factory
                                        Pleasanton Automall
                                                                  Fayetteville, NC          certified technicians can provide ef-
                                        Pleasanton, CA            Hendrick Honda
                                                                  Concord, NC
                                                                                            fective service solutions for your petro-
                                        Hendrick BMW
                                        Charlotte, NC             Jeff Gordon Chevrolet     leum and carwash equipment.
                                        Hendrick Lexus
                                                                  Wilmington, NC               J8 Equipment Company maintains
                                        Charlotte, NC             Terry Labonte Chevrolet
                                                                                            current industry standards and environ-
   High profile dealerships with high   (Dual Washes)             Greensboro, NC
                                                                                            mental regulations awareness by mem-
volume sales demand the very best       Hendrick Motors           Hendrick Dodge
                                        Hickory, NC               Charleston, SC            bership with the CWPMA – Colorado-
car wash system available. The per-     Cary Automall             Honda Cars of Rock Hill
                                                                                            Wyoming Petroleum Marketers and
formance and dependability of any       Cary, NC                  Rock Hill, SC
                                                                                            Convenience Store Association and the
system is paramount in maintaining      Rick Hendrick Chevrolet   Darrell Waltrip Honda
                                        Durham, NC                Franklin, TN              PEI - Petroleum Equipment Institute.
the high volume wash load required      Performance Automall      Honda Cars of McKinney
                                                                                               AUTEC welcomes J8 Equipment
daily. For Hendrick Team Dealers,       Chevrolet, Acura, BMW,    McKinney, TX
                                        Porsche, Subaru                                     Company into its growing family of
AUTEC was the only logical choice.      Chapel Hill, NC
                                                                  Hendrick Honda
                                        (Dual Washes)
                                                                  Woodbridge, VA            professional car wash distributors.
   AUTEC’s gentle hydraulic system is
designed to eliminate any damages
and the stainless steel construction      New and Exciting
provides years of trouble-free opera-     Changes to AUTEC’s
tion. AUTEC’s systems are monitored       Website...
by an on-board, self-diagnostic com-
puter making service simple. AUTEC            We now have live action video of
systems clean economically without        both touch machines, the touch free
                                          and EV-1 systems, as well as the Shine
hot water for only pennies in chemi-
                                          Express Polisher and AUTEC’s Inbay
cal usage. AUTEC has a national           Express...allowing you to view all mod-
network of trained dedicated distrib-     els of AUTEC in action! It is now easier
utors that provide an extraordinary       than ever to see, show, and sell!       
level of service nationwide.
  3rd Quarter 2008 AUTEC FACTS & FRICTION

          AUTEC’s Inbay Express...
                                                                                                                  PAGE 4

Announces Grand Opening, Ribbon-Cutting Celebrated
              AUTEC’s Inbay Express Car Wash Express thorough and effective clean-

          facility, located at 2500 West Front ing capabilities.
          Street in Statesville, NC observed its  The new state-of-the-art glass car
          Grand Opening Ribbon-Cutting cere- wash facility features AUTEC’s EV-1
          monies on April 24th with four hours Evolution car wash system which washes
   AUTEC is happy to announce an      of free car washes and proclamations        a documented 30-plus cars per hour.
immediate upgrade to our blower       from area dignitaries and city officials.   The Ultimate wash cleans in an im-
fan configuration. The new fans are       A constant and steady flow of traf-     pressive 1.5 minutes.
now in stock and feature an all new   fic lined up from 11:00 am through             AUTEC’s Inbay Express is operating
composite housing with aluminum       3:00 pm to experience AUTEC’s Inbay         24 hours a day, seven days a week.
“airfoil design” backward inclined
fans which increases productivity.
Actual measurements taken at our
facilities include:
• Discharge speed – An increase
  of 12%
• Output cubic feet per minute –
  An increase of 13%
• Faster start-up time – Now at
  21/2 seconds versus 6 seconds
  on prior fans
• Removable discharge nozzle for
  easy adjustments
• One piece inlet funnel
• Huge weight reduction for easier    AUTEC President Tom Hobby cuts the ribbon during the Grand Opening ceremonies
  handling                            of AUTEC’s Inbay Express Car Wash, located in front of the corporate facility in NC.

                                       New Product...
on these much improved blowers!
Call today for more information        AUTEC’s 10 HP On-Board High Pressure
about this exciting blower upgrade.
                                       Tire & Wheel Cleaner
                                           AUTEC’s 10HP On-Board High             the same oscillating nozzle setup used
                                       Pressure Tire & Wheel Cleaner              on the EV-1 which offers two main
                                       (Model #ATWC-OSC10) with either            advantages:
                                       Remote or On-Board Chemical Tire           1) Commonality of Components:
                                       Applicator includes 12 zero degree            We're utilizing the same compon-
                                       oscillating nozzles to blast wheels and       ents for the new 10HP arrange-
                                       rocker panel area (6 each side) plus a        ment that we currently use for the
                                       chemical pumping station. It now              single 5HP unit which means no
                                       handles low pH chemical.                      additional inventory is required
                                           The new ATWC-OSC10 offering               for our servicing distributors.
                                       actually consists of two 5HP pumping       2) Familiarity:
                                       units stacked on top of each other, one       If they currently know how to trouble
                                       feeding the passenger side and the            shoot and maintain the 5HP unit
                                       other feeding the drivers side. These         then they will be up to speed on
                                       are the exact same 5HP units that we          the 10HP setup.
                                       currently use for the ATWC-2 and utilize             END USER PRICE: $12,250

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