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Website Startup


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									   Please See The Very Last Page of This Information Package for Information
       On How To Get Your Free Online Video Ad Just for Giving Us A Try.

Top Ranked Websites Startup Package
Congratulations on being chosen to take advantage of this Very Limited Offer. You are about
to take your first step towards gaining more market share and Dominating Your Local Market!
Here at Top Ranked Websites we pride ourselves on delivering the most effective and
cost efficient marketing there is.

Why Does My Business Need A Top Ranked Website?
What Can A Website Do for My Business?
How Are Top Ranked Websites Different from Other Websites?
I Don't Know How To Use The Internet, How Will I Benefit from A Website?
What's Included With My Website?
Get 250 Free Business Cards!
How Much Will It Cost To Get Started?
How Do I Get Started?
Why Does My Business Need A Top Ranked Website?
Every day there are people in your area using the Internet to find local businesses like yours.
If you don't have a website, customers are finding your competitors instead of you!
Internet searches are the most commonly used method for customers in your area to find a a
local business because it is quick, convenient and very informative. They prefer the Internet
over Yellow Page or newspaper ads because it's faster and provides more specific

This trend will continue to grow as more and more local businesses market online. This
places an emphasis on getting your web site up and running now so you can gain more
market share!

You want to attract local customers to your business, and owning a Top Ranked Website is
the best way for you to bring in new customers. Take a look online and you will see that many
of your competitors already have functioning websites.

Don’t get left behind and don’t waste your money on services that don't deliver!
Top Ranked Websites carries the only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in the industry
because we know what it takes to get your website Ranked At The Top of The Search

What Can A Website Do for My Business?
First and foremost, when you get a website from us, it will inform current and new customers
that you are in their area and ready to serve them. Your website will inform with pictures and
text the services or products you offer, current specials or offers and how to contact you.

Having a website for your business is the best way to inform customers about your business
you have. In this day in age customers expect you to have a website, why don't you?

Your new website will market your business in the search engines and online directories 24
hours a day, seven days a week. Your business will be seen at The Top of The Search
Engines in your area and by doing this you will bring in More Customers and Make More

How Are Your Websites Different from Other Websites?
Top Rankings are the name of the game when investing in a website. Anyone can post up a
website but most frequently they fall 4, 5 or even 10 pages back when a search is run. With
Top Ranked Websites we get your website Ranked On The Front Page of The Search

This not only gives you the obvious advantage of being seen first but those on the front page
are typically seen as having the most expertise and best value. We not only give you
immediate exposure but we emphasize the qualities that make your business truly attractive!

I Don't Know How To Use The Internet, Can I Still Benefit from A Website?
Absolutely! We will be the ones doing all of the online work to take care of the building and
marketing of your website. We take the information that you supply us and do the online work
for you.

You don’t need to know the first thing about the Internet. All you need to know is that
we will build you a website you will be proud of and people in your area are going to find it!

If you are Internet savvy, you can take advantage of some of the Internet Marketing Tips we
will supply you with.

What's Included With My Website?

A Powerful Domain Name That Is Easy To Remember and
Projects A Powerful Image for Your Company
We carefully select the right domain name for the type of business you are in. If you are a
Contractor in Fitchburg or a Hair Salon in Worcester, you want to have a website address that
is easy to remember and emphasizes the services you perform and the areas you work in.
This allows you to add your website address to all of your printed material such as your
business cards, invoices and brochures.

Having your website address on all of your printed material is going to give current and
potential customers more information about your company and help you stay in front of them!
We even help you get off to a great start by giving you 250 FREE Business Cards!

An Eye-Catching and Informative Website That Is Designed
To Showcase Your Business and Bring In New Customers
We will design your site to compliment the look of your current marketing material and can
incorporate your logo and it's colors into your new website. We will design your site from the
start to attract new customers and it will be something to really be proud of.

One of the nicest things about a website is that you aren't limited by space restrictions so you
can really showcase your business. Your website will have an attractive, and easy to navigate
layout that features your company information, how to contact you, the services you offer, and
can have pictures of your business, products or staff.

Your new website can also include customer testimonials, links to other sites and any other
information you would like. Your website also features a contact form that allows you to stay in
touch with clients and can really flood your business with new customers.

Rather than go on about all the great things your website will have, take a look at some of the
sites on the next page to get an idea of how your site can look. Remember your site will be
totally customized for your business and can feature your logo and the colors you like.
This is just a small sample of our work. As you can see, we can help almost any type of business. Your
  website will be customized for your business and will reflect the high quality and service you offer.
  What will truly make your website special is the fact that it will be Ranked At The Very Top of The
 Search Engines and that is going to give you more visibility, more customers and more profits!

                 Mover Website                                Roofing Contractor Website

              Auto Repair Website                            General Contractor Website

You can also view some of our currently Top Ranked websites at the addresses below.


Both of these websites are currently Ranked At The Top of Google!
One Full Year of Internet Marketing and Hosting
We will submit your website to all of the top search engines and directories, and we will
constantly monitor and adjust your listings throughout the year to guarantee top rankings in
your area! This is not a ‘one-time’ job for us. We take pride in each and every single site we

Most companies would stop there, but not Top Ranked Websites! We want you to get off
to an amazing start with your new website, so we also actively market your website for the
next twelve months. By doing this you will have a constant flow of new customers throughout
the year.

We also host your website for you Free of Charge for one whole year! We host all of our
client sites on state of the art servers with plenty of capacity. You will be given a username
and password so that you can check your email and website statistics. If you don't have
Internet access, just let us know, and we can fax you your monthly statistics! We cater to
your needs and go the extra mile to ensure your success!

250 FREE Business Cards
To help you get off to a great start with your new website, we give you 250 Free business
cards with your new website address already printed on them! You can use these to help
promote your business, stay in front of clients and Get New Customers!

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?
The price is Only $795 and that includes everything you see below.

    ●   Eye-Catching Professionally Designed Website
    ●   A Memorable and Top Ranked Domain Name
    ●   One Full Year of Hosting and Internet Marketing
    ●   250 FREE Business Cards
    ●   More Exposure for Your Business
    ●   More Leads and More New Customers
    ●   Compare our cost to overpriced Yellow Page ads, costly direct marketing or short lived
        newspaper ads and you will see, there is no better value! Get started today.

How Do I Get Started?
Just fill out the form below and we will get started on your new website. If you have any questions, please give
us a call at 888-311-RANK and we will be happy to answer your questions.

We will design your site to compliment the look of your current marketing material and can incorporate your logo
and it's color into your new website. Please include your business card, sales material, pictures, customer
testimonials and any other information you would like included on your website. If you would like to email your
pictures or marketing material, send them to sales@toprankedwebsites.net If you need more space just use the
back of this form.
                                                    Website Startup Form
Your Name:                                                    Type of Business:
Company Name:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:

Email Address:                                                Years In Business:

Tell us a little little about your business: When you started, what makes you better and things like that.

What services or products do you offer: List these in most to least importance.

List any Discounts, Free Estimates/Consultation or Special Offers: A special just for web visitors is a great idea,
and can really increase the effectiveness of your new website.

List any suppliers, distributors or affiliations:

Mail this form along with a check or money order for $795 to Phenix Websites 14 Palm St. Worcester, MA 01604
This low price includes: eye-catching website design, Top Ranked Domain Name, 12 months of Free hosting and
Internet marketing. Your website will be completed within 7 days and we will send your business cards within two
weeks. There are no monthly or additional fees. Starting in year two you will be charged a low monthly fee of
only $59 which includes hosting and marketing for your website. You are under absolutely no obligation and you
may cancel at any time.

       This Amazing Offer Is Only Available for A Very Limited Time.
                                         Call 888-311-RANK
                         Order Online At: www.washingtontoprankedwebsites.com
Just for Giving Us A Try, We Are
Going To Give You A FREE 30-60
    Second Online Video Ad
    Featuring Your Business

We Will Even Submit Your Video
To All of The Major Online Video
          Sharing Sites

 This Is Going To Give You Even More
 Exposure, More New Customers and
             More Profits!

 But Remember...We Can Only Work
With One Business Like Yours In Your
  Area. The Question Is...Will It Be
   You?...or Will It Be One of Your

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