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Adolf by xiaoyounan


									Kiwi Quiz further research: Why did Adolf
Hitler Want to kill new Zealander David Low

Q: Why Did Adolf Hitler Want To Kill New Zealander David

A: Adolf Hitler wanted to kill David because he was making
insulting cartoons pictures of Adolf Hitler.

Sir David Alexander Cecil Low (7 April 1891–19 September
1963) was a New Zealand cartoonist who lived and worked in the
United Kingdom for many years. Low was a self-taught cartoonist.
Born in New Zealand, he worked in his native country before
migrating to Sydney, Australia in 1911, and ultimately to London
(1919), where he made his career and earned fame for his
drawings. If Adolf Hitler got the chance to kill him he would of but
he didn’t so after a while he was banned in Italy and Germany.

These are similar to the pictures
that David Low drew.

This was made by Alex Reynolds

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