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									                              Street Address: Coogee Care Centre Inc.
                                       C/- Coogee Public School
                                   Byron Street COOGEE NSW 2034
                            Mail address: PO Box 280 COOGEE NSW 2034
                                      Telephone : 02 9665 8943
                                Email: admin@coogeecarecentre.org.au
                                Website: www.coogeecarecentre.org.au

            Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program – JUNIOR
           Please note a Junior is if your child is in years K-2
       Please find attached:

                            Vacation Care Program
                            General Information
                            Vacation Care Booking Form
                            Vacation Care Permission form

       Please be aware it is important for your child to bring appropriate
       clothing when coming to the centre; please have a look at the general
       information section. To prevent anything from being lost make sure
       everything is marked with your child’s name.

       To complete the enrolment process you must return:
                      Completed Enrolment form
                      Signed Permission form
                      Complete payment for the days

       All term fees must be paid in full to accept vacation care enrolment

Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program                                         1
                                        General Information

Coogee Vacation Care Centre provides a range of fun activities for primary school aged
     children in a safe, warm and friendly environment. The program hours are from 7 am to
     6pm with most planned activities starting at around 9.30am.

Costs per day: $33 per child if booked before 6pm Friday 9th December and $38per child
      thereafter. Coogee Care Centre is registered for the CCB rebate and where applicable
      your rebate will be deducted from this daily fee.

All operational guidelines as set out in the Coogee Care Centre Parent Handbook will apply
       during the Vacation Care Program. Please ask staff for a copy if you do not have one.
                                             How to book
          To enrol for Vacation Care, you must be a member of Coogee Care Centre Inc. and have
           your term fee payments up to date.
          Bookings should be made in person, through emails or by faxing the Centre. To do this
           you will need to present a completed booking and consent form together with one of the
           following forms of payment:
               o Cheque made payable to COOGEE CARE CENTRE INC and have your child's
                  name or Family Reference clearly printed on the back.
               o With a receipt for a Direct Deposit through the Internet or any branch of Westpac
                  Bank. Account Name Coogee Care Centre BSB: 032152 ACC No.: 171112.
          FULL PAYMENT is required to confirm your booking.
          If a chosen day is full, we will place your child on a waiting list and inform you if a place
           becomes available. You will not be charged to have your child placed on a waiting list.
Please note
          Confirmed bookings are non-refundable.
          If your child is absent on any confirmed booking day, the fees from that day are non-
           refundable. This is due to the fact that you pay for the child’s booking, not their
                                             What to bring
Each day; please ensure your child has:

          Recess and Lunch - we encourage healthy eating, so we prefer you pack your child
           healthy lunchbox alternatives.
           Please remember that the centre strives to be an NUT & EGG FREE ZONE. .
          Plenty of drinks, especially excursion days.
          Hat – with your child’s name clearly marked on it. We enforce the “No Hat, No Play” rule.
          Sunscreen – with your child’s name clearly marked on it.
          Change of clothes or swimmers for water days
                                             What to wear
            When deciding your child’s attire for the day please consider the activities they will be
             participating in and dress them accordingly. Unless otherwise stated in the booking
             form something old and comfortable is recommended.
            Comfortable, closed in shoes suitable for the day especially on excursions. No thongs!!

Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program                                                                 2
        Please ensure spare clothes are packed in case of accidents or excessive mess
         as well as a jumper and raincoat in case of bad weather.

Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program                                                   3
  Monday 19th Dec                        Tuesday 20th Dec                         Wednesday 21st Dec                      Thursday 22nd Dec                       Friday 23rd Dec
  Botany Big Splash                      Art Attack                               Spider Park                             Christmas Disco Day                        Girls day out Boys Day
  Slip slop and slap as we head down     Art Attack is back by popular            Today we are heading down Spider        Jingle Bell Rock on down for some       Girls: Today we are heading to
  for a fun filled day of sun and        demand! The centre will be turning       Park for a fun filled day of games      Christmas Disco fun. There will be      Ryde Aquatic Centre for an amazing
  swimming at Botany Big Splash! We      into an art workshop full of creative    and BBQ. We will be walking down        some groovy morning Christmas           day! We will be playing in the
  will be playing games in the pools     arts and crafts. Come join us for        to Spider Park (Coogee Beach) to        crafts, some midday Zumba and an        whirlpool and slipping down the
  and we will also be playing on he      some inventive art projects based on     play on the equipment, have a           afternoon DISCO! Wear your best         slides!
  waterslides. Please remember your      the TV show ART ATTACK it will           sandcastle building competition and     Disco outfits or favourite              Boys: Boys today you will be
  hats, sun cream swimmers and           be a fulfilled day of artistic           play lots of different sports games!    Christmas dress up and come to the      staying at the centre for the best of
  towels.                                expression                                                                       centre for some Christmas cheer.        Funky Fridays, Sports challenges
                                                                                  No lunch today                                                                  and wheels day!
  Bus leaves at 10am sharp and will                                                                                                                               Boys: Bring your wheels
  arrive back at centre at approx                                                                                                                                 Girls: Bring your swimmers and
  3pm                                                                                                                                                             towel and bus will be leaving at
                                                                                                                                                                  9.30 am will arrive back at centre
                                                                                                                                                                  approx 3pm
  Monday 9th Jan                         Tuesday 10th Jan                         Wednesday 11th Jan                      Thursday 12th Jan                       Friday 13th Jan
  Puppet Day                             Hill City Farm                           Multicultural Day                       Girls Day in                            WATER DAY
                                                                                                                          Boys Day Out
  Time to use our imagination!           Calmsley Hill City farm is a farm-       It’s time to take a look in to our                                              It’s water dayyyyyyy!!!!
  Today everyone will be busy            based attraction close to the heart of   family history and take some pride in   Girls- Today all the Girls in the       Time to Chill Out and GET WET
  creating the puppet of his or her      Sydney. You can get up close and         our different Cultures!                 Centre (Senior/Junior) will be having
  dreams. Everyone will get into         personal with a variety of farmyard      As we explore the world around us       a relaxed day!!!                        Today will be full of water fights,
  groups then put on a performance for   and native animals.                      today we will Cook, participate in      We will be watching movies, doing       slip and slides, and mini pools.
  their friends (Competitions for best   Not only will there be opportunity to    Arts and Craft, listen to Music from    our hair, make-up, nails, candle
  puppets and shows).                    play with the baby animals in the        around the world and share a            making, facials etc                     Don’t forget to SLIP SLOP SLAP
                                         nursery but there will also be many      multicultural lunch.                    GIRLS WEAR YOUR PYJAMAS                 and to wear your costumes and
  We will also be entertained by a       shows on through out the day.                                                                                            bring a Towel
  puppeteer                               BUS LEAVES AT 9AM SHARP                 To ensure the day is complete please    BOYS- All CCC boys will be
                                         (we will be unable to wait any           Dress up and bring a plate of food      jumping on a bus and heading to
                                         longer than this time)                   to share from your culture              Narrabeen to show us their skills @
                                         Arrives back Approx 3.30                                                         Pirates Mini Golf
                                                                                                                          BUS LEAVES 9.30AM SHARP
                                                                                                                          arrives back Approx 4pm

Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program                                                                                                                                                              4
  Monday 16th Jan                        Tuesday 17th Jan                       Wednesday 18th Jan                        Thursday 19th Jan                     Friday 20th Jan
  Homebush Aquatic Centre                Pirate Day                             TIC TOKS PUTT PUTT GOLF                   WATER DAY                             St Peters Indoor Rock
                                                                                                                                                                climbing gym
   Get Ready for a fun filled day down                                          Today we will be heading                  It’s water dayyyyyyy!!!!
  at Sydney Olympic park.                Ahoy there Matey’ time to jump on       Out to Prestons where everyone will      Time to Chill Out and GET WET         Bring your runners, pants (no dresses
  There you will be able to waddle in    the CCC good ole ship and try to       get to show off their skills at glow in                                         or skirts) and lots of energy because
  the small pool, float around in the    steer away from having to walk the     the dark mini golf.                       Today will be full of water fights,   today you will get the chance to
  whirlpool or splash around on some     plank!!!                                                                         slip and slides, and mini pools.      literally climb the walls!!!!!!
  massive inflatable’s… either way                                              WE WILL BE LEAVING HERE
  have a restful weekend as today is     Today we will learn how to talk        AT 9AM SHARP AND                          Don’t forget to SLIP SLOP SLAP        TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DAY
  going to be hugeee!!!!!                Pirate, build our own ships and keep   ARRIVING BACK APPROX                      and to wear your costumes and         YOU MUST SIGN THE WAIVER
                                         and eye out for that treasure!!!!      3PM                                       bring a Towel                         FORM ON COMPLETION OF
  Bus leaves 9.30am sharp                                                                                                                                       YOUR ENROLMENT FORM.
  Arrive back approx 3.30                                                       NO NEED FOR LUINCH AS
                                                                                THE CHILDREN WILL ALL                                                           BUS LEAVES @ 10AM
                                                                                RECEIVE NUGGETS, CHIPS                                                          ARRIVES BACK @ CENTRE
                                                                                AND A DRINK                                                                     APPROX 2.30

  Monday 23rd Jan                        Tuesday 24th Jan                       Wednesday 25th Jan                        Thursday 26th Jan                     Friday 27th Jan
  Carnival Day                           Plaster Master                         Harry Potter Day                                                                Randwick Ritz

  Roll Up Roll Up                        Fox Studios here we come…              Wizards, Magic and gross Frogs.
                                                                                                                          PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!!!
  Today CCC will be turned into the      Each child will be given opportunity   The Harry Potter theme day means
  greatest carnival in history!!!        to create and paint a plaster of its   we will be exploring wacky magic                                                Today we will be heading to
                                         choice….                               tricks, using our imagination to          CLOSEDDDDD                            Randwick Ritz.
  All Children will be given Tokens in                                          create our own world and                                                        There will be three movies on offer
  the morning which will allow them      We will then head to the grass area                                                                                    to choose from, but we will not
  to participate in games, such as Can   where we will enjoy our lunch in a                                                                                     know what they are till the week
  knock Down, Dart Dare Board and        picnic environment…                                                                                                    before
  lots more. Each game will also give
  opportunity to win more ticketsssss.   Leave Centre 10.30                                                                                                     Dress as your favourite movie
  YES the tickets allow you to redeem                                                                                                                           character 
  prizes at the end of the day          Arrive back approx 2.30

                                  Unless otherwise stated we leave for excursions at 9am each day, most activities at the centre kick off around 9:30.

Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program                                                                                                                                                          5
Child Name(s):                                                                          Date of Birth:

Are there any dietary requirements, allergies
or medical conditions that we should be
aware of?

Emergency contact during
Vacation Care (name and as many contact
details as possible)

It is your responsibility to ensure that all Parental, Collection and Emergency contacts are up-to-date. This makes it
easier to contact you if necessary, especially if on an excursion.

I have read the ‘excursion Information for parents/carers’ and acknowledge that my child will be exposed to all
normal risks associated with participation in this programme. If my participation or my child’s participation is
accepted, I hereby indemnify Coogee Care Centre Inc., it’s officers and agents and keep them indemnified against all
claims, demands, actions and liabilities of any kind, (other than as a direct result of negligence of Coogee Care
Centre, it’s officers, or employees). In the course of participation or attendance, I authorise Coogee Care Centre, its
officers and agents in the event of an accident or illness to obtain such medical and hospital assistance as required
and agree to meet any and all expenses thereby incurred. I understand that my signatures below are providing
permission to participate in the specific activity as detailed for the persons under my care.
I understand that no refunds are given to confirmed bookings and the centre does not accept cancellations to
bookings made.

Name: _________________________________________________
Signature: _______________________________________________
Date: _______________________
Please tick the days you require care for your child

 Week           Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday             Thursday             Friday

           19th Dec, 2011      20th Dec, 2011     21st Dec, 2011       22nd Dec, 2011      23rd Dec, 2011
           9th Jan, 2012       10th Jan, 2012     11th Jan, 2012       12th Jan, 2012      13th Jan, 2012
           16th Jan, 2012      17th Jan, 2012     18th Jan, 2012       19th Jan, 2012      20th Jan, 2012
           23rd Jan, 2012      24th Jan, 2012     25th Jan, 2012                           27th Jan, 2012

Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program                                                                                   6
       JUNIOR Consent Form                                                                   *Please place your signature next to the approved activity

                                                                                                                      Consent to      Comment to
               Date                 Activity                        Location                    Travel Arrangements   participate        staff
                                                                                                                       *please sign
           19th Dec, 2011   Botany Big Splash                    Myrtle St, Botany                   Private bus

           21st Dec, 2011   Spider Park                    145-149 Beach Street Coogee,                 Walk

                            Girls’ Day Out to Ryde
           23rd Dec, 2011                                                                            Private bus
                            Aquatic Centre                      Victoria Road, Ryde

           10h Jan, 2012    Calmsley Hill City Farm          31 Darling St, Abbotsbury               Private Bus

                            Boys Day Out
           12th Jan 2012                                       1500 Pitt Water Road                  Private Bus
                            Putt Putt Golf Narabeen
           16th Jan 2012    Homebush Aquatic Centre                Olympic park                      Private Bus

           18th Jan 2012    Tik Tocs Putt Putt                9 2 Prestons NSW 2170                  Private bus
                                                                     St Peters
           20th Jan 2012    Indoor Rock Climbing      Must attach Waiver Forms also found on         Private Bus
                                                                   CCC website
           24th Jan 2012    Plaster Painting             Entertainment Quarter Fox Studios           Private Bus

           27th Jan 2012    Randwick Ritz                            The Spot                           Walk

Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program                                                                                                                    7
Summer 2011/2012 Vacation Care Program   8

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