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					                                                   Annual General Meeting
                                                   Thursday 24th June 2010
                                                    The Red Lion Hotel,
                                                    Whittlesford, Cambs

                             The Meeting stood for a minutes silence in memory of Geoff Eynon.

1.    Attendance : Norman Hart, Mike Trett, Helen Sargeant, Mary Baker, Jack Warner, Stuart Birkett,
      Allan Holliwell, Alan Budd, Beverley Budd, Sheila George, Barrie Pollard, John Whitehead, David Roberts,
      David Burt, Emma Dodd, James Colley, Adam Greaves, Eddie Harmer, Alan Baker, Lucy Hutton,
      Neil Cherrill, Barry Smith.

     Apologies: Ros Marsh, Liz Pelling, Andy Meacher, Steve Mayhew, Peter Lemon, Julie Spice, Dave Wignell,
     Trevor Norman, Ann Hopkins, Miles Dowdall, Keith Boddy, Ray Allum, Chris Dodd, Liam Healy,
     Lucy Elsdon, Richard Munns, Chris Row, Tim Martin.

2.    Minutes of AGM 18th June 2009.

3.    Matters Arising. Correction of the word over, and the spelling of Barrie Pollards name. No other matters
      arising the minutes were signed as a true record of the meeting.

4.    Reports :

      President ;
      In my first year and there was very little of the anticipated hand shaking, smiling and speech making. Our post holders
      work so well (as Sheila said last year ) the President has little part to play in the day to day admin, and there was only 1
      minor problem to deal with all year. I have tried to visit all of the counties, I have visited 4 this season and hope to
      complete the set next season, especially Kent as they at present see the fewest of the ERHUA officers. I have approached
      all the county H.U.A Presidents on two issues :
      1. Relationships with the Region
      2. Lack of female level 2 Umpires.
      All were basically positive about their relationships with us, however this appeared to be based on good personal
      relationships rather than systems. All shared our concern about the lack of level 2 female umpire candidates but believed
      the problem was earlier in the process. Next season I will explore with the counties
      what can be done. Kent have already promised a paper on it. ( Marion Birch.)
      I would like to pay tribute to Geoff Eynon and the fact he made a comeback to our association and then was taken ill, so
      in fact he died as an active member.

      Norman Hart.

      Treasurer & Adoption of Accounts :

      Treasurer report for the year ended 31 May 2010

      The draft accounts are presented, these are draft for some final expense claims and a reckoning up with the East,
      regarding the appointment claims.
      You will see from the accounts that we have there is a deduction from the subs received this is to account for the £5 extra
      agreed at last years AGM to help cover the costs of coaching as this was considered to be a benefit to the members and
      therefore we should contribute towards these costs
      With respect to the accounts for the association that the major elements of expenditure were the website (although half of
      this will be reclaimed from ERHA) and donations to overseas trips and the guests at PLUM
      The surplus is showing at present at £921 and it is not anticipated that this will change in any material matter.
      The appointments report indicates that the cost of appointments was kept down, the amount invoiced to clubs was £530
      per club and this allowed for approximately £24 per appointment.
At the present time we have underspent on the actual appointment budget by approx £4,500 although there is still one
umpire to claim however if we estimate that their costs will follow the average then this should equate to £500 leaving
£4000 to put towards coaching costs, these stand at £2700 so we are ahead on budget and may not have to claim at all
from the ERHA in this area. This shows that we have managed our finances well this year and my thanks go to the A&A
committee for their fine efforts.
I have some outstanding expenses to pay regarding tournaments in the latter half of the year and I thank you for your
patience and will be dealing with these in the next week, likewise with a couple of indoor appointments which were
missed, for which I apologise, I have been under immense pressure from work and this has caused a less efficient service
this year.
However tournaments do cause problems especially where umpires will claim twice, once on paper and once on the
website, and I have been attempting to spot these prior to things been paid . Unfortunately it is not always easy to pick up
during the season and I will be contacting people as necessary to advise them that this will be deducted from their
expenses next year.
This is my last season as treasurer, I would like to thank the committee for their support especially once we undertook
control of the appointment expenses, Margaret McCall for putting up with me and helping with the many queries, and you
the umpires for your patience when I have inadvertently missed a claim, or have been tardy in paying, so I finally wish
good luck to my successor and will of course be on hand to assist with a smooth takeover.

Helen Sargeant

A vote of thanks to Helen for her time as Treasurer was proposed by N Cherrill, Seconded by A. Budd and agreed by all.

Assessment & Appointments Sub-Committee;

Another season comes to an end, and with over 1200 appointments made in all competitions, I think we can regard it as a
successful one. The team behind me have worked very hard during the season, whilst there have been problems with the
new marking system I feel that moving forward the membership will benefit in the end. There have been 200
Assessments and 280 Coaching’s carried out during the year and my thanks must go to the Coaching team that have made
themselves available throughout the season.
The indoor season was hit with the inclement weather around Christmas but we managed in the end to cover most games
including the junior tournaments which carried on into January. The only disappointing thing was that the East Super
League tournament had to be cancelled.
The Sunday Cup Competitions saw a lot of our regions teams go out in the early rounds with one exception, Plashet, who
went on to win the EH Vase Competition, so well done to them. Our top umpires in the NPUA continue to lead the way
with both Will Drury and Andy Kennedy appointed to this years commonwealth games we wish them both well in the
coming months, on a sad note after a long season dogged with injuries Dawn Henning has decided to hang up her outdoor
whistle at all levels of the game, but will continue to .
umpire indoors, we wish her well in whatever she chooses to do next.
Congratulations must also be given to Charlie Moggach, Andy Poulain and Emma Dodd who gained their promotion to
NPUA, we wish them well in the future, also our best wishes go to Tim Martin who will have his L3 watching early next
Lastly, I would like to thank Chris and Henry, who have done most of the work this year filling all our appointments and
to Jack Warner and his mini committee who once again produced a PLUM tournament which was the talk of many a
meeting that I attended and without his hard work the East Region would not have the reputation that it has.
I have enjoyed my season and would be happy to continue as Chairman of selectors if elected.

Ray Allum.

Coaching & Development Sub-Committee;

1.   Feedback from PLUM 2009 was very positive and we intend to try and improve things even further in September
2.   Several umpires went on out two exchanges with Ireland and the West Region respectively. There were very
     encouraging reports from those who travelled to Ireland but it was felt that there may have been limited value in the
     one day exchange with the West. We are pursuing possible further exchanges with the Midlands and the North. We
     were disappointed that ERYUAG declined to support our annual trip to Wattignies H.C. in May by declining to send
     any young umpires. For many years Wattignies H.C. have been superb hosts to umpires from our Region at little cost
     to the Association and the experience gained has been most beneficial to those who have been fortunate enough to
     go. However Lincolnshire HUA stepped into the breach and enabled us to maintain the relationship which has been
     built up over many years.
3.   We carried out 282 coaching’s throughout the season but were severely restricted due to a drastic shortage of
     available coaches. It is imperative that we develop more people of the right quality if we
     are to move forward in the future. To that aim we intend to run a practical course for umpire coaches at
     PLUM. All qualified umpire coaches are asked to be available at PLUM as we will need mentors for
     those trainees that attend. Prospective candidates are asked to get in touch with me ASAP.
4.   While I am prepared to continue as Chief Coach for one further season, I will do so only if absolutely
     necessary. I believe that someone new would bring a fresh mind and ideas to the position. I am happy to support any-
     one who would like to give it a try, and will of course be prepared if required to continue organizing PLUM.
     Likewise if anyone would like to shadow me for a season, acting as assistant Chief Coach, again I would be most
     grateful. Either way I give notice that I am not prepared to continue in the position after the end of the 2010/11

5.   I would like to thank Ray and Mike for their support and all the umpire coaches for their hard work.

     Best Regards,
     Jack Warner.

     A discussion followed about the Wattignes trip, and it was decided if the RYUAG are unable to appoint
     Umpires then the committee should appoint umpires for this event.

ERYUAG Sub-Committee;

Update for the ERHUA AGM – June 24th 2010

ERYUAG We have conducted our business this season via e-mail. Whilst not ideal, it has reduced the need for travel for
our small group. I am hopeful, that next season, we will see more volunteers agreeing to join the RYUAG and become
more proactive. Currently, the bulk of the work is done by myself, Paul Watts (Lincs) and Dave Charles (Suffolk), with
support from Charlie Farrow in the East EHB office. It is no small coincidence, that the counties that are most pro-active
with young development are Suffolk and Lincs!
We have vacancies for a RYUAG secretary and a coach/mentoring coordinator who can liaise with ERHUA, plus other
counties need to formalize a representative. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

To help kick-start action planning in the region, Charlie Farrow has written to all counties (Except Suffolk which has a
HYUAG) to set up a development meeting for umpiring. A template development plan has also been written and will be
presented at the meetings.

Budget We have been funded during the season by a combination of ERHUA and ERHA contributions. In addition, we
received a one-off payment from England Hockey to support our coaching costs. This primarily supports the JRPC and
Youth Festival coaches.

Website The East Young Umpires have now been using the new website functionality for appointments, news, claiming
expenses, and viewing their assessment reports. Most have grasped it, although I send out reminders on availability
often! Each County is responsible for keeping a list of its young umpires and adding them to the website, giving us a
bigger pool of umpires to choose from, with the hope that we can appoint to more events on a county basis using young
umpires in the future. The main issue we have is not having a rep for each county identified yet, and the level of activity
to find and develop young umpires varies greatly from county to county.

Welfare We appointed an additional welfare officer towards the end of the season. Tracy Watts, based in Lincolnshire, is
happy to receive requests for CRBS and attended two junior events to kick start the process. As a reminder, all coaches,
as well as umpires who have regular umpiring contact with young people should have a CRB. ERGUA has been kind
enough to fund the CRBs (£5.00). Our web system is designed so that a coach without a CRB cannot be appointed. If you
need more information, or would like to apply for a CRB, please contact Tracy or myself.

We had one serious welfare issue to deal with during the season involving a young umpire at mid-week junior
tournaments. This involved the issuing of MMOs and the East Disciplinary Officer dealt with the issues. It has led the
RYUAG to look at its appointment rationale, especially midweek, so that similar issues will be avoided in the future.

All ERYUAG umpires will be asked to complete a Consent Form at the beginning of the season and Tracy will be the
keeper of the information. Each Umpire Manager at an event will be given the appropriate info for the young umpires at
their event.

Junior Regional Performance Centers The ERYUAG appointed 8 young umpires, plus 4 South RYUAG umpires, to
the 2 Saxon Tigers JRPC Cluster events in September 09. We appointed 4 mentors to each of the two weekends. In
addition, ERHUA helped with the appointment to the U15/U17 JRPC.

We received very positive comments from the team coaches, and parents following the event, and look f         forward to
using it in the future to bring on our top young umpires in the East and adjoining RYUAGs.
For 2010, the dates of the JRPCs are 12th and 26th September. The 12th will give us a headache again as it clashes with
PLUM, but we are hopeful to find enough coaches to cover the event by calling upon our South RYUAG neighbours to
support, as in 2009.
JRPCs are one of the pathways to the National Young Umpiring Promise List.

HiPACS These are high performance centres for players and umpires U18. In October last year, we were asked to
nominate 4 umpires to attend the two HiPACs. Jake Charles

ERYUAG Promising List & East Junior Matches We have three panels of young umpires on the East promising list,
and this will be reviewed twice a year in December and May. The panels are for selection purpose only and based on
     A Panel (12 umpires) – Capable of doing any junior appointment in the East
     B panel (11 umpires) – Capable of doing up to U16 level, with age groups above with support
     C panel (13 umpires) – County level, with the ability to do some East junior matches with support

     A lot of what the ERYUAG can do depends upon having a solid list of promising young umpires. We have a core list of
     15-20 umpires now on the A&B panels and selected various events at U17 and U16 for them to umpire at throughout the
     season, making sure that we did not over promise. I'm delighted to report that we fulfilled ALL of the appointments
     assigned to the RYUAG, and the standard of umpiring from those who accepted these appointments was fantastic,
     improving with every game. The umpires are a credit to the East and should be congratulated on their performances. We
     owe a huge thanks to the coaches who supported and encouraged our young whistlers, and to the senior umpires who
     helped to mentor them. My thanks to Ray Allum and to Jack Warner for their advice and support during the season. I'd
     also like to thank Paul Watts, who took on the role of the appointments coordinator for the RYUAG for doing such a great

     We had a group of 15 young umpires at the Yazoo East Youth Festival (Mini Championships) – quite a few many were
     unavailable due to exam pressures. Most of the umpires were boys, and one of our targets is to encourage more young
     girls to take up whistling! Thanks to the coaches for their help at the event too, and the 'senior' young umpires for
     encouraging the 'newbies', especially James Colley (our East Young Umpire of the Years 2009) for his support and
     mentoring of the young umpires at the event. The East festival is run over a weekend with the children staying overnight
     on the Saturday to mirror the National event. Funding for accommodation and meals is paid by the ERHA and from
     contributions from the East League– all gratefully received!

     Five East umpires went to the National Youth Festival held in Nottingham and they all performed brilliantly and were a
     credit to the Region.

     NYUPL I am delighted to advise you all that we have more East umpires joining Ben Parker (Essex) on the NYUPL this
     season. Matthew McMahon (Essex), Emma Shelbourn (Lincs) and Rachael Williams (H&B) are now on the list and Jake
     Charles (Suffolk) is a candidate. This is the strongest we have been represented Nationally for over 5 years!

     Challenges & Wish List – most the same as 2009!

        More young umpires! How – by working with Counties to introduce young umpiring, help them to build
         development plans and therefore have a solid resource to officiate at junior events (Lincolnshire and Suffolk
         currently strongest counties)
        RYUAG committee membership
        Developing mentors/coaches with suitable skills to bring on young umpires
        Getting more East Young umpires onto the NYUPL
        Funding
        Sharing best practice with other RYUAGs
        Running a bespoke Safeguarding course for East Mentors & Coaches
        Working with Performance/competitions on JRPC/JAC and JDC opportunities
        Working with ERHUA Coaching and A&A to ensure that RYUAG appointing opportunities fit into the overall
         development plan for Eat umpiring

     Liz Pelling, Chairman

5.   Membership Subscription:
     Proposal from the Treasurer of no change, seconded by A. Holliwell.
     A.Holliwell suggested that any surplus funds were used for coaching/ PLUM and
     Umpire development. A. Budd suggested that the money be kept for future technology
     Ie. Video camera’s and instruction for use.

6.   Election of Officers :

     President – Norman Hart, elected for a 3 year term.
     Chairman – Mike Trett. Proposed N. Hart, Seconded B. Pollard.
     Secretary – Mary Baker. Proposed S.Birkett, Seconded N.Cherrill.
     Treasurer – Tim Martin. Proposed M.Trett, Seconded A. Budd.
     Independent Examiner – Andrew Mitchell, Gregory Wildman Accountants.

7.   Election of four committee members :
     Andy Meacher – Proposed M. Trett, Seconded J. Whitehead.
     Emma Dodd – Proposed A. Holliwell, Seconded B. Pollard.
     Alan Baker – Proposed B. Pollard, Seconded H. Sargeant.
     Helen Sargeant – Proposed A. Budd, Seconded B. Smith.
     B. Smith proposed the above be voted in en bloc, agreed by all.
8.   Presentation of Awards & Honours :

     John Davey Award – Mike Trett.
     Barbara Weir Memorial Trophy – Emma Dodd.
     Steve Trounce Award – Neil Cherrill, Chris Row, Mike Hudson.
     Peter Moore/ ERYUAG Award – Lucy Hutton.
     Life Members & Vice Presidents – No nominations received.

9.   Any Other Business :
     J. Whitehead asked who will appoint umpires for the various tournaments, for umpire development.
     It was agreed that the A & A Committee would do a list for the counties so that they would know if
     it was a County appointment or East.
     B. Pollard asked for the names of people requiring accommodation for PLUM, and the evening meal
     at Old Loughts.
     A.Budd pointed out that point 6.13 of the Constitution required 25 members to be present for a quorum.
     Point 6.2 of the Constitution required notification of the meeting to be sent to all. The meeting proposed
     that the Constitution and communication to members be looked at.
     A.Holliwell asked how the members of the A & A Committee were arrived at, it was suggested that the
     Proposed names for the following season be sent to the Secretary in March, so that the membership could
     vote for the Committee at the AGM.
     J.Warner suggested that a focus group be formed to look at communication, the Constitution and membership.
     B. Smith said that e-mails don’t always get through and it is important for the clubs and umpires to communicate.
     Umpires may have to contact clubs if they have not heard the time of games.
     S. George said the East AGM is on the 8th July 2010, she thanked everyone for their hard work.

     There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.20pm

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