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Franchise Magazine


									                    Franchise, Inc.

The Magazine for Growing Companies
                                    Franchise, Inc.
                ,the only major business magazine edited

Inc.            exclusively for CEOs of fast-growing
                companies, delivers real solutions for today’s
innovative company builders. It provides hands-on resources
and market-tested strategies for managing people, finances,
sales, marketing and technology. Inc. looks beyond work to                   A DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE
address the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Inc. inspires and                     OF THE INC. READER:
informs, with cutting-edge coverage that reflects our readers’
energy, brashness and imagination.                                           Total Audience         1,207,000
                                                                             Male/Female            67%/33%
Inc. reaches a prime audience of nearly 1.2 million readers:                 Median Age             42.7 years
well-educated, affluent owners and executives of growing                     Median HHI               $93,651
companies and has the highest concentration of purchase
                                                                             Average HHI             $113,401
decision-makers among major business magazines. They
have the financial resources to buy a wide range of products                 Graduated College          61.5%
and services to start new businesses, and are always looking                 Rate Base                665,000
for new tools to help them grow and succeed.                                 MRI Spring 2004

Inc. Magazine is the premier U.S. publication for
entrepreneurship. With a paid circulation of 665,000, Inc.        REACH THE PROFESSIONALS THAT
reaches franchise-building, entrepreneurial spirited              CAN HELP BUILD YOUR FRANCHISE:
professionals seeking creativity, control, and the chance to
                                                                  Inc. showcases the booming franchise and business
build something of their own. Over 2/3’s of Inc.’s readers are
                                                                  opportunity industry in its Franchise, Inc. series and on
owners/partners, and many of the Inc. 500 owners own more
                                                         Franchise, Inc. reports on the industry trends and
than one business.
                                                                  projections that entrepreneurs who are shopping for franchise
As the voice of growing business since 1979, Inc. speaks          opportunities need to know, offering expert editorial in the
directly to executives from Inc. 500 companies such as            “Ask Candee” column focusing on what it takes to buy and
Coverall, Domino’s Pizza, Jenny Craig, Popeye’s, Jackson          operate a franchise in today’s business climate.
Hewitt, Merry Maids, Premier Garage, Budget Blinds, Fast
Bucks, Cold Stone Creamery, and Precision Tune. These
professionals build business and help others do the same.

Inc.’s prime audience of nearly 1.2 million readers consists of
highly-educated, affluent owners and executives of growing
companies, and has the highest concentration of purchase
decision-makers among major business magazines. Inc.
offers hands-on advice, case studies, big-picture overviews
on the state of small business in the U.S, and articles on how
to live a good business life.

Reach 1.2 million highly educated, affluent company builders and executives of
growing companies, who are actively seeking new franchises. Franchise, Inc. builds
brand awareness, generates lead and delivers sales results you can measure.
                                                            The Magazine for Growing Companies
                                                    % COMP          FRANCHISE PROFILE:
Senior Level1                                             48.6      Inc. magazine has launched a new Franchise
Top Management2                                           36.1      Profile section for 2005. The Franchise Profile
Owner/Partner                                             21.4      allows Franchisors the opportunity to promote
JOB FUNCTION                                                        their franchise, educate prospective clients, and
Senior Management or IS/IT Function                                 brand their company in Inc. Magazine.
COMPANY SIZE                                                        THE FRANCHISE PROFILE
Less than 100 Employees                                   52.8      INCLUDES:
Less than 500 Employees                                   65.4
500–999 Employees                                          6.4      1- An introduction to the management, their
Source: CIMS Study v9.0                                             philosophies, and their business proposition.
Business Book Net Includes: Business Week, Forbes and Fortune
1. Senior level executives include: Chairman/CEO, Owner/Partner,
President, Controller/CFO/ Treasurer, VP/GM/Managing Director and   2- Training programs provided to assist the Franchisors in succeeding
2. Top management titles include: Chairman/CEO, Owner/Partner,
                                                                    in a new business venture.
President, Controller/CFO/Treasurer
                                                                    3- Overview of the "Franchise Team", the individual franchisees that make up
                                                                    the organization, includes a profile of the three franchisees and how each has
                                                                    contributed to the growth of the franchise structure of the company.
•A clearly defined niche: Only major
business magazine edited exclusively                                *The Franchise Profile is written and produced by Inc.'s Franchise Editor,
for business owners of small-to-
midsize, fast-growing companies.                                    Candee Wilde.
• Readers with unique purchasing                                    *Please see the attached files for profile examples, media information, and additional
power: Highest concentration of top                                  advertising rates for new advertisers.
management and purchase decision
makers in nearly every product
category - from telecommunications                                  PROFILE ADVERTISERS WILL ALSO RECEIVE:
to finance among all 200 MRI-                                       1. A PDF of the profile with the header “As seen in Inc. Magazine” for their website.
reported publications. As company
owners, Inc. readers make purchase                                  2. A Quark file allowing them to produce reprints to use in their media kit.
decisions for themselves, their                                     “As seen in Inc Magazine”
families and their businesses.
• An influential audience: Opinion
leaders who influence those around                                  SPECIAL FRANCHISE, Inc.
them, making them important market                                  ADDED VALUE OFFER:                                                                       BANNER
multipliers.                                                                                                                                                  HERE
                                                                    • Advertise your franchise in Inc. Magazine
• Early adopters: Among the first to
embrace new products for their                                        and receive a FREE logo and weblink on the
business and personal lives.                                          Franchise, Inc. section of
• Unique audience: Inc.’s 1.2 million                                 (Valued at $2,000 per month)
readers cannot be reached through
Business Week, Fortune, Forbes or                                   • Your logo button will be 120x60 pixels, and
The Wall Street Journal because they                                  include your desired URL to be used as a
don’t read these publications.                                        weblink.
• Annual Inc. 500: Ranking of the
500 fastest-growing private                                         With a combined audience of nearly 2 million
companies in America and the first to                               readers visiting both Inc. Magazine and
identify many of the companies that                                 every month, Inc. is the place to advertise your
are household names today - from
Microsoft to Timberland to Domino’s                                 Franchise Opportunity.
Pizza.                                                              What we are offering is more than a way to advertise in
Source: MRI Spring 2004
                                                                    Inc. Magazine. This is a complete integrated marketing
                                                                    package including “Brand Identification” with Inc.
                                              Franchise, Inc.
2006 RATES                                                                                         SPECS
4 Color                  1x                 3x                 6x           12x
Full Page       $21,267            $19,140            $18,077           $17,013                                                  Half
1/2              11,815             10,633             10,042             9,452                                                  Page
                                                                                                              Full             Horizontal
1/4               7,974               7,177             6,778             6,379
1/8               4,342              3,908              3,691             3,474                               Page
                                                                                                                           Quarter     Page

                                                                                                                            Page      Eighth
          Artwork/Digital Requirements                                                                                                 Page
      • Files must be submitted in PDF, EPS or TIFF format with
        resolution at 300 dpi at 100% of finished size for MAC and/or PC.
      • Color images should be saved in CMYK mode, not RGB.                                        Full Page:          7–1/4(W)" x 9–3/8(H)"
      • Files no larger than 5MB can be send via email
        to                                                                     Half Page Horiz:    7–1/4(W)" x 4–5/8(H)"
      • Files larger than 5MB can be uploaded to our FTP Site.                                     Half Page Vert:    3–9/16(W)" x 9–3/8(H)"
      • Host: • User Id: ventureart
      •Password: guycc7va                                                                          Quarter Page:      3–9/16(W)" x 4–5/8(H)"
                                                                                                   Eighth Page:       3–9/16(W)" x 2–1/4(H)"

   Issue                   Close Date               On Sale Date                  Topics
   January                 11/10/05                  01/03/06                     Special Outlook Section
   February                12/08/05                  01/31/06                     Valuation Issue: What’s Your Company Worth Now?
   March                   01/12/06                  02/28/06                     Tax Strategies
   April                   02/09/06                  03/28/06                     30 Under 30
   May                     03/06/06                  05/02/06                     The Best Places to do Business
   June                    04/06/06                  05/30/06                     The Inner City 100: America’s fastest growing inner-city companies
   July                    05/11/06                  06/27/06                     INC 500 Special Issue
   August                  06/15/06                  08/01/06                     Technology and Innovation
   September               07/13/06                  08/29/06                     Retraining Talent
   October                 08/17/06                  10/03/06                     The Coolest Small Company in America
   November                09/14/06                  10/31/06                     Sales 2006
   December                10/12/06                  11/28/06                     Entrepreneur of the Year, Plus: Inc’s Holiday Gift Guide

                                                       Inc. is a Gruner & Jahr USA Publication.

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                              60 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010                                

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