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					             ** THIS IS NOT A VALID BPM CONTRACT. **

                                      BOULDER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
                                                   1100 28th Street, Suite #100
                                                       Boulder, CO 80303
                                              (303) 473-9559 FAX (303) 473-9614

                                                SUBLEASE AGREEMENT
Today’s Date: ___________________________________, 200___.

This sublease agreement becomes an addendum to the Original lease contract. The lease dates are __________________200___
to _____________________200___. The property address is: ______________________________________Unit # ________.

The current Tenant(s) will move out on _________________ at 12:00PM and the Sub-Tenant will move in on
_______________. This sublease agreement DOES NOT release the original Tenant(s) from any financial liability and/or
obligations from the original lease contract.

The Sub-tenant acknowledges that they have read, understand, and accept the terms of the original lease contract. This Sublease
Agreement becomes an addendum to the Original lease on the above property. The Sub-tenant acknowledges that they have
read and received a copy of the Original lease contract.

Sub-tenant Sign Here: _____________________________________.

           Original Tenant(s): __________________________              Total Deposit Holding: $________________
           (Leaving)           __________________________

           Sub-Tenant(s):     ___________________________              Deposit to be collected: $________________
           (Moving In)        ___________________________

A background check on each Sub-tenant is required, and the $30.00 non-refundable cost to run the rental application is due at or
before the time of signing this Sublease Agreement. If the rental application is not fully processed by the time of the Sublease
signing, this contract is only valid if the tenant’s rental application is approved by Boulder Property Management. If the
application comes back negative and the applicant is denied as a tenant, then this contract is void.

The parties named on the Original lease are assigning their lease rights and responsibilities to the Sub-tenant(s). The Original
tenant is charged a one time subleasing fee of ____________ (50% Of One Months Rent). This fee still applies even if the BPM
agent is not conducting a complete turnover of the unit and the Sub-tenant is excepting the unit in an “AS IS” condition. A
complete turnover is when a BPM agent inspects the unit for any damages and cleaning.
Any further information:___________________________________________________________________________________.

Special Provision: BPM may consider offering the Original tenants the opportunity to remove themselves from any and all
financial liability from the lease contract, effectively “Breaking the Lease Contract”, if Boulder Property Management first
agrees to make this transaction and if the following conditions are met:

           1) Boulder Property Management would have the sole discretion to accept or decline this proposal.
           2) Sub-tenant(s) would have to be found and present at lease signing.
           3) The Sub-tenant(s) would have to have a clean credit & criminal background checks acceptable to BPM.
           4) Sub-tenant(s) would have to pay a 100% of the original security deposit amount at lease signing.
           5) The Original tenant(s) would have to pay a one time fee of $__________ (100% of One months rent) at lease
           6) A BPM agent would have to conduct a complete checkout of the entire unit.

If all parties agree to this “Special Provision” then the Original tenant(s), Sub-tenant(s) and a BPM agent would need to sign the
following signature line.

Original Tenant(s):_______________________________________________________________________________________

Sub-Tenant(s): __________________________________________________________________________________________

BPM Agent: ______________________________________________.

Security Deposit: The Original tenant(s) understand that BPM will return their security deposits within (60) sixty days, as
stated in the Original lease, once the full deposit is received from the Sub-tenant . If BPM does not receive the full security
deposit from the Sub-tenant, then BPM will not release any money to either party until the end of the lease. The Original tenant
will remain financially liable for any and all charges and damages until the end of the lease term should the Sub-tenants default
or have an insufficient amount of deposit to cover any outstanding charges. If more security deposit is needed after the Sub-
tenant’s security deposit is used and BPM is holding funds from the Original tenant, we will take the amount needed out of the
Original tenant’s security deposit and then it will be up to all tenant parties on the lease to determine who should pay for those
(Choosing the “Special Provision” option removes the original tenants from this liability.)
TOTAL deposit to be collected from Sub-tenant(s) $_______________
Deposit amount paid at signing of Sub-lease      $ ______________
Deposit balance amount owed from Sub-tenant(s) $ ______________

Terms on which this balance is to be paid to

Rent: Rent according to the lease is $_____________ a month. The negotiated rent is to be $_____________. Original
tenants will owe the difference of $_______________ until lease expiration. This rent subsidy amount must be paid in full at
the signing of this sublease by the Original tenants. Specify Other

Usually the Original tenant(s) pays the rent up to the day before the Sub-tenant(s) moves in. At the Sublease Agreement signing
BPM will collect the prorated rent amount from the Sub-tenant. If the Original tenant has already paid the rent for the month,
then BPM will refund the Original tenant the prorated rent amount when they receive their security deposit.

Prorated Rent: Date of Move-In _______________________              Amount $_______________________.

Miscellaneous Conditions: _________________________________________________________________________________

Pets: There shall be NO pets permitted on the premises at any time (even visiting pets) unless listed here:
(Please review the original lease contract, paragraph 27: PETS, for more information and terms of the lease contract.)

Is the Sub-tenant Accepting the Unit in “AS IS” CONDITION? (Only applicable if Subleasing and NOT Breaking Lease)

Indicate With Sub-Tenant(s) Signature: YES: _______________________________________________________________

Or NO: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

If the Sub-tenant(s) signed “YES” above, then the Sub-tenant(s) agree to accept the apartment/house in “AS IS” condition
which means there will be NO house cleaning, NO carpet cleaning, and NO inspection from a BPM agent for the
assessment of damages. Because a check-out inspection will not be performed, then the Sub-tenant(s) will have all house
cleaning, carpet cleaning and the assessment of damages taken out of their security deposit at the end of lease expiration.
Please understand that Boulder Property Management has observed many security deposit issues created out of “AS IS” Sublet
situations. If you are at all concerned about this option BPM would recommend you have a BPM agent perform a full check-out
before you move into your subletted unit.

At the time the Sub-tenant takes possession of the property, a Condition Report should always be executed. The
Condition Report is a document that presents the condition of the unit at time of move-in; this must be completed and
turned in to BPM within 7 days of the move in date.
Sub-tenant(s) sign here indicated that you have received a condition report: ______________________________________

* Complete Lock Changes to all exterior door locks will always be preformed for insurance and liability purposes unless
otherwise stated here:

* Utilities: Please make sure any utilities required to be put in tenants name is done at the start of this sublet.

       By witness of your signatures the Original Tenants and the New Tenants all agree and fully understand that this
addendum is to be added to the Original Lease Contract and considered legal and binding:

Original Tenant(s)         ______________________________             Sub-Tenant(s)         ______________________________
      Signatures                                                         Signatures
                           ______________________________                                   ______________________________

                           ______________________________                                   ______________________________

                           ______________________________                                   ______________________________

Boulder Property Management Agent                                              Date


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