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i      n      s     i     d     e      @       C A N N A B I S                         H E A L T H

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                                                                             HEALTH CANADA
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                                                                                                                                73% legalize - 27% decriminalize
                                                                                                                                The Cannabis Health Foundation was formed in the
                                                                                                                                    spring of 2002 as a non-profit foundation.
                                                                                                                            The foundation is dedicated to:
    welcome to the “tomato game”                                                                                            • Promoting the safe medicinal use of cannabis.
    guess what is stinky & resinous, and you lose the “game” ....................... 8                                      • Research into efficacy and genetics of cannabis.
                                                                                                                            • Supporting and protecting the rights of the medical cannabis
    drug free zone?                                                                                                           users.
    drug sniffing dogs in public schools .............................................................. 9                   • Educating the public on cannabis issues.
                                                                                                                            The first initiative of the foundation is this complimentary hard copy
                                                                                                                            publication of Cannabis Health.
    legal eagle
                                                                                                                            Other activities will include financial and practical support for low
    school children’ rights - what are they?...................................................... 11                       income patients and the establishment of a legal defense fund.
                                                                                                                            The free hard copy of Cannabis Health is also reproduced in whole
    christians for cannabis reform                                                                                          on the World Wide Web at (the foundation web-
    “ worketh no ill to one’ neighbour” ................................................ 12
                                   s                                                                                        site) with extended stories and hot links to resources and informa-
    home-made dangers                                                                                                         If you would like to receive 6 copies per year of the most info-
    kids warn of dangerous home-made smoking devices ............................... 12                                       mative resource for medical marijuana available, subscribe to
                                                                                                                                 Cannabis Health by sending your name and address and a
    put the hash in compassion                                                                                                                   cheque for CAN$25.00 to
                                                                                                                                       Cannabis Health Foundation, P.O.Box 1481
    stronger medicine is safer medicine ............................................................ 14                                          Grand Forks, B.C. V0H 1H0
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    Dr. Ethan answers                                                                                                                            (US and foreign send CAN$45.00)
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    growing in small spaces............................................................................... 22

    compost tea for health
                                                                                                                                                      Cover design by Brian McAndrew
    breathe life into your soil ........................................................................... 24
                                                                                                                                                      Brian hoped to illustrate the underlying
    stonehemp™ earthship                                                                                                                              influence that the uncompassionate
    building with hemp...................................................................................... 28                                       U.S. drug policy is having on
                                                                                                                                                      Canadian marijuana laws.
    hemp floorcloths
    walking on hemp ......................................................................................... 28

    getting baked with hemp
    cooking with hemp ...................................................................................... 30              Production Manager’s Note: Not always is it the editor’s fault.
                                                                                                                             Our apologies to Debra Harper, who wrote the “Canadian
    pioneers                                                                                                                 Cannabis Coalition” story in our premier issue, for not mention-
    history of hemp............................................................................................ 30           ing her name. We also apologize to anyone else that we may
                                                                                                                             have forgotten in the hectic schedule of putting a first issue
    cannabis classifieds                                                                                                     together. Thank you to everyone involved.
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2                                                                                                                                                       CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana journal
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal   5
    e   d   i   t   o   r   @    c a n n a b i s h e a l t h
                        Thank you all for the          avoid working with the DEA. I predict an       softening our laws on marijuana, I want a
                        warm reception to our          emerging North American realization            Prime Minister that stands up and loudly
                        first edition, it truly was    that the medicinal marijuana movement          proclaims,“Enough, John, you moron,
                        “about time” As we             will provide the most reasonable path to       enough!” Unfortunately the federal gov-
                        promised, we will not          ending prohibition and the introduction        ernments non response is increasing my
                        shy away from the con-         of saner drug laws. I hope the new year        personal feelings of Western alienation.
                         troversial. In this edition   will bring a closer working relationship       Approaching our print deadline we have
    Brian Taylor         we have printed an arti-      between U.S. and Canadian cannabis             yet to hear from the Canadian Commons
    Editor-in-Chief      cle submitted by two          organizations.                                 committee on the non-medical use of
                         young people on the           I am sorry to report a growing dissatisfac-    drugs. As the Commons report reaches
    topic of “home-made smoking devices”               tion, even hostility, towards Health           the final edit stages, the usual leaks and
    (page 12) - a first test for us at CH: are we      Canada and the whole medical access            pre-announcements are preparing
    willing to open up the lines of communi-           program. Anger by patients that are            Canadians for decriminalization with a
    cations with the youth in our communi-             struggling to retain their exemption and       ticketing or fine system. This decision will
    ties and talk about what is truly                  unable to find any support in the medical      likely be taken in the spring and it
    dangerous? I was struck once more by               community, anger too at delays and the         doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see that
    the similarity of this cannabis educational        arbitrary nature of the application            Canada’s safe first step will quickly be
    challenge and my childhood memories of             process. This magazine placed three            challenged in the court of public opinion
    sex education classes with anxious nuns            questions in front of Health Canada’s          and in the courts of the land.
    or embarrassed school teachers speaking            medical access program 6 months ago.
    in riddles, because they were never given                                                         Watch for John Conroy and three consti-
                                                       Not only have they not responded to the        tutional challenges being heard in
    permission or allowed to use the com-              questions, after promises to at least
    mon language. The results of the                                                                  Canadian Supreme Court beginning
                                                       respond, they have resorted to the low-        December 13, and we are anxiously wait-
    November U.S. elections have many in               est, but most effective bureaucratic tactic
    the cannabis community re-grouping                                                                ing for a ruling on Alan Young’s case con-
                                                       known - they just ignore you. Also, buying     cluded in October, challenging the
    and re-evaluating. Legalization forces             U.S. cannabis for experiments in Canada
    were defeated in Nevada, but never                                                                federal governments on behalf of a
                                                       and hiring a U.S.-biased marijuana expert,     group of 8 medical patients, for the gov-
    count the U.S. out - San Francisco may be          appear to many to be undermining their
    going into the growing business and the                                                           ernments failure to provide a safe supply
                                                       own program. Cannabis reform and               of medicine.
    City Council of Sebastopol became the              access to a safe supply are not exclusively
    latest to approve a resolution supporting          Western issues, but when John Walters,
                                                                                                       From all of us at Cannabis Health
    California’s medical marijuana law and
    asking that the municipal police force
                                                       the U.S. drug czar, threatens to make
                                                       Canadians pay a price at the borders for
                                                                                                             Happy New Year

    Letters to the Editor                              Give me the dope!
    Hi from the Kootenays                              Thanks for sending us a
    I received your magazine today from                number of copies of your
    a man in Tim Hortons in Castlegar. I               magazine. It has been a
    read it fully and must say how very                big hit. We are interested
    impressed I am. Five years ago I lost              in stocking and selling
    my best friend to cancer, throughout               your magazine. Would
    his two years of fighting it he was                you please give me the
    taking THC pills, which helped him                 dope on how we go
    more than any morphine ever could.                 about it?
    Since then I have used marijuana in                Danny (420 Hempshop)
    my everyday life from in my home to                Sechelt, B.C.                      Left: John Walters,                Right: Mark Emery
    smoking marijuana to help me with                                                     November 20 Walters the US drug zealot visits Vancouver
    lupus. My boyfriend and I think that               As a medical marihuana             John Walters speech at a Vancouver Board of Trade event,
    your magazine is a thousand times                  friendly store you are             was cut short today, when a group of well-known
                                                       already on our mailing             cannabis activists began to heckle. David Malmo-Levine,
    better than High Times! We feel very
                                                       list, receiving 5 free             Chris Bennett, Mark Emery (who organized to have them
    proud to be Canadian! We are defi-                                                    all attend), Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek, Rielle Capler, Dana
    nitely going to subscribe. I am very               copies of our magazine
                                                       per issue.                         Larsen and Chad Ellis took a front table. About 10 min.
    interested in anything that I could                                                   into Walters’ rather rambling speech, the group starting
    do (advertise, flyers, etc.) to help the           If people would like to            to heckle Walters with shouts of "lies!" and "forced treat-
    magazine and/or medical marijuana                  ensure that they get               ment!". Walters stopped his speech and addressed the
    in the Kootenay area.                              every issue mailed to              table on a few separate occasions, then cut his own ques-
    Congratulations on an amazing and                  them directly, they can            tion period short, and left obviously rattled at the
    knowledgeable magazine!                            subscribe - see also our           encounter with the boldness of B.C.’s opposition to his
                                                       ad on the previous page .          message.
    Sincerely, Kym Baart

4                                                                                  CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
Story by Hilary Black / Photos by Sprout        made mere survival a challenge. We           cannabis. Members of the BCCCS are
  On a bone-chilling and soggy                  (BCCCS) are responding to these attempts     charged on a sliding scale of $3 - 30 for
November day, the world outside is dismal       to punish some of the most marginalized      Wellness Center services, and members of
and dark, however, the world inside the         members of our society by increasing         the community are charged on a sliding
B.C. Compassion Club Society (BCCCS) is         dedication to lowering the prices of the     scale of $25 - $50. Those who have more,
cozy and buzzing with activity. Three           cannabis available on our menu, and          pay more, those who have less, pay less.
phone lines are ringing, a crowd is waiting,    through increasing access to our Wellness    Through our Wellness Center we encour-
discussing today’s strains, and the distri-     Center.                                      age the wholistic use of cannabis, one of
bution staff are busily filling orders. The       The recent slashes to services available   many medicinal herbs, as we recognize
smoking lounge is providing a refuge            through the Healthcare System have           that cannabis is not a cure in most cases,
from the severe weather and an escape           tremendously increased the demand on         but is a preventative medicine, provides
from the harsh, cold realities of the out-      our practitioners. The BCCCS has been        symptom relief and improves the quality
side world. The hot topics of conversation      proving free and low-cost alternative and    of life.
today are musing over Health Canada’s           complimentary natural healthcare,              The provision of natural healthcare
most recent sordid attempt to derail the        through our Wellness Center, to our mem-     through our Wellness Center to our com-
federal medical marijuana program, and          bership and community. We offer access       munity, members and staff prevent many
the fact that a majority of the members of      to 2 Clinical Herbalists, 2 Clinical         doctor and emergency room visits, saving
the BCCCS are in the process of having          Counselors, a
their disability status and benefits re-eval-   Nutritional
uated due to the intended cuts by the           Counselor, 2
provincial Liberals. This means that most       Doctors of
of our community is living in fear of hav-      Tr a d i t i o n a l
ing a portion of their meager incomes           C h i n e s e
stolen away by the provincial govern-           Medicine, a
ment. Already some folks have had their         Reiki practi-
incomes and other support services - such       tioner,         an
as home care - cut or drastically reduced.      Acupressure
  We have learned of one person in our          Massage
community taking their own life, due to         Therapist and
the insurmountable pressure being               a Yoga pro-
added into their already difficult lives.       gram. These
Poverty is continually one of the most dif-     services are
ficult and prevalent issues for those living    subsidized by
with illness, and now our ignorant and          the distribu-                                                    Herbal Apothecary
uncaring provincial government has              tion of the
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal                                                                                            5
                                                                          are    having         community - comprised of scientists as
                                                                          difficulties          well as medicinal cannabis growers, dis-
                                                                          with       the        tributors and users - NIDA cannabis is
                                                                          M e d i c a l         known for its poor quality. The THC levels
                                                                          Marijuana             found in NIDA-produced cannabis are
                                                                          A c c e s s           much lower than those typically found in
                                                                          Regulations.          medicinal quality cannabis. Furthermore,
                                                                            In light of         it is understood their product consists of
                                                                          the      well-        synthetic THC sprayed onto immature
                                                                          known posi-           buds.We are unsure if there are other vital
                                                                          tion of the           cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN in this
                                                                          american              product. Any cannabis used for research
                                                                          government            into its medicinal efficacy must be medic-
                                                                          on medical            inal grade, and NIDA cannabis falls well
                                    Tom (member) & Jasmyn (Herbalist)     marijuana, it         short of that requirement. We believe that
                                                                          appears to be         it is unethical to give poor quality
    the healthcare system precious dollars.                                                     cannabis to those in need, particularly if
    However, those precious dollars are       in bad faith that Health Canada hired Billy
                                                                                                they have been successful at relieving
    presently being squandered by Health Martin, the Director of research at the U.S.           their symptoms with higher quality medi-
    Canada. Recently, two events have unfold- NIDA, a U.S. government-funded agency,            cine. If Health Canada insists on using
    ed, which are both a waste of money and which appears to have a mandate to dis-             cannabis from NIDA, we will know Health
    further expose Health Canada’s counter prove the benefits of medicinal cannabis.            Canada is conducting research with pre-
    agenda. The first is their                Martin also works for a multi-national
                                                                                                             determined negative results.
    decision to use low qual-                                                                                In our view, these decisions
    ity    NIDA     (National                                                                                are counter-productive, show
    Institute of Drug Abuse)             The B.C. Compassion Club Society has been distributing              a tremendous lack of respect
    cannabis for research in         medicinal cannabis to those in need since May of 1997. It is a          and compassion for suffering
    Canada, and the second,              provincially registered non-profit organization, which              Canadians, and are a waste of
    a decision to pay Dr. Billy        presently serves 2,180 members and has a staff of 41.The              precious health care dollars.
    Martin, a U.S. pharma-           daily menu offers a variety of 8-10 types of cannabis, hashish,
    ceutical scientist and            tincture, and a variety of baked goods. For further informa-              The highly charged politi-
    NIDA director, to testify        tion, to donate your fine organic herb to those in need, or to          cal environment caused by
    against Canadians who             make a monetary donation, please call 604-875-0448, or e-              prohibition has created a sit-
                                                    mail                         uation where the political
                                                                                                             agenda has been prioritized
                                                                                                             over real health care con-
                                                                                                             cerns, as Health Canada is
                                                                  pharmaceutical company, pandering to prohibition, rather than
                                                                  Solvay Pharmaceuticals making rational and compassionate deci-
                                                                  Inc. that manufactures sions.We will continue to attempt to com-
                                                                  Marinol, a synthetic “alter- municate and work with Health Canada,
                                                                  native” to whole plant as we have with the previous Health
                                                                  medicine. One of the Minister and the Senate Committee on
                                                                  strongest opponents to Illegal Drugs.
                                                                  medical marijuana is the        One of the fundamental principals that
                                                                  pharmaceutical industry, the BCCCS will always hold as a priority in
                                                                  which for obvious reasons this battle is the right to access, grow, and
                                                                  would prefer that the plant use whole plant cannabis. As corporate
                                                                  be deemed illegal, while interests take notice of the progress we as
                                                                  they patent pharmaceuti- a community are creating, they will find
                                                                  cal drugs that are far more ways to use the legal room we have creat-
                                                                  toxic, more expensive, and ed to reap their profits, such is the nature
                                                                  less effective than whole of this capitalists society. It is our shared
                                                                  plant medicine. This is the responsibility to battle the beasts to
                                                                  “leading expert” Health ensure the rights of those in need are
                                                                  Canada has chosen to pay never compromised in order for the profi-
                                                                  $9000 for his testimony.      teers to profit, or in order for the govern-
                                                                    Health Canada’s choice ment to maintain the status quo of
                                                                  to use cannabis from pandering to prohibition while pretend-
                                                                  NIDA is another waste of ing to be concerned about those
                                        Ana (member) at the       taxpayer’s          money. Canadian who are desperately in need of
                                           distribution centre    Throughout the cannabis their freedom.

6                                                                            CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal   page 9
                                                               part of the marijua-     but considering the enormous
                                                               na infrastructure.       profits that some of these compa-
                                                               The media have           nies have been making, we feel
                                                               never seen it as all     this is taking back our own B.C.
                                                               that interesting, say-   business.” So why am I and others
                                                               ing “Well, it’s not      at Cannabis Health so concerned?
                                                               news when every-         Well, since this Journal’s involve-
                                                               one knows it” and        ment with Advanced Nutrients we
                                                               the Green Teams          have found ourselves caught in the
                                                               keep taking all that     crossfire of the nutrient wars. We
                                                               expensive equip-         were unceremonially kicked out of
                                                               ment to the dump.        the hydroponics trade show for
                                                               The mark-up is sub-      having pictures of marijuana in our
                                                               stantial on some         display, suppliers have told us that
                                                               items, but the prof-     they no longer want our business
                                                               its on nutrients is      and recently we were informed by
                                                               lucrative and highly     one irate retailer that we were now
                                                               competitive, with        being formally boycotted.
                                                               some retail stores       The lights came on in my grow
                                                               offering 50 different    unit when I heard that word “for-
     CRI banished to the hallway at the Pan Pacific            products from 20 or      mal”. That means that two or more
                                                               more companies.          people actually sat down and con-
                                               Enter Advanced Nutrients, these so-      spired to punish us for our involve-
    Welcome to the                             called bad boys of the nutrient          ment with Advanced Nutrients. I
    Tomato Game                                industry, begin to market marijua-       have some sympathy for the need
                                               na-specific nutrients, using com-        for secrecy and candor in the past,
                                               parative ads, taking out radio ads       but the world is changing, and
    Imagine hundreds of people and             on the rock stations and producing       pipe suppliers, equipment and
    scores of companies and businesses stunning translucent graphics and                nutrient companies who want to
    colluding to pretend to sell their         ad materials showing marijuana           enter the legitimate market should
    products to tomato-growing enthu- plants in full bloom. They broke                  not be bullied, threatened or boy-
    siasts who want firm, aromatic and         the code of silence, stepping bold-      cotted for wanting to be honest
    resinous tomatoes and flower               ly where none had tread before           with their customers. I guess the
    growers looking for beasty buds,           and in true B.C. entrepreneurial         other thing that bothers me about
    when in reality they are actually          spirit said to the competition,          the phenomena of the “big lie”  ,
    selling millions of dollars worth of       “Throw away the crying towels,           once a group is committed to the
    products and equipment to the ille- boys, and come out to play.” The                lie, how far will they go to protect
    gal marijuana industry. Come on,           rest of the companies were thor-         their turf?
    someone has to be supplying all            oughly ticked off. A number of the
    that nutrient and equipment; that 5 U.S.-based companies are unwill-
    billion Dollar B.C. marijuana crop         ing to admit that they had any
    doesn’t grow on its own.                   interest in the marijua-
    So, this strategy works so well, that na game, for fear of
    the businesses are able to expand          loosing U.S. customers
    to the whole of Canada. This group and incurring the wrath
    becomes so powerful, that they are of their own DEA and
    able to keep the law and the               federal government.
    media at arms length, publish their The european compa-
    own magazines and hold their own nies, being more famil-
    (by invitation only) trade show.           iar with the open
    From a simplistic legal perspective marketing of marijuana
    all of their products can and are -        specific nutrients, are
    to a lesser or greater degree - used somewhat amused at
    to grow other things and besides,          all the fuss. Advanced
    with limited resources and lack of         Nutrients’ response,
                                                                                                 Earlier in the day at the show
    public support, law enforcement is “Yes, we have an
    not interested in challenging this         uneven playing field,

8                                                                      CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
                       D R U G F R E E ZO N E ? ? ?
                       by Paul J. Henderson     treatment of a recent case involving a       on the young offender for the minis-
                          The U.S.-led war on   young offender,“Damn right they are!”        cule amount of marijuana angers and
                          drugs has always      But a number of lawyers and the father       baffles his father to no end.
 focused to a large degree on kids and          of a young offender caught by a teacher      “As far as the drug-free zone goes,
 keeping illegal substances away from           with an illegal substance contend that       statutes are made by legislature, not by
 children. It is tough to argue that drugs –    the drug-free zone is not only an arbi-      police departments and school districts.
 legal or illegal – shouldn’t be kept from      trary designation and not only does it       This drug-free zone has no legal validity.
 kids. Ingesting drugs is detrimental to        constitute cruel and unusual punish-         It has none,” he says. Local lawyer Peter
 development and can only hamper the            ment, it doesn’t even have legal validity    Somerville agrees.“The school district
 learning process. Because of these possi-      or relevance.                                and the police are arbitrarily designating
 bly self-evident notions the police are        “It is a frightening thought that special    an area as drug-free,” Somerville says.
 taking - and are being handed - ever-          interest groups can come up with these       “Does the issue concern me? Yes, the
 increasing access to the young genera-         ideas and then have the police subscribe     Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
 tion and that is bothering some parents        to them,” says the father of the young       section 10(2)(a)(iii) states that a relevant
 and civil libertarians, not to mention the     offender, who cannot be named.“The           aggravating factor in sentencing
 kids themselves. Giving kids a bufferzone      police are becoming the moral arbiters of    includes a person who traffics or pos-
 to “just be kids” certainly seems well         what we do and I really have a problem       sesses for the purpose of trafficking a
 intentioned enough, but increasingly           with that.... The punishment meted out       substance in or near a school or on or
 police and anti-drug zealots are focusing      already was more than adequate. Putting      near school grounds, not simple posses-
 their attention on turning schools into        this in front of a judge was ridiculous,     sion of marijuana.”
 arbitrarily designated “drug-free zones”  .    absolutely ridiculous!.”                     Somerville negotiated with the Crown on
 The police-taught D.A.R.E. program, drug-      The case heard in Grand Forks Court this     behalf of the young offender who was
 sniffing dogs patrolling school hallways,      past summer involved a young offender        without a lawyer at the time. Somerville
 and the areas surrounding schools              who was caught in school with a pot          is concerned about the school, the police
 deemed “drug-free zones” are the 3-D           brownie. The marijuana content in the        and the Crown acting in cahoots to force
 drug war attack on schools in Canada           brownie - despite being an almost            the issue of doubling fines in an arbitrari-
 and the U.S.. British Columbia’s privacy       insignificant amount - was then consid-      ly designated area.
 commissioner is currently questioning          ered a possession issue, but according to    “Is there legal validity?” Somerville asks,
 the privacy issues behind the use of ran-      the individual’s father, even the judge in   “Good question. Where do the school dis-
 dom drug dog searches by school boards         the case was baffled by the Crown’s zeal     trict and RCMP derive authority to arbi-
 in the province. The Executive Director of     in pursuing a strong conviction.             trarily designate an area outside of
 the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, Murray   “The judge was obviously on my side,”        school property as drug-free? My guess is
 Mollard, goes much further:“This is            the father says. The Crown prosecutor        that young offenders in the drug-free
 absolutely asinine. The RCMP has to real-      was sticking to his guns, says the father,   zone are treated harsher than adults in
 ize that they are part of the problem, not     but the judge then asked the Crown           criminal court.”
 part of the solution. The war on drugs is      prosecutor if the young offender didn’t      Sgt. Little doesn’t disagree.“You know
 an abysmal failure.”                           have a ‘de minimus’ defense - in other       what? You make some bad choices.
 According to a number of lawyers, par-         words, a dismissable quantity. The judge     They’ve got to learn,” Little says,“It was a
 ents and critics, surrounding schools          apparently asked the lawyer to drop it       bad choice to make. Did he receive a
 (some and not others) with a “drug-free        three times. In the end the young offend-    harsher penalty than an adult would
 zone” is not only arbitrary and unusual; it    er faced a conditional sentence and six      have in criminal court? Probably.” But
 has no legal validity.                         months probation. That, of course, was on
 In Grand Forks, B.C. there is an approxi-      top of the punishment meted out by the
 mately 10-block circumference surround-        school, not to mention by his embar-
 ing Grand Forks Secondary School that          rassed parents.
 also encompasses Perley Elementary. The        He was given a one-week suspension,
 proponents of the drug-free zone, here         prohibited from extra-curricular activi-
 and in similar zones across North              ties until the end of the year, given drug
 America, claim that those caught with ille-    and alcohol counselling and then, when
 gal substances within the zone will face       mom and dad got through with him, he
 double and triple the normal penalties.        was grounded, had his allowance elimi-
 The head of the local RCMP detachment,         nated and was forced to do extra work.
 Sgt. Daryl Little, makes no apologies for      “He couldn’t play rugby or go to school
 the harsh treatment of transgressors           dances,” the father says,“How do you
 caught within the zone.“Are the penal-         think that makes a 17-year-old feel?”
 ties tough?” Little says regarding the
               ,                                The laundry list of punishment inflicted
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal                                                                                              9
D R U G F R E E ZO N E ? ? ?
                                                  have unilateral discretion to do that. That   “I’ll tell you what I think about this,” says
  others in the legal community also ques-        is an issue for the legislature and the       Mollard,“I think it is a terrible message to
  tion this idea of a drug-free zone. The B.C.   sentencing judge.” But Sgt. Little does not    youth about the random use of police
  Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) criti-     contend that there is any legal validity to    agents to essentially suspect everyone of
  cized the idea of drug-free zones back in      the drug-free zone, only that it is an         having drugs in their possession.” Schools
  their 2000 Annual Report. They say that        extenuating circumstance that the RCMP         have an important role in drug education
  the way police and school officials have       hope a judge will take into account.           and this heavy-handed practice of
  sold the idea by stating anyone caught in      “There is no legal validity,” Little says,     monthly drug-dog patrols is no way to
  the zone would face double and triple          “What it does is allow the judges to hear      treat young people, according to Mollard.
  the penalties has no relevance in our          about the circumstances. Courts are inde-      “This sends the wrong message to chil-
  legal system. According to the report,         pendent and we respect that. That is the       dren and is ultimately an extension of an
  there are no such allowances to increase       foundation of our democratic system. It is     american mentality of the war on drugs.
  penalties.                                     their decision. We don’t say,‘You have to      I’d like to see schools engaging with stu-
  Under the section of the BCCLA report          double the penalty.’ We would like the         dents in a mature way in which they have
  entitled Brickbats & Bouquets where they       judges to listen to this.” But Mollard of      open and frank discussions about drugs
  list the best defenders of, and the worst      the BCCLA says that this war on drugs          and not an authoritarian police state,” he
  offenders against, civil liberties, high       mentality simply causes more harm and          says. But Boundary school district
  schools around the province received a         does nothing to address any real prob-         Superintendent Denny Kemprud says
  Brickbat for creating drug-free zones.         lems.“Where a student does receive crim-       there is nothing strange about random
  A constitutional lawyer in Vancouver           inal charges and is convicted, it can affect   police dog checks and they are necessary
  (who had never heard of drug-free zones        their life in a negative way for what might    to “protect” students. Despite incredulity
  until talking with Cannabis Health) also       be youthful experimentation and errors         on the part of many adults who find out
  found the concept strange and without          that are made,” he said. More recently in      that an RCMP officer and a German
  merit.                                         Grand Forks another student got busted         Shepherd routinely patrol the halls at
  “There is no discretion on the part of an      for possession of marijuana seeds found        GFSS, Kemprud claims it is nothing new.
  officer to dictate penalties,” says Ronald     during routine – but randomly timed –          “We have used drug dogs as long as I’ve
  A. Skolrood of Lawson Lundell Lawson &         drug dog patrols. These random patrols in      been in education,” Kemprud says.“That’s
  McIntosh.“The sentencing judge has             the Boundary school district and in the        30 years.” ß “Absolute bunk,” says Mollard.
  some leniency, but that range is set by        Surrey school district are being ques-         “I was a student 20 years ago and I never
  the criminal code. They [the police] don’t     tioned as invasions of privacy.                heard of it until recently.”

 10                                                                           CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
 In terms of the legality of the searches,        were found and the student was immedi-            nalized, so it should be treated as such.
 the school district has got that covered.        ately put on indefinite suspension as per         Kemprud isn’t interested in that argu-
 Even the lockers of students don’t belong        school policy. Kemprud says that the              ment and says in that way it is the same
 to them, nor are they used even in a             dogs come into the schools once every             as a legal drug in the school: alcohol.
 rental-type arrangement, so the infringe-        month or two, depending on the avail-             “Until such time as it is decriminalized we
 ment of privacy might not be an issue.           ability of the drug dog unit, and the pro-        will keep our schools clean,” he says,“and
 “Students are told that the lockers are the      cedure is kept random. And they don't             even after that we will keep our schools
 property of the school district,” GFSS           like to talk about it.                            clean. Simply because of the fact that you
 principal Doug Brydon says.“But usually          “There are too many ears and too many             can’t ask a teacher or an administrator to
 we keep the lockers private.”                    scanners,” he says.“You have to appreci-          be running a school with somebody
 Whenever Cst. Terry Carter and Bela from         ate the public welfare of the students is         that’s stoned.”
 the Nelson RCMP dog unit are in the              paramount and it’s public property, but
 Grand Forks area, Brydon says they invite        it’s public property that we have to make         Note: Paul Henderson has moved to
 him in. On Oct. 9th, 2002 they cruised the       sure we look after.” Mollard says he is not       Toronto and will be continuing to give
 halls and Bela found something interest-         an apologist for drug use but rather he is        insight to the goings-on in the East.
 ing in a locker. A few marijuana seeds           stating that marijuana is virtually decrimi-
                                                                             case called R. v. M.   who received the information - the police

        Legal Eagle!
                                                                             (M.R). [1998] 3 SCR    first, who told the school or the school prin-
                                                                             393) has held that     cipal, who then brought in the police. Either
                                                                             it is reasonable to    way, nothing was found, so you are not
                                                                             have a subjective      charged with anything and there is no evi-
                                                                             expectation of pri-    dence to exclude as the remedy under sec-
                                                                             vacy in one’s per-     tion 24(2) of the Charter. You could apply
 Dear Mr Conroy,                                  son. However, this expectation may be             for an “appropriate and just remedy” under
 I am a grade 11 student in a rural high          diminished in some circumstances and it is        section 24(1), but it would probably not be
 school in Saskatchewan. Last spring on a         specifically lessened for students attending      worthwhile economically. This case pro-
 Friday at about 1:30 pm, the school alarms       a school. This diminished expectation was         vides a good example of how the law will
 were sounded and all the students were           found to exist based on students’ knowl-          often apply different standards where “chil-
 asked to leave the school. As we sat and         edge and acceptance of the fact that the          dren” or “young people” are involved, on the
 stood around on the lawn, the RCMP               school authorities have to provide a safe         basis that they are immature and in need of
 brought dogs into the school and searched        school environment for them and maintain          protection until they reach adulthood. Even
 a number of lockers. The principal said that     order and discipline there. This means that       John Stuart Mill acknowledged this excep-
 they had reports of students selling mari-       the students know that they will be some-         tion to “the harm principle” .
 juana. By the way, no marijuana was found.       times subject to search of their person and       John Conroy, Q.C., CONROY& COMPANY
 My question is, what are my rights as a 17       personal effects, including their lockers and     Barrister and Solicitor
 year old student? Can they just search           any prohibited items found, subject to            2459 Pauline Street, Abbotsford, BC V2S 3S1
 through my packs, lockers and personal           seizure. The court substantially lessened         Telephone: (604) 852-5110
 belongings? Is it a possible constitutional      the usual requirements, including the need        Fax: (604) 859-3361
 issue? J.K.                                      for a warrant.                                    Website:
 Answer:                                          While this case stands for the proposition
 Whenever “the State” or one of our gov-          that searches and seizures by school
 ernments through their agents or repre-          authorities are subject to section 8 of the         BACK TO
                                                  Charter as they are part of “government”   ,
 sentatives claim authority to intrude into
 an area or place in which someone has a          this diminished expectation of privacy              ZERO TOLERANCE
 “reasonable expectation of privacy”
 Section 8 of the Canadian Charter of
                                         ,        reduces the likelihood of a court excluding
                                                  any prohibited items found in the search            AT THE BORDERS
 Rights and Freedoms, which forms part of         from the evidence at trial.                         U.S. Federal DEA spokesman Will Glaspy
 our Constitution, comes in to play. It pro-      This case only applies to school authori-           said in a recent interview: “If it contains
 vides that everyone has the right to be          ties, even though a plain clothes police-           THC and it’s meant for human consump-
 secure against unreasonable search and           man was present as a matter of school               tion, then it’s an illegal product. Congress
 seizure.                                         policy. The court held that the vice princi-        does not make allowances for trace
                                                  pal in the circumstances of the case was            amounts. The law specifies that any
 The person who claims a violation of their
                                                  not acting as agent for the police.                 amount of THC is illegal.”
 constitutional rights bears the onus of prov-
                                                  Consequently, if the police search and              With their livelihoods threatened, Nutiva, a
 ing the violation in court. This includes
                                                  seize at a school - without a warrant or            U.S. company that converts hemp seeds
 establishing a “reasonable expectation of                                                            from Canada into snack bars and oil sold
 privacy” in the relevant place that was          with a warrant, but still in an unreasonable
                                                                                                      in 1,200 health food stores nationwide, and
 searched in addition to the unreasonable-        manner - and perhaps getting the teach-
                                                                                                      six other hemp businesses joined with the
 ness of the search itself - that it was not      ers to act as their agents - then the full
                                                                                                      Hemp Industries Assn. of America to sue
 authorized by law; that if it was, the law       requirements of section 8 apply.
                                                                                                      the DEA in the hope of blocking the ban.
 itself is unreasonable; or, that the manner in   Therefore it sounds like your section 8             The case is now before the U.S. 9th Circuit
 which it was carried out was unreasonable.       rights may have been violated. The police           Court of Appeals in San Francisco, consid-
 However, you have to pass the first stage of     did the searching and you make no men-              ered one of the nation’s more liberal ven-
 the inquiry before it proceeds to the sec-       tion of a warrant. Clearly the school authori-      ues. A decision is expected soon.
 ond. The Supreme Court of Canada (in a           ties supported the police, but it is unclear

CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal                                                                                                       11
                                                                     up your pipe.                 Better: The “Third Lung” involves the use
                                                                     Most young people are         of a 2 l plastic pop bottle and a small plas-
                                                                     unable to afford proper       tic shopping bag (see picture).This system
                                                                     commercial       smoking      offers a cleaner method, cooling the
                                                                     devices like bongs and        smoke in the chamber and delivering an
                                                                     water pipes that can cost     immediate and hard-hitting toke. The
                                                                     hundreds. Instead, young      downside of this device is the potential
                                                                     people have developed a       damage to the lungs by the greedy who
                                                                     whole range of inventive      take too large a hit and can burn and scar
                                                                     alternatives.                 their lungs.
                                                                     Worst alternative: one of     Better yet: The “Gravity Bong” (see pic-
                                                                     the easiest and most          ture) is a 2 l plastic pop bottle with the
                                                                     common ones is cheap          bottom cut out, and a 4 l icecream bucket
                                                                     and gets the job done,        with water in it. The gravity draws the
                                                                     but is in our opinion also    smoke towards the water, cooling it at the
                                                                     the most dangerous. The       same time. Of course the well-rolled joint -
                                                                     pop or beer can is quickly    using a finer hemp paper, not a “horse
 by T. and S.                                        converted to a smoking device with a few      blanket”- is still probably the simplest and
 Home-made smoking devices: what are                 pinches and a pin. Along with whatever        safest alternative, at least until you get
 these strange contraptions, and are they            cannabis he places in the indentation, the    down to the black and gooey roach. Lots
 safe? People who smoke seldom think                 smoker is treated to heated aluminum          of young people smoke pot and we would
 about the damage to their lungs. After              commonly associated with later onset of       like to offer some sage advice from two
 you have smoked through a pipe for a                Alzheimers, as well as an array of chemi-     young people who know: Save your tokes
 period of time, check out the black tar and         cals from the burning paint.                  for the weekends and smoke safe.
 goop that builds up and eventually plugs

                                                     should be celebrated by Christians with a     shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Love
                                                     clear conscience. An encouragement to         worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore
                       Kati Medford                  Christians alienated for their appreciation   love is the fulfilling of the law [of God].”
                                                     of cannabis, the site spawned a move-         Romans 13:9b-10 (KJV). Prohibition laws
                                                     ment among religious circles to end mari-     are undeniably “working ill” to society, and
                                                     juana prohibition. Said one visitor:“It’s     the Christians For Cannabis movement is
                           Jennifer Wallace has      about time we had a voice…” Because of        crucial to exposing and changing that.
                           created a haven for       this voice, soon religious leaders every-     Joined by a handful of denominations
     Christian cannabis users at                     where could be faced with the hypocrisy       including The Presbyterian Church (USA), Once a           of their stance, hopefully to return to the   the Unitarian Universalist Association of
     skeptic of the plant, she started her pot       teachings of Jesus.                           Congregations, the Philadelphia Yearly
     research out of concern for a friend who        The group’s true number is difficult to       Meeting of the Religious Society of
     was a user. Being a devout Christian,           measure because many still live in fear of    Friends and the Progressive Jewish
     Jennifer even conducted a Bible study.          persecution from peers and authorities.       Alliance, these Christians are working for a
     Contrary to her notions about the dan-          Following Jennifer’s lead, Christians For     more compassionate approach to fighting
     gers of "reefer," or "the devil’s weed," mar-   Cannabis are speaking out and making a        drug abuse, hopefully ending the violence
     ijuana was not a menace. In fact, the Bible     difference in the battle for drug policy      of prohibition. Kati Medford reporting
     did not support the idea that use is wrong      reform. They are active in spreading the      from West St. Paul, MN
     or sinful. Jennifer found that cannabis         doctrine of Jesus as stated by Paul:“Thou

12                                                                              CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal   page 15
 by Chad Keefer                                                                              and many other constituents. There
 In Canada and many other                                                                         has been speculation that some
 countries in the world we are                                                                        of these ingredients may miti-
 currently rediscovering                                                                                 gate the carcinogenic
 the medical applica-                                                                                       effects of smoke inhala-
 tions of cannabis. It                                                                                        tion. There are various
 has been my experi-                                                                                            ways to isolate the tri-
 ence volunteering                                                                                               chomes from the
 with the Vancouver                                                                                              plant. Charas or
 Island Compassion                                                                                                hand-rub is achieved
 Society that hash is                                                                                             by rubbing the flow-
 an effective and                                                                                                 ering plant between
 safe method of                                                                                                  your hands, then col-
 ingesting cannabis                                                                                             lecting the resin by
 for medical applica-                                                                                          rubbing your hands
 tions. However, under                                                                                       together until the hash
 current        regulations                                                                               starts to stick and form a
 Health Canada does not rec-                                                                           ball. A more common method
 ognize hash as a whole plant                                                                      is screening the dried flowers
 medicine and therefore it remains                                                             (and leaves, too!) on a fine screen
 illegal. Because hash, keef and other by-                                               such as nylon or stainless steel mesh. The
 products isolate the medical variables, it                                    known     screen acts as a filter to separate the tri-
 is important that Health Canada and oth-     cannabinoids, 120 terpenoids (the essen-   chomes from the plant material. Once
 ers look into using these products as a      tial oil and fragrant aroma of cannabis)   you have isolated trichomes, you can
 harm reduction strategy.                                                                 smoke this powder (also known as keef )
 Hash or keef is a concentration of resin                                                 as is or continue the process and press it
 glands, and therefore is a more potent                                                   together to make hash. Water extraction
 product than cannabis itself. As a result,                                               uses the principle of density to isolate
 less smoke is needed to achieve the                                                      the resin glands. By agitating the
 desired effects. Cannabis resin is con-                                                  cannabis in ice water, the trichomes are
 tained in the gland formed atop a tri-                                                   knocked off the plant material and sink,
 chome stalk. This trichome grows as an                                                   they are then separated and collected
 extension of the plant. In this resin we                                                 on screens. Although THC and other
 find many of the active ingredients          resin-gland-topped trichome on a female     cannabinoids are not water-soluble,
 found in the cannabis plant, such as 66      marijuana flower.                           many of the terpenoids are, therefore
                                                                                          you may not get as much flavour, but the
                                                                                         desired effects are well maintained. Since
                                                                                         we know that resin glands contain the
                                                                                         active ingredients of the cannabis plant,
                                                                                         it should be noted that they are easily
                                                                                         lost. Every time you handle the cannabis
                                                                                         flower, you are losing trichomes. By stor-
                                                                                         ing your cannabis in jars or stash boxes
                                                                                         you can reduce much of this loss. A per-
                                                                                         sonal favourite is breaking up the
                                                                                         cannabis on a fine stainless steel screen
                                                                                         and collecting the finest and tastiest keef
                                                                                         in addition to enjoying the whole plant
                                                                                         product. When we bring up cannabis as a
                                                                                         medicine, we are forced to look at a bal-
                                                                                         ance of harms versus benefits. Hash, keef,
                                                                                         cookies, tincture, vapourizers, and vari-
                                                                                         ous other safe methods of delivery for
                                                                                         cannabis make it a unique and versatile
                                                                                         home remedy.
                                                                                         Top photo: 2 layer dry screen method with
                                                                                         hash, press and screens. Also, balls of resin
                                                                                         rubbed off hands after handling bud.

14                                                                        CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal   17
                            Ask Dr. Ethan                                           can take? Our family
                                                                                    doctor has prescribed
                                                                                    inhalers, as he suspects
                                                                                                                       have the equipment to vomit when they
                                                                                                                       need to do so.
                                                                                                                       Dogs are particularly sensitive to getting
                             Medicine is an ever-chang-
                             ing science. While sugges-         we may have an allergy to something.                   ataxia (wobbliness) when overdosed on
                             tions for therapeutic use of       Please answer back as soon as possible, as             cannabis. That would be a sure sign of giv-
                             cannabis or other drugs            the crop is coming into maturity and the               ing too much. Although I think that ‘Rover’
  Dr. Ethan Russo            may be made herein, this           odour has started again.The ozoneator just             may well benefit from such treatment, I
                             forum is designed solely for
              educational purposes, and neither the
                                                                can’t keep up, I suspect.                              would advise caution, and certainly hope
              author, publisher, nor other parties, will        Thanks! - Kelly                                        that you do not run afoul of the Humane
              assume any liability whatever for applica-        A: I must say that your question is an                 Society or other agencies interested in the
              tion or misapplication of any information         unusual one, but has a ready explanation.              welfare of our domestic companion ani-
 imparted. We cannot claim scientific proof or accuracy         While many people find the scent of grow-              mals. Cheers.
 of the material discussed, and no warranty, expressed or       ing cannabis pleasant, it is possible to have
 implied is advanced with regard to the information.
                                                                too much of a good thing. I suspect that               Q.3: Dear Dr.Russo,
 Cannabis is illegal in most jurisdictions, and the             your family members are sensitive to the               Oh no! I ate the whole brownie.
 reader must apply awareness of this fact when con-
                                                                high quantity of fumes. Perhaps you are                A friend of mine who is a Leukemia survivor
 sidering its usage. Medical use of cannabis may or
 may not be a viable legal defense where you reside.            migraine-susceptible, as people who are                recently had a very bad experience after
 Canadian clinical cannabis patients are encouraged             may experience similar symptoms with any               eating a small piece of a cannabis brownie.
 to seek exemptions under existing law from Health              strong odour, such as diesel, perfume, chlo-           She has used Cannabis successfully over the
 Canada. The proper forms and procedures are avail-             rine bleach, etc.                                      last few years for pain and nausea relief, but
 able on their web site.                                        This is not an allergy. There is no long-term          is now afraid to try it again. About 1 hour
 Full disclosure and discussion of medical issues with          risk from it. While migraine-preventing                after consuming the quarter-sized brownie
 your health care providers is encouraged, as is proper         drugs might help, it makes absolutely no               she started to feel slightly nauseated, dizzy
 education with respect to effects and side effects of exist-
                                                                sense to medicate this problem, when the               and disoriented. But the feelings quickly
 ing medication.
                                                                answer is common sense: you must limit                 intensified to panic, anxiety, increased heart
                                                                your exposure. The solution would be to                rate, sweating and vomiting.
 Q.1: Dear Dr. Russo,                                           manage the venting more efficiently, aim it            A friend took her to the hospital and they
 We have a grow operation next to us we are                     somewhere else, or isolate family members              told the doctor about the brownie. The
 working with and in the evening, during                        from the grow-op.                                      doctor was not overly concerned about the
 the venting process (this crop is only near-                                                                          cannabis itself, but felt is was more of a
 ing the harvest), the odour is fairly bad - our                  Q.2: Dear Dr. Russo,                                 drug interaction to the large quantities of
 children are getting severe headaches and                      I am 58 years old and use cannabis to                  cancer maintenance medications she was
 stomach cramps. We are also experiencing                       relieve the pain of arthritis. I smoke and eat         also taking.
 headaches and upset stomachs. Are these                        cannabis that I grow myself. I have a black            The doctor gave her Benadryl,
 fumes harmful to our health and the health                     lab named Arthur (Art to his friends) who is           Prochlorperazine (Stemetil), Magnesium
 of our children? Is there a medication we                      almost 10 years old and has lots of old dog            which seemed to help after a 3 hour delay.
                                                                problems and is in his final few years.About           My question is: Is there anything a person
                                                                6 months ago I started to share my brown-              can take or do to counteract the feeling of
                                                                ies with Arthur. I have given him very small           being overstoned?
                                                                amounts but I am convinced he is more                  A: It is hard to be absolutely specific in
                                                                active and in less pain. I have been fright-           responding to this question, as the exact
                                                                ened to ask my vet for fear of being                   drugs your friend was taking are not listed.
                                                                accused of animal abuse.Am I helping him?              Chances are that the reaction may have
                                                                Gloria T. - Montreal, Quebec                           had very little to do with the cannabis per
                                                                A: I was initially hesitant to respond to this         se. However, the anxiety and increased
                                                                question, but as the son and brother of vet-           heart rate are typical of what can occur
                                                                erinarians, I felt compelled to do my best.            with cannabis. The usual treatment is “talk-
                                                                Dogs and humans are much more alike                               ,
                                                                                                                       ing down” since the symptoms are self-lim-
                                                                than different. Cannabis has had a venera-             ited, and very amenable to suggestion.
                                                                ble history in veterinary medicine, particu-           In general, cannabis may have additive
                                                                larly as a colic treatment in horses and               sedative effects with other drugs in that
                                                                mules, two difficult species that do not               classification. It has been reported that
                                                                                                                        indomethacin (Indocin, a non-steroidal
                                                                                                                        anti-inflammatory drug) may counteract a
                                                                                                                        cannabis high.
                                                                         Skin Problems ?                                As with any drug combinations, caution is
                                                                    Clay has been used for generations to help.         advisable, and use of low doses that are
                                                                            Also for internal difficulties              increased as needed. Situations such as
                                                                           (Hemorrhoids, Ulcers, Gums).                 this are better treated with a vapourizer,
                                                                 Pascalite is called More precious than Gold!           where a slow and steady dose titration is
                                                                Call for free Pascalite Clay information and sample!
                                                                                                                        possible, as opposed to a single dose of
                                                                 Highway 3, Rock Creek, BC, V0H 1Y0                     oral cannabis that may come on slowly,
                                                                  250-446-2455 Fax 250-446-2862                         irregularly, or too strongly.

16                                                                                                CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
                                                 with alcohol with little or no effect for my       dad I don’t want my son to have to go

 Phantom                                         next big problem,“PHANTOM PAIN”! What              through the emotional torment of seeing
                                                 became painfully obvious in hindsight was dad thrown in jail and him returned to his
                                                 that if I couldn’t kill the pain , I was going
                                                 to kill myself one pill and one drink at a
                                                                                                    mother. I then went to see my regular fam-
                                                                                                    ily doctor to get access to a legal source. I

 Pain                                            time! So I went searching for answers
                                                 again and I realized that when push came
                                                 to shove, one thing helped before when
                                                 all else failed. It hadn't dawned on me to
                                                                                                    was referred to a shrink for my phantom
                                                                                                    pains! I then went to another doctor and
                                                                                                    while he was sympathetic to my plight, he
                                                                                                    was unable to help under the new
   Oct 1st,1985 was the day my life as I         try marijuana for my pain! I went in search statutes called for by our government. It
 know it was turned upside down. I was           of my elusive saviour and                                                  turns out I need two
 working as an oil field worker and came         quickly found out that                                                     specialists to agree
 into contact with 14,400 Volts of electrici-    instead of quelling the                 They do concede that               that this is my best
 ty.The accident cost me my right arm            pains that become a rou-              there is overwhelming                option for pain relief.
 below the elbow and the right leg below         tine part of my life, I could         ‘anecdotal’ evidence of              Turns out that
 the knee. While hospitalized I went from a      completely avoid them by              its effectiveness.                   besides there being
 200 lb rock to 123 lb of wilted flesh, so bad   regular doses of about 4-                                                  no doctors who spe-
 as to have my doctor worried that I was         5 grams of marijuana a                                                     cialize in the field of
 about to die the second time in so many         day! This was unbelievable good luck but           medicine relating to phantom pain, the
 months. I was prescribed beer and               a curse at the same time.The street prices         doctors who do specialize in the field of
 peanuts because that was my favourite           of the drug where beyond the reach of my pain are unwilling to prescribe marijuana
 thing in the world to have that was calo-       budget.                                            under advice of the Saskatchewan medical
 rie-laden.The big problem was, I had little       I then bought books from High Times              association, saying that there is yet to be
 appetite for anything. A true friend came       Magazine that detailed how I could easily          credible evidence of marijuana’s effective-
 to the rescue with a little stash of pot and    grow my own medicine. My life turned               ness.They do concede that, although
 a pipe, because my ability to roll was not      from desperate seeker to becoming self-            there is overwhelming ‘anecdotal’ evi-
 forthcoming.                                    sufficient producer! My life became man-           dence of its effectiveness, there is yet to be
                                                                ageable again to the point of       any medical evidence! Does anyone smell
                                                                learning how to downhill ski        the pharmaceutical companies that send
                                                                and riding horses.The down-         these doctors on vacation junkets to dis-
                                                                side was I was a true bona          tant places involvement in our medical
                                                                fide criminal and this wore on communities decisions to make an effec-
                                                                my marriage to the point of         tive herb unavailable? Well, I have found
                                                                no return. In March of ‘93 my       that through all of my struggles there is
                                                                wife and I divorced. Even           one thing that separates us from the rest:
                                                                though I was the person that        “It is not how far you fall, it is really how
                                                                was at home raising our chil-       well you bounce that counts!”With that in
                                                                dren, I lost them because she       mind, my brothers and sisters, though it
                                                                was able to blackmail me and sounds as ridiculously impossible as me
                                                                tell the courts this man is a       feeling limbs long gone, I do feel your pain
                                                                user of illegal drugs. What         and frustration of not knowing where to
                                                                next, I thought? I went about       find the strength to fight the good fight.
                                                                rebuilding my life once again       Maybe the answers are the same as put-
                                                                and it did include me produc- ting a double amputee at the top of a
                                                                ing my own medicine. I’ve           mountain and telling them to get down
                                                                been quite successful in my         themselves. One precious foot at a time
                                                                do-over. I bought an acreage        and Alan Shepherd’s prayer,“Oh God, don’t
                                                                and started breeding Golden         let me screw up!”
                                                                Retrievers! A hobby became
   It was as if someone waved a magic                           a business and the next
 wand and the nurses were kept busy get-         thing I know I have a website, amulet-
 ting me beer and peanuts. Shortly after, and I’m shipping
 that I was strong enough for my doctors         Goldens all over Canada and the USA. I
 to perform the double amputation to save        was really starting to hit my stride when
 my life. I was released from hospital on        my 13 year old son came to live with me
 Dec10th in ‘85, still in bandages and           full time.Yes, you guessed it, because of
 incredible pain. My friend, who had helped      the prospect of being lead out of my
 me in the past, was no longer available, so     house in handcuffs I pulled the plug on
 I was unfortunately left to my own              my personal growing room. What should
 devices. Well, it was a long time of using      be my biggest triumph has thrown me
 and abusing prescription drugs mixed            back into a world of pain because as a

CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal                                                                                                   17
                                                                                                        remember that the number and size of
                                                                                                        squares to take will depend on your
                                                                                                        body type and medication needs. Treat
                                                                                                        them responsibly, as you would prescrip-
                                                                                                        tion drugs.
                                                                                                        A good example of this problem is a
                                                                                                        story I heard recently from a reliable
                                                                                                        source. After receiving no relief from his
                                                                                                        doctors, a desperate man decided to try
                                                                                                        medical marijuana. He was given a pack-
                                                                                                        age of brownies to go home and try,
                                                                                                        with admonishment regarding the
                                                                                                        dosage. They were too good, unfortu-
                                                                                                        nately, because this man and his wife
                                                                                                        succumbed to temptation and con-
                                                                                                        sumed many of them in one evening.
                                                                                                        Being unfamiliar with the effects, they
                                                                                                        became worried enough to admit them-
                                                                                                        selves into hospital! Now, the same thing
                                                                                                        could happen if you took a handful of
                                                                                                        prescription drugs, rather than the rec-
                                                                                                        ommended dosage.
     by Arlene Smith                                  scription drugs tend to harbor undesir-
                                                                                                       Similarly, don’t expect to drive or operate
     As a chocolate lover, taking my muscle           able effects from long-term use. All of
                                                                                                       machinery and don’t mix with alcohol.
     relaxant or sleep aid medicine by way of         these issues are settled by making these
                                                                                                       You can eat these on either a full or
     these delicious brownies is much more            tasty treats.
                                                                                                       empty stomach. On an empty stomach,
     appealing than choking down prescrip-            Place dried leaf (obtained during the har-
                                                                                                       there will be quicker digestion and more
     tion pills. I control exactly how much           vesting and trimming processes) on a
                                                                                                       immediate, stronger effects - you may
     medication I ingest by choosing the size         fine screen and rub the leaves through -
                                                                                                       notice a warm feeling in your stomach.
     and number of brownies. Being a small            this step removes large fibers. If you use
                                                                                                       For myself (5'2", 112 lbs.), my high metab-
     person with an active metabolism, these          flour left over from making keef the
                                                                                                       olism requires only one 1 1/2" square for
     babies will wipe me right out within an          screening can be skipped. Then, run the
                                                                                                       a mild muscle relaxant or sleep aide. For
     hour of ingestion and I am eager for bed.        keef through a blender to make a fine
                                                                                                       heavier medication, I have eaten as much
     With only one income in our family, using        flour and store in a recycled peanut but-
                                                                                                       as twice that amount, but find I am grog-
     medical marijuana regularly can become           ter or mayonnaise container. These
                                                                                                       gy in the morning. My husband (6'2", 170
     quite a financial sacrifice - so can pre-        healthy brownies not only extend the
                                                                                                       lbs.), takes two 1 1/2" squares for a mild
     scription drugs, for that matter. Smoking        value of marijuana, but also reduce the
                                                                                                       insomnia aid and to ease the effects of
     anything is damaging to the lungs, but           waste formally destined for the compost
                                                                                                       his tenitis. I recommend that you take
     the elimination of papers, which often           heap.
                                                                                                       only one 1" square brownie - wait a cou-
     contain chemical residues, can be an             Being a fudgey, chocolatey dessert, this
                                                                                                       ple hours and see how you feel. Others
     important issue for immune systems that          brownie recipe makes for a pleasant
                                                                                                       may argue with me here, but I feel this is
     are already fighting pain, insomnia or ill-      medication and yields quite a number of
                                                                                                       something you want to consume when
                                             ness.    squares that can be frozen for future use.
                                                                                                       you are in a secure, restful environment -
                                             And      The danger lies in the temptation to con-
      Ingredients:                                                                                     like in the evening at your home.
                                             pre-     sume several, but it is important to
      1 cup oil
      2 cups brown sugar
      4 eggs                                 Preheat oven to 350˚F.            the prepared pans and bake for 30 minutes. Check for doneness
      1/2 tsp salt                           Grease a 9"x13" pan, or two       by inserting a dry butter knife in the centre of the pan. If it comes
      2 tsp pure vanilla extract             cake pans. Place about 2          out clean, your brownies are done. If not, give it a few more min-
      3/4 cup cocoa                          tbsp of white flour in the        utes cooking time. Remove from the oven and set on some wire
      1/2 cup whole wheat flour,             pan, tap the edges and turn       racks, where they can cool completely before attempting to
      minus one tblsp
                                             the pan until the flour coats     remove them from the pans.
      1/2 cup all-purpose flour
      1/2 cup marijuana flour                all the grease. Dump excess       Removing from pans can sometimes be tricky, often the centre
      1/2 tsp baking powder                  flour into the other pan and      will stick.There are a few tricks to help with this. First, run a butter
                                             repeat.                           knife all around the edges and lift the corners up a little. Place
                                             In a medium bowl with             your hand over the cake for support, invert the pan and tap firm-
     high sides use an eggbeater to beat the oil and sugar together            ly on the bottom. Little gentle shakes from side to side can help.
     well. Beat in one egg at a time. Beat in salt and vanilla. Place a fine   You should feel it begin to loosen now. Sometimes it will pop out
     sieve over the bowl and with a spoon work the cocoa through it.           nicely. If not, you may need to employ the aid of a small spatula to
     Beat well.                                                                help pry it out. Now, if it breaks in half upon removal (and this has
     In a separate bowl, mix the flours and baking powder with a               happened) simply trim the broken edge so it has a clean cut and
     strong spatula. Combine the dry and wet ingredients. Pour into            carry on. But if the cake refuses to leave the pan, cut your squares

18                                                                                  CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
and remove one at a time with your spatu-          before placing in the container. This
la - the first one or two may get mangled,         step will protect your frosting
but the rest should come out looking               design while allowing you to stack
beautiful. If you have cooked them a little        them in layers.
too long, the edges may get over-done;
simply trim them away.                             Variations:
Okay, so you have your cake removed and            Substitute white flour and white
placed right side up on a cutting board.           sugar for brown sugar and whole-
Cut with a long sharp knife into squares.          wheat flour for a less healthy and
Don’t use a little knife, as the sawing            slightly fudgier brownie.
motion will cause the edges to crumble.            • Add 3/4 cup finely chopped
Instead, use one you can press through             peanuts, walnuts or almonds.
the whole cake, with one hand on the dull          • Frost them with butter icing or drizzle     clearly. To be even more sure, I use a frost-
side to aid the cut. Separate and freeze           with melted dark or white chocolate.          ing code (green for marijuana/white for
(using wax paper to separate layers). If you       • Omit the marijuana flour, increase flour    plain) and do not drizzle chocolate on the
have chosen to frost the brownies, it is           by 1 tblsp and serve as a dessert - rather    plain ones as well. These steps help me to
wise to freeze them on a cookie sheet              than a medication. Be sure to label them      eliminate confusion or mishaps.

 Editor’s Note: Our apologies to the               world-wide to date. It is very readable for   use of medical marijuana violate constitu-
 “Patients Out of Time” for calling them the       the layman and meant to be used as a          tional rights.
 “People out of time” in our previous issue.       teaching tool and reference source to be      The trials, expected to start within two
 Our apologies for the typo.                       circulated widely for U.S., Canadian and      weeks, will include 32 patients with HIV
 Keep up the good work!                            European patient advocates. The com-          infection. It is intended to look at whether
 On October 9th, 2002 Patients Out of              plete text is at          the drug can stimulate appetite and
 Time, in conjunction with The Coalition for                                                     weight gain in the patients, and will take
 Rescheduling Cannabis, filed a reschedul-         1st CLINICAL POT TRIAL TO USE                 place over a six-month period.
 ing petition with the Drug Enforcement            U.S. STASH
 Administration (DEA) of the United States.        OTTAWA: Canada’s
 The Coalition is only concerned with the          first clinical study on
 use of existing federal laws and procedures       the use of medicinal
 for assessing the legal and scientific justifi-   marijuana will use
 cation of the scheduling of cannabis under        cannabis grown in
 the Federal Controlled Substances Act.            the United States
 The Coalition has advanced a detailed sci-        while a large canadi-
 entific argument that marijuana has an            an-grown stash of the
 accepted medical use in the U.S., is safe for     drug sits on ice.
 use under medical supervision, and has            The United States
 both a lower dependency liability and             National Institute on
 potential for abuse than drugs such as            Drug Abuse has
 cocaine and metamphetamine. The                   agreed to supply the
 Coalition argues that cannabis does not           drug for a Toronto-
 meet criteria for either schedule l or ll         based trial, even
 drugs, and that the scientific record sup-        though that country’s
 ports the rescheduling of cannabis to             drug czar disap-
 schedule lll or a less restrictive schedule.      proves of the pro-
 The Coalition challenges the DEA deter-           gram.
 mination that cannabis has no medical             Meanwhile, about
 value in the U.S.; that cannabis is addic-        200 kilograms of
 tive; that cannabis is a toxic substance.         cannabis grown with
 The DEA, by its own rules, must accept or         Ottawa’s       sanction
 reject the petition. If accepted, the DEA         in an abandoned
 must study the petition’s text, references        Manitoba mine sits in
 and any other material deemed important           storage and will not
 to the subject matter of the petition.            be used on patients,
 While the petition is expected to be              Health Canada says.
 accepted by the agency, there is no defin-        “It’s ridiculous,” said
 itive timetable by which the DEA must act         Alan Young, a Toronto
 to resolve the request.                           lawyer who is fight-
 Patients Out of Time recommends that              ing the federal gov-
 you read the entire text of the petition. It      ernment in court,
 is an excellent and complete recapitula-          arguing that regula-
 tion of therapeutic cannabis research             tions controlling the

CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal                                                                                               19
22   CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal   23
                                                                                                      and the flavour are also important to most
                                                                                                      smokers. Medicinally speaking, if one
                                                                                                      strain of marijuana will relieve pain on one
                                                                                                      or two puffs while the next takes 2 - 3
                                                                                                      times that much for the same effect,
                                                                                                      which would anyone prefer? Isn’t any pos-
                                                                                                      sible carcinogenic risk going to be higher,
                                                                                                      if one needs to smoke more? What if the
                                                                                                      grower used an undesirable amount of
                                                                                                      chemical fertilizers to increase his yield?
                                                                                                      When I recently moved to a smaller com-
                                                                                  A                   munity, I decided the time was right to
                                                                                                      finally take the step and grow my own
                                                                                                      supply. A very generous friend gave me a
                                                                                                      plant of his favourite strain and set me up
                                                                                                      with some basic equipment (light, timers,
                                                                                                      and nutrients). I started with a 1000W
                                       B                                                              light in a small room, but found the heat
                                                                                                      and the smell was too much for a house I
                                                                                                      was only renting, with frequent visitors
                                                                                                      often dropping by. I had almost given up
                                                                                                      hope when I saw a small grow unit built to
                                                                                                      look like a kitchen cabinet. It had no smell
                                                                                                      and until it was opened I had no clue it
                                                 although the current law system does. In             housed 8 budding beauties ready to yield
 Out of                                          fact, the only guilt I really feel, is that I have
                                                 supported the criminal element by having
                                                 to buy my grass from an outside source. I
                                                                                                      about 3/4 of a pound of top grade mari-
                                                                                                      Again I was inspired to try my hand at it. I

 the Closet
 By Allen Town
                                                 have always wanted to grow my own from
                                                 the day my friend’s older brother showed
                                                 us some seedlings that he was taking out
                                                                                                      converted an unfinished closet space in
                                                                                                      the basement into two individual ones.
                                                                                                      The larger (B) of the two is about 36” by
                                                 in the bush to plant. I once tried growing           40” square and 60” high. The smaller (A) is
 I'll admit it. I have smoked marijuana
                                                 in an old army ammo box lined with tin               36 by 36” square and 40” high. In the B
 recreationally as a youth. And now, 25
                                                 foil with a 60W lightbulb mounted in it. My          closet there is a 400W HPS bulb for bud-
 years later, I am still enjoying the high and
                                                 mom found it, and for some reason didn’t             ding and A closet has a 24” dual fluores-
 the relaxation as well as the pain relief of
                                                 believe it was a science tomato project!             cent fixture for rooting and early
 past injuries it gives to both my wife and I.
                                                 Ah, memories!                                        vegetative growth. The door on each has
 I do not have, or have ever had, the urge to
                                                 The cost of buying is enough reason to               hidden magnetic catches with a nice
 move on to the harder drugs. I do not con-
                                                 grow, but the consistency of the strength            wood trim framing a poster and a cork-
 sider myself a criminal for smoking -
                                                                                                      board to help mask the fact of anything
                                                                                                         being behind it.
                                                                                                         I started the project with a no smell/no
                                                                                                         see system in mind. Unlike the friend’s
                                                                                                         booth, mine would be out of sight and,
                                                                                                         hopefully, out of mind. So then the pri-
                                                                                                         mary concern was the venting of any
                                                                                                         odours. I purchased a quiet, low vibra-
                                                                                                         tion fan of 6”diameter and enclosed it in
                                                                                                         a homemade manifold I designed so
                                                                                                         that both rooms could vent with the
                                                                                                         same fan. The manifold is in B closet
                                                                                                         with a 4” flexible dryer hose going to A
                                                                                                         closet. The fan runs on A closet’s sched-
                                                                                                         ule, so B closet has extra venting even
                                                                                                         during lights-off for added fresh
                                                                                                         air/odour venting during flower time. I
                                                                                                         exhausted this to the outside wall of the
                                                                                                         house with a common dryer vent with a
                                                                                                         door flap that prevents insects from get-
                                                                                                         ting in. The closet doors are not airtight,
                                                                                                         but while the fan is on causing a nega-
                                                                                                         tive pressure inside the closets, any
                                                                                                         odour will be pulled out the vents and
                                                                                                         not escape into the house. If the odour

22                                                                               CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
 is detectable during lights-off time, I sim-     tic for additional leak proofing.               closet will then flower for 10 weeks. After
 ply leave the fan on constantly.                 The light ballast was hung high in the          harvest, I force the same 6 plants to re-veg-
 I wired (from experience) a power source to      space with the idea of keeping the hot air      etate for another 2 weeks, then flower yet
 the closet that was not visible to the out-      up where the fan will immediately pull it       again for another 10 weeks and a second
 side room, but had a hidden switch to cut        out rather than passing through the             harvest. By now the 6 best plants in A clos-
 the power to the closets at any time with-       space occupied by the plants. The light         et have had 22 weeks of vegetative growth
 out having to open them. Then white plas-        itself is hung on a chain to allow height       and will now replace the A closet plants
 tic was stapled up inside for added              adjustment as the plants grow. Finally, a       which have outgrown their pot size. Once
 illumination. (Measure, or take note of, stud    power bar is mounted on the inside wall         started, the closets yield every 3 months
 points before the plastic covers them up, so     and a timer for each closet is set to appro-    and averages about 8 ounces per harvest.
 you can anchor your lights securely).            priate schedules.                               The initial cost of this particular set-up
 For added protection against leaks and           With this set-up I am able to grow 6 small      was about $400, with average monthly
 spills I made a lidless box out of tenplast      plants very discreetly, and having the small-   costs of $10 for power and $10 for organ-
 (corrugated plastic used for sign boards,        er A closet allows a continuous cycle with      ic nutrients.This could easily be paid off in
 etc.). I designed it to fit snugly inside the    very little down time. It goes as follows:      savings, 3 or 4 times after the first harvest.
 closet so the white plastic of the walls hung    Just before the B closet is ready to flower,    You do the math and decide for yourself.
 down into the box. I then taped all of the       12 cuttings are taken and put into a lidded
 seams and staple points on the white plas-       plastic bin in A closet for rooting. The B
                                                                                                    Oct.28th, 2002 - Ottawa Citizen, Toronto
                                                                                                    The federal government has hired a
                                                                                                    U.S. scientist to outline the dangers
                                                                                                    of smoking marijuana in a continu-
   ALL CHARGES AGAINST                            seized last April when the RCMP raid-
                                                                                                    ing court case, despite his ties to a
                                                  ed the Kubby home.
   THE KUBBYS DISMISSED                           In a related development, Brian Carlisle,         large pharmaceutical company that
   IN SECHELT COURT                               who is also a patient and a friend of the         manufactures a synthetic alterna-
   Nov 25th, SECHELT, B.C.                        Kubby’s, was granted his request for              tive to the drug.
   Steve and Michele Kubby, who recent-           return of equipment and medicine by               Professor Billy Martin has worked
   ly arrived in Canada from the USA in           the Chilliwack Supreme Court today as             with Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. for
   search of sanctuary, were in court             well. The Kubbys’ credit Mr. Carlisle for         the past year to further develop-
   today to ask for the return of their           assisting them in obtaining their                 ment of a metered dose inhaler for
   growing equipment and medicine, but            exemption and return of equipment.                THC, the major psychoactive com-
   they ended up with more than they                                                                ponent in marijuana, that was
   had bargained for. At the request of           Mr. Kubby said he was thrilled about              patented by the Virginia-based sci-
   Crown Counsel Don Fairweather, all             the judge's order and relieved the                entist. “I agree with most scientific
   charges against the Kubbys were                charges were dropped. "Can you                    experts who assert that the future
   dropped today in Sechelt Provincial            believe it? A judge telling police to             lies with pure synthetic cannabi-
   Court. Judge Dan Moon also ordered             give all my stuff back? Only in                   noids as medications rather than
   the return of all growing equipment            Canada."                                          marijuana,” Martin wrote in an affi-
                                                                                                    davit filed in Ontario Superior Court.

    Bulletin of Nov.24th, 2002 - Int.Assoc. for
              Cannabis as Medicine
     Cannabis may be helpful in
      Parkinson’s disease. Nearly
      half of Parkinson’s disease
       patients who have tried
    cannabis say the drug helped
        relieve their symptoms,
     according to a patients’ sur-
    vey. Dr. Evzin Ruzicka, neurol-
     ogist at Charles University in
       Prague (Czech Republic),
     reported the findings at the
         Movement Disorders
            Society’s Seventh
      International Congress of
       Parkinson’s Disease and
    Movement Disorders held on
    November 10-14th in Miami.

CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal                                                                                                 23
C ompost
                                                  cial micro-organisms are extracted from
                                                  healthy compost into the tea. They repro-
                                                  duce into the billions making an inoculum
                                                  of beneficial micro-organisms, to be either
                                                  drenched into the root zone or applied as
                                                  foliar spray that will establish and colonize
                                                  beneficial microbial life that creates its
                                                  own ecosystem so thoroughly that antag-
                                                                                                  bic bacterial colonization are suppression
                                                                                                  of pythium, dollar spot, crown rot, necrot-
                                                                                                  ic ring spot, pink patch, leaf spot, yellow
                                                                                                  patch and stripe smut. As well, beneficial
                                                                                                  protozoa in compost tea release nitrogen,
                                                                                                  phosphorus, sulphur and other nutrients
                                                                                                  in plant-available forms.
                                                                                                    Beneficial nematodes consume root-

 Health                                           onistic and pathogenic bacteria and fungi
                                                  cannot establish themselves onto, or into,
                                                  root and leaf surfaces. Beneficial micro-
                                                                                                  feeding nematodes, certain species of
                                                                                                  nematodes carry bacteria that attack ring-
                                                                                                  worm, root grubs, maggots, crane fly larvae
 by Michael Straumietis                                                                           and weevil larvae.
                                                  organisms in soil break down and digest
    Imagine healthy vivacious plants without
                                                  basic nutrient materials into forms avail-        How to brew at home?
 any foliar or root diseases and maintaining
                                                  able for plant uptake, promoting stronger         In ancient times various manures were
 this plant health by not using any synthetic
                                                  vigorous plants with rapid root growth          put into vessels and beaten with a stick to
 man-made fungicides or chemical treat-
                                                  and resistance to disease.                      add oxygen. The ancient way produced
 ments.Yes, it can be, with a new technology
 that is very ancient in some respects, but         Why use compost tea?                          anaerobic bacteria that are not that benefi-
                                                                                                  cial to plant disease suppression, and most
 very new and cutting edge in its approach          Using today’s “dead” man-made grow-
                                                                                                  of the plant growth benefits came from the
 today. It is home compost tea brewing.           ing mediums like rock wool, expanded
                                                                                                  actual N-P-K value of the manures. You
 Simply put, it is an extract of compost, aero-   clay pellets, sphagnum moss mixes or
                                                                                                  could make your own tea by using 1 lb of
 bically brewed, that contains some soluble       other growing mediums for indoor gar-
                                                                                                  very good worm compost and adding
 nutrients and a wide range of aerobic ben-       dening, they lack these beneficial micro-
                                                                                                  some Fulvic and Humic Acid of (1/4 tsp
 eficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes and pro-      organisms. If you colonize beneficial
                                                                                                  each) to produce higher fungi counts.Then,
 tozoa that make up the soil food web.There       micro-organisms on leaf surfaces and into
                                                                                                  place this compost into a 5-gallon bucket
 are millions of microscopic organisms that       the root zone, the bad microbes have liter-
                                                                                                  that has an air stone on the bottom of the
 live in the soil and around the roots that       ally no place to live and grow. They can’t
                                                                                                  bucket hooked up to an air pump and brew
 interact with each other and with plants,        find food. Compost teas have shown very
                                                                                                  for 24 hours, then strain and use immedi-
                                                  impressive disease suppression in trials
 this is called the soil food web. Healthy soil                                                   ately.The sooner,the better - no longer than
                                                  conducted at Oregon state, Arizona state
 contains 600 million bacteria per teaspoon                                                       10 - 15 hours after brewing. Additional sug-
                                                  and Cornell University. Benefits of a “good”
 of soil, and as many as 25,000 species. In                                                       gestions on how to create an even more
                                                  fungal colonization are the suppression of
 comparison most agricultural soil contains                                                       beneficial inoculant of bacteria and fungi:
                                                  powdery mildew, downey mildew, snow
 only 1 million bacteria and less than 5,000                                                      use worm compost, mushroom compost
                                                  mold, red thread, fairy ring, brown patch
 species.There is also a foliar food web simi-                                                    and forest litter. Some high quality chicken
                                                  and summer patch. Benefits of good aero-
 lar to the soil food web, on the foliage of                                                      manures are good, addition of syrup or
 your plant. The plant’s                                                                                               molasses, plant extract
 leaf, fruit, blossoms                                                                                                 of yucca or nettle, fulvic,
 and stems release                                                                                                     alfalfa meal, and yeasts,
 exudates just like                                                                                                    such as bakers and
 roots do; this action                                                                                                 brewers, are all good for
 feeds these organ-                                                                                                    bacterial        growth.
                                                                                                                       Sources of humic, cellu-
 isms that keep a pro-
                                                                                                                       lose, fish hyrolysate,
 tective layer around
                                                                                                                       lignin, kelp, glacial dust
 the plant, so antago-
                                                                                                                       and calcium are all good
 nistic pathogens can-                                                                                                 for fungi development..
 not attack. Boosting                                                                                                  Hay infusions are good
 fungal and bacterial                                                                                                  for protozoa growth.For
 activity on leaf sur-                                                                                                 beneficial nematodes,
 faces also increases                                                                                                  there are only 2 good
 the length of time the                                                                                                sources of material,
 plant stomates stay                                                                                                   good compost and
 open, which pro-                                                                                                      healthy forest litter.
 motes           nutrient                                                                                              When brewing, you
 uptake,       especially                                                                                              want to keep the tea
 when foliar-feeding                                                                                                   well aerated. At least
 plants.The brewing of                                                                                                 6ppm - 8ppm of oxygen
 aerobic compost tea                                                                                                   or 70% dissolved oxy-
 is very easy and takes                                                                                                gen and brew (aerate)
 18-24 hours. During                                                                                                   for 18 - 24 hours at room
 the brewing benefi-                                                                                                   temperature (65º - 70º).
24                                                                             CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal   27
                                                                         wait to long before             Indoor gardens: 2 applications should be
                                                                         applying, your tea will         sufficient. In the 1st and 3rd weeks of flow-
                                                                         go anaerobic, and               ering or every 2-3 weeks in vegetative
                                                                         this is not good. You           stage. It would be hard to over-use a prop-
                                                                         want your tea to be             erly made tea.
                                                                         aerobic to be benefi-             If all this is too much for you to do, don’t
                                                                         cial for plants. Teas           despair, there are a few companies that
                                                                         that have gone                  make these home brew kits, and they
                                                                         anaerobic have a                work very well.
                                                                         smell like sewer or
                                                                                                           There’s             Alaska            Giant
                                                                         sulphur (rotten egg).
                                                                                                         (, who makes 1 and
                                                                         Don’t use these teas
                                                                                                         5 gallon machines. They have won awards
                                                                         or products.
                                                                                                         for huge vegetables that you can see on
                                                                         How often to apply?             their website.
                                                                           For most purposes               Simplici-tea (
                                                                         applications should             makes a 5 gallon kit.
                                                                         be made weekly or as
  Also, make sure your water has been de-                                                                  Soil First ( has 35 and
                                                   disease problems become prevalent dur-
  gassed of chlorine. If the compost smells                                                              85 - 500 gallon systems.
                                                   ing specific times of the year. When used
  like manure, don’t use it. Good compost          as a foliar spray you should have at least              Advance Nutrients (www.advancenu-
  has an earthy smell.                             70% leaf application. As a soil drench in    Dr. Hornby’s Fungal Funk
  How to apply?                                    poor soil multiple applications might                 compost tea brewer is a 5 gallon home
                                                   have to be made. For outdoor gardens 2                brew kit.
     Strain your tea, if you are going to foliar
  spray and apply at a dilution ratio of 5:1 or,   to 3 applications, several weeks apart, may             Whatever you decide on, get brewing
  if soil drenching, dilute 10:1. Remember to      have to be made. At least 1 application               today and have happier, healthier, disease
  use within 10 to 15 hrs of brewing. If you       should be made before planting crops.                 resistant plants.

page 28
26                                                                              C A N N A B II S H E A L T H tt h e m e d ii c a ll m a rr ii jj u a n a jj o u rr n a ll
                                                                                CANNAB S HEALTH he med ca ma                                     uana ou na
                                                                         StoneHemp              Mix1 is non-hygroscopic (unlike Portland
                                                                         plaster on OSB:        Cement-based materials); it does not
                                                                         This is a first! The   attract and retain moisture. This means, it
                                                                         StoneHemp plas-        is an ideal material for ceramic tile setting
                                                                         ter is applied         and grouting.
                                                                         directly to a stan-    canwall2: The e-ship’s greywater recycle
                                                                         dard 2x6 stud          growing area under construction.The can-
                                                                         wall      covered      wall on the left is held together with
                                                                         with      oriented     StoneHemp plaster. The tirewall (on the
                                                    e-ship2002-91        Strand       Board     right) and the floor structure are cobbed,
                                                                                                                   and the whole inner
 StoneHemp Mix1 has been used in many sheeting. No wire, no                                                        surface        plastered.
 ways to make this EarthShip.                   tar paper, only some                                               Krystal T1 &T2 for water-
 e-ship2002-91: As a finishing plaster, its           9/16" staples shot                                           proofing.
 one-coat applica-                                    into the boards to                                           stonehemp floor2:
 tion and slow set-                                   act as ‘keys’, and                                           StoneHemp flooring,
 ting time allows the                                 the usual metal                                              sanded flat five days
 creation of free-                                    stucco separators                                            after application to
 form shapes in                                       and starter strips.                                          make the hemp hurds
 both walls and                                       A one-coat finish                                            more visible. Finished
 other structures.                                    with major reduc-                                            with 3 coats of oil-
 This plaster is an                                   tions in labour                                canwall2      based polyurethane.
 artisan product and                                  and       material                                           StoneHemp™ has been
 has to be properly                                   costs. Finished                                              developed through an
 cured in a warm,                                     with a mineral oxide coloured quick-      exhaustive testing program. The results so
 moist environment,                                   lime wash, and sealed with                far have well exceeded our expectations
 but the results can                  tile setting ‘HydroStop’ from the Kryton Group.           and the EarthShip allows us to field test
 be carved and pol-                                   cistern 2: A 2,000 gallon water con-      both materials and application proce-
 ished for up to a week after initial setup, tainer made from cobbed tires, finished            dures.
 and our compression testing still gives with 3/4 “ of StoneHemp Mix1 plaster and               If you are interested in finding out more
 1,200 psi+ for long-term durability.           waterproofed with applications of Krystal       about any aspect of this project, e-mail
 StoneHemp plaster on cobbed tires: The T1 & T2 from the Kryton Group. Now oper-                “Dave Cull” <
 plaster flows easily                                           ating as part of the ‘tail-
 around the curved sur-                                         race’ for the e-ship’s
 faces and reduces the                           cistern 2
                                                                micro-hydro system.
 amount of cob needed                                           flashing details:
 to prepare the tire walls.                                     StoneHemp plaster has
 (Cob is made from clay                                         the flexibility and strength
 slurry, earth, sand and                                        to handle complicated
 chopped straw - it’s a                                         structural details, such as
 major effort to mix and                                        roof flashing.
 apply, so the less one has                                     tile setting: StoneHemp         StoneHemp plaster on cobbed tire wall
 to use, the better).

     Hemp Floorcloth                                   dependent on canvas (from the
                                                       word cannabis) and hemp rope -
 by Barb Kowalik                               hemp fibre is 3 times stronger than cotton
 As the European world began to expand,        and rot resistant to salt water. Along with
 the principle means of trade and travel       the development of canvas for use in sails,
 was the sailing ship. These ships were        in the 1400’s artists used sailcloth for

                                                                                                painted canvases, tapestries, wall hang-
                                                                                                ings, table runners and floorcloths. Most
                                                                                                paintings prior to the development of the
                                                                                                large cotton factories in the early 19th
                                                                                                century were on hemp canvas. Canvas
                                                                                                floorcloths are one of the earliest forms of

28                                                                          CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
 water-repellent floor coverings, until the   decoration including collage, photo trans-     coloured for each home. Hemp canvas is
 development of linoleum at the turn of       fer, weaving and appliqué. The enduring        the original material for floorcloths and is
 the 20th century.The popularity and value    popularity of floorcloths can be attributed    the perfect medium for today. Hemp is
 of floorcloths during the 18th and 19th      to their unique qualities. They can be cus-    naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and
 century is evident in the frequent refer-    tom sized, custom designed and custom          pests, it is grown without pesticides, her-
 ences to floorcloths in wills and                                                            bicides or agricultural chemicals (except
 the many advertisements dis-                                                                 some fertilization) and is receiving the
 played in newspapers. As floor                                                               full support of the green movement. As a
 coverings were not affordable to                                                             floor covering it offers a water resistant
 the entire population, the invest-                                                           surface that is easy to clean, is hypo-
 ment in a canvas floorcloth was                                                              allergenic and non-toxic.
 backed with promises of high
 quality and good workmanship.
                                                                                               Floorcloths by Barb Kowalic
 Today floorcloths have come full                                                              Although her favourite surface has always
 circle. Once again they’re created                                                            been walls, Barb was thunderstruck by her
 by individual artists, blending                                                               first encounter with the floorcloth. Here was
 craftsmanship with the design,                                                                her medium! The design of a floorcloth
 materials and production tech-                                                                requires "structured" creativity. For Barb, the
 niques of contemporary society.                                                               creation of each floorcloth is an adventure.
                                                                                               As the design is planned and the colours are
 The diversity of designs can range                                                            selected, she incorporates the structure and
 from the traditional hand-painted                                                             attention to detail acquired from years in the
 or stencilled to many other surface                                                           computer industry.

                                              drug legalization. A former detective from     police and
EX-COP A                                      small-town Michigan, Wooldridge now            prisons to
FOUNDING MEMBER                               calls himself a “modern-day Paul Revere”
                                              who spreads a message that the drug
                                                                                             on violent
OF “LEAP”                                     war is a failure that takes more lives than    offenders.
HITS THE TRAIL                                it saves. He says that he realizes that most   Stay tuned to
                                              people don’t want to hear political lec-       the next edi-
TO SPOTLIGHT                                  tures, especially about drugs, but that the    tion of this
                                              horse “opens up a lot of doors” The price      Journal for
DEFICIENCIES OF                               for petting Misty’s muzzle is the sermon       more of
“WAR ON DRUGS”                                Wooldridge has given countless times           Howard and
Howard Wooldridge gave up his badge           before. He says drug prohibition drives        Misty and
years back. But you’d never know it, when     up cost and provides a racket for crimi-       their epic
you see the old lawman on the trail rid-      nals. Legalization, regulation and better-     journey
ing his trusty, one-eyed hoss. Tall and       funded addiction treatment programs            across
weather-beaten, Wooldridge still looks        would be more effective and would allow        America.
every bit the peace officer. The 51-year-
old loner rode into the St. Louis area on
Halloween after seven dusty weeks in the            B.C. QUALITY SEEDS AT
                                                    B.C. QUALITY SEEDS AT
saddle. Thousands saw him riding along
Highway 40 in St. Charles, on Manchester
                                                     REASONABLE PRICES!
                                                     REASONABLE PRICES!
Road in West St. Louis County and on
Lindbergh Boulevard through South St.                                        The SOS co-op is made up of medical
Louis County. Wooldridge set off from                                      users. The seeds you will receive will be of
Denver and is working on the second of
three legs in his ride across America. He                                   the finest quality un-named indoor and
usually camps on roadsides, though he’s                                            outdoor strains available.
been known to accept offers of room,                                        Many of the strains selectively bred by
board and vittles for his horse. He lets
children pet Misty, his 8-year-old pinto                                     the same growers for up to 20 years!
who lost her right eye in a fight with
another horse.                                               $25 for 10 indoor or outdoor seeds.
Wooldridge wears a T-shirt that says             (specify indoor or outdoor) Taxes and shipping (for Canada) included
He’s also a founding member of LEAP,             FULL REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE IF NOT 100% SATISFIED!
( or Law Enforcement                                           Send to S0S c/o
Against Prohibition, a group of current
and retired police officers who support           P.O. Box 2320 Grand Forks BC V0H 1H0
CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal                                                                                                   29
                                                                             speech an anecdote about breadmaking. He made
 getting baked                                                               bread, he said, because he found it relaxing.The min-
                                                                             ister asked for a show of hands, only a few respond-

 with hemp                                                                   ed. Most of the audience were men, which is pretty
                                                                             much what you get in agricultural fields, so of the
                                                                             many people there, most of them didn’t bake bread.
 By Arthur Hanks
                                                                             Undaunted, and committed to his anecdote, the min-
                                                                             ister plunged ahead and said that he made the bread
 At a recent industry conference held in a snow-swept                        with his hemp oil. The cold-pressed hemp oil used in
 prairie province, the minister of technology sur-                           the bread was delicious, in fact, according to him, it
 prised me by smuggling into his otherwise proforma                          was the best tasting bread he had ever made.
     I must congratulate the minister for his      increased risk of heart attacks. No wonder           Don’t overdo it.
     culinary adventures, but his story does       that some fast food restaurants are now              Definitely, you can add hemp oil to
     raise a very interesting question. Can and    changing their cooking oils and trying to            cooked foods - a tablespoon of hemp oil
     should you cook with hemp? Certainly!         bring their TFA content down. They may               over steaming rice, pasta al dente, toasted
     Cooking with hemp oil adds flavour to all     get some publicity, but they will never              whole wheat bread, or your morning oat-
     foods and helps to fuse ingredients into a    reach their goal, as all cooking oils are            meal is delicious.
     synergistic whole.                            commonly refined, bleached and deodor-               OK, so more to the point: Can I bake with
     Who, except the warm West Coast raw           ized.While these processes make oil much             hemp oil?
     food crowd, would reject a hot, well-         more “shelf-stable” - which is useful for            As noted, you will have some degradation
     cooked meal, especially during a              commerce - they eliminate many of the                of the hemp oil, if you cook at high tem-
     Canadian winter?                              best nutrients found in oils.                        peratures for a sustained period of time.
     But cooking also changes the constituents     Interestingly, hemp’s health benefits lay            But in baked goods, the degradation will
     of food, and hemp oil is no exception.        not just in the food itself, but what the            be limited to the browned outer layers of
     Now, one of the best parts of hemp seed is    body does with hemp. Normally, enzymat-              crust; the inner layer should remain moist
     the oil content, which is about 35% of the    ic reactions help convert EFA’s into other           and unaffected. So, what you are doing is
     seed. This oil contains the Omega-3 and       metabolic products that the body needs. If           making a trade-off between degrees of
     Omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that    heat changes the structure of these EFA’s,           health and taste. Extra conscious folk may
     help make hemp such a wonderful health        then essentially the body gets confused;             want to cut off the crusts, but that’s prob-
     food and nutraceutical. Hemp is reactive      necessary enzymes are not produced as                ably overdoing it for many. Is there a
     to both heat and light, which is why you      the metabolic pathways are blocked.                  happy medium here? I think there should
     usually buy hemp oil packaged in dark         So, knowing this, some common sense                  be. A healthy, active lifestyle will help the
     bottles and stored in a fridge. Cooking       advise to follow is: “If it’s too hot to eat, it’s   body process small amounts of TFA’s. And
     (and heat) alters the particular molecular    too hot for hemp oil.” So you shouldn’t              if you eat fresh, uncooked fresh-pressed
     geometries of these fatty acids, straight-    think of hemp as a frying or cooking oil             hemp oil already as part of your diet, you
     ening out the chemical bonds in the           (whether or not you should even bother               should be all the better prepared to deal
     food’s compounds and transforming             frying any oil is outside of the scan of this        with those small amounts. As with every-
     them into unhealthy trans-fatty acids         article). But you can warm hemp oil at a             thing, moderation is key.
     (TFA’s). And the more EFA’s in a food, the    low temperature for short periods of time.           Arthur Hanks is a Saskatchewan writer who
     more to be transformed into TFA’s.            Until we know more, experts suggest that             never grows tired of hemp for some reason. He
     TFA’s have been linked to many degenera-      hemp oil can be briefly heated to temper-            can be reached at
     tive physical conditions, like diabetes and   atures of between 100-150 degrees C.

                                                   Substances Act of 1970. This has been a              Kiev, who had designed a process of pulp-
                                                   very long, expensive and fruitless effort. In        ing the whole stalk of hemp (and flax,
                      John Stahl makes             spite of complying with all procedures,              kenaf and similar non-wood fibers) that
                      paper by hand at his         laws and guidelines, his application                 was very efficient, clean and economical.
                      mill in Northern             (including four separate $875 non-                   Since that time, he has sponsored the
                      California. He spoke         refundable fees) was summarily rejected              engineering work which has continued to
                      on the Paper Panel at        without being allowed a hearing. Full                the point where it is now ready for con-
                      the first Vancouver          details of this adventure are published on           struction. The cost to construct a 15 ton-
                      Hemp Symposium,              his website at                  per-day mill is about $4 million, and can
 he has written numerous articles on               In 1994 he went to Ukraine in pursuit of             be financed on about $1 million. The cost
 hemp and he is a frequent speaker at              low THC seed for his proposed hemp                   of the pulp produced will be about $360
 hemp events. Since about 1990, he has             farm. He brought seed back (to the sur-              per ton, and the market for the premium
 used “anonymous local donations” of               prise of the International Hemp                      quality non-wood pulp produced will be
 hemp stalks provided by local growers. in         Association in Holland, where he left his            about $700 to $1500 per ton. Several proj-
 1993 he first applied to the DEA for a per-       seeds for safe-keeping), but he was also             ects are under negotiation, but there is
 mit to cultivate hemp for his paper mill,         introduced to the work of Dr. Krotov of              still time for financial participation by
 under the terms of the Controlled                 the Pulp and Paper Research Center in                interested investors.
30                                                                                 CANNABIS HEALTH the medical marijuana jour nal
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