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					                           What is pbSmart™ Codes Software?
pbSmart™ Codes is a web-based software solution that enables you to create interactive
marketing campaigns using Quick Response or QR codes. We know that learning to implement
QR code campaigns can take time and can feel like a daunting task, one that can be overly
complicated and technical. That's why we created pbSmart Codes, an end-to-end solution for
creating QR code campaigns. You can create a custom QR code, attach a call to action and
simply format a mobile web page. We made it easy to create one, two or ten campaigns!

Download a QR code for FREE to use anywhere you like or create a whole end-to-end marketing
campaign. Your end-to-end marketing campaign could integrate a QR Code on a poster, flyer or
yard sign and create a mobile web page for your customers to view or respond to.

For example, a QR Code marketing campaign can enable you to:

      send a coupon
      announce a new product
      promote a sale, and more

It's an easy way to reach customers and grow your business. Plus, customers come to you
"qualified" because they're already interested in you!

How it works.
Once a QR code is scanned, a mobile web page displays content on the customer’s Smartphone.
The customer makes a selection (e.g., coupon, location map, promotion, menu, etc.) to access the
information, or have it sent to their phone or email address.

What you can do with pbSmart™ Codes.
Share your new video, or new product demo, promote a contests, get feedback, send coupons
and more!

Link to the product information or new features that make your offerings stand out, showcase
customer reviews, highlight promotional pricing, or list hours of operation, local news features
and more.

Inform your customers to new or ongoing ways to get access to you for any or all types of
service. You may wish to let your customers know of new toll free number or website services
that you offer.

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