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TofuRicottaCheese                                          E        @     fj
Mdkes3ctps I Ouick and easy, this protein-packed cottagoesbeaurifulyonpizzaor
salads, or tossed with pasta.

1   lb   .*ra   ffrh tofu,   drained O    Wra! the tofu in      a   ctean kftchen ctoth and place
l tsp     l.honjui.e                      between two curting boalds.

,,u"0r,",i,'"...o,in"                O    Place a   la   rge' heavv obje'r on rhe rop board.
%rsp granulared                      o    Allowtorestfor20minures,forcingexcesswaterour
  powder                                  ofthetofu.

                                          smaller pieces bur not yet the consisrency ofricotta.
                                     O    Mix ir lemonjuicq hutririonat ye6t, nalian seasoning,
                                          and gdlic pNder plus salt and pelper.

                                     O   Incorporate all inEredients wit]I your hanils, brcaking
                                         down tofu to the consistency ofricotta or feia cheese
                                         as you mix it toEether

     NUTRITIoNAL INEoRMAITIoN (?ER 1n CUp SERvrNc) iB- Cllort$ 137:
     c.ldieE fron !.r 66j Total rat 2.4gj chots*.ol ong Tobr c, z6gi Dietary liber   3.6g;


S.rues4 When       I was in law school, I usedto make abiebatch ofvegetable lasagna
righr before ffnal exams. l.l freeze individualportions and then reheat a servingeach
night for a warm aDd cohforting heal I stillliketo cookup abigbatch andkeep
leftovers inthe freezer, ohly now I hakelasagnarolls,whichmakesingle servings

1a ozboxwhole wheat                 o In   a large pot ofsalted water, cook pasta aI dente,
     orb.ownricelasagna                  accordingto package directions.

110-ozlacln!€fr.2.n                 @ Immediately rihse with cold 8ater, lat dry with a
                                      clean torel, and set aside, Iaying flat on a plate.

                                    o Press out any excess water from spinach ahd combine
                                         with Tofu Ricotta Cheese and vegan Parmesan in a
                                         Iarge bowl untilwell incoryorated.,     ro   tastc    o    Once evehly combined, taste, adding salr as desired
It.lian se.sonnrs,    to   tast!                     nutritional yeast, Parmesan, and other
                                         and adjusting
1   2s-oz   ja. nnrnrala s.uce
                                    o Then add % cup ofmarinara and sti! to combine.
                                    o Line your large pot with thin laver ofmarinara.

                                    o On clean work surface, slread 7. cup ofthe tofu-

                                         spinach mixture on   a   noodle and roll it closed.

                                    o Place the roII in the pot with the crease facing down.
                                    o Repeatrith all hoodles.
                                    @ Pour the remaininA marinara over the rolls, cover.

                                    (!   Ohce boiling, reduce heat to medium and sihmer for
                                         about 5 minutes- until rolls and ma naraarewarm.


      choLesierol oEgi Tdal cdhobydrate 6s,sgr Dieky Fiber s.2gi sugan 1el Proteir 25.,rg;


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