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					         Mount Carmel School
        Celebrating 125 Years

Also in This Issue:
 Election 2010 and    National Puzzle Day   Redwood City’s go-to
 into the future in   is coming. Are you    guy is named Smith!
“As I Was Saying…”    prepared?
                                             Learn More about the
     50/50 baLanced PLan
      More than three years ago the DMB Saltworks team began asking Redwood City residents for their ideas for future use of the more than
                1,400-acre industrial Saltworks site. The 50/50 Balanced Plan responds to the input of over 10,000 local residents.

   50% Open Space,                                                                                                                     50% tRanSit-ORiented
   RecReatiOn and tidal                                                                                                                cOMMunity
   MaRSh ReStORatiOn                                                                                                                   Fifty percent of the Saltworks site
   Fifty percent of the Saltworks site                                                                                                 is dedicated to a Transit-Oriented
   will be dedicated to open space,                                                                                                    Community of 8,000 to 12,000
   active recreation and tidal marsh                                                                                                   homes that is anticipated to be built
   restoration.                                                                                                                        over a quarter of a century.

   The new Bayside Park will offer                                                                                                     The 50/50 Balanced Plan envisions a
   significant new Bay access and                                                                                                      permanent transit loop linking on-
   amenities including more than 10                                                                                                    site project provided infrastructure
   miles of trails, a kayak launch, water
   recreation activities, interpretive
                                                                                    TODAY                                              to core centers of the City including
                                                                                                                                       the CalTrain terminal, downtown
   exhibits, restaurants and shops.
   More than 200 acres of land will be
                                                                                  TOMORROW                                             Redwood City, the proposed
                                                                                                                                       ferry terminal and local
   dedicated to new parks and recreation                                                                                               employment corridors.
   facilities including a new 50+ acre
   sports park complete with more                                                                                                      The DMB Saltworks team is
   than a dozen new soccer and                                                                                                         now working with several major
   baseball fields.                                                                                                                    employers on plans to provide local
                                                                                                                                       housing for some of the 40,000+
   Hundreds of additional acres will be                                                                                                workers who commute to Redwood
   restored to tidal marshes. The 50/50                                                                                                City jobs every day. By reducing
   Balanced Plan will provide private                                                                                                  the number of vehicles on the
   funding for all of the proposed open                                                                                                bridges and freeways, the proposed
   space, recreation and restoration                                                                                                   Saltworks community can do much
   efforts – with no new costs to                                                                                                      to reduce greenhouse gases and
   existing Redwood City taxpayers.                                                                                                    traffic congestion in the region.

   Bayside Public Access and Trails   200+ Acres of New Parks       Privately Funded Restoration   Sustainable, Green Community   New Schools         Greenhouse Gas Reductions

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The Spectrum.JAN.2010
Steve Penna                                     As we enter another year, we welcome you to the January 2010 edition of The Spectrum Magazine. We
Owner and Publisher                             are starting out the year with a community celebration of stories and features. Sit back and enjoy.
                                                Our cover story this month is on a community institution, Mount Carmel School. Contributing writer
Anne Callery                                    Judy Buchan tells about how the school plans to celebrate 125 years of educating students academically
Copy Editor                                     and spiritually.
                                                Publisher Steve Penna starts the new year just as he ended the last one, by trying to provoke community
Judy Buchan                                     conversation with items in his column, “As I Was Saying….” This month he writes about next year’s
Contributing Writer
                                                elections and makes some “off-the-cuff” predictions for our community.
Nicole Minieri                                  Our business profile this month, by contributing writer Nicole Minieri, is on a unique Main Street shop
Contributing Writer                             called Jigsaw Java. With National Puzzle Day coming on Jan. 29, you will get an inside look at this                    business and perhaps be inspired to stop by to visit and participate.

James Massey                                    We also have a profile on the city’s public communications manager, Malcolm Smith. You will see how
Graphic Designer                                he works to close the distance between the residents and city government and staff. He even solves a
                                                problem or two along the way.
James R. Kaspar
Cover/Cover Story Photography                   Along with all that, we bring you our regular features on community interest, senior activities,                               financial advice, information from the Redwood City School District, parties around town, news briefs,
                                                community cultural events and the popular feature “A Minute With.”
Valerie Harris
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                                            The People Speak: Letters to the Editor – 11          City’s Go-To Guy Is Smith – 24
 This Month’s Photo Shoot – 4               Cultural Events – 12                                  News Briefs – 27
 RCSD Corner – 5                            Community Interest – 13                               Finance: Time to Make New Year’s
“As I Was Saying...” – 6                    Shop Redwood City – 14                                  Financial Resolutions – 29
 Ira Takes Control                          Mount Carmel School at 125:                           Senior Activities – 29
   ‘Beginning of a Greater Community’ – 7    Looking Back and Looking Ahead – 16                  A Minute With Ruhina Karmali – 30
 Jigsaw Java Gets Jiggy – 8                 Nonprofits in Action – 20

                                                                                                                                         The Spectrum 3
Inside The Spectrum: Cover Story Photo Shoot
                                               This month’s cover shoot was arranged by Publisher Steve Penna after
                                               emailing and calling Michelle Conci, who is the Development Director at Our
                                               Lady of Mount Carmel School. Penna then contacted the “alumni” members
                                               in the shot and they all decided that Thursday December 17 at 3:00 p.m.
                                               would be the scheduled time.
                                                 Penna arrived first at the school site on Grand Avenue and was followed
                                               minutes later by cover story photographer James Kaspar. They began looking
                                               for areas to stage the “subjects” and then were greeted by Conci and School
                                               Principal Teresa Anthony. It was decided that the front entrance would be a
                                               perfect location to tell the story of the school’s history.
                                                 The cover subjects, members of the eighth grade class and alumni Barbara
                                               and Brent Britschgi, Paul Sanfilipo, Paula Uccelli, and Jim Hartnett were all
                                               cooperative and interacted with each other like family.
                                                 Once separate photos were taken of Anthony and Rev. John Balleza and the
                                               alumni, the eighth grade students arrived, and all “students” were posed in
                                               front of the entrance doors for a group shot.
                                                 It seems that everyone, including Penna and Kaspar, was all engaged in
                                               one conversation or another. Parents stopped by to say hello as they picked
                                               up their children when school let out. There was excitement in the air and the
                                               weather cooperated perfectly.
                                                 The entire shoot took about thirty minutes.
                                                 The spectacular entrance to the school (which is used for this introduction
                                               story) proved to be the perfect setting and really does tell the story of all
                                               the cover shot subjects and how the doors have led them all in different
                                               paths while starting at the same point. In the picture alone, there are female
                                               business leaders, three former City Councilmembers and two former Mayors.
                                                  The Spectrum salutes the students, parents, church and school
                                                 Administration, and staff and the entire Mount Carmel community on 125
                                               years of top-notch education and dedication to the Redwood City community.
RCSD Corner: News From the Redwood City School District
Hoover Brings Home Robotics Awards

                                                                                      In addition, the eighth-grade “Lucky 10” team was awarded the Gracious
                                                                                    Professionalism Judges’ Award for the amount of help and support they
                                                                                    provided to several other teams with their robots. Two Hoover sixth-graders
                                                                                    from “The Vipors” team qualified for the next level of tournaments to take
                                                                                    place in December.
                                                                                      “Participating in First Lego League is a fantastic way for students to get
                                                                                    early experience learning high-tech skills that are used by engineers in
                                                                                    the Silicon Valley,” said Sue Cortopassi, After School Coordinator for the
                                                                                    Redwood City School District, who spearheaded the project for Hoover,
                                                                                    Kennedy and North Star.
                                                                                      The First Lego League program was made possible by funds provided by
                                                                                    the County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors. The Lego League teams were
                                                                                    a collaborative effort between the Redwood City School District, the County
                                                                                    of San Mateo, the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula, Citizen Schools and
                                                                                    the three participating schools. In addition, students from Woodside High
                                                                                    School, science and engineering students and alumni from MIT, Cornell and
                                                                                    Stanford University, and interns from Peninsula Works Daly City internship
                                                                                    program served as mentors in software/engineering to the after-school staff
                                                                                    and students.
                                                                                      In addition to the students who participated in Lego League, the Redwood
                                                                                    City School District and its partners provide about 1,500 students with
Kevin, a seventh-grader at Hoover School, prepares his Lego robot for the Smart     academically enriching after-school programs.
Move Challenge.

When Kevin and Luis, seventh-graders at Hoover School, first heard about
an after-school program that would use Lego building blocks to build robots,
they did not know what to expect. Neither boy had ever heard of First Lego
League, an international program that gives children the opportunity to work
with adult mentors to design, build and program robots built of Legos. Both
Kevin and Luis were ready for the challenge.
   “I wanted to try it,” said Kevin. “It looked like fun, and I like playing with
   Over a six-week period, Kevin, Luis and 75 other students from Hoover                                       St. Peter’s
School along with about 30 students from Kennedy Middle School and North                                       Chamber Orchestra
Star Academy designed, built and programmed Lego robots to complete
missions based on real-world challenges for the Smart Move Challenge,
an all-day tournament competition featuring teams of students from
throughout the Bay Area who demonstrated their problem-solving skills,
creative thinking, teamwork, competitive play, sportsmanship and sense of
                                                                                     Paul Schrage, Conductor

   Students were asked to explore robotics solutions to modern transportation                                  Elgar Serenade for Strings
problems through Smart Move, a two-part challenge. In the project phase
of the challenge, teams identify a problem with the way people, animals,                                       Bach Harpsichord Concerto in D Minor
information or things travel in their community, create an innovative
solution, and share it outside the team. For this part of the competition,                                     Mendelssohn’s Symphony #4
students were judged on their presentation skills as well as their ability to
work as a team.
   In the robot game part of the challenge, teams confront some of today’s                                     Saturday, January 23, 2010, 7:30pm
transportation safety and efficiency problems as they program their robots
to navigate a series of tasks on a ping-pong-table-sized surface simulating
a series of roadways and bridges. Students had to use robotics, sensor
technology and fresh thinking to solve real transportation problems, and they
were awarded points for completing specific tasks. Missions in the challenge
included efficiency planning, object avoidance, climbing steep bridges with                                    Guest artist is Paris
no guard rails, passenger transport and crash tests.                                                           Opera Harpsichordist
   In addition to awards for their research projects and programming their                                     and Deutsche
robots, teams are awarded for sportsmanship. When Hoover student Luis’                                         Grammophon
team, “Lego My Eggo,” was up for their last challenge, their robot completely                                  recording artist
broke down and there was nothing the team could do in the remaining 1.5                                        Jory Vinikour.
                                                                                                                                                                                     St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
                                                                                                                                                                     178 Clinton Street, Redwood City, CA 94062
   “We started cheering for the other team because our robot stopped                                                                                                            Call Skip Bushee @ 650.367.0777
working,” explained Luis. Hoover students came up with a motivating chant                                                                                                                Advanced Ticket Prices
for their rivals to encourage them to keep trying. The cheers were followed                                                                                                 General $25, Senior: $20, Student: $15
by professional handshakes with the other team at the end of the match.                                                                                                                           At the door: $30
“Lego My Eggo” took home the Teamwork Award for the best display of
positive sportsmanship any of the judges had seen.                                                             Special thanks to Kevin Fryer for supplying the harpsichord for the evening’s performance.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Spectrum 5
                                         As I Was
                                         Saying…                                                                       Publisher | Steve Penna

As predicted, Jeff Ira was voted in as our new          threw his support behind Becker.                        and begin your campaign a year or more before
Mayor for the next two years, and Alicia Aguirre           If Gordon expects to win, he must carry              the election you will secure the endorsements
was voted Vice Mayor. Aguirre nominated Ira             Redwood City, as the 21st District includes parts       and contributions to ease to a victory. Here’s to

and outgoing Mayor Rosanne Foust nominated              of San Mateo County (primarily Redwood City)            democracy.
her. Both votes were unanimous.                         and Santa Clara counties and the city of San Jose.
   Now let’s look forward a few years. Aguirre          It will be interesting to see how the whole “no
is rumored to be considering running for Rose           more jails in Redwood City” attitude plays out in
Jacobs Gibson’s County Supervisor seat once she         this election, because Gordon will have to voice        I recently experienced something I have never
is termed out in 2012. Even though the race is two      his opinion at some point as to where a new jail        before, and I don’t want to again. I currently live
years away, and many things can happen before           should be built if at all.                              in a cottage behind a house and early (well, early
then, it is not unrealistic for someone running to         Ruskin on the other hand will be running for         for a writer) one morning, I heard banging on my
start their campaign this early. If she is serious      the Senate seat currently held by Joe Simitian,         bedroom window and woke to this guy telling me
about running, she will definitely have to start now.   D-Palo Alto.                                            to get out because “the” house was on fire. Well,
   Let’s assume Aguirre will run. If so, what does         Gordon will be termed out after 12 years and         I immediately jumped up and went to the front
that mean for her rotating into being our next          the race to fill his Supervisor seat should be a real   door to see that he was right. To make a long story
Mayor in 2011 if she is reelected to her Council        sleeper with former county Sheriff Don Horsley          short—and to praise the Redwood City Police
seat? If she is running for Supervisor, she will        running. Horsley was elected to the Sequoia             and Fire Departments, who all were the most
have to run basically two campaigns at the same         Healthcare District Board of Directors and              professional and caring individuals you could ask
time. If she is reelected, she will not be able to      currently serves as president.                          for—no one was injured, although the tenants
carry out the duties of Mayor while running                Jefferson Union High School District member          were displaced from the front house. My cottage
a time-consuming campaign for Supervisor.               David Mineta was rumored to be also in the run          was not directly affected.
Another concern will be if her Council colleagues       but he will not be. That leaves Horsley to face            Out of every situation, good or bad, there is
choose her as Mayor knowing that, and also that         fellow Healthcare District Board member Jack            always something to be learned. Many lessons
she will basically have to vacate her Council seat      Hickey and environmentalist April Vargas.               were learned that morning: Getting involved
after less than a year if she is elected Supervisor.    Neither of them have the wide base of County            helps others (thanks to the guy who woke us up);
   If that scenario plays out, there would be three     support nor the contributions needed to win the         and even in tragedy, we can feel assured that we
years left in her term, and the Council would have      seat. Horsley to date has accumulated a $200,000        have competent and dedicated emergency services
to call for a special election to fill her seat. But    campaign war chest.                                     workers in our community. Another lesson for all
if she were voted in as Mayor, it would be a big           Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Warren                you “renters” out there is to have renters insurance.
boost for her campaign; running as Mayor is a lot       Slocum, Controller Tom Huening and Coroner                 You don’t realize in how many different ways
more powerful than just a Councilwoman. What            Robert Foucrault positions are up and they              you need it. Take smoke damage, for instance.
to do? Aguirre obviously has some thinking to do,       all can and will run for reelection. I doubt any        To clean all your clothing affected by smoke
and it will be an interesting process to watch. The     legitimate candidate will enter any of those races.     damage is costly. But the cost would be covered
unknown always is.                                         Jim Fox who has headed the District Attorney’s       if you have the right insurance—do I sound like
   What is known is that the Fair Oaks                  Office for nearly three decades will not be running     a commercial? So, right after the fire was out,
neighborhood in Redwood City needs some strong          for reelection. Chief Deputy District Attorney          I called Castle Insurance and checked on my
representation on the Board, and Aguirre is seen        Steve Wagstaffe, will be running to replace his         policy, and paying the premium of less than $20
as a candidate that will do that. There are image       boss, and it looks like he will have no competition.    a month is well worth it. As a public service not
problems, financial problems, safety problems and          Horsley’s predecessor Sheriff Greg Munks             a commercial, I would suggest you get renters
whoever is elected needs to focus on them. Like I       is also up for reelection and it looks like he will     insurance also. It will save you a lot of money if
said, so many things can happen in two years.           also have no opposition. San Mateo Police Chief         you should need it, and does not cost that much to

                     .…                                 Susan Manheimer has always been rumored to
                                                        be interested in the seat, but has expressed no
                                                        interest. She did tell me she has been encouraged                            .…
                                                                                                                secure. That’s my good advice for the month.

With last November’s election just wrapping up,         to run for the seat but has not made a decision at
campaign watchers are already looking forward to        this point. Better hurry up.                            With the Holidays over and the New Year started,
this June’s primary and beyond. Many races will            Treasurer/Tax collector Lee Buffington will not      I just want to take this opportunity to say a few
be competing for the attention of Redwood City          seek a seventh term and will happily be heading         Thank You’s to some special individuals who
voters. Here are a few.                                 into retirement. It looks like it will be a race        have been instrumental in helping the Spectrum
  A three-way race is shaping up to fill former         between his deputy Sandra Arnott and former             become and continue to be so successful.
Redwood City Mayor Ira Ruskin’s assembly                Burlingame Mayor Joe Galligan to fill his seat.         Contributing Writers Judy Buchan, Valerie
seat. He will term out. County Supervisor Rich             So what does all this mean? First and foremost       Harris and Nicole Mineri have done an excellent
Gordon, Palo Alto Councilwoman Yoriko                   if you are an incumbent in San Mateo County you         job at portraying the people and businesses in
Kishimoto and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Josh          can almost always be assured that you will face         our community with dignity and respect. They
Becker have each formally announced plans to            no opposition and easily be reelected. But that is      deserve as much, and our writers are the perfect
run. Redwood City resident Marc Berman also             exactly what the County charter is designed to          folks to do just that.
considered a run but recently dropped out and           do. Second, if you have a well-recognized name
                                                                                                                                               (continued on page 28)
Ira Takes Control:
‘Beginning of a Greater Community’
The Redwood City City Council got a major                 Foust said it was “an honor and a privilege” to
overhaul, installing newly re-elected member           serve such “an absolutely incredible community.”
Jeff Ira as mayor for the next two years and              But the best part?
adding two new faces to replace termed-out                “All the things I got to do with our children,”
councilmembers Diane Howard and Jim Hartnett.          Foust said.
   John Seybert and Jeff Gee, both former                 Foust’s enthusiasm was echoed by the newest
planning commissioners, joined the council,            members of the council as they look toward the future.
shaking the makeup for the first time in five years.      Howard and Hartnett were both termed out,
Along with Ira, the City Council unanimously           paving the way for the two new members. The
installed Councilwoman Alicia Aguirre as vice          audience stood and clapped as both literally
mayor.                                                 stepped down off the dais.
   Redwood City rotates its mayor every two years         New members Gee and Seybert were elected in
instead of the more standard year of other cities.     November, beating out probation officer Cherlene
During Foust’s turn with the gavel, she battled        Wright and business owner Janet Borgens. Ira was
with San Mateo County over plans for a new             re-elected for his final term.
jail in the city — specifically when the county           Seybert honored Hartnett and Howard, saying
planned to buy land for that purpose without first     he looks “forward to following their direction.”         they had “51 percent” of the decision.
telling the city. She also took on Save The Bay,       But he mainly acknowledged his family for                  Ira, no novice to the council, thanked everyone
an environmental nonprofit whose fight over            supporting his campaign and sharing him with the         for giving him a final chance to finish his goals
proposed development of the Cargill Saltworks          city he hopes to improve with his tenure.                but reminded the audience everybody must work
site propelled twin ballot measures about open            “Tomorrow is the beginning of an even greater         to reach that end.
space in 2008.                                         community than the one we already enjoy,”                  “The time to act is now,” he said.
   That was a “challenging time,” Foust said in        Seybert said.
her final moments as mayor, while highlighting            Gee also pointed to the future, promising to
positives such as downtown and the new general         work hard to make Redwood City the best it can           Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the
and strategic plans.                                   be. Like Seybert, he also thanked his family since       Daily Journal newspaper.

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                                                                                                                                                    The Spectrum 7
Jigsaw Java
By Nicole Minieri, Contributing Writer   Gets Jiggy

Ask a regular or a newcomer to describe their
experience at Jigsaw Java, and they will offer
words such as fun, awesome, exhilarating,
incredible, intriguing, relaxing, peaceful and “OMG, the best!”
       Jigsaw Java, a safe haven for entertainment, learning and playing, is becoming a
       hot spot for spending leisure time in Redwood City’s downtown. Kids, adults and
       seniors can observe or engage in a variety of games and jigsaw puzzle–building
       activities while being served a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. The marriage
       of puzzles and java is proving to be a successful venture and is certainly adding a
       pinch of exuberance to the city’s business district.
   Jigsaw Java was founded by Redwood City               jigsaw puzzle activity. For starters, puzzle patrons   been called to do and will definitely not be doing
native Mary Albitz and has been at 846 Main St.          are encouraged to become members of Jigsaw             anything else anytime soon. “I believe you should
since its opening a year and a half ago. Albitz,         Java. Members can take advantage of savings and        do what you love and have fun doing it, and I love
who continues to own and operate the budding             the freedom to build puzzles on a regular basis.       jigsaw puzzles,” said Albitz. “I look at it the way
business, had a longtime passion for jigsaw              Jigsaw Java also offers other types of puzzle-         Deepak Chopra looks at it: ‘There are no extra
puzzles before turning her pastime into her              building involvement for levels from novice            pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because
vocation. “I had always wanted to do something           to expert. Daily studio fees are one option for        he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must
like this in Redwood City. So I started thinking         building puzzles from stock or puzzles brought         fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.’” Clearly,
about the idea six years ago, but really started         in from home while enjoying a free cup of coffee,      Albitz fits nicely into Jigsaw Java, and Jigsaw
working on it three years ago,” said Albitz. “It         tea or hot chocolate. Monthly membership and           Java fits nicely into Redwood City!
was a lot of work putting it all together, but not       Puzzle-of-the-Month Club options are ideal for
hard work. I really enjoyed every step of the way.”      those who relish the excitement and challenge of
   Albitz has undeniably put her heart and soul          building new puzzles on a more frequent basis.                        Jigsaw Java
into building a business where people can                   Jigsaw Java delights in hosting special events                     846 Main St.
come “one and all” to partake in the wonderful           and gatherings, such as birthday parties, social
experience of so many kinds of jigsaw puzzle             group outings, hosted events, private parties and              Redwood City, CA 94063
activities. “I make it a great experience for            team-building events. “Jigsaw Java is the perfect                    650-364-3634
everyone, and 90 percent of the people who come          place to have your next birthday or private party,”    
through the doors absolutely love the place and          said Albitz. “It’s very different, fun, affordable
always come back again. I’ll have sample puzzles         and a great way to socialize.” The team-building
out for people to play with, and they will have          events were designed to equip employees with
such a blast and so much fun with it,” said Albitz.      tools that enable them to work more efficiently
“Actually a typical day for me at Jigsaw Java is         and effectively as a team in the workplace. Such
filled with fun. A family will come in and take out      events are ideal for corporate employers and can
a puzzle that they have stored here. Depending           be held on-site as well.
on how many people are in the family, they may              Jigsaw Java maintains a busy social calendar
all want to be working on the same puzzle or they        with events that are geared toward individuals,
may split up and some may play other games.              couples, families, local businesses and
While this is going on, other people will come           organizations. “We have a variety of events that
in and search for puzzles, and I consider helping        take place, and the events vary from month to
people search for puzzles to be the most fun             month,” said Albitz. These events include open
thing that I get to do. Now, if it is a real busy day,   houses, youth group gatherings, senior activities,
there may be more than one family working on             gift-wrapping parties, wine-tasting parties,
a puzzle, and the families will interact with one        holiday parties and fundraisers. “I’ll come up
another to help put their puzzles together. What is      with an idea for an event or someone else will.”
so nice about this is that Jigsaw Java is developing        The next big event on Jigsaw Java’s jiggy
into a close-knit community for the regulars, and        calendar is National Puzzle Day. “National Puzzle
to me that is what this is all about: building a         Day is actually on Jan. 29, but we are going to
community. And it is very satisfying to be able to       celebrate it on Saturday the 30th, and this is the
create and share a place that builds and supports        first time we are joining in on the celebration,”
the community in the way that Jigsaw Java does.”         said Albitz. “The main event will be a puzzle
   Albitz is building a solid name for herself as        contest.” Teams of four will put together a puzzle,
an initiator and innovator, as well as leader of the     with $500 going to the team with the fastest
pack among local competitors due to her eclectic         time. For those not participating in the puzzle
selection of puzzle and game merchandise, which          competiton, there will also be hand-cutting of
comes from over 20 different manufacturers.              wooden jigsaw puzzles and a crossword puzzle
“I carry a huge variety of puzzles that other            demonstration. Albitz is optimistic about the
places don’t,” said Albitz. “I have everything           turnout and believes the festivities will be a great
from a 10-piece puzzle for a 10-year-old to a            start to the new year.
24,000-piece puzzle for the expert. I also have             “Although Jigsaw Java has been steady with a
custom puzzles, where people will give me a              constant traffic flow, we keep breaking even and
photograph or image and I have it turned into            have not become profitable yet,” said Albitz. “So
a puzzle.” Albitz is also the first distributor          far, November and December have been busy
of puzzles for individuals who suffer from               months, and my goal is to keep it going and be
Alzheimer’s and dementia. “These puzzles are             profitable by the end of 2010. I am on my way to
fabulous,” said Albitz. “They trigger memory             achieving that because Jigsaw Java keeps getting
in these people and can therefore encourage              busier and better by the month.
conversation.”                                              Albitz is also on her way to becoming a leading
   Plus, Jigsaw Java has become home to                  figure in Redwood City as someone who is
the world’s finest jigsaw puzzle table, the              actively involved with community outreach. “I
PuzzleMaster. This table is considered to be             have been a member of the Peninsula Sunrise
the ultimate accessory for the true puzzle lover.        Rotary Club and participate in as many events
The PuzzleMaster is attractively constructed             as possible,” said Albitz. Using Jigsaw Java as a
of unfinished wood with many key features,               conduit for community service, Albitz has toy
including a large working area for puzzles of            drives during the holidays, donates pizza and
1,000-plus pieces, two side trays for convenient         puzzle-party gift certificates for school auctions,
puzzle-piece storage and tilting ability to              opens her store to local schools for fundraisers
eliminate glare and capture good lighting. It also       and gives 10 percent of merchant credit card fees
folds easily for storage purposes.                       to the Redwood City Education Foundation.
   Just as the famed PuzzleMaster table comes               Whether she is helping someone in the
with a crowd of patented features, so does Jigsaw        community or helping someone with a puzzle,
Java, which offers many ways to enjoy the art of         Albitz knows she is doing exactly what she has

                                                                                                                                                   The Spectrum 9
Parties Around Town                                                                                  Port Holiday Party. Thursday, Dec. 17

Left to right, from top: Port Commissioners Larry Aikins (left) and Dick Dodge light up the tree. City Manager Peter Ingram shares a laugh. Former Mayor Diane Howard enjoying
the party. Port Commissioner Larry Aikins talks it up. Former Mayor Georgi LaBerge and Jill Singleton share holiday spirits.
P.S. The People Speak: Letters to the Editor

Redwood City ‘pays it forward’                                                    it sets a terrible precedent” and “How would they feel if Redwood City
                                                                                  passed a resolution … about a project of theirs?”).
Dear Editor,                                                                         As a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, my comment to Foust and
                                                                                  the Redwood City City Council is: Sorry for intruding in your Redwood City
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I lost my wallet with my work badge in it.        redevelopment matter, but it’s our San Francisco Bay you are planning to fill.
I would like to take a minute to thank the good Samaritan who followed up            The City Council can save a lot of unnecessary administrative expense and
on the instructions on the back of the badge and arranged to have not only        save everyone else around the bay at lot of unnecessary grief if it just says
it but my wallet returned to my employer. I cannot let everyone know how          “No” to filling the Saltworks to create a new mini city by the bay. This bad
much it heartened me that someone would take the time out of their busy day       idea does not merit any further consideration.
to make sure that those things were returned. Thank you and please have              Urban development has already consumed enough shoreline around the
a happy holiday. What a kind thing to do. I will be donating to the Second        bay. Each incremental filling may produce short-term monetary gains for
Harvest Food Bank in the name of The Good Samaritan to honor the kind deed.       developers and property-taxers, but each incremental filling reduces the total
                                                                                  long-term value of the entire San Francisco Bay Area, which depends on the
                                              Joyce M. Gamber, Redwood City       existence of a beautiful and vibrant bay. Fill the bay and you poison the goose
                                                                                  that lays the golden eggs. The City Council should consider returning the
                                                                                  Saltworks to wetlands.
                                                                                     Yes, it is our business what Redwood City does to its portion of the bay,
                                                                                  when it affects the other residents around the bay.
We don’t see your vision
                                                                                                                                        William Harris, Oakland
Dear Editor,

Our San Francisco Bay is the vital, defining aspect of the Bay Area, and it
has already shrunk by one-third due to filling and paving. For that reason,
Peninsula leaders should oppose any development on the Cargill salt ponds.        Atlantis by the bay?
There should be no housing, schools or even businesses out there — behind
levees that could fail. What the community does need is sports fields and         Dear Editor,
park lands that are accessible to all. Redwood City already spelled out a plan
that includes a huge new city park, protects the port and restores most of the    Since the Redwood City City Council and their friends Cargill are hell bent
salt ponds back to the bay where they belong. Why is nobody on the council        on filling in the bay for profit, let us call the new sunken community Atlantis.
speaking up for that positive vision? They seem to prefer to make people          When the water rises due to global warming, this future community will
believe that we need to let Cargill build 12,000 homes in the bay in exchange     flood like Milpitas.
for a few playing fields. It’s just not true.                                        What do you expect from a company like Cargill that produces bad hamburgers?

                                                   Joan Parker, Portola Valley                                                   Raymond DeMattei, San Carlos

SamTrans making biking less safe                                                  Water mean GREAT news?

Dear Editor,                                                                      Dear Editor,

A gate connecting Pico Boulevard to Twin Dolphin Drive, which has                  I was encouraged to hear that the developer of the proposed Saltworks
for years provided important access for bicyclists and pedestrians to the         project has identified a sustainable water source for the site. I also heard that
Redwood Shores levee trail, has been closed by SamTrans. This gate closure        DMB may have more water than is needed for the Saltworks and may help
disrupts bicycle traffic coming from the Whipple Avenue/Shoreway bike             Redwood City with other projects. That’s great news on both fronts.
path into Redwood Shores. SamTrans recommends a detour out to Redwood                I also understand that it’s atypical for a developer to bring its own water
Shores Parkway, which it claims is safer because it does not go by the yard       supply to such a large project. In fact, it’s unheard of in construction circles.
entrance. Its suggested route is through the intersection that was recently       To me, this shows the consideration DMB is bringing to Redwood City and
the site of a bike fatality. While there is a marked bike path on Redwood         the thoughtfulness it has for the project.
Shores Parkway, bikers wishing to use the levee path must make two street            I’m glad there won’t be a water issue and I’m glad DMB is putting the long-
crossings, for which there is no bike accessible signal control. I feel much      term relationship with our community first as it addresses all the issues.
safer riding on Pico than I do on Parkway. It seems to me that this action by
SamTrans is making the situation less safe for bikers and is interfering with                                                 Christopher Martin, Redwood City
one segment of the Bay Trail bike route.

                                                Richard Bitting, Redwood City           Let your opinion be heard!
                                                                                        Send your letters to or
                                                                                        Opinions & Letters, The Spectrum Magazine, P.O. Box 862,
Redwood City business is now Oakland’s                                                  Redwood City, CA 94064
                                                                                        Letters to the editor should be no longer than 300 words. Columns
Dear Editor,                                                                            should be no longer than 750 words. Illegibly written and
                                                                                        anonymous letters will not be accepted. Please include a daytime
Reference recent comments by former Redwood City Mayor Rosanne                          phone number where we can reach you.
Foust directed at the Menlo Park City Council for intruding in the Cargill
Saltworks redevelopment matter (e.g., “It is totally inappropriate, and I think
                                                                                                                                                 The Spectrum 11
Cultural Events

The Main Gallery                                                                    Filoli
1018 Main St., Redwood City                                                         Cañada Road, Woodside
650-701-1018,                                                650-364-8300, ext. 507
Wed–Fri 11–4, Sat–Sun 10–3, and by appointment                            
                                                                                    Tuesday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–3:30 p.m. (last admission 2:30 p.m.);
The Main Gallery, an artists’ cooperative with 23 members, showcases the            Sunday, 11 a.m.–3:30 p.m. (last admission 2:30 pm)
work of some of the best local talent in the Bay Area. The gallery is located       $5–$12; children under 5 free
at the corner of Main and Middlefield in the historic yellow Victorian
cottage. The gallery is open Wednesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and                                                    Filoli, designed by California
weekends from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, please call 650-701-                                                     architect Willis Polk and built in
1018 or visit                                                                                          the early part of the 20th century,
                                                                                                                               is one of the finest examples of
                                                                                                                               country house architecture in the
San Mateo County History Museum                                                                                                United States and is one of the few
                                                                                                                               in California that remains intact in
2200 Broadway St., Redwood City
                                                                                                                               its original setting. Bruce Porter,
                                                                                                                               with later help from Isabella Worn,
                                                                                                                               laid out the 16 acres of gardens.
Tuesday–Sunday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
                                                                                                                               Both guided and self-guided tours of
$2–$4; free for children 5 and under
                                                                                                                               the house and grounds are available
                                                                                                                               from February through October.
                                             The History Museum is
                                             housed inside the historic
                                                                                                                               Guided House and Garden Tours
                                             1910 County Courthouse.
                                                                                                                               These two-hour, docent-led tours
                                             Over 50,000 people visit the
                                                                                                                               includes both the house and the
                                             museum each year, and the
                                                                                                                               gardens. Reservations required.
                                             number of local residents who
                                             hold memberships is growing.
                                                                                                                               Self-Guided Tours
                                             The History Museum teaches
                                                                                                                               No reservations required for these
                                             approximately 14,000 children
                                                                                                                               tours. A map is available for the
                                             each year through the on- and
                                                                                                                               self-guided tour, and volunteers are
                                             off-site programs. The museum
                                                                                                                               posted in both the house and the
                                             houses the research library and
                                                                                                                               gardens to answer questions. There
                                             archives that currently hold
                                                                                                                               is also a continuous 14-minute video
over 100,000 photographs, prints, books and documents collected by the San
                                                                                                                               on the history of Filoli available in
Mateo County Historical Association.
                                                                                                                               the Visitor and Education Center.

                                                                                                                              Nature Hikes
Ongoing Exhibits                                                                                                              These hikes are available by
                                                                                    reservation only on Saturdays at 10 a.m. The hike covers roughly three
The Great Rotunda. The stained-glass dome of the rotunda, thought to be the         miles of trails and takes approximately two and a half hours. Nature docents
largest in a Pacific Coast public building, is the architectural highlight of the   describe wildlife, plants, endangered species and the historical background of
museum building.                                                                    the area. Visitors may not hike without a docent.
Courtroom A. The oldest courtroom in San Mateo County has been restored
to its appearance in 1910.                                                          Orchard Tours
Nature’s Bounty. This exhibit gallery explores how the earliest people of           These tours are available on selected days throughout the open season. With
the Peninsula used the natural resources of the area and how those resources        a docent-led tour of the unique heirloom orchard, learn about the tradition of the
were used to help build San Francisco after the discovery of gold in 1849.          gentleman’s orchard and how Filoli is conserving not only rare fruits but also
Journey to Work. This exhibit gallery shows how transportation transformed          this defining landscape feature of the country estate. Reservations required.
San Mateo County from a frontier to suburbs.
Carriage Display. An exhibit of the museum’s 30 horse-drawn vehicles.
Charles Parsons Gallery. An exhibit of the 23 historical model ships created
by Charles Parsons of San Carlos.
Politics, Crime and Law Enforcement. The Atkinson Meeting Room
includes the Walter Moore Law Enforcement Collection of historic badges.
San Mateo County History Makers: Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World.
The exhibit chronicles the entrepreneurs who made San Mateo County
internationally known.
Land of Opportunity: The Immigrant Experience in San Mateo County.
The exhibit tells the stories of the diverse people who came to the area and
explores how different groups faced hardships and discrimination.
Living the California Dream. The exhibit depicts the development of the
suburban culture of San Mateo County.
The Celtic Tiger: The Irish Economic Miracle. The exhibit explores how the
Bay Area has participated in Ireland’s current economic boom.
Community Interest

New Elementary School Gets Name                                                   not pass on the difference to violators. During the budget study session in
                                                                                  October, councilmembers tentatively approved a staff recommendation
The new elementary school opening in Redwood Shores next fall may                 to increase the fines by $10 to generate approximately $88,000 in revenue
be named — drum roll, please — Redwood Shores Elementary School,                  beyond the amount needed to be a wash with the state.
a moniker meant to recognize the community that fought for the new                   The figure is based on the roughly 16,000 parking tickets handed out by
educational facility.                                                             Redwood City police in 2008–09. City officials say the ordinance was last
  The Belmont–Redwood Shores School District Board of Trustees is expected        changed in 2004, leaving the city’s fines lagging behind those of surrounding
to vote on a name for the new elementary school opening next fall. Voters         cities by a margin of $5 to $15.
approved a $25 million bond measure in 2005 to build a second elementary             If the council agrees to the proposed increase, the current parking violation
school in Redwood Shores, slated to open next fall on a 7-acre parcel among       fine of $25 will move to $35. If, instead, the council opts for another proposed
a 109-acre portion of wetlands. The Name the New School Committee                 alternative of a $15 increase, the city could generate approximately $168,000
has worked for some time to compile name suggestions and put forward a            in extra revenue.
recommendation, which it found in Redwood Shores Elementary School.
  The name was one of 62 considered names. Other suggestions included
Avocet School, Bird Island Elementary, Bluejay School, Don Warren                 Bank Buys Fox Theatre
Elementary, Clapper Rail, Everchanging Bay School, Gianni Antonio, Happy
Elementary, Hope, Lagoon Elementary, Los Pajaros of the Shores School,            The historic Fox Theatre in downtown Redwood City sold for $70,000 back
Marine Elementary, Kingfisher, Larry Ellison Elementary, Pea Pod, Pelican         to the bank that foreclosed on the property, putting into question whether the
Bay, Pete Hughes, Ruddy Duck Elementary, Sea Star Elementary, Shorebird           curtain will fall on the entertainment venue.
Elementary, Snow Egret, Surfside, The Goat School, Wetlands Elementary,              Bids for the property at 2215 Broadway started at $70,000 with a maximum
Willet and Whimbrel.                                                              of $700,000. With no takers among the dozens of people gathered at the daily
  At the same meeting, the board will study going for a potential bond            trust sale outside the county government center, the property returned to the
measure.                                                                          beneficiary. The sale means lender Coast Capital Income Fund absorbs the
  A number of projects — such as a new roof at Ralston Middle School,             substantial difference — the amount owed on the loan is close to $1.3 million
modernization at several schools, technology updates and equipment renewal,       — and now decides what to do with the theater.
artificial turf, seismic upgrades and increased classroom space — have been          The theater’s next act happened amid a record number of properties up for
discussed by the board without any funding options. The district is eligible to   auction. Following the holiday weekend, 158 parcels were up for grabs. A
apply for state grants, but only if it has locally-generated matching funds.      number, however, were postponed for reasons including mutual agreements
  A proposed timeline for such a bond vote is on the November 2010 ballot.        between the banks and owners — the same reason the Fox Theatre’s public
                                                                                  auction was delayed three times before Monday’s final sale.
                                                                                     An hour into the process, PLM Lender Services, which handled the
Sequoia Gives Grants for Special Needs, School Nurse                              foreclosure sale, said there was little information about the scheduled auction,
                                                                                  a sign they said of possible last-minute negotiations. But by mid-afternoon,
The San Carlos School District and the city’s special needs program received      the property was called and within minutes sold without any bids.
emergency funds from the Sequoia Healthcare District Wednesday, keeping              The crowd was large compared to the handful that usually gather on
both afloat in the face of budget cuts.                                           Marshall Street, according to the regulars hoping to scoop up properties. The
   The district board of directors gave the school district $43,500 to keep a     scheduled sale of the Fox obviously drew the curious, even if it didn’t draw
school nurse half-time for this year. The nurse serves 3,000 kindergarten to      checks.
eighth-grade students on six school campuses.                                        The theater’s net value is $2.39 million, according to the San Mateo County
   The district recently learned it will cost $570,000 more than expected to      Assessor’s Office.
serve its special education students this year. Coupled with an anticipated $1       Although it was sold for such a lesser amount, the Assessor’s Office could
million budget cut next year, the nurse position was on the chopping block        still send its own appraiser rather than use the sale price as the starting point
until Sequoia stepped in.                                                         for property tax assessment.
   Sequoia, through its Caring Community Grants Program, also funds one              The theater’s financial problems first came to light in September, as owners
school nurse each in the Sequoia High School District and the Redwood City        John Anagnostou and Michael Monte neared the three-month deadlines for
School District.                                                                  notices of default filed during the summer. Even as the theater foreclosed and
   The San Carlos Special Needs After School Program also received $25,000        the auctions were scheduled, the owners publicly said they wished to retain it,
to replace lost state revenue. The program serves 25 autistic, Down syndrome      and the multiple postponements pointed to attempts of staving off the sale of
and other developmentally disabled children.                                      it and an adjacent parking lot.
   The emergency funds slightly expand the district’s $8 million annual              According to the notices of default filed with the Assessor’s Office,
community health care funding budget.                                             Anagnostou and Monte owe $62,795.72 on a $1.175 million note to Coast
   At the same meeting, board President Don Horsley and Director Kim              Capital Income Fund as of June 25. Monte and Anagnostou’s father, George,
Griffin also shared that a study of the coastside’s health needs is likely to     also owed $110,712.46 in past due payments, interest and fees as of July 24 to
conclude there isn’t enough money, support or need for a clinic to replace the    Palo Alto Players–Peninsula Center Stage.
now-shuttered Coastside Family Medical Clinic.                                       PAP filed a notice of rescission just before the last scrapped public auction
   A new private medical practice, the Purisima Medical Center, has helped        after it was paid the past due installments, default interest, penalties and
alleviate the primary care problem, according to Horsley.                         other costs to make the note current, according to Executive Director Peter
                                                                                     PAP is the senior lien holder but filed its default notice second.
                                                                                     Alongside the mortgage payments, the Fox Theatre was also nearly
Parking Fines Jump                                                                $30,000 behind in property taxes until recently.
                                                                                     The art deco theater seats 1,400 and includes a bar and concession area.
Parking scofflaws in Redwood City, be warned — the City Council hiked             The property also includes the Little Fox nightclub next door. When the
fines by $10 to cover state increases, bring the city more in line with the fee   theater reopened, the city expected it to draw crowds downtown and to the
schedule of surrounding cities and add money to its general fund.                 newly spruced up Courthouse Square across the street.
   On Jan. 1, 2009, California legislators enacted a Senate bill adding a $3         After the foreclosure, Redwood City officials fueled speculation about
surcharge to parking citations in all cities added on top of a $1.50 surcharge    possibly purchasing the theater by discussing it in a closed session of the City
from 2008. The new increase is for court facilities construction.                 Council but no plans were made to make an offer.
   The increase means an approximately $72,000 loss to the city if it does
                                                                                                                                                 The Spectrum 13
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Check out our Best of the Best selections below. Shouldn’t you make the commitment to shopping locally?
When you are out shopping, dining or enjoying some entertainment, you will benefit because your sales tax dollars
stay local and help us all. These businesses not only provide excellent service but also contribute to our community.

Auto Care:                                                                          Personal Improvement:
Redwood General Tire – 1630 Broadway – Redwood General Tire was                      Re:Juvenate Skincare Clinic – 1100 Laurel St., Suite F, San Carlos –
founded on the principles of good customer service and quality products at           Whether you are seeing a Re:Juvenate clinician for acne, sun damage, skin
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                                                 Business Profile of the Month                                                look for the new year.

                                              Every Woman Health Club – 611 Jefferson Ave. – This women-                      Specialty Businesses:
Eating and Catering:                          only, body-positive fitness center in downtown Redwood City
                                              offers a variety of classes, strength and cardio equipment,                     Bizzarro’s Auto Auction – 2581
Canyon Inn – 587 Canyon Road                                                                                                  Spring St. – Services include auto
– “The Canyon Inn has had the same            personal training and spa services. One of the best things about
                                              the club is their flexible pricing, with several options available              auctions, consignment vehicle sales,
owner for over two decades and every                                                                                          appraisal services and even ways
year it just keeps getting better. They       for members and nonmembers alike. There is not a better way
                                              to begin the new year than by focusing on you. At Every Woman                   to donate your vehicle to charities.
 serve everything from their famous                                                                                           Increase your fundraising efforts with
hamburgers to pizzas, all kinds of            Health Club, they want every woman to feel strong from the
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There’s a Sunday breakfast buffet                                                                                             etc. Call 650-363-8055 for details on
from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with NFL Ticket                                                                                         all of their services.
games on the big flat-screen TVs. Don’t forget to reserve their closed patio for
your next party — it has heaters, fans and a big-screen TV (no extra charges).”      Castle Insurance – 643 Bair Island Road, #104 – Castle Insurance
                                                                                     is an independent insurance agency representing a carefully selected
Deseo Tequila Lounge and Restaurant – 851 Main St. – “We went there                  group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies. Visit www.
 and it was fabulous! My friends were very impressed by their food menu,    or call 650-364-3664 for a free quote.
 and I have to say the burger I had was tasty. They also have 21 big-screen
televisions to view sporting events and more. I am so happy that Redwood             Terry Finn and Madonna’s Bail Bonds – 234 Marshall St., Upstairs
City finally has such an upscale place for watching your favorite sports team,       #3, 650-366-9111 – Finn and Madonna’s provide bail bonds to any court
having a drink with friends or dancing the night away.”                              jurisdiction, jail or police agency in California and in many other states.
                                                                                     Interested parties representing incarcerated subjects are encouraged to
Little India – 917 Main St. – “There are good restaurants. There are bad             contact the licensed bail agent on duty at the above office for immediate bail
restaurants. There are okay restaurants. Then there are those places, the            bond assistance.
magic ones. You come back again and again because the food doesn’t just
taste good and satisfy hunger, but helps heal the heart and soul.” Senior            Michelle Glaubert, Realtor at Coldwell Banker – 650-722-1193 – Michelle
 citizens receive $1 off and children under 12 dine at half price. www.              doesn’t want to be one of the real estate agents that pass through your life;                                                              she wants to be the only Realtor in your life! “People like my honesty and
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Financial Institutions:                                                              absolutely refuse to let them down.” Visit her online at
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financial priorities are anticipated and fulfilled. Offerings include free auto-    you with a variety of storage products and services to suit all your storage
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of credit. Call 650-363-1725 or 888-363-1725 or visit a branch for additional       services are available.
                                                                                    Schoenstein Physical Therapy – 363A Main St., 650-599-9482 – The
Home Improvements:                                                                  clinical approach of this independent, community-based practice focuses
                                                                                    on thorough physical therapy assessment, specific treatment strategies and
Lewis Carpet Cleaners – 1-800-23-LEWIS – Founded in 1985, Lewis                     patient education. Individualized treatment programs are designed to help
Carpet Cleaners has grown from one small, portable machine to a company             meet patient goals of restoring function, returning to sport or occupation and
of six employees and five working vans. The Lewis family works and lives            maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
in Redwood City and is committed to our community. Ask about their
Spectrum special: Get 100 square feet of carpet cleaned for free.                    St. Regal Jewelers – 850 Main St. – As you begin your holiday shopping,
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at HLF are committed to knowing and meeting their clients’ needs through
long-term relationships and value-added services, and to supporting and
participating in the communities where they live and work.
Parties Around Town                                         Tribute to Diane Howard and Jim Hartnett. Monday, Dec. 8

Left to right, from top: Former mayors Jeff Ira, Dick Claire and Jim Hartnett (top) and Georgi LaBerge, Diane Howard, Barbara Pierce and Rosanne Foust (bottom). Business
owners Frank and Liza Bizzarro join the celebration. Assemblymen Jerry Hill and Ira Ruskin. City Clerk Silvia Vonderlinden, working as usual. The City Hall foyer is full to honor
Hartnett and Howard.

                   587 Canyon Road                                                                                                            (650) 369-1646
                   Redwood City                                                                                                 

                        Est. 1973                                                                                            Proud Chamber of Commerce member

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                                                                                                                                                                   The Spectrum 15
 Mount Carmel School at 125:
   Looking Back and Looking Ahead
                                                                                                                    By Judy Buchan, Contributing Writer

Built in 1932, the stately, Spanish mission–style building at                                                   Jean Harrison (class of 1946) agrees:
                                                                                                                “I have many happy memories from my eight
Katherine Avenue and Grand Street has just about seen it all:                                                years at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.
The Great Depression and the financial meltdown of recent                                                    However, I am most grateful to the Sisters of
                                                                                                             Notre Dame de Namur for instilling in the student
years, wars and rumors of wars, the struggle for civil rights of                                             the ability to think independently, to set a goal
                                                                                                             and to strive to achieve it.”
the last century as played out on television and the struggle for                                               Former Mayor and Councilmember Jim Hartnett
freedom today on the streets of Tehran and on Twitter.                                                       continued the family tradition at Mount Carmel:
                                                                                                                “My mom (Rosemary Royer Hartnett), aunt
                                                                                                             (Barb Royer Greenalch), uncle (Bill Royer, class
                                                                                                                                       of 1921) and my brother
   Yet Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, now                                                                                            Don and sister Kathy all
in its 125th year of educating the youth of our                                                                                        attended Mount Carmel.
community, is even more deeply woven into the                                                                                          Also, many cousins
tapestry of Redwood City.                                                                                                              from both the Hartnett
   The school’s history actually started long before                                                                                   and Royer side of the
1932. In the summer of 1885, the Rev. Michael                                                                                          family attended as well.
Riordan invited four Sisters of Notre Dame de                                                                                          My grandmother (my
Namur to be the first teachers of the new school                                                                                       mother’s mom) worked
at Brewster Avenue and El Camino Real. More                                                                                            in the Mount Carmel
than 50 students arrived on a warm August day to                                                                                       cafeteria for a number of
start school, having endured a short delay because                                                                                     years, and my uncle Bill
school desks had not arrived.                                                                                                          coached Mount Carmel
   As was much of Redwood City, Mount Carmel                                                                                           basketball and baseball
School was damaged during the 1906 earthquake.                                                                                         teams for many years.
The community wanted Mount Carmel to rise                                                                                                 “I graduated from
from the ashes of the earthquake, and the sisters                                                                                      Mount Carmel in 1964.
subsequently returned to help make that happen.                                                                                        I was not a very good
   While the Great Depression held the nation in                                                                                       student but I certainly
its grasp, Redwood City moved forward with the                                                                                         loved playing on the
construction of the school’s permanent home.                                                                                           basketball and baseball
Community-wide celebrations and a parade                                                                                               teams, especially when we
through downtown marked the opening of the                                                                                             could beat our archrival,
new school. The gymnasium served as the church                                                               St. Pius (which unfortunately was not that often
until 1956, when the current sanctuary was                                                                   at the time). Having grown up living across the
completed.                                             and for scores of others in our family past and       street from the school/church and having the
   “Here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel we will           present — for truly it is our family’s school! It     family history, I always have felt and will always
continue to do what we have always done as a           was here when our lives together began. This          feel a special connection to Mount Carmel.
parish to work together — church and school —          is where Brent and I met. We were childhood           Enduring values were instilled in me through a
to love God, love one another and share the love       sweethearts; Brent was in the eighth grade and        combination of the Catholic education as well as
of Jesus Christ with our greater community,” said      I was in the seventh in 1949. We would meet at        the life of the Mount Carmel Parish. One of the
the Rev. John Balleza, pastor of Mount Carmel.         the Sequoia theater (now called the Fox) with all     things I really learned about was volunteerism
“By offering our children excellence in academics      our friends, and he and I would sit together. That    and giving of one’s time from my parents at that
and faith,” he continued, “we are sharing the          was considered dating at that time. In 1957, we       time, as they volunteered in school and church
Lord’s loving embrace as Jesus ‘blessed them,          were married at Mount Carmel Church, with my          activities and groups all the time. I am sure their
placing his hands on them.’ (Mark 10:15)”              classmate from Mount Carmel being my maid             example in the many church and school activities
   Graduates have gone on to become doctors,           of honor and Brent’s Mount Carmel classmate a         they volunteered for very much helped form me
lawyers, priests, nuns, authors, teachers,             groomsman. Our altar boys were Dennis Royer           and what I have become.”
homemakers and government leaders. They also           and Eddie Scott, then Mount Carmel students              Mount Carmel students are consistently taught
have many fond memories of their years at the          and today prominent Redwood City residents. I         that they are part of a larger community and
school.                                                taught preschool for 10 years at Mount Carmel.        that they are called to serve those around them.
   Barbara Britschgi (class of 1950) remembers:        We can safely say Mount Carmel did produce the        The school has a year-round community service
   “‘In a fertile valley nestling beneath the          character that all the Britschgi family shares with   program that is a vital part of students’ education.
great Sequoia shade, there’s a treasure house of       the Redwood City community. As the song ends,         Students are active participants in the Our Lady
knowledge where character is made.’ This is the        ‘And we vow our true allegiance to our school         of Mount Carmel School Community Outreach
beginning of our Mount Carmel school song,             of Mount Carmel,’ we do. We are very grateful         Program, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and
which holds true for all of our family — for           for the education and training we received there.     Catholic Charities of San Mateo County. In
Brent and I (Barbara Decia), for Susan, Steve and      Mount Carmel has been the foundation of our           1999, the school received a grant from Citizens’
Mark, for Spencer and Jake, our grandchildren,         lives.”                                               Scholarship Foundation of America (now
called Scholarship America) in recognition of
community involvement.
   According to former Councilmember Paul
Sanfilipo, also a Mount Carmel graduate,
responsibility and participation were key elements
of his education at Mount Carmel:
   “I believe some of the best education,
inspiration and discipline was received by many
students and still is today. Students were told by
their parents, ‘You are there to learn, so listen to
the teachers (nuns when I was there), and try to
do the best you can in all subjects.’ We stayed in
the same classroom all day with the same nun
teaching the same 45 kids (talk about class size
wasn’t a problem then). We also were taught to
respect one another in the classroom and on the
playground. Parents and teachers worked together
to educate and raise the school kids, not only
during school hours but after school. The baseball
and basketball teams were fun to be on, even
if you weren’t a starter, such as myself, but the
experience of being on a team and teamwork was
what it was about. Of course, it was nice to play
and win games. However, there were always the
St. Pius teams that always seemed hard to beat.
Can’t remember if we ever did.
   “One thing that I remember was being an altar
boy learning Latin for the Mass. Back then girls
were not allow to serve. Marching into class
each morning after saying a prayer outside in the
schoolyard, and all the kids that went to McKinley
would walk by and stare at us from outside the
fence. When you would answer a question in
class, you would have to stand up first, then
answer the question. Also, our report cards were
handed to us from Monsignor Munier, and that           Above left: Teresa Anthony and Rev. John Balleza in front of the school.
was always nerve-racking because if your grades        Above right: Alumni members Jim Hartnett, Barbara and Brent Britschgi, Paul Sanfilipo and Paula Uccelli.
weren’t too good he would roll his eyes, look at
you and wonder. Then with all his encouragement           Manuel and Teresa Garcia, parents to Edwin,             community an educational environment which
say to you, ‘Try hard next time.’ All in all, it was   Jonathan (in sixth grade), Brandon (fourth grade)          promotes their spiritual formation and strengthens
good and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend      and Elena (first grade), are proud of being part of        their social conscience.”
Mount Carmel for eight years as I made lasting         the Mount Carmel family. Manuel said, “I take                This 125th-anniversary year includes many
friends and good memories.”                            so much pride in all of my four children’s work,           activities to which the community is invited.
   Recent grad Edwin Garcia, class of 2009, now        and I do so because I know that they achieve
a freshman at Junipero Serra High School, is           such feats with the help of all the staff members
grateful for his time at Mount Carmel:                 at Mount Carmel School. … I was not surprised              Jan. 20: Redwood City–San Mateo County
   “Mount Carmel School was and always will            that [my oldest son] transformed into a wonderful          Chamber of Commerce Mixer
have a huge meaning in my life. The staff,             kid during his years here, due to the persistent           Jan. 31: CSW Mass with Archbishop Niederauer
learning environment and the dedication to faith       teachings of the importance of faith, schoolwork           April 29, May 1–2: Annual Festival
molded me into a young man ready for the next          and friendship. I can already predict that my other        June 4: 125th graduating class
stage of education. Every decision made in or          children will turn out be respectful kids, and my          July: Fourth of July parade
for your life will count one way or another, some      wife and I had no doubts in our minds when we              Aug. 13–15: All-Year Reunion Weekend
affecting your life minimally and others in major      decided to send our kids to Mount Carmel.”                 October: Blue and Gold 125th-Anniversary
ways, but I’m positive that my parents made the           So a Mount Carmel education seems to have a             Ball and Auction Fundraiser
right choice in enrolling me at Mount Carmel.          lasting effect. Principal Teresa Anthony said, “As
By expanding my faith here, I truly learned that       we begin our 125th year of providing academic
nothing is impossible. In my heart, I will always      excellence, we have a renewed spirit to continue           So, happy birthday, Mount Carmel, and may there
be a padre.”                                           our mission of providing the children of this              be many more birthdays to come!

                                                                                                                                                       The Spectrum 17
Parties Around Town                                       Downtown Business Group Holiday Party. Tuesday, Dec. 1

Left to right, from top: Miss San Mateo County Anna Lisa Matias and an admirer. Councilman John Seybert and Sobers Rajakumar of First National Bank. Newly elected
Councilman John Seybert. Frank Bartaldo having fun. Diane Rummel of the San Mateo County History Museum and her husband. DBG President Nancy Radcliffe and Phil
Bucher of St. Regal Jewelers.


                                                                                                       Help keep
                                                                                                       our homes
                                                                                                        and our
      Apply Today for a 3% Low-Interest Home Improvement Loan.
      Call (650) 780.7290 or visit
                    Donate Your Vehicle

             Proceeds support Kainos Home & Training Center
Providing quality residential, vocational and support services to developmentally
 disabled adults, enabling them to become active, contributing members of the

               Maximum Tax Deductions – We handle paperwork

                                                                  The Spectrum 19
Nonprofits in Action

Advocates for Children                                 Friends for Youth                                    demonstration of assistive devices is held on
Advocates for Children, CASA of San Mateo              Do you like to play video games, shoot hoops,        the first Wednesday of the month at 10:30 a.m.
County, is actively seeking caring and consistent      watch baseball games or just have fun? Then          in the second-floor conference room at the
adults to mentor and speak up for the best             you have what it takes to be a mentor! As a          Redwood City Public Library, 1044 Middlefield
interests of these children. Over 130 children are     mentor, you can hang out with a young person         Road. Please call Marj at 650-593-6760 with any
waiting for someone who cares.                         like Reggie. He’s a 12-year-old who loves pizza,     questions.
  If you would like to become a volunteer              baseball and cars. He lives with his grandmother
advocate, or just want to learn more, please attend    and three sisters and would love to hang out with    Nursing Mothers Counsel
an orientation held in their San Mateo office. Visit   a guy and have fun. There are 30 boys like Reggie    Nursing Mothers Counsel, a nonprofit
their Web site ( or call           waiting to be matched with a mentor like you.        organization since 1955, provides free
650-212-4423 for more information.                     Most of the boys wait more than a year to meet       breastfeeding education and assistance by highly
                                                       their mentors.                                       trained counselors (moms who breastfed for at
City Talk Toastmasters                                    If you are interested in becoming a mentor,       least six months). To speak with a counselor (no
Join the City Talk Toastmasters to develop             you are invited to attend a one-hour information     fee), call 650-327-MILK (327-6455).
communication and leadership skills. The club          session in Redwood City. For upcoming                   NMC also has breast pumps and breastfeeding
meets Wednesdays 12:30–1:30 p.m. in the Council        sessions, call 650-482-2871 or e-mail mentor@        supplies available for purchase and rent. Call
Chambers at City Hall, 1017 Middlefield Road.                                 650-364-9579. If you’d like to become a trained
Call Manny Rosas at 650-780-7468 if you would                                                               counselor, call 650-365-2713. Visit their Web site
like to check out a meeting, or just stop in. Visit    Funders Bookstore                                    at for more information about        If you haven’t wandered into the Funders
the Toastmasters public speaking program.              Bookstore, you have missed one of Redwood            Optimist Club of Redwood City
                                                       City’s hidden treasures. This project is a           Optimist International is one of the largest service
CityTrees                                              volunteer effort by a group of dedicated people      organizations in the world, where “bringing out
CityTrees is a nonprofit working with the Public       interested in supporting the San Mateo County        the best in kids” has been their mission for over
Works Department to enhance and care for               History Museum and simultaneously providing a        80 years.
Redwood City’s urban forest. They usually plant        community bookstore for everyone’s pleasure. A         The Optimist Club of Redwood City meets
or prune on the third Saturday of each month.          large collection of hardback first editions, trade   every Tuesday at 12 p.m. at Alana’s Cafe, 1020
Check their Web site ( for a         paperbacks, children’s books, cookbooks and          Main St. For information, visit www.optimist.
listing of events, dates and how to join.              an entire room of $1 paperbacks are featured.        org or call President Ed Rosen at 650-366-7589 or
                                                       Bookstore hours are Tuesday through Saturday,        Membership Chair John Butterfield at 650-366-
                                                       11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is on the lower level of the    8803. Or just come join them for lunch to learn
Family Connections                                     San Mateo County History Museum at 2200              more about how you can make a difference to the
This nonprofit group is the only parent-               Broadway, with the entrance facing Hamilton          youth in our community.
participation preschool in San Mateo County            Street. Stop by for a browse!
focusing on low-income families. Their Redwood
City classrooms offer children through age 5 and                                                            Peninsula Hills Women’s Club
their parents a tuition-free learning environment      Habitat for Humanity                                 Founded in 1960, Peninsula Hills Women’s Club,
that’s supportive and fun. Family Connections          Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit    a member of the General Federation of Women’s
parents stay involved in their children’s education    organization that seeks to eliminate poverty         Clubs and the California Federation of Women’s
and, as a result, their children are more prepared     housing and homelessness from the world, and         Clubs, is a philanthropic organization serving the
for kindergarten and beyond. They are always           to make decent shelter a matter of conscience        community through charitable, educational and
looking for volunteers to play with the children       and action. Locally, the Greater San Francisco       service programs. Meetings are held the third
while moms and dads attend parent-ed classes,          affiliate partners with working families and the     Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. For additional
organizers to help coordinate fundraisers,             community to build affordable ownership homes        information, contact PHWC, P.O. Box 1394,
and people from the business world to initiate         in Redwood City. Formed through the merger of        Redwood City, CA 94064.
new corporate partnerships. Check www.                 Peninsula Habitat for Humanity and Habitat for for more information.            Humanity San Francisco in August 2008, Habitat       Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
                                                       for Humanity Greater San Francisco provides a        In addition to sheltering and finding new homes
                                                       unique solution to the local housing crisis and      for stray and unwanted animals (100 percent
Family Service Agency of San                           has enabled nearly 150 families to purchase          placement for healthy dogs and cats since 2003!),
Mateo County                                           affordable housing. Contact Jennifer Doettling,      PHS/SPCA has vital programs for people. The
Looking for a dependable source of skilled,            communications director, at 650-568-7335 or          shelter drives its mobile spay/neuter clinic into
reliable workers? Family Service Agency of San Visit their Web site at   low-income neighborhoods, offering owners free
Mateo County provides employers with mature,                                   “fixes” for their pets. PHS/SPCA also provides
ready-to-work, experienced workers who are 55                                                               a free animal behavior help line in English and
years and older. Employers contact the service         Hearing Loss Association of the                      Spanish. Call 650-340-7022, ext. 783 or 786.
because they appreciate the superior work ethic                                                             And domestic abuse victims who wish to leave
and the commitment to quality that mature              Peninsula
                                                       Hearing Loss Association is a volunteer,             their abusive situation but are fearful of doing
workers possess. There are no fees for hiring                                                               so because they have pets can receive temporary
candidates. Contact Barbara Clipper at 650-403-        international organization of hard-of-hearing
                                                       people and their relatives and friends. The          sheltering for their pets through PHS/SPCA. Call
4300, ext. 4368, to place your job order.                                                                   650-340-7022, ext. 330.
   For those who are looking for work and are          nonprofit, nonsectarian, educational organization
at least 55 years of age, Family Service Agency        is devoted to the welfare and interests of those
provides a range of services, including referrals      who cannot hear well but are committed to
for classroom training, vocational counseling,         participating in the hearing world.
job referrals and on-the-job training for qualified       A day meeting is held on the first Monday of
participants. Contact Connie Tilles at 650-403-        the month at 1:30 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial
4300, ext. 4371, if you are looking for work.          Senior Center, 1455 Madison Ave. Educational
                                                       speakers and refreshments are provided. A                                          (continues on page 22)
                                                  Shop now for Valentine’s Day!

The Spectrum Mag AD   4/2/08   4:23 PM   Page 1

                Thank You
                 for Supporting the
                   Uccelli Family
                 Through the Years

      We urge you to contribute
        and support our local
        non-profits who do
       outstanding work in
           our community.

         Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation

                                                                                  The Spectrum 21
Nonprofits in Action (Continued from p20)

Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club                           Secretary David Tomatis at 650-575-3225, or          Redwood City Women’s Club
The Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club was chartered         check out their Web site at          Founded in 1909 as a member of the General
in April 1988. In the years since that time, the                                                             Federation of Women’s Clubs and the California
club has met weekly at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast and      Redwood City Education                               Federation of Women’s Clubs, the Redwood City
to hear a speaker at the Waterfront Restaurant at       Foundation                                           Women’s Club will celebrate its centennial in
Pete’s Harbor in Redwood City. The club, with           The Redwood City Education Foundation is an          September. The club meets the first Thursday
22 members, has frequently been honored as an           all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated      of each month, September through June, at the
outstanding small club by Rotary District 5150,         to providing students in the Redwood City            clubhouse at 149 Clinton St., Redwood City.
which includes San Mateo, San Francisco and part        School District with a strong education that lays    Social at 11 a.m., lunch at noon, followed by a
of Marin counties. For more information or to           the foundation for future success. They raise        meeting and program. For information, call 650-
join, call Brandy Navarro at 650-367-9394.              private money to provide enrichment programs         363-1266 or visit the group’s Web site at rwcwc.
                                                        to all students in the district. Their funding is    com.
Rebuilding Together Peninsula                           focused on academic achievement, music and
RTP is a Redwood City nonprofit that provides           art, and health and wellness. They are currently     Sequoia High School Alumni
free home repair and renovations for low-               seeking new board members. Board members             Association
income families, seniors and people living with         are responsible for attending monthly meetings,      The group meets the fourth Tuesday of each
disabilities throughout the Peninsula. RTP’s            chairing board committees, participating             month at the Sequoia District Board Room, 480
mission is to promote independent living in safety      in fundraising and outreach activities, and          James Ave., at 7 p.m. All alumni and friends
and warmth through volunteer partnerships               promoting RCEF in the community. If you are          of Sequoia are welcome to attend. For more
with individuals and groups in the community.           interested in the possibility of serving on the      information call Nancy at 650-592-5822, visit the
RTP is currently seeking skilled volunteers and         board, please contact Adam Borison at 650-363-       Web site at or e-mail
construction captains for its annual National           7271 or For more information on
Rebuilding Day, when thousands of volunteers            RCEF, check out
and sponsors unite to rehabilitate the homes and
community facilities of our low-income neighbors                                                             Sequoia High School Education
                                                        Redwood City Rotary
and revitalize communities across the Peninsula.        Redwood City Rotary performs many service            Foundation
Come see how one day of your time can make a            projects, provides college scholarships and          The Sequoia High School Education Foundation
difference in someone’s life. If you are interested     donates to international relief efforts. The club    is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving
in volunteering, call 650-366-6597. For more            meets in a spirit of good fellowship and fun         the high school experience for all students.
information, visit rebuildingtogetherpeninsula.         each Tuesday at 12:15 at the Sequoia Club, 1695      Their mission is to support student success by
org.                                                    Broadway, to hear speakers and plan community        investing in projects and programs that will have
                                                        benefits, including the annual July 4 raffle that    a substantial impact on the school community.
Redwood City Art Center                                 raises $80,000 for 12 local charities. For more      If you applaud and appreciate Sequoia’s rise
The Redwood City Art Center promotes                    information about joining, contact Dr. Paul R.       to academic prominence, consider a financial
creativity and community by providing art               Piccione at        contribution that will guarantee the continuation
education, exhibitions, studio space for artists        or 650-703-5957, or visit www.redwoodcityrotary.     of the programs and resources that have made
and outreach to the local community and schools.        org.                                                 Sequoia a winning school. For more information,
The Art Center has been involved with several                                                                go to
local events, offering fun, creative art projects       Redwood City Seniors Softball Club
for children, and the center hopes this is just         These recreational and tournament-level senior       Sequoia Stamp Club
the beginning of their involvement with the             men and women play slow-pitch softball all year      This club was established in 1947 and invites
community.                                              long. Membership is open to anyone at least 50       community members to visit. The club meets
  For scheduling or donation, contact artreach@         years old within the calendar year. Many of the      at the Community Activities Building, 1400 For more general              players are in their 60s and 70s and still going     Roosevelt Ave., every second and fourth Tuesday
information, visit         strong. Club members play every Tuesday,             at 7:45 p.m. There is a program every meeting and
or call 650-369-1823. Or visit in person at 2625        Wednesday and Thursday morning at Griffin            refreshments are served. The dues are only $3
Broadway, Redwood City.                                 Field at Red Morton Community Park. For more         per year. Contact Hank at 650-593-7012, e-mail
                                                        information or to join the club, contact Joe Kirby or visit the group’s
Redwood City Eagles #418                                at 650-366-5299 or            Web site at Sequoia Stamp Club
The Fraternal Order of Eagles is an international       (include “Senior Softball Club” in the subject       sponsors a free stamp show at the same location
nonprofit united in the spirit of liberty, truth,       line).                                               on the first weekend in December.
justice and equality. They support our police,
firefighters and others who protect and serve. The      Redwood City Sunrise Lions Club                      Soroptimist International of South
Eagles have provided support for medical centers        This group is small but has a growing                Peninsula
across the country to build and provide research        membership. All members either live or work          The Soroptimists invite you to become a member
on medical conditions including heart disease,          in our community and share a common goal of          of Soroptmist International, the world’s largest
cancer, spinal cord injuries, kidney disease,           making our city a better place to live. This club    service organization for business and professional
diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. They raise            is one of over 44,000 Lions Clubs in 199 nations.    women, where “improving the lives of women
millions of dollars every year to help handicapped      Chartered in 1966, the club has been vigorously      and children” has been their mission since 1921.
kids, uplift the aged and make life a little brighter   active helping eyesight-impaired youth in our        Soroptimists work through service projects to
for everyone.                                           schools and seniors who are hearing-impaired.        advance human rights and the status of women
   They meet on the second Tuesday of each                 Join them for breakfast! The Lions meet every     locally and abroad. They meet the second
month at the Eagles Hall, 1575 Marshall St., at 6       Wednesday at Bob’s Court House Coffee Shop,          Thursday of every month. For more information,
p.m. for a social hour and dinner meeting. They         2198 Broadway, beginning at 7:15 a.m. Call Bill      please call their president, Maria, at 650-366-
play cards on the third Thursday and would love         Gibbons at 650-766-8105 for more details.            0668, Monday–Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
to have you join them. For more information,
call President Ryan Herbst at 408-489-6582 or
                                                                                                                                          (continues on page 28)
                                                                                                       too! SMCU. It’s your place downtown.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  gives you

                                                                                                       Everything you need is here at On Broadway. A full-service branch featuring

                                                                  Val kin

                  (650) 363-1725 • • 830 Jefferson Ave
                                                                                                       friendly knowledgable staff. Convenient late hours and we’re open on Saturdays,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SAN MATEO CREDIT UNION • REDWOOD CITY, CA

                                                                     idat g!
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                                                                                                                                                                                         The on broadway branch
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                                                                   $25* Checking Reward
                                                                    When you open a new SMCU Checking Account
                                                                    at the On Broadway Branch.
                                                                   *A $25 credit will be deposited into your new checking account upon opening. Funds will be placed
                                                                   on hold for 30 days. New membership must be opened at our On Broadway Branch, 830 Jefferson
                                                                   Ave, Redwood City, CA. You are eligible for membership in SMCU if you you live, work, or study
                                                                   in San Mateo County. A one-time, non-refundable membership fee of $10.00 ($1.00 for 18 and

                                                                   under) will be waived. Offer and terms are subject to change without notice. Federally insured by the
                                                                   National Credit Union Administration. Equal Opportunity Lender.

The Spectrum 23
City’s Go-To Guy Is Smith
                                                                                                                    His wife, Eileen McKenna, said, “I, and our
                                                                                                                 entire family, am very proud of Malcolm’s
                                                                                                                 involvement in and impact on Redwood City’s
                                                                                                                 community. He finds the community appreciative,
                                                                                                                 challenging and rewarding enough to travel daily
                                                                                                                 from San Jose. He brings real-life issues to our
                                                                                                                 family discussions and keeps all of us connected
                                                                                                                 to all people around us.”
                                                                                                                    Moving into the new year, one of Smith’s goals
                                                                                                                 is to improve the programming of the Redwood
                                                                                                                 City government television channel. Even though
                                                                                                                 it will be a challenge and requires a lot of time,
                                                                                                                 Smith is looking forward to the challenge.
                                                                                                                    “I have great love and respect for the
                                                                                                                 community,” he said. “This job keeps me excited
                                                                                                                 every day.”

                                                                                                                 Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the
                                                                                                                 Daily Journal newspaper.

                                                                                                                 “Keeping the community involved
                                                                                                                  and engaging them in two-way
                                                                                                                  conversations is important.”

The Chicago Bulls had Michael Jordan, the Los Angeles
Lakers have Kobe Bryant and Redwood City has their go-
to guy in Malcolm Smith. The San Jose native and public
communications manager has been serving the great city the
past eight years with pride and dedication.
   Whatever is happening within the community,           “Malcolm keeps the community informed
Smith, 51, is the person responsible for relaying     so that all can do their part in building a
the messages to the people and making sure they       great community together. He has wonderful
are aware of what’s happening. Smith acts as a        communication skills, understands the
consultant for all 11 city departments and when       importance of building relationships, and to me he
community relations needs help, Smith puts            is truly an amazing role model and mentor,” said
together a program describing how it will impact      Neighborhood Liaison Coordinator Erica Spacher.
the community and translates it into terms that          What separates Redwood City from other
everyone will understand.                             communities, Smith said, is that it’s very
   He deals with a lot of issues, and the keys are    action-oriented and fast-paced, where a lot gets
knowing enough information about all the variety      accomplished quickly.
of issues and having the ability to explain them to      “We have this foundation and we want to keep
the people.                                           building on top of this as things go along,” Smith said.
   “Keeping the community involved and                   The community has been involved with
engaging them in two-way conversations is             PACT (Partnership Academy for Community
important,” Smith said.                               Teamwork), a citizen academy in which 40 people
   A perfect example is a dredging project in         come in once a year for nine weeks, one night a
some of the lagoons in Redwood Shores that were       week, to learn about what the city is doing and to
filled with silt and had bad water quality in some    talk with the employees of each department. The
parts. The engineers came to Smith and explained      purpose is to show them how the city is run.
the situation and process. Smith put together an         When Smith is not busy at work handling
outreach plan focusing on what was going to           countless issues, he enjoys spending time with his
be accomplished to improve the water quality,         wife and two daughters, cooking and jogging. But
providing the community with both the upside          his greatest passion is playing guitar and writing
and downside of the project. In short, Smith said     and recording music. He played in a band that
his job is “packaging the messages into a form        released three CDs.
that people will respond to.”
Vicky Costantini Presents. . .

492 Summit Road, Emerald Hills                                              2439 Brewster Avenue, Redwood City
Absolutely stunning, 4bd/3.5ba home with amazing street presence.           Lovely, 3bd/2ba, traditional, Mt. Carmel house situated in a highly
High ceiling entry is surrounded by a formal and very elegant living        desirable area in back of circle parks commonly known as Inner Circle.
room and dining room. Character is spread all over this home from a di-     This is a must see home with hardwood floors throughout! Kitchen has
amond glass window, copper-topped bay, to a room long, built-in, bench      stainless steel appliances, tons of cabinetry, and the finest Italian
seat. Large eat-in kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances. This home was   granite countertops.
specially built for its owner and it is apparent in every room. 3-car
garage and ample driveway.

                                                                            Vicky Costantini
             650.430.8425 | |

Sale Pending!                           Sale Pending!                       Sale Pending!                           Sold!

     390 Summit Drive                           262 B Street                    11 West Summit                      3802 Autumn Drive
        Emerald Hills                           Redwood City                        Emerald Hills                        Redwood City
          $1,099,000                              $575,000                           $1,050,000                            $989,000
     3bd/3ba plus cottage                     2 bedroom, 1 bath                  3 bedroom, 2 bath                    4 bedroom, 2.5 bath

Just Sold!                             3317 Alameda
                                       Represented Buyer
                                       1705 Alameda
                                                               Menlo Park

                                                               Redwood City
                                                                                                 2 Wilburn        Atherton
                                                                                                 Represented Seller
                                                                                                 297 Humboldt Avenue                Brisbane
                                       Represented Seller                                        Represented Buyer

            View all of my listings and search the MLS at

                               | W O O D S I D E 2930 Woodside Road

                                                                                                                                        The Spectrum 25
News Briefs
                                                                                  encouraged to contact the police         coroner’s office responded as well.
                                                                                  department at 650-780-7100.                Zuffi worked at Sun Microsystems
                                                                                                                           from 1992 until 2008 and graduated
                                                                                                                           from San Jose State University. It is
                                                                                  RWC Woman, 49, Found                     unclear why Zuffi was in Belmont
                                                                                                                           Saturday night and the death
                                                                                  Dead in Her SUV                          remains under investigation.
                                                                                                                             Anyone with information
                                                                                  A Redwood City woman was                 regarding the incident is asked to
                                                                                  found dead in her SUV in Belmont,        call Detective Dave Lashley or
                                                                                  suffering from stab wounds that          Detective Peter Lotti at 650-595-
                                                                                  may have been self-inflicted,            7400.
                                                                                  according to police.
                                                                                     Officers were dispatched to the
                                                                                  1500 block of El Verano Way on a
                                                                                  report of a suspicious vehicle and       Alleged Car Thief Pleads
                                                                                  found Valerie Zuffi, 49, slumped         Not Guilty
                                                                                  over in her vehicle.
                                                                                     Zuffi appeared to have suffered       The alleged car thief caught with a
                                        he was in a rival gang.                   trauma “consistent with knives,”         book titled “How to Be a Successful
Man Dies in Crash on                                                              which were found inside the locked       Criminal” pleaded not guilty to
                                          The victim denies being a
Woodside Drive                          member of a gang, but Matuszak            vehicle, according to police.            charges of vehicle theft, possession
                                        says the six students arrested               A passerby called the Belmont         of a stolen vehicle, second-
The San Mateo County coroner’s          have all admitted to having gang          Police Department and reported           degree auto burglary, receiving
office has identified the 21-year-old   affiliations.                             there was a white Ford Explorer          stolen property and misdemeanor
man who died in Woodside after the        A school district spokeswoman           parked on the street. The caller said    possession of burglary tools.
vehicle he was driving hit two trees    says the six students arrested could      it had been there for a while and that      Brian Winner, 29, will stand trial
and another vehicle before flipping.    also face school discipline, such as      someone appeared to be sleeping          Jan. 11.
   Ryan Ferrari, a Woodside             suspensions or expulsions.                in it.                                      On Oct. 21, Redwood City
resident, died in the crash,                                                         Responding units found Zuffi          police located and arrested Winner
according to the coroner’s office.                                                inside suffering from major trauma.      after responding to a call about
   Ferrari was headed home at                                                     She was not responsive, and an           a suspicious person looking into
about 2:30 a.m. when he crashed in      Woman Hit, Killed by Car                  emergency medical technician             parked cars. Winner was allegedly
the 200 block of Woodside Drive,                                                  from the Belmont–San Carlos Fire         driving a stolen car containing
San Mateo County sheriff’s Sgt.         A woman was struck and killed by a        Department pronounced her dead.          property taken from multiple
Wes Matsuura said. Ferrari lost         car in Redwood City moments after            Detectives from the Belmont           victims, including the book. Winner
control of his vehicle, went into the   she struck a parked construction          Police Department and the San            remains in custody in lieu of
opposite lanes and hit a tree. He       truck herself on southbound Bay           Mateo County Crime Lab and the           $20,000 bail.
then hit another tree and crashed       Road, according to police.
into an oncoming car driven by a          The woman, Cherril Spivey, got
Redwood City resident, according to     out of her car after striking the truck
Matsuura.                               with her van to check on the damage
   The vehicle spun out and flipped,    to both vehicles.
and Ferrari was pronounced dead           While she was standing in the
at the scene. The driver of the other   road, another vehicle struck her
vehicle, Jerad Tondino, was found to    as well as the same construction
be under the influence and booked       truck Spivey had collided with a
for DUI, Matsuura said.                 short time before, according to a
   It was determined that Tondino       statement by Redwood City police
was not injured in the collision and    Sgt. Kathryn Anderson.
was not at fault for the crash.           Spivey, 63, was thrown
                                        underneath the parked construction
                                        truck and was pronounced dead at
                                        the scene by paramedics.
Six Arrested After Beating                The man who struck Spivey called
on High School Campus                   in the collision and was cooperative
                                        with police. No arrests were made
Redwood City police have arrested       and the department’s traffic unit is
six students after a 16-year-old        investigating the accident.
student was beaten on the campus of       The collision occurred on Bay
Sequoia High School.                    Road between Second and Third
  Redwood City police Capt. Ron         avenues.
Matuszak says the victim was              Spivey is a resident of Castro
knocked unconscious and suffered a      Valley. The coroner’s office released
concussion and a broken nose when       Spivey’s name yesterday evening
he was attacked by a group of teens     after her family was notified of her
near the school’s football field.       death.
  Matuszak says the teen was              Anyone with information
beaten because his attackers thought    regarding the collision is

                                                                                                                                               The Spectrum 27
As I Was Saying…(Continued from p6)                                                       Nonprofits in Action (Continued from p22)
  James Kaspar has come through month after month with fantastic images                   Sustainable San Mateo County
for our cover. James Massey’s hard work and imagination means so much                     Established in 1992, this local nonprofit is dedicated to the long-term
when putting the Spectrum together this past year.                                        health of our county’s environment, economy and social equity. Programs
  Naomi Hunter, John Edmonds and Stephanie Douglas contribute                             include an annual report, an annual awards event with over 450 attendees,
information that is so vital to our readers. Devin and Gavin Wright and Jeff    , green business workshops and more. If you would
Day help to spread the word of the Spectrum around our community.                         like to volunteer, contact the SSMC office at 650-638-2323 or e-mail
  A thank you to our advertisers, whose support for community news is            For more information, visit www.
phenomenal. We know that you have several other choices to spread the news      
of your business, and we appreciate you more than we can say here. And
thanks to our readers for making the Spectrum the most read publication in
                                                                                          Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis Club
Redwood City.
                                                                                          Since October 1956, the Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis Club has been
                                                                                          devoted to community service in Redwood City. Through the decades,
                                                                                          the club has provided funds to help many worthy community programs
Happy New Year to everyone and the best of everything to you. Let’s make it               and continues to add more community projects. The Key Club of Sequoia
a great one.                                                                              High School, sponsored by the Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis Club, was
                                                                                          chartered in 1994 and has been involved in raising money and donating time
As I was saying . . .                                                                     and effort to many programs.
                                                                                            The Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis Club meets every Tuesday evening
                                                                                          6–7 p.m. at Harry’s Hofbrau, 1909 El Camino Real (one block north of
                                                                                          Woodside Road). They invite you to come to their meetings and check out the
                                                                                          club’s Web site at

        Happy New Year                                                                    Woodside Terrace Optimist Club
                                                                                          This is a unique club made up of senior citizens who want to stay involved.
                                                                                          Most, but not all, come from the residence at Woodside Terrace. The club is
    from the Spectrum Magazine                                                            open to all of the community and provides an opportunity for seniors to be
                                                                                          useful. The club’s funds are raised by a card, candy and necklace sale held
                                                                                          on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the main lobby at 485 Woodside
                                                                                          Road, open to the public.
                                                                                            Lunches/meetings are at 12:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesdays
                                                                                          of each month in the Assisted Living Dining Room at Woodside Terrace.
                                                                                          Guests are welcome. Please call President Jack Murphy at 650-780-9891 or
                                                                                          Millie Cole at 650-366-1392 for reservations.

                                                                                          YES Reading
                                                                                          This local organization is dedicated to empowering students through literacy
                                                                                          and investing community members in underserved public schools. YES
                                                                                          Reading recruits and trains community volunteers to provide one-on-one
                                                                                          tutoring for elementary and middle school students reading below grade
                                                                                             YES Reading operates several reading centers on the Peninsula and in
                                                                                          the South Bay, including a site at Selby Lane School in Atherton. If you are
                                                                                          interested in becoming a reading tutor for a child who needs your help, please
                                                                                          call 408-945-9316 or email Visit the YES Reading Web
                                                                                          site at

                                                                                          Editor’s note: If you are connected with a nonprofit organization and
                                                                                          want your information printed in The Spectrum, send it to writers@
                                                                                 or The Spectrum Magazine, P.O. Box 862, Redwood
                                                                                          City, CA 94064. Let our community know your contributions and maybe they
                                                                                          will want to join you.

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           To explain choices in terms YOU can understand.
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Finance: Time to Make New Year’s Financial Resolutions
By David Amann, Special to The Spectrum

Like many people, you may make some New                “Max out” on your IRA                                 of an investment may have dropped significantly,
Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you’ve promised                                                                  it doesn’t mean you should rush to sell it. Despite
yourself that you’ll visit the gym more often or                                                             the price drop, it may still have good prospects
learn a new language or reconnect with a long-         Even if you have a 401(k), you’re probably still      and it might be an important part of your
lost friend. All of these are worthy goals, of         eligible to contribute to an IRA. A traditional IRA   investment strategy. Consider all factors before
course, and if you achieve them, you may add           grows tax deferred, while a Roth IRA’s earnings       making “buy” or “sell” decisions.
new dimensions to your life. But if you want to        are tax free, provided you’ve had your account at
accomplish other major milestones you may have         least five years and don’t start taking withdrawals
envisioned — a new home, college for your kids,        until you’re 59½. (Your ability to contribute to a
                                                       Roth IRA is based on your income.) You can fund       Keep sufficient cash in your
a comfortable retirement and so on — you may
need to set some New Year’s financial resolutions.     your IRA with virtually any type of investment.       portfolio
                                                       In 2010, you can put up to $5,000 into your IRA,
                                                       or $6,000 if you’re age 50 or older, although, as      During the long bear market of 2008 and early
                                                       was the case with your 401(k), these limits may go    2009, many investors discovered that they lacked
What type of financial resolutions                                                                           enough cash in their portfolios. Of course, you
should you make? Here are a few                        higher if they’re indexed for inflation.
                                                                                                             need enough cash on hand to meet unexpected
ideas to consider:                                                                                           expenses without dipping into long-term
                                                       Rebalance your investments                            investments. But beyond that, the presence of
                                                                                                             cash and short-term, more liquid investments can
Contribute as much as you can                          as needed                                             help reduce the volatility in a portfolio that may
afford to your 401(k)                                                                                        sometimes be battered by both the stock and bond
                                                       Over time, your goals and risk tolerance can          markets.
                                                       change. That’s why it’s a good idea to review
Take full advantage of your 401(k) or other
                                                       and rebalance your portfolio at least once a year,    These financial resolutions, like all types of New
employer-sponsored retirement plan. Your
                                                       possibly with the help of a professional financial    Year’s resolutions, may not be easy to keep. But
contributions are typically tax deductible and
                                                       advisor who is familiar with your situation.          if you can stick with them, you may have many
your earnings grow on a tax-deferred basis. Every
time you get a boost in salary, try to increase the                                                          happy new years in the future.
amount going into your 401(k), but at the very
least, contribute enough to earn the employer’s        Avoid “emotional” investing
match, if one is offered. In 2010, the contribution                                                          Editor’s note: This article was written by David
limit for 401(k) plans is $16,500, or $22,000 if       Don’t make decisions based on emotional               Amann of Edward Jones for use by The Spectrum
you’re age 50 or over, although both these limits      reactions to what’s happening with your               Magazine.
may increase if they are indexed for inflation.        investments. For example, just because the price

Senior Activities
The Veterans Memorial Senior                           live independently in warmth and safety. All          To learn more about the Veterans Memorial
                                                       services are free. Learn about the program at this    Senior Center, call 650-780-7270. Redwood City
Center, 1455 Madison Ave.,                             information session.                                  Parks, Recreation and Community Services
Redwood City, is providing the                                                                               Department provides recreational facilities and
following activities that are open                                                                           activities for all ages and interests, and supplies
to the public during the month of                      VMSC Closure Dates
                                                       The Veterans Memorial Senior Center will be           building and custodial services for city buildings.
January.                                               closed Thursday, Dec. 24, thru Monday, Jan. 4,        Redwood City Parks also operates the Veterans
                                                       for a winter break. Sunday Bingo will be open on      Memorial Senior Center and the Fair Oaks
Friday Movies for Everyone                             Jan. 3.                                               Community Center, providing social, educational
Every Friday, 1:15 p.m. (unless otherwise announced)                                                         and cultural activities, as well as information,
Come to the VMSC in January for a free featured                                                              referral and counseling services to persons living
movie in our state-of-the-art movie theater!           SAVE THE DATE!                                        in Redwood City and neighboring communities.
Jan. 1: Building closed – New Year’s holiday
Jan. 8: “Angels & Demons”                              Valentine’s Dinner Dance
Jan. 15: “All About Steve”                             Friday, Feb. 12, 6–10 p.m.
Jan. 22: “The Other Man”                               Redwood Room
Jan. 29: “My Sister’s Keeper”                          $20 per person
                                                       Love is in the air! Enjoy a wonderful dance with
                                                                                                                  Advertise with
Free Home Repairs
Rebuilding Together Peninsula
                                                       live music compliments of the Fun After Fifty
                                                       Band! Singles and couples alike are welcome.
                                                                                                                  The Spectrum
Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1–2 p.m.                           A homemade Italian dinner, compliments of
Sunset Room
                                                       volunteer chef Frances Benedetto, will be served
                                                       and dancing will follow. Tickets will be available
                                                                                                                   Call Us Today
Rebuilding Together Peninsula rehabilitates
homes and community facilities for senior, low-
                                                       in January at the VMSC Lunch Desk.
income and disabled homeowners so they can

                                                                                                                                               The Spectrum 29
A Minute With: Ruhina Karmali
                                        Ruhina was born and raised Yakima, Washington. She graduated from Saint Mary’s College in
                                        Moraga, California. She majored in Business Communications. She has lived in the Bay Area
                                        for ten years and currently lives in Redwood Shores.
                                          She was President of the Speech & Debate team while attending Eisenhower High School.
                                          Hobbies: volunteering, skinning, reading good book and visit with your family. She is currently
                                        engaged to Vivec Kir and plan to get married this year.
                                          She opened the Downtown Redwood City Daily Boost in July 2009. It is located at the
                                        County Square on Broadway across from the Fox Theatre. She is a member of the Downtown
                                        Business Group.
Ruhina Karmali (left) with her mother
and councilwoman Rosanne Foust at
the Daily Boost ribbon cutting event.

Why open a business in Redwood City?                 What talent would you most like to have?                      Memorable moment?
A dream come true.                                   Ability to have a – “filter on my mouth.”                     Grand opening of Daily Boost with so many well
Has it met your expectations?                        Something few know about you?
No. Redwood City has to grow the foot traffic in     I love Chinese food and eat it every single day.              First word that comes to mind?
Downtown.                                                                                                          Happy.
                                                     Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Worst thing about it?                                Oh my God!                                                    I still can’t believe?
Lack of foot traffic.                                                                                              That Redwood City doesn’t give business owners
                                                     Favorite song?                                                parking spaces Downtown somewhere.
Best thing about it?                                 “Maria, Maria” – Carlo Santana.
Loyal customers who become a part of our Daily                                                                     What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Boost family.                                        Favorite movie?                                               Being around the people I love the most and being
                                                     Devil Wears Prada Shoes.                                      a successful business owner and giving back to
Which living person do you most admire?                                                                            the community.
My Father – Nazir.                                   What is your motto?
                                                     Work hard, play hard.                                         What or Whom is the love of your life?
What are you looking forward to in the New Year?                                                                   My fiancé.
Breathe of fresh air – new opportunities.            Anyone you got on your mind?
                                                     My family.                                                    You currently feel?

                                                                                                Never late for the Theatre
                                                                                               when you eat at Little India.

                                                                                                                                                      10 off
                                                                                        All You Can Eat Lunch
                                                                                             Mon - Fri 11am - 2pm
                                                                                         Regular $9.95 Vegetarian $7.95
                                                                                     All You Can Eat Dinner                                            with your Parking
                                                                                              Mon - Sat 5 - 9pm                                           Valadation!
                                                                                        Regular $12.95 Vegetarian $10.95

                                                                                                      Little India                               • Catering
                                                                                                                                                 • In-House Parties

                                                                                                      Restaurant                                   Available
                                                                                                                                                 • Takeout
                                                                                                          917 Main St., Redwood City
                                                                                                         650-361-8737 •
The Spectrum 31
   Actual Patients      Please visit our website at
                        From the moment we are born, we begin the aging process. We now know that high potency
                        antioxidants and nutrients slow down the inflammation process that leads to disease and
                        premature aging. It is now possible to determine individual genetic vulnerabilities by a simple
                        DNA swab. From the results of this affordable test, we are now able to determine the exact com-
Before                  bination of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants right for each person to support a long
                        and healthy life. Imagine—no more guessing. Start assessing! Of course, all testing is HIPPA compliant. Why wait
          DOT Therapy
                        another day? We now have a custom DNA based skin repair serum available. Made ME™ just exclusively for you!
                        Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation.
                        What’s new? DOT Therapy fractional CO2 laser resurfacing! If you have spent years in the sun, you know what it
                        has done to your skin. Wrinkles, discoloration, sunspots, and skin laxity may all be reduced or eliminated with the

After                   DOT treatment. And, if you have acne scarring, you may be a candidate as well.

                                    Thermage® – Pinnacle Status                                         Sherna Madan, M.D.,
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                                    ®                                                                   Medical Director
                                       Botox™ Training Center                                           Linda S. Moore, R.N.,
                        In addition to the new DOT fractional CO2 laser, we offer Botox™,
                                                                                                        Clinical Director

Before                  Fillers, Skin Tightening by Thermage®, Contouring by Thermage®,
                        Laser Hair and Vein Removal, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Brown Spot
                                                                                                        Lin Brodt,
          DOT Therapy   Treatments, Medical Microdermabrasion, Medical Peels and Leg Vein
                        Sclerotherapy. We carry many medical skincare product lines includ-             Lindsey Richards, M.E.
                        ing SkinCeuticals, CosMedix, La Roche-Posay, and DNA Health                     RE: JUVENATE, INC
                        Institute, and now, GeneWize custom skin repair serum.                          1100 Laurel Street
                                                                                                        Suite F
                        Re: Juvenate Skincare Clinic is a full service,                                 San Carlos, CA 94070
After                   non-surgical rejuvenation center.                                               650.631.5700


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