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					Press release 20.10.2010

INVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair
20 to 23 October 2010

Hotel inspirations in Poznan

The increasing demand for hotel services forces the owners to pay greater
attention to the architecture, interior design and functional use of space. The
standard and reputation of the hotel depends largely on the quality and design.
The newest elements of interior decoration - furniture, textiles, bathroom
fittings, bathroom ceramics, carpets and carpet tiles - can be viewed at the
Hotel Equipment Trade Fair Invest Hotel 2010. In addition, Poznan presents the
offer of Spa&Wellness sector, including cosmetics, baths, massage tables and

Invest-Hotel Trade Fair in Poznan is currently the most important forum for the exchange
of hotel experience and the only place in Poland where you can quickly and
comprehensively gain important information about the hotel investments. This is the
place to promote current trends, innovative technologies and design. Every year this
event attracts more and more interest from professional visitors and exhibitors, while the
continuous development of the hotel industry encourages the key supplier of products
and services to attend the Fair and present their novelties. The event is held under the
honorary patronage of the the Minister of Economy, Waldemar Pawlak.

This year, during four days of exhibition, from 20 to 23 October, more than 170
exhibitors from six countries will present their products: Poland, Germany, Slovak
Republic, the United States, Switzerland and Italy. Visitors may view full-scale interior
decoration of: hotel room, hotel bathroom, Spa & Wellness, hotel reception and hotel
restaurant, as well as furniture, textiles, bathroom lighting and ceramics, construction
finishing materials and services.

Before Euro 2012
The upcoming European Football Championship EURO 2012 strongly affects the interest
of investors in the hotel sector. To meet their expectations, Horwath HTL in cooperation
with TPA Horwath created business tax guide including, among others, examples of
solutions in the field of tax optimization. Selected issues of this theme will be presented
in a seminar "Business and tax aspects of hotel investment in Poland" (20 October,
12.00-2.00 pm, Blue Room). The same room will house a seminar prepared by the
Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry devoted to preparations for the UEFA
EURO2012™, with particular emphasis on the hotel industry and the experience of South
African hotels during the final tournament of the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Worldwide format of design
A new series dedicated to hotel design and architecture promises to be very interesting.
"Design as an element of competitive advantage in the hotel industry" is a conference on
the interior hotel design with the participation of outstanding European and domestic
designers whose portfolio includes multiple awards for the best European hotel designs:
Patrick Goffof Hotel, Sean Clinton of Jestico & Whiles and Peter Joehnk of JOI
Design. Through the guests' presentations, the organizers will try to figure out where is
the dividing line between the interiors which fulfil norms and accepted standards, and
unique interiors which arouse our emotions. What makes us recall some of the hotel
interiors after the years? All interested in expanding their knowledge of the field which
affects the image of the hotel are welcomed at the Blue Room in the East Lobby on
Thursday, 21 October at 11.00 am.

New developments in the hotel industry
Conference organized by Lech Piotrowski, Ph.D., a consultant for the hotel and wellness,
is devoted to new directions of hotel industry developments in Poland. The meeting will
present innovations in equipment, supplies and organization for hotels, Spa&Wellness.
New solutions on the Polish market in the segment of budget hotels: franchising pros and
cons as well as financing of hotel and restaurant investments will be presented during
ComfortExpress presentation. Current market situation for hotel investments in Poland,
definition and redefinition of the hotel business - these are just some of the issues to be
addressed at the Hotels Repaired conference.

You are also welcomed at the regular meeting of the Internet environment with the
tourist and hotel industry, which aims to exchange experiences, find out about new tools
and trends of e-tourism. TravelCamp - a meeting of online marketing and tourism will be
held on Wednesday, in the Green Room in the East Lobby.

Spa Facilities
In recent years, the services related to body care and psycho-physical wellness have
risen in prominence across Polish hotels and leisure facilities. SPA & Wellness certainly
poses the possibility of additional revenue for the hotel and upgrading the standard of its
services. The issues of Spa services market in Poland, attractive business planning
concepts, standards in the management of the hotel's spa will be discussed by specialists
during the second day of the Fair at the conference of the Polish Spa&Wellness Institute
(Green Room, 11.00 am-5.00 pm). The aim of the discussion "Spa business from the
inside - the experience of investors and managers" is to provide participants with
knowledge about building and management of Spa resorts as well as related problems
based on the experience of individuals who have been running the business for years.

Within the ForSpa Academy you can learn about the three pillars of hotel spa design and
spa marketing. During the conference, the participants will have a chance to learn the
principles of spa pools design, trends and design solutions in the areas of thermal baths
and saunas, as well as new strategies for the sale of such services. The need to create
Wellness&Spa hotels will be presented by the organizers of the congress of the Polish Spa
& Wellness Association. In addition, their program will address issues on MEDISPA and
modern hotel staff trainings (Friday, 22 October, 10.00 am-4.00 pm, Green Room).

Special Area
It is worth expanding the hotel offer with additional elements: a modern-equipped fitness
club, amusement arcade or beauty salon. The participants of Hotel Equipment Fair Trade
will be interested in the presentation of professional entertainment and commercial
appliances as well as casino games equipment for the Amusement Arcade. Attractive,
convenient and well-equipped hotel fitness club, being the hotel's landmark, will be
presented at the pavilion 3. Your beauty will be taken care of at the well-designed and
fully equipped "model beauty salon." The Innovation Park, on the other hand, will present
innovative solutions used in the hotel sector. The organizers of the model car parking will
help in professional design of the hotel car parking by showing how to plan and organize
a parking program. You will relax and enjoy a meal at the catering point, which will be
offer a model hotel breakfast.

Gold Medal, Acanthus aureus
Traditionally during the Fair, the Gold Medal of the Poznan International Trade Fair will be
awarded as well as the Acanthus Aureus award, presented to the best designed stands
ready to implement marketing strategy.

Welcome to Invest-Hotel!

Tour of the exposition
Pavilions 3 and 3A of the Poznan International Trade Fair

Opening hours:
20-23 October (Wednesday-Saturday) – 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

Admission Policy
20 - 21 October - exposition will be available to the professionals
22 – 23 October – open to the public

Ticket prices
After registering on-line or on spot 20 PLN (entrance for professionals)
For individuals 10 PLN

More information:
Katarzyna Jardanowska,, 61 869 22 60

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