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					    Texas Department of Agriculture
    Certified Retirement Community
      Application for Polk County
                   February 2009

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     Certified Retirement Community
          Application for Polk County
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       Retiree Desirability Assessment
A.   Community Overview
     Demographics, Geography, Climate, Services

B.   Texas Tax Structure - State and Local

C.   Local Housing Availability, Opportunities, Cost

D.   Personal Safety, Security and Crime Statistics

E.   Employment Opportunities

F.   Health Services

G.   Emergency Medical Services

H.   Public Transportation and Major Highways

I.   Continuing Education

J.   Leisure Living

K.   Recreational Areas and Facilities

L.   Performing Arts

M.   Festivals and Events

N.   Sports

O.   Additional Information
           Retiree Desirability Assessment Details
                                   TAB 2:A
                          Community Overview
                           Past - Present - Future


Polk County, named after then President James K. Polk, was one of twenty-three
counties formed by the first state legislature of Texas in 1846. Livingston,
formerly Springfield, was selected by a vote as the county seat in 1846, and the
first commissioners' court met there in September of that year. Livingston is still
the county seat today.

In the late 1700's, the present Polk County became the home of the Alabama
and Coushatta Indian tribes. Through the interest and concern of Sam Houston,
then General of the Republic of Texas, the Alabama Indians were given a
permanent home in the eastern portion of the county. Subsequently, members of
the Coushatta tribe also settled on the reservation. Today, the federally
recognized "Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas" resides on the 4,600 acre Indian
Reservation, the largest and oldest in the State.

Plantations dominated the county economically and politically before the Civil
War. The population of the county in 1860 was 8,300. The county produced
9,307 bales of cotton in 1859. The coming of the railroads to the Polk County
area in the 1800's drastically changed the local economy. The railroads were
instrumental in the transition of Polk County from a farming to a timber economy.
Logs cut and milled by local residents were transported by rail to help build a
growing nation.

In the twentieth century the value of the lumber industry increased remarkably.
The greatest increase came after World War II, but the lumber boom helped ease
the impact of the Great Depression on the county. Jobs in the timber and
related service industries doubled between 1930 and 1940.

The county also yields some oil and gas: 703,007 barrels of crude oil and 1.8
billion cubic feet of gas-well gas were produced in 1982; crude production in
1990 was 1,256,622 barrels. In 1990 Polk County was the leading Texas county
in lumber products and Christmas trees.

Polk County developed its utilities during the period of increasing population
between 1880 and 1940. The Livingston Telephone Company was organized on
August 3, 1903, with forty telephones in service.
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Tab 2: A - Community Overview - Past, Present, Future

The Livingston Power Plant began providing electricity at night in 1905 from a
small wood-fired steam engine. Several local businessmen purchased the plant
in 1907 and initiated daylight service in 1909.

Education in the county began in 1843, when the Masons in Swartwout allowed
their lodge to be used for a schoolhouse; they reopened the school when they
moved to Livingston in 1849.

The parent publication of the Polk County Enterprise was the East Texas Pinery,
originally printed in Moscow in 1881. The Enterprise is now published in
Livingston, where the first newspaper in the county, the Rising Sun, began in
1858. In 1980 the majority of the fifty-nine churches in the county were Southern
Baptist, Baptist Missionary, and United Methodist. The county was voted dry in
1908 and remained as such until a local option election to allow sales of beer
and wine was passed in 2006.

Construction of the 93,000 acre Lake Livingston was completed in 1968 and is
located in the west and southwest portion of the county. It continues to play a
great role in the local economy. Water stored in the lake is used to supply
industrial, municipal and agricultural needs in the lower Trinity River Basin and
the greater Houston area, as well as municipalities within the county.

The cities of Corrigan, Goodrich, Livingston, Onalaska and Seven Oaks make up
the region. Polk County is one of the fastest growing areas in Texas. Livingston,
our county seat, is less than an hours drive to Bush International Airport in
Houston via U.S. Highway 59. We have the most abundant water supply in the
State of Texas and an available labor pool of over 200,000 within a 50 mile

Beautiful Lake Livingston, a 93,000 acre lake, is a major contributor to the growth
of Polk County. Lake Livingston State Park is a popular haven for camping and
fishing in East Texas. Surrounded by some 450 miles of timbered shoreline
filled with vacation and primary homes, marinas, campgrounds, boat launches
and fishing piers, Lake Livingston is one of the county's greatest assets. Lake
Livingston State Park draws over 500,000 visitors annually. Recent reports
indicated that tourism contributes 62 million annually to Polk County's economy
and 11 million is paid out in payroll alone for this segment.

Polk County's close proximity to the greater Houston area (4th largest city in the
U.S.) provides the county numerous benefits including access to Bush
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Tab 2: A - Community Overview - Past, Present, Future

International airport located 56 miles from the county courthouse. Polk County's
recreational opportunities provide an excellent retreat for Houstonians wanting to
escape the hustle and bustle of the city. While enjoying the conveniences of the
Houston metropolitan area, residents and businesses of Polk County enjoy
the safety and serenity of rural East Texas and enjoy a cost of living that is
significantly below the U.S. and State of Texas averages. An amazing
combination of rural charm, abundant natural resources and a relaxed pace
make Polk County the perfect place to visit or settle down.

With tremendous growth in the health-care services industry in the past few
years, first class medical services are available from Memorial Medical Center
Livingston, which opened a $25 million facility in the summer of 2000. An
expansion project underway will increase the acute care hospital to a 200 bed
facility once construction of a 6-story bed-tower is completed. The hospital
specializes in critical access care with its 24/7 emergency room and diagnostic
services. Currently, the hospital is home to more than 30 physicians who
specialize in primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, infectious
diseases and nephrology.

Additionally, several new medical office buildings and medical office subdivisions
have been built in the area. Construction of a new nursing home, an assisted
living and independent living retirement facility and plans for a gated residential
community for senior citizens are evidence of a growing elderly population in the
area. Additionally, Polk County is easily accessible to world class medical care
at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

The City of Livingston was named a Texas Main Street City in 2005 and is
dedicated to an ongoing revitalizing of the downtown business district.

Over the past eight (8) years, Livingston has experienced a diversification of the
economic base with the construction by the Texas Department of Criminal
Justice of a 2,850 bed maximum-security prison unit five miles outside
Livingston. The TDC unit employs approximately 835 people with an annual
payroll of close to $20,000,000.
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Tab 2: A - Community Overview - Past, Present, Future

Within the past five (5) years, the Livingston Independent School District has
constructed a new $17,000,000 junior high school campus for grades 7 - 9 and
remodeled and expanded both an existing elementary school campus and an
intermediate school campus to accommodate the ever-increasing number of
students moving to the area. After a three year study, L.I.S.D. Board of Trustees
voted in favor of a proposed 67.9 million dollar plan for construction of a new high

Other signs of the continuing strong financial condition of the community can be
seen in a recent influx of new residential subdivisions and a variety of new and
expanded businesses including new auto parts stores, general merchandise
stores, fast food restaurant chains, churches and financial institutions. New
manufacturing plants which have opened within the past few years in the area
include a railcar refurbishing facility, an asphalt plant, a propane bottle
refurbishing plant and a valve refurbishing plant. Lumbering, ranching and the
production of gas and oil continue to be important economically to the area.

Some of the new retail businesses to our area in the last couple of years include
Holiday Inn Express, Best Western Inn Livingston, Auto Zone, Palais Royal,
Tractor Supply, Aaron’s Furniture, Jack-In-The-Box and Popeye’s Chicken. A
new LaQuinta Inn is under construction and due to open soon. A new retail
center has been recently developed and plans for others are currently under

In an effort to increase tourism in the area, the city of Livingston constructed
facilities, staffs and operates a monthly Trade Days event at Pedigo Park where
about 200 vendors sell a variety of crafts, antiques, and collectible items. Local
motels and restaurants report significant increases in their business on Trade
Days weekends. Additionally, several new antique malls and specialty shops
have opened in the downtown business district in connection with the Trade Days

Polk County is home to the national headquarters for Escapees, Inc., an
organization of recreational vehicle owners with over 34,000 member families. At
any one time, five hundred Escapees are in residence at their headquarters
southeast of Livingston.

One of Polk County's most remarkable assets is the Big Thicket National
Preserve. The Big Thicket National Preserve was established by Congress in
1974. This combination of virgin pine and cypress forest, hardwood forest,
meadow and black water swamp is managed by the National Park Service and
was established to protect the remnant of its complex biological diversity.
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Tab 2: A - Community Overview - Past, Present, Future


Polk County is ranked as one of the fastest growing counties in the State of
Texas with a growth rate of 34.4 percent as projected in 1999, by the U.S.
Census Bureau. The County continues to grow at an alarming rate. It is
estimated that by the year 2010 the population will swell by an additional 54% to
over 80,880 permanent residents, with the weekend and tourist population
growing to over 300,000 on any given weekend during the summer vacation

In addition to ongoing revitalizing of the downtown business district through the
Texas Main Street designation program, two major construction projects are
underway. The first is a $19,000,000 expansion of the County Jail adding 240
beds to the existing 119 bed facility. Also underway is the $10,000,000
construction of a new two story Judicial Center, one block south of the County
Courthouse which will provide for the efficient and secure function of the District
Courts, District Attorney, County Court At Law, District Clerk, County Clerk and
Justice of the Peace.

 Since Memorial Medical Center—Livingston opened its new facility in July 2000,
the hospital has provided emergent and acute care to thousands of area
residents. Recently, the hospital opened two floors in its new bed tower. These
floors are home to medical surgical rooms and a new intensive care unit. The
160,000-square-foot tower was designed with the capacity to open 200 additional
patient rooms.

Recently, the hospital cut the ribbon on a new multi-million dollar Medical Arts
Pavilion located adjacent to the hospital. The hospital continues its aggressive
physician recruitment efforts to fulfill the need of the growing health care needs of
Polk and the surrounding counties, especially as more retirees choose to make
Polk County their home.

Plans are also underway for a new county college and conference center. The
proposed site is approximately 10 acres with good visibility and access to U.S.
Hwy 59 in Livingston. The Polk County College/Conference Center will total
approximately 30,000 sq. ft. with 20,000 sq ft being designated for the college
facility and 10,000 sq. ft. for the conference center. There will be common areas
used by both the college center and the conference center such as restrooms,
office space, ticket station, snack bar, loading/unloading dock, break out rooms
and entrance foyer.
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Tab 2: A - Community Overview - Past, Present, Future

The projected date for the college opening is Fall 2010. The Center will park
approximately 420 cars. The Conference area can accommodate a 500 seat
banquet and an 800 seat concert. Proposed draft of architectural plans have
been drawn and funding measures are currently begin sought to move toward
construction. (Information obtained from Polk County E.D.C.)

Interstate 69 is a planned expansion of the current Hwy 59 which runs through
Polk County. The I-69 project will include bringing Hwy 59 up to Interstate
specifications. The expansion project will follow the route of Hwy 59.

A major developer has identified the Lake Livingston area as an ideal location for
the development of a “work, live and play” environment. Plans for the project
include a network of recreation and residential destinations. The developer has
accumulated extensive holdings in this area to accommodate the development of
planned residential communities, leisure, entertainment and resort facilities.

            Ilpohechatoka! Come see us!
                   (Translation from Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas)

Data Obtained From:
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Tab 2: A - Community Overview - Past, Present, Future

                                 COMMUNITY PHOTOS

Aerial View of Lake Livingston and Dam         Memorial Medical Center Livingston

  First Lady Anita Perry Presents Mainstreet         Main Street - Livingston 2008

Newly opened business park constructed 2008    Best Western recently opened Fall 2008
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Tab 2: A - Community Overview - Past, Present, Future

First National Bank Livingston opened Oct. 06   Newly Completed Fall 2008 - First Baptist Church

                  Proposed Architectural Rendition of Polk County College
           Retiree Desirability Assessment Details
                                     TAB 2:A

Overall Population

Polk County is one of the fasting growing counties in Texas. The U.S. Census
Bureau data reflects a 34% increase in population in the ten year period
between 1990 and 2000. Polk County ranked 19th in the State from 41,133 in
2000 to 45,323 in 2003 for a 10.2% population growth with 20% urban and
80% rural making up that figure.
                     (Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 Census; ePodunk)

                                  Population Growth

                             1990         2000         2007

                                           Series 1

  U.S. Census Bureau 2000 Population breakdown per city in Polk County

Jurisdiction                1990 Census          2000 Census               Percentage of

Polk County                 30,687               41,133                    34 %
City of Livingston          5,019                5,433                     .08 %
City of Corrigan            1,764                1,721                     -.02 % decease
City of Onalaska            728                  1,174                     61 %
City of Goodrich            239                  243                       .01 %
City of Seven Oaks          171                  131                       -23% decease
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Tab 2: A - Demographics

Age Demographics

Resident population:          Median Age 1990              39.8
                              Median Age 2000              39.3
                              Texas Median Age 2000        32.3

Income Demographics U.S. Census Bureau, 2000,

Per Capita Personal Income

Year           PCPI           Rank in State           % State Avg.   % National Avg.
2006           $30,498            64th                      87%             83%

2005 to 2006 PCPI Increase
Polk County        8.2%
State              5.8%
National           5.6%

Average Annual Growth Rate of PCPI from 1996 - 2006
Polk County      4.9%
State            4.7%
National         4.3%
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Tab 2: A - Demographics

                                    2000 Census Data
Median Household        Polk County              Texas                 U.S.
Income By Age
Median                  $30,495                  $39,927               $41,994
Under 25                $26,132                  $21,570               $22,679
25-34                   $29,783                  $37,732               $41,414
35-44                   $40,027                  $47,418               $50,654
45-54                   $37,895                  $52,926               $56,300
55-64                   $33,378                  $44,905               $47,447
65-74                   $25,794                  $30,296               $31,368
75 & Older              $19,455                  $21,734               $22,259

2008 cost of living index in Polk County: 80.0 (low, U.S. average is 100)

                      Employment and Business Demographics

             1990          2000         2007          2012         Percent       Change
             Census        Census       Estimate      Projection   1990 -        2007 -
                                                                   2000          2012
Age 16+      23,985        32,811       39,194        43,018       36.8%         9.8%
In Labor     11,324        14,963       18,421        20,110       32.1%         9.2%
Force        47.2%         45.6%        47.0%         46.8%
Employed     10,418        13,956       17,285        18,872       34.0%         9.2%
             92.0%         93.3%        93.8%         93.8%
Unemployed   886           1,002        1,123         1,227        13.1%         9.3%
             7.8%          6.7%         6.1%          6.1%
In Armed     12            5            13            11           -58.3%        -15.4%
Forces       0.1%          0.0%         0.0%          0.0%
Not In       12,661        17,848       20,760        22,897       41.0%         10.3%
Labor        52.8%         54.4%        53.0%         53.2%

Number of Blue Collar Workers - 2000 Census                          7,358 52.7%
Number of White Collar Workers - 2000 Census                         6,598 47.3%
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Tab 2: A - Demographics

Average wage per job

Average wage per job in 2003:                  $25,445
County population in 2003:                      45,514
Jobs in 2003:                                   11,099

Total labor force in 2004: 17,109
Unemployment rate in 2004: 6.9%

Unemployment rate:

Year 2000           5.9%
     2003           8.1%
     2006           6.1%
     2007           6.0%

Percentage of county residents living and working in this county: 69.3%
           Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

                                   TAB 2:A

Situated in the tall pine forests of Deep East Texas, Polk County is a premier
recreation destination. The Trinity River can be found on the southwest boundary
of the county and the Neches on the northeast. To the north and east lie more
than 100 miles of scenic roads, Texas Woodland Trails and the Alabama-
Coushatta Indian Reservation.

With rolling hills, abundant natural resources, lake front properties and growing
cities that provide more and more conveniences to meet the needs of residents,
Polk County can offer a wide array of geographical preferences. With close
proximity to Houston, a major metropolitan city and the 4th largest in the U.S.,
the Gulf Coast, and scenic rural roads, Polk County can provide a wide array of
geographical preferences.

Polk County is located in the East Texas Region of the State with it’s
geographical location at 30.779135 N, -94.895073 W. According to the U.S.
Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,110 square miles (2,874 km²), of
which, 1,057 square miles (2,738 km²) of it is land and 53 square miles (136 km²)
of it (4.74%) is water. Polk County is located in the Central Time Zone.
Livingston is the county seat.

      County location in Texas                    Location of Texas in the USA
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Tab 2: A - Geography

Polk County Cities, Towns & Census Designated Places

Ace              Dallardsville              Moscow                Schwab City
Barnes           Goodrich                   New Willard           Segno
Barnum           Holly Grove                Ollie                 Seven Oaks
Blanchard        Leggett                    Onalaska              Snow Hill
Camden           Lily Island                Pleasant Hill         Wakefield
Carmona          Livingston                 Pluck                 West Livingston
Corrigan         Marston                    Providence            West Tempe

Major Highways                                Adjacent Counties

   •   U.S. Highway 59                        Angelina County (north)
   •   U.S. Highway 190                       Tyler County (east)
   •   U.S. Highway 287                       Hardin County (southeast)
   •   State Highway 146                      Liberty County (south)
                                              San Jacinto County (southwest)
                                              Trinity County (northwest)

Polk County is conveniently located to Houston and other surrounding cities.
From the county seat of Livingston, these locations are easily accessible.

Houston (Harris County)              70 miles        1 hour and 10 minutes
Dallas (Dallas County)              214 miles        3 hours and 30 minutes
Lufkin (Angelina County)             45 miles        45 minutes
Beaumont (Jefferson County)          90 miles        1 hour and 30 minutes
Huntsville (Walker County)           45 miles        45 minutes
Galveston (Brazoria County)         119 miles        2 hours

National protected area

Big Thicket National Preserve (partly located in Polk County)

The Preserve was established to protect the remnant of its complex biological
diversity. What is so extraordinary is not the rarity or abundance of its life forms,
but how many species coexist here. Major North American biological influences
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Tab 2: A - Geography

bump up against each other here: southeastern swamps, Appalachians, eastern
forests, central plains, and southwest deserts. Bogs sit near arid sand hills.
Eastern bluebirds nest near roadrunners. There are 85 tree species, more than
60 shrubs, and nearly 1,000 other flowering plants, including 26 ferns, 20 orchid
species and four of North America's five type of insect-eating plants. Nearly 300
kinds of birds live here or migrate through. Fifty reptile species include a small,
rarely seen population of alligators. Amphibious frogs and toads abound.

Little Known Fact

While Polk County is nestled in the pines of East Texas, it is also known to hold
the Texas record Shumard Oak tree at 120 feet high, 182 inch circumference, 92
foot spread. Shumard Red Oak can grow to 120 feet in height with a spread of 50
to 60 feet. Shumard are native to all of East Texas with cross species as far west
as Pecos.

                                Shumard Red Oak
                                 (black oak group)

Additional Data Obtained From:,_Texas#Geography,_Texas
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Tab 2: A - Geography
                Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

                                       TAB 2:A


The Polk County area has long, warm summers and winters are cool and fairly
short. Precipitation is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year, and prolonged
droughts are rare. In winter the average temperature is 51 degrees F. In
summer, the average temperature is 81 degrees.

                        Average Temperature and Precipitation

Month               Average Daily   Average Daily   Average       Average    Average No. of   Average
                     maximum         Minimum         Daily        Rainfall   days with 0.10   Snowfall
                                                                              inch or more
January                 60.6            37.8         49.2           4.0            7             .2
February                64.2            39.7         51.9           3.4            6             .6
March                   70.6            46.3         58.5           3.8            6             .0
April                   78.1            55.6         66.9           3.6            6             .0
May                     84.2            62.4         73.4           5.5            6             .0
June                    90.4            68.3         79.4           4.7            5             .0
July                    93.7            71.1         82.4           3.6            6             .0
August                  93.8            70.3         82.0           3.1            6             .0
September               89.1            65.5         77.3           4.5            6             .0
October                 81.2            54.7         68.0           3.5            4             .0
November                70.3            45.5         57.9           4.3            6             .0
December                62.8            39.0         50.9           4.7            7             .0

Total Average           78.3            54.7         66.5          48.7           71             .8
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation Commission

Average Highs and Lows

Average High Temperature              91 (July)               62 (January)
Average Low Temperature               66 (July)               49 (January)
Average Annual Rainfall               48 Inches
Prevailing Winds                      Southeast
           Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

                                 TAB 2:A

                          Available Services

Electric Light and Power Companies

Entergy - Serving the Corrigan Area
Livingston Electric Service - Serving the Livingston Area
Sam Houston Electric Cooperative (SHECO) Serving Polk County

Water Companies

Camilla Water Supply Corp.                 936-653-2241
Cape Royal Utility District                936-653-4861
Corrigan City Water Supply                 936-398-4126
Fresh Water District No. 2 - Onalaska      936-646-5977
Lake Livingston Water Supply               936-327-3107
Leggett Water Supply                       936-328-8582
Livingston City Water Supply               936-327-8998
Memorial Point Utility District            936-566-4273
Moscow Water Supply Corp.                  936-398-4966
Onalaska Water & Gas Supply                936-646-5393
Pixley Waterworks Inc. - Goodrich          936-365-2418
Providence Water Supply                    936-327-6212
Pure Utilities                             936-327-7070
Romark Utility Co.                         936-327-8262
Soda Water Supply Inc.                     936-328-5660
Tempe Water Supply                         936-328-5702
Texas Landing Utility                      936-646-6261

Gas Companies

CenterPoint Energy                         936-327-8617
Pure Utilities                             936-327-7070
Onalaska Gas Supply                        936-646-6660
Onalaska Water and Gas Supply              936-646-5393
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Tab 2: A - Services

Telephone Companies

AT&T Company                                        800-222-0300 **

Eastex Telephone Co-Op Inc.                         936-327-5224 **

Lake Livingston Telephone Co.                       936-566-4242

Livingston Telephone Co.                            936-327-4309 **

Verizon                                             800-483-4000

** Also provides Internet Services, including DSL

Post Offices

Ace/Segno                  77326                    936-685-7463
Camden                     75934                    936-398-2866
Corrigan                   75939                    936-398-4555
Dallardsville/Ruby         77332                    936-563-2313
Goodrich                   77335                    936-365-2134
Leggett                    77350                    936-398-4249
Livingston                 77351                    936-327-8713
Moscow                     75960                    936-398-5103
Onalaska                   77360                    936-646-3313

Chambers of Commerce

Onalaska Chamber of Commerce                        936-646-5000
Livingston-Polk County Chamber of Commerce          936-327-4929


Polk County Enterprise Newspaper                    936-327-4357
East Texas Living Newspaper                         936-967-4148
Texas Peddler Circular Newspaper                    936-327-7145
KETX Radio 92.3 FM                                  936-327-8916
KDOL Radio 96.1 FM                                  936-328-8874 - Local information website
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Tab 2: A - Services

TV broadcast stations:

   •    KETX-LP (Channel 5; LIVINGSTON, TX; Owner: LONE STAR
   •    KFXL-LP (Channel 58; LUFKIN, TX; Owner: WARWICK
   •    KLUF-LP (Channel 5; LUFKIN, TX; Owner: INTERNATIONAL
   •    KTRE (Channel 9; LUFKIN, TX; Owner: CIVCO, INC.)
   •    KIBN-LP (Channel 11; LUFKIN, TX; Owner: INTERNATIONAL
   •    KLNM-LP (Channel 42; LUFKIN, TX; Owner: MILLENIUM
   •    KHTM-LP (Channel 13; LUFKIN, TX; Owner: INTERNATIONAL

DIRECTV - Satellite Services                  800-894-3220
DISH Network - Livingston Satellite           936-329-8889



Polk County is made up of four Precincts (1-4). Commissioners Court governs
the county. The court includes County Judge and Commissioner for each of the
four precincts. Each Precinct has a Justice of the Peace. There are three
District Judges for the county.

Each of the cities in Polk County include a Mayor, Council Members and
Livingston and Corrigan each have a City Manager.

Texas U.S. Representative              Texas State Representative
Congressional District 8                     House District 18

Texas State Senator                           United States Senator - Texas
Senate District 3
Certified Retirement Community
  Application for Polk County

               TAB 2:B

       Texas Tax Structure
         State and Local

 Retiree Desirability Assessment Details
                                   TAB 2:B
                Texas Tax Structure - State and Local

                           Texas Tax Structure
Overview of Texas Taxes

The Texas Comptroller's office serves the state by collecting more than 60
separate taxes, fees and assessments, including local sales taxes collected on
behalf of more than 1,400 cities, counties and other local governments around
the state. State taxes and fees will generate an estimated $77.5 billion in the
state's 2008-09 budget period.

Rate Details and Other Information

City - 1/4% (.0025) - 2% (.02), depending on local rate. Texas cities have the
option of imposing an additional local sales tax for a combined total of state and
local taxes of 8 1/4% (.0825)

County - 1/2% (.005) - 1.5% (.015), depending on local rate. Texas counties
have the option of imposing an additional local sales tax for a combined total of
state and local taxes of 8 1/4% (.0825).

Transit - 1/4 % (.0025) - 1% (.01), depending on local rate. Texas transit
authorities have the option of imposing an additional local sales tax for a
combined total of state and local taxes of 8 1/4% (.0825).

Special Purpose Districts - 1/8% (.00125) - 2% (.02), depending on local rate.
Texas special purpose districts have the option of imposing an additional local
sales tax for a combined total of state and local taxes of 8 1/4% (.0825).

Sales Tax

State Sales Tax: 6.25% (food, prescription and non-prescription drugs exempt);
local option taxes can raise the rate to 8.25%.
Gasoline Tax: 20 cents/gallon
Diesel Fuel Tax: 20 cents/gallon
Cigarette Tax: $1.41 cents/pack of 20

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Tab 2:B - Tax Structure
Personal Income Taxes

No state personal income tax
Retirement Income: Not taxed.

Property Taxes

Property tax is imposed by local taxing units. For homeowners 65 and older,
$10,000 (in addition to the regular $15,000 homestead exemption) of the
property's assessed value is exempt from school taxes and $3,000 is exempt
from other local taxes. Once an over-65 homeowner qualifies for an over-65
homestead exemption for school taxes, that owner gets a tax ceiling for that
home on school taxes. If the homeowner improves the home (other than normal
repairs or maintenance), the tax ceiling is adjusted for the new additions. School
district taxes are frozen for seniors (65 and older) and disabled persons at
the level imposed on the residence the first year that the taxpayer qualified for
the residence exemption. Counties, cities, towns, and junior college districts are
permitted to establish a tax freeze on homesteads of those age 65 and older or

Inheritance and Estate Taxes

There is no inheritance and the estate tax is limited and related to federal estate
tax collection.

                           Local Tax Structure

Polk county has homestead exemptions and an over 65 tax freeze for the
cities, county, and school district.

SCHOOL DISTRICTS (per $100 valuation)

Livingston ISD                            $1.11
Corrigan-Camden ISD                       $1.1739
Onalaska ISD                              $1.2018
Big Sandy ISD                             $1.1502
Leggett ISD                               $1.18
Goodrich ISD                              $1.04

page 3
Tab 2:B - Tax Structure

Polk                                $.6277 (assessment ratio 100%)

2007 Property Tax Rates

Taxing Entity                                Total Tax Rate
Polk County                                  0.627700
Big Sandy ISD                                1.116500
Goodrich ISD                                 1.040000
Corrigan-Camden ISD                          1.173900
Leggett ISD                                  1.180100
Livingston ISD                               1.110000
Onalaska ISD                                 1.201800
City of Corrigan                             0.486100
City of Goodrich                             0.688700
Memorial Point Utility District              0.840000
Polk County Fresh Water Supply Dist.#2 0.444000

County Property Tax Rates 2000 - 2007 (percentages)

2000     2001     2002      2003     2004      2005   2006   2007
0.555    0.555    0.555     0.555    0.555     0.6277 0.6277 0.6277

2007 Property Tax Information for Polk County

General Fund Tax Rate
M&O        I&S              Total
$0.475500 $0.152200         $0.627700

County Sales Tax Allocation History
CY 2007:             $2,312,627.95
CY 2006:             $1,752,577.73
CY 2005:             $1,351,804.22
CY 2004:             $1,334,893.29
CY 2003:             $1,183,524.33
CY 2002:             $1,137,866.57
CY 2001:             $1,119,235.41

page 4
Tab 2:B - Tax Structure

Corrigan                        1.5%
Goodrich                        1.0%
Livingston                      1.5%
Onalaska                        1.5%
Polk County                      .5%
State of Texas                   6.25%


Corrigan                        $.486
Goodrich                        $.7134
Livingston                      None
Onalaska                        None

        Certified Retirement Community
 Application for Polk County

              TAB 2:C

          Local Housing

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details
                                  TAB 2: C
                            LOCAL HOUSING

Even with a downturn in the U.S. housing market, Polk County is continuing to
experience some growth even through 2008. Several new residential
subdivisions have been developed in the past couple of years and new homes
are continuing to be built giving Polk County available and affordable housing.

U.S. Census Bureau for Polk County - Total Housing Units reflects a 13.5%
increase from 1990 to 2000 Census reports and a 4.6% increase from 2007 to
2012 projections.

                     YEAR         TOTAL HOUSING UNITS

                     1990                18,662
                     2000                21,177
                     2007                22,379 (estimates)
                     2012                23,405 (projections)

                            TOTAL HOUSING UNITS






                                  1990        2000        2007 est.   2012 est.

                                    Total Housing Units

page 2
Tab 2: C - Housing
As of the 2000 U.S. Census and estimates and projects, owner occupied units
will average around 58%.

                               Owner Occupied Units

                Year                 Total Owner Occupied Units
                2000                           12,354           58.3%
                2007                           12,982 est.      58.0%
                2012                           13,516 projected 57.8%

                           OWNER OCCUPIED UNITS




                                          2000 2007 2012

                               Renter Occupied Units

                Year                 Total Renter Occupied Units
                2000                            2,765            13.1%
                2007                            2,963            13.2%
                2012                            3,094            13.2%

                           RENTER OCCUPIED UNITS

                                         2000 2007   2012

Total occupied housing units for Polk County as of 2000 Census were
15,119 or 71.4%

page 3
Tab 2: C - Housing
General Housing Characteristics: 2000

                               Polk County              Texas
Total Housing Units            21,177                   8,157,575
Occupied Housing Units         15,119                   7,393,354
Vacant Housing Units           6,058                    764,221
Percent For Sale Only          9.5%                     11.2%
Percent For Rent               7.4%                     32.6%
Seasonal Recreation or
Occupational Use               58.0%                    22.7%
Vacancy Rate
Homeowner                      4.5%                     1.8%
Vacancy Rate Rental            13.9%                    8.5%

Structural and Facility Characteristics of All Housing Units: 2000

Median Rooms: 4.8

Year Structure Built (percent)

1990 to March 2000           5,038          23.8%
1980 to 1989                 5,842          27.6%
1970 to 1979                 6,026          28.5%
1960 to 1969                 1,989           9.4%
1950 to 1959                   981           4.6%
1940 to 1949                   522           2.5%
1939 or earlier                779           3.7%

Average New Home Price: $109,000 to $289,000

Average Cost of New Home Construction: $70 - $85/square foot

Average Rental Cost of Apartments: $350 - $595/month

page 4
Tab 2: C - Housing
Fair Market Rent - 2006 - Polk County

1 Bedroom Apartment                 $408 Per Month
2 Bedroom Apartment                 $484 Per Month
3 Bedroom Apartment                 $579 Per Month

Median price asked for vacant for-sale houses in 2000: $35,900


For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use:               4,608
Homeowner vacancy rate:                                       6.2%
Rental vacancy rate:                                         14.7%
Persons per owner-occupied unit:                             2.51%
Persons per renter-occupied unit:                            2.69%

Housing Value - Owner Occupied                     Housing Units - Cash Rent

$ 0 to $29,999                      27.30%         $ 0 to $100            6.4%
$30,000 to $59,999                  31.90%         $100 to $199         12.00%
$60,000 to $79,999                  13.50%         $200 to $299         18.90%
$80,000 to $99,999                  11.00%         $300 to $399         20.50%
$100,000 to $114,000                  5.1%         $400 to $499         10.20%
$115,000 to $149,999                  4.2%         $500 to $599          7.60%
$150,000 to $174,999                  2.4%         $600 to $649            0.8%
$175,000 to $199,999                  1.4%         $650 to $699            0.6%
$200,000 to $249,999                  1.3%         $700 to $749            0.1%
$250,000 to $299,999                  0.5%         $750 to $799            0.0%
$300,000 to $399,000                  0.7%         $800 to $899            0.3%
$400,000 to $499,000                  0.4%         $900 to $999            0.1%
$500,000 to $749,999                  0.2%         $1,000 to $1,999        0.0%
$750,000 to $999,999                  0.1%         $2,000 or more          0.0%
$1,000,000 or more                     0.1%        No Cash Rent           22.5%

                                                   Total Rental Units     2,765
                                                   Median Cash Rent      321.00

page 5
Tab 2: C - Housing
Most Commonly used house heating fuel in houses and condos.

   •   Electricity (56.6%)
   •   Bottled, tank, or LP gas (25.5%)
   •   Utility gas (14.1%)
   •   Wood (2.8%)
   •   No fuel used (0.6%)

Most commonly used house heating fuel in apartments:
  • Electricity (49.0%)
  • Bottled, tank, or LP gas (23.7%)
  • Utility gas (23.6%)
  • No fuel used (1.9%)
  • Wood (1.2%)
  • Fuel oil, kerosene, etc. (0.5%)

                          New Housing Construction

Construction of 22 new homes began in Countrywood Subdivision in February
2008 as Polk County's Economy continues to thrive. The homes will feature 3
bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and have a living area that ranges between 1,600 -
1,700 square feet. The homes will be constructed of a nice blend of brick and
stone and prices will start $150k. Countrywood is a quiet subdivision located just
off Highway 190 East about 3 miles out of Livingston.

         Type of Proposed New Homes in Countrywood Subdivision

page 6
Tab 2: C - Housing
Plans for 20 new homes to go up in Somerset Subdivision began in 2008.
Somerset will feature such amenities as 24 ft. wide reinforced concrete roads, all
underground utilities, cable, DSL, a private lake with fountain, and curbs on the
main road. The homes will have a minimum of 2,000 sq. ft. living area and be
constructed of brick, stone, or a combination of the two. The lots that the homes
will be built on are a minimum of 3/4 acre and prices for the lots start at 40k. The
price of the homes, including lot, will range between 240k - 260k. Somerset is
located just a few miles out of downtown Livingston, south on Highway 146.

                 New Homes Being Built in new Somerset Subdivision

Over 200 houses are being constructed in the attractive master planned
development, Four Corners Estates. Houses are being built on 1/2 to 1 full
acre lots and are being both custom built and standard built. Among other things,
the deed restrictions call for the houses to be built of either brick, stone, or hardy
plank (or any combination of the three). Log homes are also permitted. The
construction is taking place in phases. Phase 1 consisted of 60 lots. So far all
lots have been sold except for 1. Phase 2 and 3 have approximately 25 lots.
Phase 4 has 15 lots and there's one left. Phase 5 consists of 150 lots. Houses in
Phase 5 will have a minimum of 1,800 square feet of climate controlled living
area. From Phase 2 forward, all garages will not face the road. Horses are
allowed, but only on a minimum of 3 acre tracts. A park will be constructed and
possibly a Four Corners community swimming pool. Phase 5 also consists of 1/2
to 1 full acre lots and will have underground utilities. Four Corners population
consists of a nice blend of both retirees and young families. Average home
prices in Four Corners Estates subdivision range between $150,000 to $250,000.
Four Corners is located just a few miles west of Livingston.

page 7
Tab 2: C - Housing
                      New Home in Four Corners Estates Subdivision

                             Available Properties For Sale
      (data for listed homes shown below was obtained from Houston MLS listing service
                - membership only accessible)

 5574426                                         4008271        (Proposed Drawing)
 3 Bedroom 2 1/2 Bath 1 up to 2 acres            3 Bedroom 3 Bath 1/4 up to 1/2 acre
 New Construction Four Corners Subdivision       Proposed Construction Countrywood Subdivision
 Polk County - Outside City Limits               Polk County - Outside City Limits
 List Price: $239,000                            List Price: $159,900
   (Falls within average new home price)              (Falls within average new home price)

page 8
Tab 2: C - Housing
3058564                                        9918253
3 Bedroom 2 Bath 3/4 acre lot                  3 Bedroom 2 Bath - Subdivision Lot
Built 1965 Inside Livingston City Limits       Built 1988 - Inside Livingston City Limits
List Price: $110,000                           List Price: $199,500
                                               Address 116 Wildwood
                                               Appraisal District Value: $153,052

9718874                                        3610178
3 Bedroom 3 Bath 12.74 Acres                   3 Bedroom 2 Bath Townhouse - Onalaska area
Built 1982 - Polk County outside city limits   Built 1972 - Lake Livingston Lakefront Property
List Price: $200,000                           List Price: $85,500

                             Available Properties For Sale or Rent

136945                                         5331356
3 Bedroom 2 Bath City Lot                      4 Bedroom 2 1/2 Bath 5 Acres Built 1996
Built 1977 - Inside City Limits                Polk County - Acreage Outside City Limits
For Rent      $1,100                           Lease Amount $2,000 List Price: $350,000
                                               (Above average rental or sales price for county)

page 9
Tab 2: C - Housing
As posted in Polk County Enterprise- December 7, 2008 - December 14, 2008

NICE 2BR house in Livingston, CH/A, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, carport,
storage, laundry room, $600/month, $425 deposit. (936)327-5218.

1-RM EFFICIENCY log cabin, all bills paid, including cable. Furnished. $150/wk
or $500/mo, $100 deposit. (936) 239-1838.
Tab 2: C - Housing - page 7

FOR RENT or Lease: 3000 SF house/2 story 3 BR, 2 BA (3rd possible) near
downtown. $850/mo., first and last months' rent due on signing. (936) 327-7218.

3 BR, 1 BA FRAME house for rent. $550/mo., $250 deposit. CA/H, unfurnished.
Located on FM 1276. (936) 563-4558.

                          Rentals-Mobile Homes
As posted in Polk County Enterprise- December 7, 2008 - December 14, 2008

TWO BEDROOM, 2-bath mobile home in Canyon Park, $525/month, you pay
electric and water. (936)328-9079.

SMALL 2-BR, 1-BA unfurnished mobile home located on 1988 near Lake
Livingston Dam, must have good references. $400/mo plus deposit. No children,
no pets. (936) 365-2659 or (936) 933-1232.

3 BR, 2 BA mobile home in Canyon Park, $700/mo. plus deposit. (713) 417-

As posted in Polk County Enterprise- December 7, 2008 - December 14, 2008

TWO BEDROOM, one bath, CAH, $525 month, $525 deposit, no pets. Call 936-

FOR RENT: 2 BR, 1 BA, quiet, water/garbage/sewer/TV paid. Pecan Park
Apartments. $675/mo., $300 deposit. Security officer on premises, video security.

page 10
Tab 2: C - Housing
Rentals-Apartments - continued

CARLISLE APARTMENTS, 1 and 2 BR's, $350 to $375/month plus deposit.
Westwood Shores Realty, 936-594-1234.

As posted in Polk County Enterprise- December 7, 2008 - December 14, 2008

WALKER'S WATERFRONT on Lake Livingston. Travel trailer spaces and cabin
rentals. Furnished or unfurnished. Monthly/weekly or weekends. 936-646-3368 or

                    Rentals-RV Site/ Mobile Home Lots
As posted in Polk County Enterprise- December 7, 2008 - December 14, 2008

MOBILE HOME spaces for rent, $235/mo. Includes water, garbage & lawn care.
Lake Area RV and Mobile Home Park, 2485 FM 350 South. (713) 542-1462.

RV SPACES for rent, $225/mo. All utilities included. Lake Area RV and Mobile
Home Park, 2485 FM 350 South. (713) 542-1462

                           Builders and Developers

Anthony Properties

A major developer in Polk County, Anthony Properties has identified Lake
Livingston as an ideal location for the development of a “work, live and play”
environment on one of Texas’ largest and most scenic lakes located just a short
drive from Houston. Plans for the Livingston Project include a network of
recreation and residential destinations geared to vacation and corporate travelers
in addition to permanent and part-time residents. Anthony Properties has
accumulated extensive holdings in this area to accommodate the development of
planned residential communities, leisure, entertainment and resort facilities.

There are many other Builders and Developers in Polk County - Some are
listed below:

page 11
Tab 2: C - Housing
Builders and Developers - continued

Baskin Builders LLC
2815 Hwy 59 S., Livingston            936-327-8621

BWC Cabins LLC Homes
Goodrich                              936-365-3216

C.W. Williams Group                   936-328-8900
Developer for The Retreat (See “Over 55” Housing below)

Capital B Developers                936-327-4345

Corrigan Construction
731 FM 352, Corrigan                  936-398-2475

Davis & Brown Construction
5850 Hwy 190 W., Livingston           936-967-4111

Greggbilt Homes, Inc.
396 N. Hwy 356, Onalaska              936-646-7873

KWS Builders
Livingston, Texas                     936-328-8834

Lake Area Construction
14366 Hwy 190 W., Onalaska            936-646-2802

Norred Builders LLC
Livingston                            936-967-2550

NuTrend Homes                 866-559-7550

Somerset Builders
S. Washington, Livingston             713-598-6719

Moseley Construction
2055 FM 3126, Livingston              936-967-8032

page 12
Tab 2: C - Housing
                             “Over 55” Housing

The Retreat -

The Retreat is a one-of-a-kind neighborhood in Livingston, Texas, designed for
Active Adults age 55 and up. Homebuyers in the Retreat are people who want
to maintain their lifestyles, not their homes. The Retreat homes have monitored
security systems and underground utilities. Funded by a yearly assessment, a
Homeowners Association has been established to maintain all front yards,
exterior painting, carriage lights, fences and sprinkler systems. The yard areas
are naturally landscaped using native plants and trees. A pavilion with tables and
benches for residents to gather with family and friends will be
included in the community. The Retreat is in the city of Livingston so the
residents can enjoy all the services of this warm and inviting town, including easy
access to local public transportation. Located off Hwy 59, within one block
of medical center.

                The Retreat - “Over 55” Subdivision - Livingston

page 13
Tab 2: C - Housing

                               Assisted Living
Assisted living properties are all conveniently accessible to public
transportation. Each are disability equipped and have professionally
trained staff on hand at all times.

The Bradford at Brookside -

The Bradford at Brookside is a 125-bed facility located across the street from
the Medical Center that opened in the Fall of 2008. Unlike traditional nursing
homes and assisted living facilities, the Bradford at Brookside represents the
next generation in residential health services and will offer round-the-clock
licensed clinical support and provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program
in a luxurious environment. Easy access to Hwy 59 and public

                          The Bradford at Brookside

page 14
Tab 2: C - Housing
Assisted Living - continued

The Gardens -

The Gardens is a new assisted living community that also offers independent
living apartments. Available units are one bedroom and two bedroom
apartments. The community offers on-site professionally trained staff,
community activities and events and is an accredited State licensed facility.
They also offer transportation to medical facilities, shopping and other
destinations in and outside of the county.

Other Assisted Living Properties Include:

Corrigan LTC Nursing and Rehabilitation      936-398-2220
The Gardens At Livingston (New Facility)           936-327-3141
The Good Shepherd Assisted Living                  936-327-9956
Pine Ridge Health Care                             936-327-5415
Timberwood Nursing and Rehabilitation              936-327-4446
Escapees Care Inc.                                 936-327-4256

                         Apartments (Partial List)

Corrigan Square Apartments - HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE
116 Bluebonnet Cir., Corrigan            936-398-4172

Livingston Plaza Apartments - HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE
1001 Forest Hollow, Livingston           936-327-1102

Livingston Seniors Apartments - HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE
1600 N Houston St, Livingston           936-327-6175

Pecan Park Apartments - HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE
1511 S. Houston, Livingston            936-327-3146

Ridgecrest Inn Apartments HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE
901 Forest Hollow, Livingston           936-327-7456

page 15
Tab 2: C - Housing

Apartments - continued
Watson Enterprises**
209 Denham, Livingston                             936-327-3153
** Watson Enterprises has several apartment properties, 15-20 single family homes and
one ranch they manage as rental property. Some apartment units are limited handicap

                             Public Transportation

Both public transportation means serve all of Polk County with door-to-
door service.

Brazos Transit District         936-327-0192

The most popular public transportation in the county is Brazos Transit District.
The District offers public transportation to all areas of the county as well as
regular runs to Lufkin, UTMB Galveston, Houston VA & Houston Medical Center.
The District is a general public transportation provider. In Polk County, they offer
a Demand & Response Service that is a shared ride curb service for individuals
who are not disabled and/or do not have an origin and destination within 3/4 of a
mile along the Fixed Routes. Trips may be made for any purpose. The District is
a political subdivision of the State of Texas and receive funding through the
Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) and the Texas Department of
Transportation (TxDOT). Fares start at $3.00 for general public one way.

Taxi Cab Service

(See Tab 2:H for details)
Livingston 350 Cab Co.                            936-328-8181

East Texas Support Services                       409-384-8751

Based out of Jasper, Texas, this service is available to residents of Polk County
to provide transportation to medical facilities in and around Polk County.

Additional Transportation

Assisted living facilities, The Bradford, The Gardens, and others offer shuttle
service from their facility to and from the medical center, doctor offices, shopping
and other destinations for residents on a regular basis.

page 16
Tab 2: C - Housing
City of Livingston

page 17
Tab 2: C - Housing

                             City of Onalaska

          City of Corrigan                      City of Goodrich

        Certified Retirement Community
          Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:D

   Personal Safety, Security
     and Crime Statistics

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details
               TAB 2: D
         Personal Safety, Security and Crime Statistics

                             TEXAS CRIME LEVELS

         Ref: Texas DPS publication: Crime In Texas 2007 - pages 10 and 186.

Crime Volume Index

During calendar year 2007, there was an estimated total of 1,107,024 index
offenses in Texas. The crime volume increased 2.3 percent when compared to

Crime Rates

During calendar year 2007, Texas' crime rate was 4,631.1 crimes per 100,000
persons. This is an increase of 0.7 percent from the previous year. The crime
rate is based on the 2007 Texas population of 23,904,380.

                        POLK COUNTY CRIME LEVELS

Crime Volume

During calendar year 2007, there was an estimated total of 1,329 index
offenses in Polk County. (as reported by Polk County S.O., Livingston PD,
Corrigan PD and Onalaska PD)

Crime Rate

During calendar year 2007, Polk County's crime rate was 2,768.74 crimes per
100,000 persons. The crime rate is based on the 2007 Polk County
population of 47,805.

NOTE: Eighty percent (80%) of Texas Crime Index Rate for 2007
was 3,704.88. Polk County's Crime Index Rate for 2007 was
2,768.74 which is LESS THAN 80% of the state average.

page 2
Tab 2: D - Personal Safety, Security and Crime Statistics
                        Crime Index Rank Report For Polk County

Rank                                     1             Murder                78
Crime Index Total                        50            Personal Crime        47
Assault                                  46            Property Crime        48
Burglary                                 75            Rape                  37
Larceny                                  48            Robbery               22
Motor Vehicle Theft                      20

                                Law Enforcement Overview

Polk County law enforcement agencies are dedicated to our community, each
with programs that benefit the citizens of our county. Law Enforcement in the
county includes Polk County Sheriff's Department, City of Corrigan Police
Department, City of Livingston Police Department, City of Onalaska Police
Department, Texas Highway Patrol, Texas Rangers, Polk County Fire Marshall
and Environmental Officer and Constables for each of the four Precincts in Polk
County. There are also several Volunteer Fire Departments who carry out their
own safety programs within their fire district communities. Each VFD is also
ready to assist neighboring fire departments when in need of assistance.

                                LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL

AGENCY                            COMMISSIONED                 CIVILIAN
Polk County Sheriff's Depart.     46                           36
Livingston Police Dept.           16                           7
Corrigan Police Dept.             6                            3
Onalaska Police Dept.             6                            0

                        POLK COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT

Polk County Sheriff Kenneth Hammack is a retired Texas Ranger who has
brought new programs and a stronger law enforcement team to his department.
Programs such as Crime Stoppers, Wise Eyes and the new Offender Watch
Program have been implemented or strengthened since he took office in 2004.
page 3
Tab 2: D - Personal Safety, Security and Crime Statistics

Polk County Sheriff's Office - continued
The Sheriff's Department is made up of a Criminal Investigation Division, a
Patrol Division, Narcotics Division which includes a canine unit, as well as a
Special Response Team (SRT Team). The SRT is a group of individuals who
train together on a regular basis, using the same training techniques and a desire
to accomplish the same goal as what the Sheriff's Office wants to achieve.
During the formation of the SRT, several individuals from local law enforcement
agencies applied for positions on the team. After completing a physical agility
test, oral exam, and an interview board, twelve members were chosen from
local law enforcement agencies. These agencies were the Polk County Sheriff's
Office, Precinct One Constable's Office, and Precinct Two
Constable's Office. The SRT's duties consist of execution of high risk warrants,
narcotic related arrest and investigations, hostage situations, bomb threats and
other related incidents. There is also a Jail Division and Warrants Division.

The Wise Eyes Program aids the Polk County Sheriff's Office and surrounding
law enforcement agencies in being aware of suspicious activity. This program
has been presented to various organizations and groups throughout the county.

Crime Stoppers is a program where citizens may report suspicious activity
unanimously. This program is especially beneficial to elderly citizens who
might be afraid to make a report otherwise. This program also pays out rewards
for reports that lead to arrest and conviction. Rewards paid out through this
program since it's inception are $223,750.

                        CRIME STOPPER STATISTICS

                 SINCE INCEPTION
                    Tips Received                    2,616
                    Arrests Made                     1,260
               # of Rewards Approved                 1,362
                    Rewards Paid                   $223,750
                 Property Recovered               $1,154,756
                  Narcotics Seized                 $337,026
                   Total Recovered                $1,491,782

page 4
Tab 2: D - Personal Safety, Security and Crime Statistics
The Polk County Sheriff's Department also operates the Polk County Animal
Shelter which is equipped to house close to 200 dogs and cats. Two Animal
Control Officers are certified to handle operations of the shelter and work with the
local chapter of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (S.P.C.A.)

               Sheriff Hammack and Staff present WISE EYES Program

                   The City of Livingston Police Department

The police department has a Chief of Police and 15 officers as well as one ACO
officer and dispatchers. One of two of the School Resource Officers was
nominated as First Responder All Star by Fox Television’s America’s Most
Wanted. The department sponsored and organized the Second Annual Salute to
Texas Heroes event at Pedigo Park, spotlighting first responder equipment and

The Livingston Police Department is very involved in the community and has
taken part in or hosted events like the basketball competition with the “Go
Getters” Special Olympics Basketball Team and the Polk County Peace Officers
Law Enforcement Aid Fund Fishing Tournament at Pedigo Park. Department
employees also created and awarded their first Livingston High School
scholarship to a graduating senior of the class of 2007. Department employees
organized and conducted a fundraiser for scholarships to graduating seniors of
Livingston ISD in 2008. Livingston Police officers patrolled over 180,000 miles in

page 5
Tab 2: D - Personal Safety, Security and Crime Statistics
                   The City of Corrigan Police Department
                               Ph. 936-398-2551

The Corrigan Police Department has hosted several community oriented safety
programs like Child Safety Seat Program, Bicycle Safety Program, Gun Safety
Program, Elderly Seminars on protection and Neighbors Night Out, part of the
National Night Out Program designed to educate the public and create
awareness in neighborhoods.

                     City of Onalaska Police Department

The Onalaska Police Department relies heavily upon community involvement
through programs such as Crime Stoppers, Neighborhood Watch, National Night
Out and many more. They are committed to recruiting the most qualified
candidates, training and equipping them proficiently and providing them with an
atmosphere that will allow employees to excel.

                   Other Safety and Security Departments

Polk County DPS/Highway Patrol

Livingston   936-327-6858
Corrigan     936-398-4222

Polk County Fire Marshall                                936-327-6820

Polk County Game Warden                                  936-327-6839

Polk County Office of Emergency Management               936-327-6826

Texas Rangers                                            936-327-6836

page 6
Tab 2: D - Personal Safety, Security and Crime Statistics

                         Volunteer Fire Departments
Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas                       936-563-4700
Big Thicket Lake Estates                               936-685-4455
Corrigan                                               936-398-2551
Goodrich                                               936-365-2121
Holiday Lake Estates                                   936-365-3131
Indian Springs                                         936-563-4747
Livingston                                             936-327-4411
Onalaska                                               936-646-5111
Scenic Loop/Memorial Point                             936-566-4555
Segno                                                  936-685-7195
South Polk County/Wild Country                         936-685-7115

                              Ambulance Service

Americare EMS - Livingston                             936-327-0123
Lone Star EMS - Livingston                             936-327-9024

                             Other Safety Programs

“No Refusal Weekend”
As reported by

With the goal of ensuring the safety of the motoring and boating public and
reducing the number of intoxicated drivers and boaters on Lake Livingston and
on Polk County roadways over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, multiple law
enforcement agencies joined together in Polk County’s first “No Refusal
Weekend.” Game Wardens with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife
patrolled Lake Livingston to promote water safety. Texas Alcoholic Beverage
Commission agents were assigned to Polk County for the purpose of identifying
potential violations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. Polk County Sheriff’s
Department, Livingston Police Department and Onalaska Police Department
certified to administer field sobriety tests were also assigned to work peak hours
throughout the weekend. Americare and Lone Star EMS services volunteered to
assist in the execution of search warrants for blood specimens at the jail.

page 7
Tab 2: D - Personal Safety, Security and Crime Statistics

Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T)/(S.A.N.E.)
Reported by

The Polk County Criminal District Attorney’s Office joined with the Polk County
Sheriff’s Department, Livingston Police Department, Onalaska Police
Department, Corrigan Police Department, SAAFE House, Texas Department of
Family and Protective Services, Adult and Juvenile Community Supervision and
Memorial Medical Center of Livingston to form a SART (Sexual Assault
Response Team). Until the formation of the SART, a victim had to travel a
minimum 100 miles round trip in order to secure a sexual assault exam. These
exams are conducted by SANE’s (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners). The SANE
exam is a crucial evidence gathering step in the prosecutorial effort. One
goal of the local SART/SANE effort is to make the examination process easier,
more convenient and more “victim-oriented.”

Memorial Medical Center is Committed to Helping

Memorial Medical Center of Livingston has committed to sending four registered
nurses for SANE certification training. The training will be provided by the Office
of the Texas Attorney General. Although the training is free for the nurses, the
cost to the hospital occasioned by the loss of staffing while the prospective SANE
nurses are being trained is not paid for. Nurses will have to fill in for those who
are in training and the hospital will also incur the cost of paying the nurses who
are attending the training. The hospital will establish a private waiting area for
sexual assault victims. Special diagnostic equipment will be required for the
SANE program. A Secure Digital Forensic Imaging (SDFI) will be needed to
complete the exams.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

CERT training takes about 20 hrs. to complete and provides critical skills in
emergency preparedness and response. Trainees will learn how to identify and
anticipate hazards, reduce fire hazards in the home and workplace, assist
emergency responders, conduct light search and rescue, set up medical
treatment areas and help reduce survivor stress. People interested in taking an
active role in hometown preparedness should take CERT training.

         Certified Retirement Community
           Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:E

 Employment Opportunities

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

               TAB 2:E
                     Employment Opportunities

Over the past few years, Polk County has experienced a diversification of the
economic base which in turn has created many new jobs for our area. Evidence
of continual growth in the area, including the medical industry, education,
manufacturing, criminal justice and retail, equates to job opportunity, especially
for the growing senior population.

Expansion of three of the largest churches in the area are currently under
construction or recently completed. Retirees are encouraged for employing in
day care facilities at the churches.

Polk County offers work programs for all ages of job seekers, including one
specifically to assist retirees and senior citizens to locate full or part time
positions in the community. These programs also offer training and support to
acquire desirable employment.

                          Experience Works
              Senior Community Service Employment Program
    Local Office Phone: 936-327-0250

By 2010, more than 25% of the U.S. population will be 55 or older. The mission
of Experience Works is to improve the lives of older people through training,
community service and employment. One of the strengths of the organization is
to help employers take full advantage of the talents of older workers.

Experience works is a national, charitable, community-based organization that
helps seniors get the training they need to find good jobs in their communities.
One of the ways seniors benefit through this program is training, counseling and
community service assignments at non-profit organizations and public agencies
in their communities prior to transitioning into the workforce. Participants gain
valuable new skills and experience that help them secure meaningful
employment and provide valuable services to their host agencies and

page 2
Tab 2: E - Employment Opportunities

         Texas Workforce Commission - Texas Workforce Solutions
                            Workforce Solutions of Polk County
          1241 W. Church St., Ste. 300, Livingston, Texas 77351 (936) 327-5421

Texas boasts an incredibly skilled workforce ready to attract enterprise to the
Lone Star State. TWC is the state government agency charged with overseeing
and providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers. For
employers, TWC offers recruiting, retention, training and retraining and
outplacement services, as well as valuable information on labor law and labor
market statistics. For job seekers, TWC offers career development information,
job-search resources, training programs and, as appropriate, Unemployment
Insurance benefits.

Work Force Solutions of Polk County offers all employment services as
available through Texas Work Force Solutions, including areas that may be
particularly suitable for retirees and Senior Texans.

                        Opportunities for Veterans
                Serving those who have served their country.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has a long-standing history of
commitment to veterans. TWC continually seeks opportunities to improve
workforce services to veterans in Texas. Texas Labor Code §302.014 directs
TWC to give priority of service to state qualified veterans. Additionally, Texas
Labor Code §302.014, charges that state qualified veterans receive preference
(i.e., priority of service) for training or assistance under a job training or
employment assistance program or service. This requirement applies to services
funded in whole or in part by state funds.

TWC's Internet-based job matching system, has
implemented a number of enhancements to better serve veterans. TWC has
utilized programming in to ensure that qualified, eligible
veterans move to the top of job match results lists for employers and staff.

page 3
Tab 2: E - Employment Opportunities

Access to Post-Secondary Career and Technology Training
Provides information on training available from a variety of providers, including
community colleges, technical schools and trade schools.

Access to Adult Education

Provides information about and access to adult education opportunities in the

Employment Services for Senior Texans

Provides information about special employment services for senior Texans, who
are 55 and older.

Employment Services for Individuals under National & Community Services Act
Provides information on participating in a volunteer or community service
program in the areas of education, human needs, the environment or public

Employment and Training Services for Veterans
Provides specialized services for Veterans, such as counseling, job-search
assistance, referral, and placement.

 New businesses and expansions of existing businesses
    translates into jobs, both full and part-time.

List of some of the most recent new businesses opened in Polk County

Aaron's Furniture Rental                       Medical Spa and Salon
Auto Zone Auto Parts                           O’Reily’s Auto Parts
Best Western Inn                               Palais Royal
Biker Gear Discount Emporium                   Church Street Financial Services
CVS Pharmacy                                   DaVita Dialysis
Game Stop                                      Hampton Inn
Hibbett's Sports                               Holiday Inn Express
Jack-In-The-Box                                LaQuinta Inn
Popeyes Fried Chicken                          Tractor Supply
Visual Eyes

page 4
Tab 2: E - Employment Opportunities

                 MAJOR EMPLOYERS in Polk County
COMPANY                                    NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES
Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas           158
American Railroad - Rail Car Manf.         40
Bounds Autoplex Chevrolet/Chrysler         60
Brookshire Brothers                        148
Camp Cho-Yeh & Conference Center           170
Corrigan-Camden ISD                        197
Eastex Telephone Co-Op                     60
Escapees, Inc.                             90
First National Bank                        80
First State Bank                           75
Georgia Pacific                            1050
HEB Pantry Foods                           56
IAH Detention Center                       229
Livingston - City                          75
Livingston ISD                             600
Lowe’s Home Improvement                    123
McDonald’s Restaurant                      77
Memorial Medical Center Hospital           175
Onalaska ISD                               85
Pineridge Nursing Center                   175
Polk County - Government                   300
Sam Houston Electric Co-Op                 153
Texas Department of Criminal Justice       900
Wal-Mart                                   500

page 5
Tab 2: E - Employment Opportunities

                      Types of Business in Polk County
              Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2002 Economic Census
Note: Since the 2002 Census estimates, many new businesses have
opened in the area that are providing even more jobs, full and part-time.

Accommodation and food services          48
Administrative & support & Waste
Management & Remediation Service         25
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation         7
Educational Services                     3
Health Care and Social Assistance        51
Information                              19
Manufacturing                            27
Other Services (except public admin.)    55
Professional, Scientific & Tech.         58
Real Estate & Rental & Leasing           27
Retail Trade                             146
Wholesale Trade                          29

                         Current Available Jobs
Livingston Independent School District
      Para-Professional Position               ← Ideal For Retirees
            Bilingual Aide
      Professional Position                ←     Ideal For Retirees
            Secondary Math Teacher
            Social Studies Composite Teacher
      Auxiliary Position                       ← Ideal For Retirees
             Food Service Worker Substitute
             Bus Driver Substitute
             Bus Driver General
page 6
Tab 2: E - Employment Opportunities

Polk County and Polk County Sheriff's Office (as of 1/15/09)
Two (2) Full Time Custodial Maintenance Workers - Maintenance Custodial
      $18,951.13 Annual - $9.11 /Hr. (Polk County)

One Full Time Correctional Officer - $24,133.60 /Yr $11.60 /Hr (PCSO)

3 Labor-Pool Corrections Officers - Polk County Jail $11.60/Hr (PCSO)

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Continual need for employees in all departments - Training programs scheduled

Memorial Health System of East Texas - Livingston (as of 1/15/09)
(Non-licensed or certified positions)      ← Ideal For Retirees
Admissions Clerk - Flex Shift - Admissions Department

EVS Tech - Flex Shift PRN - Environmental Services Department - Responsible
for maintaining the hospital in a sanitary, orderly and attractive condition.

Patient Care Technician - Flex Shift - Responsible for assisting patients with
activities of daily living, provide personal care, comfort and assists in maintaining
the area in a safe and clean environment.

General Office Clerk - Day Shift - Assists in the operation of the front office and
medical records department.

Unit Secretary - Days, Nights - Emergency Room - Nurses Station- Clerical and
Receptionist duties.

Professional/Licensed/Certified Positions include: RN/House Supervisor,
Phlebotomist, Certified Pharmacy Tech, Sonographer, MRI Tech, Radiology
Technologist, LVN

page 7
Tab 2: E - Employment Opportunities

Wal-Mart - Livingston               ← Ideal For Retirees
Ph. 936-327-6370
One of the major employers in the area is Wal-Mart. This is a Super Wal-Mart
with grocery and automotive departments as well. Many retirees find
employment positions available at Wal-Mart that suit their needs, especially
part-time positions that allow them to supplement their income and still give
them the time to enjoy retirement.

As posted in the Polk County Enterprise/On Line

Employment/General                 ← Ideal For Retirees
KIDDIE KORNER now accepting applications for employment, and applications
for registration. Call 646-5600, leave message. Opening February.

QUALITY CLEANERS now hiring. Apply in person only, Hwy 190 W. 327-5399.

Hostess & Cashier needed for El Burrito Mexican Restaurant Must be 18+ and
able to work Nights/Weekends Apply in person

MYSTERY SHOPPERS - Up to $150/day. Undercover shoppers needed to
judge retail and dining establishments. Experience not required. (800) 720-3406.

PART-TIME JOB 10 Ladies, men needed to do telephone work for local
EVENING HOURS Good weekly pay. No experience necessary. If you are
outgoing age 18 and up, apply Tuesday-Friday 10am-1pm or 5pm-8pm @
Stubby's Plaza 142 H. Pickens Road, Suite 3 Hwy. 190 in Onalaska

SECURITY OFFICER wanted, Memorial Medical Center, evening shift. Apply in
Security after 5 p.m.

NOW TAKING applications for part-time waitress. Call 936-967-0333.

NOW HIRING, start selling Avon, start up $10.00. Call Kathy (936)646-6337.

BARBER NEEDED - Great walk-in business. Apply at Steve's Barber Shop in
Coldspring, 150 East, next to Dollar General. 653-5218.

page 8
Tab 2: E - Employment Opportunities

Employment/Medical                   ← Ideal For Retirees
THE BRADFORD is looking for a cook, dietary aide, Sous Chef or lead cook with
restaurant style experience. Please apply at Livingston Convalescent Center.

Livingston Medical Office Seeking Full-Time/Part-Time Medical Assistant Fax
Resume to: (281)358-2153

Additional Employment Demographics

Industries providing employment: Educational, health and social services
(19.4%), Retail trade (11.7%), Manufacturing (10.5%), Construction (10.4%).
Type of workers:
   • Private wage or salary: 69%
   • Government: 21%
   • Self-employed, not incorporated: 9%
   • Unpaid family work: 1%

Estimated median household income in 2007: $36,315 ($30,495 in 1999)
This county:                            $36,315
Texas:                                       $47,548

         Certified Retirement Community
           Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:F

         Health Services

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

               TAB 2:F

           Health Services
                    Memorial Medical Center - Livingston

Memorial Medical Center—Livingston is a 66 bed acute care hospital
increasing to a 200 bed facility with the construction of a 6-story bed tower
expansion project. The hospital specializes in critical access care with its 24/7
emergency room and diagnostic services, which includes MRI, CT, and X-Ray
scanning. Additionally, the hospital has a fully integrated women’s center that
offers obstetrics and gynecology care, plus digital mammography. Currently,
the hospital is home to more than 30 physicians who specialize in primary
care, internal medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, infectious diseases and
nephrology and PHI LifeFlight to Houston.

Since Memorial Medical Center—Livingston opened its new facility in July 2000,
the hospital has provided emergent and acute care to thousands of area
residents. Recently, the hospital opened two floors in its new bed tower. These
floors are home to medical surgical rooms and a new intensive care unit in
the 160,000-square-foot tower.

Recently, the hospital cut the ribbon on a new multi-million dollar Medical Arts
Pavilion located adjacent to the hospital. The hospital continues its aggressive
physician recruitment efforts to fulfill the need of the growing health care needs
of Polk and the surround counties.

New Paging System Donated

Memorial Medical Center—Livingston Volunteer Auxiliary donated a new
$3,500 PeopleAlert paging system to the hospital for patients registering for
services and families waiting on loved ones during surgical procedures.
Currently there are approximately forty-two volunteers serving Memorial
Medical Center – Livingston.

Memorial Medical Center—Livingston is striving to meet the demands of the
growing population in Polk County by ensuring that the area can attract and
educate more health care workers.

page 2
Tab 2: F - Health Services
            Memorial Medical Center Livingston

                                 Memorial Medical Center Complex

page 3
Tab 2: F - Health Services
                                   Medical Facilities

The Center For Sight 
200 Ogletree Dr., Livingston, TX 77351, (936) 328-5600

Ambulatory Surgery Center, Cataract Surgery, Contact Lens Services, Diabetic
Retinopathy, Eyelid Surgery, Glaucoma Treatment, Laski Laser Vision
Correction, Macular Degeneration, Optical Services, Therapeutic Eye Exams,
YAG Laser Treatment

        The Center For Sight

                                                       DaVita Dialysis Center

DaVita Dialysis
209 W. Park, Livingston, Texas 77351, (936) 327-1135

DVA Laboratory Services, Home dialysis, In-center hemodialysis, In-center
nocturnal - Free kidney classes for people who have chronic kidney disease
(CKD) and their friends and family members.

page 4
Tab 2: F - Health Services
Medical Arts Pavilion
403 Ogletree Drive, Livingston, Texas 77351 (936) 441-4102

Located on the 41-acre "Field of Dreams" healthcare campus adjacent to
Memorial Medical Center Livingston. The facility will accommodate physician
suites in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit the needs of the area's
growing array of physician services.

         Medical Arts Pavilion             Additional Medical Center Office Facilities

                       Other Medical Facilities and Services

Blood Work Facilities                                Medical Supply Centers
Cardiology                                           Medical Day Spa
Chiropractic                                         Mental Healthcare
Ear Nose and Throat                                  MRI Services
Eye Care Centers                                     Neurology
Express Laboratories                                 Obstetrics Gynecology
Family Counseling                                    Ophthalmology
Family Practice                                      Orthopedics
General Pediatrics                                   Orthopedic Surgery
General Surgery                                      Physical Therapy
Hearing Centers                                      Podiatry
Home Health Care Centers                             Radiology
Internal Medicine                                    Urology
Massage Therapy

Note: “Urgent Doc” - Emergency facility to open soon in Livingston

page 5
Tab 2: F - Health Services

              Additional Accredited Acute Care General Hospitals
Polk County is within 60 miles from the Texas Medical Center located in
Houston Texas. The hospitals and clinics at the Texas Medical Center are
known worldwide for advanced patient care provided by their physicians and
staff. They specialize in a variety of areas including Cardiac care, Cancer
treatment, Neurosciences, Surgery and Organ Transplants.

   Aerial View of Texas Medical Center


Abeldts Pharmacy
Corrigan - (936) 398-2563

Brookshire Bros: Pharmacy
Three Locations: Onalaska (936) 646-2488, Livingston (936) 327-4354 and
Diboll (936) 829-3671

CVS Pharmacy
Livingston (936) 327-2561

Medical Center Discount Pharmacy
Livingston (936) 327-4207

Memorial Medical Center Livingston Pharmacy
1717 Hwy 59 Bypass, Livingston (936) 329-8529

Wal-Mart Discount Pharmacy
1620 W. Church St., Livingston (936) 327-1294

page 6
Tab 2: F - Health Services
                          Home Health Care Services

A Pineywoods Home Healthcare - Corrigan                 936-398-5595
Bethany Home Health of Livingston                       936-329-0400
Crown Health Services                                   936-327-0212
East Texas Home Health Care                             936-969-2103
Homecare Solutions of East Texas                        877-331-9492
Homecare PRN                                            936-327-9825
Hospice In The Pines                                    936-327-8888
Memorial Homecare                                       936-329-8285
Texas Home Health                                       936-327-4455

         Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Care

The Bradford at Brookside                              936-328-5021
Corrigan LTC Nursing and Rehabilitation          936-398-2220
The Gardens At Livingston                              936-327-3141
The Good Shepherd Assisted Living                      936-327-9956
Pine Ridge Health Care                                 936-327-5415
Timberwood Nursing and Rehabilitation                  936-327-4446
Escapees Care Inc.                                     936-327-4256

Escapees CARE program

CARE (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees) is an adult day-care center
in Livingston, Texas. It is licensed by the State of Texas and provides care for the
participant and respite for the caregiver. CARE is not a nursing home. Their goal
is to delay or eliminate the need for a nursing home. Only Escapees members
enrolled in CARE's programs may live on site. Anyone in the area may enroll
in the Adult Day Care program. The adult day care program operates Monday
through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The building is open for socializing in
the evenings, on weekends and holidays.

Services Provided: Phone Line, Electric included up to $50 per month, RV
Cleaned Bi-weekly, Laundry done two loads per week, All meals FREE, Snacks,
Transportation, Professional Sitter 10 hours per day, Bathing and Personal Care.
Residency Services: $800 per month plus $400 per additional resident.
Licensed Adult Day-Care Program (accepts Alzheimer's patients): $28.00/day
with a $5.00 discount to Escapees members.

page 7
Tab 2: F - Health Services
                           Grounds at Escapees Facilities

The Bradford at Brookside (Premier Facility)            936-328-5021

Part of the Cantex Senior Communities, The Bradford at Brookside is a 125-
bed facility. Unlike traditional nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the
Bradford at Brookside represents the next generation in residential health
services and will offer round-the-clock licensed clinical support and provide a
comprehensive rehabilitation program in a luxurious environment. The
Bradford at Brookside celebrated it's grand opening in the Fall of 2008.

  • Private, semi-private suites
  • Flat-screen televisions
  • 32 channels of satellite television services
  • Electric beds for easy comfort adjustments
  • Expansive Rehabilitation area, including private treatment rooms for
     physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • ADL Studio Suite designed to assist Residents in restoring functional
  • Library with internet access
  • Chapel catering to all denominations
  • Activity Program with community outings
  • Beauty and Barber Salon
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Services

page 8
Tab 2: F - Health Services
The Bradford at Brookside - continued

Clinical Services:

   •   Around-the-clock skilled nursing
   •   Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies
   •   Wound Management
   •   Intravenous Therapy
   •   Tracheotomy Care
   •   Physician Services
   •   Medication Administration
   •   Personal Care and Hygiene Administration
   •   Enteral/Parenteral Therapy
   •   X-Ray Services
   •   Laboratory Services
   •   Respite Services

                       The Bradford at Brookside - Livingston
               Located adjacent to Memorial Medical Center Livingston

page 9
Tab 2: F - Health Services

                         Veteran Healthcare Facilities
Polk County Veterans Services Office is located at 602 E. Church St., Suite 119
in Livingston. This office is available for enrollment into the Veterans Association
programs. There are no facilities in Polk County to provide healthcare services.
Below is a list of the five closest VA facilities.

Conroe CBOC                                Approximate distance of 54 miles
800 Riverwood Ct Ste 100             From Livingston
Conroe, TX 77304

Charles Wilson VA Outpatient Clinic Approximate distance of 45 miles
1301 Frank Avenue,                  From Livingston
Lufkin, TX 75901

Beaumont Clinic                              Approximate distance of 63 miles
3420 Veterans Circle                         From Livingston
Beaumont, TX 77707

Houston Vet Center                           Approximate distance of 73
2990 Richmond Suite 325                      From Livingston
Houston, TX 77098

                               Statistics and Ratios
    References: based on 2007 data

                                               Polk County Texas
             Acute and Psychiatric Care
                     Hospitals                       1
                Average Total Beds
                     Capacity                    66.0              123.1

                                          Polk County              Texas
          Ratio Total Persons to
             Each Physician                   929.8                  460.5
         Total Direct Patient Care
            and Primary Care
                Physicians                      52

page 10
Tab 2: F - Health Services

                               Statistics and Ratios
     References: based on 2007 data

                  Polk County       State - Texas     Polk County        State - Texas
                  Total No.         Total No.         Ratio per          Ratio per
                  per person        per person        100,000            100,000
                                                      persons            persons
Direct Care
Physicians                                                1,272.4             638.3

Primary Care
Physicians                                                1,859.7            1,472.0
Nurses                 302.2             152.2             330.9              657.0
Vocational             294.8             363.8             339.2              274.9
Dentists              4,395.5                               22.8              42.8
Med. Techs.                                                192.3              218.0
Pharmacies            (Total             (Total
                   Pharmacies) 7      Pharmacies)
Pharmacists           2,014.6           1,308.2             49.6              76.4
Occupational         12,087.8           11,072.6            8.3                9.0

     Primary Care Physicians (PC) by County of Practice - August, 2007
                  (data source: Texas Medical Board August 21, 2007)

Polk County
2007 Population: 48,351
2007 Primary Care Physicians: 26
Ratio of 2007 population per PC: 1,860
Ratio of PC per 100,000 population: 53.8
Rank: 91

page 11
Tab 2: F - Health Services
Special Note:
Meals for the Senior Citizens of Polk County

Polk County Aging Services                              937-327-6844
(Department of Aging and Disability Services - DADS)

Polk County Aging Services provides meals for the Senior Citizens of Polk
County. We serve meals and have daily activities at three centers located
within Polk County - Livingston, Onalaska, and Corrigan. We also serve home
delivery meals for the Senior Citizens who are disabled and home bound.

The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) was created to
administer long-term care services and supports for the aging, for persons with
disabilities, and for persons with mental retardation. The Department also
licenses and regulates providers of these services. DADS began formal
operations in 2004.

         Certified Retirement Community
           Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:G

Emergency Medical Services

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

               TAB 2:G
                   Emergency Medical Services

Polk County has the tools to meet the demands of 24-hour emergency care
services with certified emergency medical personnel who provide
professional service in our community.

                      Memorial Medical Center Livingston
                             1717 Hwy 59 Bypass
                           Livingston, Texas 77351

The hospital specializes in critical access care with its 24/7 emergency room
and diagnostic services. Since Memorial Medical Center—Livingston opened its
new facility in July 2000, the hospital has provided emergent and acute care to
thousands of area residents.

Triage and Acuity Levels:

   •   Resuscitation—Conditions that are a threat to life requiring immediate
       aggressive intervention to restore or preserve life.
   •   Emergent—Conditions that are a potential threat to life, limb, or function
       requiring immediate intervention.
   •   Urgent—Conditions that are a serious illness or injury requiring
       intervention. Usually this condition is associated with significant distress or
   •   Less Urgent—Conditions presenting as an illness or injury requiring
       intervention. These conditions are usually associated with mild to
       moderate distress or discomfort.
   •   Non-Urgent—Conditions that are a minor illness or injury for which
       intervention could be delayed or deferred. These conditions are usually
       associated with minimal or not distress or discomfort.

While all physicians are trained in emergency care, several doctors in the
area specialize in Emergency Medicine.

page 2
Tab 2: G - Emergency Medical Services

                           Emergency Medical Service

Polk County has two Emergency Ground Ambulance Services that respond
through the 911 Emergency Reporting System to serve our community.

       Americare EMS Polk County                 936-327-0123
       201 E 4th St
       Livingston, Texas 77351

       Lone Star EMS                             936-327-9024
       3261 Hwy 59 N
       Livingston, TX 77351

                          Emergency Medical Service
                               Air Ambulance

Polk County has three designated air ambulance helipads. They are located
at Memorial Hospital Livingston, Polk County Annex Building and Onalaska
Volunteer Fire Department. In addition to these locations, each of the
Volunteer Fire Departments throughout the county have LZ (landing zone)
trained emergency responders who can communicate with air ambulance and
safety officials to successfully land an air ambulance helicopter in any location in
the county as needed.

                           Air Ambulance Service in action

page 3
Tab 2: G - Emergency Medical Services

Tyler County Hospital - Woodville, Texas
This hospital is located approximately 8 mi. from the eastern Polk County line,
(Approx. 30 mi. from Livingston)
1100 W Bluff St
Woodville, TX 75979
(409) 283-8141

Cleveland Regional Medical Center
(Approx. 27 mi. from Livingston)
300 East Crockett
Cleveland, TX 77327
(281) 593-1811

St. Luke's Episcopal Health Centers (several locations in and around
Houston- all within an hour or less drive of Livingston)
Community Emergency Centers (Approx. 50 mi.) (The Woodlands)
Open 24/7
10710 Kuykendahl - South of Woodlands Parkway
The Woodlands, Texas 77381

Walgreen's Take Care Clinic

WHAT WE TREAT                                 Closest Location
  • Respiratory Illnesses                     Porter, Texas (Approx. 45 mi.)
  • Additional Treatments                     24917 FM 1314 Rd.
  • Skin Conditions                           Porter, Texas 77365
  • Diagnostic Testing                        Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
  • Minor Injuries                            Sat-Sun 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Wellness
  • Vaccinations
  • Physicals

Note: “Urgent Doc” - Emergency facility to open soon in Livingston

page 4
Tab 2: G - Emergency Medical Services
   Cleveland Regional Medical Center - 27 Miles from Livingston

    Tyler County Hospital Woodville - 30 Miles from Livingston

              St. Luke's Community Emergency Center
Several locations - The Woodlands, Houston and surrounding areas
               All within an hours drive of Livingston

Certified Retirement Community
  Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:H

     Public Transportation
     and Major Highways

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details
               TAB 2: H
                             Public Transportation

                                 Major Highways

Polk County is served by the following public transportation means:

Brazos Transit District -

Brazos Transit is a general public transportation provider. They operate Fixed
Routes, Waterway Cruisers, Paratransit Service, Demand and Response and
Park & Rides. While the district serves sixteen counties in Central and East
Texas, they only offer Demand & Response Service in Polk County.
Demand & Response Service is a shared ride curb to curb service for individuals
who are not disabled and/or do not have an origin and destination within 3/4 of a
mile along the Fixed Routes. Trips may be made for any purpose. Appointments
can be made up to seven days in advance up to next day service. Appointments
for next day service will be taken until 4:00 pm. Appointments are taken on a
space available basis. Some same-day trips may be provided on a space-
available basis.

Fares Within the Same County
General Public One-way                                      $3.00
Same Day Trips One-way                                      $4.00
Additional Trips                                            $2.00

Tickets & Passes
Round Trip Ticket                                            $6.00
Ticket Book (20 Round Trips)                               $120.00
Multi-Ride Pass (21 Round Trips)                           $115.00

Fares County to County
General Public -Crossing 1 County One-way                   $3.50
General Public -Crossing 2 Counties One-way                 $4.50
Each additional County + plus base fare One-way             $1.00
Additional trips                                            $2.00
Same Day Trips One-way + base & county fare                 $1.00

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Tab 2: H - Public Transportation and Major Highways

Brazos Transit - continued
Tickets may be purchased by mail or at The District offices located at:
1759 N. Earl Rudder Freeway, Bryan, Texas 77803
202 Pan American, Livingston, Texas, 77351
1014 N. John Redditt Drive, Lufkin, Texas, 75904.

If paying with cash at an office, please have the exact amount. Checks and
money orders should be made payable to The District. We also accept Visa,
MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover credit cards. Do not send cash for mail
purchases. If you have any questions regarding fares or ticket purchases, please
contact The District office at (979)778-0607 or 1(800)272-0039.
Lost, destroyed, or unused tickets and passes will not be replaced.

Kerrville Bus-Coach USA

Super Stop Food Mart                              Hours of Operation:
111 Pan American Dr                               Sun. - Thur. 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Livingston, TX 77351                              Fri. - Sat. 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
(936) 327-4224

Livingston Municipal Airport 936-967-5858

Livingston Municipal Airport, a general utility airport, is located on the eastern
side of Lake Livingston in the west central part of Polk County, approximately 6
miles southwest of downtown Livingston on FM 350 South, at an elevation of 150
feet above sea level. The airport is situated on 90.385 acres of land owned by
the City of Livingston. The land accommodates Runway 12-30, the Runway
Protection Zones (RPZs), hangar access taxiways, and aircraft parking aprons.

Livingston Municipal Airport serves corporate, governmental, recreational,
residential, student and private pilot activities. The airport continues to be an
essential component in the economic development of the City of Livingston, Lake
Livingston and Polk County.

The Livingston Municipal Airport also serves the Lake Livingston Airpark
subdivision, which was developed in 1986 and is located on the southwesterly
side of the airport. Airport facilities are divided into two groups - airside and
landside. The airside facilities include the 3700' X 60' runway, taxiways, airport

page 3
Tab 2: H - Public Transportation and Major Highways

Livingston Municipal Airport - continued
lighting, and navigational aids among other items. The parking apron, hangars,
fuel facilities, and automobile parking are considered landside facilities. A partial
parallel taxiway, 35' in width, exists on the northeasterly side of the north 530 feet
of the runway.

The City of Livingston sells 100LL AVGAS using a credit card-operated system.
The system consists of a skid-mounted, EPA-approved, 10,000 gallon above-
ground storage tank and fuel dispenser. Fuel is available at a competitive market

                      Aerial View of Livingston Municipal Airport

George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston (IAH)

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is located approximately sixty (60) miles
from Polk County. A "City within a City," the airport's physical size and growth
contribute immeasurably to the community's economic growth and provide the
traveler with one of the finest and most convenient, modern facilities in the world
today. Last year, it was one of the first airports to be named as a Model Port of
entry and to deploy the Department of Homeland Security’s 10-fingerprint

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Tab 2: H - Public Transportation and Major Highways

George Bush Intercontinental Airport - continued
initiative. Now in 2009, it’s already served as host to an exciting set of tests
surrounding the use of biofuels.

Bush Intercontinental Airport consists of five passenger terminals (A, B, C, D,
and E). Terminal E also includes the Federal Inspection Services (FIS) offices.
Moving baggage claim areas, rental car facilities, limousine, taxi and public
ground transportation services are available as well as private vehicle pickup.

Passenger Amenities

   •     » WI-FI Internet Service
   •     » Multi-lingual Special Service Representatives
   •     » More than 50 food and beverage establishments & news stands
   •     » Specialty and gift retailers
   •     » Scheduled and on call ground transportation
   •     » Many choices in parking
   •     » Visitor information centers
   •     » Eight on-airport car rental companies
   •     » Currency exchange booth
   •     » ADA amenities
   •     » TerminalLink automated people mover provides sterile airside
         connection between Terminal B, C and E
   •     » Underground inter-terminal train
   •     » Designated smoking areas, 25 feet away from the entrance of terminal

                                Taxi Cab Service

Livingston 350 Cab Co.              936-328-8181

Cab service available throughout the county.

Fares:         Anywhere in the Livingston city limits Flat Rate $10 one way
               Discount for Seniors - $9 one way
               Outside city limits anywhere in the county $2 per mile

Hours of Operation - 24 hours - 7 Days a week

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Tab 2: H - Public Transportation and Major Highways

I-69 Project

Interstate 69 is a planned 1,600-mile national highway serving the United States
between the borders of Mexico and Canada. Eight states are involved in the
project. In Texas, the proposed I-69 study area extends from
Texarkana/Shreveport to Mexico. U.S. Hwy 59 (north/south) will be widened to
meet Interstate specifications. In the majority of the areas, there is plenty of
room in the medians or other portions of the right-of-way to accommodate the
changes. There is also a feasibility study along U.S. Hwy 190 (east/west) to
determine the best methods for handling growing traffic flow.

I-69 is estimated to spawn more than 40,000 new jobs by 2025, resulting in
$12.8 billion in additional wages and $24 billion in added value. I-69 is
expected to increase economic activity throughout the eight state corridor,
where 4.2 million residents live below poverty level.


While Polk County does not have a passenger rail service, Texas Rail Advocates
is actively working to bring about a much needed transportation rail service to link
major areas of Texas.

Major Highways in Polk County

   •   U.S. Highway 59 (North-South) * Part of I-69 Corridor
   •   U.S. Highway 190 (East-West) * Crosses US Hwy 59
   •   U.S. Highway 287 (East-West) (Corrigan Area) *Crosses US Hwy 59
   •   State Highway 146 (North-South) *Crosses US Hwy 190

Polk County is:

Approx. 40 minutes from Interstate 45 - Huntsville
Approx. 75 minutes from Interstate 10 - Houston
Approx. 60 minutes from Beltway 8 - Houston

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Tab 2: H - Public Transportation and Major Highways
Certified Retirement Community
  Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:I

     Continuing Education

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details
                                        TAB 2:I

                            Continuing Education

Polk County Memorial Museum and Heritage Park
514 West Mill St., Livingston, TX 77351, Ph. 936-327-8192
Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Founded in 1965, the Heritage Society operates the museum. Sechrest
Bergman Webster donated her home at 514 W. Mill Street, Livingston, Texas to
become the home of the Polk County Memorial Museum in 1996. The 2,000 sq.
ft. exhibition is wheelchair accessible. Admission is free. Four exhibit rooms
provide the chronological evolution of Polk County, social growth and
development, the Main Street Collection and early days in downtown Livingston.

  Polk County Memorial Museum                  Chickering Grand Piano   Pump Organ
                                               circa 1848               owned by
                                                                        Moon Mullican
                                                                        Grand Ole Opry
                                                                        Star from late 40's

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Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
                      City of Onalaska Heritage Society
                      517 S. FM 356, Onalaska, Tx. 936 646-5376

The Greater Onalaska Heritage Society Inc., was organized in 1991. Originally
the Society was given the old First Baptist Church building built in 1906. The
building was moved across Beaumont Street to its present location. The plans
for the building, now named Heritage Hall and grounds is to be converted into a
Multi-Functional Community Service Center. A broad purpose community
service center could help meet the community needs with a meeting place for
local organizations, and civic clubs, music study groups and recitals, community
theater and museum.

                              Heritage Hall - Onalaska

Houston Area Museum District

Polk County is an hour's drive to the world famous Houston Museum District.
The District is dedicated to working collaboratively with 18 museums within a 1.5
mile radius to promote the Houston Museum District as a destination to maximize
the use of artistic, scientific and educational resources of its institutions.

                   Body Worlds Exhibit Museum of Natural Science

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Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
                        Colleges and Universities
Angelina College (main website) Livingston Campus 936-328-2372 (class schedule for Livingston campus)

Livingston is one of twelve off-campus locations that are served by Angelina
College for continuing education. The Livingston campus offers credited
classes as well as non-credit classes in continuing education. The college offers
forty-seven associate-degree programs through its three academic divisions
and three vocational divisions. Students pursue associate degrees in arts,
science, and applied science, as well as one-year certificates in a number of
technical programs.

The Community Services Division offers continuing education services
accessible by persons of all ages. Programs offered include courses,
seminars, workshops, institutes and teleconferences which provide lifelong
learning opportunities. These programs allow persons to learn skills for new
jobs, add knowledge and skills for current jobs, explore new fields and enrich
their lives with personal development training.

Persons aged 65 and older may enroll in any Community Service course, any
cultural or personal course (except career courses and driver safety courses)
listed in the class schedule for 50% of the listed course fee.

Quickbooks Pro 2008              21 Hrs. 7 wks          $120
Basic Bookkeeping                30 Hrs. 10 wks         $100
Secretarial Skills               24 Hrs. 8 Wks          $ 80
Key Boarding                     10 Hrs. 5 Wks          $ 45
Intro To Computers               12 Hrs. 4 Wks          $ 65
Microsoft Office Suite           10 Hrs. 5 Wks          $ 45
Microsoft Excel for Windows      18 Hrs. 6 Wks          $ 90
Microsoft Word                   18 Hrs. 6 Wks.         $ 90
Spanish I & II (Conversational) 24 Hrs. 8 Wks.          $ 75 (I & II each)
Driver Safety                     6 Hrs. 1 Wk.          $ 25
Teacher Aide/Substitute          30 Hrs. 10 Wks.        $ 90
Medication Aide                 150 Hrs. 14 Wks.        $500
Forklift Operator Certification   8 Hrs. 1 Wk.          $ 80
THEA Math Review                  3 Hrs. 1 Wk.          $ 20
THEA Reading Review               3 Hrs. 1 Wk.          $ 20
THEA Writing Review               3 Hrs. 1 Wk.          $ 20
Computers for Small Bus. Intro 12 Hrs. 4 Wks.           $ 65

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Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
Polk County College (for more information 936-327-2710)

Plans are underway for a new county college and conference center. The
proposed site is approximately 10 acres with good visibility and access to U.S.
Hwy 59 in Livingston. The Polk County College/Conference Center will total
approximately 30,000 sq. ft. with 20,000 sq ft being designated for the college
facility and 10,000 sq. ft. for the conference center. Common areas will be used
by both the college and conference center such as restrooms, office space, ticket
station, snack bar, loading/unloading dock, break out rooms and entrance foyer.
Projected date for opening is Fall 2010. The Center will park over 400 cars. The
Conference area can accommodate a 500 seat banquet and an 800 seat
concert. In 2007 there were 411 Polk County residents enrolled at Angelina
College. Only 115 of these enrollees were able to take all or the majority of their
classes at Livingston High School in the evening through Angelina College. The
remaining Polk County residents had to drive out of the county for their classes.

    Proposed Architectural Drawing of Future Polk County College - Livingston Texas

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Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
Sam Houston State University - Huntsville, Texas - approx 40 miles
Four-year Accredited University

SHSU offers both CEU credit and non-credit continuing education classes at
the Livingston off-campus site as well as on line. The Horizons program is a
continuing education program offering a variety of class subjects. They also
have the ed2go on line class program available. These are instructor-facilitated
online courses that are informative and highly interactive. All courses run for six
weeks and are project-oriented including lessons, hands-on assignments and
discussion areas. Classes average around $89 per course.

                       Lifetime Learning Programs
Abundant Light of Livingston, Inc.

Abundant Light offers classes where people can study in an accredited course
and learn to be a nurses assistant. The course is a 96 clock hour course and
upon completion, the students will get to take a state exam and graduate to be
CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants). Abundant Light also provides job
placement assistance. Abundant Light offers other courses primarily directed at
the health care field, and in the future will be offering courses in even other fields.

River of Life Training Center

The River of Life Women’s Life Skills Training Center, (dba Livingston River of
Life, Inc.) is a non-profit ministry organization created to address the needs of
women in the Lake Livingston, Texas area. Lessons are offered through
mentoring, life coaching, job-skills training, networking and faith assurance.
Classes and coaching are offered in a range of subjects including: Money
management, Job Interview Skills, Stress Management and Health and Nutrition.

Memorial Hospital Livingston

Memorial Hospital has several learning and support group programs available
to the public. CPR Classes, Diabetes Support Groups, Livingston American
Cancer Society Support Groups and Community Health Fair help keep the
citizens educated on health related issues. The hospital also offers Nursing
training through Angelina College on site at the medical center.

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Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
Angler Education - Tackle Loaner Program

This program gives anyone interested in learning how to fish a chance to borrow
fishing equipment just like a library loans books. Individuals can borrow rods,
reels and tackle boxes with hooks, sinkers and bobbers for up to 7 days of
fishing. Available at Livingston Lake Livingston State Park 302 Park Road 3,
Livingston, TX 77351 Ph. 936.365.2201

School of the Arts            Livingston, Texas     Ph. 936-328-8682

Livingston's School of the Arts (SOTA) is a non-profit organization that offers all
sorts of classes in music. SOTA is not just for kids, it's for people of any age
who have a desire to learn music and are perhaps seeking self improvement. In
addition to learning music, SOTA students give recitals at the end of each
semester. Classes run from September through May each year and take place
on Mondays from 3 pm - 10 pm. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes. SOTA was
established in 2002 and is now in it's 8th year.

                        Zoos and Botanical Gardens
Big Thicket National Preserve

The Big Thicket Preserve offers educational programs for nature enthusiasts
in a variety of natural habitat and botanical garden areas. The Stark
Foundation Grant, awarded to be paid in 2008 and 2009 provides funds to
support the Thicket of Diversity species inventory. This private foundation
supports and encourages education for improving the quality of life in
Southeast Texas. Some of the educational seminars held in the past are
"Butterflies of Southeast Texas", "Frogs, Toads, Snakes, Oh My!", "Water Bears",
"Animal Tracking" and "Exotic Vs. Native Plants".

Owings Educational Services            Hardin County, Texas (approx. 30 min.)   1-800-835-0343

Available in the Big Thicket area, Owings Educational Services offers education
in tourism, wildlife and nature for visitors and local residents. Services include
History and Nature Tours for Groups, Wildlife and Nature Photography,
Education Curriculum Development, Hospitality Training & Seminars for business
employees and managers.

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Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
Bird Sanctuary     Livingston 936-327-4311 - City of Livingston

Livingston was designated as a Bird Sanctuary by the City Council in May 1970.
With a wide variety of birds and many trails and locations in which to observe
them, Birding is fast becoming a favorite educational and recreational pastime.

Ellen Trout Zoo     Lufkin, Texas

402 Zoo Cir., Lufkin, TX 75904 (936) 633-0399 Approx. 40 minute drive
With more than 500 animals, the Zoo provides an adventure for young and old.
The adjacent park provides beautifully-wooded picnic settings and a miniature
pre-Civil War train replica which visitors can ride around the lake. Open daily.

Houston Zoo         Houston, Texas

While Polk County is not fortunate enough to have it’s own zoo, it is about an
hour’s drive to the Houston Zoo. The Houston Zoo provides a fun, unique, and
inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the
natural world. Essentially, the Houston Zoo is a small city encompassing a world
of ecosystems and experiences. They have over 4,500 permanent residents
(the animals) for whom they provide housing, meals, medical care and, yes, even
education! In addition, they have 1.6 million guests each year who come to
experience the incredible variety of animals and ecosystems, as well as attend
special private and public events and entertainment.

                       Concerts, Theater, Dance
Livingston Area Community Band           Ph. 936-566-5583

The approximately 40 piece group meets weekly and welcomes anyone with
musical talent who would like to learn more and contribute to the community
concerts. They are dedicated to providing entertainment in the form of quality
music for the community, encouraging the philosophy that music is a lifelong
pleasure and providing advanced learning opportunities for area musicians.
Band membership ranges in age from high school seniors to senior citizens. No
try-outs are required and there is no charge for joining. Players of any
instruments are welcomed. For several years, the band has played a series of
concerts at the gazebo on the courthouse square. They have also performed in
various areas throughout the county, including retirement homes and Escapees
recreation center.

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Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
Piney Woods Players Theater Group     

This non-profit theater group will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2009.
The organization provides theater enthusiasts of all ages a chance to gain stage
experience by working with talented directors and actors in the group. If you
think you would make a good director, actor or have written a play and would like
to be a part of the production, PWP welcomes you. Whether you want to be on
stage or part of the production team behind stage, there is always a place and a
chance to learn.

Levi’s & Lace Square Dancing   

These dancers meet weekly for dance lessons to hone in their skills. The group
meets every Tuesday at the Onalaska Middle School located on FM 356 South.

Boots and Babes Square Dancing

The club was formed in 1979, with 29 members in the first graduating class. We
are an active, stable club, and have an active membership list of 30+ dancers.
Our club hosts an annual Spring Jubilee, and takes part in special events in
Livingston and surrounding communities. The group meets weekly for lessons.

Murphy Memorial Library        Livingston, Texas       Open 44 Hours Per Week 601 W. Church. Livingston, Texas 77351, Phone: 936-327-4252

    Hours: Mon.- Fri. 10 - 6 - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
           Catalog on line, Genealogy, Books on Tape, Microfilm

page 9
Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
Mickey Reily Public Library Corrigan, Texas               Open 35 Hours Per Week
604 S. Mathews St., Corrigan, Texas 75939, Phone (936) 398-4156

    Library Hours: Mon. 12 - 7 - Tue. - Fri. 10:30 - 5:30 Closed Sat. & Sun.

Public Fax, Public Access Computers, Copy Machine, Notary

Onalaska Public Library         Onalaska, Texas           Open 40 Hours Per Week
372 South FM 356, Onalaska, Texas 77360, Phone 936-646-BOOK

Opened in 2002, they have expanded their book collection to over 8,000. The
library offers summer reading programs, "story hour" and genealogy classes.

Library Hours: Weekdays (except Wednesday) 9 to 6, Saturday 10 to 2
Services include: Online Catalog Card System, Copy and Fax Service, Free
Internet Access, Scanner and DVD Burner

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Tab 2: I - Continuing Education
The History Center      Diboll, Texas

Located in Diboll, about 10 miles north of Polk County, is the new public history
and archives center that collects, preserves, and makes available the history of
our region for the educational use and benefit of present and future generations.
Providing research opportunities is the core of their mission, and holdings
include manuscripts, business and local government records, maps,
newspapers, oral histories, books, and more than 200,000 photographs. They
also have exciting exhibits both inside and out that help interpret the Center’s
growing collections as well as the area’s rich cultural and natural history.

                             The History Center - Diboll, Texas

                            Other Educational Avenues
There are over 60+ Historical Markers in Polk County that give a rich
history lesson of Polk County.

Livingston High School                                 Polk County Courthouse
100th Anniversary 4/26/08                              Historical Marker

         Certified Retirement Community
           Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:J

          Leisure Living

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

               TAB 2:J
                               Leisure Living
Polk County offers 1,097 square miles of rolling hills and majestic pine forests.
You can enjoy a flavorful blend of spacious wilderness, boundless recreational
activities, shopping and dining and many opportunities to interact with
citizens of all ages.

                                     Trade Days

Open year around on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the third Monday
of each month is Trade Days located in Livingston's scenic Pedigo Park. Set on
over 200 acres, shoppers enjoy a wide variety of food, arts, crafts, collectible
and antique vendors.

                            City of Livingston Trade Days

         Pineywoods Bird and Bloom Club - East Texas Nature Club
                       166 Mitchell Ln., Livingston, Texas 77351

According to a survey by the American Birding Association, the average age
of a birder is 49 years old and has a higher than average annual income and
education. Birders contribute tens of billions of dollars in retails sales annually.
Deep East Texas is described as birder's paradise and Polk County is filled
with favorite locations for enjoying this pastime. The group meets once a month
on the third Saturday of the month. Currently, the group has approximately 40
members and enjoy taking several trips each year. A few of the sites in Polk
County include Longleaf Pines Trail and Bull Creek Trail in the Corrigan area and
the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation as well as Lake Livingston.

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Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

                          Escapees RV Park and Club

Many people-not only retirees-choose Polk County because it is the national
headquarters for the Escapees RV Club. The facility serves the club's 65,000 RV
enthusiasts with a support network, including meeting and activity facilities with
down home charm. Escapees have several volunteer programs that benefit
their members as well as the community where they live or vacation.

Volunteer Interest Areas (VIA)

A database program for those interested in sharing their talents to call on when a
need exists.

Toastmasters Club (936-327-8873)

This group meets weekly for one hour to improve verbal communication skills
and public speaking skills for themselves, the community and anyone else who
desires to improve themselves in this vital area of everyday life. Anyone is
welcomed to attend and take part or just watch and listen.

                       Toastmasters Meet Weekly at Escapees


Twice a year, the RV group holds national “Escapades” that include a boot camp
for beginning RVers, survival skill workshops for the more experienced RVer
and dozens of fun events like line dancing, Ham-O-Rama talent show, balloon
fiestas, kite festivals, outdoor adventures, cruises and music festivals.

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Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

Escapees - continued
Escapees CARE, Inc.

Escapees CARE offers an adult day care program that is open to Polk County
residents as well as Escapees Club members. The program provides day long
assistance for those recovering from injuries, surgery, strokes, and patients
coping with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. The program is
open Monday through Friday.

Volunteers On Wheels (VOW)

The founders of this group joined together in an effort to educate the public on
how RVers volunteer as they travel and to make RVers aware of volunteer
opportunities. Their motto is "Making a difference in communities across the

                     Polk County Historical Markers

Polk County's role in Texas history is preserved in dozens of state historical
markers. Two sites, the Polk County Courthouse and the Courthouse Annex,
were placed on the National Register of Historic Places in early 2002. One
interesting marker is the Birthplace of Margo Jones who established theatre-in-
the-round, now a popular method in theatres around the world.

A recent Texas Historical Marker dedication in Polk County drew more than
2,000 people commemorating 100 years of education in Livingston. The first
graduating class in 1908 had three students. Located throughout the county,
some 50 plus historical markers can be visited to learn more about what brought
Polk County to where it is today.

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Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

                            Heritage Park Livingston
Jonas Davis was one of the last Pakana Muskogee Indians to reside in Polk
County. He and his wife Hortense built the cabin in 1933. The log cabin was built
on a bluff overlooking Kickapoo Creek on the Burgess Survey. The log cabin
originally had a mud and stick chimney and several more rooms built with milled
lumber. The interior walls, ceiling and floor were lined with milled lumber.
Newspaper was used to cover the walls for insulation. The cabin was donated to
the Polk County Heritage Society in the late 1970's and was moved to Livingston
in the early 1980's and restored by the Society.

               Jonas Davis Cabin in Heritage Park and W.T. Carter Train

                      Senior Citizens Gold Card Program

If you are at least 60 years of age and live in the Livingston ISD, you are eligible
to apply for a senior citizen gold card. This card will enable you to attend most
district sponsored activities free of charge. Those school activities may
include home football, basketball, and volleyball games, other sports activities,
plays, musicals, concerts, etc. which are sponsored by LISD. (not school clubs
and groups).

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Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

                             Senior Citizen Centers

The Senior Community Centers in Polk County offer daily games and activities
like Skip-Bo, 42, Chicken Foot, Dominos and Bingo that are regular favorites.
Blood pressure clinics and health and nutrition presentations are also
provided monthly through the county Agriculture Extension Office. The centers
are open Monday through Friday and offer free meals to seniors over 60
through the Texas Department of Aging.

City of Corrigan Senior Center - 936-398-4090

City of Livingston Senior Center - 936-327-6844

City of Onalaska Senior Center - 936-646-5914

                                  Chili Cook-Offs

A favorite pastime in Texas are Chili Cook-Offs. Some have earned world
recognition. Polk County is home to several cook-offs a year, whether it be
Volunteer Fire Departments or other local organizations, chili cook-offs are totally
Texan. Full of fun and entertainment, not to mention chili, this is one of the ways
volunteers help raise money in their communities.

                        Other Clubs and Organizations

From Art Leagues and Bridge Clubs, Lake Livingston Senior Singles Group to
Hook 'N Needle Charities Club, there are so many clubs and organizations that
contribute to the endless choices for leisure living and interaction in the
community. There is always something to do in Polk County.

The Livingston Specialty Merchants Guild touts Livingston as "Home of Good
Old-Fashioned Texas Fun". Whether you are visiting or call Polk County home,
there is a lot to enjoy including area artisans, antique shops, specialty shops
and boutiques, "mom and pop" restaurants, bed and breakfast establishments
and event facilities as well as tourist related businesses including hotels and
activity and recreation centers. The Merchants Guild sponsors promotions
throughout the year like the Annual Wheelbarrow Decorating Contest that can
be seen throughout the downtown area.

page 6
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living


                      Antiques, Artisans, Specialty Shops
                   Sponsored by Livingston Specialty Merchants Guild
Livingston Specialty Merchants Guild presents a variety of shopping including
antiques, giftware, clothing, floral, pottery and more. Polk County offers so many
shopping, dining and other leisure living opportunities in various genres. Below is
a small list of the businesses that would entice leisure living in our area.

Antiques Old & New          Good Golly Miss Molly's    Rose's Country Corner
Phone 936-327-6464          Phone 936-327-5945         Phone 936-327-8003

Gokey’s Old Town Emporium   Jean's Corner              Sew Fancy
Phone 936-365-2247          Phone 936-327-8817         Phone 936-967-3950

The Consignor's Mall        Kenzy's Kloset             Stained Arts Studio
Phone 936-329-8100          Phone 936-328-8611         Phone 936-327-3422

Downtown Treasures          Raindance Designs          The Clay Cup
Phone 936-327-7740          Phone 936-566-5312         Phone 936-327-3344

The Unique Mall             Johnson's Rock Shop        Mary's House of Crafts
Phone 936-329-8181          936-563-4438               936-646-4904

Two Classy Chics            Onalaska Florist & Gifts   Treasures Past and Present
Phone 936-327-1865          Phone 936-646-4007         Phone 936-646-7386


Polk County has a variety of eating establishments, some with live entertainment,
sure to satisfy every appetite. Most all of the restaurants offer a Senior Menu at
a reduced price. A variety of fast-food and chain restaurants are also located
throughout the county: Sonic Drive-In, Jack-In-The-Box, Subway, Pizza Hut,
Churches Fried Chicken, Popeye’s Chicken, Taco Bell, Burger King, What-A-
Burger, McDonalds.

City Grill - Continental cuisine, Daily Specials, Lunch, Dinner, Ph. 936-327-5300

Courthouse Whistle Stop Cafe - Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner, Friday night Karaoke,
Varied Menu, Ph. 936-327-3222

El Burrito - Mexican Menu, Lunch and Dinner, Ph. 936-327-1147

page 7
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

Dining - continued
Florida's Kitchen - Lunch and Dinner, Seafood, BBQ, Steaks, Burgers, Steam
Table Lunch, Ph. 936-967-4216

NOTE: Florida’s Kitchen was listed in the December 2008 edition of Texas
Monthly Magazine as one of the 40 Best Small-Town Cafes in Texas.

Out To Lunch Cafe - Salads, Sandwiches, Hot Lunch Specials, Candies and
Gifts, Ph. 936-328-8100

Rolling Hills Restaurant & Pub - Steak, Seafood, Dinner and fine dining
Ph. 936-327-8880

Shrimp Boat Manny's - Cajun Seafood and Steaks, Lunch, Dinner,
Ph. 936-327-0100

Texas Pepper Restaurant - Mexican and American, Lunch and Dinner,
Ph. 936-327-2794

Miss Jean’s BBQ - Lunch, Dinner, 936-646-6972

The Yellow Rose Cafe - Breakfast, BBQ, Burgers, Daily Specials, Lunch, Dinner
Ph. 936-967-5255

Yung’s Chinese Buffet - Buffet and Menu, Lunch, Dinner, Ph. 936-328-3288

page 8
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living


                     McCardell Cottage Bed & Breakfast
One of the most historic Bed & Breakfasts in Texas, the richly storied McCardell
Cottage was once considered by the folks of Livingston to be the hub of the
community. Built by Dr. McCardell in 1887, it served as the community's medical
facility for a while. Because of the family's taste for the finer things in life, the
McCardell residence hosted many of the town's premier cultural and social
events. McCardell Cottage Bed & Breakfast received the Civic Pride Award and
is the first and only home in Polk County to receive a National Recognition of
Historic Places plaque. Victorian birthday parties, baby showers and wedding
receptions are some of the events hosted at the Cottage.

     McCardell Cottage B & B                     Milam Home B & B

                        The Milam Home Bed & Breakfast

The Milam Home is a non-hosted bed and breakfast that exudes a feeling of "a
home away from home". This restored historic landmark offers luxurious
accommodations and a safe, comfortable and peaceful escape from big city life.
The innkeeper arrives each morning to create a bountiful homemade
breakfast, served up with genuine Southern hospitality. Whether your getaway is
for relaxation, romance or business travel, the Milam Home is an exceptional
travel experience.

page 9
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

Lodging - continued
Best Western Inn Livingston
335 Highway 59 Loop South, Livingston, TX 77351 (936) 327-8500

Hampton Inn
1510 US Hwy 59 S Loop Livingston, TX 77351 (936) 327-2300

Holiday Inn Express
120 South Point Lane Livingston, TX 77351 (936) 327-9600

Lake Livingston Inn
3219 Hwy 59 S Livingston, TX 77351
(936) 327-2525

Lake Livingston Vacation Rentals
618 Palmetto, Livingston, TX 77351
(936) 327-6884

Northshore RV Resort & Marina
168 Butler Onalaska, TX 77360
(936) 646-3124

Super 8 Motel
117 Hwy 59 Loop S, Livingston, TX 77351
(936) 327-2451

The Yellow Rose Cabins
182 Pocahontas, Goodrich, TX 77335
(936) 365-2762

Many more restaurants, lodging and shopping may be found throughout
the county; from home cooking to fine dining, antiques to hardware, motels
to bed and breakfasts, Polk County has what you are looking for.

page 10
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

                            Additional Sites To See
Big Thicket National Preserve                         Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation
Ghost Town of Swartwout                               Polk County Museum & Heritage Park
Lake Livingston State Park & Dam                      Johnson’s Rock Shop

                                       Swartwout Centennial Marker
                            Photo courtesy Mildred L. Brown, September 2007
           As shown on
Note: A marker was erected for the Texas Centennial in 1936 but it was later moved with the establishment
of the Lake Livingston Reservoir. Although there's nothing left of the old town of Swartwout, the name lives
             on with a contemporary community that has grown near the old Livingston Dam.

page 11
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

                                    Clubs and Organizations

Because Polk County has too many to list, below is just a small list of clubs and
organizations offered throughout Polk County. True to the welcoming spirit of
the county, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities to be a part of the
group or just come and enjoy what they have to offer. Volunteers, especially
retirees, are the life blood of all the organizations and contribute countless hours
and energy to the success of each.

Almost Ready To Fly Radio Controlled Club                      936-566-5804
AARP - American Association of Retired Persons                 936-646-4330
American Association of University Women                       936-967-4117
Boys & Girls Club of Polk County                               936-967-2474
C.A.S.A. of the Pines (Court Appointed Child Advocates)        936-676-9996
Corrigan Lions Club                                            936-398-5363
Corrigan Volunteer Fire Department                             936-398-2551
Daughters of the American Revolution                           936-327-5333
Daughters of the Republic of Texas                             936-327-4167
Extension Homemakers Club (Good Neighbors Club)                936-327-6828
Friends of Murphy Memorial Library                             936-327-4252
Girl Scouts                                                    936-634-5813
Habitat For Humanity                                           936-328-8529
Livingston Art League                                          936-967-0950
Ladies Livingston Golf Association                             936-967-0107
Livingston Lions Club                                          936-967-2273
Livingston Piecemakers Quilt Guild                             936-563-4580
Livingston Volunteer Fire Department                           936-327-4411
Memorial Medical Center Auxiliary                              936-566-4766
Onalaska Heritage Society                                      936-646-5376
Onalaska Lions Club                                            936-646-4330
Onalaska Youth Sports Association                              936-646-4583
Onalaska Volunteer Fire Department                             936-646-5111
Pilot Club of Livingston                                       936-398-4201
Piney Woods Players Theatre Group                              936-646-3622
Polk County Garden Club                                        936-327-1248
Polk County Area GO TEXAN Team                                 936-327-1111
Polk County Heritage Society                                   936-566-4171
Polk County Historical Commission                              936-563-4202
Polk County Mission Center                                     936-327-7634
Polk County Retired Teachers Association                       936-563-4180
Scenic Loop Volunteer Fire Department                          936-566-4555

page 12
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

Clubs and Organizations - continued

Single Friends                                                 936-967-2939
Sons of Confederate Veterans                                   936-327-8232
SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals             936-967-2287
Sweet Strings Dulcimers Society                                     936-327-3205
Toastmasters International                                          936-327-8873
United Daughters of the Confederacy                                 936-398-5163
Veterans of Foreign Wars                                            936-327-9119


From small rural community churches to large churches normally found in bigger
cities, Polk County has a diverse religious base throughout the county. Aside
from religious programs, the churches offer social and learning programs that
suit a variety of interests within the community.

There are many different congregations throughout the county, including,
Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Episcopal,
Interdenominational, Jehovah's Witnesses, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal,
Seventh Day Adventist, Presbyterian and many Non-Denominational churches.

          St. Joseph's Catholic - Livingston         Corrigan Methodist

         First Baptist Livingston              Pleasant Hill Methodist - Swartwout

page 13
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

                                Mentoring Programs

Each of the six school districts have mentoring programs for the youth. Mentors
traditionally are retirees and seniors who want to give back to the community.
These mentors have often played an important role in helping the students to
reach their potential and become successful in their studies.

                              Community Photos

   Camden Rail Car - Historical Marker      Miss Effie’s Cottage - Garden Club

     Bird Watching on Harmon Creek        “Don King” Duck on Lake Livingston

page 14
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

                              Community Photos
 Polk County Courthouse Square and Gazebo      Polk County Sheriff supports Dog Wash
 Where Community Band Concerts are held.              local S.P.C.A. of Polk County

     Sunset Fishing On Lake Livingston        Enjoying the Grandkids on Lake Livingston

Canoeing one of many streams in Polk County             Red Tailed Hawk
                                              One of many species found in Polk County

page 15
Tab 2: J - Leisure Living

                             Community Photos
   Red White & Blue July 4th Parade           Central Baptist Church - Livingston

Downtown Treasures - Main Street Livingston   Fain Theater - Main Street Livingston

     Sew Fancy - Hwy 190 West                  SPCA of Polk County Volunteers

        Certified Retirement Community
          Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:K

       Recreational Areas
         and Facilities

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

               TAB 2:K
                Recreational Areas and Facilities
Recreation is our middle name in Polk County. From water sports to ball parks,
walking trails to trail rides, there is something for everyone. With so many
opportunities for fun and play, it's no wonder more and more people are making
Polk County their home.

      Kayaking on Lake Livingston            Boating and fishing on Lake Livingston

                Lake Livingston State Park on Lake Livingston
         300 Park Road 65, Livingston, TX 77351 Ph. 936-365-2201

Lake Livingston State Park, a 635 acre park, part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife
system, is just outside the Livingston city limits. The park offers camping,
picnicking, swimming pool, mountain biking, nature study, fishing, boating and
horseback riding. Trinity River Authority-operated Wolf Creek and Tigerville Parks
are a short drive away.

      Cabin Campsite at State Park           Entrance to Riding Stables at State Park

page 2
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

Lake Livingston State Park - continued
Day use equestrian is now available. Visitors use the horses provided by Lake
Livingston stables. Enjoy a guided trail ride or an Eat 'n Ride that includes either
breakfast or steak dinner. A leisurely ride through 2.5 miles of the park gives you
the chance to really enjoy the scenic and wooded terrain and observe the
abundance of plants and wildlife the park has to offer. Guided trail ride without
meal is $25 per hour. Eat 'n Ride breakfast or dinner trail rides are priced from
$30 to $40 per person. Rides are scheduled four to six times per day.
Stable reservations - 936-967-5032.

Fishing is the all time favorite on this 90,000 acre lake where you are sure to
bring home a catch. The lake is located on the Trinity River in Polk, San Jacinto,
Trinity and Walker counties and is approximately 50 miles north of Houston.
Lake Livingston is 77 feet deep and was impounded in 1969. The Conservation
Pool Elevation is 131 ft. msl with a fluctuation of 1-2 feet annually. The
normal clarity is moderate to highly turbid. The lake is operated by The Trinity
River Authority - PO Box 360, Livingston, Texas 77351, (936) 365-2292. The
predominant species in Lake Livingston are Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Blue,
Channel and Flathead Catfish, White Bass, Striped Bass and Crappie.

Bass caught on Lake Livingston       Catfish 37lbs and was 44 inches long - Lake Livingston

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Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

      Lake Tombigbee Campgrounds - Alabama-Coushatta Reservation
Lake Tombigbee is located on the 4585 acre Alabama-Coushatta Indian
Reservation. The reservation is located 17 miles east of Livingston on U.S. Hwy
190. The campgrounds have complete camping facilities available. Primitive
sites to RV stations with full hook-ups, new restrooms equipped with bathhouses,
covered pavilion, picnic tables, fire rings, swimming areas and hiking and nature
trails are all centered around the 26 acre Lake Tombigbee. Cabins are also
available, all with air conditioning, from $40 to $100 per night. Also for $40 per
night, perhaps you would prefer to experience the real outdoors and camp in a
Teepee which can accommodate six people. Canoeing, paddleboats and
firewood for campsites are also available. Fishing fees are $5 per person, ages
9 years to 55 years. No charge for fishermen over 55. No fishing license is
required on the reservation and the lake is stocked with catfish and Florida bass
with the natural presence of crappie and perch.

The lake is aggressively managed for channel catfish and largemouth bass
through stocking, feeding, and maintaining excellent water quality. The lake
boasts an aeration system to provide added oxygen and ensure healthy fish
populations. A large forage base including bluegill and threadfin shad have been
stocked, and the lake receives annual stockings of channel catfish. Harvest
regulations are also set in place through the Fish and Wildlife Department to help
keep the fishery in balance.

     Fishing and camping Lake Tombigbee - Alabama-Coushatta Tribe Reservation
page 4
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

                         Big Thicket National Preserve
Big Thicket National Preserve is filled with biological influences like south eastern
swamps, eastern forests, central plains, and southwest deserts. Bogs sit near
arid sand hills and Eastern bluebirds nest near roadrunners. There are 85 tree
species, more than 60 shrubs, and nearly 1,000 other flowering plants, including
26 ferns and allies, 20 orchids, and four of North America's five types of insect-
eating plants. Nearly 186 kinds of birds live here or migrate through. Fifty reptile
species include a small, rarely seen population of alligators. Amphibious frogs
and toads abound. The preserve covers 97,550 acres, and offers auto touring,
backpacking, biking, bird watching, boating, camping, fishing, hiking,
horseback riding, hunting, interpretive programs, kayaking, nature walks,
stargazing, swimming, trapping and wildlife viewing and photography.
Two canoe trails are also available.

  Bird Watching Big Thicket Nature Trail                Canoeing in Big Thicket

                               Livingston Skate Park

Built entirely on private donations, this skate park was opened in 2008 in
Livingston for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

page 5
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

                          Southland Park - Polk County

This county park is located below the Lake Livingston Dam. This is a popular
place for bird watching.

 Fishing below Lake Livingston Dam             Variety of birds gather below the Dam

                            Livingston Municipal Airport

Located 6 miles southwest of Livingston on FM 350 south. The airport has a
3,700 ft. lighted runway with fuel available and privately-owned hangars.

                            Livingston Municipal Airport

page 6
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

                           Barney Wiggins Memorial Park

Home of the Annual Polk County Youth Rodeo, one of the largest Youth Rodeos
in the state, bringing contestants from all over Texas and many neighboring
states. This covered rodeo arena and Little League Baseball field provides
recreational opportunities for young and old alike. Play day riding events like
barrel racing and poles are open to anyone who wants to enter. Retirees who
are riding and baseball enthusiasts enjoy volunteering their time for coaching
and supporting these favorite recreational pastimes.

                            Bill Garsee Rodeo Arena
                           1400 W 2nd St, Corrigan 75939

Local riding and roping events can be enjoyed at Bill Garsee Rodeo Area.
Located in Corrigan next to the Mickey Reily Park

                  Cho-Yeh Camp & Conference Center, Inc.

A retreat facility and summer camp on 640 acres of beautiful pine forest in
Livingston, the area has many walking trails. The center includes interaction
with campers and college students in their Summer Camp program, adult
groups in the hotel and conference center, and church youth functions or
school groups in the Retreats program. Meeting, dining and lodging facilities are
available. Open: Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

                              Joe Pedigo City Park

Located in Livingston, Pedigo Park is over 200 acres and equipped with three
picnic shelters, soccer fields, softball fields and baseball field. Additional
large group pavilions, restrooms and concession facilities are also on the
property. Home of Trade Days, Pedigo Park is the gathering place for events
throughout the year like live concerts, car shows, dog shows and annual
children's fishing tournament sponsored by KidFish Foundation.

page 7
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities
  Entrance Pedigo Park       Ball Field - Pedigo Park    Picnic Area - Pedigo Park

                            Matthews Street City Park

Located in Livingston, this city park is approximately 90 acres and includes
playground equipment, covered picnic pavilion, jogging/exercise trail and
tennis courts. It is open from 6:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. The Olympic size
swimming pool is open from June 1 to mid-August and offers activities like Adult
Water Aerobics. Lifeguard instruction and CPR testing and certification are
given at Matthews Park Pool. The annual Sonic ‘50s and the Polar Bear parties
are also held at Matthews Park Pool.

    Jogging Trails - Matthews Park

                                             Pool and Tennis Court area Matthews Park

page 8
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

                             Livingston Golf Course
                    801 Matthews Street, Livingston - 936-327-4777

Livingston Golf Course and driving range is located in Matthews Street Park. A
newly remodeled club house including covered patio with seating and new golf
cart barn and carts are part of the recent renovation. Annual membership fees
start at $500. Fee for 9 holes is $16 and $22 for 18 holes for non-members
which includes cart and Green fee. Member cart only fee is $6 for 9 holes and
$12 for 18 holes. Senior rates are 9 holes for $11 and $17 for 18 holes. Private
tournaments and golf lessons are available.
(See Brochure at end of Tab 2:K)

                  Other Golf Courses in the Lake Area

                            Cape Royale Golf Course

Less than thirty minutes from Livingston and set amidst some of the most
breathtaking landscapes in East Texas is Cape Royale Country Club.
Incorporating the natural rolling hills along the western shores of Lake Livingston
brings a unique and welcome change of pace from the mostly flat courses in
urban markets. The 18-hole course features dramatic elevation changes and
breath taking views of the Lake. The club is equipped with a pro-shop, deli and
driving range. Fees start at $30 with a 10% discount for Seniors. Individual
memberships start at $1,281 annually and $960 annually for Seniors.

                              Cape Royale Golf Course

page 9
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

                       Waterwood National Golf Course

A short drive from Onalaska is Waterwood National Golf Course. This 18 hole
course was created by Pete Dye to be one of the toughest courses in America.
Widely considered among the top golf course designs in America, Waterwood
has hosted national amateur championship events. Normal fee rates start at $45
and $30 for Seniors and includes green fee and cart rental. A pro shop and
cafe round out a day on the course.

       Waterwood Golf Course                    Waterwood Pro Shop

                        Westwood Shores Golf Course

The 18-hole "Westwood Shores" course is located at the north end of Lake
Livingston at the Westwood Shores Country Club about twenty minutes from
Onalaska. The course features 6,791 yards of golf from the longest tees for a
par of 72 . The course rating is 72.3 and it has a slope rating of 124 on Bermuda
grass. Fees start at $22.

                               Escapees RV Club

Located in Livingston at the Rainbow’s End RV Park. The active community sits
on 141 acres, and offers 130 RV sites with full hookups, clubhouse, swimming
pool, games, computer stations and more.

page 10
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

                               Double Creek Farm

At Double Creek Farm you will find locally-grown Christmas trees that you
choose and cut. They have hay rides, a giant sand box, a playhouse and a big
hay jump perfect for the grandkids. The gift shop features many quality items
you can't find in a big box store -- many are made by local artisans. Picnic
facilities are also on the grounds and facilities are available for private or
company outings.

     Lake Livingston Market and Marina At Lake Livingston State Park

Rentals for pontoon Boats, peddle boats, kayaks, and canoes are available at
the marina. The marina also has a market and gift shop. The park has 161
camp sites including full hookup sites. There are also screened shelters and
group areas for rent. This is the perfect place for all your camping and water
sport needs.

       Pontoon Rentals, Games and Boat Launch on Lake Livingston

Sandy Creek Resort & Campground
11941 US Hwy 190 W Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 646-3369

Waterfront Lodge & Marina & RV Park
371 Navaho Trail Onalaska, TX 77360
Phone: (936) 646-3525

page 11
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

                         SENIOR CITIZEN CENTERS
Livingston, Onalaska and Corrigan all have Senior Citizen Centers with regular
activities like Dominos, Chicken Foot, reduced fee meals and special events
and programs throughout the year. The centers also have a resale shop
operated by Senior volunteers who raise money to provide for the operations and
activities at the centers.

City of Onalaska Senior Citizens Calendar

Senior Citizen Center - Livingston
 Livingston, TX 77351
(936) 327-6844

Corrigan Community Center
603 S. Mathew, Corrigan

Indian Springs Community Center
266 Pichetto Trail, (11 miles East of Livingston)
"Books and Beans" offered every Wednesday with different menu for $3 per plate
- Seniors welcomed and encouraged to attend for hot meal, games and
fellowship. Book prices start at .25 ea.

                              Fitness Centers

                                The Sweat Shop
                      412 N Jackson Livingston (936) 328-4643

The Sweat Shop is a full service gym with daily, weekly and yearly rates. The
Silver Sneakers Fitness Program for older adults is free to members of
participating Medicare health plans. Open 24 Hours - 7 Days a week.

                                Anytime Fitness
               South Point Shopping Center, Livingston (936-327-9799

Annual memberships, 10% discount for “over 55”. 24 hour access, secure
facilities and trainers on site. Reciprocal membership to any location in the
world. New facility with state-of the art equipment.

page 12
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

Fitness Centers - continued

Curves provides a complete cardio and strength training workout in just 30
minutes that is made up of resistance machines that work every major muscle
group, two muscles at a time.

Anytime Fitness - Livingston - 936-327-9799

The Body Firm - Livingston - 936-327-7777

Lakeside Fitness Center - Onalaska 936-646-3353

                              Trails and More Trails

With all the forest area Polk County is known for, we have plenty of trails to enjoy
for hiking, bird watching or just getting away from it all. Some of the known
trails in the county are Bull Creek Trail in the Moscow area, Big Thicket - Big
Sandy Trail and Big Thicket - Woodlands Trail in the Dallardsville area and
Big Thicket - Beaver Slide Trail and Lake Livingston State Park Trail in the
Livingston area.

      Big Thicket - Beaver Slide Trail        Nature Trail in Big Thicket

page 13
Tab 2: K - Recreational Areas and Facilities

                          Neches River Recreation

The Conservation Fund has launched the Lone Star State's most ambitious land
conservation and sustainable tourism initiative named The Pineywoods
Experience. In its first phase, this $35 million campaign aims to protect 30,000
acres of forest to promote economic growth in East Texas. The Neches River,
which borders Polk County on the northeast, is being studied as part of the
initiative. The Chamber of Commerce has set up a tourism committee
specifically to focus on the benefits of the Neches River project in Polk County.

The Pineywoods’ national and state parks and recreation areas are among the
country’s most valuable natural habitats--offering an astonishing array of birding
& wildlife viewing opportunities. They offer countless ways of enjoying the great
outdoors, including hiking; boating on rivers and lakes (and through cypress
swamps!); camping and swimming; and seasonal fishing.

        Old Bridge crossing the Neches River at Hwy 59 in Northern Polk County

         Certified Retirement Community
           Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:L

          Leisure Living

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

               TAB 2:L
                            Performing Arts
Polk County offers several means to enjoy cultural arts and opportunities. Some
of these opportunities are offered as presentations throughout the county as well
as opportunities to become members of the organizations. With such a variety of
cultural and entertainment events, there is no need to leave the county.

                 Alabama-Coushatta Tribe Annual Pow Wow

Every year in June, dancers from Native American tribes across the U.S.
compete at the annual Pow Wow at the reservation. There is also a children's
Pow Wow held annually in January. Both events draw in large crowds of
spectators and participants from all over North America.

                Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas Annual Pow Wow

Boots and Babes Ph. 936-327-3384

This active club, now in its 26th year, meets each Friday in Livingston. Lessons
are conducted once or twice a year as needed. There are some 18 couples of
various ages. Boots and Babes is a member of the Sam Houston Square Dance
Association and the Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancing.
In addition to their regular weekly dancing, they also hold occasional special
dances like their annual jubilee which is held the second Saturday in April.
They have also put on exhibits for community wide events as well as dance
at nursing homes and local schools in the area.
page 2
Tab 2: L - Performing Arts

Levi's and Lace Ph. 936-327-4610
This square dance group centers it's functions around Onalaska, where they
dance every Tuesday at the local middle school. Lessons or workshops are held
then. The group has about 44 members and consider themselves fortunate to
have acquired the services of renowned square dance caller Wayne Morvent of
Silsbee as their club caller.

Livingston Area Community Band Ph. 936-566-5583

This band is made up of a group of people who are interested in bringing their
music to the area. The community concerts put on by the band are enjoyed by
young and old alike. The band membership ranges in age from high school to
senior citizens. Their mission is to provide quality musical entertainment,
encourage the lifelong pleasure of music and provide advanced learning
opportunities for young area musicians. Anyone who wants to play a horn is
welcomed. Concerts are scheduled twice a year at the court house gazebo
and throughout the community during Christmas.

Livingston Community Concert Association Ph. 936-327-5674

The Association's goal is to bring quality family entertainment to Livingston at
reasonable prices. Membership drives for season tickets are held February
through March. Membership fees are $30 per adult, $10 per student and $65 for
per family. The entertainment provided by the association varies from light
classical to Broadway to country and western. Several concerts are presented
each year. A reciprocal agreement with Kilgore and Port Arthur allows members
to attend their shows at no extra charge by showing their membership card.
page 3
Tab 2: L - Performing Arts

             Junior and Senior High School Productions
Livingston, Onalaska, Big Sandy, Leggett ISD, Corrigan and Goodrich schools
have Theater and Music Departments that produce plays and other forms of
entertainment throughout the year. Some of the school districts have placed in
UIL competition for Theatre.

Livingston I.S.D. Performing Arts Department (Theatre and Choir)

The Livingston I.S.D. Theatre Arts Department is committed to the promotion of
the Arts in Education through vocal and stage performance. We are determined
to increase the awareness of the community and school in regard to music and
theatre and its relationship to academic achievement. We strive to enhance the
quality of life of our students through performance in theatre productions,
concerts and musical programs. Our focus includes many forms of theatre and
vocal music and is not limited to one area of performance.

Performances are held throughout the year at Livingston High School Auditorium
and other area venues.

page 4
Tab 2: L - Performing Arts

Livingston Art League Ph. 967-0950
With about 60 members, the league meets monthly September through May.
The league is affiliated with the Lone Star Art Guild. The local league holds
competitive art shows. Members are also eligible to show their work in any Lone
Star Art Guild affiliated club shows. Members include men and women of all
ages and beginners and professionals are welcomed. In addition to furthering
their own abilities through mutual exchange of ideas, various programs and
presentations, the league also endeavors to promote art in the community.

Piney Woods Players Ph. 936-646-3622 

Since the Piney Woods Players began in 1984, they have staged a variety of
theatrical and musical programs, sponsored children's workshops and helped
stage children's sketches and plays. Each year, PWP presents a reading of
Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol” at local churches. During these readings,
they enlist the church members to be a part of the reading. They also provide
scholarships each year to high school graduates pursuing the arts. Presently,
there are over 100 members. The theatre group presents three to four
productions a year including a three or four-act play, musical dinner theater and
children's workshop. Everyone is welcomed to attend the productions or if you
have been bitten by the theatre bug, there is a place for you front or back stage.

               Scene from Piney Woods Players Production of "Harvey"

page 5
Tab 2: L - Performing Arts

Other Performances
Throughout the year some organizations will host entertainment fundraiser
events that are enjoyed by everyone while raising money for good causes.
Some restaurants will also host various live entertainment venues on Friday
and/or Saturday nights.

Huntsville Community Theater

Huntsville is about 30 minutes west of Polk County where you can enjoy several
plays and musical productions per year.

Houston Theater District

Houston is home to the world renowned Theater District with 12,948 seats for live
performances, 1,480 movie seats and ranks second only to New York City for the
number of theater seats in a concentrated downtown area. From Opera, Ballet,
Symphony, Theater and more, the Theater District provides an unlimited
selection of arts and cultural productions an hour’s drive from Polk County.

        Certified Retirement Community
          Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:M

     Festivals and Events

Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

               TAB 2:M
                         Festivals and Events

With five cities and many more unincorporated communities, Polk County always
has some kind of event going on all throughout the year. A lot of the events are
hosted by non-profit volunteer organizations who rely on the support of the
community, not only financially, but by citizens donating valuable time to carry
out the responsibilities of seeing the event to fruition.

Volunteers play an important role in many areas of what makes Polk County
the friendliest and most supportive place to live. One way appreciation is shown
for volunteer efforts is some of the awards presented at the Polk County
Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet; like Polk Countian of the Year and
Community Service Award, just to name a couple. Cities in the county have
annual recognition luncheons and dinners awarding volunteers and employees
for their dedication to the community. With volunteers and community minded
people continuing to get involved, Polk County will be able to offer even more
events like the ones listed below.

          Livingston Trade Days is held every month at Pedigo Park

                           Monthly Trade Days event

                              Multicultural Festival

Every year in January, Polk County hosts the Multicultural Festival where folks
from all over the county come out and enjoy free fried fish, entertainment, health
fair, and the diversity of our community. Entertainment is also provided by the
Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas. Volunteers and organizers put in time and
thousands of dollars to coordinate the annual event.

page 2
Tab 2: M - Events and Festivals

Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas - Children's Pow Wow
Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet
Miss Polk County Pageant              ← Ideal For Retirees
Multicultural Festival                ← Ideal For Retirees


Boots and Babes Mardi Gras
Miss Greater Livingston Pageant       ← Ideal For Retirees
Rotary International Pancake Supper


Annual Beautiful Baby Contest - Friends of Onalaska Library
Round Up Texas 5 K Annual Leprechaun Fun Run and Walk - Onalaska
Spring Outdoor Expo - Trade Days - Livingston
Trinity-Neches Livestock Show and Rodeo   ← Ideal       For Retirees
Onalaska B.A.S.S. Club Championship Tournament

page 3
Tab 2: M - Events and Festivals


Easter Parade/Egg Hunt - Onalaska -
Eggstravaganza - Livingston -
Kid Fish - Pedigo Park -
Lions Club Fish Fry -
Onalaska Volunteer Fire Department Annual BBQ and Auction                 ← Ideal For Retirees
Rock-N-Roll Road Fest -
Rotary International Golf Tournament 936-328-5200
Texas Cruisers Car Show - Pedigo Park -

                        Texas Cruiser Car Show - Pedigo Park


American Cancer Society - Polk County Relay For Life

Boots and Babes Armed Forces Day Dance - 936-327-3384
Lions Club Golf Tournament - 936-327-5111
Polk County Area "Go Texan" Golf Tournament                        ← Ideal For Retirees

page 4
Tab 2: M - Events and Festivals

                         Polk County Relay For Life
             Polk County Supports American Cancer Society Relay For Life

The Polk County Relay For Life is an annual event filled with overnight events
designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs.
Throughout the night, in addition to relay laps and food, there are many activities
like buddy boards race, The Ellen Show, the frozen t-shirt contest, video games,
the kazoo lap, dance lessons, Simon Sez and more. Last year’s event in Polk
County on May 2-3, 2008 brought in funds in excess of $300,000.


Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas Annual Pow Wow
50's Pool Party - Livingston City Pool
Polk County Business Expo
S.A.N.E. Benefit Trail Ride (see more about S.A.N.E. under TAB 2:D)
Sonic 50's Party - Livingston
Texan Pioneer Bird Show - Pedigo Park            ← Ideal For Retirees

page 5
Tab 2: M - Events and Festivals


Alabama-Coushatta Music Festival and Fireworks
C.A.S.A. Justice Is Served BBQ and Auction ← Ideal For Retirees (
Kidfest -
Onalaska VFD - Jerry Lewis "Fill The Boot" MDA Collection
Polar Bear Party - Livingston City Pool
Polk County "Proud To Be An American" Rally and Fireworks
Polk County Youth Rodeo 936-365-2258
Red White and Blue Parade - July 4th - Livingston

              Red White and Blue - July 4th Parade - Livingston, Texas


Polk County Annual "GO TEXAN" BBQ Cook-Off - Onalaska
Onalaska Library "Buy-A-Brick" Collection


Alabama-Coushatta Fast Pitch Softball Tournament
3rd Annual Garage Sale - Livingston - Pedigo Park

page 6
Tab 2: M - Events and Festivals

Hallelujah Harvest - First Assembly of God
Knights of Columbus Hall BBQ Raffle Garage Sale
Moscow On The Go Fall Festival
       936-398-2751 or
National Night Out - Onalaska
Pilot Club Turkey Dinner
       936-327-4436 or
Polk County Chamber Annual Golf Tournament                       ← Ideal For Retirees

Annual Dog Show - Pedigo Park
Hunting Widows Shopping Spree
Jingle Bell Fun Run and Walk
Lights For Leslie Christmas Lighting


Candlelight Tour of Homes - Heritage Society - Livingston
Christmas In Our Town - Onalaska
Corrigan Winterfest
Livingston Hometown Christmas and Parade
Santa at Miss Effie's - Home of Polk County Garden Club
Tour of Lights Bus Tours

page 7
Tab 2: M - Events and Festivals

December is a busy month for all of Polk County with parades, craft fairs, holiday
lighting and plenty of festivities throughout the communities. Fun for all ages and
plenty of opportunities to volunteer in many ways, the holiday season is a
favorite time of year for all.

Onalaska and Livingston each hold all day events full of food, fun and
entertainment including a parade at their annual Christmas Festivals.

                    Onalaska - Christmas In Our Town

              Craft Booths and fun at Christmas In Our Town - Onalaska

                      Livingston - Hometown Christmas

           Polk County Animal Shelter with adoptable pets and lighted float
                Livingston Home Town Christmas Festival and Parade

        Certified Retirement Community
          Application for Polk County
              TAB 2:N


Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

               TAB 2:N

While Polk County is not home to a professional sports team, there are many
different sporting events to attend and enjoy. Whether a spectator or a
participant, Polk County has a wide variety of sports organizations and venues to
satisfy even the most dedicated supporters.

In addition to school district teams, many sporting organizations like the
Livingston, Corrigan and Onalaska Youth Sports Associations, welcome
residents of Polk County to become part of the team. Seniors and retirees play
a vital role in the sports organizations in Polk County. From cheering in the
stands, working concession stands, cooking for fundraisers, coaching and
serving on committees, the sports associations in Polk County rely on the
volunteer efforts of our retirees.

                         Youth Sports Associations

                          Corrigan Youth Baseball Park
                  1400 W. 2nd St, Corrigan, TX 75939. (936) 398-5363.

Corrigan City Park is a ten acre park area with five ball fields for Little League
and adult sports team games.

                      Onalaska Youth Sports Association

The Onalaska youth sports association was developed in 1976 to enhance the
future of the local youth. Enrollment is at approximately 178 kids ranging from 6
to 14 years of age. Sports include Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball
and Softball. This organization relies on concessions and private donations to
operate. The senior citizens are major contributors of time and energy to
support the association.

page 2
Tab 2: N - Sports

                     Other Youth Sports Associations

              Boys & Girls Club of Polk County            936-327-1111
             Little Dribblers Basketball               936-327-5170
             Dixie Softball                            936-327-3182
             Little Darlings Basketball                936-327-2621
             Livingston Sea Lions                      936-365-2565
             Youth Baseball                            936-328-6574
             Youth Soccer                              936-967-4517
             Polk County 4-H                           936-327-6828
             Livingston Youth Outreach Football        936-327-4558
             Youth Outreach Basketball                 936-967-0789

          Trinity-Neches F.F.A. and 4-H Livestock Show and Rodeo
                        Annual Sporting Event Held in March
                     Barney Wiggins Memorial Park Rodeo Arena

This annual sporting event, held in March, is one of the biggest events in the
county. In addition to livestock showing, rodeo events like Team Penning,
Roping and Racing can be entered for competition prizes.

                    Polk County Youth Rodeo Association

The Polk County Youth Rodeo Association is a family oriented organization
promoting a positive social environment supporting youth rodeo events in which
youth participate and learn from. Founded in 1960, PCYRA is one of the oldest
Youth Rodeo Associations in Texas. The July Youth Rodeo is just for youth
participants, but Leadline participants can be of any age, assisted or unassisted
rider. The sporting events are held at Barney Wiggins Memorial Park Rodeo
Arena in Livingston. The Annual July four-day rodeo event is one of the biggest
youth rodeos in Texas.

                2008 Polk County GO TEXAN Scholarship Recipients :
               Livingston FFA - Big Sandy FFA - Corrigan-Camden FFA
                   Polk County 4-H - Onalaska FFA - Goodrich FFA

page 3
Tab 2: N - Sports

                      Polk County Area GO TEXAN Team
Polk County is one of The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Associations
Area Go Texan counties. This organization awards scholarships as part of the
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s annual commitment to Texas students
with more than $7.5 million in scholarships and educational programs. Team
Polk County relies on retirees and other volunteers who contribute their time
and support in coordinating, fundraising, and other events that make this a major
volunteer organization in the county. Their annual Go Texan Golf Tournament
and Annual BBQ are huge events that help support the scholarship program.

For the first time in "Go-Texan" history, Polk County has taken first place in the
Team Penning event. The Go-Texan Team Penning competition was held in
February of 2008 with approximately 75 teams. The Polk County team took 2nd
place in the first go and 1st place in the final go taking home Houston Livestock
Show and Rodeo trophy saddles for their efforts. The team members from
Corrigan, Livingston, and a new resident of Polk County, are all veteran team
penners. In 2008, the Polk County Go-Texan Committee awarded twenty-two
$1,000 scholarships to area seniors.

         Winners of the Polk County Go Texan Team Penning Competition 2008

page 4
Tab 2: N - Sports

                                School Sports
With many opportunities to volunteer, retirees play an important role in the
school sports teams throughout the county, from parking attendants,
concessions, selling tickets and helping with other related events. Each school
offers gymnasiums and outside arenas for sports games and tournaments.
Several of the school districts have held championship status at some time or
another for various sports teams.

                         Big Sandy ISD - The Wildcats

                                               Big Sandy ISD 4H Program Showing

             Wildcats - Boys                   Ladycats - Girls
             Cross Country                     Softball
             Basketball                        Basketball
             Baseball                          Tennis
             Tennis                            Cheerleading
page 5
Tab 2: N - Sports

                    Corrigan-Camden ISD - The Bulldogs
            Bulldog - Boys                    Ladydog - Girls
            Basketball                        Basketball
            Football                          Volley Ball

                        Goodrich ISD - The Hornets

            Hornets - Boys                    Lady Hornets - Girls
            Basketball                        Basketball
            Cross Country/Track               Volleyball
                                              Cross Country/Track

page 6
Tab 2: N - Sports

                          Leggett ISD - The Pirates
             Pirates - Boys                      Lady Pirates - Girls

             Basketball                          Basketball
             Baseball                            Volleyball

                          Livingston ISD - The Lions

   Lion Mascot & Cheerleaders    8th Grade Champions      Lady Lions Soccer

             Lions - Boys                  Lady Lions - Girls
             Baseball                            Softball
             Basketball                          Basketball
             Cross County                        Cheerleading
             Football                            Volleyball
             Soccer                              Soccer
             Tennis                              Tennis

page 7
Tab 2: N - Sports

                          Onalaska ISD - The Wildcats
        Wildcats Mascot                       Wildcats Pep Rally

              Wildcats - Boys                    Lady Wildcats - Girls

              Baseball                           Softball
              Basketball                         Basketball
              Cross Country                      Cheerleading
              Golf                               Volleyball

                       Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas

The Tribe sponsors many recreational programs designed to promote a healthy
lifestyle and an interest in physical fitness. A Recreation Manager arranges
activities and oversees organized sports. The Veterans Pavilion is a 250 x 150
covered full-facility gymnasium and serves as the center of Tribal athletic
activities including men's and women's basketball leagues, Fast-Pitch
Softball, youth leagues which includes the Little Dribbler's program;
organized volleyball games, powwows, special events, and numerous
tournaments throughout the year.

                           Alabama-Coushatta Gymnasium
page 8
Tab 2: N - Sports

                                Adult Athletics

There are several local sports groups and organizations in a variety of types.
Below is a list of contacts for some of the adult athletics available in the county.
      Ladies Golf Association              Men's Golf Association
      936-327-4383                         936-327-7789

      Softball (Men & Women’s)             Tennis (Men’s & Women’s)
      936-327-4290                         936-327-2862

      Water Aerobics - Livingston City Pool 936-327-5051

      Carter Pasture - Hunting Lease - Annual, year round 936-398-5423

                              Onalaska B.A.S.S. Club

A member of the Texas and National Federation of B.A.S.S. Clubs, the Onalaska
B.A.S.S. Club is a Texas South East Region B.A.S.S. Federation Club. Along
with regular fishing, they are actively involved in the community working with The
Trinity River Authority, Parks and Wildlife Departments and State
Representatives to provide and enhance stocking programs. They also
volunteered their time to mark the Trinity River channels in the lake. They hold
six tournaments a year and two championship tournaments a year for qualified
participants. The majority of the members are senior retirees who enjoy the
sport of fishing.

                           PAKS Martial Arts Academy
                            Livingston - 936-327-7899
                            Onalaska - 936-646-3301

The United Tang Soo Do Federation/Pak's Karate Academy is one of the world's
premiere Korean Martial Arts Federations consisting of over 100 schools united
under the direction of Grandmaster Song K. Pak. Polk County has two locations,
Livingston and Onalaska. In July 2008, the Onalaska team participated in the
U.S.S.S.A. Nationals and brought home 18 Gold, 14 Silver and 13 Bronze

page 9
Tab 2: N - Sports

                              Livingston Golf Course
                     801 Matthews Street, Livingston - 936-327-4777

Livingston Golf Course and driving range is located in Matthews Street Park. A
newly remodeled club house including covered patio with seating and new golf
cart barn and carts are part of the recent renovation. Annual membership fees
start at $500. Fee for 9 holes is $16 and $22 for 18 holes for non-members
which includes cart and Green fee. Member cart only fee is $6 for 9 holes and
$12 for 18 holes. Senior rates are 9 holes for $11 and $17 for 18 holes. Private
tournaments and golf lessons are available.

                           Other Area Golf Courses

All of the golf clubs offer tournament packages, including green fees, cart and
range balls. Packages are available including course contest set-up, customized
rule sheets, scorecards, cart signage and professional staff. Each of the courses
are just minutes away from Onalaska around the lake area.

Cape Royale Golf Course

An 18 hole course, Cape Royale offers par 3, 4 and 5 holes with doglegs, down
wind shots, slopes and steep hills and picturesque views of Lake Livingston.

Hole 1 - 395 yard Par 4             Hole 10 - 203 yard Par 3
Hole 2 - 495 yard Par 5             Hole 11 - 382 yard Par 4
Hole 3 - 405 yard Par 4             Hole 12 - 503 yard Par 5
Hole 4 - 110 yard Par 3             Hole 13 - 179 yard Par 3
Hole 5 - 380 yard Par 4             Hole 14 - 474 yard Par 5
Hole 6 - 398 yard Par 4             Hole 15 - 406 yard Par 5
Hole 7 - 322 yard Par 4             Hole 16 - 431 yard Par 4
Hole 8 - 126 yard Par 3             Hole 17 - 173 yard Par 3
Hole 9 - 345 yard Par 4             Hole 18 - 361 yard Par 4

Waterwood National Golf Course

Westwood Shores Golf Course

page 10
Tab 2: N - Sports


                             Family Recreation Center
                   184 Kings Row, Livingston, TX 77351, 936-365-3182
The Family Recreation Center is a 12 lane bowing alley with game room
including 2 pool tables, air hockey and video games. There are several adult
leagues including a Senior League. Ladies League bowls Thursday nights,
Men’s League bowls on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Mixed League bowls
on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. There are two Senior Leagues. One
bowls on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. and one on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. League
fees for Seniors are $12 per night. Open bowl is on Friday and Saturday nights.

        Certified Retirement Community
          Application for Polk County
                            TAB 2:O

                Additional Information

         Retiree Desirability Assessment Details

                              TAB 2:O

                     Additional Information

State Representative Announces Website for Free Tax Preparation
Welcome News During Tax Season, AUSTIN, February 22, 2008 –
Representative John Otto announces a new, free tax preparation website,
available to all working families: “Through my support of this special project of
the Texas Legal Services Center, residents of my district with limited income can
now file their taxes quickly, securely, and without having to pay a cent to a
professional tax preparer,” said Representative Otto. The representative added
that by filing returns electronically, families will be assured prompt access to
tax rebates that have recently been approved by the U.S. Congress.

The website, sponsored by the Texas Legal Services Center, will automatically
calculate and file for all potential tax credits, including the EITC, child tax credit,
and others. There is no charge to use the website, and the site has been
authorized by the IRS for safe and effective self-help tax preparation.
“Hundreds of thousands of people who could be significantly helped by the EITC
don’t know about it. The site makes filing and claiming the
EITC easy through a series of simple questions and answers. Many workers who
have not filed in the past may be eligible for large refund checks,” emphasized
Randall Chapman, Executive Director of the Texas Legal services Center. “I am
very pleased to support the work of the Texas Legal Services Center in providing
this website for free to all the working families in my district,” said Representative

New Subdivision Organization In 2008

Polk County has over 200 platted subdivisions throughout the county, although
not all have Property Owner or Homeowner Associations. Some without
associations do have Restrictions that run with the lots or land. The Polk County
Subdivision Directors Association (PCSDA) became active in 2008 for
HOA/POA Directors to gather and work toward common solutions. The
organization exists primarily for educational purposes and has found most of the
directors in the subdivisions are retirees volunteering their time to serving their

page 2
Tab: 2 O - Additional Information

Winner of National Chess Tournament Retiree From Livingston

Local Chess Master Brings National Title Home to Texas, LIVINGSTON, July
31, 2008 - On July 20, 2008, the United States Chess Federation held the 2008
U.S. Class Championships in Houston, Texas. This event is held once a year and
chess players gather to compete to win the National Title in their class. This year
a 60 year old Livingston, Texas resident, Robert Settles, won the National
Title in Class E defeating a chess player from Dallas, Texas. The youngest
player in the tournament was a girl (6 years old). The oldest player was 72. The
player from the farthest distance was from California.

Monthly Review of the Texas Economy - November 2008

                       By Ali Anari and Mark G. Dotzour
                  Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University

The U.S. economy lost more than two million jobs or 1.5 percent of its labor
force from November 2007 to November 2008. Over the same period, the
Texas economy gained 222,900 jobs or 2.1 percent of its labor force. The
state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose from 4.2 percent in
November 2007 to 5.7 percent in November 2008. The U.S. seasonally adjusted
unemployment rate rose from 4.7 percent to 6.7 percent during the same period.

page 3
Tab 2: O - Additional Information

Special Note: Pro Football Player From Livingston - Retires LISD Jersey

Mark DeWayne Moseley, a graduate of Livingston High School in 1966, is a
former placekicker in the National Football League who played for the
Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Oilers, Washington Redskins and Cleveland
Browns. Moseley is the only placekicker in National Football League history to
win the Most Valuable Player Award. In 1983, while playing for the Washington
Redskins, Moseley and his teammates won Super Bowl XVII, beating the Miami
Dolphins. The following year, he led the NFL in scoring with 161 points.
Livingston High School Athletics Department retired Mark Moseley’s #11 jersey
in a pre-game ceremony in October 2008. Moseley has recently become eligible
for induction into the Hall of Fame.

American Stage Director, Margo Jones From Livingston

Margo Jones, an influential American stage director, was born in
Livingston, Texas. Her life's passion was theater, and she is best known for
launching the American regional theater movement and for introducing the
theater-in-the-round concept in Dallas, Texas. In 1947, she established the first
regional professional company when she opened Theatre ’47 in Dallas. Of the 85
plays Margo Jones staged during her Dallas career, 57 were new, and one-third
of those new plays had a continued life on stage, TV and radio.

Today, one of the many Historical Markers in Polk County is dedicated to
Margo Jones and stands at the place of her birth in Livingston.

        Certified Retirement Community
          Application for Polk County
                     TAB 5

               Marketing Plan

Polk County Certified Retirement Community Project
                      Tab 5
                 Marketing Plan
There are currently 32.5 million people older than age 65 in the United States, a
figure expected to double in the next 35 years, according to Aging America:
Trends and Predictions, a publication of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on

As a result of understanding the net benefits of the retirement industry, more
towns, counties, and states in the U.S. and around the world are beginning to
recruit retirees and are benefiting from the wave of income they bring that has
resulted in the rejuvenation of some areas. This relatively healthy and wealthy
group represent a huge economic source and it is important to start looking at
this as a possible source of investment capital. In addition to this, they will create
demand for services, bring in skills that are transferable and provide some
expertise to meet some skill shortages as most of these people are educated
public servants and professionals with many years of experience. Most of these
would be volunteers providing their services for free or minimal payment.

It must be noted, however, that ageing presents its own health challenges. With
ageing comes increased cost for housing and medical services but the available
research suggests that the advantages of getting retirees to live in a particular
area far outweigh the disadvantages. The ideal is to establish retirement
communities outside major centers and to have required facilities in the vicinity.

Leading exponents of tourism must realize that their strategy must have a
component aimed at attracting retirees. Research will show one of the first
means to attracting a retiree as a permanent resident is to be able to attract them
as visitors.

Several important factors in meeting the demands of retirees must be addressed,
including transportation, affordable housing, medical services, affordable energy
resources, telecommunications and information technology.

To be successful in attracting retirees, a marketing plan is necessary. Priorities
must be established, audiences targeted, and a marketing strategy developed.
It is important to remember that positive resident satisfaction will result in
referrals which translates into a successful community.
page 2
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

                         (A) Mission Statement
To promote retirement and tourism in our county, benefits of available products
and services, overall community strengths and quality of life to retain current
residents and gain those who are, or might be, considering Polk County as their
retirement destination.
                            (B) Target Market
Generally speaking, an overall target market is that group which would have a
higher average personal and household income and would spend more on
products and services, including communications, groceries, financial and other
services, travel and tourism and even technology and the Internet.

The target market would also be those who would contribute to the community
support systems by volunteering and becoming active in the organizations
existing in the county.

"Baby Boomers"
While the market commonly referred to as "Baby Boomers" is an ideal target on a
grander scale, recent reports are beginning to reflect that particular market
should be more accurately defined in terms of mindset and lifestyle rather than
identifying them purely as an age demographic with a collective vision for their
future. With that in mind, it could be said that this market will seek products and
services of a wide variety to suit their differing lifestyles. Those lifestyles would

   Those who will retire in the near future - "Potential Retirees"
   Those who will not or cannot retire - "Employee Base"
   Those who have already retired - "Retirees"

   Potential Retirees

   Those "Baby Boomers" who are not ready to retire, but anticipate their
   retirement in the near future are more apt to budget spending to include
   tourism dollars in locating and evaluating their future retirement destination.

page 3
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

Target Market - continued

   Employee Base

   Those who may be approaching retirement age that will choose not to retire
   or might be unable to retire for varying personal reasons; however, there is a
   potential base of those who may be looking to relocate to satisfy certain
   lifestyle preferences. This group may actively look for full or part time
   employment opportunities within the areas being considered for relocation.


   Those who have already retired and are seeking to relocate to another area
   to enjoy their retirement are the market for immediate target. This group will
   scrutinize immediate housing availability and services that are offered now as
   opposed to plans for future growth within a community that may be lacking
   these benefits now.


With recreational resource assets like Lake Livingston, Big Thicket National
Preserve, Lake Livingston State Park and close proximity to area destinations
that can be enjoyed on day trips, Polk County does and should continue to view
tourists as an immediate target market. Retirees are more apt to have and take
the time to visit tourist destinations that will benefit greatly from their tourism
dollars. Should the visiting tourist find that Polk County offers products, services
and a lifestyle more desirable than what they presently have, they become a
potential retiree to our county.

Specifically Identified Target Markets

   Retirees currently living in Houston and other large metropolitan cities in
   Texas who may wish to escape a fast paced lifestyle.

   Retirees who are looking for the strengths Polk County has to offer.

page 4
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

Target Market - continued

   Retirees who reside in even more rural areas who wish to be closer to
   amenities that Polk County can offer without having to live in a larger
   metropolitan area.
   Retention of local retirees to remain residents of Polk County.

   Out of state retirees who may have a higher cost of living than Texas and
   Polk County.

   Out of state retirees who may be seeking a warmer climate.

                    (C) Competition Identified

   Other counties or cities that may offer more public transportation.

   Larger areas (counties or cities) that may offer more cultural activities.

   Other counties or cities that may be in closer proximity to metropolitan areas.

   Other areas that may offer a smaller population and less growth potential.

   Areas which may offer a different climate, especially those out of state.

   Other Certified Retirement Communities in close proximity to Polk County.

page 5
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

                  (D) Strengths - Weaknesses
                    Opportunities - Dangers

With the recent growth in the past few years, a number of strengths have been
revealed in the county. Polk County offers many strengths that retirees would
find appealing and could be deciding factors in considering the county as a
retirement destination.

   Medical facilities.

   With the construction of the new Memorial Medical Center Livingston, the
   county now offers emergency and acute care facilities that are state-of-the-
   art. New medical office facilities and an aggressive physician recruitment
   program ensures that our medical industry will continue to excel and provide
   even more services to our county in the coming months.

   Continuing education classes.

   Angelina College and Sam Houston State University currently offer off-
   campus continuing education classes in Livingston. Proposed drawings have
   already been submitted for the construction of the Polk County College which
   will also offer accredited and non-credit classes.

   Affordable and available housing.

   Polk County has some of the most affordable housing in this region. With
   new subdivisions and new homes in existing subdivisions, there is a wide
   variety of homes available in the area.

   Community volunteer organizations and support.

   Polk County has a very large community support system with organizations
   for just about every cause and purpose. Volunteers, especially retirees, make
   up a vast majority of our community volunteers and are vital in the overall well
   being of the communities in our county.

page 6
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

Strengths - continued
   Access to major highways.

   Hwy 59 runs north and south through the county and is currently being
   upgraded to Interstate specifications to become I-69 Corridor. The east and
   west running Hwy 190 is being studied for future expansion as well.

   Tax Freeze for property owners over 65 years of age.

   Property owners over 65 years of age receive a tax freeze on homesteaded
   property in accordance with the Texas Constitution.

   Incentives for new businesses.

   Polk County offers tax credits that may be available to new businesses like
   Job Creation Credit, Franchise Tax Credit, and Research Credit.

   Low tax rates.

   Whether taxes are measured on a per-person basis or relative to income,
   Texas is among the lowest tax states in the nation. Texas has no personal
   income tax and no state Ad Valorem (property) tax.

   Variety of recreational and leisure living opportunities.

   From water sports to hiking trails, camping to fishing and hunting, musical
   theater to community concerts, there is something for everyone to do in Polk
   County for fun and relaxation.

   Safety programs in place that attribute to low crime index rate.

   Polk County is under 80% of the State Crime Index Rate. Law enforcement
   agencies in the county are active in the community and have programs like
   Crime Stoppers, Wise Eyes, "Scams and You" and neighborhood watch

   Availability of land for sale.

   Polk County has a wide array of available land for residential and commercial

page 7
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

Strengths - continued

   Quality of life with relaxed pace atmosphere.

   There is no better place than Polk County to call home where a peaceful and
   relaxed environment is enjoyed. People friendly and community minded, the
   people of Polk County show you what quality of life really means.

   Polk County has an abundant water supply.

   With Lake Livingston and the Trinity River, the county can meet the needs of
   a growing infrastructure.

   Close proximity to Houston Intercontinental Airport.

   Houston Intercontinental Airport is just short of an hour's drive from Polk
   County. In some cases, it takes longer to get to the airport from other parts of
   Houston than it does to get there from Polk County.


Polk County has already overcome some of the weaknesses we have had in the
past; Better road approaching signage has been installed in rural areas along
highways which is helpful in emergency situations; The Sheriff's Department has
actively taken a more engaging role in the county and implemented more
community supportive programs to help maintain the low crime index; With the
construction of the new medical facility, the number of physicians and medical
services is steadily increasing in our area.

   Need for more public transportation, especially those that support disabilities
   and are more feasible for elderly.

   Need for more businesses with extended hours of operation.

   Need for better availability of websites for smaller cities and area
   organizations in the county.

   Need for even more housing geared toward retirees, including "over 55"
   independent living, Senior designated assisted and extended care living.

page 8
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan


With the current growth rate and expected increase in population over the next
few years, Polk County will have an even larger and stronger community and
volunteer base.
The expected increase in population will warrant expansion of public
transportation availability, particularly to meet disability needs.

With the availability of land for sale and economic incentives, the county will be a
prime choice for new businesses to our area.

With the ever increasing world of technology and communications, better access
to websites and links to county products and services will bring new advertising
means and streamline plans and programs already in place.

With improvements and an increase in medical and emergency facilities, Polk
County will be better able to meet the needs of retirees.

The recent opening of retirement communities like The Gardens, a community
that offers independent living apartments and assisted living dwellings and The
Bradford at Brookside; a state-of-the-art assisted living facility, Polk County will
be able to appeal to the retiree market better than ever before.

A lower cost of living and lower property tax rates in the county provides an
excellent opportunity to retirees for relocating to our area.

Note: Addressed in terms of societal dangers as well as marketing dangers.

   Increased population could present potential burden on infrastructure.

   Without even more available housing geared toward seniors, we will fall short
   of meeting their most basic need.

   Being in close proximity to Houston, 4th largest city in the nation, there is
   some potential for danger from crime element expanding to our area.

   Potential for increased fuel prices may prohibit tourism to our area.

page 9
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

                    (E) Goals and Action Plan
   Address "weaknesses" for potential to overcome and change to
   Discuss possibilities for additional incentives for public transportation
   business or expansion in the area, including facility upgrades for disability
   assistance in boarding and exiting the transportation vehicle.

   Work with EDC and identify other potential means necessary to promote
   more businesses that offer longer operation hours such as 24 hour
   emergency medical clinics throughout the county, family restaurants with later
   hours and more availability on Sunday.

   Find feasible means to supply website hosting for smaller cities like Corrigan
   and Goodrich that would provide even more information and opportunities to
   promote Polk County.

   Identify specific means to promote development and provide avenues to
   provide “over 55” active lifestyle, independent living housing communities,
   including both sale and rental properties.

   Promote development to provide more assisted living communities.

   Develop strategies to promote Polk County to retirees by implementing
   avenues for advertising and web marketing, encouraging community
   advocates and involvement, and exercising media opportunities.

   List all available and feasible advertising avenues: websites, direct mail outs,
   radio campaigns, television and/or cable advertising.

   Work with Chamber of Commerce to implement promotions or contests within
   the community for advocating retiree ideas and plans throughout the county.

   Consider benefits of having a Polk County "myspace" account - Statistics
   show "myspace" users are all ages, including "over 55" retirees.

page 10
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

(E) Goals and Action Plan - continued

   Promote retirement and tourism on all levels throughout the county.
   Educate the county organizations on retirement issues and desires -
   including importance of retirees in the workplace and volunteer

   Research available avenues and promote awareness of opportunities for
   retirement and tourism.

   Seek out new programs in development stages, like “Texas Forest Country"
   and “The Texas Pineywoods Experience" initiative and provide as much up to
   date information as possible to better market available products and services.

   Educate key entities and interested parties on benefits of marketing to
   retirees with open seminars and workshops.

   Expand on overall community benefits by promoting volunteers and
   creating a better recognition of their support and dedication.

   Show more appreciation for volunteer efforts throughout the county.

   Consider the potential benefit for developing a master data base of volunteers
   in the community.

   Develop and adopt a marketing slogan specific to Polk County, such as
   "work, live, play", "come for a day, stay for a lifetime", which are already
   being used by other entities in the county.

   Consider a county-wide marketing campaign promoting retirement and
   benefits of Polk County being a retiree destination.

page 11
Tab: 5 - Marketing Plan

(E) Goals and Action Plan - continued

   Utilize identified specific target markets and implement campaigns
   directed to each.
Determine contact for specific markets, i.e. Houston and other metropolitan
areas, other states, other countries, high cost of living areas, lesser populated
areas where residents may be considering a move to a larger area but wish to
maintain slower-paced atmosphere and quality of life.

Address potential “dangers” to prevent them from becoming reality.

Work with city, county and state authorities to monitor expansion and growth
in areas such as roads, highways, utilities and other services.

Continue to monitor any websites linked to Polk County for current

Work with businesses and controlling authorities to promote better advertising
in high traffic areas.

Continue to be aware of, promote and aggressively encourage development
of housing needs for retirees.

Monitor highway and other safety programs being implemented by local law
enforcement to create awareness of potential crime element dangers in our

     Certified Retirement Community
       Application for Polk County

                                TAB 6
               Long Term Plan

Polk County Certified Retirement Community Project
                      Tab 6
                 Long Term Plan

             Maintaining Desirability
In order to maintain the desirability of Polk County to retirees and tourists, efforts
will be made to continue action in marketing, education and awareness of
strengths and weaknesses and facilitating a strong marketing plan to promote
Polk County as a favorite retirement destination.

It is important to stay focused on the target market, the tools and means
available to provide the needs of that market and be ready to address
deficiencies as they may be revealed throughout the project.

In identifying strengths and weaknesses in the Retiree Desirability Assessment, it
is evident the long term plan should include the support of retiree volunteers.
Retirees have varying interests, talents and specific expertise that will prove
beneficial to the overall project objective. These assets will be vital to, and can
assist in, maintaining any strengths, identifying weaknesses, finding solutions
and implementing action plans to correct any deficiencies and reach the goals as
set forth in the mission.

It is also important to create an awareness of, and educate the community as a
whole on, the benefits the county will obtain from the retiree market. Retirees
can provide both social and economic strengths. In providing products and
services, including volunteer opportunities, to meet the needs of the retiree
market, a win-win result will be achieved for both the private and business sector
that makes up our community.

To continue to achieve the goals as set forth in the marketing plan, the long term
plan will focus on utilizing strengths and maintaining action plans to solidify and
expand on those strengths. The long term plan will also focus on a continual
awareness to identify and address weaknesses as they are revealed and
implement plans to correct those deficiencies.

page 2
Tab: 6 - Long Term Plan

(A) Maintenance

   Schedule regular meetings with committee members and key economic and
   tourism councils and other community entities to stay focused on goals.

   Continue to identify and address weaknesses and dangers. Identify
   possibilities and opportunities to turn weaknesses into strengths.
   Develop strong working relationships with city, county and state governmental
   departments that could affect positive benefits in the mission and goals of the
   marketing plan.

   Enhance and expand on communication and information highways.

   Continue to explore and implement feasible marketing tools that will generate
   the most effective advertising.

   Continue to seek out the retiree needs in the county that can be addressed by
   volunteer projects.

   Continue to monitor and evaluate the marketing plan and identify issues that
   may hinder its implementation.

   Continue to stay focused on the retiree sector specifically for any changes
   that may occur in their overall needs or desires.

   Continue to promote retention of current retiree residents.

   Research opportunities and availability for expansion in products and services
   that are specifically targeted to the retiree market.

page 3
Tab: 6 - Long Term Plan

           Identifying and Addressing Deficiencies
In order to address deficiencies, they must first be identified. While certain
deficiencies have already been identified in the Retiree Desirability Assessment
and the Marketing Plan, it is important to be alert to new weaknesses that may
be revealed in the future. An expected growth in population, particularly in the
retirement age sector, could produce additional weaknesses that may not be a
reality at this time. Flexibility, determination and a commitment to accommodate
those changes in the community can be strengths utilized to overcome objections
and weaknesses that could produce major losses for the county if not addressed.

Identifying and addressing deficiencies will be an important component of the
overall mission and the success in reaching goals.

(B) Dealing with Deficiencies

   Continue with regular committee meetings, workshops and seminars to stay
   focused on the main objective as well as recognizing deficiencies.

   Investigate deficiencies revealed in the desirability assessment and identify
   absolute and potential solutions.

   Diversify the abilities and expertise of committee members and project
   volunteers to focus on specific areas of deficiencies as identified.

   Continue to focus on deficiencies and seek the best solutions throughout any
   action plan developed to generate tourism and retirement destination status.

   Research and provide avenues to promote new development in the
   community, especially toward housing communities specifically designed for
   retiree independent, active lifestyle living.

   Work with local and state governmental agencies to focus on improvements
   to public transportation, especially that which is geared toward seniors and
   those with disabilities.

page 4
Tab: 6 - Long Term Plan

(B) Dealing with Deficiencies - continued

   Research funding availability that may become necessary to increase and
   strengthen infrastructure to meet a growing population in the county.

   Continue to monitor and maintain all Polk County linked websites to ensure
   the most current and accurate information.
        Certified Retirement Community
         Application For Polk County

                Community Board/Panel
During the application completion process for Polk County to become a Certified
Retirement Community, members of the project board met on several occasions
via group meeting, individually and email. Each of the board/panel members are
from different areas of the county and active in their community.
Despite the devastation experienced in our area during Hurricane Ike in
September and the ramifications that lingered afterwards, the members of the
board panel have, not surprisingly, contributed their efforts in support of the
Certified Retirement Community project. It is this spirit of dedication to our
community that makes Polk County so great!


Angie Carr - Escapees Inc.
101 Rainbow Dr., Livingston, TX 77351

David LeMonte - Administrator - Memorial Medical Center Livingston
1717 Highway 59 Loop N., Livingston, Texas 77351

Sheriff Kenneth Hammack - Polk County Sheriff
1733 North Washington, Livingston, Texas 77351

Sharon Miller - Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas
571 State Park Road, Livingston, Texas 77351

Sydney Murphy - Executive Director - Polk County Chamber of Commerce
1001 US Highway 59 Loop North, Livingston, Texas 77351

Kelly Ritch - Executive Director - Polk County Industrial Development
P.O. Box 1523, Livingston, Texas 77351

page 2
Tab: 7 - Board Panel

Mandy Risinger - City Manager - Corrigan
101 West Ben Franklin Street, Corrigan, Texas 75939-2040

Sheila Smith - Smith Properties
3601 Hwy 190 West - 137 Old Mill Center, Livingston, Texas 77351

Marilyn Sutton - City Manager - Livingston
200 W. Church St., Livingston, TX 77351

Kodi Owens - Workforce Solutions Livingston
317 W Church St # 109, Livingston, Texas 77351
936-327-5421 kodi.owens@twc.state.tx

Lew Vail - Mayor Onalaska
372 South FM 356 P.O. Box 880, Onalaska, Texas 77360

Judge John Thompson - Polk County Judge
101 West Church Street, Suite 300, Livingston, Texas 77351

Commissioner Ronnie Vincent - Precinct 2 - Onalaska
P. O. Box 1388, Onalaska, Texas 77360

Commissioner Robert "Bob" Willis - Precinct 1 - Goodrich
P. O. Box 740, Goodrich, Texas 77335

Debbie Harlow - Polk County CRC Project Coordinator
Harlow Enterprises, Inc.
114 Leas Drive, Livingston, Texas 77351

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