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                       HALLOWEEN HOTSPOTS
                       WRITTEN BY: STEFANIA SANTANA

              Halloween Hotspots
              Too old for Trick or Treat? Want to do something more than
              just dressing up? Well read on…
              For those who want to go to a festival or parade attend the
              Key West’s Fantasy Fest (if you have permission). It might be
              a long ride but it’ll be totally worth it. You can also go to Zoo Boo at Zoo Miami, it
              opens the 30th and the 31st. If you want to take your younger siblings with you this
              Halloween this is the right spot. You can also take a trip to Lincoln Road at Miami
              Beach with friends and walk around and enjoy the music and the many people at-
              tending dressed up as different characters. You can also attend this years’ House
              of Horror located in Miami International Mall in the east parking lot. The schedule
              is the following

              Thurs., Oct 7, 2010 – Sun., Oct. 31, 2010
              Mon. – Thurs.: 6 p.m. – 12 Midnight
              Fri. – Sun.: 5 p.m. – 12 Midnight
              Pay one price, ride all night! Admission is $22 for adults and $15 for children 9 and under.
              It’s full with haunted houses, carnival rides, entertainment and food.
              Or just simple hit up a haunted house in a near location, make your research and make sure it’s a
              fake place or address and go with a group of friend and make sure to be safe.

              If that’s not enough for you, you can go to Halloween Horror Nights in Universal
              Studios/Orlando, or Horror Scream in Tampa, Busch Gardens. Look up the dates
              and times of the amusement park’s website.
Working in Fast Food Lane
By: Raquel Rogers

                                                       ready been exposed to a
         In today’s society, most people think
                                                       real job and experience,
it’s easy to work in fast food. Quite frankly, it
                                                       making it easier to adjust
easier said than done. With all the require-
                                                       to life on your own. You
ments like maintaining a clean environment,
                                                       realize how much work
satisfying customers, and serving fresh qual-
                                                       goes into what your parents do and more and
ity food, a job in fast food grows to be de-
                                                       appreciate the value of dollar. It might seem frus-
manding. Being a high school student work-
                                                       trating but the highlight of it all is when you see
ing at McDonalds has been a fascinating ex-
                                                       the smiles on the little kid’s faces when they are
perience. Working for hour’s straight, drilled
                                                       so happy to play and eat with the food that I have
to the core, while attempting to please eve-
                                                       provided. The knowledge learned at fast food
ryone for little gratitude. Starting a job at
                                                       restaurants might seem minor but is unknow-
such an early age is an advantage. When
                                                       ingly major for life.
thrown out into the real world, you have al-

 Written By: Melissa paniagua

          Wednesday October 2, 2010 Robert Morgan’s stage          was not one but two Lady Gaga reenactments.
 was lit up with acts from students of all ages and grades.        There was a two girl performance of Bad romance
 The audience was intrigued by performances from all dif-          and then 3 students got on stage to perform Tele-
 ferent kinds of artist like Will Smith, Destiny’s Child, Alicia   phone Featuring Beyonce.
 keys, Melanie Fiona, Lady Gaga and more.
                                                                             Even though all the performances contrib-
          The show started off with a little flash back to the     uted to the show nothing was like the last few per-
 1990’s with Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme            formances which where dedication to two amazing
 song. The flash backs continued as Destiny’s child’s say my       artist that are and will always be legends. Andrew
 name began to play. Four girls onstage passionately singing       Alvarez gathered up all his pride and strut down
 and dancing to their onstage significant other. The audience      the stage in a Pink gown and a blonde wig singing
 was woken up when all of a sudden the speakers started            Diamonds are a girls best friend by Marilyn Monroe.
 blasting California Swag District’s Teach me how to Dougie.       But what I would have to say stole the show was
 the performance had a mix a number of Robert Morgan               the complete reenactment of Michael Jackson feat.
 seniors were able to get the crowds blood pumping as they         Janet Jackson Scream. The students memorized the
 interacted with the audience showing off how they all do          exact dance from the video and where able to cap-
                         their Dougie. Up next was Melanie         ture the essence of it and bring Michael Jackson
                         Fiona’s I need you. The next per-         back to life on stage. The performance had people’s
                         formance had the audience in tears        hair standing on edge it was beautiful and then to
                         of laughter when RMEC junior Jacob        top it off the show ended with none other than the
                         Perez got all dressed up in a dress,      Robert Morgan band.
                         wig, and bare feet and gave a beauti-
                         ful performance of Alicia Keys Em-                 All the performances were amazing and it
                         pire State of mind after having a         was noticeable that the children had fun doing it.
                         heart filled moment with Mr. In-          Congratulations to all those who participated in the
                         gram Jacob finished he performance        show and we thank them for their courage to stand
                         not leaving one serious face in the       in front of tons of people and perform.
                         audience. This year it seemed like
                         Lady Gaga ruled the show because
        Halloween Horror Nights
                               Written by: Melissa paniagua

Halloween Horror Nights annually draws hundreds of thousands of horror fans
from around the globe to this one-of-a-kind event. Friday October 15, 2010 Robert
Morgan upper classmen were able to attend Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween
Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear. American Coach buses were able to trans-
port the children to and from the park. Even though there were some minor set
backs the students managed to enjoy a four hour drive with friends and faculty
members were able to release their inner child and have some fun while doing their
As soon as the buses reached the park it was noticeable that the theme park was
transformed for the Halloween event. For their 20th anniversary edition Univer-
sal took terror to a whole new level. The students were able to experience all of
the new hair rising haunted houses such as Catacombs black death rising, Hades,
Horror nights the hallowed past, HAVOC dogs of war, zombie Geddon, legendary
truth the Wyandot estate, physchoscarepy echoes of shady brook, and the Or-
phanage ashes to ashes. You still weren’t safe when you weren’t in a haunted house
because Universal added new electrifying scare zones like The Coven or take a trip
down to New Orleans and be terrified by the zombie Gras. Children will forever be
terrified from the noise of a chain saw in almost every corner there was a saw n’
steam zone. In the very beginning monsters of all kinds pop up and scare you when
fear is revealed. Or take some time to breathe enjoy a show like this years Bill and
Ted’s excellent Halloween adventure or Brian Brushwood menace and malice. This
was an experience that you didn’t want to miss.
From the excitement of the bus rides to the fear that travels down your spine as
you confront some of your biggest fears as they pop out of the walls. Halloween
Horror nights continues from now until the 31st of October don’t miss out.

  Havoc VS. Halloween Horror Nights
                   HAVOC                                  HORROR NIGHTS
        October 23-24                              October 15, 2010
        Roundtrip on a coach bus to and               9 coach buses
        from Orlando, Fl                              Roundtrip to and from Or-
        Hotel welcome pool party at the               lando, Fl
        hotel with a high school DJ                   Faculty and staff Chaperons
        1 night hotel accommodations                  Early admissions into Univer-
        VIP early admissions to Universal             sal Halloween Horror Nights
        Halloween Horror nights Satur-                Departure time 2:30 pm arrival
        day night                                     time 6:00 am
        Halloween costume finale party                Upper classmen ONLY!!!
        feat. Miami’s best club DJs                   $85.00
        3 trained adult staff members per
        24/7 safety wristbands for those
        who attend
        24 hour hotel security and off-
        duty police officers.
        $148 + tax and a $50.00 deposit
            ~Breast Cancer AwarenessMonth~

                                         Racing in Pink
                                       Written By: Kelsey Brehm
Every year, near the second week in October, many people both men and women
   come out dress to the nines in their best pink clothes, to help find a cure for
 breast cancer. This year it was October 16th and more than 20,00 people came
out to support the survivors. Every year this event seems to get bigger and big-
ger. This year not only did the people who arrived increase, as did the donators,
  the performs, and the survivors increased right along with it. There were two
pink police cars, both different designs I may add. A pink garbage truck, with the
 signatures of a lot of the donators, including me. Also it looked like there were
 over 5000 big pink balloons there too! All in all, 2010 Susan G Komen's race for
 the cure was a HUGE success! We are one step closer to finding that cure, and
 ending the deaths due to breast cancer forever.If you want to know some steps
 about how to prevent late diagnoses of breast cancer you can read up on it at
 www.bebrightpink.org because after all "Early detection is the best protection.

              Dr. Ann's 10-Steps to Prevent Breast Cancer
           By: Elizabeth Nogueras
              1. Maintain a healthy body weight (BMI less than 25) throughout your life.
              2.Minimize or avoid alcohol.
              3. Consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible.
              4. Exercise regularly the rest of your life.
              5. Do your fats right!
              6. Do your carbs right!
              7. Consume whole food soy products regularly, such as tofu, tempeh,
           edamame, roasted       soy nuts, soy milk and miso.
              8. Minimize exposure to pharmacologic estrogens and xeno-estrogens
              9. Take your supplements daily
             10. Maintain a positive mental outlook.
Written By: Raquel Rogers

The end is near. Less than a year left in high
school. Have you ever wondered where those all
of a sudden burst of laziness come from? Or the
absences that magically happen to multiply? It’s
known as the infamous disease called senioritis.     a joke. After
It’s contagious and spreads to most seniors          being in
sometime before or during their senior year. For     school for 13
every single event that involves underclassmen,      years, the last
seniors find a way to leave school or stay home.     year is the one where we find ourselves so stressed for our fu-
Waking up late, coming to school in pajamas and      ture that we need a break from high school. From the beginning
leaving homework for the last minute becomes         to the end of the school year, it slowly takes over the body, leav-
second nature. Staying in school for 7 hours is      ing one sluggish stationary senior who is eager to go to college.
unbearable and reading a book for homework is

             Halloween costumes, slutty or cute?
                                             Written By: Maxine Lopez

          Every Halloween girls go                                           really nice. Yesterday I was at the
 out and buy short little costumes,                                          Spirit of Halloween costume store
 whether it be a princess, witch, or                                         and saw some really nice costumes
 devil costume. I think that since                                           like Alice in Wonderland, "Candy
 this is the tradition, it's become                                          Corn", Gypsy, Little Red Riding
 acceptable for girls to go trick or                                         Hood and Tinkerbell. Of course they
 treating or even to a party in                                              were all short, but they weren't too
 barely any clothes. A lot of people,                                        short or "revealing", and all really
 adults usually, have a problem                                              cute. Then again, once I walked
 with girls dressing like that. This is                                      over to the adult costumes they
 a tough argument because on one                                             were ALL just completely slutty.
 hand, some girls can pull off the                                           Costumes like "Dirty Cop" with tiny
 costumes and on the other, they                                             form-fitting dresses with slits down
 just look like sluts. Personally, I'll                                      the middle are perfect examples of
 go to Party City and look at all the                                        costumes that are just too over the
 really tiny costumes and even try                                           top and too revealing. I think that
 them on although I wouldn't wear                                            that's when Halloween goes from a
 them, just because I'm shy. But, I                                          holiday to dress up, eat candy and
 do believe that if you got it, flaunt it. If the costume fits    be scared, to a day for girls to walk around like
 and isn't too over the top, it would probably look               hoes.
                           CONCERT REVIEWS
Jonas Brothers
Written By: Jessica Darrow
If I were to summarize this concert in one word, it would be
beautiful. This concert was a work of art. The entrances, the
lighting, the performers, everything kept me entertained
throughout the entire show. And of course the Jonas Broth-
ers themselves were equally as beautiful. What I love the
most about Jonas Brother concerts is that they always sound
exactly the same way as they do on their CD’s. They never
fail to hit all the notes and don’t need any of that auto-tune
crap to sound amazing. The songs that were performed
were: Feelling Alive, Hold On, Year 3000, Play My Music,
Heart And Soul, Introducing Me, Gotta Find You, This Is Me
w/ Demi Lovato, A Little Bit Longer, LA Baby, Drive My Car
(The Beatles Cover), Paranoid, Who I Am, Fly With Me, When
You Look Me In The Eyes, Please Be Mine, Lovebug, S.O.S,
and Burnin' Up. My favorite performance was when they did
“Feeling Alive”, the opening number. This song would have
to be my favorite because it was just so drawn out, but in a
good way! And maybe you’re not that big of a Jonas Brothers
fan, well then you would have been there to see Demi Lovato
who was FREAKING AMAZING. This girl can sing! She has            Dark Around the Edges
profound stage presence and can really get a crowd going.
All in this entire concert was worth the money. And to top it    Written By: Rashaun Hall
all off- I could barely speak the next day because I was         The Dark Around the Edges concert was one not to miss. Every
screaming my head off… that’s how I knew it was a GOOD           band that played did a phenomenal job. They looked like they
concert.                                                         were having a great time with the little equipment and stage
                                                                 room they had to work with. But on the other hand, the band
                                                                 I’m here to talk about is Dark Around The Edges. This band
Stone Temple Pilots                                              consist of three seniors that attend Robert Morgan Educational
                                                                 Cen-                                                       ter;
Written By: Anthony Gonzalez
                                                                 Diva                                                       Hur-
The bands lead singer is a hardcore drug abuser and most         tado,                                                      Sean
nights; he is an absolute wreck. They even cancelled a few       Smith,                                                     and
tour dates because of him. That night he was there, in rare      Baba-                                                      tunde
form. He was making eye contact with the crowd even jok-         Carew.                                                     They
ing and talking in a clear voice. Even though he didn’t show     did a                                                      fantas-
up to our meet and greet with the band I still have mon-         tic job                                                    play-
strous respect for the show he put on and the stage itself       ing                                                        five of
was nicely illuminated by an LED screen that projected           their                                                      songs
various colors and backgrounds. They played a collection         and                                                        doing
of songs from all of their albums. The crowd was singing a       a                                                          cover
long and being extremely loud throughout the old classics        to an-                                                     other
and new singles. I am eternally glad I didn’t miss this con-     song to make up their mistakes earlier on in the show. After
cert, it was worth not sleeping and being at school at six       the show I talked to one of the band mates Sean Smith and as
thirty. The vibe between Scott and the rest of the band was      he spoke for all members of the band he told me that yes there
amazing Dean DeLeo, the guitarist was shredding up a             were the problems but other then that the show was great and
storm and had a great stage presence and was interacting         a fun experience and they cannot wait to do it again. Despite
with the rest of the band and his brother Robert was play-       the electricity going out during the middle of the event, the
ing the bass in a terminator sort of fashion. All in all this    concert was beyond amazing. These talented students have a
was a great concert from a classic band.                         bright future ahead of them. Dark Around the Edges is going to
                                                                 be big, so be sure to check them out!
  The Hispanic heritage show hosted a great number of acts who all performed well and got their
jobs done. even though there were small mishaps with sound that the crowd didn’t even catch the
show was a success this was out of all my years at RMEC the best Hispanic heritage show I have
  ever seen , from the organization of the acts to how they performers performed the dancers were
  sexy and the flag groups did fantastic with the ladies in their dresses, but the singing I found
  was very mediocre and not well prepared as the students seemed off timed and the mics were a
little loud, but the student seem to have fun and that’s what truly counts. Even though the show
 was not fun for me at all times the parts that gave excitement were great and those moments are
     what would make me see this show again. So maybe next year it’ll be better but this year.
$5 Tuesdays
By: Raquel Rogers

Friday nights are the start of the weekend. Every-
one goes to see the new releases at the movie thea-
ter. At the Southland Mall, people watch Friday’s
new release on the following Tuesday. You ask
why? $5 Tuesdays! Instead of spending $10 on Fri-
day night for a movie, you pay half the price 4 days
later. This started as a little promotion that was
only known to the locals but as the word of mouth      new get together night mostly because of
started spreading, people from around the area         the cheap price for such a good activity.
particularly wait for Tuesdays to watch a movie        Although the lines may be long, theaters
they’ve been dying to see. This has become the         are crowded and the movie you might
                                                       want to see is sold out, it is worth the wait.

Is there any Robert Morgan students that like to swim? Well if you know how to float or swim in
the deep end, and your home school is Southridge, then come join Southridge’s water polo team!
Boys and girls are able to sign up. Look for the water polo booth during club rush and you can
sign up there.
The season starts in January. Boys and girls practice together but they’re two separate teams.
There are no tryouts; if you know how to swim and would like to join water polo then you’re in
the team.
If you have any questions ask the students in charge of the water polo booth, they’ll be happy to
answer any questions.
Bucket List
Written By: Wendy Ruiz

Many have their bucket list. Some want to skydive, they want to meet some-
one famous, someone that died, or become someone great or well known.
11th. Kevin Allen, Stephen Ellis, Tyler Raymond, and Daniel Delgado have
their bucket list. Kevin wants to hug a wild lion. Stephen wants to skydive.
Tyler wants to fight with Chuck Noris and Daniel Delgado wants to go base
9th. Grayson Negron wants to be part if the Comic-Can.
11th. Sadie Serrano wants to own her own wolf ranch.
10th. Christopher Bejarano would like to become a great actor in movies.
9th. Elise Stutz would also like to skydive over Hawaii.
 12th. Rashaun Hall would like to learn the meaning of life.

                                          Coach Chance
                                                By: Wendy Ruiz

        There are times, when we don't know what is going on in this school, or what class-
        rooms we have. well, coach Chance has her own personal room. And in that room
        she has a gym. But, don't get too excited kids, its only for the teachers, except if
        you’re leg is injured and can’t do activites. the gym is open before school, after
        school , and during lunch. many teachers do go, and they enjoy it very much. be-
        cause there's no kids to interrupt them and while their excersising theyey are cool
        at the same time, because the room is air conditioned. The room is outside right
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Rourke, Stefania Santana, Katie Serrano, and
Dannisa Villalobos.

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