Grace by stariya


									Hi Elise,

Happy New Year! Did you enjoy your New Year, I hope you enjoyed it.
I would like to tell you about my New Years resolution and my
Christmas vacation. You know it is fun during Christmas and New
Year. My family and I went shopping to buy our gifts, we exchange
our gifts in Christmas. I spend my Christmas vacation in our house.
I am happy because I received a very beautiful gifts like dresses, a
collection of Harry Potter and many more. During Christmas and New
Year we prepare many kinds of foods like mango floats, ice cream,
Bibingka (rice cake), spaghetti, and ham. We also have many
fireworks like Judas Belt, a very long fireworks, triangle, fountain
and sparklers. We also prepare fruits like apples, mangoes, grapes,
pears and bananas. You know it is very fun and I enjoy it very

I would tell now about my New Year’s resolution. My New Year’s
resolution is I want to learn more in Philippine History and Math as
a student. I will try to learn more and I will change my bad
attitude. You know I will not promise if I will be good because
sometimes I get a mistake. We are happy about our New Year and
Christmas. Can I ask you something, did you see Santa Claus in
person? Did you see his reindeer? You can tell me your New Year’s
resolution. I hope you write back to know about your New Year’s
Resolution. That’s all!

Happy New Year!

Your epal,

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