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Seymour Johnson,
Claim Top Innkeeper Honors
                                                                                                     Capt. Staufer
                                                                Maj. Gen. Darrell Jones, USAF,          Named
                                                             commander, Air Force District of
                                                             Washington, Andrews AFB, Md.,
                                                                                                       Air Force
                                                               delivers the keynote address at
                                                              the Air Force Innkeeper Awards
                                                                                                      Inns Chief
                                                                                                   J   ust days before the Air Force
                                                                                                       Worldwide Lodging Managers’
                                                                                                   Conference, the Air Force Ser-
                                                                                                   vices Agency (AFSVA) announced
                                                                                                   that Capt. Bruce Staufer, USAF,
                                                                                                   was selected as Air Force Inns
                                                                                                        Staufer succeeds Lt. Col.
                                                                                                   Todd R. Alcott, USAF, who
                                                                                                   served as Air Force Inns chief
                                                                                                   since 2009 before being named
                                                                                                   commander of the 86th Services
                                                                                                   Squadron at Ramstein AB, Ger-
                                                                                                   many, in late 2010.
                                                                                                        Capt. Staufer was commis-
                                                                                                   sioned as a second lieutenant in
                                                                                                   May 2001 and began his military
                                                                                                   career at Scott AFB, Ill., where he
                                                                                                   served as a foodservice officer
                                                                                                   and unit readiness officer.
                                                                                                        He moved on to Andersen
                                                                                                   AFB, Guam, from June 2004-May
                                                                                                   2006, serving as lodging officer

    etting the tone was the prevalent theme      Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on Nov.         in charge (OIC) and unit readiness
    at this year’s Air Force Innkeeper Awards    14, 2010, during the International Hotel/Motel    officer. From August 2006-August
    ceremony.                                    and Restaurant Show (IH/M&RS).                    2009, Capt. Staufer was combat
        Wright-Patterson Inns at Wright-Pat-         Capt. Bruce Staufer, USAF, took over as       support flight commander, man-
terson AFB, Ohio, led by Lodging General         Air Force Inns chief just days prior to the       power OIC and mission support
Manager Mary Drury, won its first Innkeeper       Worldwide Lodging Managers’ Conference.           group executive officer at Minot
Award in the Large Category (more than 285       He succeeded Lt. Col. Todd R. Alcott, USAF,       AFB, N.D.
rooms), and the Southern Pines Inn at Sey-       who took command of the 86th Services Squad-           Capt. Staufer was an Air Force
mour-Johnson AFB, N.C., helmed by General        ron at Ramstein AB, Germany, late last year.      Education with Industry student
Manager Charles Wilson, prevailed in the Small   (see sidebar)                                     at Loews Hotels and Resorts,
Category for its second Innkeeper Award and          Staufer, along with more than 200 Air
                                                                                                   Orlando, Fla., from September
first since 1998.                                 Force Inns personnel from around the world,
    The 30th edition of the Innkeeper Awards     gathered in New York for the annual confer-       2009-June 2010 before moving
ceremony, honoring the best lodging operations   ence, which featured three days of training and   on to AFSVA headquarters in San
in the Air Force, took place at New York’s       culminated in the awards ceremony honoring        Antonio, Texas, in July 2010.


  Mary Drury, lodging general manager, Wright-Patterson Inns, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
  (standing to left of trophy), and Col. Amanda Gladney, USAF, commander, 88th Air Base
  Wing, hold the Innkeeper Trophy (Large Category) aloft.

Air Force Inns’ finest.                                               it; we got what it takes.”
    Several dignitaries were also in attendance for the cer-             Maj. Gen. Darrell Jones, USAF, commander, Air Force
emony, including Air Force Services Director Chuck Milam,            District of Washington, Andrews AFB, Md., delivered the
SES; Air Force Services Agency Commander Col. Sandra                 keynote address. He recalled that his first memory of Air Force
Adams, USAF; and Col. Pat Dunn, USAF, AFSVA director                 billeting came on July 21, 1969, when he sat in a room at Co-
of operations.                                                       lumbus AFB, Miss., and watched TV as American astronaut
    Located just inside the base’s main gate, the Southern Pines     Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.
Inn features a total of 181 rooms, which includes temporary              Jones noted that Air Force Inns personnel are “extremely
lodging facilities (TLFs), visiting officers quarters, visiting       important to the Air Force,” and that the impression they give
airmen’s quarters and distinguished visitors quarters (DVQ)          their guests “sets the tone for the base.”
suites.                                                                  He concluded by noting that it is not just the award win-
    “This is huge,” Wilson said. “There are a lot of lodging         ners who should be proud of their accomplishments, but the
managers who have been in this game much longer than I               entire Air Force as well. “It is all of you who make us very,
have who can’t claim this victory.”                                  very proud to be associated with this color on our uniform. I
    Wright-Patterson Inns consists of 454 rooms, which in-           am very, very proud to be associated with each one of you.”
cludes DVQ suites, visiting quarter (VQ) single rooms and                Jones and Milam presented the 2010 Air Force Innkeeper
TLFs spread out over 28 buildings.                                   Travelers Awards to Karen Golombeski, RAF Mildenhall,
    “It feels fabulous,” Drury said. “It’s just the excitement of    U.K., in the Large Category, and Staff Sgt. Keyonna Creecy,
staff members being able to go to New York to be recognized          Seymour-Johnson AFB, N.C., in the Small Category.
to know what they are doing means something. I think we got                                                                       —MCH

                                                           Air Force Services Director Chuck Milam, SES, (standing to right of trophy),
                                                                   presents the Innkeeper Award (Small Category) to Charles Wilson,
                                                           lodging general manager, Southern Pines Inn, Seymour-Johnson AFB, N.C.


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