Folk and Pop Culture Cartoons by stariya


									AP Human Geography Unit III
Folk Culture and Pop Culture

Creating Political Cartoons
You will be creating 2 cartoons: 1 for folk culture and 1 for pop culture . . .

Think about the purpose of political cartoons. What are they meant to do?
Attempt to use humor to call attention to a topic . . .
Use humor to make fun of a topic . . .
Visualize with humor a specific topic . . .
Can be sarcastic, ironic, etc . . .

Look at and analyze this Mayan cartoon. What topic was the cartoonist making fun of? What are
other ways a cartoonist (you) could address this same topic with humor?

Choose one item from folk culture (can be US or elsewhere in the world) and one item from pop
culture (again, can be from anywhere).

Figure out how you are going to represent these examples ~ visually and textually.

Create your political cartoons . . . due Friday, 11/19
Use visuals and text.

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